Thrivent new CEO Attorney Teresa J. Rasmussen, Formerly president and general counsel, More “Core Christian Values” or adversarial positions?

Thrivent new CEO Attorney Teresa J. Rasmussen, Formerly president and general counsel, More “Core Christian Values” or adversarial positions?

“Thrivent contends that its commitment to individual arbitration is ‘”important to the membership because it reflects Thrivent’s Christian Common Bond, helps preserve members’ fraternal relationships, and avoids protracted and adversarial litigation that could undermine Thrivent’s core mission.’”…Thrivent v. Acosta Nov. 3, 2017

“Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal”…1 Corinthians 13

“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”…Jesus, John 8:32


I have believed and experienced for years that Thrivent was controlled by attorneys.

Now Thrivent is being run by new CEO Teresa J. Rasmussen, another attorney.

Will she bring more Thrivent touted “Core Christian Values” or attorney driven adversarial positions?

I sent Ms. Rasmussen a heads up email about my case about a week ago.

To her credit, she passed the email on to another in house attorney, the same one who took part in my “mediation” session.

I received an email from him 4 days ago and responded.

From Finance & Commerce October 16, 2018.

“Teresa Rasmussen is Thrivent’s new CEO

Teresa J. Rasmussen, currently president of Minneapolis-based Thrivent Financial, will take over as CEO by the end of the month. She replaces Bradford Hewitt, who is retiring after eight years of leading the financial services organization.

Rasmussen joined Thrivent in 2005 and has served as general counsel, secretary and senior vice president. She previously worked for American Express and Ameriprise Financial and began her career as a trial attorney with the U.S. Department of Justice.

She is the first woman in the CEO position, Thrivent said.

In a press release, Thrivent board chair Bonnie Raquet praised both Hewitt and Rasmussen for the work at the organization.

“Terry has distinguished herself as a strong leader with extraordinary business and legal acumen, as well as a deep understanding of Thrivent’s charter as a fraternal benefit society,” Raquet said. “What’s more, she has deep-seated values and a practical approach to aligning our workforce to serve our members and drive growth.””

Read more:

Without revealing too much of this exchange at this time (I waited 4 days without a response to write this) I would like to clear up the following statement made by the in house attorney:

” I would very much encourage you to seek the advice of counsel before setting forth on your threat to defame Thrivent.  Thrivent is proud of its trusted reputation and will take necessary steps to protect itself from your misrepresentations and false accusations.  For the past 7 years the Ethisphere Institute has recognized Thrivent as one of the top 100 most ethical organizations in the world.  Again, we will take necessary steps to protect our valued reputation.”


Thrivent’s  “Code of Conduct”

“How might my behavior be perceived if it appeared in social media feeds, on the news or in tomorrow’s headlines?”


I diligently endeavor to write the truth, the facts. I conveyed this to the first Thrivent outside attorney to contact me and cautioned him on trampling on my First Amendment Rights. I also advised him to have Thrivent contact me with any corrections to inaccurate reporting.

I placed the following in an article dated July 30, 2018 addressed to former CEO Brad Hewitt:

“I recently told the outside attorney who relayed this message that I endeavor to be accurate and do not lie.

I stated that if Thrivent finds any errors or wishes to respond with a rebuttal, I will accomodate them.”

So far I have received no corrections from Thrivent, just threats.


Apparently there is enough evidence to draw the conclusion that the Ethisphere Institute award is one of the best ethics awards that money can buy.


If Thrivent wishes to protect its “valued reputation” it should immediately issue an apology to me and set in motion efforts for reparations.


More here:



28 responses to “Thrivent new CEO Attorney Teresa J. Rasmussen, Formerly president and general counsel, More “Core Christian Values” or adversarial positions?

  1. “I worked at Thrivent Financial full-time (More than 8 years)” “Claims to be based on Christian values but does not adhere to them.”…Former Thrivent employee

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  3. CW……….
    ………lots of words, and sympathies……….but ZERO ACTIONS!!!!! The perpetrators WILL BE TRIED in God’s courtroom……..maybe you will live long enough to enjoy the show.

  4. CW……….
    …………..I take it that the NCIC is politicized, and therefore are castrated with respect to being a legal entity.

  5. Republicans or Democrats, just as David Schippers experienced, little difference.

  6. CW……….
    …………after all is said, and done it is the final analysis which ultimately either dictates, or eventually disappears forever because nobody gives a damn any longer.

  7. CW………
    ………….perhaps somebody fools everybody for a finite period of time, but ultimately they do not fool all the people all the time……..just as old Abe said it.

  8. AND NOW………..

  9. The riots in France started out because Macron jacked up the taxes on petro—to fight global warming.
    The people in France are being financially raped just to satisfy the hoaxers.

    I’m glad there are people who will fight it.

    The same thing is happening here. Every time you hear about the car companies talking about their big strategic moves, it’s not what most people think. People think it’s progress. It’s not. It’s the impossible to meet cafe standards that are forcing every move they make. When they talk about the future of electric cars, it’s not because it’s the most economically viable or progress. It’s because the epa has set a 50 mpg avg by 2025 and it is impossible to meet by conventional means. The only possible way is by electric cars.
    And when Trump’s head of epa tries to roll it back, the car companies will pay very little attention because they know it will eventually be put right back into place as soon as democrats can do it.
    Electric cars cost WAY more and it’s hard to get them recharged in any reasonable length of time.
    Hence, the avg man in America is going to see his transportation costs go through the roof and convenience of traveling severely diminished.


    And don’t count on any revolutionary tech to save us from this nightmare.
    Because the epa put controls on smog and then when the car industry came up with expensive cat converters to control emissions, the epa moved right on to the next crisis. CO2 was deemed a pollutant. This allowed them to claim even more controls were needed, and they gave us 50mpg cafe.
    So if a revolutionary product or battery is invented, the epa will inevitably find another crisis and mandate that something has to be done about it, which will
    drive up the cost of driving yet again.

    They’re counting on US citizens not rioting like they are in France.
    Because the elite plan is all about the elite. They’ll drive a car and take a private jet, like algore and leonardo decaprinazi, but they want to save the planet and control your life by preventing you from traveling.

    I cheer and applaud the rioters in France.

  10. Mueller’s specialty is framing people. i.e. Steven Hatfill. We know that.

    This article:
    shows a lot more of Mueller’s dirty type of work.

    There’s good ‘ol Crowdstrike, for instance.

    The report shows that Crowdstrike’s allegations against Russia were unsupported by any factual evidence until after Crowdstrike made the allegations. And the so called “supporting evidence” was the famous Gucifer hacker, and it came one day after Crowdstrike made their allegations.
    Other analysts have systematically taken apart this so called evidence as non reliable and fake. ( separately from this, some of us recall wikileaks revealing US intel operation memos that showed they have programs to do things and blame other countries. remember that?)
    And to top it off, Mueller and the guy that runs Crowdstrike are both FBI people, with the Crowdstrike guy having set up Crowdstrike and still palling around and having dinner with Mueller after having left the FBI.

    It has to be read to even start to fathom how crooked and corrupt this whole thing is.

  11. oldsailor85+
    AND NOW…….
    Were getting more people to pick strawberries

    Residents of a California beach community witnessed a surprising incident as a small boat packed with illegal aliens made landfall. The migrants made their way to the beach resort located about 100 miles from the Mexican border in a small panga boat.
    Officials with the Laguna Beach Police Department tweeted a video showing the boat making landfall early Thursday morning and 13 illegal aliens running on shore. Police say that U.S. Border Patrol agents responded quickly and took custody of seven of the migrants and two suspected human smugglers who were allegedly waiting to pick up the migrants, the Orange County Register

  12. hapnHal……….
    ………..yup. definitely cheap labor!!!!!


  14. Macron-noni needs a fixit with Trump’s hlep– if he wants to save himself and France–may be too far gone at this point

  15. kaks……………
    …………..the quality of leadership in France is still pretty much on a par with DeGaulle’s way of doing things………VERY UNLIKELY TO CHANGE!!!

  16. The IRS made life hell for conservative groups, but

    they won’t do a darn thing about this. That would be racis.

  17. 4 Investigations Share a Common Thread
    By Jeff Carlson
    November 30, 2018 Updated: December 3, 2018

    “News Analysis

    If anyone tells you they are tired of nothing happening with regard to ongoing investigations, perhaps they should take a closer look at a number of events that came to light over the past few days.

    The FBI agents seized all of the original documents in Cain’s possession, according to Socarras. The Daily Caller said that one document they reviewed showed that then-FBI Director Robert Mueller “failed to investigate allegations of criminal misconduct pertaining to Rosatom and to other Russian government entities attached to Uranium One.” How The Daily Caller was able to review any documents, following what was reported to be a full seizure, remains unexplained.”

  18. Domenico Frate

    Divide & Conquer: You have two attorneys who have entered into a conspiracy not only to deprive you of your rights w/r/to “Thrivent”; they are “diverting” Thrivent from fulfilling their obligations to & duties to you, one of their members. Seems like you could “attack” them, personally & professionally, in their conspiratorial efforts to prevent THRIVENT from fulfilling their mission. THRIVENT’s Board might want to rid themselves of these two “troublemakers” & clear your Case.

  19. Domenico.
    The MDRP dispute resolution protocol, also includes employees.
    More later.

  20. PS-A butt covering pile on.

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