School security lessons from history, Guns protect weaker forces from attack, American Revolution then Second Amendment, General Greene and my Quaker ancestors fought invaders with guns

School security lessons from history, Guns protect weaker forces from attack, American Revolution then Second Amendment, General Greene and my Quaker ancestors fought invaders with guns

“Weaker people, whether at school, at home or elsewhere are best protected from stronger people, with ill intent, by guns and proper security measures.”…Citizen Wells

“Germans who wish to use firearms should join the SS or the SA – ordinary citizens don’t need guns, as their having guns doesn’t serve the State.”…Heinrich Himmler

“The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference – they deserve a place of honor with all that’s good”…George Washington


I recently discovered that my Wells ancestors were Quakers and that another one of them fought the British during the American Revolution. This pleases me greatly.

Yesterday, the Battle of Guilford Courthouse was reenacted in Greensboro, NC. The patriots were led by one of George Washington’s most trusted generals, Nathanael Greene, a Quaker. You know, pacifists.

“The Battle of Guilford Courthouse Begins

Lt. Col. Henry Lee opened the battle with an advance guard action against the British near the Quaker settlement of New Garden, 3 miles west of the American position. This skirmish resulted in no advantage to either side. The Americans retired, and the British continued to advance along the New Garden Road toward the courthouse.”

This is a very interesting battle with Lord Cornwallis being the technical victor but being so damaged that it soon led to his surrender at Yorktown.

General Nathanael Greene biography.

“One of the most trusted generals of the Revolutionary army was Nathanael Greene, Washington’s friend and comrade-in-arms. The Greene family was among the earliest settlers in Rhode Island and helped establish the colony. John Greene was the founder of the family in the new colony. Nathanael Greene was born July 27, 1742 (old style, which is August 7, 1742 new style). His education was limited but he received a thorough training in the books which were available at his time, especially the Bible, upon which were built his habits of living, moral ideals and purposes.

In due course Greene used every possible moment to read books and saved his money to buy books so that eventually he acquired a large library. Greene had also been taught blacksmithing and the milling work. His father purchased a mill in Coventry which was assigned to Nathanael to manage. He took an active part in community affairs. He knew the value of education and helped establish the first public school in Coventry. He also added books on military science to his library which he studied diligently.

When the pacifist Quaker authorities discovered his interest in military affairs, he was called before the main committee for examination. Greene stated firmly that though he was a Quaker, he would not be turned from studies which interested him and the case was dropped.”

My ancestor, John Wells, my 5th great grandfather, signed the Tryon Resolves  in August 14, 1775 and fought in the Battle of Kings Mountain.

I recently learned that he was raised a Quaker.

I also recently learned that his father, Joseph Wells Sr. and his brother Joseph Wells Jr. and their family settled in the Snow Camp, Cane Creek area of Alamance County NC near Greensboro. They were founding members of the Cane Creek Friends Meeting, Quakers.

John Wells, son of Joseph Wells Jr., fought in the battle of Lindley’s Mill aka Battle of Cane Creek, September 13, 1781.

“On the morning of September 13, as the unsuspecting vanguard of struggling Loyalists crossed the branch, a volley tore into their ranks, instantly killing McNeil and pinning down Capt. Archibald McKay’s company of Highlanders. After securing the prisoners in the rear at Spring Friends Meetinghouse, Fanning rode forward to organize a flanking attack on the Whig position. Under assault from both front and rear, the Whigs stubbornly held their ground for several hours but were finally driven from the field. When he was seriously wounded in the arm late in the battle, Fanning gave the command to McDugald, who safely reached Wilmington with the prisoners. The killed and wounded, more than 250 on both sides, were buried and cared for by Quakers in the surrounding community. The hard-fought battle was the bloodiest of the war in North Carolina, with more casualties for the numbers engaged than the Battle of Guilford Courthouse.”

This John Wells was kicked out of his Quaker meeting house for fighting and marrying a non Quaker.

So, Quakers, considered to be pacifists, took up guns and defended their families and friends during the American revolution.

It’s no wonder we have a Second Amendment.

The Quakers and other who fled Europe due to religious persecution knew tyranny. They knew what would happen if they did not defend themselves.

This is ancestry and history.

And once again history teaches us that guns protect weaker forces from stronger forces.

It can be a situation as simple as a woman protecting herself from a man with a knife, a superior force.

This lesson applies to securing our schools and children.

More guns, not less are the solution. In the right hands of course.



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24 responses to “School security lessons from history, Guns protect weaker forces from attack, American Revolution then Second Amendment, General Greene and my Quaker ancestors fought invaders with guns

  1. citizenwells

    “United States Navy Commander John Wells was slated to receive an award from the New Orleans Saints of the NFL. It ain’t gonna happen. The ongoing kneeling issue has not been resolved by the NFL and Commander Wells would not be comfortable in his conscience in accepting an award from them.”

    God I hope we’re related.

  2. citizenwells

    Annual Reenactment: Battle of Guilford Courthouse

  3. citizenwells

    “Slidell vet declines award ‘tainted’ by NFL protests; Saints call his decision ‘sad and divisive'”

    “Wells, who heads the organization and is also a member of the St. Tammany Republican Parish Executive Committee, has testified before Congress for veterans benefits and has litigated benefits issues in various federal courts. He recently was awarded the Distinguished Military Honor Award by the military scholarship foundation “Folds of Honor.””

  4. CW…….
    ……….Mr. Wells sounds like a man of principles. Perhaps you ARE a relative.

  5. CW…….
    …………..I have read that if a given surname is traced back far enough there is often family CONVERGENCE!

  6. A Crazy Old Coot

    CW, if anyone deserves to be related to a honorable man like him, it’s you.

  7. citizenwells

    Much obliged.

  8. First they came for the guns in the UK. Then…….

    they come for the knives. They are determined to stop anyone from possessing the ability to defend themselves.

    These are the same kind of people who look the other way when mobs of masked leftists beat people up.

    They want you disarmed when they come to wail on you. For their own “safety”.

  9. State Sued Over Election Fraud, Where Is The Special Counsel?

    “As the votes continue to be counted, the special election in Pennsylvania is down to the wire. Ahead of republican candidate Rick Saccone by a razor-thin margin of just over 600 votes, democratic candidate Connor Lamb might win a seat that normally goes to a republican unopposed.

    Pennsylvania officials have been concealing the abhorrent levels of illegal voters since the investigation of voter fraud in the 1994 State Senate election. Democrats are still using the same tactic as 100,000 non-citizens are identified on the voter rolls.”

  10. A Crazy Old Coot

    bob strauss | March 19, 2018 at 5:08 pm |

    Come on now. It’s easier for non citizens to vote than to have people actually go to a graveyard and copy names. Can’t afford to pay their people overtime. /sarc

  11. AND NOW……..
    ………….the LIBERAL RABID LUNATICS……have all COMPLETELY DERAILED as they foam at the mouth, and howl at the moon. The McCabe firing has driven them even CRAZIER now than ever before. Wait until the other shoe falls…….they will soon be jumping out of tall buildings.

  12. EVEN 7 and 8 year old children………..
    ………involved in school walkouts a few days ago. What the hell is wrong with teachers,and school officials who ALLOWED THIS TO HAPPEN. Seven and eight year olds have NO JUSTIFICATION WHATSOEVER to walk out of a classroom to allegedly PROTEST SOMETHING. Best answer……..MASS EXPULSION………which requires parents to show up to get their errant child back in school.

  13. Closing in on the usurper, and the RICO Regime!

    Removing the FBI, and DOJ interference, to get to the usurper, and Clinton!

  14. Ginger | March 19, 2018 at 9:17 pm |

    Did anyone hear about this?
    I remember that, nobody gave it any serious attention as I remember, I thought is was a publicity stunt by the usurper. RICO regime BS.

  15. Coot,
    Last story I saw about election fraud, was horrific, It was so bad Trump quit his election commission, since democrats wouldn’t turn over the info, so Trump turned the project over to Homeland Security.

    “In his executive order, however, Trump didn’t shut down the investigation or acknowledge that voter fraud is a non-issue, as his critics had demanded. Instead, he turned the investigation over to the Department of Homeland Security, a cabinet-level agency that has access to much of the data the commission requested but couldn’t get from the states.”

  16. Coot,
    A reason for deportation it would seem, no wonder the dems are upset!

    Vote democrat – get deported!


    “Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, a prominent supporter of stricter voting laws who served as the commission’s vice chair, told Politico he expects Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to take over the commission’s work and start comparing state voter rolls to federal databases of noncitizens.

    But whether ICE actually plans to take over the investigation, or take any larger role in voting, is unknown. In a statement, a DHS spokesman said that Kobach’s job in the federal voter fraud case is done.”

  17. citizenwells

    Former FBI agent: If Mueller is to preserve his integrity, he must step aside

  18. CW………
    ……….in truth Mueller has no credibility………he is ONE OF THE GANG! ………..but as long as he continues to shovel manure against the tide it benefits Trump………and Trump knows it!

  19. When will the left say we need ‘sensible bomb control legislation’ as a result of Austin?

    Is there too great availabilty of ‘assault style bombs?

    Will they look to close the ‘bomb sale loopholes’ allowing people to purchase clocks and fuses without a background check?

  20. AND…………
    …….what is Seth Rich’s parents so afraid of? Why are they trying to sue Fox for even discussing their son’s death. He was shot down in public, because of that their law suit will not be successful. If Fox is sued then CNN,MSNBC,ABC,CBS,NBC will also need to be sued. All have discussed Seth Rich repeatedly, and still do intermittently. I think they know far more than they let on.

  21. ………If Seth Riches family have no knowledge of his activities why are they so afraid of a hit on them by Podesta. It would seem to me that if they were true parents they would want to see the bastards responsible for their son’s murder with a garrote around their necks.

  22. fhl…………
    …………I expect to soon see bans on anything that can be used to build a bomb. Screwdrivers, pliers, wire, batteries, clocks. The insanity deepens!

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