Israeli Coronavirus Vaccine weeks away?, The Galilee Research Institute, Could be ready within a few weeks and available in 90 days

Israeli Coronavirus Vaccine weeks away?, The Galilee Research Institute, Could be ready within a few weeks and available in 90 days

“We’re taking this incredibly serious here in the United States,” Secretary Azar said. “We are doing the most aggressive containment efforts in modern history to prevent further spread in the United States. We’re going to continue taking those measures.””…White House


From The Jerusalem Post.

“Israeli scientists: ‘In a few weeks, we will have coronavirus vaccine’
Once the vaccine is developed, it will take at least 90 days to complete the regulatory process and potentially more to enter the marketplace.

Israeli scientists are on the cusp of developing the first vaccine against the novel coronavirus, according to Science and Technology Minister Ofir Akunis. If all goes as planned, the vaccine could be ready within a few weeks and available in 90 days, according to a release.

“Congratulations to MIGAL [The Galilee Research Institute] on this exciting breakthrough,” Akunis said. “I am confident there will be further rapid progress, enabling us to provide a needed response to the grave global COVID-19 threat,” Akunis said, referring to the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

For the past four years, a team of MIGAL scientists has been developing a vaccine against infectious bronchitis virus (IBV), which causes a bronchial disease affecting poultry. The effectiveness of the vaccine has been proven in preclinical trials carried out at the Veterinary Institute.

MIGAL is located in the Galilee.

“Our basic concept was to develop the technology and not specifically a vaccine for this kind or that kind of virus,” said Dr. Chen Katz, MIGAL’s biotechnology group leader. “The scientific framework for the vaccine is based on a new protein expression vector, which forms and secretes a chimeric soluble protein that delivers the viral antigen into mucosal tissues by self-activated endocytosis, causing the body to form antibodies against the virus.””

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24 responses to “Israeli Coronavirus Vaccine weeks away?, The Galilee Research Institute, Could be ready within a few weeks and available in 90 days

  1. ““Let’s call it pure luck,” he said. “We decided to choose coronavirus as a model for our system just as a proof of concept for our technology.”
    But after scientists sequenced the DNA of the novel coronavirus causing the current worldwide outbreak, the MIGAL researchers examined it and found that the poultry coronavirus has high genetic similarity to the human one, and that it uses the same infection mechanism, which increases the likelihood of achieving an effective human vaccine in a very short period of time, Katz said.”

  2. CW……..
    ………….lots of people losing their minds over the potential of contracting Coronavirus. Today I read about a California family who own a 46′ boat which they had sterilized. They are taking their 8 year old child and they are going to live on the boat at sea. I am wondering where, and how they are going to replenish their food and water supply when they run out. At some point they will have to come to port to replenish ALL supplies. Perhaps they have an entity who will periodically deliver supplies to them. Really a RADICAL REACTION. The US Coast Guard might take a dim view of what they are doing. This could endanger the youngster, as well as his parents. A 46′ boat won’t last very long in heavy seas.

  3. They are living in the wrong state.

  4. CW…………
    ……… this moment Amy Klobuchar is attending a BS session at Raliegh NC. Bret Bair is moderating it along with a female Fox anchor. So far Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Klobuchar has NOT stated how she is going to pay for everything she is alluding to. She uses hypothesis considerably. Hypothesis DOESN’T CUT THROUGH the BS. She sounds irrational with respect to separation of powers without which our government would be CASTRATED. She is thinking to the end of her nose instead of ahead of it.

  5. BUT………
    ………..Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Klobuchar HASN’T offered FREE EVERYTHING FOR EVERYBODY (INCLUDING NON CITIZENS). She is PRO ROE VS WADE.=(OK to kill a post birth fetus). So far she hasn’t said anything which would move her up the ladder.

  6. AND………..
    ………….the worst case scenario with respect to CORONAVIRUS is RECLUSION. Many Americans will learn the HARD WAY how to live in a reclusive state. I believe that staying inside (QUARANTINE) will become absolutely necessary to avoid being infected.

  7. CW…………
    ………it sounds as though the Israeli anti virus might be tried soon. I am praying that someone is successful very soon in developing an injectable anti virus. I would also think that a lot of bio-research and pharmaceutical companies are racing to perfect an anti virus.

  8. AND NOW……..
    ………..DOW in FREEFALL!!!!! ….approaching 5000 points. Watch AAPL!!

    ………..Today it was confirmed that Corona virus can become airborne and as such be carried very long distances if it reaches high altitude. In fact it is entirely possible that the new cases just confirmed are all on the West Coast, and the infected people were close to the coast line itself. In the Northwest from northern California to Washington state all four cases were close to the coastline. I am thinking that there has been more than enough time for the CORONA to travel from China to our shores. When you consider that upper atmospheric winds can reach speeds in excess of 400 mph. Jet stream even faster. It is entirely possible for the virus to settle upon jet aircraft while they are on the ground. The virus could cling to such a jet until the aircraft reaches normal cruising altitude (30,000′-40,000′), and then separate from the aircraft and subsequently be carried Eastward by the high altitude winds. Perfectly logical. ANOTHER QUESTION. Is the exterior of every aircraft being sterilized before it takes off? I am betting NO. Many aircraft are still coming from various points in China, Phillipines, Japan, and both Koreas. So we are looking at reality with an exponent power of 10.

  10. REASONING……….
    ……….if there are 1000 or more COVID 19 spores attached to each and every aircraft departing Eastward from the various points in Asia. The math should probably be to square the figure 1000 x the product of each square 1000 times. The square of 1000 is 1,000,000. This would probably be closer to the COVID 19 saturation of the upper atmosphere between America, and Asia. This figure may be even MUCH HIGHER depending upon the total number of flights going EASTWARD at 30,000-40,000′ altitude. The exponent might even be 10 to the 4th power. The upper altitude winds could carry the COVID 19 into an equatorial belt, and travel around the earth very quickly. I am believing that this might be at least a component of the spread that has already occurred. You only need to look at the Geography.!!!!!

  11. AND NOW………..
    ……….Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, Petey “Backdoor” from South “Bendover” says she is going to win SC today. har har har YEAH SURE!!!! LOOKS AND SOUNDS MORE LIKE LIL BERNIE IS GOING TO WHIP THE WHOLE CROWD…….INCLUDING “MINI MIKE LIMBURGER”.

  12. With RESPECT………
    ……… corona virus…..the prevailing high altitude winds over the Pacific Ocean are West to East…..offshore, and Eastward from Asia the largest portion of each year. Yet contradictory to this reasoning is the fact that Hawaii seems to have escaped any fallout of COV19.

  13. AND NOW………..
    …………Joe Malarkey has won the SC primary, but that is NOT the GENERAL ELECTION. Yes it gives him a LEG UP on the nomination, but he has a helluva long way to go…….and a lot can happen in the interim. It does show just how many lame brained people think UP is DOWN. They will learn the truth the HARD WAY…….down the road.!!!! A fast growing problem is starting to become obvious……….the confirmation of how many LOW INTELLIGENCE people are joining the DEMOCRATIC PARTY. America seems to have a dangerously increasing number of LOW IQ people.

  14. oldsailor85++
    Good reading material. Victim tells his story

    To hell and back’: my three weeks suffering from coronavirus  

  15. Ken Jones⭐️⭐️⭐️
    American Tourist off a Cruise Ship in Quarantine for CoronaVirus says is equivalent to FLU. “I am 14 days in and have a little cough like a cold.”

    PROOF leftist MSM & Dem want to instill FEAR in the America people & cause PANIC.


  16. oldsailor87

    …………read the story. Quite interesting. The young man was probably in pretty good health to begin with, and had no underlying illnesses. Had the latter been the case he probably would not have made it back from HELL. Sadly there are a lot of young people around Fort Wayne who think they are INVINCIBLE, and they will never catch the disease. They could have a RUDE awakening…….VERY SOON !!!.
    The first death in America was near Kirkland, Washington. He allegedly had some compromising illnesses which compounded his peril …..times 10. He was in his fifties. Interestingly there is a Seniors Nursing Facility nearby, and I am wondering if he visited someone at the facility. The facility has now been found to have several active cases.

  17. oldsailor87

    ……..Ken Jones has presented an interesting chronology, relating to the various flare up illnesses going back to 2004. Could the COVID 19 be DELIBERATELY planted at various places where many people congregate? Makes me think about all of the California wildfires…….which I firmly believe were being deliberately set. Particularly when there was NO THUNDERSTORM ACTIVITY anywhere in the state. So maybe the PYROMANIACS have graduated to planting COVID 19 at various places. I have also been wondering if all of the airliners coming East from Asia have been sterilized on their EXTERIOR SURFACES prior to take off.

  18. oldsailor87

    AND NOW……….
    ………..the South Bend BACK DOOR BUTT HEAD is dropping out.!!!!. Steyer is gone Mini Mike is as good as gone. Klobuchar is dropping out. That leaves Bernie Bunglewurst, Joe Malarkey, and Pocahontas. I wouldn’t miss her SCREECHING ORAL CHORDS.!!!!!

  19. oldsailor87

    ………….more cases reported in your neck of the woods………might be time to become a recluse for awhile. TAKE CARE !!!

  20. oldsailor87

    ……….do you own a handheld fever pyrometer? Everybody needs to have one…….and learn how to use it. Could be a lifesaver.

  21. oldsailor87

    AND TODAY………..
    ………..we are seeing thousands of people mostly young people raving, and screaming BERNIE,BERNIE, BERNIE……..TELLS A REALLY SAD STORY WHICH could erupt into OUTRIGHT VIOLENCE within the Democratic party If the Democrats try to go around SANDERS, and give the nomination to Joe Malarkey I think it could bring one hell of a reaction from young DEMOCRATS. Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. BRAZIERE will be at the lead position.

  22. oldsailor87

    AND TODAY…….
    ………..a New York lawyer succumbed to the Coronavirus. The geography of the cases showing up could multiply exponentially overnight. If it would become serious enough we could ultimately experience MARTIAL LAW and entire cities put under total quarantine. Businesses, and schools would be shut down as well.

  23. Have a really good digital thermometer.
    I had type B flu weeks ago and it proved helpful.

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