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Staci Burk v Doug Ducey AZ Governor US Supreme Court conference April 30, 2021, Arizona 2020 election SCOTUS case,  “constitutional claims of vote denial”

 Staci Burk v Doug Ducey AZ Governor US Supreme Court conference April 30, 2021, Arizona 2020 election SCOTUS case,  “constitutional claims of vote denial”

“Attorney Sidney Powell 42k ballots in Arizona with only Joe Biden selected on ballots”…Maria Bartiroma show

“The certification of Arizona’s FALSE results is unethical and knowingly participating in the corruption that has disenfranchised AZ voters,” …Jenna Ellis

“.@realDonaldTrump has made it abundantly clear he’s more interested in pandering to his neo-nazi base than being @POTUS for all Americans.”…Katie Hobbs Arizona Secretary of State

Staci Burk v. Doug Ducey, Governor of Arizona, et al

Case # 20-1243

is on the docket for conference April 30, 2021.


From the petition of Staci Burk.

  1. Did the Arizona Supreme Court violate Petitioner’s right to Equal Protection
    when it denied remand for an evidentiary hearing of Petitioner’s
    constitutional claims of vote denial through the cancellation of her
    registration, while registrations of unqualified people remained, and those
    votes were counted?
  2. Did the Arizona Supreme Court violate stare decisis because its 2021 opinion
    contradicted its 2010 opinion involving the same Petitioner regarding
    whether she met the definition of “elector” to bring an election challenge,
    even though neither her voter registration status nor the statutory definition
    of “elector” had changed?
  3. Did the court clerk’s admittedly improper rejection ofPetitioner’s verification
    filed on December 7, 2020, constitute plain error?
  4. Did the Court violate Petitioner’s First Amendment rights to petition for
    redress and Due Process by considering her illegally cancelled voter
    registration where she had not been given an opportunity for an evidentiary
    hearing to present evidence regarding her attempts to reinstate it?”

Corrupt Trump and supporters hater SOS Katie Hobbs elbow bumps Gov Ducey after prematurely certifying the AZ election results while the election hearing was being held.

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