Kathleen Willey: Bill Clinton’s alleged sex assault victims are likely so numerous that “we could fill the entire audience”, Hillary Clinton has lied cheated and stolen our lives from us, People have died in her wake of deceit, Hillary your daughter’s president?

Kathleen Willey: Bill Clinton’s alleged sex assault victims are likely so numerous that “we could fill the entire audience”, Hillary Clinton has lied cheated and stolen our lives from us, People have died in her wake of deceit, Hillary your daughter’s president?

“Broaddrick herself told NewsMax.com last year that her home had been broken into, her pets released and her answering machine tape stolen while she and her husband were away briefly during the House impeachment probe.
“Let me tell you something. They were all over that woman,” Schippers told NewsMax.com. “And it was the type of stuff we ran into with the outfit (the Chicago mob). Intimidation just by watching her, making their presence known. … Just to let her know ‘We can do what we want.’ ””…David Schippers

“The Clintons’ “systematically abuse women and others – sexually, physically, and psychologically – in their scramble for power and wealth,” says the book’s press release.”…”The Clintons’ War on Women”

“The devil’s in that woman.”…Miss Emma, Clinton’s cook, governor’s mansion


Yesterday Citizen Wells revealed how Bill and Hillary are the real misogynists, not Donald Trump as she would have you believe.

Except that the Clintons are far worse than people who just mistreat women.


From Breitbart September 25, 2016.

“EXCLUSIVE – Kathleen Willey: Bill Clinton Alleged Sex Victims ‘Could Fill The Entire Audience’ At Presidential Debate”

“Willey, a White House aide during the Clinton administration who famously accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault, joins accusers Juanita Broaddrick and Paula Jones in commenting on the audience of tomorrow’s debate.

Stated Willey:

Most of us are well known and our stories have been repeated several times over the years, but what concerns me the most are the voices of my sisters who are still afraid to come out of the darkness. I have communicated with a number of them and they are still terrified of publicly sharing their experiences with the Clintons.

The real story here is not one of our presence in the front row at any of these debates, but the unhindered lust for power that the Clintons have displayed for decades. Hillary Clinton has lied, cheated and stolen our lives from us. People have died in her wake of deceit.

We could fill the entire audience. I would like to see the day when these women can step into the light and share their stories of brutality, terror and intimidation without the kind of fear of intimidation and recrimination that we have experienced for far too many years.

Regarding whether she would attended the debate if asked, Willey decided, “I would refrain for now. Let her do herself in on her own.”

The issue of Clinton’s alleged mistresses and accusers was put back in the headlines Saturday when Donald Trump threatened on Twitter to bring Gennifer Flowers to the first presidential debate after Trump troll Mark Cuban said he’d sit in the front row. Flowers, who says she had a 12-plus year relationship with Clinton, responded promptly on social media, writing, “Hi Donald Trump… I’m in your corner. Of course I will see u at the debate!!”

After first denying any relationship with Flowers during a 1992 60 Minutes interview, Clinton later admitted to one sexual encounter with her in a 1998 deposition for the Paula Jones lawsuit.”


From NewsMax March 4, 2001 via Citizen News.

“Kathleen Willey: They Called Other Monicas ‘Formers’

Monica Lewinsky said she had competition at the Clinton White House, claiming that at least four other female employees had enjoyed the affections of the man she called “The Big He.”

And Linda Tripp has hinted recently that Clinton kept a veritable harem of women on the payroll whose main job was to bestow sexual favors.

On Friday, Clinton sexual assault accuser Kathleen Willey lifted the veil a bit on the some of the secret goings-on at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. during this remarkable exchange with WABC Radio’s Sean Hannity:”

Kathleen Willey: They Called Other Monicas ‘Formers’, Clinton sexual assault accuser, Clinton kept a veritable harem of women on the payroll whose main job was to bestow sexual favors, Newsmax March 4, 2001






“Ms. Kathleen Willey

Plaintiffs seek to question Ms. Willey about threatening incidents she said occurred before her deposition in the Jones case. The incidents — nails in her car tires, the disappearance of the family cat, and an unknown (at the time) jogger who questioned her about the prior two incidents, asking “Don’t you get the message?” – were apparently an effort to intimidate her from giving truthful testimony in the Jonescase. Plaintiffs also want to question her about her statements that Clinton lawyer, Robert Bennett, threatened her suggesting she should plead the Fifth Amendment and hire a criminal defense lawyer before her Jones deposition. Plaintiffs also want to inquire about private investigator Jared Stern who, at the behest of Martin Landow, Democratic Party contributor, was hired to conduct a “noisy” investigation of her during the Jones case and Independent Counsel investigation.

Ms. Willey worked in the White House as a volunteer in 1993. In early 1998, she claimed that she had been sexually groped by Clinton on November 23, 1993, in the same Oval Office room where he later had an affair with Monica Lewinsky. In an interview with 60 Minutes’ Ed Bradley, she stated that Clinton embraced her, kissed her, touched her breast, and placed her hand on his genitals. Willey also told ABC News that two weeks before her January 11, 1997 deposition in the Jones case, she found masses of nails in three of her car tires. Shortly thereafter, her cat, which she had had for many years, disappeared. Then, just before she testified in the Jones case, a jogger stopped her and asked her about her tires, her cat, and her children — by name. “Don’t you get the message?” he asked, and then jogged off. The jogger was recently identified as Cody Shearer, the brother-in-law of Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott and long-time friend of Clinton.

Willey confirmed and elaborated upon her account of this incident in a recent interview on Hardball with Chris Matthews. She described in more detail her encounter with the mysterious jogger in her Virginia neighborhood on January 8, 1998, just days before her deposition in the Jones case:

WILLEY: . . . I went out for a walk. I had my three dogs with me, and I saw a man coming towards me. And I at first thought that he was a neighbor. . . . And he was coming towards me, and he called my – out my name, and he said, ‘Kathleen.’ And I stopped and I said, ‘Yes?’ And he said, ‘Did you ever find your cat?’ And I said, ‘No.’ . . . I’d asked a couple of neighbors to keep an eye out for this family pet, a 13-year-old cat. I’d never told anybody his name. I just described him to these neighbors, and I thought that maybe word had gotten around in the neighborhood  . . ..

And so he asked me, ‘Did you ever find your cat?’ And I said ‘No, I didn’t.’ And I said . . . ‘Not – no, I haven’t, and we – we really miss him.’ And then he said, ‘Did you ever get those tires fixed on your car?’ And I said ‘No.’ And that’s when the hairs started standing up on the back of my neck.

And he said . . . ‘That – that cat of yours, he was a nice cat.’ And he said . . . ‘Bullseye was his name, wasn’t it?’ ‘He was a really nice cat.’ And I said ‘How do you know my cat’s name? I mean, what – how do you know anything about this?’ And then I said, ‘And how do you know about my car and how do you know about the tires?’ And he said, ‘Well, did you ever get them fixed?’ And I said ‘yes, I did.’ . . . It was – it was a very insidious thing, and it was meant to scare me.. . .

MATTHEWS: And it did, to some extent. You testified a couple of days later in a kind of hesitant manner.

WILLEY: He asked me about my children by name. ‘How are your children? How are Shannon and Patrick?’ . . .

WILLEY: He asked how they were and, at the – at this point, I started asking him who he was and what he wanted.


WILLEY: And he just looked me right in the eye and he said, ‘You’re just not getting the message, are you?’ And I turned around and – and ran. I had no business running, and probably ran about 100 yards, I was so frightened, and I turned around and he was gone.

Willey later stated to Matthews that she recognized the man from pictures shown to her by ABC News reporter Jackie Judd. When asked by Matthews if it was Cody Shearer, Willey said that she couldn’t say, citing the Independent Counsel’s investigation. Id. NewsMax.com reports that Willey later told Matthews off camera that the stranger was in fact Clinton operative Cody Shearer.

Willey also told 60 Minutes that she felt pressured by Clinton’s lawyer Bob Bennett. She said that Bennett suggested she plead the Fifth Amendment and hire a criminal lawyer. According to Willey, “the insinuation to me was that Mr. Bennett was implying that I was going to face some kind of a criminal charge for perjury or – or something else, and that I would need an inside the loop – an inside Washington criminal lawyer, and . . . I didn’t and I don’t.”

Willey also stated that Nathan Landow tried to pressure her to keep her story secret. ABC News reported that Landow poured over $247,000 and raised over $600,000 for Clinton’s presidential campaigns. He reportedly pressured Willey in the weeks before and after her Jones deposition to deny her accusation that Clinton groped her, and to state that nothing had in fact happened.

ABC News also reported that a private investigator, Jared Stern, was hired by Landow’s lawyer “to pull Willey’s phone records, to find out what medications Willey might be taking and to conduct a ‘noisy’ investigation aimed at making sure Willey knew she was being watched.” Stern’s lawyer stated that Stern “perceived a situation where he was being asked to do something he wasn’t comfortable with.” As a result, Stern called Willey and left a message – using an alias – warning her that someone wanted to do her harm.

Given this information, Plaintiffs submit that Ms. Willey’s expected testimony is probative of, inter alia, obstruction of justice, obstruction of a criminal investigation, victim/witness tampering, and victim/witness retaliation by Clinton and his agents in violation of 18 U.S.C. §§ 1503, 1510, 1512 and 1513.”

Browning Vs Clinton, Plaintiff’s expedited motion for leave to perpetuate testimony of threatened witnesses, Case No. 98-1991, Gennifer Flowers, Juanita Broaddrick, Linda Tripp, Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, Elizabeth Gracen, Kathleen Willey, Julie Steele, Sally Perdue



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25 responses to “Kathleen Willey: Bill Clinton’s alleged sex assault victims are likely so numerous that “we could fill the entire audience”, Hillary Clinton has lied cheated and stolen our lives from us, People have died in her wake of deceit, Hillary your daughter’s president?

  1. “Billy and Hillary Clinton continue to be lying, cheating, manipulative, scratching, clawing, ruthlessly aggressive, insatiably ambitious politicians who are giving public service a bad name – and nothing about them has changed in the past forty-plus years, except that they have deluded more and more people,”…Dolly Kyle Browning

  2. CW……..
    ……….and such people are capable of murder as well. I am sure that Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, and all the others would agree…….anyone who will forcefully rape a woman would commit murder as well.

  3. We know the rabbit hole runs very deep with Obama however, the Clinton rabbit hole runs straight to hell.

  4. AND……….
    …………those who rape repeatedly should by law be rendered physically incapable of ever raping another woman. Such people are PURE,UNADULTERATED BASTARDS, and have a sick twisted mentality as well.

  5. ………FURTHER…….
    …………it is plain to see that both of the Clints are SOCIOPATHS. Sadly low information American PEOPLE….. and particularly WOMEN WERE LARGELY RESPONSIBLE, for SLICK WILLY being elected as our leader. Many voted for him because they thought he had…..”NICE BUNS”………What sort of reasoning is that when you are electing a POTUS?

    …………..Pence, I have a gut feeling that he simply is not AGRESSIVE enough………and being that way could in part cause the election to be lost by Trump. How Pence managed to be elected as Indiana’s governor is a mystery to me. He is not very aggressive, and such a nature in a national election sometimes DOESN’T CUT IT. People just go HO HUM when he speaks publically.

  7. I just saw this on facebook, I looked online but snopes says it is a false article. Has anyone else heard anything about this or is it just a bogus story. I do know that the New York Times says Hillary has gave up on Ohio, could this possible be why? Does anyone know anything about this site? They do seem to have some articles on there that I have actually seen on other places.



    ……………America now has an OVER ABUNDANCE of low IQ people, drug heads, perverts, and convicted criminals……..and in at least one state even convicted felons will be allowed to vote in NATIONAL ELECTIONS……….as I remember it is the state of TIM KAINE.

  10. Snopes wrote that it was a fake story about boxes of fraudulent ballots but……… Who knows?

  11. oldsoldier80


    Snopes is just another ‘liberal’ arm of the Clinton gang…..of course they would say it’s fake…..

  12. oldsoldier80


    you ask about this…here is the answer to your question….

    About Us

    Christain Times Newpaper

    Christian Times Newspaper has been delivering updated news, thought-provoking commentary, and weekly devotionals to religious groups across America for upwards of twenty-five years. To get a jump-start of 2016, we decided to go all-digital.

    That’s right, we won’t be producing our weekly issue in print, but we will be constantly updating our brand new online newspaper!

    In the coming weeks, we will be unveiling a wide array of features: commentary from the leading voices across America, daily devotionals to help you in your walk with Christ, and breaking news on every topic you can imagine.

    As we move forward, please stay in touch and sign up for our weekly newsletter by clicking here.
    Apparently this is a reputable news source for Christians…they say they have been in business for 25 years…I believe them….goggle their website at ; christaintimesnewpaper.com

    P.S. I would damn well believe a Christian website long before I would believe Snopes…

  13. oldsoldier80



    Throughout our history men with vision have seen where our government was going wrong, but have been unable to convey to others the dangers that lay ahead … and these men of vision had the answers as to how to fix the problems….but sadly no one, especially the liberals, would listen …for they too had their own vision of how to advance a ‘one world government’ of ‘non-elected elites’ and how to destroy what sweat, blood, and tears had built over the past 240 years.

    Listen now what this man of vision was saying in 1958 and put his words into context with our modern day crisis of a criminal government run astray …. what he has to say is a striking indictment of poor leadership and a deliberate path by those with a plan to destroy that which was fought for and earned on the battle fields of 1775 and ever other time our nation came in conflict with what is right and what is wrong .

    As current citizens of this country, We have squandered our ‘birthrights’ and shrunk from our responsibility to defend what our forefathers fought and died for. We have purposefully allowed the ‘Enemy at the Gate’ to be our own people of this nation. Great men in the past have often said that ‘America would never fall from without, but would be destroyed from within’….that is being proven on a daily basis by our current government of criminals sitting in Washington DC.

    If America is to survive as a nation with all the rights and responsibilities placed upon us by our forefathers…. we had better start acting like we really care for this country and the direction it has taken …. we must ‘get this damn train back on the tracks and moving in the right direction’ … else we can all collectively kiss our asses and this nation goodbye forever and welcome the one world elites as our lords, masters, and rulers…. when this happens, your rights and privileges will be gone and never will return..

    Personally, I will not accept this position and will ‘die on my feet before I bow and knell on my knees’.

    We were warned in 1958 by this man….but no one listened or cared. His message is more important today that it was in 1958 because in the almost 60 years since he spoke these words, “We The People” have witnessed the fruition of many things he predicted back then ….. listen closely because this is some of the things Mr. Trump is now promising the American people who are eager for these reforms….

    Trump’s popularity has grow because of his promises to ‘Make America Great Again’ …. by God’s grace and the voice of the common people, …. he will be our next president !

    Comments to this post are welcomed ….

  14. ohbaby86, Same photo from a British election !!!! Scroll down on page, same guy !!!! Likely, a hoax ???? http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/election-2015-polling-day-birmingham-9197585

  15. This is factual, though !!!! “Hillary’s Podium and the Cleaning Crew” !!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=os5fe-ADtZA

  16. oldsoldier80……..
    Good morning sir,
    With reflection upon the Welch video I can only say that it is NOW PAINFULLY CLEAR………THAT HE WAS 100% CORRECT.

  17. AND NOW WE KNOW………
    ……..why Mzzzzzzzzz. PIGGY’S usually blank facial expression quickly ,and often changed without apparent reason wherever she gave speeches………..she was wearing a cue prompter! She could be advised from nearly 100′ away. If she was wearing such a device during the first debate then she would have had UNFAIR ADVANTAGE, and wearing such a device would have been ILLEGAL. The rectangular shape of the receiver at her beltline is clearly revealed through her topcoat, and the very slight bulge from the wire also shows clearly. What else would you expect from such a POS. Hopefully there will be legal repercussions, and perhaps the results of the so called DEBATE will be declared legally INVALID.

  18. IN ADDITION……….
    ……….I would suspect that Lester Holt was completely aware of what was going on making him equally guilty.

  19. FURTHER……..
    ……….I pray that the photograph that I saw is made available to the Trump campaign.

  20. oldsailor84… good morning friend..hope things are well with you.

    You said…”With reflection upon the Welch video I can only say that it is NOW PAINFULLY CLEAR” to thinking and logical people ………yes after nearly 60 years, it has become very, very painfully clear….. 20 TRILLION DOLLARS CLEAR !

    Just how much more of this unadulterated bullshit will the American people put up with…..that is the 20 Trillion dollar question !

    We have by now been pushed to the “OUTER LIMITS” as Rod Steiger would have said !

  21. CW…………
    …………..hopefully you will look at the photograph of Mzzzzzzzzz Piggy which was taken by somebody who was standing nearby, and slightly behind her at the very moment she bent forward, which revealed her WIRE. We need to publish that photo and pray that it goes viral. There is also the same photo which has the rectangular shape encircled by a yellow highlighter. THIS SCREAMS TO BE PUBLISHED EVERYWHERE, AND REPEATED OFTEN……….AND CAPTIONED “LYING HILLARY 101”

  22. citizenwells | September 30, 2016 at 6:53 pm |

    “Billy and Hillary Clinton continue to be lying, cheating, manipulative, scratching, clawing, ruthlessly aggressive, insatiably ambitious politicians who are giving public service a bad name – and nothing about them has changed in the past forty-plus years, except that they have deluded more and more people,”…Dolly Kyle Browning


    Aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood.

    They have operated without impunity under the usurper.

  23. Carl Gallups

    Trump to Obama: Do Not Pardon Hillary Clinton “Or Her Co-Conspirators”


    Trump to Obama: Do Not Pardon Hillary Clinton “Or Her Co-Conspirators”

    At a campaign rally in Novi, Michigan Friday evening, Donald Trump asked President Barack Obama not to “pardon Clinton and her co-conspirators” if any charges were filed related to the email scandal. “Mr. President,” Trump said. “Will you pledge not to issue a pardon to Hillary Clinton and her co-co…


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