Windham New Hampshire retains Dominion Voting machines for audit, AG office rescinds notice, “Windham Incident” causes public outcry

Windham New Hampshire retains Dominion Voting machines for audit, AG office rescinds notice, “Windham Incident” causes public outcry

“We discovered that these systems are subject to different types of unauthorized manipulation and potential fraud,”  “There is a reason that Texas rejected it,”...Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

“Any system, financial, voting, or otherwise, that is not repeatable nor dependable should not be used,”..Coffee County Board of Elections

“Windham Incident:  Largest unexplained discrepancy in New Hampshire history.”…Granite Grok


From GateWay Pundit February 26, 2021

“After Public Pressure New Hampshire AG’s Office Rescinds Plan to Move Voting Machines to State Capitol for Investigation”

“In the lead-up to the planned House vote this week, the AGs office, in a surprise move Monday, notified the town of Windham of their intent to take possession of the 4 voting machines, owned by the town and its citizens, even before the legislative process had been completed.  The bill hasn’t passed and therefore is not even ready for signature by the Governor.  Why is the AG suddenly so anxious to take possession of these machines?  After the change in the scheduled vote and swift public outcry to this planned removal of the machines, the AGs office rescinded this notice yesterday.  

As this audit is being done to reassure the citizens of Windham that their machines indeed operated properly on Nov. 3rd and that their votes were counted accurately, it is felt by most involved that this Windham audit should be done in front of its citizens, not in the distant State capital of Concord.  It makes no sense to subject sensitive electronic machinery to needless transport in winter and then leave them unattended in Concord, rather than locked in a secure vault in the town, which has ownership of the devices.  In following with this sentiment, town officials indicated they would likely refuse to unlock the vault and allow this apparent confiscation of their machines.
To those advocating for this long-delayed investigation, it is clear the AGs office has lost the trust of the people to whom it is accountable, the citizens of not just Windham, but New Hampshire.  They have clearly demonstrated their office to be an unwilling participant in this audit process and disrespectful to the rights of the citizens.  SB43 is currently scheduled to be heard in the House Election Law Committee on March 5 at 10:30 am.  Concerned citizens of the State should contact Committee members to urge support for this bill.”
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3 responses to “Windham New Hampshire retains Dominion Voting machines for audit, AG office rescinds notice, “Windham Incident” causes public outcry

  1. Ignoring evidence of election fraud because the election is already over is like ignoring a murder because the victim is already dead.

  2. AND,
    ……….while the dead person cannot be brought back, the bastard who perpetrated the murder can be made to face punishment. Time to bring back the GUILLOTINE. SIMPLE, AND FAST !!!!!

  3. BUT,
    ………..will Windham actually follow through with a forensic audit of the machines? SOS will probably resign if clear documentable evidence of fraud is produced by the audit. Sadly it is doubtful if the perpetrator(s) even if exposed will ever be prosecuted.

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