Facebook insider: “Chinese nationals who are working on censorship” , Seattle office employee degree in computer engineering from Beijing, Biden connection?

Facebook insider: “Chinese nationals who are working on censorship” , Seattle office employee degree in computer engineering from Beijing, Biden connection?

“It is clear the Chinese want Joe Biden to win. They have plenty of blackmail material to continue influencing (controlling) him.”…Citizen Wells

“I mean, you know, they’re not bad folks, folks. But guess what? They’re not competition for us,”...Joe Biden on China May 2019

“The Chinese were not competition for Joe and Hunter Biden and associates (us). They were business partners.”...Citizen Wells


From the NY Post October 20, 2020.

“Meet your (Chinese) Facebook censors

“China is one of the most censorious societies on Earth. So what better place for ­Facebook to recruit social media censors?

There are at least half a dozen “Chinese nationals who are working on censorship,” a former Facebook insider told me last week. “So at some point, they [Facebook bosses] thought, ‘Hey, we’re going to get them H-1B visas so they can do this work.’ ”

The insider shared an internal directory of the team that does much of this work. It’s called Hate-Speech Engineering (George Orwell, call your office), and most of its members are based at Facebook’s offices in Seattle. Many have Ph.D.s, and their work is extremely complex, involving machine learning — teaching “computers how to learn and act without being explicitly programmed,” as the techy website DeepAI.org puts it.

When it comes to censorship on social media, that means “teaching” the Facebook code so certain content ends up at the top of your newsfeed, a feat that earns the firm’s software wizards discretionary bonuses, per the ex-insider. It also means making sure other content “shows up dead-last.”

Like, say, a New York Post report on the Biden dynasty’s dealings with Chinese companies.”

“The Hate-Speech Engineering team’s staff includes a research scientist based at the Seattle office who earned his master’s degree in computer engineering from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Another member of the team, a software engineer for machine learning based in Seattle, earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science from Jilin University in northeast China. Still another, an engineering manager, earned his bachelor’s in computer science at Nanjing University in eastern China.

Another software engineer previously worked for the Communist-backed conglomerate Huawei, as well as the Beijing National Railway & Design Institute of Signal and Communication. I reached out to all six employees; two replied to confirm that they are Chinese nationals but refused to comment further; the rest didn’t reply.”



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11 responses to “Facebook insider: “Chinese nationals who are working on censorship” , Seattle office employee degree in computer engineering from Beijing, Biden connection?

  1. “The subpoena was served by an FBI agent whose name is Joshua Wilson, and over the last five years he has been working on child pornography issues. Connect the dots – if an FBI agent is working on child pornography issues for five years, why is he subpoenaing the laptop of Hunter Biden? Is there a connection here? Should this suggest that there’s a child pornography issue here on that laptop?”…Maria Bartiroma

  2. Yes, indeed, CW, it’s all there and it’s all coming out: Russia, China, Ukraine, Romania, child porn (photos of a coked up Hunter with a 14 year old female *relative!*). The lamestream media isn’t covering it (what a surprise!) however, our trusty ‘alternative’ news sites are:

    Citizen Wells (of course!)

    http://thegatewaypundit.com/ (our old pal Jim Hoft’s site)


    Just found Rudy Guiliani’s site, ‘Common Sense:’ Rudy has the Hunter Biden computer and hard drive.


    Gary Franchi and his Next News Network does have a site, but it’s by subscription. You can find Gary’s content on YouTube; he posts relevant vids several times each day and he, too, is all over this.

    These sites (and others like them) are the only way to get the truth. Let’s hope something is done about the Biden crime family (and their famous ‘associates’) once and for all.

  3. CW……..
    ………..and therein lies a potential connection to the late MR. EPSTEIN.

  4. Okay–why would a man take a computer loaded with such incriminating stuff, illegal and warranting jail time, to a computer repair shop??
    Was he high??

  5. AND……
    ……….Slick Willy visited Epstein’s 26 times. A whole lot of upper echelon politicians are suspected of having also visited Epstein’s Island. Could Hunter Malarkey’s name also be on the aircraft passenger list? Maybe even Joe Malarkey!!!!!!

  6. Hi JayJay,

    The dude was always high. He’s a crack addict. He either must’ve forgotten he dropped the computer off, or didn’t remember what was on it.

    Bad move…..

  7. AND,
    ……everybody knows that Joe Malarkey has a PERVERT lurking inside of him. He allegedly loves to SMELL women’s hair. I wonder what else he likes to smell.

  8. SueK…….
    ………..perhaps he was so stoned that he couldn’t remember where he left the computer. Allegedly the computer service person even telephoned him that the computer was repaired but he never picked it up. He stiffed the service guy out of a hefty chunk of change. Drugheads are usually irrational, and/or erratic in addition to being stoned 24 hrs. a day. So it is conceivable that he either didn’t give a damn, or thought that his BS would never be read by millions of folks. har har GOOD FOR WHAT AILS HIM!!!!

  9. WHEN…..
    ………people go to the voting places, all they need to keep in mind is the recent attempt by the SLIMY,CRAZED DEMOCRATS to IMPEACH PRESIDENT TRUMP WITHOUT CHARGES. LOOK WHAT HAPPENED…….THEY FAILED. THIS ALONE SHOULD TELL FOLKS THE STORY ON THE DEMOCRATS.

  10. “””The dude was always high. He’s a crack addict. He either must’ve forgotten he dropped the computer off, or didn’t remember what was on it.

    Bad move…”””

    How about Divine intervention??
    I truly believe God had a lot to do with Trump’s win in 2016. I also believe God has been watching and only He knows what is happening and the outcome.
    Killing God’s creations will bring down the wrath of God.

  11. Jay Jay……..
    ……….EXACTLY, and why did God destroy SODOM AND GOMORRAH? The reason was because the people of those cities had become COMPLETELY IMMORAL, and turned their back on God. Today we are seeing a moral, and spiritual breakdown in America like never before. Over the last 40 years of my life I have noticed a slow but steady moral, and, spiritual decline across America. Our so called culture has turned into a DIVIDED PEOPLE, some of whom are perfectly willing to kill innocent people just because they disagree with those folks. The same folks are willing to burn down the business establishments of innocent people. A growing number of our young people have demonstrably diminished IQ levels. Killing has become a sport. Further we are seeing a huge increase in mental illness. Not a day passes where we don’t hear RAGING IRRATIONAL VERBAL HYSTERIA from people who are incapable of intelligently saying anything. ON, AND ON IT GOES AND WHERE IT STOPS NOBODY KNOWS.!!!!!!

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