Amistad Project Trump Georgia lawsuit John Wood v Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger et al Nov 25, 2020, Over 204k illegal votes & outside money

Amistad Project Trump Georgia lawsuit John Wood v Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger et al Nov 25, 2020, Over 204k illegal votes & outside money

“We discovered that these systems are subject to different types of unauthorized manipulation and potential fraud,”  “There is a reason that Texas rejected it,”...Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

“Trump’s not gonna win. I made f*cking sure of that!”...Eric Coomer, executive with Dominion Voting Systems

“F-E-L-O-N-Y. — Lin Wood Drops Late-Night Bombshell: “Would someone ask my never-to-be friend Brad Raffensperger @GaSecofState if he has seen this tape of election fraud at State Farm Arena in Fulton Co., GA?”…Attorney Lin Wood


From the Amistad Project Trump Georgia lawsuit.

John Wood v Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger et al

Filed November 25, 2020.

“The Contestant John Wood, as an aggrieved elector, brings this lawsuit against
the Defendants because state and local election administration officials have ignored statutes, interposed their own solutions for ballot security, accepted private money that casts doubt on election integrity and so mismanaged
the election process that no one can have faith that one of their most sacred rights under the United States and Georgia Constitutions, voting,
is being protected. Within the State of Georgia, private non—
profits, state officials and local elected officials acted to systematically eviscerate Georgia’s Election Law contrary to Title 21 of the Official Code of Georgia—failing to protect election integrity. Investigations have uncovered more than $350 million distributed nationwide —$6.3 million of which went to Fulton County, Georgia—and funneled through collection of non—profit organizations dictating to election officials how to manage the election.

In particular, the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) granted $6.3 million USD to Fulton County, Georgia. These unregulated private funds were predominantly used to:

(1) pay “ballot harvesters”;
(2) provide mobile ballot pick up units;
(3) deputize and pay political activists to manage ballots;
(4) pay election judges and poll workers;
(5) establish drop—boxes and satellite offices;
(6) pay local election officials and agents to recruit cities recognized as democratic strongholds to recruit other cities to apply for grants
from non—profits;
(7) consolidate counting centers in the urban core to facilitate the movement of hundreds of thousands of questionable ballots in secrecy without
legally required bi-partisan observation;
(8) initiate and implement two—tier ballot “curing” plan that illegally
counted ballots in Democrat strongholds and spoil similarly
situated ballots in Republican strongholds; and
(9) pay for and help design the plan to remove the poll watchers from one political party so that the critical responsibility of determining
the validity of the ballot and the validity of the count could be conducted without oversight.”

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9 responses to “Amistad Project Trump Georgia lawsuit John Wood v Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger et al Nov 25, 2020, Over 204k illegal votes & outside money

  1. “Georgia’s election officials and poll workers exacerbated and helped,
    whether knowingly or unknowingly, the Dominion system carry out massive
    voter manipulation by refusing to observe statutory safeguards for absentee
    ballots. Election officials failed to verify signatures and check security
    envelopes. They barred challengers from observing the count, which also
    facilitated the fraud.”
    Sidney Powell lawsuit

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone,

    And it is a happy Thanksgiving! The word on Wednesday was that the Sidney Powell bombshell of a lawsuit would be delayed, as there was more evidence coming in. By some miracle, Sidney *did* file the lawsuit late last night. It’s a nuke!

    Here’s the entire filing. A lot of ‘legalese,’ but it covers everything. A must read after the turkey:

    Click to access COMPLAINT-CJ-PEARSON-V.-KEMP-11.25.2020.pdf

    Let’s go!

  3. Sue K.
    Did you see my posting this AM?
    3 lawsuits on CW

  4. From Scott Adams the Creator of Dilbert – “The Official [Democrat] Election Narrative … It’s Crackin’”

  5. Hi CW, and yes, I read the article this morning but didn’t read the comments where you linked Sidney’s web site. Shame on me!

    She was talking about GA in an article I read, but she also mentioned a suit had been filed in MI.

    All it’ll take is for one domino to tip…

  6. Of course I posted the Powell MI suit as well.

  7. All
    Hope you are having Happy Thanksgiving.

    Well, what’s ahead? Found this interesting post.

    A plausible Trump scenario??
    Trump remains regardless of the official vote count — the left loses their minds

    This is, in my view, the most likely scenario right now. My reasoning behind my analysis is built on a logical framework. We must ask ourselves, what narrative serves the globalist agenda most effectively?

    First, consider this: There is a big difference between Biden “winning” the electoral college and Biden actually stepping foot in the White House. I’m not sure many people understand this. They seem so focused on the vote tally that they are forgetting that Trump is already in possession of the office of the president. Also consider the fact that Trump is surrounded by globalists in his own cabinet, and if they want Trump to remain, they can easily convince him to remain and declare the election void.

    Of course, there will need to be some kind of rationale on the Trump side in order to convince his constituency to support this decision. I think this will come in the form of evidence of direct election interference by leftists and Democrats in multiple states. I think that if there is a recount held in any of the contested states, multiple instances of ballot stuffing and rigging will be discovered. Any inkling of cheating would destroy all faith in the election process. This alone would be enough to compel conservatives to ignore the results of the electoral college.

    But where do things go from there? Say Trump does in fact refuse to accept the election outcome based on possible ballot fraud? What happens next?

    It’s actually rather simple: Trump just refuses to leave the White House. Who is going to remove him? Not the Democrats, they have even less governmental power than they did before the election. The so-called “Blue Wave” never materialized. They have no military at their disposal. They might be able to compel members of the military to step down and refuse to serve, but to forcefully remove a sitting president while an election is under suspicion? I doubt it.

    This means the only way Trump goes anywhere is if he concedes. Ask yourself, do you think Trump will actually concede given his rhetoric so far?

    The fight itself is Kabuki theater. The elites will keep whoever they want to keep in the Oval Office. What keeping Trump in office does is create maximum tension between the political left and the political right. The leftists have become so volatile and totalitarian in their behavior that conservatives will not allow any more power to fall into their hands. Many of them will view Trump in office as paramount, even if they don’t particularly like Trump. The alternative in their minds is so much worse.

    Here’s where things get ugly, though. The leftists don’t have an army, but they do have the mob. They will see Trump’s refusal to concede as a usurpation of the presidency and they will indeed mobilize to riot. This is exactly what the elites want because then Trump will have an excuse to initiate martial law in the U.S. and this will inevitably lead to violations of the Bill of Rights. Not only that, but he would have a large chunk of support from conservatives while doing it.

    If conservatives support the dismantling of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, who then is left to defend the principles these documents represent? No one. The globalists win because we will have aided the destruction of the very values we would supposedly die to protect, and the globalists barely have to lift a finger.

    So, what is the alternative? Refuse to support martial law measures and instead conservatives must organize their own community security in the form of local militias. This would derail any leftist movements to destroy property or conjure general unrest, and it would throw cold water on the idea that martial law is a necessary option.

    The leftists present little to no threat if communities are organized and trained to deal with them. The true enemy is not leftist extremists, they are useful idiots, nothing more. The true enemy is the globalists, and they must eventually be dealt with directly and harshly if the threat is ever going to end.

  8. Pingback: Fulton County GA Richard Barron fired, 2020 election irregularities illegalities and fraud worse than portrayed, “so compromised by systemic irregularities and voter fraud that it should not be certified.” | Citizen WElls

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