Greensboro News Record repeats big lie, Unemployment rate Greensboro High Point metro, John Quinterno reality check, We’ll probably never catch up to where we were, Citizen Wells facts

Greensboro News Record repeats big lie, Unemployment rate Greensboro High Point metro, John Quinterno reality check, We’ll probably never catch up to where we were, Citizen Wells facts

“The total number of working-age (16 to 65) immigrants (legal and illegal) holding a job in North Carolina increased by 313,000 from the first quarter of 2000 to the first quarter of 2014, while the number of working-age natives with a job declined by 32,000 over the same time.”…Center for Immigration Studies Aug 2014

“There’s no other way to say this. The official unemployment rate, which cruelly overlooks the suffering of the long-term and often permanently unemployed as well as the depressingly underemployed, amounts to a Big Lie.”…Gallup CEO Jim Clifton 

“We are being lied to on a scale unimaginable by George Orwell.”…Citizen Wells



It appears that the Greensboro News Record is attempting to report some realistic data on the employment situation in the Greensboro High Point metro area. I believe that the reason for this is because Republicans are in power now.

They quote John Quinterno of Chapel Hill-based South by North Strategies who is paying attention.

However, they still quote an unemployment rate of 5.3 percent which is, as Jim Clifton Of Gallup stated, a big lie.

From the Greensboro News Record June 4, 2015.

“An increase in Triad jobs pushes unemployment down”

“Month after month, we peek at unemployment figures for a bright spot. The rate goes down, but we’re not creating jobs.

This month, we’ve seen a solid year of job growth in the Greensboro-High Point metropolitan area, and it’s the kind of good news that doesn’t come with a catch, according to statistics released Wednesday by the N.C. Department of Commerce.

The April unemployment rate for the region was 5.3 percent — down nearly one percentage point from 6.2 percent in April 2014.

And the best news is that nearly 12,000 more people had jobs this April than a year ago.

In fact, the past 16 months have been a breakout period of sorts for the area, when the number of employed people rose and the number of unemployed dropped.

“Sometimes we’ve seen periods where the unemployment rate is falling because people are leaving the labor force, but this is a real pickup from a year ago and it shows real improvement,” said Andrew Brod, a senior research fellow for UNC-Greensboro’s Center for Business and Economic Research.

According to state data for April, 19,538 people were unemployed in the Greensboro-High Point metro area, which covers Guilford, Rockingham and Randolph counties.

Last month, it was 20,062 people.

In April 2014, there were 22,178 unemployed.

“I think what we’re seeing here is the economy in the (Greensboro-High Point metro) over the last month … it’s not hurting but there’s no dramatic improvement,” Brod said. “But if you look at it over the last year, you see a clear improvement.”

Still, a North Carolina economic and social policy consultant said that over the years Greensboro-High Point has not truly recovered from the recession.

John Quinterno of Chapel Hill-based South by North Strategies said that “if you look long term … the picture is less comforting. If you compare April 2015 to April 2008, you will see that the metro unemployment rate still is higher than it was seven years ago.””

“We’ll probably in some sense never catch up to where we were,”

Read more:

From Triad City Beat June 3, 2015.

“News & Record lays off nine employees”

Jeff Gauger,  publisher and editor of the News & Record, confirmed today that the daily paper eliminated nine full-time positions.

The positions, which were in the news, advertising and administration, were cut on June 3 “due to continuing softness in national advertising,” Gauger said, adding that the nine employees “were released with severance.” He did not provide further details about which positions were cut or which employees were laid off.

Read more:

Once again, the stated unemployment rate is a big lie.

The NC State website does not provide the participation rate by metro area but it does for the state.

In January 2009, when Obama took office, the participation rate was 65.2 percent.

In April 2015, the rate was 61.1 percent.

That is a plummet of 4.1 percent and accounts for much of the drop in the unemployment rate.

In the metro area there were 350,184 people employed in April 2008.

In April 2015 there were 348,297 people employed.

That is a drop of 1,887 employed!

In an area that has grown in population!

And of any so called jobs added, we do not know how many are part time or low paying.

But we do know this.

From Citizen Wells April 24, 2015.

“Another poll has ranked the Greensboro-High Point metropolitan area as among the hungriest in the country.

Only this time, the Gallup poll commissioned by the Food Research and Action Center in 2014 ranks the area No. 1 for people who had difficulties securing food, based on a percentage of the total population.

North Carolina placed eighth overall, with Mississippi at the top of the rankings. Louisiana was second, followed by West Virginia.”

“From the Center for Immigration Studies August 2014.

“Who Got the Jobs in North Carolina?”

“Natives accounted for most of the growth in population, but all employment growth went to immigrants”

Stop lying to us!!!




19 responses to “Greensboro News Record repeats big lie, Unemployment rate Greensboro High Point metro, John Quinterno reality check, We’ll probably never catch up to where we were, Citizen Wells facts

  1. citizenwells

    “The fact that all of the long-term net gain in employment among the working-age went to immigrants is striking because natives accounted for 61 percent of the increase in the total size of the state’s working-age population.
    In the first quarter of this year, only 64 percent of working-age natives in the state held a job. As recently as 2000, 74 percent of working-age natives in North Carolina were working.
    Because the native working-age population in North Carolina grew significantly, but the share working actually fell, there were 720,000 more working-age natives not working in the first quarter of 2014 than in 2000 — a 56 percent increase.”

  2. bob strauss

    Varney Fox Business

    An alarming new Federal Reserve study revealed that 47% of Americans said they wouldn’t be able to cover a $400 emergency expense or would have to borrow money or sell something.
    I commented.

    Usurper, is pretending to be president, while he ruins our economy, and our heath care system, bankrupts the country, brings in millions of illegals by the boat and plane load, weakens the military, imports diseases via illegal aliens, and Ebola, alienates our allies, robs the taxpayers blind with his vacations and travel, reversed all military gains in Iraq just so he could spite George Bush, and lies to the American people every time he opens his mouth, what could go wrong?

  3. bob strauss

    This is maddening! We told the country that this bastard was an illegal alien and a fraud, and a usurper, and we were ignored, and ridiculed!

    Now look at the mess this bastard has left in his wake! How about a damn investigation!

    These democrats are out in the open with their criminality, it’s sort of like watching old videos of John Gotti. They must think they are untouchable.

  4. bob strauss

    Latest GDP Report Proves that Obama is Purposefully Destroying America

    I told you so. Forget Islamic State. Forget Al Queda. Forget Putin. Forget China. The worst threat to America is Barack Hussein Obama.

  5. bob strauss

    Goat rapers found some more victims.


    CAIR Leader Ahmad Saleem Arrested in Major Child Sex Trafficking Ring Bust, Sex with Children as Young as 10

  6. citizenwells

    “”Where’s My Raise?”: American Workers Suddenly Realize “Recovery” Isn’t Real”

  7. bob strauss

    Here are 884 well sourced examples of Obama’s lying, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, hypocrisy, waste, etc. Click here to read the exhaustive list

  8. bob strauss

    Let’s see what kind of an idiotic excuse they can come up with this time.

    — Today the United States Supreme Court announced that the Case Judy v. Obama 14-9396 dealing with Obama’s Ineligibility would indeed go to Conference June 18th, 2015!

  9. citizenwells

    Thanks bob.
    Been watching.

  10. bob strauss

    Iranian media are claiming that Secretary of State John Kerry did not break his femur in a cycling accident in Switzerland Sunday, as has been widely reported, but instead evaded an assassination attempt by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

    According to The Jerusalem Post, the Iranian news outlet Nasim reported Kerry secretly met with an ISIS leader Sunday which led to an armed conflict and an assassination attempt:

  11. oldsoldier79

    Advise to John Kerry…..

    “When you play with the Devil (ISIS)….your going to get burned…most likely”.

  12. bob strauss

    Clint Eastwood was right… empty chairs, not even a Chia pet.

    Cut their funding and see how fast they fill those chairs.


    These empty chairs a symbol for how little regard the Obama Administration has for the American people.

    Today, I held a Judiciary Subcommittee Hearing to examine the Department of Treasury’s rulemaking that has disregarded the text of the law and illegally enabled the IRS to provide federal Obamacare subsidies to millions of Americans. The Treasury officials invited did not attend.

  13. bob strauss

    About to chair a Judiciary Hearing entitled “Rewriting the Law: Examining the Process That Led to the Obamacare Subsidy Rule.”

    You can watch it live here:

  14. oldsailor83

    Bob Strauss………
    such an attempt doesn’t surprise me at all. Lurch has a very special HATE ME GLOW!

  15. oldsailor83

    ……otherwise known as CHIEF POGUE at the pickle factory.

  16. oldsailor83

    ………even the goat lovers can’t stand him!

  17. Sorcha Faal reports the same thing…that Kerry was shot several times, and was at “death’s door”.. Rushed back to U.S. in that large plane because it had state of the art medical equipment and Doctors aboard. But you have to consider the source. Just have to wait and see.

  18. And now the Chinese

    Hackers breached the computers of the U.S. government agency that collects personnel information for federal workers in a massive cyber attack that compromised the data of about 4 million current and former employees, U.S. officials said on Thursday.

    A U.S. law enforcement source told Reuters a foreign entity or government was believed to be behind the cyber intrusion against the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), and media reports said authorities suspected it originated in China.

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation said it had launched a probe and would hold the culprits accountable.

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