Roger Stone courtroom hearing on motion for new trial February 26, 2020, 11 members of jury back in court, Jackson: “take the matter under advisement.”

Roger Stone courtroom hearing on motion for new trial February 26, 2020, 11 members of jury back in court, Jackson: “take the matter under advisement.”

“Judge Amy Berman Jackson, an Obama appointed corrupt treasonous liberal judge with an angry disposition toward Americans who think differently than Obama, continues to put her own distorted interpretation of US law ahead of the US Constitution.

Her actions with Paul Manafort alone were ample cause for her to be removed, impeached or jailed.”...Patriot or Traitor May 15, 2019

“Stone’s Motion for New Trial is directly related to the integrity of a juror. It is alleged that a juror misled the Court regarding her ability to be unbiased and fair and the juror attempted to cover up evidence that would directly contradict her false claims of impartiality.”...Roger Stone motion for new trial

“Immediately after President Trump won election, opponents inaugurated what they call ‘The Resistance’ and they rallied around an explicit strategy of using every tool and maneuver to sabotage the functioning of the executive branch.” …Attorney General Barr


From United States v Stone.

“Minute Entry for proceedings held before Judge Amy Berman Jackson: Motion Hearing as to ROGER J. STONE, JR. held on 2/25/2020 re: 332 Defendant’s SEALED MOTION to Open Hearing in Support of Amended Motion for New Trial. For the reasons stated on the record in open Court, the 332 SEALED MOTION to Open Hearing in Support of Amended Motion for New Trial is Granted in Part and Denied in Part. Bond Status of Defendant: Defendant Remains on Personal Recognizance Bond; Court Reporter: Sara Wick; Defense Attorneys: Robert C. Buschel, Bruce S. Rogow, Grant J. Smith, Seth Ginsberg “and Trar A. Campion; US Attorneys: John Crabb, Jr. and J.P. Cooney. (zjth)”

From KPBS.

“A federal judge in Washington on Tuesday heard arguments from Roger Stone’s lawyers and federal prosecutors on the longtime Republican operative’s bid for a new trial based on his allegations or juror misconduct.

The more than four-hour hearing before Judge Amy Berman Jackson came less than a week after Jackson sentenced Stone to more than three years in prison for obstruction, witness tampering and lying to Congress. Stone, a friend of Trump’s for more than three decades, was convicted in November by a jury on all seven counts brought against him by special counsel Robert Mueller as part of the Russia investigation.

Jackson did not rule Tuesday on Stone’s motion for a new trial, saying before she closed the day’s proceedings that she will “take the matter under advisement.””

“Jackson then ordered that courtroom cleared of spectators and journalists for the rest of the proceedings, which included the surprise that she had called 11 members of the jury back to the court for potential questioning.

Reporters and members of the public were able to listen in on what transpired in the courtroom via an audio feed. Lawyers were instructed not to refer to any jurors by their name or juror number.

As the drama unfolded inside the courtroom, Trump took aim at the jury foreperson, tweeting that the individual was “so tainted” for allegedly having “hatred” of Trump and Stone. Trump also accused Jackson of being “totally biased.”

The motion seeking a new trial was filed under seal since it concerned the identity of a juror in the case, but Jackson said it involved questions about a questionnaire prospective jurors had to fill out during the jury selection process.

The jury forewoman answered questions under oath in the Tuesday hearing about her activity on social media, including a postings about Stone’s arrest in which she wrote: “brought to you by the lock her up peanut gallery.”

The forewoman was also asked about a first-bump emoji the morning before the jury reached a unanimous guilty verdict. The forewoman said it was a message out of solidarity.

The forewoman said that at the time she answered the jury questionnaire she could not recall posting anything about investigations into Russian interference in the 2016 election; she added her answers were based on what she remembered.

A woman who identified herself on social media as the forewoman in the Stone case once unsuccessfully ran as a Democrat for Congress. The juror told the judge during jury selection that her former bid for office would not inhibit her ability to serve on the panel as a fair and impartial juror.

During Tuesday’s hearing, the defense and the government were each allowed to select one unidentified juror to be brought in and questioned by Jackson.”

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3 responses to “Roger Stone courtroom hearing on motion for new trial February 26, 2020, 11 members of jury back in court, Jackson: “take the matter under advisement.”

  1. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”…Ephesians 6:12

  2. Techno Fog
    Transcript excerpts from the testimony of anti-Trump Roger Stone juror Tomeka Hart:

    Contradicts herself on her knowledge of Stone’s association w/ Trump in the span of a few questions.

    She’s hiding the truth.

  3. DO YOU KNOW……….
    …………..according to Joe Malarkey 150,000,000 people have been murdered by guns in America since 2007. This is almost HALF of the total population. SOUNDS LIKE SOME OF JOE’S MALARKEY TO ME !!!!!

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