Obama Brennan have most to lose, Barack Kenyan. Brennan traitor cauterized Obama passport data, Expected Hillary win, In panic mode, Citizen Wells FOIA revisited

Obama Brennan have most to lose, Barack Kenyan. Brennan traitor cauterized Obama passport data, Expected Hillary win, In panic mode, Citizen Wells FOIA revisited

“Why has Obama, since taking the White House, used Justice Department Attorneys, at taxpayer expense,  to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells

“Moore said he’s seen no convincing evidence that Obama is a “natural born citizen” and a lot of evidence that suggests he is not.”…Judge Roy Moore interview by WND

“Obama was born in Mombasa, Kenya”...Barrister Michael Shrimpton


This didn’t start in 2016.

The Comey, Patrick Fitzgerald crowd, including John Brennan, leading up to the 2008 election, made sure Barack Obama was protected from scrutiny to get elected.

Obama had to get elected in 2008 to avoid prosecution and likewise Hillary in 2016.

The panic and extreme measures to remove Donald Trump began when he got elected, much to their horror.

Obama was not eligible to be president and John Brennan helped him commit treason.

Do not be fooled or misled.

There are several good, constitution based arguments that Obama is not a natural born citizen, a requirement to be POTUS.

Citizen Wells is providing the simplest.

So simple even a Democrat can understand.

Barack Obama has never presented proof of birth in Hawaii or the US.

Donald Trump knew this and had the guts to state it repeatedly.

The closest Obama came to providing a birth certificate was an image placed on WhiteHouse.gov.

From Citizen Wells September 26, 2014.

“Even if the image of an alleged birth certificate on Whitehouse.gov was not forged, it would not be proof of US birth in a court of law.

The reason: it states “or abstract” at the bottom.

Under Hawaii law, one could be born elsewhere and register birth in Hawaii.


The image is not a copy of a certified original birth certificate.


Obama has not proved US birth!

Obama used a legion of private and Justice Dept. (at taxpayer expense) attorneys to keep his records hidden.

The Citizen Wells FOIA request can be read here:


Now, check out the reaction by the FEC about Obama’s eligibility in 2008:

“From the FOIA documents sent to me.

Cover letter pg 1, 2.



Within approx. 24 hours of the filing of Philip J. Berg’s lawsuit, the following memo surfaced. Notice “Re: Victory in Berg v. Obama” What does this mean?

Scribd pg 3


Letter to FEC referencing an email.

Scribd pg 6


“August 18, 2008”

“This is a request for an opinion”

“email which I have received from a friend in Arizona”

Email received by letter author from a friend in Arizona.

Scribd pg 7


“I did not find anything to confirm or refute this story. Should everyone (extra should) wait til later to see if this hits the fan?”

Scribd pg 8


“Interesting! Now what? Who dropped the ball or are we all being duped? Who do you know whom you can forward this to who might be able to help answer this question?””


Interesting, eh?

John Brennan also helped him.

From Citizen Wells April 20, 2009.

“Obama’s top terrorism and intelligence adviser, John O. Brennan, heads a firm that was cited in March for breaching sensitive files in the State Department’s passport office, according to a State Department Inspector General’s report released this past July.”

“During a State Department briefing on March 21, 2008, McCormack confirmed that the contractor had accessed the passport files of presidential candidates Barack Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and John McCain, and that the inspector general had launched an investigation.
Sources who tracked the investigation tell Newsmax that the main target of the breach was the Obama passport file, and that the contractor accessed the file in order to “cauterize” the records of potentially embarrassing information.”


Kevin Shipp, former CIA employee.

“Shipp says the Deep State is worried that Trump will have a second term. Shipp says, “I think they (Deep State) are in a state of shock. They want to get rid of Trump because for the first time in their careers, they can be prosecuted for what they have done. I think they are afraid of that, and that’s why John Brennan and others are coming out as mocking birds on CNN and MSNBC and constantly attacking the President.””


Seymour Hersh transcript.

“The great independent investigative journalist (virtually barred since 2007 from being published in the U.S. anymore), Seymour Hersh, personally investigated the records of the murder of Seth Rich, both at the Washington DC police and at the FBI, and this is from the transcript I had made of his statement in a Web-posted phone-call [my boldfaces for emphasis]:”

“(5:50-) It’s a Brennan operation. It was an American disinformation, and the fucking President, at one point when they even started telling the press — they were back[ground]-briefing the press, the head of the NSA was going and telling the press, the fucking cocksucker Rogers, telling the press that we [they] even know who in the Russian military intelligence service leaked it. All bullshit.”


Citizen Wells October 28, 2019.

“There are many reasons why John Brennan did not want Donald Trump elected.

Apparently he has been working hard behind the scenes to remove Trump.

Will he finally be prosecuted?

“The DOJ’s Russiagate Probe Just Turned Into A Criminal Investigation

What began as an administrative review by the Justice Department into the origins of Russiagate has “shifted” to a criminal inquiry, according to the New York Times, citing two people familiar with the matter.”

“And according to NBC NewsDurham has set his sights on former CIA Director John Brennan and former national intelligence director James Clapper.””


Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch.

” Obama CIA Chief John Brennan was ‘Key Ringleader of Cabal’ against Trump”


There is a mountain of circumstantial evidence that Obama was born in Kenya and zero evidence of US birth.


More here:





22 responses to “Obama Brennan have most to lose, Barack Kenyan. Brennan traitor cauterized Obama passport data, Expected Hillary win, In panic mode, Citizen Wells FOIA revisited

  1. “Who benefited most from the suicide/murder of Orlando Jones?
    Who benefited most from the murder of Donald Young?
    Who benefited most from the murder of Lt. Quarles Harris Jr.?
    Who benefited most from the suicide/murder of Christopher Kelly?
    Who benefited most from the murder of Bill Gwatney?
    Who benefited most from the death/murder of Andrew Breitbart?
    And now
    Loretta Fuddy?”…Citizen Wells

  2. oldsailor88

    ………..10-4 right on the money!!!!!

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  4. oldsailor88

    ………….history will demand that the truth be told regarding the election of a NON US CITIZEN to the PRESIDENCY of our country. The people of America were taken for a ride on a PHONEY ELECTION PLATFORM. A foreign POS came to America and spewed his HOPEY CHANGEY everywhere. Only a handful of Americans gave any thought to why the hell was any FUNDAMENTAL change to our way of life necessary to begin with? This was, and is BULLSH-T…..and a hell of a lot of Americans BELIEVED IT. That is everybody except JOE THE PLUMBER, ME, and an unknown number of other folks. JOE THE PLUMBER told Soetoro where he could shove his HOPEY CHANGEY CRAPOLA RIGHT TO SOETORO’S FACE in the middle of the street where Joe the PLUMBER lived. Joe the plumber was correct. The rest of us simply knew in our hearts, and minds what was the truth. It really sickens me every time I hear somebody say how great they thought Soetoro was. It shows just how damn stupid they are.

  5. Who benefited most from the arrest of Larry Sinclair in Delaware with Attorney General Biden in charge??

  6. CW,
    For many years I believe you have seen clearly. I agree that the ‘placement’ of a Obama, a non-natural born citizen, was a precursor to destruction of the Constitution and rule of law. Brennan was the muscle, both technical and physical, behind that fateful event.

    I say again. The truth must start there. It’s the only way the nation heals. Barr has to get off his ‘bagpipes’ and prosecute, or the Constitution is doomed. I pray, that God gives us the truth, and keeps the light of liberty burning.

  7. oldsailor88

    …….I couldn’t have said it better myself. I hasten to add it is time to securely batten down the hatches. There is a hurricane just over the horizon. It could become THE PERFECT STORM. Those who are not prepared will perish.

  8. oldsailor88

    ……..I just watched the DEMOCRATIC HALF WIT walk to a microphone on a stage somewhere. He can’t even walk in a presidential manner. In addition he still has the questioning, staring expression on his face. This seems to say he is MENTALLY UNFIT for COMMAND.

  9. Biden: recipient of Karma.

  10. oldsailor88

    AND TODAY…….
    ………..we are hearing a NEW RUSSIA,RUSSIA RUSSIA story coming from the SICK PSYCHOTIC DEMOCRATS. I have a gut feeling the new story is another FABLE from “ATOM SNIFF”, and the NYT. He is a KNOWN PSYCHO, and NYT IS BULLSH-T CENTRAL.!!!!
    Mr. Putin DOESN’T NEED to put BOUNTIES on the heads of US servicemen. Only LOW IQ Americans will believe this sort of BS. Even if he did it doesn’t make a difference to a hill of beans. Military personnel are what they are. They are often in harms way to begin with. That is the business they are trained for. So if there is a bounty on the heads of military personnel it is probably being done by CRAZED DEMOCRATS. THEY WILL NOT HESITATE to do ANYTHING they think in their tiny brains will beget them POWER. Inside of their sick, twisted minds dwell their CRAZED FANTASIES OF POWER……MURDER HAS ALWAYS BEEN IN THE DEMOCRATIC PLAYBOOK………PURE, AND SIMPLE.

  11. oldsailor88

    ………yep, I guess KARMA IS WHAT IT IS…..har har

  12. oldsailor88

    ………Joe Malarkey was on Fox and Friends this morning. I watched his facial expressions as he talked. His oral word articulation is way over exaggerated…….it makes him appear as having just escaped from a LOONEY TANK. His coaches must be DEMOCRATS also.

  13. oldsailor88

    ………a cameraman in Seattle panned across a group of punks standing around, and some aimlessly walking in circles as they talked on their cell phones. The cameraman caught one of the punks engaging in a game of POCKET POOL as he strolled along. Both of his hands were DEEP in his trouser pockets, and really engaged. I never thought that this sort of thing would ever be broadcast LIVE. OHHHH WEELLLL ……PUNKS ARE WHAT THEY ARE. Most of them SMELL LIKE LIMBURGER CHEESE. Just be careful when you get in the check out line at the grocery, and one of them is directly in front of you. Be sure to put on your gas mask if one is in close proximity.

  14. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:
    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.



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  16. oldsailor88

    ……..Vanderburgh County is in the extreme Southern limit of the state. I think Evansville might be the county seat. Sad to hear about that sort of bullsh-t particularly from our state……but then it seems as though we see political BS almost every direction we look these days. The same thing was tried by a POLITICIAN a number of years back who resided within a few blocks of Notre Dame University at South Bend. The last I heard of him he was being entertained in an extended slammer vacation at Terre Haute Federal Penitentiary. har har…….GOOD FOR WHAT AILS HIM !!!!

  17. oldsailor88

    ……….a few minutes ago I watched one of the most appalling, scenes I have ever watched in my lifetime. This took place on the Shannon Bream show tonight. A young black male was brought onto the show along with a Constitutional Scholar who he tried to debate with. The young black was hardly able to speak intelligent English let alone talk about the US Constitution. He really made an a$$ out of himself. When asked a question about the Bill of Rights he thought that was something apart from the Constitution. If he is an example of the IQ level of our young black males, then we can see clearly why they are so badly misinformed…….Perhaps this is because many of them never attended even GRADE SCHOOL. All they want to do is scream “F— YO MAMA” AT PEOPLE. Most of the problems within the black community are because of PUNKS like him. THEFT, MURDER, RAPE, DRUGS,……IS ALL COOL WITH THE PUNKS. WHEN THEY HAVE BEEN INCARCERATED FOR ANY OF THE FOREGOING THEY BECOME HEROS IN THE EYES OF THEIR SIBLINGS.

  18. oldsailor88

    ………..more, and more young Afro Americans are reverting to primitive jungle behavior. We all know what BULLSH-T is. Now America will discover what APE SH-T IS. !!!!

  19. oldsailor88

    IN TRUTH…….
    …………most of the murders of black folks in America is perpetrated by other black folks. This is documented FACT… YES a policeman sometimes is forced to fire a weapon at someone he has been assaulted by. BUT NO POLICEMAN HAS THE RIGHT TO KILL ANYONE OUTRIGHT WITHOUT JUST CAUSE. Sadly any self defense action by a policeman is being purposefully made to look as though ALL POLICEMEN EVERYWHERE are murdering black folks every day of the week……..which is a complete load of MANURE. Now BLACK AMERICA is beating their drums and chanting NO MORE POLICE, over and over. Soon NY state might no longer even have police. LA, and Chicago are headed in the same direction. The rule of law is fast becoming MOOT with the black community. Yet it will be they who will scream first for the police to help them whenever they lose control of a situation. Soon police will NO LONGER HELP THEM. They will have to deal with their problems themselves. Thence further , and further into the jungle they move, and the more violent, primitive, and less intelligent they become. America could eventually become a JUNGLE filled with murderous natives.

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