Monica Palmer Wayne County Michigan canvasser interview Nov 20, 2020, I did not sign certification, “The Wayne County election had serious process flaws”

Monica Palmer Wayne County Michigan canvasser interview Nov 20, 2020, I did not sign certification, “The Wayne County election had serious process flaws”

“”You’re a traitor!” yelled the boy. “You’re a thought criminal!””...George Orwell, “1984”

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”…Ephesians 6:12 

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”…Edmund Burke


From Citizen Wells November 19, 2020.

“In a stunning development out of Wayne County, Michigan – two GOP members of the Board of Canvassers have rescinded their certifications of the Nov. 3 vote, claiming they were bullied into approving the election results in the state’s most populous county, which includes Detroit and surrounding areas.

Their initial refusal to vote placed the Board in a 2-2 deadlock, putting in jeopardy the state’s ability to certify Joe Biden’s win. Hours later, the two flip-flopped and agreed to certify. Now, they’re taking it back.

I rescind my prior vote to certify Wayne County elections,” wrote Monica Palmer in a sworn affidavit, who along with fellow GOP board member William C. Hartmann refused to certify the election on Tuesday. The two fell under intense pressure from the left – with Palmer claiming that her family was threatened (via Just The News). The two were also doxxed over social media.

“The comments made accusations of racism and threatened me and members of my family,” continues Palmer’s affidavit, addimg: “The Wayne County election had serious process flaws which deserve investigation. I continue to ask for information to assure Wayne County voters that these elections were conducted fairly and accurately. Despite repeated requests I have not received the requisite information and believe an additional 10 days of canvas by the State Board of canvassers will help provide the information necessary.”

Hartmann, in a similar affidavit, wrote “I voted not to certify, and I still believe this vote should not be certified.” He added that he and Palmer “were berated and ridiculed by members of the public and other Board members.”

“The public ostracism continued for hours…” he continued – next describing how he was told by Wayne County attorney, Janet Anderson-Davis, that “discrepancies [in the vote] were not a reason to reject the certification, and that he only voted to certify “based on her explicit legal guidance.”

“Later that evening, I was enticed to agree to certify based on a promise that a full and independent audit would take place,” he said – only to learn on Wednesday that state officials had reneged or would otherwise not honor the audit.””


Monica Palmer affidavit.


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8 responses to “Monica Palmer Wayne County Michigan canvasser interview Nov 20, 2020, I did not sign certification, “The Wayne County election had serious process flaws”

  1. “We’ve Identified 450,000 Ballots that Miraculously ONLY have a Vote for Joe Biden”…Attorney Sidney Powell

  2. God bless and protect Monica Palmer.

  3. CW……..
    ………I SECOND THE MOTION…..and Godspeed Monica !!!!!!

  4. AND NOW…..
    ………..the child PSYCHOTIC continues to foam at the mouth as she raves her LUNATIC fantasies. AOC, Omar, Tlaib, Bernie, and others are all tied together in their TWISTED PSYCHOTIC FANTASIES. Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. AOC reflects her abject moronism. What is the IQ of the people who elected the aforementioned individuals to our government. REAL HORSE’S BACKSIDES!!!!!

  5. AND NOW,
    ………..the talking lost Kenyan CHIMPANZEE,(non US CITIZEN) says that maybe the DEMS should send in the Navy Seals to remove President Trump. Once AGAIN the Kenyan CHIMP confirms it’s own IGNORANCE.

    ………Franklin Graham has confirmed my worst fears……..our country is IN FREE FALL INTO THE ABYSS OF TOTAL IMMORALITY, AND WE HAVE NO PARACHUTES. When Americans strike the bottom they will find themselves up to their ears in a stinking mass of diseased, and decaying human derelicts.

  7. AND NOW,
    ………it is time for Trump to begin the process of establishing a new political party which could be called the FREEDOM party.

  8. Donald J. Trump
    Big voter fraud information coming out concerning Georgia. Stay tuned!

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