Hillary Clinton is “evil incarnate”, Hillary: “If you want to talk about real evil, it’s her”, David Schippers interviews, Schippers life long Democrat voted twice for Bill, Man of principles

Hillary Clinton is “evil incarnate”, Hillary: “If you want to talk about real evil, it’s her”, David Schippers interviews, Schippers life long Democrat voted twice for Bill, Man of principles

“As a result of our research and review of the Referral and supporting documentation, we respectfully submit that there exists substantial and credible evidence of fifteen separate events directly involving President William Jefferson Clinton that could constitute felonies which, in turn, may constitute grounds to proceed with an impeachment inquiry.”…David Schippers  House Judiciary Committee October 5, 1998

“Let me tell you something. They were all over that woman,” Schippers told NewsMax.com. “And it was the type of stuff we ran into with the outfit (the Chicago mob). Intimidation just by watching her, making their presence known. … Just to let her know ‘We can do what we want.’ ”…David Schippers

“Hillary: “If you want to talk about real evil, it’s her””…David Schippers


I am not a fan of either political party, especially the uber corrupted Democrat Party.

David Schippers, a life long Democrat who voted for Bill Clinton twice, criticized both parties.

He was the lead counsel in the impeachment investigations of Bill Clinton.

Mr. Schippers passed away in October 2018. God bless him and his family.

I wish that we had a real 2 party system of people like Mr. Schippers who put God and country first over ambition and political party.

David Schippers told the truth about the Clintons and especially Hillary.

From Free Republic April 27, 2002 regarding a radio interview of David Schippers.

“David Schippers, the man called in by Henry Hyde to be chief counsel of the impeachment of William Jefferson Blythe Clinton, has been very candid and succinct in his description of Hillary Clinton. When asked about her on FreeRepublic Radio, he described her as “evil incarnate.”

He also described Bill Clinton as the worst thing to ever happen to this country.

Those who are still wearing the ceremonial kneepads and drinking the Clinton Kool-Aid are hard pressed to criticize Schippers as a member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Schippers, you see, is a life long Democrat. Schippers, working under Robert Kennedy, helped take down the Chicago mob. Schippers voted twice for Bill Clinton.”

Read more:


In a October 21, 2016 interview by Sandy Rios on American Family Association radio, Mr. Schippers called Hillary evil again, worse even than Bill Clinton.

Hillary: “If you want to talk about real evil, it’s her”

Listen to the entire interview here:


We owe David Schippers a tremendous debt of gratitude.

More Americans need to follow his example.


More here:





64 responses to “Hillary Clinton is “evil incarnate”, Hillary: “If you want to talk about real evil, it’s her”, David Schippers interviews, Schippers life long Democrat voted twice for Bill, Man of principles

  1. “Thank God for the life of David Schippers. He is a shining example for all Americans.”…Citizen Wells

  2. Hillary Clinton: “she is, in my judgment, an evil force, an embodiment of evil”, Herbert London, Ph.D, “Hillary Clinton is an inveterate liar”


    Herbert Ira London, Ph.D. obituary, Succumbed to coronary disease at age 79


  3. fhl………..
    ……..BS is what it is……..liberals are what they are = POS. !!!!

  4. MZZZZZZZZZZZZ. PIGGY THINKS nothing will ever happen to her…………she is TOO IMPORRRRRRRRTANT. !!!!

  5. AND WHEN……….
    …………you attract flies it is clear that either you haven’t taken a bath for a long time, and/or you smell like something flies like. Could it have something to do with MICHAEL?

  6. oldsailor85+
    Something you won’t find on CNN/NBC/ABC
    But I found this…but not on Google

    A List of President Donald J. Trump’s Accomplishments! Awesome, check it out


    PS Now I understand why President Trump did NOT campaign in California. It’s a lost BLUE state

  7. Obama and Killary’s Arab Spring and their war on Syria put the US in partnership with ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

    The Al-Qaeda that took down the twin towers on 9-11.
    The ISIS that cut journalist Daniel Pearl’s head off.

    Amongst all the furor over Saudi Arabia, I just thought we should remember these things.

  8. Last print issue of Rhino Times, Rhinoceros Times moving to web as daily news, More topical and timely, Posturing to replace News Record?


  9. the factchecker nazis are saying that meme about the red cross isn’t true

    but liberal factcheckers have no more credibility than a meme found on the internet, imo

  10. SueK | November 25, 2018 at 7:36 pm |

    Next time it won’t be tear gas…


    Hi SueK
    I just read a post that suggested that Trump will build the wall as a national security issue, then it said thank you Mr Soros! To me that means that Soros is finally in the cross-hairs of Trump on this caravan crap, not good for the Nazi! It looks like the RICO regime is about to take a severe beating!

  11. They have just now figured out that she is evil??

  12. They just now figured out that she is evil??

  13. Coot, which they are you referring to?
    Schippers & other good people paying attention knew it by 1998.
    I am trying to keep it alive.
    You know, CW the anti Orwellian rectification.
    PS-The Clintons rose to power in the 90’s, pre fleshed out internet.

  14. CW, I was referring to the headline: Hillary Clinton is “evil incarnate”, Hillary: “If you want to talk about real evil, it’s her”, David Schippers interviews, Schippers life long Democrat voted twice for Bill, Man of principles

    Sorry about the confusion.

  15. I switched from the democrat party when bill clinton was nominated. I consider him the same as jand fonda since he protested the US while he was in Moscow.

  16. Coot, no prob.
    I am trying to keep the stories alive.
    Many have been scrubbed/forgotten/obfuscated.

  17. CW……….
    ……….here’s one for you to laugh at; AND NOW Heraldo says there are NO CRIMINALS among the 6000 members of the caravan, and they should all be allowed in IMMEDIATELY. Their history can be looked at AFTER THE FACT. YEAH SURE……….AND WOULDN’T IT BE IRONIC IF HERALDO WAS THE FIRST PERSON TO BE ASSAULTED BY A BASTARD FROM THE FLOOD OF PEOPLE.

  18. AND TONIGHT……….
    ………at this moment the special show China from Above is being presented on the Smithsonian channel. I am watching it. China is what it is because of technology stolen from America.

  19. CW………
    …………..keeping the Schipper’s story alive may at some point between now and 2020 offer a previously unforeseen advantage which might bring total collapse to any possible campaign that Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. PIGGY might try to mount in a third try for POTUS.

  20. AND NOW…………
    …………a SanFrancisco Federal judge (Zigar) has ruled that ALL asylum seekers must be allowed in IMMEDIATELY to America and WITHOUT ANY VETTING!!! NOW THEY CAN LAY AROUND, RAPE,MURDER , AND ROB
    innocent US citizens. Zigar was a Soetoro appointment.

  21. SADLY……..
    ………..nobody has taken the initiative to prosecute the POS (SOETORO), so all of his appointments will remain…….even though they were all illegally appointed. Until somebody GROWS A PAIR, NOTHING WILL EVER HAPPEN. Everybody is too busy shoving pizza into their PIE HOLES, guzzling booze, snorting coke, watching pro football, breeding 5 times each day, picking their noses, and smelling bad.

  22. oldsailor,
    The Clintons rose to power because there was no mass access to the internet.
    Even folks like Rush Limbaugh did not have access to all the facts & hence the public did not.
    At least now, much of the truth can be found there.

  23. The deep state is hell bent to shut up the people that unveil them and they want Julian Assange in prison.

    And in coordination with this, leftist writers like matt tiabbi of rollingstone are attempting to claim it’s all trump’s fault if assange gets silenced.

    Put the only guy who tells the truth in prison and then blame it on trump.

    what’s next what’s next

  24. CW……..
    ……….you’re right. There is very little that cannot be learned with diligent searching of the internet. The sad part of this is the fact that far too many people refuse to believe what information is available on the internet. This is at least in part the result of LOW IQ people who take the word of those they admire……..right, wrong, or indifferent. As I said yesterday until somebody grows a pair, it is likely nobody will face prosecution…….not even Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz PIGGY!

  25. fhl……….
    ………without a doubt there are MANY PEOPLE who would LOVE to see Assange DEAD AND BURIED…………just like Seth Rich. Without a doubt the same POS would order the hit on him. Podesta , and Blumenthal are two who have a lot of reconciliation waiting for them.

  26. AND LOOK…….
    ………….what the invention of the airplane done to the great wall of China. !!!!

  27. bob strauss | November 26, 2018 at 4:35 am |

    Hi Bob,

    Let’s just hope that that PoS will finally get his just dessert; prison for the rest of his miserable life would be good…

  28. Corsi: Mueller Offered Deal, But ‘I Will Not Lie’

    Read Newsmax: Jerome Corsi Rejects Plea Deal: ‘I Will Not Lie to Save My Life’ | Newsmax.com


  29. AND…….

  30. AND………
    …………as each day passes without any issue resolution, or prosecution of perpetrators involved with any of the deep state bull$hit the greater is the likelihood that NOTHING ever will be done. This includes Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzz PIGGY, and the ILLEGALLY ELECTED KENYAN VILLAGE IDIOT. The prosecution of the known perpetrators should have begun months ago. !!!!

  31. fhl……..
    ……………somehow I get the feeling that both Lil Barry, and Michael use quite a lot of a similar product called Vaseline. All GOOD BUDDIES keep a jar handy.!!!!

  32. ACTUALLY……
    …………The lost village idiot from Kenya should have NEVER MADE IT TO THE WACKY HOUSE in 2008.

  33. Clintons Face Empty Seats As Trump-Trashing Speaking Tour Kicks Off With A Coughing Fit


  34. “Bill Clinton said the U.S. had ‘compromised’ its moral leadership in the world under Trump”


    That jackass has gall!

  35. CW………..
    …………..and SLICK WILLY talks about MORALITY………har har har har

  36. CW……..
    ………..and TODAY we are hearing of even more INSANE stuff coming from the DEMOCRATS; now they are trying to turn a real estate proposal which never materialized into a major offense by Trump. The people who are behind this BS have to be LOW IQ people, or outright halfwits. Trump had the right to make real estate proposals anytime ,anywhere. That was largely what he done for a living. NOW THE HALFWITS THINK HE COMMITTED A CRIME. SOONER OR LATER ALL OF THIS SORT OF BEHAVIOR WILL HAVE TO BE BROUGHT BEFORE THE SCOTUS……PARTICULARLY WHEN IT EFFECTS THE ABILITY OF THE POTUS TO EFFECTIVELY ADMINISTER THE OFFICE HE HOLDS. IF HE IS BEING IMPEDED BY THE DEMOCRATIC CRAPOLA THE SCOTUS NEEDS TO SHUT ALL OF IT DOWN.

  37. CW………
    ………….it is now clear that the democratic manure is going to increase in both intensity, and volume in 2019. It is time Trump brought some charges of his own…….like the REALITY surrounding the prior POTUS…….and put it in the hands of a special investigator. He needs to find an investigator who has cast iron GONADS, and a disposition to match. It would be somebody who would be prepared if necessary to pinch little ATOM SNIFF’S pimple size head and squeeze out the crap he has for brains. SNIFF has to be ONE OF the most IDIOTIC people I have ever heard speaking. He talks in circles. TOTAL MORON.

  38. .I ALSO PRAY……..
    that Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. BLOOMER THAW will attempt to haul Trump into a courtroom without the proper justification. Atom Sniff is also saying he is going to shut down the POTUS. He better choose his words a little better because they sound a little like he is going to try something which he doesn’t know about…….and he could end up in the slammer himself and being guarded by the SECRET SERVICE. The democrats have gone off the deep end, totally unprepared. They might REGRET IT BIG TIME!!!!! If they screw around with the POTUS he is justified in bringing the SCOTUS into the idiotic fray…….particularly if they are IMPEDING HIS ability to administer his office. In such an instance what they try to do could be seen as an attempt to overthrow a sitting POTUS, and all concerned could face life in prison, or worse.

  39. CW………..
    ………….it appears that there is going to be a MADHOUSE within the Federal Government after January 2019. I hope that the POTUS is ready for it. Really all he needs to do is prod the antagonists until they go out on a limb……..at which point he saws the limb off. (300 foot drop to huge rocks).

  40. AND TONIGHT…….
    …………another dizzy JINGLE JAW female is defending radical Islam on the Angle tonight. EH CUMPARI!!!!!!

  41. Leaked Google Emails Reveal Internal Discussion On Burying Articles From Conservative Outlets


    I have long believed that the Seth Rich murder story was subordinated, hidden, buried or other rectification by Google for several years.

    …………a 7.0 earthquake shakes Anchorage Alaska, but damage is only moderate. NO DEATHS, OR INJURIES !!!

  43. CW…………
    ………..like you I too believe there was overt attempts to keep the Seth Rich MURDER out of the news as much as possible. Podesta has some answering to do. Perhaps we will be lucky enough to watch OLD TERRAPIN FACE REAP HIS JUST DESSERTS.

  44. CW
    Former President George H. W. Bush just passed away at age 94.

  45. hapnHal, another New World Order SoB is off the planet.

    Can’t say I’m sorry…

  46. Sorry if there are any Catholics on here, but i feel the Catholic church has a rogue pope.

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