Seth Rich update, Where is key witness Ellen Ratner?, Six unsuccessful attempts to serve subpoena in Aaron Rich v Butowsky et al, Ratner knows who leaked DNC docs

Seth Rich update, Where is key witness Ellen Ratner?, Six unsuccessful attempts to serve subpoena in Aaron Rich v Butowsky et al, Ratner knows who leaked DNC docs

Mueller, as a matter of determined policy, omitted key steps which any honest investigator would undertake. He did not commission any forensic examination of the DNC servers. He did not interview Bill Binney. He did not interview Julian Assange. His failure to do any of those obvious things renders his report worthless.”…Craig Murray

“The FBI clearly has records pertaining to Seth Rich, and it has withheld those
records in bad faith.”…Attorney Ty Clevenger October 11, 2019

“Ms. Sines’s testimony flatly contradicts the FBI’s claims that (1) it did not investigate matters pertaining to Mr. Rich; (2) it did not examine his computer; and (3) it conducted a “reasonable” search but could not locate any records or communications about Mr. Rich. Specifically, Ms. Sines’s testimony flatly contradicts the affidavit testimony of FBI Section Chief David M. Hardy.”…Attorney Ty Clevenger March 29, 2020


Multiple witnesses for the Aaron Rich v ED Butowsky, et al lawsuit have attempted to be served.

Sy Hersh has been served for a June 15 deposition.

But where is Ellen Ratner, whose brother had been an attorney for and who met with Julian Assange?

From Aaron Rich v ED Butowsky, et al  May 11, 2020.

Pursuant to the order of Judge Richard J. Leon, dated April 23, 2020, Dkt. 182 (the “Order”), Defendants Edward Butowsky and Matthew Couch provide the following status reporton the service of additional subpoenas authorized pursuant to the Order.

Sy Hersh
Sy Hersh had been previously served but the date for the deposition has passed. A subpoena directing Sy Hersh to appear for a deposition on June 15, 2020 has been served as set forth on Ex. 1 to the Declaration of Eden P. Quainton, dated May 11, 2020 (the “Quainton Decl.”).

Ellen Ratner
Six unsuccessful attempts to serve Ellen Ratner at addresses in California and New York have been made and Defendants have performed several “skip trace” searches attempting to locate Ms. Ratner.”

“Ms. Ratner remains unserved. Defendants have instructed their process server to continue attempting to locate and serve the correct Ellen Ratner. Quainton Decl. Ex. 13. However, counsel for Defendants respectfully requests that permission be given for alternative means of service, such as through social media, since it appears unlikely service will be successful on Ms. Ratner
by conventional means.”

“Metropolitan Police Department (the “MPD”)
Defendants had previously unsuccessfully attempted to serve the MPD. Dkt. 183 at 19. Defendant Butowsky reissued a subpoena and unsuccessfully attempted service. Quainton Decl. Ex. 14. He was directed to effect service by certified mail, which Defendant has authorized. Id.; Quainton Decl. Ex. 15. As of today, the MPD remains unserved. Counsel does not yet have confirmation that the MPD has received and is accepting service of the subpoena sent by certified mail.”

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“From Citizen Wells November 12, 2019.

The facts and why Julian Assange is the key witness in the DNC leak and disproving a Russian hack:

  1. Julian Assange, in a January 4, 2017 CNN video states: “Our source is not the Russian Government”
  2. Fox News analyst Ellen Ratner, representing the left, at a Embry University symposium on November 9, 2016: “Ellen Ratner can confirm that the Saturday before the Election 2016, she met with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange for 3 hours. He told her that Russia did not “hack” the DNC, it was from an internal source.”
  3.  Rep. Rohrabacher, in a August 2017 interview with John Solomon of the The Hill, stated: “Our three-hour meeting covered a wide array of issues, including the WikiLeaks exposure of the DNC [Democratic National Committee] emails during last year’s presidential election,” Rohrabacher said, “Julian emphatically stated that the Russians were not involved in the hacking or disclosure of those emails.”
  4. Attorney Ty Clevenger: “Fox News news analyst Ellen Ratner relayed information from Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to Texas businessman Ed Butowsky regarding Seth Rich’s role in transferring emails to Wikileaks, according to an amended lawsuit that I filed this morning on behalf of Mr. Butowsky.”

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10 responses to “Seth Rich update, Where is key witness Ellen Ratner?, Six unsuccessful attempts to serve subpoena in Aaron Rich v Butowsky et al, Ratner knows who leaked DNC docs

  1. “NOW COMES the Plaintiff, Ty Clevenger, giving notice to the Court as follows:
    The Plaintiff, acting in his capacity as counsel for Edward Butowsky in Butowsky v. Folkenflik, et al., Case No. 4:18-CV-00442 (E.D.Tex.), deposed former Asst. U.S. Attorney Deborah Sines on March 20, 2020. The Court may recall that Ms. Sines was the prosecutor assigned to the Seth Rich murder case, and she told journalist Michael Isikoff during an interview last year that the FBI investigated attempts to hack into Mr. Rich’s electronic accounts. See PLAINTIFF’S MOTION TO ACCEPT SUPPLEMENTAL EVIDENCE AND PLAINTIFF’S MOTION TO PERMIT DISCOVERY 2-3 (Doc. No. 44)(quoting excerpt of interview). During the same interview, Mr. Isikoff stated that the FBI had examined Seth Rich’s computer. Id. In her March 20, 2020 testimony, Ms. Sines confirmed that her statements about the FBI investigation were true.1
    She further confirmed that the FBI had examined Mr. Rich’s computer, as Mr. Isikoff said. Finally, Ms. Sines testified that the FBI should have email communications regarding the foregoing activities.”

    Attorney Ty Clevenger March 2020

  2. oldsailor88

    ………..even while under oath it is possible to mislead, or outright lie. The burden is upon the people doing the questioning to determine the accuracy, or truthfulness of a defendant’s testimony. Some folks try to evade the truth out of habit, and others because they could end up in a prison cell. Even with a possible perjury charge looming many folks just keep right on LYING……Case in point…..Slick Willy. He lied until he finally hit a concrete wall…..otherwise known as DNA.

  3. oldsailor88

    ………..somewhere within the massive amount of documents now being produced by DOJ ….sooner or later something is going to escape the scrutiny of the redactors. Hopefully the recipients will be sharp enough to see it, and take the info to the bank…….at which point Seth Rich murder will be solved and the perpetrator(s) given a prison cell for the remainder of his/her life.

  4. oldsailor88

    ……….as I watched Susan Collins there are occasional very distinct tremors showing plainly. I believe that she is in early stages of Parkinson’s disease. This is really cuts through me, and is really painful to watch. Parkinson’s is a slow death sentence. Sadly we don’t have enough like her in Congress.

  5. oldsailor88

    …………perhaps it is time to provide Mzzzzzzzzzz. Sines with some incentive of some sort to show all of the evidence she possesses, which pertains to Seth Rich. It is possible that she is hiding potentially damaging evidence. Many prosecutors do this……….some get caught, and some do not get caught. Exculpatory evidence is what it is, and when a prosecutor deliberately hides it, and he/she is found to have done this with intent that person should themselves be vigorously prosecuted. I have reason to think that in the case of Seth Rich a hell of a lot of evidence is being kept out of sight………because it more than likely points to the murderer, or the person who ordered the hit. I personally believe it was the TERRAPIN who ordered the hit.

  6. OS88,

    Susan Collins is a borderline RINO. Occasionally, she votes the right way however, she has been known to jump ship.

    She’s always had ‘slow’ speech; not sure if that’s indicative of something else. She does have a speech disorder.

    Every time a vote comes up, we wonder if she’ll vote the right way or go over to the other side. As a ‘moderate Republican’ she’s leaned a bit more right these days, but you never know with her.

  7. oldsailor88

    ………way back in yester year I served with a person who was only in his 30s. He had almost exactly the same sort of occasional tremors as does Collins. Eventually the ship’s doctor sent him over to a shore hospital for observation. He was later given a medical discharge. In the 1950s there wasn’t much that could be done for Parkinson’s. pretty much still the same.

  8. oldsailor88

    ………..humanity is facing an illness which if soon is not brought under control could exact such a death rate upon humanity that human existence on earth could be threatened. At least the POTENTIAL for such a disaster does exist. Each day we live on earth we don’t think about how dependent we really are upon the fruits of everyone’s endeavors…….be it working at a cannery, farming, or in a factory of some sort…….we are nonetheless dependent. If all of this is diminished beyond a certain point a living hell, the magnitude of which heretofore has never been seen on earth by humanity could come to bear upon us. The Bible speaks of it, yet pathetically few people can even imagine such a catastrophe let alone do anything to avert it. I have come to think about this for a number of reasons…….one of which is REALITY. THE WORLD IS WHAT IT IS, AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE WHAT IT IS REGARDLESS OF WHAT PEOPLE THINK OR DO. HOWEVER HUMANITY HAS THE POWER TO MAKE THE LIVES OF ALL PEOPLE ON EARTH BEARABLE. When, or if humanity is radically diminished by an onslaught of disease, war, or a massive die off of sorts, millions if not trillions of people will disappear from the face of the earth. If anyone of us would survive such a catastrophe who would we depend on to produce food, shelter, and everyday needs for us. IT WILL BE OURSELVES!!! Is everyone equipped with the knowledge they will need to provide for themselves, and/or their families? Survival of humanity will depend upon whether or not the people remaining on Earth can come together, set aside their petty differences and restart civilization once again. Or will there be massive murder of people who are just trying to save themselves? Such behavior could lead to such a level of attrition to humanity that it could lead to extinction of humankind altogether. I believe that there will be cold blooded murders of others by people intent upon providing for themselves. Your provisions are wanted by someone nearby, so he decides to kill you and take your provisions. Such a scenario is possible, maybe even PROBABLE. We must be able to think PAST the end of our noses, and be ready to defend ourselves, as world conditions worsen…..LIFE AS WE KNOW IT COULD BECOME EXTREMELY DIFFICULT, AND HAZARDOUS FROM DAY TO DAY !!!! JUST WONDERING…….

  9. oldsailor88

    ……….as the development of a vaccine for the Coronavirus is concerned……it might be over a year before we see a truly effective vaccine……..maybe even much longer!!! In the interim will people CONTINUE TO TAKE PREVENTATIVE MEASURES, or will everyone disregard such measures, and go back to doing what they were doing? As we watch there seems to be a more than positive movement BACKWARD. This could, and might lead to a tragic regurgitation of the virus. Particularly wherever there are massive numbers of people crowded into urban settings. I live in Northern Indiana. We have seen a lot of deaths from the virus, but the greatest numbers seem to be concentrated in and around our state capitol. This seems to reflect the national attrition as well. I believe IT IS NOT YET OVER, and the question remains can people handle it? We are in a position where we are DAMNED IF WE DO, AND DAMNED IF WE DON’T……some folks call that BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE………HERE WE ARE LORD ………DO WHAT YOU THINK BEST !!!!

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