Ted Cruz primary ballot disqualification hearing scheduled by NJ Secretary of State Monday, April 11 at 9:00 a.m. in Mercerville New Jersey, Cruz must prove he is natural born citizen

Ted Cruz primary ballot disqualification hearing scheduled by NJ Secretary of State Monday, April 11 at 9:00 a.m. in Mercerville New Jersey, Cruz must prove he is natural born citizen

“To his kind of judge, Cruz ironically wouldn’t be eligible, because the legal principles that prevailed in the 1780s and ’90s required that someone actually be born on US soil to be a “natural born” citizen. Even having two US parents wouldn’t suffice. And having just an American mother, as Cruz did, would have been insufficient at a time that made patrilineal descent decisive.”…Laurence H. Tribe, Harvard Law Professor

“Ted Cruz wrote the forward for U.S. Constitution for Dummies which clearly reveals that he is not a natural born citizen.”…IL ballot challenger Bill Graham

“We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”…Abraham Lincoln



From CNB News April 9, 2016.

“Ted Cruz risks primary disqualification in N.J. resulting from charges of ballot access fraud”

“Ted Cruz risks primary disqualification in New Jersey resulting from charges of ballot access fraud. A primary ballot disqualification hearing is scheduled by the Secretary of State for Monday, April 11at 9:00 a.m. in Mercerville, New Jersey.

Washington D.C. Law Professor Victor Williams charges thatTed Cruz fraudulently certified his constitutional eligibility for office to gain ballot access. Williams demands that Cruz be disqualified from several late-primary ballots: “Cruz committed ballot access fraud in each state when he falsely swore that he was a ‘natural born’ American citizen.” Cruz was born in Calgary, Canada and held his resulting Canadian citizenship until May 2014. Cruz is a naturalized (not natural born) American citizen.

Williams’ fraud charges had quick effect in New Jersey. Rather than accepting Cruz’s ballot petition when filed last week, the Secretary of State ( Kim Guadagno) scheduled the unusual Administrative Law hearing for April 11. The Canadian-born Cruz must prove that he did not falsely certify his eligibility for office.

Cruz’s ballot eligibility is also being challenged inCalifornia, Maryland, Montana, Nebraska, Oregon, South Dakota, and Washington.

Late-Entrant GOP Candidate Asserts “Competitor Candidate Standing” to Disqualify Cruz

 Victor Williams warns of further action if Cruz is not disqualified from New Jersey’s June 7th primary. Williams has unique litigation strategy. Williams became a late-entrant GOP presidential candidate. Now his “competitor candidate” status provides the strongest “standing” to challenge Cruz.  “
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Victor Williams documents:
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33 responses to “Ted Cruz primary ballot disqualification hearing scheduled by NJ Secretary of State Monday, April 11 at 9:00 a.m. in Mercerville New Jersey, Cruz must prove he is natural born citizen

  1. citizenwells

    “If in the opinion of the People, the distribution or modification of the Constitutional powers be in any particular wrong, let it be corrected by an amendment in the way which the Constitution designates. But let there be no change by usurpation, for through this in one instance, may be the instrument of good, it is the customary weapon by which free governments are destroyed.”…George Washington

  2. citizenwells

    Growing support for HB2

    Randolph & Gaston county support resolutions.

  3. Was the father of presidential hopeful Cruz involved in the JFK assassination? by Wayne Madsen Report

    —->>>>Interesting article


  4. oldsoldier80


    In reference to the New Jersey court that will look at Cruz’s eligibility situation next week.

    President Obey must be getting his pink panties in a very serious wedge by now….do you realize what will happen if Edwardo Cruz is found to be ineligible to run for president because of where he was born, and to whom he was born ?

    If Cruz is denied to run in NJ, the impact will be earth shattering…..and may even topple our “national egg ( our Humpty Dumpty in the White House ) who has been riding in atop the fence for the last eight years.”….Oh great Joy, now perhaps the idiot will stop ‘huffing and puffing’ and threatening too destroy everyone’s house he does not like.

    If that will be the case, then perhaps some may even say….”now wait a minute, we remember a guy from Kenya that did the same thing a few years back, perhaps we should turn back the clock 8 years and take a closer look at him too” ! Could we ever be so lucky?

    Of course all this is nothing but make believe because regardless of the New Jersey court, Loretta Lynch, acting on Obey’s orders, will step in and declare a mistrial then tie the thing up in depositions long enough for Obey and company to make their escape to Duebi in 9 months which will be his be new forever home….and the masses will say that ‘justice was served’ !.

    So ends my nursery tale for tonight.

  5. oldsoldier80



  6. Would someone please tell me how, or why Cruz is getting these delegates from Colorado? When we don’t vote until June 28th.

  7. Hi Trudy,

    Cruz was ‘chosen’ to be the one to derail Trump. It’s not working; he’s an illegal candidate. If this thing goes to a brokered convention, Trump will be out on the first ballot; they’ll make sure of that if he is beyond 100 delegates of the 1237 (?) needed for the nomination Since the GOP power brokers don’t want Cruz, either, he’ll be out on the second ballot. Kasich will have stars in his eyes, but they’ll discard him, too.

    THEY will select a nominee, and it’s no one who’s running now. They want someone who’ll continue their corruption and vote with the Dems. Ryan.

    Hoping that Trump can pull this off and get the delegates he needs. If these ballot challenges are successful and Cruz is kicked of the ballots in the high-stakes states (NY, NJ, CA) I wonder what the next plan will be to deny Trump the nomination.

    Meanwhile, The Boston Globe continues with it’s moonbattish behavior:


  8. SueK

  9. ALL……..
    ……….all Trump needs to do if he attains the necessary 1237 delegates is first have it certified by a New York Superior Court. Then if he is jacked around by the GOP then he needs to have a citizens arrest placed against Reince for failure to follow the publically, and legally established GOP RULES, which he AGREED to do at the outset. …….this constitutes a BREACH OF SIGNED and CERTIFIED AGREEMENT. Trump will then be IN CONTROL…..because the decision will no longer be in the hands of the GOP……..it will be up to the NEW YORK COURTS which I have reason to believe might now be sympathetic toward Trump.

    ………is what I believe the owners of the Boston Globe is practicing by allowing such a level of PURE BULLSHI# to grace their front page. They will eventually pay huge price for having done so. Should Trump win such twisted publishers will be CRIPPLED by their OWN TWISTED, AND MORONIC stories. It will come back big time and bite them right on their STINKING A$$ES in terms that they WILL understand……….their BILLFOLDS!

  11. ………I AM SURE….
    ………..that the TRUMP ORGANISATION has already prepared the final TRAP for the BASTARDS who try to deny him what he has rightfully earned, if they actually attempt to eject him. ………..but I would strongly advise him to either PROSECUTE REINCE, or take himself and the largest percentage of American voters with him to the INDEPENDENT party. However it should be re named the INDEPENDENCE PARTY (for the Declaration of Independence)……..a document which certainly shares the same level of importance as that of the Constitution itself. In addition the authors of the Declaration also included instructions on how to keep our society FREE of tyrannous governments. ………but ALAS it appears that nobody even cares about the great document anymore. Instead they just lay around ,pick their noses, play with themselves, expect a FREE living, do their drugs, and blame everybody else for their own STUPIDITY, AND INADAQUACIES.

  12. oldsoldier80


  13. oldsoldier80

    ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER’ LEADER sends threat to Trump Supporters…..
    Yesterday, a prominent Black Lives Matter activist threatened Trump supporters on Twitter.

    “Dear white people,” Tef Poe began, “if Trump wins young n*ggas such as myself are fully hell bent on inciting riots everywhere we go. Just so you know.”

    Dear white people if Trump wins young niggas such as myself are fully hell bent on inciting riots everywhere we go. Just so you know.
    The reply to this Twitter came swift…..
    “Dear tef poe” “if you and you kind follow through with your threats, I’m sure they will be met by Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson,two white gentlemen, who will also be equally hell bent on stopping you. Just so you know.

  14. oldsoldier80


    The MOOCH …..is facing a Multi-Million dollar law suite over her lavish taxpayer boondoggle to Spain….lets see if we really have justice in America any more !

    According to reports from Right Side News, Judicial Watch has just filed a lawsuit against First Lady Michelle Obama, calling for Air Force One records detailing the cost of her lavish and costly trip to Spain.

    The Obama administration has denied the release of these records to the conservative group for some time now, although the group had previously sued to obtain records from Michelle’s 2011 trip to Africa.

    Judicial Watch’s goal is attempting to prove that Michelle’s ( or Michael’s ) trip to Spain was purely personal, meaning that she inappropriately used American taxpayer dollars to pay for her own personal vacation.

    Details of the trip have been entirely vague and cloudy, raising questions about what was really accomplished during the time. The only information that we do have is that Michelle toured the country with her daughters in 2010, visiting coastal towns and dining with the king and queen.

    The White House has maintained the Obama’s “paid their own way” on the trip, but they have failed to produce the records to back it up that claim. Further, the trip would have cost a small fortune.

    If Michael does have that type of money, we’re curious where it came from…… you should be too !

    While we are at it…let’s ask for all the records of the other ‘boondoggles’ it has taken at taxpayer expense…….you know the 48 million dollar trips.

  15. State Dept Finally Turns Over Huma Abedin -Susan Rice Benghazi Files | War and Conflict
    By Jim Kouri

    “While the FBI continues its twin investigations into Hillary Clinton’s conflicts of interest at the State Department and transmission of classified…


  16. Transgenderism Of Kids Is Ruled As CHILD ABUSE By American College Of Pediatrics ⋆ US Herald

    America is currently in the midst of a cultural revolution, a “clash of civilizations” and its victims are the most venerable within our society…our children. The…


  17. Usurper, take notice!

    Brasília (AFP) – Workers erected barricades Sunday along Brasilia’s Esplanade of Ministries to separate supporters and opponents of President Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment, on the eve of a crucial vote on her political fate.

    A congressional commission preparing to recommend whether or not to impeach Rousseff resumes deliberations Monday, with a vote scheduled for 5:00 pm (2000 GMT), and authorities are taking no chances in the build-up to a subsequent vote by the lower house of Congress next weekend.


  18. I hate being lied to, especially by the government, and more especially by a stupid, Muslim, phony, usurper in the white house!


    Global Temperature Record Is A Smoking Gun Of Collusion And Fraud


  19. Almost every member of “Congress,” every “judge” and “justice” in our courts and the “top brass in the U.S. Armed Forces” knows the meaning of the term “natural born Citizen” in Article 2 Section 1 clause 5 of our Constitution, and this primary constitutional eligibility requirement is not only the highest and the foremost security measure of the United States, but is in fact directly applicable law. The members of “Congress,” “judges” and “justices” and the “members of the U.S. Armed Forces” have NO discretion to ignore the meaning of the term “natural born Citizen” and to enter into a conspiracy to violate and alienate this constitutional eligibility requirement. This requirement cannot be set aside, not lawfully, and they conspire against our representative form of government.

    Article 2 Section 1 clause 5 United States Constitution — also required to be enforced by the 20th Amendment of our Constitution and 3 U.S.C.15.

    This requirement of law is to be upheld and enforced (supported and defended) by every member of Congress, every judge and justice in our courts, every executive officer, including every member of the Armed Forces, and they have sworn an oath to do so. They are in fact all bound by the law.



  21. Listen to this Muslim Brotherhood POS try to sound like he knows what he’s talking about, and see if you don’t get as angry as me!

    Arrest the usurper!!!!!!!!


  22. I know one “world leader” who’s worried about Trump, and it is the usurper in the white house!

  23. Donald J. Trump
    5 hrs ·

    The people of Colorado had their vote taken away from them by the phony politicians. Biggest story in politics. This will not be allowed!

  24. And Lyin’ Ted isn’t even eligible to be president.


    Shameless and unethical – What part of “representative government” do they not understand?

    Shameless Ted Cruz Thanks Colorado Establishment for Voter-less Sweep of Delegates

    Ted Cruz supporters took all 13 of the delegates up for grabs at the Colorado GOP Convention on Saturday to …
    thegatewaypundit.com|By Jim Hoft


  25. oldsoldier80


    We DO NOT have a representative Republic any more, and haven’t had one for quite some time now…we have had a “HOSTILE TAKEOVER” by the corporation calling itself, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Inc.

    We have no say so in our government. We are only expected to be intelligent enough to run the machine we are assigned to. We will be given only enough to sustain ourselves no more than a week in advance. And all policies and laws are made to conform to our world leaders dictates, whom ever they may be……

    God help America because those 535 idiots we have in Washington won’t !

  26. Has any one heard if the hearing was held this morning in New Jersey against the Canadian Rafael Edwardo Cruz?

  27. oldsoldier80

    The people of Colorado last week surrendered the last and most important thing a democratic state has which belongs ‘to the people’.

    The RIGHT TO VOTE…even though the people (well a majority of them) will know long before they place their ballots that their vote means nothing in the determination of whom is S-elected to lead this country. The state of Colorado just committed the greatest sin any state of the nation can commit against it’s people.

    Even in a communist country now, the people have been given the right to cast a ballot. There may be only one person listed on that ballot, but nevertheless, they have the right to vote, or not vote, for that person.

    Colorado and the Republican Party, have now taken the ‘democracy process’ right just one step deeper in the hole. The people no longer have the right to even go to the polls and cast a vote.

    “Hail Caesar, We who are about to die, salute you” ! And that’s exactly where we are in the democratic process across America today. We have collectively stepped in sh*t and onto a banana peel and we are heading very fast down a down a very slippery slope at breakneck speed ……..someone is going to get hurt in this process.

    Common sense now tells us, even the dumbest of us, that the we no longer have any rights given to us by our forefathers in our Constitution …instead, we have political scraps being thrown to us by our ‘appointed’ dictators who feel they know what’s best for us and will go to all extremes to prove their right. Even to the point of denying basic rights which all Americans have enjoyed for a long long time. Our Constitution which has guided this nation for over 128 years has now been re examined by those dictators and found to be nothing but “ancient history”……and they have declared that ancient history will no longer taught in our public schools, or mentioned over a whisper at any assembly.

    How did we ever arrive at where we are today in this country?

    How did we ever get to the point that the Grand Old party refuses to listen to the people and will not support the man that the “people have chosen?” Perhaps a better question would be, “Why do the leaders of the GOP openly refuse to support the choice of the people and why do they go to such extremes to show their dislike for that man?”…These two questions deserve an answer, although the people will never get such an answer from those ‘running the show’…..I will give you my version of that answer. I do not believe it will be far from the truth.

    The first question I posed was, “Why do the GOP leaders refuse to support the choice of the people, Donald Trump?”…..The answer to that is because both political parties have been the same party in America for some time now. The people have been given a public illusion that there is a vast difference….. There is not…they are one in the same. and have been for some time now !.

    The ‘Corporate Wizards’ who are standing behind the curtain and pulling the strings place each parties approved choice on board, in the same manner a chess player places his pieces on the field of battle. The decision has already been made as to whom will win the match…..but the people haven’t been given that information yet.

    The battle begins. Our national media is given advance information as to who they will support and encourage forward. Tensions mount, journalist really start to play their parts in this charade. …..words are exchanged and each side gets their ‘jabs in”….of course that is to maintain the interest of the unsuspecting public, tidbits of non essential information are leaked to the press, who has been instructed to make a “mountain out of that molehill”…..

    The press follows their orders to the tee….some even beyond what is expected of them…depending on how ‘blond their hair is’. With their imagination in overdrive and their blond mane flowing as they gallop off onto the dirty trail, they create a Mount McKinley from almost nothing……this is a favorite move that is also used by the carnival barker who plays the ‘shell game’ with his unsuspecting dupe.

    For months, usually about 10, the game goes on. The tone of the battle increases. Tempers raise on both sides like the summer heat in the middle of Death Valley….some even fell like that’s where the battle will end…but not just yet…the drama builds until the first Tuesday in November.

    On that day, the media had nothing to give the unsuspecting people but two ‘Banty Roosters’, each walking around like he already owns the hen house, telling his unsuspecting public what his first action will be when he “takes over the hen house”…Then the other counters and says ‘that duck’ will never get close to the hen house because he already has claimed those chickens.

    For one day in history, the unsuspecting people feel they really have had a “Say So” in the direction their country will be taking, but alas, when all the phony ballots are counted, many in the losing rooster’s party will just crawl off to a corner and cry….their favorite warrior has lost and “Camelot is Dead”….and so is their hero.

    But they manage to hold their heads high as he mounts the stage to give his concession speech and surrender the keys to the hen house to his opponent. Many of his loyal, but ignorant, supports are crying and wiping tears smearing their heavy makeup and mascara from their face, leaving it looking like a cheap B grade movie rerun of Draclua’s Bride.

    The gallant winning warrior then assumes his lofty position on the stage of history, and after he has just crapped all over his enemy for the past 10 months, he now praises him/or her. for running a great race…..it always amazes me what some people will do to get into that damn chicken house. they become able to lie, cheat, steal, and even murder for a make believe title and the ability to take 10 or 12 vacations a year at the non-existent positiuon. Just ask good ole Obey and the Mooch, they have played ever card in that process, without shame or guilt !

    Well, we have come to the end of the road. All the cards have been played
    and the leaders no longer feel they have to ‘trick’ the ignorant public in the “Game of Control”….they now just tell us to take their medicine or they forcefully cram it down out throats regardless if we like it or not.

    Our Republic is dead. The shining example of that statement just came out of Colorado. We have been told accept the Wizards dictates because they know whats good for us……

    Personally, I do not think the “wizards” have the ability to see this great big powerful train that is bearing down upon them in the dead of night which will leave nothing of them but a ‘gooey mess’ on the tracks as it passes on into history……and the sad thing is, the people they have tried to force their will upon will not even bother to clean up the damn aftermath.

    They will simply find another leader with different ideas more closely related to theirs.

    Does anyone besides me think it’s now time for …”The American Party” ?

  28. citizenwells

    Ginger, just thinking about that.
    I visited the NJ elections site this AM for the rules.

  29. citizenwells

    Nothing yet on Victor Williams’ site or elsewhere.

  30. oldsoldier80

    Judge Jeanine Pirro pretty well sums up my last post in this video of her.

    Bye Bye Republican Party….hello American Party !

    PS….. Please excuse my minor typos and dropped words in my last post…..I just types and posted before proofing…sorry bout that. Now that’s not very ‘journalistic of me’ and says little for my skills, if I have any……lol

  31. citizenwells

    “A New Jersey judge is weighing whether Sen. Ted Cruz should be disqualified from appearing on the state’s presidential primary ballot because he was born in Canada.

    Judge Jeff Masin heard arguments Monday on behalf of the Texas Republican and two challengers, including Catholic University of America law professor Victor Williams and a group of concerned New Jersey residents.

    Masin says he expects to rule Tuesday on procedural questions and the underlying issue of whether Cruz satisfies the constitutional requirement that the president be a natural-born citizen.”


  32. NO ……….
    ……….the Republican party has finally clearly demonstrated that it plans to take the NOMINATION to a clearly UNCONSTITUTIONAL appointment of a nominee who is NOT the elected choice of WE THE PEOPLE. What are you going to do about it? I am betting that NOBODY will even get off their A$$ and say publically what this really is……….Most of our COWARDLY BEER GUZZLERS will just open up another beer, and say OHHHHHHHH WELLLLLLLL, which confirms everything I just said………..in addition to which I hasten to add ” SO FAR THE ONLY PERSON LEFT IN AMERICA WITH A SET OF BALLS IS DONALD TRUMP”, and he at least HAS THE GUTS to say it like it is. YOU TELL EM DONALD……. YOU HAVE MY SUPPORT 100%.

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