NY Times deal with devil, Times endorses Hillary Clinton, Bob Herbert 2001 Democratic Party … made a pact with Mr. Clinton that was the equivalent of a pact with the devil, Lost its bearings and maybe even its soul, “The devil’s in that woman.”

NY Times deal with devil, Times endorses Hillary Clinton, Bob Herbert 2001 Democratic Party … made a pact with Mr. Clinton that was the equivalent of a pact with the devil, Lost its bearings and maybe even its soul, “The devil’s in that woman.”

“Millions of cretinous and amoral Americans still admire Bill and Hillary Clinton, the two foulest amoral slimebags that have ever besmirched the White House. These two foulmouthed and lying psychopaths have been, and still are, blindly supported by masses of non-clinical morons, diehard Democrats, and whorish liberal journalists and their editors.

The Clintons’ habitual lies, gutter language, anti-Semitic outbursts, and anti-black slurs have been documented by reliable writers but have been — and still are — routinely suppressed by the so-called liberal media.”…Reinhold Aman, Ph.D.

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”…Ephesians 6:12

“The devil’s in that woman.”…Miss Emma, Clinton’s cook, governor’s mansion


The NY Times has made a deal with the devil and endorsed Hillary Clinton.

“Running down the other guy won’t suffice to make that argument. The best case for Hillary Clinton cannot be, and is not, that she isn’t Donald Trump.

The best case is, instead, about the challenges this country faces, and Mrs. Clinton’s capacity to rise to them.

The next president will take office with bigoted, tribalist movements and their leaders on the march. In the Middle East and across Asia, in Russia and Eastern Europe, even in Britain and the United States, war, terrorism and the pressures of globalization are eroding democratic values, fraying alliances and challenging the ideals of tolerance and charity.

The 2016 campaign has brought to the surface the despair and rage of poor and middle-class Americans who say their government has done little to ease the burdens that recession, technological change, foreign competition and war have heaped on their families.

Over 40 years in public life, Hillary Clinton has studied these forces and weighed responses to these problems. Our endorsement is rooted in respect for her intellect, experience, toughness and courage over a career of almost continuous public service, often as the first or only woman in the arena.

Mrs. Clinton’s work has been defined more by incremental successes than by moments of transformational change. As a candidate, she has struggled to step back from a pointillist collection of policy proposals to reveal the full pattern of her record. That is a weakness of her campaign, and a perplexing one, for the pattern is clear. It shows a determined leader intent on creating opportunity for struggling Americans at a time of economic upheaval and on ensuring that the United States remains a force for good in an often brutal world.

Similarly, Mrs. Clinton’s occasional missteps, combined with attacks on her trustworthiness, have distorted perceptions of her character. She is one of the most tenacious politicians of her generation, whose willingness to study and correct course is rare in an age of unyielding partisanship. As first lady, she rebounded from professional setbacks and personal trials with astounding resilience. Over eight years in the Senate and four as secretary of state, she built a reputation for grit and bipartisan collaboration. She displayed a command of policy and diplomatic nuance and an ability to listen to constituents and colleagues that are all too exceptional in Washington.

Mrs. Clinton’s record of service to children, women and families has spanned her adult life. One of her boldest acts as first lady was her 1995 speech in Beijing declaring that women’s rights are human rights. After a failed attempt to overhaul the nation’s health care system, she threw her support behind legislation to establish the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which now covers more than eight million lower-income young people. This year, she rallied mothers of gun-violence victims to join her in demanding comprehensive background checks for gun buyers and tighter reins on gun sales.”

“As secretary of state, Mrs. Clinton was charged with repairing American credibility after eight years of the Bush administration’s unilateralism. She bears a share of the responsibility for the Obama administration’s foreign-policy failings, notably in Libya. But her achievements are substantial. She led efforts to strengthen sanctions against Iran, which eventually pushed it to the table for talks over its nuclear program, and in 2012, she helped negotiate a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas.

Mrs. Clinton led efforts to renew diplomatic relations with Myanmar, persuading its junta to adopt political reforms. She helped promote the Trans-Pacific Partnership, an important trade counterweight to China and a key component of the Obama administration’s pivot to Asia. Her election-year reversal on that pact has confused some of her supporters, but her underlying commitment to bolstering trade along with workers’ rights is not in doubt. Mrs. Clinton’s attempt to reset relations with Russia, though far from successful, was a sensible effort to improve interactions with a rivalrous nuclear power.

Mrs. Clinton has shown herself to be a realist who believes America cannot simply withdraw behind oceans and walls, but must engage confidently in the world to protect its interests and be true to its values, which include helping others escape poverty and oppression.

Mrs. Clinton’s husband, Bill Clinton, governed during what now looks like an optimistic and even gentle era. The end of the Cold War and the advance of technology and trade appeared to be awakening the world’s possibilities rather than its demons. Many in the news media, and in the country, and in that administration, were distracted by the scandal du jour — Mr. Clinton’s impeachment — during the very period in which a terrorist threat was growing. We are now living in a world darkened by the realization of that threat and its many consequences.”

“Through war and recession, Americans born since 9/11 have had to grow up fast, and they deserve a grown-up president. A lifetime’s commitment to solving problems in the real world qualifies Hillary Clinton for this job, and the country should put her to work.”

Read more if you can stomach it.

“The devil’s in that woman.”

From NewsMax March 22, 2001 via Citizen News.

“Falwell said he thought ex-first lady Hillary Clinton was a prime mover behind much of the corruption that permeated the White House during her husband’s tenure.

“You know, Hillary – it’s amazing to me, she not only knew about all these things, Bill Clinton didn’t really have the time to do all those mean things because he would have interrupted his love affairs,” Falwell said.

“I think that it was Hillary all the way. I think that she’s the mean-spirited one. She’s the ideologue, she’s the flaming left-wing socialist liberal. She’s a bad person with a criminal mind.”

The former Moral Majority chief said it was his personal belief that Mrs. Clinton will stay married to her husband only as long as the relationship furthers her own political ambitions.”

Hillary has Criminal Mind, Clinton Scandals Need Probing, Jerry Falwell Newsmax March 22, 2001, “I think that it was Hillary all the way. I think that she’s the mean spirited one. She’s the ideologue, she’s the flaming left wing socialist liberal. She’s a bad person with a criminal mind.”

From NewsMax February 26, 2001 via Citizen News.

“New York Times Left-Winger: Shun Corrupt Clinton

Bob Herbert, identified today by Fox News Channel as the most liberal columnist at the New York Times, is belatedly joining in on the anti-Clinton bandwagon. But his vehemence is making up for his tardiness.

Herbert writes today that the Democratic Party made “the equivalent of a pact with the devil” in supporting Clinton and “in the process it lost its bearings and maybe even its soul.”

“Now, with the stench of yet another scandal polluting the political atmosphere, some of Mr. Clinton’s closest associates and supporters are acknowledging what his enemies have argued for years – the man is so thoroughly corrupt it’s frightening.”

“The Clintons may or may not be led away in handcuffs someday. But whatever happens with the criminal investigations, it’s time for the Democratic Party to wise up. Ostracism would be a good first step. Bill Clinton should be cut completely loose.”

Democratic Party made “the equivalent of a pact with the devil” in supporting Clinton and “in the process it lost its bearings and maybe even its soul”, NewsMax article February 26, 2001, Bob Herbert NY Times

Hillary’s accomplishments.

  1. Hillary enabled Bill in Rapegate which led to the White House and country’s distraction and arguably led to the 9/11 attacks.
  2. Hillary engineered the Commercegate selling of seats in exhange for campaign contributions. This also led to the death of Ron Brown.
  3. ISIS formed and grew under the Obama/Hillary watch.
  4. Benghazi.
  5. The further collapse and subsequent emigration in Syria happened on the Obama/Hillary watch.

The above are perhaps the top 5 Hillary “accomplishments.”

There are plenty more.



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12 responses to “NY Times deal with devil, Times endorses Hillary Clinton, Bob Herbert 2001 Democratic Party … made a pact with Mr. Clinton that was the equivalent of a pact with the devil, Lost its bearings and maybe even its soul, “The devil’s in that woman.”

  1. Hillary Dr. letter author Ashley Neff:

    “Marketing Assistant & Social Media Specialist
    CareMount Medical
    October 2015 – Present (1 year)

    Strategized and implemented the rebranding of Mount Kisco Medical Group, now CareMount Medical, the largest medical group in Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, and Ulster counties. Headed the re-skin of the website, employee Intranet, Patient Portal and Social Media platforms. Carried out social media plan for rebanding. Maintain brand awareness and a positive reputation for large medical group with over 500 providers and 40 specialties in 41 locations by updating all social media outreach, managing and updating the website, and posting blogs. Maintaining vertical marketing through Hootesuite, Google Analytics and Facebook Analytics. Staying in constant contact with all doctors within the group by creating and updating physician profiles and arranging media placement to the web. Creating and distributing all promotional flyers, posters and ads for print and web distribution. Coordinating all sponsorship opportunities with local and regional companies.”


  2. “DAVID SCHIPPERS: “Hillary Clinton is Evil Incarnate””

    “David Schippers, the man called in by Henry Hyde to be chief counsel of the impeachment of William Jefferson Blythe Clinton, has been very candid and succinct in his description of Hillary Clinton. When asked about her on FreeRepublic Radio, he described her as “evil incarnate.”

    He also described Bill Clinton as the worst thing to ever happen to this country.

    Those who are still wearing the ceremonial kneepads and drinking the Clinton Kool-Aid are hard pressed to criticize Schippers as a member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Schippers, you see, is a life long Democrat. Schippers, working under Robert Kennedy, helped take down the Chicago mob. Schippers voted twice for Bill Clinton.

    More than anyone else, Schippers knew the evidence against Clinton. He was extremely disappointed and disgusted with the GOP leadership in the Senate who refused to do their duty under the Constitution. And, of course, not one Senator went to the Ford Building to view any of the evidence regarding the massive amount of criminal activity by Clinton and his gang.

    In a discussion with him last year, Schippers told me that he expected to be busy for just a few weeks after he had been called by Hyde. “The amount of criminality I discovered,” said Schippers, “astounded me.””


  3. “Northrop Grumman was contracted to retrieve hundreds of thousands of missing White House e-mails believed to be relevant to the investigation of several Clinton administration scandals, including Chinagate.

    Northrop Grumman computer expert Betty Lambuth alleged last year that she and other company employees involved in the e-mail retrieval project were ordered to stay silent about their work or face imprisonment.

    “We have a jail cell with your name on it,” one Clinton official allegedly warned.”


  4. AND……..
    ……….that would indeed be what I would expect to hear from such a bastard. However I can’t help wonder as to where exactly did slick willy get the $850,000.00 which was the amount he settled for with Paula Jones.

  5. If the money came from the Clinton Foundation then we have the same thing that the liberals are accusing Donald Trump of having done. The liberals need to practice what they preach.

  6. Archie…..this is exactly my feeling too !!!

    Archie for President !

  7. oldsoldier80…….
    …………with regard to Archie Bunker………10-4………
    Did you know that Carroll O’ Conner was also a US Merchant Sailor during WW2. He was a member of the BLACK GANG (engineers). He sailed mostly on Liberty ships.

  8. OFF TOPIC…..
    ……..Arnold Palmer dead at 87.

  9. oldsailor84….

    Rumor has it that Hillary during the debate is preparing to unleash crocodile tears in any number of ways and on any number of subjects…….and you know when a woman cry’s she wins.

    By the way….What time is the football game?

  10. hapnHal…..

    You said…..”Rumor has it that Hillary during the debate is preparing to unleash crocodile tears in any number of ways and on any number of subjects…….and you know when a woman cry’s she wins.

    By the way….What time is the football game?
    I don’t think that crap will work for… Ill-ary……perhaps anyone else but her and that damn Indian (what’s her name)……but it will never work for that B*TCH…….too many real tears have already been shed because of her actions…..if she tried that stuff tonight, she will be laughed off the stage….

    Her “goose is cooked”……

    The game starts at 8 pm sharply …don’t miss it !

  11. A NEWS ALERT !

    No ear mics allowed for debate moderators; But what about the candidates?
    The presidential debate moderators will not be allowed to wear earpieces, according to published reports.
    But what about the presidential candidates themselves?
    A voter in Maryland wrote the Federal Elections Commissioner, Matthew Petersen, on Sept. 8 seeking a “clear response” to a simple question.

    Here is his question to the Federal Elections Commissioner:

    “I read reports that during the televised event questioning each of the candidates on their qualifications to serve as Commander in Chief, that Secretary Clinton had a microphone in her ear to receive prompting and guidance from advisers off stage,” wrote Laurence B of Columbia, MD.
    So that concerned voter waited and waited…..
    [A check of his name and address at the Maryland State Board of Elections Internet site verified the writer was identity as a registered voter in the state of Maryland.]
    “Surely this is a more serious violation of competition than the doping which the Olympics have had to clean up. … Can you please confirm that your commission will take conclusive steps to ensure that no such cheating takes place during the debates?” the letter concluded.

    His second attempt to get an answer to his question:

    When he received no response to his letter, he wrote again on Sept. 21: “I’ve got to say I’m really discouraged not to have received a confirmation from you or from your office that your policy will be to disallow the two candidates to wear ear microphones. Am I to interpret your lack of a response to mean that such behavior will, indeed be accepted?”
    That request got immediate attention and here is the Commissioner’s response: I hope you can read ‘legalese”.

    That correspondence got an immediate and lengthy response in “legalese” from an attorney with the FEC:
    “Good afternoon, my name is Ruth Heilizer and I am an attorney with the Federal Election Commission (“FEC” or “Commission”). I have been asked to respond to your email to FEC Chairman Petersen regarding your suggestion that presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump be prohibited from wearing ear microphones during the upcoming presidential debates.
    The Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971, as amended (“Act”) and Commission regulations require that the contents of a complaint meet certain specific requirements. In particular, a complaint be in writing, sworn to and signed in the presence of a notary public and notarized. Unfortunately, your email did not meet these requirements.
    If you wish to file a formal complaint with the Commission, you must follow the requirements set forth in the Act at 52 U.S.C. § 30109(a)(1) and Commission regulations. Requirements of this section of the law, and Commission regulations at 11 C.F.R. § 111.4, which are a prerequisite to Commission action, are detailed below: …”

    Not fully understanding this stupid lawyer’s response, the questioner again tried a THIRD TIME to get clarification to his very simple question, He wrote a this letter:

    Persistent citizen Laurence B. gave it one more try:
    “As a lawyer, I’m sure you can differentiate between a complaint, and a request for a clear statement of rules. My email is seeking the latter. … I would be very grateful if you could let me know whether or not there is a clear rule prohibiting candidates from wearing ear mics and if so, whether or not it is your intention to enforce that rule.

    He has yet to receive a response.

    Carlos Greer, the Commission on Presidential Debates sent out a message to news organizations on Sept. 9 banning devices that would allow presidential debate moderators get directions from their news teams.
    NBC’s “Today” anchor Matt Lauer wore an earpiece Sept. 7 when he conducted interviews with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump at the “Commander-in-Chief Forum which was severely criticized by liberal media commentators.

    God help us !!!

    My… My,… haven’t the times really changed since “Silent Cal” Coolidge debated in his election to the office of president in the 1920’s…. .If I remember correctly, Calvin had very little to say at that time !

  12. “Dilbert Creator Scott Adams Explains Why He Switched His Endorsement To Trump”

    “4. Clinton’s Health: To my untrained eyes and ears, Hillary Clinton doesn’t look sufficiently healthy – mentally or otherwise – to be leading the country. If you disagree, take a look at the now-famous “Why aren’t I 50 points ahead” video clip. Likewise, Bill Clinton seems to be in bad shape too, and Hillary wouldn’t be much use to the country if she is taking care of a dying husband on the side.”

    “In summary, I don’t understand the policy details and implications of most of either Trump’s or Clinton’s proposed ideas. Neither do you. But I do understand persuasion.

    I also understand when the government is planning to confiscate the majority of my assets.

    And I can also distinguish between a deeply unhealthy person and a healthy person, even though I have no medical training. (So can you.)”


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