ADP and Labor Dept. jobs reports will not matter, White americans and millenials jobs decimated under Obama, 75 percent of jobs went to Hispanics, We are being lied to on a scale unimaginable by George Orwell

ADP and Labor Dept. jobs reports will not matter, White americans and millenials jobs decimated under Obama, 75 percent of jobs went to Hispanics, We are being lied to on a scale unimaginable by George Orwell

“In today’s labor market, there are nearly 1 million “missing” young workers—potential workers who are neither employed nor actively seeking work (and are thus not counted in the unemployment rate) because job opportunities remain so scarce. If these missing workers were in the labor market looking for work, the unemployment rate of workers under age 25 would be 18.1 percent instead of 14.5 percent.”…Economic Policy Institute May 1, 2014

“There’s no other way to say this. The official unemployment rate, which cruelly overlooks the suffering of the long-term and often permanently unemployed as well as the depressingly underemployed, amounts to a Big Lie.”…Gallup CEO Jim Clifton 

“We are being lied to on a scale unimaginable by George Orwell.”…Citizen Wells



Once again the media and the White House will prop up Obama and lie to the American people.

They have not been reporting the real jobs and economy situation in this country.

They especially are not reporting that White Americans have been decimated in the job market under Obama.

Don’t take my word for it. Go to the US Labor Dept. site and look for yourself.

From Market Watch June 3, 2015.

“Wall Street was poised for a positive session on Wednesday, with futures inching higher ahead of private-sector jobs data that could hint at the strength of the closely watched nonfarm-payrolls report.”

“Wednesday’s data: Investors will get a first sense of how the labor market performed in May with the ADP employment report, due at 8:15 a.m. Eastern Time. Economists polled by FactSet expect that 200,000 private-sector jobs were added in the month, up from a disappointing 169,000 in April.

The ADP figure is seen as a bellwether for the top-tier nonfarm-payrolls report due on Friday, although the private-sector data can at times veer substantially from the U.S. government’s report.”

Even if 200k jobs are added, it does not begin to make up for the massive losses of full time jobs under Obama, especially for White Americans and millenials.

Do not be fooled by the stated unemployment rate.

Jim Clifton, CEO of Gallup accurately called it a big lie.

Most of you reading this know that the economy, i.e., main street is not doing well.

That over 30 percent of millenials live with family members.

From Citizen Wells May 28, 2015.

“At least 9 million native born Americans being added to the labor force and immigrants taking native born American jobs.

There was an increase of over 12 million not in the labor force since Obama took office.

The youngest members of the workforce, 16 and above will be hit the hardest by immigrant workers.

And all of those jobs that Obama bragged about and Janet Yellen and others referred to….

Of the approx. 6 million new employments since Obama took office in January 2009, 4,511,000 were Hispanic/Latino!

We have barely, if at all,  recovered all of the jobs lost during the recession and 75% of the job growth went to Hispanic/Latinos!!””

“Millennials are a bit of a mystery to Janet Yellen.

The head of the U.S. Federal Reserve said Tuesday that the behavior of millennials — which typically refers to a generation of people born in the 80s and 90s — has top economists scratching their heads.

“I think we’re just beginning to understand how the millennials are behaving,” Yellen said before the Senate Banking Committee. “They’re certainly waiting longer to buy houses; to get married. They have a lot of student debt. They seem quite worried about housing as an investment. They’ve had a tough time in the job market.”

  • The large increases since 2007 in the unemployment and underemployment rates of young college graduates, and in the share of employed young college graduates working in jobs that do not require a college degree, underscore that the current unemployment crisis among young workers did not arise because today’s young adults lack the right education or skills. Rather, it stems from weak demand for goods and services, which makes it unnecessary for employers to significantly ramp up hiring.
  • The long-run wage trends for young graduates are bleak, with wages substantially lower today than in 2000. Since 2000, the real (inflation-adjusted) wages of young high school graduates have dropped 10.8 percent, and those of young college graduates have dropped 7.7 percent.
  • The erosion of job quality for young graduates is also evident in their declining likelihood of receiving employer-provided health insurance or pensions.
  • Graduating in a bad economy has long-lasting economic consequences. For the next 10 to 15 years, those in the Class of 2014 will likely earn less than if they had graduated when job opportunities were plentiful.”



I do not know how many jobs would have to be created each month to catch up with the huge losses under Obama.

But remember, many of the so called jobs created were part time and low wage. Another reason the immigrants have fared better.

My best SWAG would be double the current number with a much higher percentage of full time jobs.

Actually I do have the background to calculate a more accurate number but that requires a reliable starting point & getting that number would be a real challenge


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  1. citizenwells

    “There were 167,000 fewer white Americans employed in April.

    There were 316,000 fewer white Americans employed since January.

    There were 875,000 more white Americans not in the labor force since January.

    The labor force participation rate for white Americans dropped .4 percent since January.

    It has dropped 3.3 percent under Obama.

    There are over 2.3 million fewer white Americans in the labor force than when Obama took office in January 2009.

    Zero Hedge found and reported the following.

    “For all the talk about a jobs recovery and about a US economy that has put the great financial crisis and recession of 2007/8 in the rear view mirror, don’t tell it to those workers who desire a full-time job and instead are forced to settle with measly part-time offerings (mostly courtesy of Obamacare). Because as the chart below shows, as of April 2015, the number of full-time jobs remained well below the pre-recession peak, which incidentally was hit on December 2007, the month the last recession officially started.

    We bring this up because in April, while the establishment survey reported a number that was just below the consensus estimate (even if it revised the March number lower by 50%), the household survey painted a far less optimistic picture, with the number of part-time jobs surging by nearly half a million, the worst print since last June, while the number of full-time jobs tumbled by 252K, also the biggest drop in nearly a year.”

  2. citizenwells

    “From Whence Cometh Our Wealth – The People’s Labor Or The Fed’s Printing Press?”

    “What I am talking about here is the mindless bunkum issued by so-called financial journalists who swish around Wall Street and Washington exchanging knowing tidbits with policy-makers, deal-makers and each other. Call it the bubble finance “narrative”, and recognize that its gets more uncoupled from economic facts, logic and plausibility with each passing day in the casino.”

  3. citizenwells

    “John Nash Hated Keynesians”

    “So I wish to present the argument that various interests and groups, notably including “Keynesian” economists, have sold to the public a “quasi-doctrine” which teaches, in effect, that “less is more” or that (in other words) “bad money is better than good money”.”

  4. citizenwells

    “Private sector adds the most jobs in four months”

    “‘At the current pace of job growth, the economy will be back to full employment by this time next year.’’

    “Private-sector employment picked up in May as businesses added 201,000 jobs, the most in four months, according to data released Wednesday.

    Economists polled by Dow Jones Newswires had expected a May gain of 215,000, compared with an originally reported increase of 169,000 in April. On Wednesday ADP revised April’s gain to 165,000.”


  5. citizenwells

    “ADP Employment Bounces, Still Weaker Than All Of 2014, 3rd Monthly Decline In Manufacturing Jobs”

    “Having fallen for 5 straight months (and missed expectations for the last 4), much to the ‘recovery meme’ chagrin of Mark Zandi and his fellow extrapolators, May’s 201k print (against expectations of 200k) was a modest bounce that will be seen as heralding the post-weather recovery. At 201k, ADP job change remains below every month of 2014 aside from January. Led by small business – which gained 122k of the 201k jobs, we note that large firms 500-999 employees actually saw jobs being shed. Furthermore, Service-providing jobs dominated with 192 of 201k jobs coming from that segment of the economy and just 9k growth in goods producing with manufacturing dropping 5k.”

  6. oldsoldier79


    From your article….everyone should get the idea Obama hates white Americans…….

    Which is another fact the white house and main stream media is hiding ……..

  7. citizenwells

    “Goldman Sachs chief economist Jan Hatzius said Tuesday that he is sticking with his forecast that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates in September although he said there are “persuasive” reasons for the U.S. central bank to wait until 2016.”

    “Most importantly, there is a considerable amount of uncertainty around the outlook for the economy and the health of the labor market, Hatzius said.”

    Perhaps our dialogue worked.

  8. oldsoldier79


    If you think Unemployment figures are bad now…..just wait until this TOP SECRET deal becomes a reality…..

    OBAMA hides the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership ) from the American people !!!

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Whistleblower website WikiLeaks offered a $100,000 bounty for copies of a secret Pacific trade pact that is a central plank of President Barack Obama’s diplomatic pivot to Asia on Tuesday.

    WikiLeaks, which has published leaked chapters of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiating text before, started a drive to crowd-source money for the reward, just as U.S. unions launched a new push to make the text public.

    “The transparency clock has run out on the TPP. No more secrecy. No more excuses. Let’s open the TPP once and for all,” WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said in a statement.

    Nine hours after the campaign was launched, WikiLeaks’ website was showing $25,835 pledged by more than 100 people.

    The text of the secret TPP, which is still under negotiation and would boost the flow of goods between 12 nations from Japan to Chile, is a classified document.

    The U.S. Trade Representative has increased availability of the text to lawmakers, but critics complain there is still not enough oversight.
    Union group AFL-CIO led a march on the USTR office in Washington to demand to read the text,….. but said it found the doors locked.

    Under legislation awaiting approval from the House of Representatives, the text of the TPP will be publicly available for 60 days before it is signed by the president. ( anyone like to place a bet on this statement?)

    Like our enemy, good old Nancy would say; “The people will know what’s in it only after it’s passed by Congress” !

    But it is still unclear when the House will debate so-called fast-track legislation granting the White House power to speed trade deals through Congress, although House majority leader Kevin McCarthy has said a vote is likely this month.
    My guess is this secret PP will be the “death neil to the American Unions”, and the American Workers……anything Obama wants to keep secret CANNOT POSSIBLY BE GOOD FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE…..that’s a fact..

    This TPP has been under the highest level of secrecy since it was dreamed up in the White House. Everyone in America should be asking the White House, Obama and their Congressman……… WHY?

    Why is something that’s suppose to be SO GOOD for the American people under LOCK and KEY 24 / 7 / 365 ?

    Of course we all know the answer to that silly question.

    It isn’t good for America !!!! , Otherwise everyone in the Obama cabal would have their soap boxs on every street corner in America telling us the full details of this wonderful deal, after almost eight years (everyone knows how ‘motor-mouth’ just loves to brag about himself). The second fact is; the damn Chinese will never give ANYTHING AWAY to anyone for NOTHING……

    So who will be the big winners and losers in this TPP secret high-jack and robbery? The answer to that question obviously will be the damn Chinese will be the winners, you don’t have to guess who the losers will be….

    Again, you can bet your money that the America will be “sucking hind tit” on any deal Obama cuts with his little yellow friends in the East.

    Under Obama, we have sucked ‘hind tit’ on every deal this “Community Organizer” has been involved in regardless of whom the deal was with.

    If the American people don’t get up off their ‘collectively fat asses’ NOW , and demand to know the full contents of this “top secret trade deal”, one thing will be for sure……….

    The American people are going to be screwed again by their beloved ( I use that in a mockingly way) Usurper pResident.

    You have been warned. Call your Congressman, write your Senator. Tell them to do their job and demand they make public every detail of this TOP SECRET Trade deal that will be on a fast train ‘going south’ on the citizens of this nation. Our Constitution says that the people have a right and a voice in their future…We are not slaves, we are free citizens……..


    If you don’t voice your concerns about this SECRET deal being rammed down our throats,, then don’t openly complain when the “Chickens Come Home Too Roost”. …

    and the Chinese are forever entrenched on your front doorstep with their hands in your pockets.

    And they damn sure will be……and you can take these words to the bank..

  9. Bobby Jindal is said to be announcing his run for president later this month and in the past he has said himself, he is not a natural born citizen. My question is why is this allowed to happen by the Rep party?

  10. oldsoldier79

    Radar Ziva….

    You ask;…”My question is why is this allowed to happen by the Rep party?”

    My answer to your question goes like this…….

    Because there is no Republican party, or Democrat party any more…….. there is only ONE PARTY and “WE THE PEOPLE” are not part of it, and are not invited to their party’s anymore…….. as peons, we are only suppose to shut up. and quitely sit in the corner until we have learned not to ask questions, and create problems for their ONE PARTY system , …….. or at least, that’s the way this old man see’s thing today ! ……

    Several years back, our country, AMERICA, was hijacked by the wicked and undeserving to serve as their own little self-serving playground, and if your not part of their team, don’t bother to show up…..the playground gate is locked to all outsiders.

    This is the way this “old soldier of 79” years sees things…someone else may have a different take on your question …but until I hear a better explanation given, I will stick with mine.

  11. Radar Ziva

    I just wonder what Cruz, Jindal and Rubio interpretation of born of two citizen parents on U.S. soil is?

  12. oldsoldier79


    These are words that every American should read…because it’s true.

    The Bankrupt State

    Damon Geller

    What happens when America goes bankrupt?

    The $17 Trillion question?…Let’s be clear, America is already bankrupt.

    “Bankrupt” is defined as “any insolvent debtor” – a debtor whose liabilities exceeds its assets.

    The U.S. government, by its own admission, is a bankrupt entity. Not bankrupt “soon,” bankrupt NOW. To the tune of just OVER $17 trillion.

    In an attempt to fabricate the illusion of “growth,” the Fed and their bank-owned politicians poured trillions of dollars of YOUR money into big banks and the markets in order to prop up stocks, bonds, and real estate after the 2008 economic collapse.

    The idea was to “fix” the economy by pouring 1,000 gallons of high-octane debt-gas on an already ragging debt-fueled bond fire. Of course, REAL growth never materialized.

    Instead, all that these criminals managed to accomplish with their money-printing scheme was to blow up new bubbles, widen the income gap divide, and dramatically increase the wealth of a select few at the expense of the rest of us.

    The tragic result: the USA’s liabilities now exceed its assets by an amount so astronomical it’s almost incomprehensible.

    And by its own admission, that hole will be getting deeper each year until we reach $28 trillion in debt by 2018.

    With a debt of $28 Trillion dollars, only two things can happen;

    1) Individual taxes will take over 75% of a person’s income to control; the debt.

    2) The Ponzi scheme blows up and your money in the bank won’t even buy a loaf of bread or cover the cracks in your walls..

    Some say history never repeats itself…..that may be true, but history surely does make the same mistakes that were made in the past…

    Look at Germany in 1919 shortly after World War One……they continued to print useless money until a Trillion DutcheMarks wouldn’t buy you a loaf of sawdust bread…….and they people were using the ‘worthless paper’ to cover the creaks in their walls……

    Will this be in our future?

    Only the actions of our stupid government and time will tell.

  13. bob strauss

    The most basic information as to who is an American citizen cannot actually be found in any publicly available government data set — anywhere. And don’t forget the FRAUD in the White House has a forged birth certificate, forged selective service registration and is using the SSN of someone born in 1890. It’s quite obvious that he’s not an American citizen too!…

    Many Americans believe that someone, somewhere in Washington, must be in charge of tracking who is and who isn’t a citizen of the United States. Apparently, so does the U.S. Supreme Court, which just accepted a voting rights case that turns on the government’s ability to count the number of citizens in each voting district. But despite all the talk these days about government and Big Data, the justices, like the rest of us, might be surprised to learn that the most basic information as to who is an American citizen cannot actually be found in any publicly available government data set — anywhere.

  14. oldsailor83

    Good afternoon sir…..
    You got it exactly right…..however I would hasten to add that the BASTARD AT THE HELM, isn’t even LEGALLY ELECTED. In reality America HAS NO LEGALLY ELECTED LEADER. The person at the helm is Barry Soetoro, but this is not who Americans voted for,therefore he is NOT legally the POTUS. He is probably NOT EVEN a US CITIZEN. You can thank Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Pelosi, and the rest of the gang of 14 who hijacked the Democratic party. Now the democratic party is the nut case liberals,and the Republican party is the nut case moderates, and they are ONE………WE THE PEOPLE could fix all of this in about 15 minutes,but NOBODY has the GONADS to stand up to the BASTARD…….who in reality IS NOTHING! Sad to say everybody is too busy DOIN THEIR FAVORITE DRUGS,WATCHIN THEIR FAVORITE PORN,GUZZLING BEER,PICKING THEIR NOSES,NO LONGER TAKING BATHS, and don’t use TP. They jump on their Harleys and drive all over the country and TELL EVERYBODY THEY ARE BADA$$ES, WHEN IN REALITY THEY TOO ARE LITTLE MORE THAN OVERLY PUNGENT LOUD MOUTH MORONS WITH CHROME DOMES,BEER GUTS,AND LARD ASSES.

  15. oldsoldier79

    oldsailor83…You are right on all points…..

  16. oldsailor83

    …….FURTHER,IF ANY OF THEM HAD TO DO AN HONEST DAYS WORK HE WOULD PROBABLY COLLAPSE,HAVE A STROKE,OR A HEART ATTACK. The largest proportion of them are so out of shape that they are forced to rely upon QUANTITY to even fight effectively. One on one with fists only it is doubtful that any of them could last more than 10 minutes…..if that! They use weapons to make up the difference.

  17. oldsoldier79


    If everyone involved in this criminal act, DO NOT go directly to Jail…then there is no God..if your blood doesn’t boil after reading this…your not human:

    A 14-year-old sexual assault victim impregnated by a family member was beaten by other family members to deliver a still-born baby who then took the remains and burned them on a charcoal grill, prosecutors claim.

    The un-named victim was repeatedly assaulted between January and March 2013 when she eventually gave birth to a still born baby at the house in Pleasant Grove in Dallas, Texas.

    Dallas police arrested four suspects in connection with the crime, who according to court documents, are being held on a bond of $150,000 each.
    Sharon Jones, is alleged to have given the 14-year-old girl contraceptive pills in an attempt to force her to have an abortion while Cedric Jones, is claimed to have been paid $25 to dispose of the baby’s body.
    Prosecutors allege that Cedric Jones, 27, Sharon Jones, 45, Cecilia McDonald, 25 and Lonnell McDonald, 27, were all involved in charges of ‘engaging in organised criminal activity’ following the alleged assault.

    According to, they are also accused of trying to cover up the incident by burning the dead infant’s body on a charcoal grill before disposing of it in an unknown location.

    According to court documents, the young girl told Dallas police that she was sexually assaulted by a member of her family in August 2102, but did not report the abuse because she was ’embarrassed’.

    According to an affidavit Sharon Jones is alleged to have given the girl ‘multiple doses’ of birth control pills as well as emergency contraception pills and cinnamon tablets.

    A court affidavit claims that Cecilia McDonald, pinned the girl to the ground while Lonnell McDonald, is accused of bouncing up and down on the victim’s abdomen and later punching and kicking her.

    When the pills failed to abort the baby, Cecilia McDonald is accused of pinning the girl down while Lonnell McDonald ‘repeatedly bounced up and down’ on the girl as well as kicking her.

    The final assault, according to one witness who accompanied the girl to police, lasted six hours.

    It is alleged that the suspects wanted to dispose of the body in case Dallas Child Protective Services came and took away other children from the house because of the initial sexual assault on the victim.

    The affidavit claims that Cecllia McDonald told the girl: ‘You ain’t about to get my kids taken away from me.’ The attack continued until the girl started bleeding heavily and delivered a stillborn baby about two hours later.

    The affidavit claims the infant’s body was then burned on a charcoal grill.
    It is claimed that Sharon Jones paid Cedric Jones $25 to ‘take care of the rest of it’, dumping the remains in an unknown location.
    GOD WILL NOT take kindly to such criminal acts as this…..AND NEITHER SHOULD MAN…..need I tell you what race everyone (including the 14 year old victim was ) in this unspeakable crime against an innocent unborn baby….. I didn’t think so.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  18. oldsailor83

    …….does anybody read the legals page anymore?Births ,deaths, name changes. summons’s,and judgements are published DAILY in most newspapers, when it is releaswed by the courts and the public information databases pick up this information,and they sell it to people who are searching for certain public information. They are ALWAYS reliable,and always record all public information. Equally accurate, and reliable is the Superior Court databases across the US. Any public information in their databases is accessable to inquiry, but in the case of the Superior court you need to have some understanding regarding procedure………that is why I had help from a person who was once a court clerk. Even with help my searches required a lot of time,and resources. But I am confident that we were thorough enough to make the results we found at least 99.9% accurate. Yeah I know…..courts require 100% accuracy,and everything must be CERTIFIED. As I stated we did learn that public records that SHOULD have been there were NOT there. That is largely just as good as finding documents, as it tells the story.

  19. oldsoldier79


  20. oldsoldier79

    This is exactly why Texas has the ….a “DEATH SENTENCE”…..and these scumbags are most deserving to suffer it……..

  21. oldsoldier79

    WARNING…WARNING…WARNING…to the LGBT people of America…

    This is exactly what will happen to members of the L G B and T people across America if the Muslinms (and ISIS) ever gains control of this country…..

    Gripped by his ankles, a gay man is held above 100ft drop as bloodthirsty crowd wait to watch him dropped to his death by an ISIS executioner.

    Depraved ISIS fighters brutally murdered three gay men in the city of Mosul.

    Dangled the men from a 100 foot high building before letting them fall.
    Huge crowds of bloodthirsty onlookers gathered in the closed street below.

    Audience are given rocks to stone the men to death should they survive
    To those who prefer the LGBT way….you have been warned.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  22. citizenwells

    “Bush now more popular than Obama”

    “President Barack Obama’s job approval numbers are sinking as American attitudes about the nation’s progress have taken a turn for the worse, according to a new CNN/ORC poll.

    A majority of the public once again say things in the U.S. are going pretty badly and disapproval of Obama’s job performance has climbed back above 50% as well.

    In fact, former President George W. Bush is more popular than Obama.

    READ: The complete CNN/ORC poll

    According to the poll, 52% of adults had a favorable impression of George W. Bush, 43% unfavorable. When Bush left office in 2009, only about one-third of Americans said they had a positive opinion of him. This new poll presents a notable shift as Bush’s overall favorability has remained well below 50% for much of his time as a presidential alum.

    Overall, 47% say things in the country are going well, 52% that they’re going badly. That’s a reversal from March, when 53% said things were going well, the highest share to say so during Obama’s presidency. The shift comes across partisan and demographic lines, with no one group’s opinions driving the overall change.”

  23. citizenwells

    “Hillary Clinton’s Poll Numbers Plunge To The Worst Since 2001”

  24. oldsoldier79


  25. oldsailor83

    ………there must not be any vehicle wheels, fire hydrants, or neighbors flower pots nearby.

  26. oldsoldier79



  27. Welcome to Mexifornia ??

    PATRICK BUCHANAN: After Obama destroys U.S., what’s next??? (rise of obama, fall of america)

    After Obama has completely destroyed the American economy, handed millions of jobs to illegals and billions of dollars in welfare to illegals. . .. WHAT COMES NEXT?

  28. Foreign workers fill hundreds of Sacramento-area IT jobs

    Disney replaces 250 tech workers with immigrants on H-1B visas

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    My daughter works as a graphic designer in Los Angeles and has seen many employees lost to H-1B replacements. She has concerns that she too may be replaced by foreign workers right here in the USA. I can understand why businesses move operations to other countries because of the high taxes and regulations imposed upon them here but it is outrageous to lay off employees in order to hire cheaper foreign labor right here in the U S A. Can they file a complaint with the NLRB? Contact their U. S. Senators and Representatives?

  29. citizenwells

    Thanks Jonah.

  30. oldsailor83

    but when the economy is destroyed,jobs,and business DIMINISH as well……..which INCLUDES alien labor,professional labor,hourly and PART TIME LABOR. So when or if push comes to shove there will be 300,000,000 citizens along with another 15,000,000 ILLEGALS affected. Either without jobs or without food,or both……….and absolute hell in America will begin. A person can file complaints to a lot of places,but in a failed economy it will be largely a waste of time. Severely diminished business translates directly to severely diminished JOBS. There must be business before there can be jobs……unless you are already an employee of the US GOVERNMENT. But what happens when everybody in America is an employee of the Federal Government?There will be millions of CHIEFS,but NO WARRIORS.

  31. oldsailor83

    ……….don’t look to the rich people for sustenance. They will have their own set of problems, and who will provide food stamps to about 90,000,000 people? certainly it won’t be the fed, because without an adequate taxpayer base the fed will be either BADLY BENT or totally BROKE. In thinking about the 18 trillion national debt,I tend to think that the fed is ALREADY BROKE,and at some point down the road a mile or so, the FIAT MONEY we have enjoyed for so long,will become completely worthless. Won’t even make good TP. ………..and to the PROGRESSIVE LIBERALS who made it all possible I say to them NOW YOU CAN PARTAKE OF YOUR OWN CREATION……..I PRAY THAT YOU WILL ENJOY IT!

  32. oldsailor83

    …….Now that the politicians of America are no longer observing the Constitution, we will see a lot of foreign looking faces running for the office of CHIEF CROOK, perhaps even the Italian Mafia will return to America. If Morsi some how escapes his death sentence,perhaps he will one day be POTUS. Hell now anyone one earth can now run for POTUS. But there is a TINY aspect that they all have forgotten,or are to stupid to realize, the Constitution is STILL LEGALLY the law of the land, as ratified by the states. It can be used to HANG EVERY ONE OF THE BASTARDS who circumvent it. Unfortunately today there are pathetically few Americans who have the same level of fortitude as did the people in 1776. They are to busy watching their favorite PORN,DOING THEIR FAVORITE DRUGS,LYING AROUND AND LIVING OFF OF FOOD STAMPS,PICKING THEIR NOSES,AND BACKSIDES, NOT TAKING BATHS,ETC……ON AND ON! I PERSONALLY BELIEVE THAT AMERICA IS ALREADY LOST. NOBODY SEEMS TO CARE ABOUT THE COUNTRY ANYMORE,OR WHO THEY ELECT TO OFFICE……SO I GUESS THE DO NOTHINGS WILL CONTINUE TO ENJOY THEIR VICES (AS POINTED OUT ABOVE) FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES AND IN ALL PROBABILITY ALL OTHER FOLKS CAN GO TO HELL.
    If somebody in America whose brain is NOT FOGGED BY DRUGS, wants to do something constructive,I would suggest that he begin by reading the Declaration of Independence,then go forward from there……………….
    “Mine eys have seen the glory of the coming of the lord
    He is tramping out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored”.

  33. oldsailor83


  34. oldsoldier79

    Anyone with eyes can see there is a WORLD-WIDE conspiracy driven by someone, or something, to control the activity and movements of EVERY LIVING INDIVIDUAL on this planet at the present time……

    We are being sold “wolf tickets” about ” just how good this TPP will be for America”…anything that’s conducted in ‘total secrecy’ will never be good for the citizen of this country……and you can bet your last penny it will be in “violation of our Constitution”.

    A good example of what I have just written is occurring in Europe right now as I write this post……..This was lifted from DRUDGE this morning……..
    Under the draft provisions of the latest trade deal to be leaked by Wikileaks, countries could be barred from trying to control where their citizens’ personal data is held, … or whether it’s accessible from outside the country.

    Wikileaks has released 17 documents relating to the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA), currently under negotiation between the US, the European Union and 23 other nations. These negotiating texts are supposed to remain SECRET for five years after TISA is finalized and brought into force.

    The deal, which has been under discussion behind closed doors since early 2013, is intended to remove barriers to trade in services. It’s a sort of companion piece to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which cover trade in goods – but potentially far bigger, with Wikileaks claiming that ‘services’ now account for nearly 80 per cent of the US and EU economies.

    Like TTIP and TPP,… TISA could be sped through Congress using Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), also known as fast-track authority, which has been passed by the US Senate and may be taken up in the House this month.

    Once Congress passes TPA, then Congress will be barred from making amendments to the trade deals, and must simply give yes-or-no approval.

    And the contents of TISA make interesting reading, particularly for anybody concerned about PRIVACY. Under the draft agreement, the EU would be barred from requiring the personal data of its citizens to be held within European borders, an idea currently under discussion in Germany.

    “No Party may require a service supplier, as a condition for supplying a service or investing in its territory, to: (a) use computing facilities located in the Party’s territory,” the leaked draft stipulates.

    “No Party may require a service supplier, as a condition for supplying a service or investing in its territory, to: (a) use computing facilities located in the Party’s territory.”
    QUESTION: Who decided to keep the terms of this TRADE AGREEMENT a secret, and who decided to keep it secret for FIVE years after it is signed?

    QUESTION: If TTIP and TPP is not an open and blatant attempt to control the whole world by one organization then….. what the hell is it?

    QUESTION: If something is suppose to be ‘good’ for the people of the countries involved, then why must it be arranged under the strictest ‘TOP SECRET’ terms ever… for a simple trade agreement…….

    CONCLUSION: No, my friends…….this TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) and it’s companion trade agreement, the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership ) is designed for ONE purpose and one purpose only…….to enslave and control every living human being on this planet under ONE GOVERNMENT…..the ‘out of step’ UN.

    With the approval of this TPA which will give Usurper Obama the authority to ‘fast track” his TPP. Trans Pacific Partnership… can kiss the borders between the United States, Canada, and Mexico a fond ADIOS, and a tearful goodbye…… can also kiss whatever borders that may still exist between the countries of Europe… a Vaya Condios and goodbye too.

    When this happens (and it will), You can say hello to your next door neighbor, who is not a legal citizen of this country, but now he has more rights in the country you were born in than you do. His name is Juan or maybe Jose, he speaks no English, but if you speak Spanish, he will talk to you.

    You can also say;………Hello to the one-world government with the UN making all the life and death decisions which will effect the activities of every living citizen of the ‘former United States of America’.

    PLEASE REMEMBER: The UN is an Organization who has three-fourths of it’s member nations HATING OUR GUTS……and want desperately to destroy us any way they can.

    So put the pieces of this puzzle together folks, and you will see who will be the big winners and ….. who will be the big losers in this “Top Secret Trade Agreement” and the wheelings and dealing now going on…… it won’t be us !

    I can assure you America will be among the latter…..but the Sheeple we have in America today don’t have the “common sense” or the “intestinal fortitude” to stop this madness…that includes our C-in-C, and every lowlife member of our Congress…

    Just like the dumb hogs we consume every day in our meals, we are being lead to the ‘killing pens’ ……and no one really gives a damn.

    Until it’s too late and we have been bled dry… and laid out for the entire world to consume..

  35. oldsoldier79

    Here’s What Democrats Really Think of Blacks….Shocking !!!

    Barney Franks Hubby Speaks Out…. and his wife, .Barney Agrees.

    An independent undercover journalist has secretly filmed retired Rep. Barney Frank’s “husband,” James Ready, suggesting Democrats give blacks watermelons to keep their votes.

    In the film posted at, other Democrats and homosexual activists express their disgust for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who, they say, is “an Oreo cookie” and doesn’t know he’s black.

    The undercover footage dated May 2, 2015, was posted by Ryan Sorba, chairman of the Young Conservatives of California and author of the forthcoming book, “The ‘Born Gay’ Hoax.”

    The video also shows Frank’s husband accepting what appear to be marijuana joints and stuffing them into his pocket.

    Sorba has created a GoFundMe account to raise $95,000 because, he says, he wants to “use my skills as an undercover journalist to fight for socially conservative public policy for one year by exposing the chicanery and lies of the left.”

    The film shows Sorba engaged in the following exchange:

    Sorba: “I think we need to keep the, you know, the food stamps and the welfare running strong because it keeps the blacks in our camp. I mean, it does.”

    Ready (laughing): “And menthol cigarettes.”

    Sorba: “And menthol cigarettes and EBT cards, you know what I’m saying?”

    Ready (laughing): “And watermelon!”

    Sorba: “You’ve got a lot of these black Baptist churches that vote right wing.”

    Ready: “Oh my God, yeah. And they vote against themselves, really.”

    Sorba: “Yeah.”

    Ready: “I know, dude. I just can’t even deal sometimes with how ridiculous, like, our species is, how we can be so incredibly smart and then so incredibly ignorant.”

    The film cuts to Ready and Frank.

    Ready: “We’re gonna go over a …”

    Frank: “We’re gonna go to the marijuana thing.”

    Sorba: “You’re going to go to the marijuana thing?”

    Frank nods in agreement and gives Sorba a “high” five.

    Only ONE word to describe this….. very S I C K…..

    Well maybe TWO…….. look at the photo !!! .

    But some people can continuely be FOOLED over, and over, and over. and over, etc………

  36. oldsoldier79

    P.S. this should be posted on every website on the net…..because it’s the truth ! and the truth deserves the light of day.

  37. Pingback: NC driving privileges for illegal aliens clears committee, Governor McCrory opposes, Citizen Wells opposes, Immigrants taking American jobs and being rewarded as criminals, 75 percent of Obama jobs went to Hispanics Latinos | Citizen WElls

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