Jack Burkman Seth Rich murder investigator alleges nearly killed by Kevin Doherty, Doherty briefly worked for Burkman’s Profiling Project, “This in my mind makes the whole Seth story stranger and stranger,”

Jack Burkman Seth Rich murder investigator alleges nearly killed by Kevin Doherty, Doherty briefly worked for Burkman’s Profiling Project, “This in my mind makes the whole Seth story stranger and stranger,”

“I know that Seth Rich was involved in the DNC leak.”…Kim Dotcom

“Let me tell you something. They were all over that woman,”
“And it was the type of stuff we ran into with the outfit (the Chicago mob). Intimidation just by watching her, making their presence known. … Just to let her know ‘We can do what we want.’ ”…Attorney David Schippers, Clinton investigator

“Burkman said in an interview that he considered Selig like a brother and was badly shaken by his friend’s death.”
“The tragically ironic part is Glenn’s last words to me were, ‘Be careful,’” Burkman said. “It’s just a tragedy — terrible.””…Politico Jan. 24, 2018


From the Washington Post March 20, 2018.

“Lobbyist says he was nearly killed by man he hired to investigate Seth Rich’s death”

“Burkman, a conservative lobbyist who has also raised money for Rick Gates, a former Trump campaign official who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI, and protested gay athletes in the NFL, is used to controversy. But Doherty’s arrest Saturday by Arlington County police on charges of malicious wounding and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony caps a saga stranger than Burkman’s own conspiracy theories.

“It’s a horror story,” Burkman, of Arlington, said in an interview Monday afternoon. He is still recovering after being shot several times and run over by an SUV last Tuesday.

Doherty briefly worked for Burkman’s Profiling Project, which was formed to build a psychological portrait of Rich’s likely killer. Burkman was offering a six-figure reward for information on the slaying of Rich, which police have determined was most likely a random robbery but many conservatives have claimed was part of a political conspiracy.

Burkman said Doherty presented an impressive resume — ex-Marine, ex-special agent — and did good work. But tension quickly developed. In Burkman’s view, Doherty began speaking to reporters out of turn and tried to take over the investigation.

Doherty’s military background could not immediately be confirmed.

“He became somewhat angry because he thought the Profiling Project belonged to him,” Burkman said. In July, he cut Doherty loose and sent him a cease and desist letter.

“I just figured the matter was closed,” Burkman said. “But what happened is, I guess, he was simmering and simmering and simmering.”

In February, Burkman had moved on to a new investigation. He had put out a call for whistleblowers in the FBI, offering $25,000 for any information exposing wrongdoing in the presidential election.”

“The last drop was supposed to be “the big one” — the full inspector general report on McCabe, which still has not been released. Instead, when Burkman bent over to pull the papers out from under the cone, he was shot in the buttocks and thigh. As he ran out of the garage with his dachshund in his arms, he was hit by an SUV.

He said the car backed up to hit him again.

“It looked like he was coming to kill me,” Burkman said. But he said a woman watching from a window of the hotel screamed. A guard came running and the SUV sped off, Burkman said.”

“Burkman said he is now traveling with security. But the experience has not soured him on conspiracy theories. His profiling project concluded that Rich was shot by a hired killer, and he wonders if Doherty was working for someone else.

He has not given up on investigating Rich’s death, whose family just sued Fox News for publishing a false story linking their son to WikiLeaks.

“This in my mind makes the whole Seth story stranger and stranger,” Burkman said.”

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12 responses to “Jack Burkman Seth Rich murder investigator alleges nearly killed by Kevin Doherty, Doherty briefly worked for Burkman’s Profiling Project, “This in my mind makes the whole Seth story stranger and stranger,”

  1. citizenwells

    Seth Rich murder, Glenn Selig murder, Mueller “investigation”, Jack Burkman FOIA requests and lawsuits, Arkancide?, Left lies and someone dies


  2. History may give a clue to the present day.

  3. “The country is at present enduring the dire consequences of the depth and breadth of the Obama administration’s many illegal activities. Former CIA chief John Brennan surveilled American citizens, some of them senators, as Obama was pushing the horrific Iran deal, and he’s never been charged with that crime. In collusion with the Clinton campaign and the DNC, these Obama operatives used a fictional dossier to obtain FISA warrants to spy on Trump campaign officials. They seriously meant to prevent him from getting close to a victory. They conspired to clear Hillary Clinton of her many crimes so she could continue her bid for the presidency.

    Who are the culprits? All upper-echelon bureaucrats who considered themselves above the law: Comey, Holder, Lynch, Clapper, Brennan, McCabe, Rice, and Power are well known names, the public faces of Obama’s administration. Now we know there was a host of lesser known operatives working behind the scenes, as Lois Lerner did, to manipulate facts and events in order to ensure Clinton’s win.

    Without question, this bunch of white-collar criminals has orchestrated the biggest, most serious campaign of political corruption in American history…”

    Read more: https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2018/03/the_left_at_work_lets_hope_trump_survives.html#ixzz5AItsmDrx
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  6. fhl…….
    ………….don’t forget the two who were talking about the INSURANCE POLICY. Nobody seems to be paying much attention to them…….why haven’t they been fired? Both were complicit. Time for a historic house cleaning at the FBI.

  7. AND TODAY…….
    ………..President Trump telephoned Putin and congratulated him on his win. Boy this news immediately derailed the LIBERAL LUNATICS AGAIN………now the liberal RABIES HAS STRUCK THE MEDIA ONCE AGAIN, and they are now foaming at the mouth and howling at the moon.

    ………..the explosion this morning at the FED EX depot was at SCHERZ Texas. The attempt to murder two students at SCHERZ HIGH SCHOOL this morning was NOT FAR from Fed Ex. If the bombings stop we will know that the bastard who the school security officer also took out was also the bomber. There might be a connection!

  9. AND NOW………..
    …………Mueller is attempting to insert the investigation into Trumps business dealings from long ago. The PRESIDENT does NOT HAVE to tolerate this bullsh-t……….he needs to take it to the SCOTUS, so that restrictive paramaters can be placed upon Mueller. Prump’s business dealing has NOTHING to do with the alleged COLLUSION. IT IS TIME FOR MUELLER TO BE SLAPPED DOWN BY THE SCOTUS. THIS IS REALLY ONGOING HARRASSMENT OF A SITTING POTUS. DEFINITELY FOOD FOR SCOTUS.

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