USDOJ attorney Brandon Van Grack corrupt or cog in wheel of corruption?, Barr put Grack in charge of FARA, Does this bode well for Barr Durham investigation?

USDOJ attorney Brandon Van Grack corrupt or cog in wheel of corruption?, Barr put Grack in charge of FARA, Does this bode well for Barr Durham investigation?

“Given the material defense counsel has requested, which remains outstanding, Mr. Van Grack’s denial that further Brady material exists is patently absurd. It demonstrates arrogance and utter contempt for the letter and the spirit of this Court’s explicit order, the rule of Brady v. Maryland, and the protections guaranteed to defendants by the U.S. Constitution.”…US v. Flynn motion to compel production of Brady Material 

“Prosecutors Brandon Van Grack of the Justice Department’s national security division, who was formerly on Mr. Mueller’s team, and Assistant U.S. Attorney Deborah Curtis, of Washington, provided little explanation as to why they were not turning over the transcripts.”…Pittsburgh Post-Gazette June 1, 2019

“Former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe as much as admitted the FBI’s intent to set up Mr. Flynn on a criminal false statement charge from the get-go.”…Attorney Sidney Powell November 4, 2019  


Is US Justice Department attorney Brandon Van Grack corrupt or simply caught up in a web of corruption that permeates the Justice Dept., i.e. guilty by association?

Examine the following:

Grack is an Obama donor.

He was hired by the Justice Dept. in 2010, early in the Obama admin.

He was part of Mueller’s team.

Van Grack is the lead prosecutor in the General Flynn case.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette June 1, 2019.

“Prosecutors Brandon Van Grack of the Justice Department’s national security division, who was formerly on Mr. Mueller’s team, and Assistant U.S. Attorney Deborah Curtis, of Washington, provided little explanation as to why they were not turning over the transcripts.”

United States v. Michael T. Flynn Supplemental Status Report September 30, 2019.

“Even more troubling, Mr. Van Grack was determined that Mr. Flynn would testify in the Rafiekian case that he had knowingly signed a false FARA registration, even though Mr. Van Grack knew that was not true and Mr. Flynn had not agreed to that in the course of his plea agreement. Mr. Flynn’s refusal to get on the witness stand and lie for the government on that point prompted a heated tirade from Mr. Van Grack with Mr. Flynn’s lead counsel, in which Mr. Van Grack claimed Mr. Flynn had agreed to plead to a knowing and intentional false FARA filing. Dkt. 98-1.

In our endless document review, we now have a draft of the statement of offense that proves the contrary, showing similar language deleted. The absence of that language from the statement of offense or any charge of a false filing did not deter Mr. Van Grack from doubling down.
Enraged that Mr. Flynn reject their demand to lie, the prosecutors in the EDVA (Mr. James Gillis, Mr. Evan Turgeon, and Mr. John Gibbs, with Mr. Van Grack’s oversight) retaliated with an ex parte gag order and sealed filing on July 3. For the first time, the prosecutors claimed that Mr. Flynn was a co-conspirator. They put Michael Flynn Jr. on the witness list for the Rafiekian trial.”


October 24, 2019.

“3. Mr. Van Grack’s Productions of Flynn 302s Were Incomplete and Misleading. But it gets worse. When Mr. Van Grack made his first official production to former counsel of any actual documents (other than the (final) Flynn 302 produced on Nov. 22, 2017) on March 13, 2018—all of which should have been produced before Mr. Flynn pleaded guilty—Mr. Van Grack made it sound like there was only one 302:

This is false. On May 25, 2018, Mr. Van Grack dribbled out another production—again denying any obligation to do so under Brady or the Court’s Standing Order. This included a draft 302 dated February 10, 2017, as if it were the only other one. That was also misleading. After former counsel called Mr. Van Grack, on June 1, 2018, the government produced two more drafts of the 302—these dated February 11, 2017, and February 14, 2017. Mr. Van Grack did not explain why all these intervening drafts were not produced in March, nor how they suddenly turned up, and there are material differences— especially from February 10 to February 11. Ex. 11. Obviously, there are drafts of the 302, including an original draft in the files or subfiles of the Sentinel System of the FBI dating back to January 24, 2017, or so—the date of the actual interview of Mr. Flynn. Brady requires the production of the original 302, all drafts, notes, recordings, statements, and all testimony of the two agents along with all participants in any of the meetings to plan the ambush of Mr. Flynn “to keep him relaxed.” If they are not there, then they were wrongfully destroyed. Either way, the government must be held to account.”

From Attorney Sidney Powell November 5, 2019.

“#VanGrack just advised by letter that he got the authors of the raw notes backwards!! Since March 2018 when first disclosed! All the more reason to require originals of everything without redactions, handwriting samples, all 302s, audit trail, metadata-entire file!”

From Gateway Pundit.

“SHOCKING: Corrupt Mueller Team Official Brandon Van Grack Is Now In Charge of DOJ’s FARA Unit Used to Spy on Republican”

“Van Grack was one of the lawyers on Mueller’s team that handled the Flynn investigation, set-up and guilty plea.
He is overseeing Flynn’s case in court.”

“What CNN Left Out in the report on Van Grack– He led a grand jury inquiry in Northern Virginia scrutinizing former Trump associate Michael Flynn’s foreign lobbying. And Van Grack donated to the Obama campaign.

Following the corrupt investigation of the Trump campaign and Trump administration Van Grack was promoted to head the DOJ’s FARA Unit.
This is the same unit used to target and ruin Republican officials in 2016 and it is the same unit Democrats are hoping to use to indict President Trump’s Attorney Rudy Giuliani.”

Read more:

William Barr became Attorney General in February of 2019.

Brandon Van Grack was put in charge of FARA in March 2019.

Perhaps Barr was not aware of Grack’s corrupt activities then.

Is Barr aware of them now and is Brandon Van Grack under scrutiny as part of the Barr Durham investigations?

Brandon Van Grack corrupt?

You decide.


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39 responses to “USDOJ attorney Brandon Van Grack corrupt or cog in wheel of corruption?, Barr put Grack in charge of FARA, Does this bode well for Barr Durham investigation?

  1. “How can Brandon Van Grack, the lead prosecutor in the Flynn case, possibly defend a conviction of Flynn for lying to the FBI when the “lie” Flynn supposedly told was actually a statement edited and altered without Flynn’s participation? This latest bombshell is disturbing evidence that the U.S. Department of Justice remains a weapon in the hands of Democrats and the permanent bureaucracy.”
    The Gateway Pundit

  2. Techno Fog on Van Grack

  3. The Flynn circumstances are really disgusting:
    Flynn was set up by the FBI. Communications prove this.
    The DOJ conspired to prevent him from having information that is required under the Brady act.
    They bankrupted him by denying him the evidence he needed to defend himself. Then, they threatened his kid to get him to accept guilt for something he didn’t do.

    They did it because Flynn would have immediately audited the CIA, NSA, FBI because of his experiences while in the military. This is government ‘workers’ protecting themselves from the wrath of the public and judicial system. It would have likely exposed the State Department money kickback schemes as well. Flynn had to go down, because he was a legitimate threat to the illegal activities.

    The stakes here are incredibly high for those entities if Flynn is cleared. That means that the judge making the decision is in danger, and so is his family.

  4. Pete……
    ……….in addition here was an outstanding Navy Admiral who got to where he was in participation in military conflicts over a lifetime. He has suffered a destruction of his character, bankruptcy, and continues to be ridiculed by the STINKING A$$ED LOW IQ BASTARDS WHO AGREE WITH PEOPLE LIKE PELOSI, SCHIFF, SCHUMER, NADLER, AND ALL THE REST OF THE DEMOCRATIC SLIME. THERE IS A DAY OF RECKONING COMING FOR ALL OF THE SLIMES INVOLVED. HOPEFULLY I WILL LIVE LONG ENOUGH TO WATCH EVERY ONE OF THEM MEET THEIR MAKER. I WILL DANCE IN GLEE,AND I KNOW PEOPLE WHO WOULDN’T HESITATE TO URINATE ON THE GRAVES OF THE BASTARDS.

  5. oldsailor85++
    Had a thought…..just a thought
    What has President Trump been doing the last 1046 days?

  6. hapnHal………..
    ……….fighting the crooked judges left behind by the Soetoro administration. The largest portion of the problems are coming from the CRAZED left in alliance with the aforementioned SLIMES, and the fake news media.

  7. I agree with Pete. Like i said before, Judge Sullivan rues the day he was born right about now.

  8. If anyone in a position to hire or any other position of authority were to say anything demeaning towards blacks or queers, they would be summarily fired and we’d be told that there was no way that person could be objective towards the people they talked badly about.

    But when the FBI and DOJ insulted Trump and his supporters non stop like Page and Strozk did, we’re told that it had no effect on their ability to carry out their jobs. That’s what Horowitz already did on the hillary email report and we’re going to see it again in the fisa report.

    Why do the American people take this crap?

  9. The people who believe in global warming are the same people who think a man can put on a dress and become a woman. Same people.

  10. thebradfordfile™

    A judge rules Hunter Biden must provide the past 3 years of his tax returns in Arkansas child support case.

    I hope the court has expertise in shady Ukraine and Chinese business dealings!

  11. fhl…….

  12. TOO MANY……….
    …………..of todays high school grads have an intelligence quotient of a 5th grade student. There was a time when a student was FAILED when it was found that he/she was unable to digest the level of studies in which he/she was participating. Today they pass but they are expected to attend summer school. Very few attend summer school. When they reach age 16 they become high school dropouts……eventually join street gangs, and begin learning the elements of CRIME. Most of them fail those courses as well, and instead of being directed to summer school they are incarcerated in a prison system. If they have FELONY convictions their future lives will be a nightmare whenever they try to apply for a job.

  13. AND TODAY………..
    ……………”NO MALARKEY JOE” has hit the road dragging his MANURE SPREADER behind his bus. Of course he really doesn’t need a manure spreader……….he spreads manure real well without the spreader.

  14. I READ TODAY………..
    ………..that all of the ELECTORAL COLLEGE electors are going to be subpoenaed to testify before Congress. The reason for this is alleged discrepancies were allegedly found after the election was certified. The DEMOCRATS have filed the lawsuit because they believe the final outcome of the election was doctored by members of the electoral college.

  15. AND..
    ………..the Democrats continue to stir the contents of their political SEPTIC tank hoping to find something they can use against Trump. All they are accomplishing is creating a huge cloud of STENCH over their own heads. I pray that the alleged impeachment goes to a SENATE TRIAL. Once the president is acquitted of all charges he can then open up his own campaign to put all of the BASTARDS who participated in the criminal attacks on him in permanent slammer vacations at Leavenworth. He who laughs LAST LAUGHS BEST.

  16. The gov of Utah, the Mayor of Salt Lake County, US Rep of Utah, all asking Trump to send more refugees to Utah.

    Germany and Sweden turning into crapholes with refugee invasion. Utah next?

  17. AND……….
    …………..I for one will take very special PLEASURE out of hearing each and every one of the slimy DEMOCRATS SQUEAL like drowning sewer rats, as they are led away in prison jump suits, and handcuffs. As each passes in front of the camera I will dance a very special jig of sheer joy. The disgust of decent Americans grows exponentially as the DEMOCRATS foam at the mouth and rave their SICK, TWISTED FANTASIES.

  18. Senate REpublicans are threatening to call both Bidens to the witness stand if the House impeaches Trump.

    IOW, if the dems in the house continue this hoax, they’ll start questioning the Bidens. If the House dems give up on their hoax, they’ll let Joe Biden go scot free after used a quid pro quo to get the investigator fired for investigating his son’s company that was paying him big bucks to do nothing. (except lobby his dad for the company)

    Somebody remind me why i should vote for these turkeys.

  19. fhl……..
    …………Joe “MALARKEY” Biden had a conflict of interest while holding public office, as VP. He can legally still be prosecuted for it.(DOCUMENTED QUID PRO QUO) WHILE VP.

  20. Schiff is playing the dirtiest pool ever and we can’t even get the republicans who are supposed to represent us to investigate real crimes by the democrats.

    I have such contempt for all of them.

  21. Jack Posobiec
    Well maybe this may help explain something about Schiff’s phone record collection

    Shock: Adam Schiff Investigated Devin Nunes’s Phone Records  

    Schiff and the Intelligence Committee subpoenaed the records from “third parties” from AT&T (which owns CNN), who gave them the phone records without a fight.  

    CNN is owned by Turner Broadcasting System, a division of AT&T’s WarnerMedia. … Other boycott targets have included Macy’s, Harley-Davidson and HBO , which AT&T later acquired with CNN as part of its $81 billion purchase of Time Warner Inc.

    Trump has long criticized CNN over its coverage of him and his administration.

  22. IC using foreign sources:

    “Plausible deniability, the Holy Grail of covert activities, was in reach for the plotters if they could develop an FCI operation outside the continental United States (OCONUS) involving FBI confidential human sources (Halper, Mifsud, others?) that would act as “lures” (intelligence jargon associated with double agent operations) to ensnare Trump associates. We have evidence of these machinations from December 2015 when FBI lawyer Lisa Page texts to her boyfriend, the now infamous FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok, “You get all our oconus lures approved? ;).” To inoculate themselves from further charges of misconduct and criminality, the FBI’s mutually agreed upon lie is that their investigation of Trump/Russia began on July 31, 2016 with the improbable name “Crossfire Hurricane.””


    When barr and durham are done, we’d better find out more about these ocunus lures. If we don’t, it’s a good indication that we’ve been played.

  23. Just like Obama.
    Take the gloves off and tell that royal pos to stick it.

  24. fhl………
    ………like you I have a conviction that NONE of the PEOPLES REPRESENTATIVES are doing what they were elected to do, in which case the election was actually a waste of time and resources. Neither party seems to give a damn about what is best for our country. I believe that we are witnessing the mass erosion of our so called government. Today we are watching four so called professors…….all of whom allegedly know all there is to know about the law of our land. They are in reality PAID PUPPETS of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY. The first person to testify has a femalish ring to his voice. This person is trying to talk about something he has no DIRECT KNOWLEDGE OF (he is not old enough to have been there while the incident was going on in Congress) he is quoting from HEARSAY. This is another POS who thinks he KNOWS IT ALL. We hear in Indiana had a governor just like him his name was Bayh. He thought he was absolutely SUPERIOR to everybody else. IT SHOWED BIG TIME. Indiana became a SHI-HOLE during his administration. I listened to about 6 minutes of this mornings first PROFESSOR, and I am already sick of his BULLSH-T. And now the female professor is RAGING her oral lunacy. SICKENING!!!!!! ANOTHER FEMA-NAZI !!! Our elections have been manipulated by the DEMOCRATS, and just this minute she changed the wording of the president’s words just as did Mr. Schiff. And today we are hearing a HUGE LOAD OF HEARSAY, since NONE of the alleged witnesses wer present in 1776. REAL LOAD OF MANURE !!!!

  25. AND ONCE AGAIN……..
    ……we are seeing the raging DEMOCRATS foam at the mouth as they rave and rant……..only now they have PAID some willing so called PROFESSORS to do their raving for them. This will fail. When the SENATE TRIAL begins everything they have raved about will not be applicable. The case is not about our Constitution, rather it is about whether the POTUS broke the law or not. In the end the so called PROFESSORS will put another million dollars each in their offshore accounts to launder their speaking fees. Todays BGULLSH-T session is being run by the PEAR FACED MORON Mr. Hadler……… he sounds as though he might be a relative of Mr. Sniff.

  26. AND TODAY……..
    ………the SIDE SHOW of the DEMOCRATIC circus is being performed. Really a P_SS POOR load of performers.

    Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Karlan just made a SERIOUS verbal mistake………she mentioned the NBC provision of the qualification of the POTUS. Her words will definitely get shoved down her throat later with regard to Soetoro.

  28. AND……
    ……….todays performance of the side show was obviously well rehearsed.

  29. AND TODAY………
    ……….Turley has done serious damage to the ship of impeachment. The ship could easily SINK, and take the crew with it.

  30. AND…….
    …….I may have misjudged Turley. So far he has told it all like it is and/or was. Three cheers for Turley. Hopefully he will continue to answer all questions without regard to political affiliation. Turley has a great command of our language, but can also excel in getting a point across in LAY LANGUAGE. His facial expressions while he is talking are exactly as they should be. He is obviously telling it like he sees it…..


    ……… is much easier to understand why the DEMOCRATS have a JACKASS for a LOGO of their party.

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