Hillary Alicia Machado choice consistent with Clintons crime corruption and immigration policies, Clinton administration pushed rapid naturalization and allowing citizenship to criminals, Democrat David Schippers exposed pressure on INS for votes

Hillary Hillary Alicia Machado choice consistent with Clintons crime corruption and immigration policies, Clinton administration pushed rapid naturalization and allowing citizenship to criminals, Democrat David Schippers exposed pressure on INS for votes

“I am, you know, adamantly against illegal immigration.”…Hillary Clinton, WABC 2003

On Hillary Clinton: “evil incarnate.”…David Schippers

“The devil’s in that woman.”…Miss Emma, Clinton’s cook, governor’s mansion


Hillary Clinton believes that using Alicia Machado to taint Donald Trump in the eyes of women and voters is a good idea. That is because she is so used to acting like and associating with criminals and being involved in shady activities, she doesn’t think a thing of it.

For anyone paying attention this will backfire on her.

From American Action News September 28, 2016.

“Who is Alicia Machado? The Truth”

“Who is Alicia Machado and how did she become a US citizen?

As Hillary made her finals remarks in the first presidential debate, she proudly proclaimed that she stood with Trump bullying victim Alicia Machado. Personally, I find the notion of hurling insults at women (including Rosie O’Donnell) on the basis of their physical appearance distasteful.  When I heard Trump called Machado names like “Little Miss Piggy” I didn’t like it. Even though as a Miss Universe, Machado’s job was to maintain her weight and physical appearance, I will concede calling someone “Little Miss Piggy” or “Miss Housekeeping” is a little much. At the same time, time people within the pageant have claimed she was extremely difficult to deal with.

But that’s neither here nor there. After the debate, many news and media outlets such as NBC, CNN, and Inside Edition  produced “Who’s Alicia Machado?” pieces. In all of these stories, her bio went from winning Miss Universe and being bullied by Trump to becoming a US citizen. It was similar to their coverage of Barack Obama in 2008, where apparently he had nothing occur in his life between being President of the Harvard Law Review and giving a speech at the 2004 DNC. As I watched sympathetic piece after sympathetic piece, in my gut I knew there was something wrong with the name Alicia Machado. No, it was not implicit bias or racial profiling that caused me to feel this. It was an interview with Anderson Cooper.

Amazingly, overnight, Machado’s Wikipedia page was edited, so I had to do a little digging to research many of the things I had heard about her. According to Associated Press reports in January 1998, Machado was accused in court documents of driving her ex-boyfriend Juan Rodriguez Reggeti to shoot his brother-in-law, Francisco Antonio Sbert Mousko, outside the funeral of Mousko’s wife as she was being eulogized. In addition to being the victim’s wife, the dead woman was also Reggeti’s sister.

Machado was ordered to testify in court as her attorney’s claimed she was filming a soap opera. In February of 1998 the Associated Press published a report that a Venezuelan judge claimed Machado threatened to kill him after he indicted her boyfriend for attempted murder. Venezuelan beauty queen Alicia Machado threatened “to ruin my career as a judge and … kill me,” Judge Maximiliano Fuenmayor said on national television. There were also claims that Machado’s boyfriend snatched the shooting victim’s 11-year-old son, his nephew. Machado would avoid prosecution because witnesses could not be produced to testify against her. At the same time, her alibi was never corroborated by witnesses.

We don’t know if Machado is guilty of any crime, but considering all of this, Machado’s recent interview with Anderson Cooper is troubling. In contrast to many of his colleagues, Cooper apparently does his due diligence. During the interview Cooper asked Machado, “There are reports that Trump surrogates tonight have been referencing and pointing to on CNN and elsewhere about an incident in 1998 in Venezuela, where you were accused of driving a getaway car from a murder scene. You were never charged with this,” Cooper said. “The judge in the case also said you threatened to kill him after he indicted your boyfriend for the attempted murder. I just want to give you a chance to address these reports that the Trump surrogates are talking about,” Cooper continued. Machado’s response was, “You know, I have my past. Of course, everybody has a past. I’m not a saint girl. But that is not the point now.” Quite frankly, that is as perplexing as it is honest. The typical response of an innocent person when accused of being an accessory to murder would be to rebut or deny the allegations. Machado did neither; she essentially admitted her involvement in a case she was never even charged in.”

“Hillary utilizing Machado as a political prop does not surprise me. Hillary is a low character individual who is desperate for the presidency. What concerns me about this situation is how someone like Alicia Machado was ever granted US citizenship. Becoming a United States citizen is a privilege; there’s a diverse pool of applicants, ranging from hard working laborers to highly educated scientists. Many are dying for a chance to become a citizen and live out the American Dream, and yet, we grant citizenship to someone with the baggage of Machado? Granting citizenship to a person of Machado’s character devalues what it means to became a naturalized citizen. In the end, Machado is no victim. She’s a reminder of how sick and twisted the Clintons are, and a poster child for why we need immigration reform.”


From David Schippers book, “Sellout: The Inside Story of President Clinton’s Impeachment”.

“My staff and I agreed that we needed to focus on the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), which appeared to be running out of control. By the time we came to the subject, investigations by the General Accounting Office (GAO) and congressional committees had already indicated that the White House used the INS to further its political agenda. A blatant politicization of the agency took place during the 1996 presidential campaign when the White House pressured the INS into expediting its “Citizenship USA” (CUSA) program to grant citizenship to thousands of aliens that the White House counted as likely Democratic voters. To ensure maximum impact, the INS concentrated on aliens in key states — California, Florida, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, and Texas — that hold a combined 181 electoral votes, just 89 short of the total needed to win the election.

The program was placed under the direction of Vice President Al Gore. We received from the GAO a few e-mails indicating Vice President Gore’s role in the plan (which are included in Appendix A at the back of the book). He was responsible for keeping the pressure on, to make sure the aliens were pushed through by September 1, the last day to register for the presidential election.

In our investigation we uncovered a case study evidencing what is pejoratively known in political science circles as “Chicago Politics.”

Back in the early years of the twentieth century, “Hinky Dink” Kenna and “Bathouse” John Coughlin were recognized as the very models of the unsavory Chicago politician. The two once fixed an aldermanic election in Chicago’s First Ward. To do so, they imported thousands of ward heelers, friends, associates, and city workers and had them registered to vote from every building in the ward — from homes (of which there were few) to taverns and cribs (of which there were many). On Election Day the recent arrivals stopped at Hinky Dink’s tavern, picked up fifty cents, ate a free lunch, and went out to vote their consciences. Guess who won that election?

Essentially, the same tactics were used during President Clinton’s reelection in 1996. Only this time the Democrats weren’t handing out sandwiches. Instead, through CUSA, they were circumventing normal procedures for naturalizing aliens — procedures that check backgrounds and weed out criminals — and consequently they were handing out citizenship papers to questionable characters.”

“The White House wanted any applicant for citizenship to be naturalized in time to register for the November election, so the pressure on the INS was constant. On March 21 Elaine Kamarck in the Vice President’s office sent an e-mail to Farbrother saying: “THE PRESIDENT IS SICK OF THIS AND WANTS ACTION. IF NOTHING MOVES TODAY WE’LL HAVE TO TAKE SOME PRETTY DRASTIC MEASURES.” Farbrother responded, “I favor drastic measures.” If he couldn’t get what he wanted from the INS, he wrote, he would “call for heavy artillery.””

“Federal regulations require that, for an alien to obtain citizenship, his application for naturalization (citizenship) must be accompanied by a complete set of the alien’s fingerprints. The fingerprint cards are then sent to the FBI to determine if the applicant has a criminal or arrest record. The law provides that an application may be denied if the alien has a serious criminal record or if he falsely denies ever having been arrested, even if he was never convicted.

In the INS district offices, the alien applicant for naturalization cannot be scheduled for a personal interview until at least 60 days after the application is submitted. This delay is specifically intended to allow sufficient time for an FBI fingerprint check. If the check reveals an arrest record identification, the arrest report is inserted in the alien’s file prior to the interview. An arrest record does not automatically result in a denial of citizenship, but it alerts an examiner to spend additional time questioning the applicant and to request that he furnish further information.

If there is no criminal arrest record in the file prior to the interview, the examiner will assume that none exists. For that reason, the INS has always considered the FBI fingerprint check to be the only practical way of preventing violent felons, dope peddlers, and the like from obtaining citizenship. Any breakdown in the collecting, checking, and reporting of the fingerprints can cause a breakdown of the entire process.

In our investigation we developed sources inside the INS with specific knowledge of the facts who revealed that FBI arrest records that were being sent to the Chicago INS office simply were not being inserted into the aliens’ files. As a result, aliens with criminal records were being granted citizenship.

Our sources also disclosed that, just prior to the 1996 voter registration deadline, a box was discovered in the Chicago INS office containing nearly five thousand FBI arrest reports — reports that had arrived in time but had been ignored.

Later, when the office discovered that those reports had never been processed, the INS initially tried to blame the FBI, claiming that the Bureau had not provided the arrest records within the 60-day window. But the FBI had done its job in a timely manner. Then the INS tried to convince the public that the foul-up really hadn’t harmed the process much. The agency cited statistics showing that the rejection rate of 17 percent was just about what it had always been, so no harm, no foul. But the INS neglected to take into account the thousands of aliens with criminal arrest records who were not rejected, even though they would have been under the normal procedures. If the traditional process had been followed, the rejection rate in the summer of 1996 would have easily exceeded 30 percent and perhaps have been even higher.

The White House, the INS, and the Justice Department publicly denied any political motive in the CUSA program to expedite the citizenship procedure. What the United States got is undeniable:
More than 75,000 new citizens who had arrest records when they applied;

An additional 115,000 citizens whose fingerprints were unclassifiable for various technical reasons and were never resubmitted; and

Another 61,000 people who were given citizenship with no fingerprints submitted at all.
Those numbers were developed by the accounting firm of KPMG Peat Marwick as a result of an audit of the 1996 CUSA program.

What we had here was a perfect example of the Clinton-Gore administration’s overarching political philosophy: “The ends justify the means,” coupled with “win at any cost.” It was a philosophy of governance that, as our investigations into other areas proceeded, we would find repeated again and again.

When the results of the KPMG Peat Marwick audit were made public, the INS and Justice vowed to remedy the situation, root out the felons, and revoke erroneously awarded citizenship. Everyone congratulated the administration for acting so quickly — and then promptly forgot about it.”

“We received no cooperation from either the Justice Department or the INS. Instead we received nothing but complaints about not going through the proper channels, investigating old news, being partisan — if not racist — and so on. But we reasoned that if criminals were given citizenship in 1996, at least some of them had probably continued their criminal activity in the two years since. We asked the GAO — an investigative agency that works for Congress and is therefore not subject to White House or Justice Department pressures — to give us FBI arrest records related to the CUSA program. We were given unquestioned cooperation and boxes of FBI reports.

We reviewed every document in those boxes, pulling out about a hundred of the most violent or serious crimes committed by aliens prior to naturalization and documented by arrest records. I specifically excluded minor immigration crimes, tax offenses, or white-collar crimes such as driving under the influence. I asked the staff to search for drug trafficking and violent crimes such as rape and child abuse. Those are the types of crimes that are most often repeated. A child abuser tends to abuse again, and a rapist tends to rape again.

After a few days — and going through only a few of the 20 or so boxes — we had our basic 100 heinous crimes, including one criminal who was actually in jail at the time he was naturalized.

We asked the FBI if it had arrest records for crimes committed by the same aliens in this country since 1996 and sent them our one hundred profiles.

Less than a week later, the FBI sent the updated arrest records to the Justice Department. (Per an agreement between the FBI and the Justice Department, all materials requested from the Bureau must go through Justice.) But when we inquired about them, the department claimed that it hadn’t yet received the records. An hour later, however, Justice called back to say that the “misplaced” reports had been located.

Of those 100 arrest records updated by the Bureau, some 20 percent showed arrests for serious crimes after the subject was given citizenship. Based on these random results, we asked for updates on every arrest record in our 20 boxes. Our plan was to update every report, using only FBI numbers and with the FBI redacting all identifying information to address the issue of privacy concerns. If, as we anticipated, anywhere near 20 percent came back with subsequent crimes, we would then confront the Justice Department, demand the identity and address of these known criminals, and point out that they had been given citizenship illegally and were still engaged in criminal activity. Unfortunately, before we could go further, the referral from Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr arrived. Had we been given sufficient time to develop evidence and witnesses, the CUSA matter might have been included in the abuse of power impeachment article.

The 1996 arrest records are still available, and I am sure the FBI is still willing to update all of them. In the meantime, thousands of criminals are now citizens of the United States because it was assumed they would vote for Bill Clinton and Al Gore.”

Read more:


From Reuters November 24, 2010.

“Concerned by North Korea’s artillery attack on a South Korean island, the 1996 beauty queen winner got muddled when tweeting for world peace via her @aliciamachado77 account.

“Tonight I want to ask you to join me in a prayer for peace, that these attacks between the Chinas do not make our situation worse,” she wrote late on Tuesday.

Her gaffe unleashed a rush of insulting posts, prompting her to go offline.”




More here:







37 responses to “Hillary Alicia Machado choice consistent with Clintons crime corruption and immigration policies, Clinton administration pushed rapid naturalization and allowing citizenship to criminals, Democrat David Schippers exposed pressure on INS for votes

  1. citizenwells

    “My staff and I agreed that we needed to focus on the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), which appeared to be running out of control. By the time we came to the subject, investigations by the General Accounting Office (GAO) and congressional committees had already indicated that the White House used the INS to further its political agenda. A blatant politicization of the agency took place during the 1996 presidential campaign when the White House pressured the INS into expediting its “Citizenship USA” (CUSA) program to grant citizenship to thousands of aliens that the White House counted as likely Democratic voters. To ensure maximum impact, the INS concentrated on aliens in key states — California, Florida, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, and Texas — that hold a combined 181 electoral votes, just 89 short of the total needed to win the election.”…David Schippers, “Sellout”

  2. Suek……….

    ………..has a way of putting things in their proper perspective………I think it is called……THE TRUTH!

  3. AND Mzzzzzzzzzzz.Piggy’s ………
    ………..old man is looking more like Kermit as each day passes.

  4. Judge Nap: List of Clinton’s Potential Crimes Is So Long ‘It’s Almost Laughable’


  5. Trump has “taken on” the entire world.

    Every planetary crook is shaking in their boots, knowing that if the law is enforced, their ass is going to the pen. Under the usurper many of them were given enough rope to hang themselves. I don’t think we’ve seen the end of the email and Treason story yet, or the ID the usurper story either.

  6. AND Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
    ……….Waterperson Slutch is back, and look who is talking about Trump’s personal appearance. She looks like a parakeet that collided head on with a brick wall in flight.

  7. AND NYT……….

  8. ANDNOW……..
    ………..Slick Willy talks about Antique Roadshow on PBS. In reality he himself is an Antique NUT SHOW, along with being a known liar, and pervert…….all of which is NOW PUBLIC RECORD.


  10. BTW………
    ……….Beauty contests aren’t usually frequented by OVERWEIGHT females, in addition winners are expected to pay attention to their personal appearances AFTER THE FACT as well. Trump was probably right!

  11. Bob Strauss……..
    …………I read a report recently where Trump was looked upon favorably by about 87% of the foreign governments. I think you are right, and we have not yet seen the FINAL BATTLE. I personally think that the polls are going to be shown for exactly what they are……..BALONEY, and Trump will win in a REAGAN type of landslide.

  12. citizenwells

    “Election board: Article alleging voter fraud is fake”


  13. BUT……..
    ……….there is also fast mounting evidence of voter fraud already taking place. Over 1096 persons have been found to have perpetrated a felony in voter fraud………and thousands more are coming!

  14. CW………
    ……….I too am NOT CONVINCED that the discovery of ballot filled boxes in Ohio is real………..yet the spectre remains that this might be exactly what the perpetrators want people to think……….which would make it much easier for them to slip the boxes of ballots in with the valid ballots. The boxes should have been immediately impounded by the law, and their validity closely examined.

  15. the validity of the ballots can easily be determined………all they have to do is contact the people who have signed them and simply ask them if they have already voted. If their answer is NO then the ballots are ILLEGAL, and those responsible should be brought to justice. During the last election cycle we had this very thing perpetrated right here in Indiana……….fortunately it was only a small number of phony votes and the perpetrator was quickly caught, prosecuted, heavily fined, and imprisoned.

  16. AND NOW……..
    ……….it is time for Trump to sue the NYT for many millions. They illegally published Trump’s 1995 tax returns. It is illegal to publish such information unless it is agreed upon by the person involved. So NYT could now face a ULTRA MILLIONs of dollar lawsuit, and Trump could easily win it……just on that fact alone. The management of NYT must be grossly stupid. They did print the fact that he had done no wrong, but that fact is not relevant…….they erred in publishing it, and that could cost them…..huge time! In addition Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Phang could also be sued.

  17. AND……..
    ………in addition the tax returns were ILLEGALLY obtained to begin with.

  18. ONCE AGAIN………

  19. I had my own business for years & I spoke with a tax expert friend of mine this AM.

    I am willing to bet that Trump and his real employees have paid far more than the Clintons.

    Aside from Trump’s IRS & state/city taxes:

    Employer part of SS tax.
    Workers comp tax.
    Property tax.

    The Clintons have been primarily govt & foundation employees.
    “Other people’s money.”

    & remember in many cases Trump is being taxed twice. Corp & personal.

  20. CW………
    ……….you are absolutely right with respect to the business and personal taxation……..but sadly the NITWITS among us don’t have a clue. You forgot the pay in to state UNEMPLOYMENT also.

  21. CW………
    ………..in addition family trusts are often the source of income to a person. In that case the trust pays the taxes, and the recipients do NOT PAY ANY PERSONAL TAXES, and if the family trust owns the property they live in the trust pays for both upkeep and property taxes. The Kennedy family lived in that manner,as did countless others……..and many STILL ARE! When they take a vacation the family trust pays for it.

  22. GW,

    Let’s not forget that old Rose Kennedy lived and died in MA, but the ‘family’ changed her residency to FL in order to avoid the estate tax.


    …but, WE all have to pay our fair share, right?

  23. oldsoldier80


    Trump should play this at every rally he holds….it’s a damning indictment of the Clinton’s…..


    WHERE LIES GO TO DIE – Evidence discovered shows British Protectorate of East Africa recorded Obama’s birth records before 1963 and sent returns of those events to Britain’s Public Records Office and the Kew branch of British National Archives.

    Editors note: The records alluded to in this story were discovered through a May, 2012 search through BMD Registers, a BNA partner site, using the search term “Obama”. Corroborating evidence through public sources only implicates the identity of those involved but does not explicitly prove their identity in the absence of the availability of original documents.)

    By Dan Crosby
    of The Daily Pen


  25. Found this post today from a grandmother concerned about being unable to express her political opinions without being vilified or having her vehicle vandalized.
    RE: Donald Trump for President bumper sticker,

    Dorthy posted…

    I need to vent, I’m a minority in Humboldt county.

    I am a Republican.

    I am on Facebook a lot, I’m a 51 year old white grandmother, I was born in Humboldt county, but grew up in another state, came back in my mid 20’s, have raised my kids here, always love eureka, the laid back relaxed atmosphere.

    I see all the hate on Facebook for the different candidates in the presidential race, usually keep my opinions to myself.

    Today i saw a post for Trump bumper stickers for sale,my husband and I have been discussing getting one for our vehicle, my concern was someone vandalizing our almost paid off car. I commented to the person that I would like one and the backlash began.

    I thought this was still America, where you are entitled to have an opinion, apparently not. I was called a hater, dumb,and a few other choice words. Where have all the bigots come from…can we please have our old Humboldt county back! Thanks for listening, and hope you don’t have to do a story on the vandalizing of my vehicle once I get my bumper sticker.

    Dorthy Thomas

  26. Breaking: SECURITY CONCERNS Force Julian Assange to Cancel Wikileaks Tuesday Announcement

    Jim Hoft Oct 2nd, 2016 2:05 pm
    Julian Assange Cancels Announcement from Embassy Balcony–
    Due to Security Concerns!


  27. YES…NO,,,,,?? zzzzzz

    Breaking: SECURITY CONCERNS Force Julian Assange to Cancel Wikileaks Tuesday Announcement

  28. ‘October Surprise’? Wikileaks’ Assange Plans Tuesday Video Appearance After First Canceling Due to ‘Security Concerns’


  29. PIGGY-Headed
    October 3, 2016
    Compare Ms. Machado failure of Hillary to address the onerous and grim record of umpteen Muslim countries in regard to their mistreatment of women. More


  30. Trips to ‘Pedophile Island’ Troubling

    • Will Hillary have to cover up for her husband’s indiscretions once again?

    By Victor Thorn —

    In early January news broke around the world that former President Bill Clinton had traveled extensively with Wall Street billionaire and pedophile Jeffrey Edward Epstein, even to Epstein’s private Caribbean island for a party that involved girls under the age of 17-years-old.

    Although Hillary Clinton has not been directly implicated in the Epstein underage sex trafficking scandal, if her 2016 presidential aspirations stand any chance of getting off the ground, she may be forced to once again fulfill her role as “fixer” to cover up the criminal actions of her husband, Bill.

    On January 15, this reporter spoke with political historian Robert Morrow to get the inside scoop on this sordid story. “Jeffrey Epstein still is a billionaire,” Morrow began, “who provided girls between the ages of 12 and 15 to VIP elites in politics, business, the media and Hollywood.”

    In 2005, police in Palm Beach, Florida began investigating Epstein for trafficking in high school-aged girls. Epstein hired a dream team of lawyers who successfully fought all charges except for one count of soliciting prostitution. He was sentenced to 18 months in prison, of which he only served 13 months.

    Offering details from which other news outlets shy away, Morrow continued: “We know who many of Epstein’s pals were because his house manager in Palm Beach stole a contact book that was filled with names. This butler then circled the names of all those whom he considered to be pedophiles.”

    Here’s where Bill Clinton entered the picture.

    According to Morrow: “Epstein’s black book should be seen as a Holy Grail of sorts, and in it he listed 21 different ways of contacting Bill Clinton. These were personal phone numbers and email addresses that hardly anybody else in the world possesses. In addition, after Clinton left the White House he made 17 trips with Epstein on his personal jet, 10 of those to what is known as Pedophile Island.”

    Certain that nobody misconstrues his words, Morrow clarified. “None of the girls who’ve gone public about Epstein being a pedophile ringmaster have specifically named Bill Clinton, but one of their attorneys has implied that he pandered to underage girls. I see it as such: Bill Clinton was close friends with the biggest VIP pedophile peddler in the world. That’s kind of like being friends with the biggest drug dealer in town.”

    That’s why Hillary’s talents as a political fixer may become necessary once again.

    Morrow stressed: “Hillary Clinton is married to a rapist and serial sexual predator. Epstein contributed $25,000 to the Clinton Foundation after he’d been indicted in 2006. To me, that was Epstein’s way of sending a message to Hillary saying, ‘If you don’t help me, I’ll name all the women your husband had sex with.’”

    Morrow added: “Hillary and Bill are part of a fake marriage. It’s a political arrangement. She’s been running off women for 40 years that could potentially get her husband in trouble. She even had her brothers doing it for her in Arkansas. Historically, Hillary has hired private investigators to initiate nasty terror campaigns against victims like Kathleen Willey and Sally Perdue. By portraying these women as ‘nuts, sluts and liars,’ Hillary does anything she can to shut these women up.”

    Another element to this tale has surfaced, according to Morrow.

    “Epstein’s number one recruiter of young women was a socialite named Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of billionaire Robert Maxwell, whose corruption infuriated so many people that he was thrown overboard from his yacht and drowned in 1991,” said Morrow. “Ms. Maxwell considers herself close friends with Bill Clinton, even receiving an invitation to daughter Chelsea’s wedding in 2010. Groomed as Epstein’s pimp mama, Ghislaine Maxwell opened doors for lots of VIPs, Prince Andrew [of the British royal family] being one of them. This scenario leads to a 17-year-old girl named Virginia Roberts, who asserts that she had sexual relations with Prince Andrew and eight other women. By the way, Roberts also met on two separate occasions with Bill Clinton. Roberts made it perfectly clear what Epstein’s associates were interested in: ‘Fresh looking, innocent girls not over 17-years-old.’”


  31. citizenwells

    “Wikileaks Cancels Highly Anticipated Tuesday Announcement Due To “Security Concerns””

    Roger Stone @RogerJStoneJr
    Wednesday@HillaryClinton is done. #Wikileaks.
    12:52 AM – 2 Oct 2016


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