Trump Nevada lawsuit Electors Jesse Law et al v Judith Whitmer et al Nov 17, 2020, “The reliability of signature verification machines… has not been established”

Trump Nevada lawsuit Electors Jesse Law et al v Judith Whitmer et al Nov 17, 2020, “The reliability of signature verification machines… has not been established”

“Since early voting started, there have been credible reports that voting machines in Clark County, Nevada are automatically checking Harry Reid’s name on the ballot”…GateWay Pundit 2010

“Shipp says the Democrats know they most likely will not win back the White House in the upcoming Presidential election. Shipp contends, “Their chance of winning in 2020, especially now with Trump’s success, is getting slim, and they are getting desperate. When they get desperate, and they have done this before, I think we can count on voter fraud. They are going to have to use it, and they have used it before. In any event, they have very little chance of winning now, in my view, because the majority of Americans find their platform distasteful. So, I think this (voter fraud) is going to happen.”…Kevin Shipp

“When you pick up your morning or evening newspaper and think
you are reading the news of the world, what you are reading
is a propaganda which has been selected, revised, and doctored
by some power which has a financial interest in you.”…Upton Sinclair


From Townhall November 17, 2020.

“Trump Team Asks NV Courts to Declare Trump the Winner or Not Certify the State’s Vote for POTUS

The Trump campaign on Tuesday announced a new lawsuit in Nevada over the Agilis ballot processing and signature scanning machine that was used throughout the state. There are also allegations of observers being denied access to watch the ballot duplication process and the use of some outreach programs geared towards Native Americans that allegedly resulted in vote-buying.

According to the campaign, at least 40,000 votes were impacted, although that number could be higher.

Clark County register Joe Garcia acknowledged known problems with the voting tabulation system but said it couldn’t be remedied with a recount, the lawsuit stated.

“Even though election officials were warned about these dangers, they persisted in implementing an election plan devoid o protections that could have prevented or discouraged malfeasance from third parties,” the lawsuit stated. “Consequently, the fraud and abuse came with the election. This contest is the natural result, as evidence will show that the nature and scale of the fraud and abuse renders the purported results of the Nevada election illegitimate.”

Because the Nevada legislature decided to change the voting guidelines due to the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic, voters were mailed unsolicited ballots. According to the Trump campaign’s lawsuit, officials received multiple ballots from the same people, whether via mail, early voting or in-person on election Day. Instead of having adequate election officials to handle the signature verification process, Clark County relied on software verification programs.

“The reliability of signature verification machines to analyze mail-in ballots has not been established through scientific study and testing to a degree that warrants their use in elections,” the campaign stated in their lawsuit.”

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6 responses to “Trump Nevada lawsuit Electors Jesse Law et al v Judith Whitmer et al Nov 17, 2020, “The reliability of signature verification machines… has not been established”

  1. “Coming out of the Democratic Chicago political establishment I know how they operate,” he said, pointing out Democrats control the political apparatus that counts the votes, the polling places, and the people who count the votes. “It’s a time-honored tradition” he said of Democratic election fraud.”…Rod Blagojevich, NewsMax Nov 6, 2020

  2. AND,
    ………..Blago ought to know, his own behavior put him in prison.

  3. AND,
    the true ARCH ENEMY OF AMERICA, isn’t necessarily Russia, China, or any other country. Rather it is really the American super rich, whose monetary designs exclude the American working class. These are people who are in the same class with George Soros, and a couple of others. This is compounded by the fact that a large percentage of our once skilled work force has for many reasons deteriorated into unemployable people. Then we have those who are still employed, and keep demanding MORE, AND MORE, AND MORE pay. As a result many companies have invested heavily in PRECISION ROBOTICS which can outwork their human counterpart. In addition they receive NO VACATIONS, NO PAYCHECK, NO BREAKS, NO FOOD, and they always follow instructions as programmed. They require only periodic maintenance.! Finally when employee pay demands negate a company’s profit margin, the company either declares bankruptcy, shuts down, and/or moves to a geographical location which allows it to regain profitability. Since the early days of America people have unionized and have gone on strike some of which have lasted over a year. In many cases the strikers ended up PERMANTLY ON STRIKE…….their employer CLOSED UP, and moved to another country. In effect all they accomplished was striking themselves out of a job. Smart employers offer promising employees various incentives like production bonuses, and they put these employees into salaried leadership positions which often forbids them to join labor organizations. Some medium sized companies have reciprocity agreements with their foremen, and lead persons. These agreements can carry lucrative formal schooling subsidies, AND PRODUCTION INCENTIVE BONUSES. YOU PROMOTE FROM WITHIN!!!!!

  4. AND,
    ………..the California NUISANCE was caught attending a WINE COUNTRY indoor party at which there was no masks, or social distancing. All of the people in attendance appeared to be seated within one foot of each other. The NUISANCE is now catching a lot of flack for his disregard for his OWN RULES. Apparently THE NUISANCE has never heard the words…..”PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH”.

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