NASA expects global cooling with solar minimum, CO2 only tiny part of extremely long cycles, Low sunspot activity, Another “Little Ice Age” coming?

NASA expects global cooling with solar minimum, CO2 only tiny part of extremely long cycles, Low sunspot activity, Another “Little Ice Age” coming?

“We see a cooling trend,”  “High above Earth’s surface, near the edge of space, our atmosphere is losing heat energy. If current trends continue, it could soon set a Space Age record for cold.”…Martin Mlynczak, NASA’s Langley Research Center.

“Two periods of unusually low sunspot activity are known to have occurred within the Little Ice Age period: the Spörer Minimum (1450–1540) and the Maunder Minimum (1645–1715). Both solar minimums coincided with the coldest years of the Little Ice Age.”…Encyclopedia Britannica

“We are being lied to on a scale unimaginable by George Orwell.”…Citizen Wells


From Mish Talk.

“Amidst Global Warming Hysteria, NASA Expects Global Cooling
Those promoting CO2 as the reason for global warming are hucksters and those taken in by hucksters.

“We see a cooling trend,” said Martin Mlynczak of NASA’s Langley Research Center. “High above Earth’s surface, near the edge of space, our atmosphere is losing heat energy. If current trends continue, it could soon set a Space Age record for cold.”

The new data is coming from NASA’s Sounding of the Atmosphere using Broadband Emission Radiometry or SABER instrument, which is onboard the space agency’s Thermosphere Ionosphere Mesosphere Energetics and Dynamics (TIMED) satellite. SABER monitors infrared radiation from carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitric oxide (NO), two substances that play a vital role in the energy output of our thermosphere, the very top level of our atmosphere.

“The thermosphere always cools off during Solar Minimum. It’s one of the most important ways the solar cycle affects our planet,” said Mlynczak, who is the associate principal investigator for SABER.

The new NASA findings are in line with studies released by UC-San Diego and Northumbria University in Great Britain last year, both of which predict a Grand Solar Minimum in coming decades due to low sunspot activity. Both studies predicted sun activity similar to the Maunder Minimum of the mid-17th to early 18th centuries, which coincided to a time known as the Little Ice Age, during which temperatures were much lower than those of today.

If all of this seems as if NASA is contradicting itself, you’re right — sort of. After all, NASA also reported last week that Arctic sea ice was at its sixth lowest level since measuring began. Isn’t that a sure sign of global warming?

All any of this “proves” is that we have, at best, a cursory understanding of Earth’s incredibly complex climate system. So when mainstream media and carbon-credit salesman Al Gore breathlessly warn you that we must do something about climate change, it’s all right to step back, take a deep breath, and realize that we don’t have the knowledge, skill or resources to have much effect on the Earth’s climate.

Incredibly Complex Systems

See the problem? Alarmists take one variable, CO2 that is only a tiny part of extremely long cycles and make projections far into to the future based off it.

When I was in grade school, the alarmists were worried about global cooling. Amusingly, I recall discussing in science class the need to put soot on the arctic ice to melt it to stop the advance of glaciers.

​The latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Report said we have only 12 years left to save the planet. It triggered the usual frantic and ridiculous reactions.

NBC News offered this gem: “A last-ditch global warming fix? A man-made ‘volcanic’ eruption” to cool the planet.” Its article proclaimed, “Scientists and some environmentalists believe nations might have to mimic volcanic gases as a last-ditch effort to protect Earth from extreme warming.”

Geo-engineering: Ignoring the Consequences

Watts Up With That discusses Geo-Engineering: Ignoring the Consequences.

From 1940 to almost 1980, the average global temperature went down. Political concerns and the alleged scientific consensus focused on global cooling. Alarmists said it could be the end of agriculture and civilization. Journalist Lowell Ponte wrote in his 1976 book, The Cooling.

The problem then was – and still is now – that people are educated in the false philosophy of uniformitarianism: the misguided belief that conditions always were and always will be as they are now, and any natural changes will occur over long periods of time.

Consequently, most people did not understand that the cooling was part of the natural cycle of climate variability, or that changes are often huge and sudden. Just 18,000 years ago we were at the peak of an Ice Age. Then, most of the ice melted and sea levels rose 150 meters (490 feet), because it was warmer for almost all of the last 10,000 years than it is today.

During the cooling “danger,” geo-engineering proposals included:

* building a dam across the Bering Straits to block cold Arctic water, to warm the North Pacific and the middle latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere;

* dumping black soot on the Arctic ice cap to promote melting;

* adding carbon dioxide (CO2) to the atmosphere to raise global temperatures.

Taking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere,” as advocated by the IPCC in its October 8 news conference, is also foolish. Historic records show that, at about 410 parts per million (ppm), the level of CO2 supposedly in the atmosphere now, we are near the lowest in the last 280 million years. As plants evolved over that time, the average level was 1200 ppm. That is why commercial greenhouses boost CO2 to that level to increase plant growth and yields by a factor of four.

The IPCC has been wrong in every prediction it’s made since 1990. It would be a grave error to use its latest forecasts as the excuse to engage in geo-engineering experiments with the only planet we have.

​Global Warming Errs Badly



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  1. “The news media really “blew it” and provided an astounding demonstration of their monumental political bias and climate science incompetence in their reporting about this Antarctica related climate story.”…Larry Hamlin, Watts Up With That, May 28, 2014

  2. “Would it surprise you to learn the greatest global two-year cooling event of the last century just occurred? From February 2016 to February 2018 (the latest month available) global average temperatures dropped 0.56°C. You have to go back to 1982-84 for the next biggest two-year drop, 0.47°C—also during the global warming era.”

  3. Love this! The Earth is climate cycling, just as it’s always done. Periods of warming and cooling are the norm however, those who want to make money from it bang the drum and tell us that it’s all our fault and we must ban plastic straws.

    Have you noticed how the original ‘Global Warming’ phrase has been dropped in favor of ‘Climate Change?’ Since the Earth isn’t warming, people like AlGore had to save face (and preserve all the money he’s made from this bull) and call it something else.

    All the ‘Climate Change’ advocates have been curiously absent as Chicago’s wind chill temps have been hovering around -50 degrees F., and people are being robbed on the street for their winter coats.

    AlGore: Hello? Are you there?

  4. WHILE………..
    …………residents of Barrow Alaska enjoy 70 degree weather. har har. I bet they are buying beach umbrellas……….all because of automobile exhausts, and plastic straws. So what else is new? The so called DOCTORS have omitted mother nature who’s volcanos are constantly putting more bad stuff in the atmosphere in 10 minutes than all the automobiles on earth combined. do in a year. But This is ONLY MY OWN VIEW POINT.!!! What do I know?

    …………said so many times “anything YOUSE SAY BOSS”.

  6. BTW……….
    ………has anyone noticed the striking facial similarity of ATOM SNIFF to that of MARTY FELDMAN? ATOM SNIFF= probable MENTAL CASE !!!! REST IN PEACE MARTY !!!!

  7. AND NOW……….
    …………….Democrats are PROMISING UTOPIA. FREE EVERYTHING!!! You won’t even need a job!!!! Just lay around, pick your nose, do drugs, smell bad, cram pizza into your pie hole, watch porn 24 hrs a day,

  8. FROM WHICH…….
    …………….that Democrats do spend other peoples money

    ………Democrats ENJOY spending other peoples money.

  10. AND NOW……..
    ……………it is clear that the Democrats are now sanctioning the MURDER of already born INFANTS. What the hell is wrong with these people? Soon the MURDER of 2 year old children will be a position of Democrats. SHOWS THE TWISTED MENTALITY OF DEMOCRATS !!!!

  11. QUESTION……..
    ………….HYPOTHESIS; What would happen to government if everybody quit their jobs, and as a result all industry came to a screeching halt. Where would the government get the funds to provide FREE EVERYTHING for ALL people in America? Kamala Harris, and another like her Mzzzzzzzzzzz. Cortez both seem to think the money will fall from the sky, and out of the pockets of rich people. This sort of reasoning demonstrates the level of intelligence of these two sick, twisted morons.

  12. YEAH SURE………..
    ………….has anybody ever wondered just who it is who keeps saying global warming is responsible for all the ICICLES hanging from my nose today. How the hell do such idiots become earth scientists? OHHH THATS RIGHT I NEARLY FORGOT THEY WENT TO UC @ BERKLEY CA. WHERE UP IS DOWN !!!!

  13. AND NOW…….
    ……………the RABID FEMALE MUSLIMS elected to Congress are ALREADY attempting to change the laws of our land to suit their own agenda. Our government does not exist to cater to the MUSLIMS. Our government serves ALL. The MUSLIMS FOAM AT THE MOUTH with the VERACITY of their INTENT. GET READY FOR SHARIA LAW ACROSS AMERICA IT IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER…….THANKS TO AMERICANS WHO CAN NO LONGER SEE PAST THE END OF THEIR NOSES.

  14. OUR REPUBLIC………..

  15. AND TODAY……..
    ……..there is a new picture of Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the internet. This picture gives her substantial male facial characteristics. Could she actually be a transgender? I have only heard her voice once……….and as I remember her voice sounded more masculine than feminine. “Just like Michael”..,,,,,,just wondering !!!

  16. oldsailor85+
    Question…What about this thought?
    Mothers can now murder their new born baby in New York?
    Excuse me, “Have a late term abortion.”

    How sick can the radical left Democrats get, now infanticide? New York passing a late term abortion bill so a mother can kill (murder) her new born baby. Oh, yes, there is a caveat . If the mother, (father?) and doctor have a conversation on the need to kill the newborn.
    Well sick’o Democrats let’s go a little further and discuss something that has not been addressed.. What about if the mother gives birth to identical or fraternal twins Then what?. .
    Pick and choose? Kill one or both? two girls? two boys? girl and boy? President trump has it right…”We need to fight for the lives of the baby.”

  17. hapnHal………
    …………..remember the beginning of the SEXUAL REVOLUTION? Everybody should have sex as many times each day as he/she can stand. What goes in …..comes back out………..THAT IS ALIVE…… THEN DEAD!!! The people doing all the sex really enjoy creating the wailing waifs, but when it comes to caring for the result of their handiwork they simply kill it…………without any remorse at all. This is what our so called society has turned into…….sort of like a CONVENIENCE STORE.!!!! YOU HURRY IN GET BREAD, PAY AND QUICKLY LEAVE. YOU CAN BUY ALL THE BREAD YOU WANT………but what about the WRAPPERS……..ohhh yeah…..just throw it away!!!!!

  18. AND TONIGHT…….
    ………..Judge Jeanine is doing a real number on Gortham and people like him. She has lit the fuse……. now if there are any people left in America with the intellectual capacity to know the difference between MURDER, and medicine they now need to stand up and demand that those who practice legalized murder of infants shall be prosecuted for 1st degree murder.

  19. AND……….
    ……………the mother shall be prosecuted as an accessory to murder.!!!!

  20. AND TODAY……..
    …………I watched one democratic LAME BRAIN after another say that the INVASION of our southern flank can be stopped with drones and personnel. …….yet in the very next breath they say we need to disband ICE. They don’t seem to have the intellectual capacity to realise that ICE is an integral part of the overall immigration system……just as are the BORDER OFFICERS. I guess this is why so many people look upon the democrats as OVER EDUCATED IDIOTS. Many of them burned their brains out doing LSD in the 1960s. (LSD= HALLUCINATION DRUG.) Druggies call it TAKING A TRIP.

    ……….doubt that the Democrats would if they could tear down all of the border fence and invite ALL of the caravans into America without any vetting whatsoever. So if such a premise was to become reality then we should immediately put everybody who arrives onto transportation to California, New York, Illinois, or any of the sanctuary states, and let the states deal with the feeding, lodging, and healthcare costs of these parasites which combined will eventually bankrupt those states. I have a feeling that the people of those areas will object big time having their taxes raised 50% to support the alien POS. BTW the illegals are being GIVEN $1200.00 per month per person out of our SS system. None of the recipients have ever paid in a damn penny. This is CRIMINAL WRONGDOING by the Democratic BASTARDS. For these people to receive SS funds they need to have paid into the system. Those being given money don’t even have SS accounts. At this rate the SS system will be bankrupt very soon. Sadly NOBODY even seems to care. A 6% tax is being withheld from their paychecks each pay period yet nobody says a word about how that money is being handed out……….FOR FREE. The illegals are also having the cost of their healthcare taken from MEDICARE, and MEDICAID. Most of us pay a MEDICARE COST out of our paychecks also. So why the hell is it FREE to ILLEGALS? This is an example of DEMOCRATS who don’t mind spending other people’s money. TOTAL BULL$HIT !!!

    ………..I read about some of the RECRIMINATIONS of many DO GOODER MAMAS whose child, or children have been stricken by the RUBELLA outbreak in the Pacific Northwest. A few years back the same mamas CRIED OUT that the VACCINATIONS were causing AUTISM in their children. They all jumped up on their orange crates in courthouse square foaming at the mouth as they raved and ranted that children were dying from the VACCINATIONS against measles, and the injections should stop. So stop they did, and now their own kiddies are suffering from RUBELLA because the mothers of the children REFUSED to allow them to be vaccinated against the disease. On planet Earth YOU LARGELY GET WHAT YOU ASK FOR……..GOOD FOR WHAT AILS THEM. SADLY THE CHILDREN HAVE TO SUFFER BECAUSE OF THE STUPIDITY OF THEIR MOTHERS. For CLARITY…..there is still NO TANGIBLE PROOF that vaccinations against measles causes AUTISM. If there is any mental short circuits involved it is more than likely the short circuits in the twisted pea size brains of the mothers where the problem has it’s origin. !!

  23. AND NOW ……..
    ………….Brady gets credit for another one. Sadly LA made a few errors that proved COSTLY. TAKE IT AWAY BRADY. !!!!

  24. Very happy to see another New England team send another LA team packin.’

    Sorry, CA bloggers, but the Red Sox and Patriots could not be stopped this year.

    Gonna be late for work on Monday but then, so will everyone else :).

  25. AND TODAY………
    …………….we are hearing the whining cries of a few sore losers in California, They are claiming the footballs were UNDER INFLATED, and that is why the RAMS LOST. Apparently those making the charges are preparing to try to obtain a court order to impound the footballs used in the game as proof of their charges. It is now clear that the LIBERAL LEFT LUNATICS are going to try to force NFL to award the game to the Rams instead of New England………even though the patriots won the game fairly, and legally. In reality it is only a couple of SORE LOSERS who are trying to fuel an investigation.

  26. I still have hope the usurper is included!


  27. Congrats Sue!

    I was a lonely Brady fan among the haters here in Reno!

    It was as if I had on my red MAGA hat at a Fauxcahontas rally!

  28. Thanks, Bob; not many showed up for work today, but a few of us did. We looked like the cast of ‘The Day of the Living Dead.’

    Appreciate your support :). What does Reno know about football, anyway?

    Hey, that’s a great idea! When Fauxcahontas makes an appearance here in her ‘home state’ (and not on the reservation) I’ll be sure to show up with my red MAGA hat and push my way to the stage. Since you’re in Reno, would you like to make a friendly wager on how long it’ll take for her ‘boys’ to escort me out???

  29. AND TODAY…..
    ……………two rabid, foaming at the mouth, lunatic liberal left have filed a bill which if passed will block the POTUS from using military funds to build the wall if he declares a national emergency. Booker and Harris are behind this bill, and they might be among the first to face IMPRISONMENT when they walk into the White House and try to declare themselves in control of America. In truth this is the beginning of the COUP DE ETAT. This is much closer than anyone thinks, and there are members of the Republican party involved as well. Tragically they have forgotten about Pence. I believe that Pence will act to bring the SCOTUS into the fray. When that happens there is a good chance that both Booker, and Harris could both end up facing prosecution themselves. It also sounds as though they are going to attempt to force another psychiatric fitness examination of Trump. The lunatic left forced the last fitness exam of Trump. It resulted in his wellness certification. Then they verbally tried to destroy Trump’s doctor. Again they failed. I pray that the BASTARDS who perpetrate all of this themselves end up facing prosecution for their slimy criminal acts against the POTUS.

  30. SueK,
    I’m originally a Bears fan, then I moved to TX, and included the Cowboys so I had multiple chances at a playoff team to cheer for, these Reno people are all over the place, Raiders,49ers,Rams,Chargers, I’m lost out here, need to get back to TX, way too cold in Chicago!
    Just watched Trump’s speech, holy cow!

  31. Elizabeth Warren Identified Herself As “American Indian” On 1986 State Bar Registration

    She should be disbarred just as Obama should have for lying on application.

  32. Liar liar pants on fire.

  33. Bob Strauss……….
    ……………and yes the handle attached to her by President Trump is indeed a FITTING ONE. (POCHAHONTAS)……….although I am not certain that the real Pochahontas if she was still around would not take offense to having her name attached to such a MORONIC PIECE OF HUMANITY as Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Warren.

    ………….how many of you watched the incessant facial grimaces of Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. IMPORTANT. It went on nearly NON STOP. Serious PSYCHIATRIC PROBLEMS. !!!!

  35. AND NOW………
    ………..with the SOTU out of the way Trump is now setting up his agenda relating to the NOKO PIMPLE HEAD. The blackhead pimple has turned into a seriously infected sebaceous cyst. it smells horrible, and screams for excise. I believe that Trump has the where with all to doctor the ILL NOKO ROCKET MAN.

  36. CW, The Boston Globe and Boston Herald were curiously silent this morning when the news broke. Both have finally printed a story about her deceit. I’m very surprised that the Washington (com)Post actually broke the story.

    Not only did she claim Native American status on her TX bar registration card, but the rumor is flying that she also did it on her Penn law school and Harvard documents.

    The bottom line is that she took jobs away from qualified minority applicants.

    So, yes, we all were right about her. She should resign from the MA Senate however, we know that moonbats like her just don’t resign….they have to be thrown out and that’s not likely to happen in this demented state.

    At least she’s been outed. I was so looking forward to a Trump/Warren debate!

  37. CW………….
    ……unless I am mistaken both Lil Barry Soetoro, and Michael voluntarily surrendered their licenses to practice law. Certainly had they not done this they would have been DISBARRED by the State of Illinois. When Lil Barry was asked if he had ever used another name………he replied NO. The bar associates new better, and without a doubt hold proof of who, and what Lil Barry really is, and more than likely they also know exactly where he was born. He was advised to surrender his law license because he had LIED when he replied NO. He was also under oath at the time.

  38. SueK…………
    ……………inasmuch that POCAHONTAS deliberately, and KNOWINGLY lied about her natural heredity to a number of institutions. In her case it was FRAUD ………..which was deliberately calculated to reap a benefit. Fraud of this magnitude is a felony. She needs to face prosecution for CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT FRAUD against several institutions. Hopefully at some point she will be subpoenaed to Federal court to show cause why she should not be prosecuted.

  39. CW………
    ………..I later read some material which came from a source within the Illinois bar Association. This source reported that if the Illinois bar Association knew who Obama was, it is likely they also know exactly where he was born. The source stated that their only concern was that “Obama had lied while under oath…….and nothing else would be of concern to them.”.

  40. GW,

    I heard an interview with Liawatha last night; her voice was curiously quiet and she wasn’t shrieking, as usual. True to form, she tried to wiggle out of the tough questions, saying that she didn’t understand ‘tribal sovereignty’ and that she wasn’t a member of any tribe. She has apologized to the Cherokee Nation, but that doesn’t excuse her for what she did.

    She also repeated that this was the story she was told as a child. That’s fine, but she should’ve verified that info before she checked the box. I wonder if any of her siblings ever checked the box…

    She’s supposed to go on a seven state tour in support of her POTUS run. Not sure whether or not that will be cancelled, but it should.

    As the questions from reporters got tougher she did what she always does: She walked away.

    And the moonbat readers of the Boston Globe also did what they always do: Support her to the max. The Kool Aid isn’t just being consumed here, they’re manufacturing it here.


  41. SueK………….
    …………..this is what blind party faith gets you. Knowledge is NOT part of the equation,……..and today we are seeing the results of such IGNORANCE. Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Warren looks to be of SCANDINAVIAN extraction. For many many years and decades, the Swedes, and other Scandinavians were referred to as SQUARE HEADS. Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Warren has the square head, and facial features of a Scandinavian.

  42. SueK…………
    ………….I am not sure if there is a hereditary connection between the Cherokee nation, and somebody who possesses Scandinavian heredity.

  43. AND SOON……..
    ………..I am praying that the SCOTUS will move to intervene in the ongoing political harassment of the POTUS, In truth such continual harassment constitutes a CRIMINAL ACT against the ( Any act by an individual, or group which is shown to be designed to inhibit in any way, or otherwise diminishes the effectiveness of the POTUS can be deemed a CRIMINAL ACT…..out of which FULL prosecution of those involved could, and should ensue.)

  44. IF THE SCOTUS……….
    ……..refuses to place restrictions against the perpetrators then it becomes the burden of the 4TH branch of government to take up remediation of the perpetrators. However we may no longer have a viable 4th branch of government. Many of our American males have either become TRANSGENDERS, or have been castrated outright. So it now looks as though Trump will be the only one dealing with the MENTALLY UNBALANCED POLITICAL LEFT. This is really a sad commentary with respect to the American male.

  45. IT NOW APPEARS……….
    …………that Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. IMPORATNT thinks she has more power than the POTUS. We allegedly have THREE CO EQUAL branches of government. Apparently Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz IMPORTANT has never learned that fact. In the end her IDIOTIC BEHAVIOR will come back to bite her HARD right on her backside.

  46. GW,

    Yes, Swedish, Swiss-German and Irish (maiden name: Herring). Her DNA test showed NO Native American DNA; it came up with Central/South American DNA.

    She is a member of the Nonindian Tribe. Most Americans belong to this tribe.

    BTW, she will be making a ‘major announcement’ in Lawrence, MA on Saturday. The major ethnicity in Lawrence (place of my birth) these days is Hispanic (83%, or so); Lawrence is a sanctuary city. I’m wondering if she’ll tell the crowd that she is (proudly) 1/1024th Hispanic and will run in 2020 as the ‘first Hispanic woman’ to seek the Presidency.

    Turn her over and stick a fork in her; she’s done.

  47. AND……….
    …………..the raging, and insane, foaming at the mouth, of liberal Democrats deepens as each day dawns. They are like severely groove damaged phonograph records. As long as the needle follows the groove, the record will keep repeating the same couple of words OVER ,AND OVER until the phonograph is shut down.. People who reflect this sort of propensity, are those like ATOM SNIFF. As he RAGES, RANTS, AND RAVES he clearly demonstrates his twisted mentality. His bulging eyeballs make us think of poor old Marty Feldman. Mr SNIFF like Feldman have the unique ability to make people believe they both were fresh out of a MENTAL INSTITUTION. With Marty it was a physical detriment which earned him a pot of gold……..but where Mr Sniff is concerned it only CONFIRMS his own CRAZED, MORONIC NATURE.

  48. SueK………..
    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,with respect to POCAHONTAS it is conceivable that she might suddenly become a SPIK. Parasites are unique in their nature, they always search out a HOST…… the HOST a CHEROKEE, or a SPANIARD. These parasites change colors to suit their surroundings, and the HOST to whom they attach themselves, and begin sucking his/her blood. These sort of people are a little like AMOEBAS. (ONE CELL).
    With respect to Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Warren, I seriously believe that one of these days she is going to shake her head right off her shoulders. If you have ever watched her as she is raves her asinine verbal crrapola, she accompanies her diarrhea of the mouth, with a lot of sideways jerks of her head. This is something which probably is the result of her twisted mentality. ALMOST LAUGHABLE!!!! I GUES A JERK IS JERKY!!!

  49. UNC, bastion of Libs/Democrats.

    UNC leaders denounce blackface in 1979 yearbook

    At least they are being honest in their racism in photos.
    Most of what they have done to people of color has been hypocritical, hidden from the light of day & truth.

  50. CW……….
    …………I think that it all could be called DECEIT. Democrats are past masters in the art of deceit.

  51. OH YES………
    …………..yesterday as we watched Whittaker was verbally assailed by the sick, twisted lunatics. But Whittaker showed remarkable endurance by turning around much of the psychotic verbal badgering 180 degrees, which clearly was FRUSTRATING the POS who were foaming at the mouth. All the liberals accomplished yesterday was ANOTHER cacophonic session of howling at the moon. I wish I had been there instead of Whittaker………I would have taken special delight in answering each of their questions with “MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB WITH FLEECE AS WHITE AS SNOW”. such AN ANSWER REPEATED OVER AND OVER BY WHITTAKER WOULD HAVE MADE THEIR HEADS EXPLODE IN FRUSTRATION”. IN ADDITION I WOULD HAVE ADDED A SMIRK TO MY FACE AS PUNCTUATION AS I RECITED THE WORDS.

  52. AND………
    ………it is now clear that MANY of the members the LIBERAL WING of the Oversight Committee WERE in dire need of some ANTI ORAL DIARRHEA MEDICATION. THERE WAS SURE A LOT OF IT TO BE HEARD YESTERDAY !!!

  53. AND THEN………
    ……….Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. “Jay bird” began her crazed, angered, and otherwise cacophonic recital. She appeared to be having a tantrum (WAVING HER ARMS, AND SCREAMING) HER RAVES, AND RANTS !!! BOY HIRONO HAS NOTHING ON MZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. JAY BIRD. REAL LUNATIC !!!

  54. AND TODAY………….
    …………I read about even more DO GOODER LUNACY. Now everybody must throw away their cell phones because they are producing RADIATION. Obviously the MENTALLY TWISTED NUMBSKULLS among us, don’t know the difference between RADIATION, and RADIO FREQUENCY ENERGY. Radiation is produced by NUCLEAR ENERGY. Cell phones operate using RADIO FREQUENCY ENERGY. The only difference between cell phones and CB RADIOS is the frequency, AND POWER at which they operate. YES they do emit RFE, just as does a MICROWAVE OVEN. SADLY thousands of MORONS in America believe that microwave ovens operate using nuclear energy. REAL HALFWITS!!!!! NEWS FLASH FOR THE UNENLIGHTENED FOLKS. MICROWAVE OVENS GENERATE RFE………WHICH IN TURN WARMS UP THEIR FROZEN MEALS !!!!. MICROWAVE OVENS DO NOT OPERATE FROM NUCLEAR ENERGY!!!!! CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELF……..THAT IS.IF YOU HAVE THE SMARTS TO UNDERSTAND THE DIFFERENCE !! BTW A MICROWAVE OPERATES LIKE A RADAR SET, WITHOUT THE CAPABILITY TO EMIT THE SIGNAL TO THE ATMOSPHERE………STILL RFE.

  55. AND THOSE…….

  56. IN SHORT……….
    ……..we seem to have an ever expanding number of people among us who have either LOST THEIR MINDS, or are in the process of mental deterioration……..particularly the looney left.

  57. oldsailor85+
    Mary had a Little Lamb……..
    the Doctor had a FIT!

  58. Well, as expected, Chief Spreading Bull has done it:

    This b*tch has no shame. No shame.

    Let’s hope the Rupubs can manage to grow some babalones and rip her apart feather by feather, starting NOW.

    She disgusts me.

  59. hapnHal……….
    ……….hope MAYA hasn’t gotcha ! Great thought about Mary. Any way you stack it up though answering the questions like Whittaker did largely tossed the crapola right back into the liberal moron’s lap. It was easy to see that it was blowing his mind………and I was laughing my tail off watching the expression on the liberal’s face. It was almost a three ring circus. The more frustrated the liberal became the more it was getting to him. Whittaker done a real number on the liberal JERK. As I stated I would have loved to have been there and helped make the liberal’s head explode.
    Sometimes it is easy to set such people up for this sort of verbal trap, and it is fun to watch it make their heads blow up. Back in my HS days a few of us were on the debating teams. We learned how to torpedo people with their own words. One of our instructors was a real master at making people’s heads explode with frustration. When you get inside of their heads you can then wreak havoc with them……..literally drive them crazy.!!!

  60. SueK……….
    …………..the more crap you can dig up relating to Pocahontas, the more it will destroy her. I think she lives in her own little fantasy world……….just like the rest of the nut cases.

  61. AND NOW……….
    ……………for the foreseeable future.the health of the POTUS can no longer be part of the insane hideous screams of the lunatic left. For months they have emphatically stated that he is MENTALLY UNFIT to hold office. Now their little FANTASY BUBBLE has BURST. The annual fitness examination found him to be in excellent health both physically and mentally. The certification of health will more than likely be challenged in Federal court, by the POS who are not even medical doctors. The courtroom test of Trump’s competency will probably come very soon.!!!

  62. GW,

    I understand that her hubby also declared himself as an American Indian.

    Her lies, plus the fact that she practiced law in MA for ~ 10 years *without a license* should do her in.

    She will NOT be the Dem nominee. She’s prancing around like she’s the Queen of England but what she doesn’t realize is that the rest of the country despises her; the U.S. is NOT Massachusetts. Thank God!

    Let her have her fun; she’ll crash and burn very soon. She should be in pinstripes making little rocks out of big rocks.

  63. oldsailor85+
    Here to me is a major issue in America

    What is the main cause of homelessness?

    For women in particular, domestic violence is a leading cause of homelessness. And the top causes of homelessness among families are: (1) lack of affordable housing, (2) unemployment, (3) poverty, and (4) low wages, (5) drugs, in that order. And guess what states have the highest homeless? Hawaii and New York, have a higher per capita homeless rate than California’s. Finally, records show California, indeed, has the highest total homeless population at over 150,000, far more than second place New York. Will the invading caravans from south of the border help relieve the homeless situation especially in California? And don’t forget Los Angeles has declared it’s self a sanctuary city.
    (I’m so excited). Note went to LA last month and saw block after block of homeless tent encampments. OUCH

    …………..I read that California is banning American flags on public school property. Following this is a demand by college students that the American flag be ABANDONED to sanction a banner which reflects ALL COUNTRIES. What do you think this leads to? Why the hell are Americans being asked to forego our flag to sanction a GD RAG which reflects other countries BS.

  65. hapnHal……..
    …………..not to mention the San Francisco POOP SQUAD. Each day this group uses fire hoses to wash the human excrement from block after block of sidewalks in San Francisco. Homeless people just squat where they are and let it out. As the homeless population increases so will the amount of excrement on the sidewalks of the major California cities.

  66. hapnHal………
    ………….sooner or later the piles of excrement on the sidewalks in LA are going to turn into MOUNTAINS OF $HIT……….as the illegals arrive by the thousands. Maybe MOONBEAM will figure this out at some point. Better maybe somebody needs to draw him a picture………or maybe provide him with a WHIFF or two of what I am talking about. Obviously MOONBEAM thinks the illegals are COOL, and COME ONE, COME ALL HE BECKONS, COME TO OUR SANCTUARY CITY WHERE YOU WILL ENJOY free everything. YOU DON’T EVEN NEED A JOB. JUST LAY AROUND AND BREED 10 TIMES EACH DAY, STAY STONED OUT OF YOUR GOURD, DON’T BATHE, PICK YOUR NOSE, MASTURBATE 10 TIMES A DAY’ AND STUFF YOUR PIE HOLE WITH AS MUCH PIZZA AS POSSIBLE.

  67. oldsailor86 | February 6, 2019 at 11:18 am |

    Bob Strauss……….
    ……………and yes the handle attached to her by President Trump is indeed a FITTING ONE. (POCHAHONTAS)……….although I am not certain that the real Pochahontas if she was still around would not take offense to having her name attached to such a MORONIC PIECE OF HUMANITY as Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Warren.

    Trump had a descendant of Pocahontas on stage with him at one of his campaign rally s. She was a proud supporter, MAGA!

  68. hapnHal………
    ………..agreed. I would suspect that she wasn’t very happy either.

  69. hapnHal……..
    …………every time.Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Warren opens her mouth she demonstrates just how damn stupid she truly is. Education is what it is, but in her case it is a detriment.

  70. oldsailor85+
    RE: MOOOOObeam

    Governor Moonbeam is no longer in office. I believe Mr. Moonbeam is out chasing butterflies. But we something better a new Nuisance, Governor Newsome. Gov Nuisance is in the news today calling for the removal of most CA National Guard troops from the border. After all we need more illegals to contribute to LA’s MOSht.

  71. hapnHal………
    …………..not knowing that MOONBEAM was out of office tells you how closely I follow California politics doesn’t it. har har
    Just think of all the cheap labor that will be available when they open the doors to America.

  72. AND TODAY………
    …………I present to you……… WACKY LAND USA. This is a FANTASY LAND where NOTHING IS REAL, and everything is IMAGINARY. In addition everything can be a lie, or multiple lies twisted, and bent into insane proportions, and meanings. Words do not have to have any definable meaning…… can FOAM AT THE MOUTH 24 HRS A DAY, YOU CAN RAVE 24 HRS A DAY, AND YOU CAN RANT 24 HRS A DAY. Does any of this sound familiar? Oh yes perhaps what I was actually looking at the last time I looked at a talking head at CNN. Reality is fast disappearing from the American scene, and is being replaced by IRRATIONAL HYSTERIA. We are NOW even seeing irrational behavior among many of our young people……….right on down to grade school levels. Fantasy is being TAUGHT, NOT CAUGHT like a communicable disease. Yet the illness is what it is……….a malady of the mind. Young people are deliberately being taught to live in a fantasy of sorts. (UP is DOWN, red is green, left is right, and it goes on and on. WACKY LAND continues to expand……faster, and faster. SOON NOBODY IN AMERICA WILL BE ABLE TO THINK FOR THEMSELVES, ALL THEY NEED TO DO IS IMAGINE EVERYTHING. SADLY MANY WILL NOT DISCOVER REALITY ANYTIME SOON. PERHAPS A FEW WILL DISCOVER REALITY AFTER THE FACT, AND MAYBE A FEW WILL INADVERTENTLY DISCOVER REALITY EARLY ON. SADLY AMERICA IS DOOMED WITHOUT THE RECOGNITION OF REALITY.

  73. oldsailor85+
    More news from the golden State (Wonder why CA is called the GOLDEN State)
    Governor Newsome cancels former Governor Brown’s 100 billion dollar bullet train. And guess what ??
    Dianne Feinstein’s husband had won the Near-Billion Dollar California ‘High Speed Rail’ contract. Poor Dianne.
    California Governor Gavin Newsom announced Tuesday in his “State of the State” address at the California State Capitol in Sacramento that he would abandon the state’s high-speed rail system because it was too expensive.
    The plan to connect San Francisco to Los Angeles by high-speed rail “would cost too much and, respectfully, would take too long,” he told legislators. He said the state would still build a portion of the system under construction in the rural Central Valley, denying that it would be a “train to nowhere.” He said the state would not send $3.5 billion back to the federal government to be spent by President Donald Trump.

    But Newsom said the state could not afford the total cost — even with what he noted was a “record-breaking surplus” in the state’s coffers, thanks to the ongoing economic recovery.
    I think that the Moonbeam express will still be built in the central valley between Merced and Bakersfield.

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