Ted Cruz to remain on New Jersey primary ballot?, Judge Jeff Masin heard arguments from challengers Catholic University of America law professor Victor Williams and concerned NJ citizens, Masin to rule Tuesday on Cruz natural born citizen status

Ted Cruz to remain on New Jersey primary ballot?, Judge Jeff Masin heard arguments from challengers Catholic University of America law professor Victor Williams and concerned NJ citizens, Masin to rule Tuesday on Cruz natural born citizen status

“To his kind of judge, Cruz ironically wouldn’t be eligible, because the legal principles that prevailed in the 1780s and ’90s required that someone actually be born on US soil to be a “natural born” citizen. Even having two US parents wouldn’t suffice. And having just an American mother, as Cruz did, would have been insufficient at a time that made patrilineal descent decisive.”…Laurence H. Tribe, Harvard Law Professor

“Ted Cruz wrote the forward for U.S. Constitution for Dummies which clearly reveals that he is not a natural born citizen.”…IL ballot challenger Bill Graham

“We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”…Abraham Lincoln


From NorthJersey.com April 11, 2016.

“Cruz’s nationality at center of New Jersey ballot hearing

A New Jersey judge is weighing whether Sen. Ted Cruz should be disqualified from appearing on the state’s presidential primary ballot because he was born in Canada.

Judge Jeff Masin heard arguments Monday on behalf of the Texas Republican and two challengers, including Catholic University of America law professor Victor Williams and a group of concerned New Jersey residents.

Masin says he expects to rule Tuesday on procedural questions and the underlying issue of whether Cruz satisfies the constitutional requirement that the president be a natural-born citizen.

Cruz was born in Calgary, Alberta, to a Cuban father and an American mother. He is a U.S. citizen.”

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30 responses to “Ted Cruz to remain on New Jersey primary ballot?, Judge Jeff Masin heard arguments from challengers Catholic University of America law professor Victor Williams and concerned NJ citizens, Masin to rule Tuesday on Cruz natural born citizen status

  1. citizenwells

    “Williams demands that Cruz be disqualified from several late-primary ballots: “Cruz committed ballot access fraud in each state when he falsely swore that he was a ‘natural born’ American citizen.”

    Cruz was born in Calgary, Canada and held his resulting Canadian citizenship until May 2014. Cruz is a naturalized (not natural born) American citizen.”


  2. hocuspocus13

    It would work out against Ted Cruz as ir should if they would start talking the Law

    Canadian Law reads that when you marry a Canadian Citizen one year after your marriage you automatically become a Canadian Citizen

    Ted Cruz’s may have not been an American Citizen at the time of Ted’s birth

    1970 the year Ted Cruz was born Canada did not recognize dual citizenship and we all know for a fact Ted Cruz was indeed a Canadian Citizen at birth

    A judge should demand Ted Cruz unseal his birth records

  3. hocuspocus13

    PS: 3rd paragraph typo it should read

    Ted Cruz’s Mother may not have been an American Citizen at the time of Ted’s birth

  4. Mr. Wells
    Is this judge one of the Barry Soetoro’s liberal appointees? Here is a prayer that I have been putting on FB every chance I get! We need a miracle fast!

    Dear God
    I bow my head
    and ask,
    if it be thy will,
    Please save this land
    from those who seek to destroy it.


  5. oldsoldier80


    and this party member isn’t what he is telling the people he is…..in fact this bastard isn’t even a CITIZEN of the country he wishes to rule over !!!

  6. oldsoldier80


  7. oldsoldier80

    and to the people of Colorado who would have voted TRUMP if they had been giver the opportunity to exercise that right……REVOLT,,,, that too is your right…our Constitution says that when our government gets to the point it is corrupt and against the will of the people….the people have right and obligation to CHANGE IT…If it can be changed peacefully , then all the better, but if not, then they also have the second option where someone will get a nosebleed……or worse.

  8. What else did they lie about?
    Colorado GOP Lied About #NeverTrump Tweet – The Account Was Not Hacked, It Was Posted by Trump-Hating Insider


  9. citizenwells

    Judge Jeff Masin 2012 Obama eligibility hearing:

    Obama Attorney Alexandra Hill argues even Mickey Mouse could be on New Jersey Presidential ballot!


  10. I’m going down to the place where I was TO VOTE, and tell them just how I feel,. What can they do to me take away my vote. The way it sounds I’ve already had my vote taken away.

  11. The radio station I’m listening to the people are calling in and they are fighting mad. I don’t blame them, most of them said they not going vote in Nov.

  12. oldsoldier80


    There is a Colorado GOP protest scheduled April, 14th at 3pm in response to the decision of the Colorado GOP executive committee to not let citizens vote in the Colorado primary, which gave Ted Cruz a clean sweep of every single delegate in the state.

    The GOP executive committee said they “voted to cancel the traditional presidential preference poll after the national party changed its rules to require a state’s delegates to support the candidate that wins the caucus vote”.

    READ THAT PARAGRAPH AGAIN….Therein lies the clue to WHY that group of crooks decided top not respect the voice of the people…..when the national committee decided to change the rules NOT REQUIRING state committees to honor the popular votes in their state ! Now that says it all right there…The fix is in and it doesn’t matter of TRUMP takes every state, every district, every vote from here on out…he will not be the nominee to the GOP come November …..

    Never in the history of the United States has the common man been treated in such a manner. A war was fought and won in order that all citizens have a right in their government….that now has been usurped by the elite who answer to no one. I wonder just how Patrick Henry or John Adams would respond to all this bullsh*t that the Republican party is throwing against the people today…..personally, I think they would say….”it’s time to ride boy’s…..it’s time to ride again”…..

    Is this what it will take to get our country back from those who have stolen it, only to make their fortune on the backs of the common man? God forbid we have to go to the ‘last resort’ to bring justice to our nation, but if it comes to that, then so mote it be.

    Back to Colorado…..”This has not sat well with Colorado voters, especially given all that has happened is only to try and stop Donald Trump from securing the GOP nomination.

    Group organizers posted to the Colorado GOP Protest Facebook page:

    “The Colorado Republican Party shamefully silenced its voters this election season. We demand that Colorado give the power to vote in the Presidential Primary to the voters.

    We will exercise our right to assemble and peacefully protest the corruption of the Colorado GOP and the disenfranchisement that we the voters have suffered.”

    54/40 or fight !!!!! … their choice….

    Personally, I hope there are a of of nose bleeds coming out of this !

  13. oldsoldier80

    Trump Could Win The Pennsylvania Primary By 100% Of The Vote And Still Lose the Delegates…….

    The Unites States Primary process for selecting the Presidential nominee for the two parties is utterly and completely corrupt and it’s even worse in the Pennsylvania Primary. Taking the time and effort to stand in the long lines at polling stations to cast your vote is totally pointless in the state of Pennsylvania. Trying to fully understand the delegate process in all 50 states for the Republican nomination is enough to make the average voter want to break something, so I’m not going to discuss the other 49 states. The key focus here, is the joke of a system in the state of Pennsylvania.

    Pennsylvania carries 71 delegates to the Republican convention in Cleveland. Out of those 71 delegates, only 17 are what are called “bound” or “pledged” delegates to the winner of the states primary contest. The other 54 delegates are not pledged to the winner of the primary and are sent on behalf of the party in the state to vote for whichever candidate they want. So here is how this works. Pledged or bound delegates are required to vote for the winner of their state primary on the first ballot at the Convention. If no one gets to the majority of delegates, which is 50% +1 or 1,237 after the first vote, pledged delegates are able to become unbound and vote for someone else. This means that Donald Trump could win 100% of the popular vote in the Pennsylvania primary and only 17 delegates are required to vote for him on the first ballot at the Convention.

    The other 54 delegates that are sent will be able to vote for whichever candidate they chose. Some or all could vote for Cruz or Kasich, even though in our simulated scenario, neither one of them picked up a single popular vote. So theoretically, Cruz could show up at the Convention with 54 delegates from Pennsylvania and Trump would only show up with 17, even though he won 100% of the popular vote. Yes, you read that correctly. This is how corrupt and rigged the system actually is. So what can Trump do to get more than 17 delegates from Pennsylvania? He has to play what is known as the Unbound Delegate game and there is only one way to play it. Buy them. Yep…good ole fashioned bribes and pay offs. A G6 Airplane here and a couple of rounds of golf at Trump International Golf Club there.

    This is the game that Kasich and Cruz have been playing all along. They have been essentially buying “unbound” delegates from various states to make the path to 1,237 that much more difficult for Trump. Promising ambassadorships, cushy government jobs, federal appointments with big paychecks, etc. Anything to get the delegates which assures a Contested Convention is the game that has to be played, and Kasich and Cruz are playing it. The media are attacking Trump for being ignorant to the process when he says that the game is “rigged” and, “this is not how a democracy is supposed to work”. In reality, Trump doesn’t like the game and wants the people to decide who the nominee is, not bought delegates. All delegates should be pledged to state winner. Period.

    The RAW Scoop is this. Our system is corrupt to the point where is cannot be changed. It must be destroyed and rebuilt. The people haven’t had a voice and the establishment leaders play us for fools. It’s either their way or the highway and they could give a damn about the people or their constituents. It is simply about keeping the gravy train and buddy system together for the elites and 2016 is no exception. They would rather see Hillary Clinton as President before they are willing to break up the country club and elect an outsider. When you see Ted Cruz or John Kasich on TV discussing the convention with overwhelming confidence, now you know why. They are part of the system and know that they will be taken care of in Cleveland, it doesn’t really make a damn what you said at the polls.

    So my question boils down to this: Why do people even bother to take time from work to go do their civic duty of casting a damn ballot…this article and the shannanagin’s in Colorado have proven that the common man’s vote at the ballot box means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

    So why waste your time in supporting nothing but graft, corruption, and a sham against your democratic right to vote for the man of your choice……….

    Why not spend that time doing something constructive …like organizing a revolt…or something to force a change in this phony election process we are forced to live under now…..

  14. oldsoldier80
    Thanks, I’ll be there because I’m mad as hell.

  15. Here’s one for posting. How soon we forget.
    Article by Devvy Kidd
    In December 2008, attorney Leo Donofrio filed a challenge in New Jersey to keep a pair of con men off the ballot for presidential preference: John McCain, Barry Soetoro aka Obama. Leo was not denied because of standing. Not to rehash years of litigation, but Leo ended up petitioning the U.S. Supreme Court who hid behind their dirty black robes. The ‘high’ court refused to hear one of the most important legal issues of our time: presidential eligibility.

    Shenanigans by clerks at the U.S. Supreme Court should have prompted an investigation by Congress, but of course, that never happened. Justice Clarence Thomas disgraced himself when he stated during a congressional subcommittee hearing regarding presidential eligibility: “We’re evading that one.” Everyone, including Thomas, all laughed. Ha, ha.

    Over 90 lawsuits were brought to stop the criminal impostor in the White House from running for president because Barry Soetoro aka Obama and other known aliases is clearly not a natural born citizen. Despite the massive amount of legal research based on court cases and historical documents defining natural born citizen, buffoons in the media, print and electronic, as well as boob tube experts, talk show biggies and the corrupt machines called the RNC and DNC continue to distort the truth by declaring only one parent must be a U.S. citizen. Wrong. BOTH parents must be U.S. citizens at the time the child is born.

    Not one of those lawsuits was ever decided on the merits of the law. All were dismissed for political expediency. At this time there’s no proof Ted Cruz is even a naturalized U.S. Citizen so I ask again: Just what country does he claim citizenship under?

    Several lawsuits and requests for hearings to stop Ted Cruz have already been thrown out on technical grounds or simply because of the ‘we are not going to deal with this’ syndrome by lower judges or election officials.

    Montgomery Blair Sibley was a close friend and attorney for Deborah Jeane Palfrey aka the DC Madame silenced by suicide. In January 2012, Mongtomery announced he was running for president as a write in candidate;see history here. His goal was to try one more time to keep the lying Marxist in the White House off the ballot. The powers that be who control our elections made sure that never happened.

    Now in April 2016, we have come full circle back to the State of New Jersey and a write in candidate for president by the name of Victor Williams who has quite a resumé:

    “Victor Williams is a clinical assistant professor in the Lawyering Skills Program. He teaches Law and Economics and Lawyering Skills. Victor earned three law degrees: an LL.M. (specializing in Law and Economics) from George Mason University School of Law in 2005; an LL.M. from Columbia University’s School of Law in 1994; and a J.D. from the University of California’s Hastings College of the Law in 1990. While in law school, he was an articles editor of the Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly. Victor also served as a student editor of American Review of International Arbitration while completing his graduate law study at Columbia.

    “Victor served as a federal judicial law clerk with U.S. District Court Judge W. B. Hand from 1990-1992. Victor also worked as a federal judicial extern for U.S. Court of Appeals Judge G.B. Tjoflat of the Eleventh Circuit and for U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Joseph Sneed of the Ninth Circuit. Additionally, he interned with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, working on enforcement issues at the SEC’s regional office in Los Angeles. Prior to affiliating with The Columbus School of Law, Victor Williams held a tenured appointment as an associate professor of Law with the City University of New York’s John Jay College of Criminal Justice. At CUNY, he taught a variety of law and policy courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

    “His academic writings include articles and essays published by the law journals of Michigan, William & Mary, Columbia, George Mason, Kentucky, Marquette, Seton Hall and Loyola. His practice-oriented articles and essays have been published by the Banking Law Journal, Commercial Law Journal, Administrative Law Journal, American Journal of Comparative Law, Trial, Judicature and Federal Lawyer. Additionally, Victor has published commentaries and op-eds in The American Lawyer, Christian Science Monitor, National Law Journal, Connecticut Law Tribune, Jurist.org, Legal Times, New Jersey Law Journal, Fulton County Daily Report, Miami Business Daily, and the Recorder. Victor’s present research interests include law and economics, the federal appointment process, ethics, administrative law, constitutional law and intellectual property.”

    Williams is challenging Cruz’s eligibility:

    Why Ted “Canadian” Ted Cruz Is NOT Eligible to Run for President (except maybe for Prez of Goldman Sachs)

    “Rafael Edward Cruz was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. But there was no need to for journalists to search for the birth certificate — Lawyer Cruz has admitted that he is a natural-born Canadian. Few would doubt the raw intelligence of Ted Cruz. He is renowned as a Princeton man, a Harvard-trained lawyer, and U.S. Supreme Court advocate who preaches a textualist, strict-constructionist message. Nor should his raw ambition (that over-leaps itself) be denied. Behind closed doors, Mr. Cruz finagled a series of huge (undisclosed) loans from Goldman Sachs to fuel that ambition. But these facts only go to prove the nature of the ballot con that is being perpetrated by Ted Cruz.

  16. oldsoldier80

    Hey Charlotte North Carolina…Is this what you want in the ladies restroom?

    Well if you succeed in throwing out HB2, you might get this…or worse !!!

  17. I read on Facebook that people were being arrested in Colorado! Any one hear anything?

  18. Bad question. I meant to say that the voters are angry and are acting out.

  19. CW,

    RE: US Constitution Hall of Shame
    Just checking for updates.
    Waaaa hapn?

  20. http://www.americasfreedomfighters.com/2016/04/11/thousands-protesters-storm-capitol/

    This is not what I heard. Soros bunch, union, women libers, etc,

  21. oldsoldier80……………
    …………and a hell of a lot of our younger generation regard such a TWISTED BASTARD as NORMAL……….nothing wrong with “IT.” In truth they are very sick sexual deviates……..PURE PSYCHOPATHS. OUR ALLEGED SOCIETY BOTH MALE AND FEMALE HAVE BECOME MENTALLY TRANSFIXED UPON ALL FORMS OF SEX, AND ARE NOW SO RADICALLY DEVIATED THAT IT IS DOUBTFUL THAT ANY OF THEM WILL EVER RECOVER……….RATHER I BELIEVE THAT A VERY LARGE NUMBER OF THEM WILL SUCCUMB VERY EARLY IN THEIR LIVES TO THE RAVAGES OF THEIR HORRIBLE, AND FILTHEY STDs. I recently read in my wife’s nurses publication that HANSEN’S DISEASE (LEPROSY) is also returning. Also several other illnesses that were all but eradicated, are now making a return……one of which is TUBERCULOSIS. This is all thanks to the LIBERAL LUNATICS who think letting millions of foreigners come in without any physical exams is OK.. I am sure that Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Clinton thinks they are all VERY C-O-O-L. Wouldn’t it be ironic if she were to contract the disease of one of the ILLEGAL BASTARDS which has no cure! I would say “GOOD FOR WHAT AILS HER”.

  22. It sounds like Lyin’ Ted has already been yanked from the ballot in NJ, and it is Lyin’ Ted’s job to get his name put back on the ballot.

    I thought this was a battle to get his name removed from the ballot, it looks like he’s already off.

    “Law Professor Victor Williams says that Senator Ted Cruz has fraudulently claimed to be eligible to become the President of the United States, when he is not.

    New Jersey Judge Jeff Masin heard oral arguments this morning on whether Cruz should be returned to the June 7 New Jersey Republican Primary ballot after having his name pulled last week by New Jersey Secretary of State, Kim Guadagno.

    Williams, who teaches at Catholic University in Washington, D.C., says that Cruz must prove that he is a natural-born U.S. citizen, but Cruz has had his birth records sealed. Professor Williams says the burden of proof is on Cruz to show that he is a natural-born citizen, not on the state to prove that he is not.”


  23. GOP AT WAR WITH THE PEOPLE! The American Party Is Forming!
    December 12, 2015 Dianne Marshall

    The GOP BLEW IT BIG TIME! They exposed themselves as deceivers, liars, connivers, cheats, patsies, new world order thugs, lovers of war on terror, hate mongers, bullies, lawless, and most of all – they have exposed their war on “WE THE PEOPLE”.


  24. Script is written.

    Brasília (AFP) – Brazil’s vice president — who would take over if Dilma Rousseff is impeached — on Monday accidentally released the speech he’d give to the nation if she were forced to stand aside, reports said.


  25. Eligible to be a US Senator?
    I don’t see how!
    He lied!
    He’s Lyin’ Ted!




  26. Ex-lawyer starts disclosing who called ‘D.C. Madam’
    By Neal Augenstein | @AugensteinWTOP April 11, 2016 1:04 pm

    WASHINGTON — Saying he has “waited long enough,” the ex-lawyer of “D.C. Madam” Deborah Jeane Palfrey has released some of the names of companies, government agencies and organizations that had called her escort service between 2000 and 2006.


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