Thrivent agent indicted on fraud charges December 26, 2018, Jerry Wayne Simpson allegedly stole from widow and clients Mar 2016 to Oct 2017, Feb 2018 barred from FINRA

Thrivent agent indicted on fraud charges December 26, 2018, Jerry Wayne Simpson allegedly stole from widow and clients Mar 2016 to Oct 2017, Feb 2018 barred from FINRA

“You don’t need to be Christian to join our team.”…Thrivent job opening ad

“Thrivent contends that its commitment to individual arbitration is ‘”important to the membership because it reflects Thrivent’s Christian Common Bond, helps preserve members’ fraternal relationships, and avoids protracted and adversarial litigation that could undermine Thrivent’s core mission.’”…Thrivent v. Acosta Nov. 3, 2017

“I worked at Thrivent Financial full-time (More than 8 years)”                      “Claims to be based on Christian values but does not adhere to them.”…Former Thrivent employee



“A financial advisor in Western Kentucky used lies and false paperwork to steal $400,000 from clients, a federal grand jury has charged.

The grand jury indicted Jerry Wayne Simpson on three counts of wire fraud, a charge punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

Simpson was a licensed agent for Thrivent Investment Management Inc., in Madisonville, according to the indictment. He allegedly took money from clients between March 2016 and October 2017.

In one case, Simpson allegedly forged a clients’ name on paperwork requesting to have money withdrawn from the person’s annuities. Simpson withdrew about $248,000 from the victim’s accounts and had it deposited in his personal bank account, the indictment charged.

In another case, Simpson falsely told a widow that her late husband had taken out a loan against his life insurance policy and gave her a cashier’s check for $54,769 when the policy actually was worth $82,000, the indictment said.

Simpson allegedly kept the rest of the money.”

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From The White Law Group.
“What is Failure to Supervise? FINRA RULE 3110 (SUPERVISION)”

“According to the Financial Industry Regulatory authority (FINRA) FINRA Rule 3110 requires a firm to establish and maintain a system to supervise the activities of its associated persons that is reasonably designed to achieve compliance with the applicable securities laws and regulations and FINRA rules.

The rule details requirements for a firm to have reasonably designed written supervisory procedures (WSPs) to supervise the activities of its associated persons and the types of businesses in which it engages.

Among other things, a firm’s WSPs must address supervision of supervisory personnel and provide for the review of a firm’s investment banking and securities business, correspondence and internal communications, and customer complaints. WSPs should describe:”

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From FINRA for Jerry Wayne Simpson.

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23 responses to “Thrivent agent indicted on fraud charges December 26, 2018, Jerry Wayne Simpson allegedly stole from widow and clients Mar 2016 to Oct 2017, Feb 2018 barred from FINRA

  1. “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”…Jesus, John 8:32

  2. CW……..
    ………….sounds something like “one small step for man, and one giant step for MANKIND.” You can take the enemy down ONE AT A TIME, which seems to be the case with Thrivent. Who knows Thrivent might be working against America in general……….TAKING MONEY FROM A LOT OF PEOPLE.

  3. AND TODAY,…………..
    ……….Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. HYPER of Oakland CA has officially opened her 2020 POTUS campaign. And she had an audience of nose picking, screaming morons applauding her. Texas voting officials just discovered there was 75,000 people who voted in the last election who were NOT US CITIZENS.!!! I can’t help wonder how many there are in Mexifornia who done the same. We already know there was over 100,000 deceased who voted. Neat trick. They must have all been democrats.!!!! They climbed out of their graves on election day to vote. YEEEAAAAH SURRRRRRE. I am sure Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Harris applauded them!!!!

  4. CW,

    Hopefully, the dominoes are starting to fall with Thrivent. Will be watching for more indictments with great interest.

    Regarding Harris: Her parents were both foreign nationals at the time of her birth and were not in the U.S. for the required 5 years.

    She is ‘foreign born’ and not eligible to be POTUS but then, it didn’t stop Ovomit, did it? I’ll bet that she gets a pass on this, just like he did, and those who bring it up will again be called ‘raciss.’

    You can take that to the bank.

  5. AND ………….
    ……….Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. HYPER, might find herself competing with Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. IMPORTANT, Get lots of popcorn the three ring circus will soon be here.

  6. SueK…………
    …………….Harris will probably cite the PRECEDENT which was established by Lil Barry Soetoro. Nothing was done to address his ineligibility, and when he was sworn in the precedent was legally established………the NBC requirement was now INVALID……….at least insofar as he was concerned. Now Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. HYPER can use this as LEGAL PRECEDENT, and it is likely that a sneak judge will allow it to stand. Now Putin himself could run for POTUS…………all because of a pack of LUNATIC LIBERALS who DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT ANYTHING EXCEPT POLITICAL POWER. In the end it will bite them in the a$$ big time.

  7. President Pelosi invites Mr.Trump to give the SOTU address 5 February 19

    President Donald Trump on Monday accepted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) invitation to deliver his State of the Union address before the House chamber on February 5. The set date comes after the White House and congressional leaders reached an agreement to end the partial government shutdown last Friday.

  8. hapnHal………..
    ……………her aire of SUPER POWER IMPORTANCE is a psychotic fantasy in which she lives. I believe that she really does think she is superlative to the POTUS. In reality she is a RAVING POLITICAL PSYCHOPATH. She ingested a lot of LSD during her collegiate days. LSD was a drug which induced hallucinations (TRIPS) as the druggies refer to it. I believe that this drug use left her seriously addle brained.

  9. hapnHal……….
    …………..MOONBEAM is a male version of Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. IMPORTANT.

  10. “male”?

  11. CW………
    ………force of habit !! In California politics there is QUESTION !!

    ………..DICKY TURBAN just stated there is growing sentiment ON BOTH SIDES of the aisle to get the BARRIER ISSUE OUT OF THE WAY. When TURBAN does a 180 degree turn like this it seems to say somebody inside the Democratic party is overruling Mzzzzzzzzzzzz. IMPORTANT. Could there be somebody MORE IMPORTANT than Mzzzzzzzzzzzzz. IMPORTANT HERSELF?

  13. AND NOW………
    ………….Mr. SCHLUTZ has discovered POLITICAL HEAT. Today at a book event he suddenly found himself inside of a group of screaming nose picking, stinking a$$ed, pimply faced punks THROWING VERBAL F BOMBS AT HIM about his notion of running for POTUS.

  14. AND……….
    ………….Roger Stone has PLEADED NOT GUILTY, at the court room this morning. THREE CHEERS FOR ROGER STONE. He has been treated like some kind of violent murderer at his arrest. All of this was PURE HOR$ESHIT. This was done deliberately to make STONE publicly look like a violent individual. That sort of CRAPOLA was ordered by MUELLER HIMSELF. He needs every little scrap of horse$hit he can muster. Soon he will make the mistake of stepping on the WRONG TOES, and that person WILL HIT BACK……….HARD.!!!

  15. AND…….
    …………..this morning Roger Stone pleaded NOT GUILTY. He and his wife were treated like violent murderers by the FBI, and the ATF………all of which was PURE HORSE$HIT. Only Mueller himself could have ordered such over acting. One day he will make the mistake of stepping on the wrong toes, and he will discover there is somebody more powerful than himself.

  16. AND NOW……..
    …………the Houston police department may soon have a new TOY in their anti crime arsenal. This is a huge WW2 medium tank equipped with a dozer blade. Just like those which were used in the French hedgerows during WW2. If Houston is able to legally impose the destruction of any property containing known drugs which is being dispensed to the public, they will only need a DESTRUCTION WARRANT from a judge, and the tank will then LEVEL the house containing the drugs. The people who might be inside will be given 10 minutes to vacate the property, after which the property will become a vacant lot. made that way by the tank with a dozer blade. If the druggies remain inside ….SO BE IT they will be buried under the tons of debris from the leveled house. Good way to deal with DRUGGIES……but not so great with property owners. This puts a huge weight upon the property owners to pay attention to who they rent their property to. This is sometimes referred to as INCENTIVE !!!

  17. My only response to this is when the cops make a mistake on the address, as happens with no knock warrants.

  18. The post above is where president Trump is getting more then enough money to build the whole wall… and the bitch can’t do a thing to stop it!

  19. Ginger, I wonder if Mr. Trump knows about this; I would hope that he’s been informed.

    Thanks for posting this; it made my day!

  20. SueK… I think maybe he does because he seemed to had taken a different attitude and I think he has been playing Nancy. I think he used the closing the border again as a ploy. BUT… He needs to get busy and get the wall going, and I think he is crossing all t’s and dotting all i’s. I hope I am right!

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