Vermont Cruz Rubio eligibility lawsuit update January 18, 2016, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio served summons and amended complaint, H. Brooke Paige hired process servers Baker Investigations

Vermont Cruz Rubio eligibility lawsuit update January 18, 2016, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio served summons and amended complaint, H. Brooke Paige hired process servers Baker Investigations

“To his kind of judge, Cruz ironically wouldn’t be eligible, because the legal principles that prevailed in the 1780s and ’90s required that someone actually be born on US soil to be a “natural born” citizen. Even having two US parents wouldn’t suffice. And having just an American mother, as Cruz did, would have been insufficient at a time that made patrilineal descent decisive.”…Laurence H. Tribe, Harvard Law Professor

“Moore said he’s seen no convincing evidence that Obama is a “natural born citizen” and a lot of evidence that suggests he is not.”…Judge Roy Moore interview by WND

“We are being lied to on a scale unimaginable by George Orwell.”…Citizen Wells



Just in from Mr. H. Brooke Paige, plaintiff in the complaint against the State of Vermont, Secretary of State James Condos and Attorney General William Sorrell.

“Superior Court Judge Timothy Tomasi granted Plaintiff’s motion to file an amended complaint. The State filed an opposition brief limited to the issue of the Motion for a TRO, they have yet to Answer the Verified Complaint and have
been given until January 26 to answer or be found in default. Plaintiff
filed his amended brief naming Cruz and Rubio as indispensable parties
since their Petitions and Consent Forms were confirmed by the Secretary of
State. ”

“Wednesday the Judge scheduled a hearing on the TRO for Friday the 15th. On Friday the Plaintiff filed his Response to Defendant’s Opposition Brief and the Hearing was attended by Plaintiff and State Defendants who had summoned the Director of Elections to testify. Substantive evidence was provided by the Plaintiff and confirmed under oath by the Director of Elections under cross-examination revealing numerous defects and errors in the process and procedures including counting signatures of many individuals who were not registered. In dozens of instances were not even residents (or inhabitants) of Vermont including the citizens of  CT, NY, NJ, MA and even FL who because the
Petitions were not labeled as for the Vermont Primary did not required the
signatories to certify that they were in fact registered Vermont voters.
Incredibly the Director of Elections testified that his office did not
believe they were required to confirm that the petition signatories were
on the voters rolls in Vermont, rather that they were only required to
determine that the signatures were legible and nothing more. Welcome to
Vermont’s Wild West of Elections where few care about the integrity of the
election process, in fact most probably do not even understand the
concept. In the end the Judge did not grant the TRO citing that the
public interest and concerns over voter disenfranchisement outweighed the
injury to the Plaintiff. Plaintiff will receive the Return of Service and
the executed Summonses on Tuesday for the new Defendants and will file
them with the Court that day, starting the 20 day clock for the new
Defendants to answer or otherwise file a response with the Court.”

Mr. Paige hired Baker Investigations and Process Servers to serve
the Summons and Amended Complaint on the out-of-state Defendants Cruz and
Rubio during their visit to Charleston SC in advance of their appearances
on the Fox Business News Republican Debate. Owner Elizabeth Baker
personally served both Cruz and Rubio on Wednesday January 13, as they
arrived in Charleston.

Photos courtesy of Baker Investigations and Process Servers.



According to Mr. Paige, Elizabeth Baker described the Rubio campaign folks as very accommodating and congenial while the Cruz folks were willing to
cooperate although they seemed less cordial and Boston lawyers contacted
the Plaintiff attempting to substitute “electronic service” for personal
service required by the Court.

Original complaint:

15 responses to “Vermont Cruz Rubio eligibility lawsuit update January 18, 2016, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio served summons and amended complaint, H. Brooke Paige hired process servers Baker Investigations

  1. “Donald Trump is actually right about something: Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) is not a natural-born citizen and therefore is not eligible to be president or vice president of the United States.”…constitutional law professor Mary Brigid McManamon

  2. More stupid Glenn Beck:

    GLENN: “Well, you do because I have real respect for you. And you are a constitutional expert. I mean, that’s why I like you. And I — you’ve done something that I just don’t understand, that I just didn’t expect. I expected it from Rubio. I expected it from everybody. But I didn’t expect it from you. And that’s this birther nonsense with Ted Cruz, where you joked — and I accept the joke at first, “Eh, he might be a good prime minister in Canada.” I accept the joke. But then when you’re pushed on it, you say, “Well, I’m not a constitutional expert. I don’t know.” Come on, man. Yes, you do. Yes, you do.”

    RAND: “I think the reason why nobody really knows the answer is, it’s never been adjudicated. We’ve never had a nominee or a president that wasn’t born in the United States. I’m not saying that he isn’t eligible. I’m saying that Democrats will, of course, bring this up, and it will have to be adjudicated because it’s never happened before.”

  3. CW……..
    ……..first of all I would say to Rand Paul “if you THINK we have never had a potus who wasn’t born in the US then you also believe that Soetoro was born in the US……..when there has NEVER been any absolute proof as such”.For Rand Paul to believe this tells me that he believes ANYTHING he is told.

  4. AND NOW…….
    ………we know one reason why Soetorocare is such a failure………Bernie Sanders stated last night that he HELPED WRITE IT! Expect a PI$$ POOR product when it is produced by such twisted SOCIALIST MORONS.

    ……..Sandie is a total NITWIT!


    Just because a fish dies does not mean the smell goes away…in fact, it gets stronger and stronger…and more questions need to be ask and answered before the stinking mess is buried for good…..

    You may, or may not, know this Mr. Wells, but your investigative actions in 2015 about the Vince Foster death was the primary reason that caused Christopher Ruddy to write his book about the ‘strange death of Vince Foster’, the attorney for the Clinton’s……

    Here is an article I came across this morning in another website; beforeit’
    Hillary Clinton Vince Foster murder/suicide cover-up, The strange death of Vincent Foster, Christopher Ruddy investigation, NewsMax articles resurrected by Citizen Wells, Scathing Foster investigation articles, Clintons’ reach extends?

    Hillary Clinton Vince Foster murder/suicide cover-up, The strange death of Vincent Foster, Christopher Ruddy investigation, NewsMax articles resurrected by Citizen Wells investigation,

    Scathing Foster investigation articles, Clintons’ reach extends?

    I have been digging into the details of the Vincent Foster death in 1993 and subsequent cover-ups and botched investigations.

    The amount of information on the internet is amazing and once again I am encountering important, damning articles that are no longer found at their origin.

    I have resurrected 2 and they are presented below.

    Also, in the true spirit of citizen journalism, one of the dedicated commenters here, oldsoldier79, recently presented a Cspan II video of a presentation of jounalist and author Christopher Ruddy who investigated the death of Vince Foster and subsequent inquiries.

    Ruddy then wrote “The Strange Death of Vincent Foster.”

    Christopher Ruddy founded NewsMax Media in 1998.

    From NewsMax April 4, 2001.

    “‘Vince Foster’s Gun’ Serial Number Searched Before Death

    When Vince Foster was found dead from an apparent gunshot wound to the head in 1993, the government was quick to write off the death as a suicide.

    That sat well with Bill Clinton and Vince’s closest confidante, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    For years, detail after detail emerged questioning the official ruling.

    Significant questions were raised about the unusual gun – a .38 Colt revolver made from the parts of three guns with two serial numbers – found conveniently in Vince’s hand.

    The Park Police said one of the serial numbers indicated the gun was vintage 1913 – and had no pedigree.

    Foster family members insisted neither Foster nor his father ever owned the old revolver.

    Recently, a reader named Craig Brinkley contacted us.

    Curious about the gun, Brinkley had filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the FBI, asking details of requests on the gun’s serial numbers with the NCIC – the National Crime Information Center.

    The NCIC keeps records of all law enforcment inquiries of serial numbers.

    On March 23, 2001, the FBI responded to Brinkley’s request.

    Serial number 356555, one of the numbers on the gun, was never searched, not by the FBI, the Park Police or by that “investigation” by Ken Starr.

    Serial number 355055 was found on the frame of the gun. Brinkley believes that was the gun’s real number.

    That number was indeed searched by the Park Police, on the evening of Foster’s death, more exactly at 22:45 EDT on July 20, 1993.

    Interestingly, searches were conducted on the same serial number no fewer than three times earlier that year, before Foster’s death, on March 3, March 7 and April 29.

    Was someone checking to see that this gun had a “clean” pedigree and was untraceable?

    We called Marilyn Walton at the FBI’s Access Integrity Unit. She told us that the government does not disclose which law enforcement agencies requested a trace on the serial number. She said it could have been made by local or federal agencies who have access to the NCIC computer.

    She noted that serial numbers are often duplicated, and usually when a request is made, it includes additional information, such as the gun’s make and model.

    In all four cases no such information was entered, just the number. Walton added that many guns share similar serial numbers.

    Is it a coincidence that in the year of Foster’s death, four searches were conducted on the serial number found on the old gun – none ever before or after?”

    From NewsMax December 4, 2003 via Free Republic.

    “Vince Foster: What the Media Won’t Tell You”

    “Major media outlets reported Wednesday on the Supreme Court hearing of California lawyer Allan Favish’s case that government photographs of Vincent Foster’s death scene be released for public viewing. The media report that no fewer than five investigations have found that Foster committed suicide because he was depressed. But despite 10 years of denial by the major media, the Foster case has not “closed” – as the Supreme Court hearing Wednesday demonstrated.
    The case won’t close because of the failure of authorities to make full disclosure – and to conduct a full investigation into the case, including a complete autopsy.

    Vince Foster was not only deputy White House counsel but also the personal attorney to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

    On the night of Foster’s death, top Clinton aides made a frantic effort to enter and remove documents from his West Wing office. In the days that followed, federal investigators were stymied in their investigation of Foster’s office and strange death.

    Since Foster’s July 1993 death, the facts of his death have been obfuscated by friends of Bill and Hillary in the major media, but here’s the undeniable truth:

    There weren’t “five” investigations into Foster’s death, as the media report. The Park Police, best known for their meter and horse patrols around Washington, were put in charge of the initial death inquiry of the most important federal official to die suspiciously since President Kennedy. The Park Police, contradicting standard procedure, declared the death a suicide before launching their inquiry.

    The FBI never officially investigated the case but simply signed off on the Park Police “probe.” The bureau had little choice. The day before Foster’s death, Bill Clinton hurriedly fired the director of the FBI, William Sessions. Sessions later charged that Clinton had “politicized” the bureau.

    Later, Robert Fiske, selected by Clinton’s counsel Bernie Nussbaum and Janet Reno, quickly confirmed the Park Police probe as a suicide.

    But when Ken Starr entered the investigation, he reopened the case. His chief prosecutor in the case, Miquel Rodriguez, later quit the Starr investigation, claiming that Starr’s staff was engaging in a cover-up of Foster’s death.

    Rodriguez, a Harvard-educated federal prosecutor, argued that one of the Polaroid photos taken of Foster at the crime scene indicated an additional wound on Foster’s neck – never noted on the autopsy report. Favish’s suit before the Supreme Court is seeking to release this photo, among others.

    No fewer than three of the paramedics on the scene indicated in reports or testimony that the crime scene was consistent with a murder scene, not a suicide.

    A careful FBI microscopic investigation of Foster’s shoes found not a trace of soil or grass stains on them, though he supposedly walked several hundred yards through wooded Fort Marcy Park to where his body was found. [Years later, Starr’s investigation found plenty of soil and grass stains. Rodriguez charged that the shoes were tampered with to produce such “evidence.”]

    Foster was found with little blood around his body – and despite claims that he fired the gun into his mouth, practically no blood was found on the front of his shirt.

    Foster was found with a 1913 revolver no one in his family could claim, with two serial numbers, made from the parts of three or more guns. None of Foster’s fingerprints were found on the gun.

    The bullet that supposedly killed Foster was never found, despite intensive searches.

    Despite claims to the contrary, no one who knew Foster, including Hillary, Web Hubbell and his own wife, saw signs of depression.

    A so-called suicide note was found in an office briefcase that had been searched and found to be empty after Foster’s death. The note was torn into 27 pieces. Yet an FBI examination found no trace of Foster’s fingerprints on the note and a top Oxford handwriting expert found the note to be an “obvious” forgery.

    Despite the enormity of the case, Foster’s autopsy lasted an astounding 45 minutes. The coroner in the case had previously been overruled in other cases he declared “suicides” that were later found to be murders.

    All of the X-rays taken during the autopsy are missing.

    Complete crime scene photos don’t exist. The Park Police said all the photos were “accidentally” overexposed. A series of close-up Polaroids, which Favish is suing for, remain. This is just a brief summary of the dozens of inconsistencies in the case. Two New York homicide investigators who looked into the case concluded that Foster’s body had been moved to the crime scene and that murder could not be ruled out.

    Despite overwhelming evidence of a cover-up, the media won’t question the official ruling.

    Ken Starr, who could find no criminal wrongdoing on the part of the Clintons during his “intensive” probe, confirmed a ruling of suicide. Starr even hired O.J. Simpson’s defense expert to prove his case.

    If ever there were a case for public disclosure of government records and photos, it’s the Vince Foster case. The high court should decide in Allan Favish’s favor.”

    It appears that NewsMax’ archives only go back to 2007.

    Is that the reason that these 2 articles can’t be found there?

    Who made the decision for a news site to only keep articles from 2007 on?


    Is there another reason?

    More to come





  8. What kind of idiot is that idiot? She is almost 150 years old? Where did you find that fountain of youth? People get dumber each day.

  9. Delores Wieland……

    That is ‘an idiot’s idiot…..without papers ! a product of Texas…I think Houston area….

  10. AND NOW……….
    ……….Trump is speaking to Liberty University students, and so far he has had over TWENTY MINUTES of television coverage for FREE! ……….now you KNOW WHY I RESPECT Trump………he KNOWS HOW TO USE THE MEATHEADS, to begin with, and to compound that he is RIGHT! Trump’s surname makes it sound like a game of EUCHRE………but I wouldn’t be afraid to bet that he has both bowers and the ace……..VOILA…….GAME TIME!. In addition if Jeb became POTUS he does so with a debt that he owes to his supporters……and you can be sure that he will NOT IGNORE his LOBBYIST friends. Trump uses his own money!

  11. Dolores Weiland………
    …………you can be sure that the low intelligence people will believe that she IS a freed slave……..that is those who have THREE WORD VOCABULARIES. We have a fast growing abundance of such MORONS, and you can be sure they will ALL vote the LIBERAL DEMOCRAT ticket. That is those who can figure out how to push the button!

  12. OBAMACARE is dangerous to your health…BAN OBAMACARE !!!!


  13. Obama “Destroyed” After US Navy Boats Transporting Top ISIS Terror Leader Captured By Iran

    Posted by EU Times on Jan 17th, 2016 // 7 Comments

    The Ministry of Defense (MoD) is reporting today that the Obama regimes “master plan” for dealing with the Islamic Republic of Iran has been “completely destroyed” after special naval forces belonging to the Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution (Sepāh) during the past fortnight captured two “highly armed and sophisticated” United States Navy Riverine Command Boats (RCB) under the command of the Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC) operating from the US Fifth Fleet in Bahrain who were transporting to Kuwait for transfer to Syria of a “top level” Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) terror commander.

    [Critical Note: All of the events described in this report occurred on 29 December, NOT 12 January. The Pentagons information release of the capture of these vessels was done without President Obama’s permission and was done so by US military leaders intending to embarrass President Obama on the day of his addressing his nation because he had refused permission for US Navy forces to strike the Iranian forces while they were capturing these boats, but who were, likewise, unaware of Obama’s secret ongoing negotiations with Iran.]

    According to this report, Iranian special forces naval troops utilizing intelligence gathered by the Joint Information Center (JIC) in Baghdad “discovered/unveiled” the Obama regimes “plot/plan” to secret into Syria from Saudi Arabia a “top level” Islamic State commander to replace the once feared Syrian terror leader Zahran Alloush who was killed on 25 December by an Aerospace Forces airstrike.

  14. “Proof that Ted Cruz did not become a US citizen at birth”

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