Obamacare surprises and clobbers millions of Americans, Subsidy refunds to IRS, Premiums skyrocket, High deductibles unpaid cost to hospitals and taxpayers, Obamacare increases health care spending

Obamacare surprises and clobbers millions of Americans, Subsidy refunds to IRS, Premiums skyrocket, High deductibles unpaid cost to hospitals and taxpayers, Obamacare increases health care spending

“The cost of health insurance will climb from a range of $61 to $77 monthly to a range of $118 to $133 monthly, according to a memo sent from UNC President Tom Ross to the UNC Board of Governors. On an annual basis, most students will pay about $500 to $700 more in 2012-13, depending on the campus.”

“Mallette said the insurance increases are due to the health care usage of UNC system students during the past couple of years, plus federal regulations on preventive care and pharmacy services issued in March. The process is complicated, he said, by the new provisions of the Affordable Care Act.”…Charlotte Observer May 1, 2012

“If you like your plan, you can keep it.”…Barack Obama

“millions of Americans are getting or are about to get cancellation letters for their health insurance under Obamacare, say experts, and the Obama administration has known that for at least three years.”…NBC News October 29, 2013



The Washington Examiner article below warns of surprises to as many as 3.4 million tax filers of Obamacare subsidies that could impact their tax refunds.

That may be the good news.

Millions of Americans have already been shocked by premium increases as large as 100 percent. Average increases in some states are 45 percent.

What you probably are not being told about is the hidden problem of high deductibles and the impact on the US economy. More people with higher deductibles will not be able to pay them and the hospitals and healthcare providers will have to absorb the costs and ultimately pass them on to the American public.

I was discussing this problem recently with a friend who owns a Tax/accounting business. He told me that recently he was at a seminar and heard a hospital administrator explain this very topic.

Do not be fooled by the Orwellian Obama controlled mainstream media as they attempt to cover for Obamacare and the economy.

From Zero Hedge December 23, 2014.

“Fast forward to today when as every pundit is happy to report, the final estimate of Q3 GDP indeed rose by 5% (no really, just as we predicted), with a surge in personal consumption being the main driver of US growth in the June-September quarter. As noted before, between the second revision of the Q3 GDP number and its final print, Personal Consumption increased from 2.2% to 3.2% Q/Q,  and ended up contributing 2.21% of the final 4.96% GDP amount, up from 1.51%.

So what did Americans supposedly spend so much more on compared to the previous revision released one month ago? Was it cars? Furnishings? Housing and Utilities? Recreational Goods and RVs? Or maybe nondurable goods and financial services?

Actually no. The answer, just as we predicted precisely 6 months ago is… well, just see for yourselves.

In short, two-thirds of the “boost” to final Q3 personal consumption came from, drumroll, the same Obamacare which initially was supposed to boost Q1 GDP until the “polar vortex” crashed the number so badly, the BEA decided to pull it completely and leave this “growth dry powder” for another quarter. That quarter was Q3.”

Read more:


From The Washington Examiner January 2, 2015.

“Half of Obamacare subsidy recipients may owe refunds to the IRS”

“As many as 3.4 million people who received Obamacare subsidies may owe refunds to the federal government, according to an estimate by a tax preparation firm.

H&R Block is estimating that as many as half of the 6.8 million people who received insurance premium subsidies under the Affordable Care Act benefited from subsidies that were too large, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.

“The ACA is going to result in more confusion for existing clients, and many taxpayers may well be very disappointed by getting less money and possibly even owing money,” the president of a tax preparation and education school told the Journal.

While the Affordable Care Act fines those who don’t have health insurance, it also provides subsidies for people making up to four times the federal poverty line ($46,680).

But the subsidies are based on past tax returns, so many people may be receiving too much, according to Vanderbilt University assistant professor John Graves, who projects the average subsidy is $208 too high, the Journal reports.

Tax preparers, who frequently advertise their ability to deliver big refunds, have been working feverishly to avoid customer anger stemming from lower-than-expected refunds due to insurance premiums. They also are trying to make sure customers understand the potential fines for not having insurance.”

“Eighty-five percent of our customers get a refund,” said Kathy Pickering, who directs the H&R Block Tax Institute, according to the Washington Post. “That refund could be offset by the penalty. And if that happens, they’re going to be understandably angry.”

Read more:




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  1. citizenwells

    “[Forty-one] percent of uninsured Americans intend to remain uninsured – the vast majority because they do not believe they will find an affordable plan; Just 37 percent have a favorable view of the law, against 46 percent who do not; 46 percent say the law should be repealed or scaled back, against 42 percent who want it expanded or implemented as is; and, Just 16 percent say the law has helped them, while 24 percent say it has hurt (with the majority of those saying it has increased their health costs).”

    Kaiser poll

  2. citizenwells

    “Non-Group Premiums Rose in 45 States Due to Obamacare

    The non-group market can only be accurately assessed on a state-by-state basis. Obamacare. The law creates a single risk pool in each state for non-group coverage. That is, health insurers can sell policies inside or outside the Exchanges but they all are part of the same risk pool. Unlike virtually all other studies that have been conducted to date, this new study examined premium data from both Exchange and non-Exchange plans, i.e., providing a picture of the complete non-group market rather than one segment. This is crucially important since in nearly one third of states (16), Exchange coverage constitutes 40% or less of the entire non-group market (Table 1).”


  3. Listening to Beck?
    Just speaking about higher deductibles.

  4. CW……..
    He is right on the money. The deductibles have in many cases tripled,the CO PAYS have risen about 30%,and before it starts to get better the fed will be spending 20 times more than it did BEFORE ACA was passed. Soon it will become a completely out of control BEAST,consuming at least 50%of the value of the annual GDP.I guess after the national debt reaches 100 trillion,one or two of the LIBERALS might decide that ACA is eating them out of house and home. Of course the GENIUSES who created it think it is GREAT……all except Mr,Gruber. After all is said and done we will probably go to a single payer system…..at which point we will have become a third world country………..and sadly not a soul will even give a damn…..everybody is too caught up in their own interests.

  5. Mr. Gruber knew the truth all along. When he tried to tell the American people who was really at fault,and why,he was instantly attacked, by the overeducated wordsmiths who think they are GENIUSES, but in reality are as STUPID as the day is long. It was the American people who failed to act before the ACA was ILLEGALLY PASSED. When Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.IMPORTANT said “We had to pass it to find out what is in it”,there was pathetically few who even remarked about it,…… so who is really STUPID?

  6. ……..even more sadly is the ever glaring fact that more and more Americans do NOT WANT to live in REALITY anymore……obviously these are people who can’t handle REALITY.

    bye bye…………time for my FREE LUNCH!

  7. Rush just mentioned Zero Hedge article I quoted on spending being in large part on Obamacare.

  8. The Obama Economic Record is Even Worse than You Realize
    Chad Stafko
    The degree to which Barack Obama has failed, as seen in the data, is quite staggering. More


  9. citizenwells | January 5, 2015 at 7:48 am |

    “[Forty-one] percent of uninsured Americans intend to remain uninsured – the vast majority because they do not believe they will find an affordable plan; Just 37 percent have a favorable view of the law, against 46 percent who do not; 46 percent say the law should be repealed or scaled back, against 42 percent who want it expanded or implemented as is; and, Just 16 percent say the law has helped them, while 24 percent say it has hurt (with the majority of those saying it has increased their health costs).”

    Kaiser poll
    How many of those people who were polled were receiving free health care?

    I wonder.

  10. Valerie Jarrett Obama’s ‘real chief of staff’ January 5, 2015

    As Obama becomes a lame duck, insiders are beginning to spill their guts. More


  11. Michelle Malkin

    Well, lookee here. Liberal Harvard professors who supported Obamacare are now WHINING about their rising health care costs caused by…Obamacare! Karma’s a bitch, ain’t it?

    ==> http://twitchy.com/…/schadenfreude-tastic-pity-party-throw…/

  12. Report: Hawaii Advertiser Reported Obama Born In Indonesia;

    Larry Klayman is on the usurper, like flies on $hit, over his ineligibility.

    He is a very powerful attorney, and represents the views of millions of people who believe, what has taken place over the last 6 years has been unconstitutional. I hope he can outsmart the crooked judges, and those being blackmailed via the NSA, and the usurper.


  13. Egyptian President Calls For Islam To Grow Up

    Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi calls for Islam to ‘grow up’ and join the 21st Century in its “Islamic thinking” at the prestigious Al-Azhar University.

    Read more: Family Security Matters http://www.familysecuritymatters.org/#ixzz3Nz3jYECU
    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

  14. Draft Judge Andrew Napolitano for President

    “Government is charity for the less fortunate who can’t afford to be charitable.” – Follies of Statism

    87 percent of people who selected 2015 plans through HealthCare.gov in first month of open enrollment are getting financial assistance to lower monthly premiums.


  15. citizenwells

    I am guessing we may hear from the appeals court on the Blagojevich appeal soon.

  16. ISIS Jihadis Get ‘Slavery for Dummies’
    They’ve enslaved thousands of Yazidi women—and now the militants must follow ‘rules’ laid out in an awful new list of dos and don’ts, from treatment of virgins to reasons for beating.

    Whom can you enslave? What can you do with female slaves? Can you beat them and have sex with them? The militants of the self-styled Islamic State, never shy to parade their gruesome, atavistic interpretation of the Quran and its place as they see it in the modern world, have now answered those questions.


  17. The real reason why Boehner is Obama’s “pooch”? Is this why Boehner shoved the Cromnibus bill through thus funding Obamacare until Sept., 2015?
    This article has a lot of details re. Boehner’s investments and how well he is doing.

    Medical, insurance investments continue to prosper

    Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2015/01/boehner-profits-from-obamacare-stocks/#Xjw6lxvZWrBpX4mU.99

  18. Hi all. I’m so excited!!

    RE: Obama Package

    I wanted to let everyone know that earlier today I received my “Obamacare enrollment packet” from the White House.

    It contained:

    An aspirin and a band-aid.

    An ‘Obama Hope & Change’ bumper sticker

    ‘Bush’s Fault’ yard sign

    ‘Blame Republicans first, then anybody and everybody’ poster

    ‘Tax the Rich’ banner

    An application for unemployment and a free cellphone

    An application for food stamps

    A prayer rug

    A letter assigning my debt to my grandchildren

    And lastly, a coupon for a machine that blows smoke up my #$%$.
    Everything was made in “China” and all directions were in Spanish.
    Keep an eye out. Yours should be arriving soon

  19. CW……..
    Are you optimistic as to what you might hear from the Appellate Court?

  20. citizenwells

    I still believe that Blago will get a reduced sentence.

  21. citizenwells

    From a friend this AM.

  22. hapnHal……
    That’s a good one……I think every American will soon be receiving their package if they haven’t already got it…..

  23. cabbyaz….

    You said, “The real reason why Boehner is Obama’s “pooch”? Is this why Boehner shoved the Cromnibus bill through thus funding Obamacare until Sept., 2015?”

    When you peel back the layers of an onion, the more you peel, the stronger the smell that makes you cry ………this applies to Boehner……that crying bastard is rotten to the core, and everyone in Washington knows it.

    If the House doesn’t get rid of this terrible cancer soon, Obama’s last year will be a ‘walk in the park’……kind of like “twiddle-dee and twiddle-dumb”….take your pick on who’s who.

  24. ““I believe that the president is a citizen. I believe the president is a Christian. I’ll take him at his word,”…John Boehner, NBC Meet the Press
    Speaker of the House John Boehner has proven that he is a RINO, status quo politician and not a supporter of the US Constitution.

    From Citizen Wells January 6, 2011.

    John Boehner, you just took the oath and read the US Constitution! The requirement for president is not citizen! It is Natural Born Citizen! And while we are at it, the State of Hawaii has not verified that Obama was born there!

    From The Hill January 6, 2011.

    “An individual who believes President Obama wasn’t born in the United States interrupted a House reading Thursday of the U.S. Constitution.”

    “Birthers accuse Obama of not having been born in the U.S., despite the release of his birth certificate showing that he was born in Hawaii.”

    “Update, 3:51 p.m.: In an interview to air this evening on NBC Nightly News, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) reacted to the outburst and said he believed Obama is a U.S. citizen.
    “The state of Hawaii has said that President Obama was born there,” Boehner said. “That’s good enough for me.””


    The following statement is a lie:

    ” despite the release of his birth certificate showing that he was born in Hawaii.”

    John Boehner, call me!

    We will be calling John Boehner!””

    “Keep writing to the Speaker. Call his office. Ask him to repeat to himself his oath to the U.S. Constitution while looking at himself in the mirror. He is betraying his oath of office to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC! Speaker John Boehner is the roadblock in Congress to resolving the constitutional crisis facing us with an impostor, fraud, and criminal in the Oval Office. He and his staff tell people they have more important things to work on.”


  25. “The US Constitution was read in the House of Representatives last week. As I understand it, Constitution 101 classes will be held for congressmen. Some members of Congress, including John Boehner, may have to do some remedial work including stay after class. The same day that the Constitution was read, John Boehner used the word citizen and natural born citizen interchangeably. He also exhibited ignorance regarding proof of Obama’s birthplace.”


    I called the SOB’s office after this happened.

  26. “US Factory Orders Drop Most YoY In 19 Months”

    “December Jobs “Significantly Below 200,000″, Q4 GDP Tumbles To 2%, Markit Warns”


  27. Whistleblower


    Tribune columnist Eric Zorn is now predicting that Blago will get sentence reduction!

  28. What’s good for the GOOSE is good for the GANDER….

    In a grotesque twist of the saying “live by the sword, die by the sword”, an Islamic State executioner in Syria who carried out beheadings for the jihadist group has been found with his head cut off.

    The body of the Egyptian man, known to be the deputy emir of the feared al-Hesbah (or Hisbah) force in the eastern province of Deir al-Zor, was recovered near a power plant in al-Mayadeen city, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

    The corpse showed signs of torture and carried the message “This is evil, you Sheikh” written on it. The severed head also had a cigarette in its mouth. It is unclear who carried out the decapitation but the message was obvious.

    Islamic State’s (formerly known as Isis) ban on cigarettes is one of its signature polices. It has imposed a strict set of Sharia laws barring the use of drugs, alcohol and cigarettes in the territories it has conquered across a swathe of Iraq and Syria.

    IS has declared smoking “slow suicide” and demands that “every smoker should be aware that with every cigarette he smokes in a state of trance and vanity is disobeying God”.

    Hisbah is IS’s religious police who perform the role of enforcing the group’s twisted version of sharia in the self-styled caliphate.
    It’s nice to see that ISIS is not partial to carrying out their twisted sharia law bull$hit…now it appears they are ‘eating their own’…this is good, perhaps they will eventually cut enough twisted heads off that there will be no one left to cut off our heads…..

    Dumb bastards enforcing a dumb set of barbaric Arabic laws put to paper in the 5th century. What else could we expect when force is applied to their own?

    That appears to be the answer to this ISIS problem……Cut off the heads of 5 of these werido’s for every Christian or Jew or any other religion they harass.

    The rule of mass overwhelms applies here…..”there are more of us, then there are of them”.

  29. How to show BOEHNER the road……

    Under the Constitution, the Speaker of the House must be elected each Congress by a majority of present Members of the House – 218 votes at the current count – and the Speaker election must occur BEFORE any other business in the new Congress. Although both parties typically nominate a single candidate before the vote takes place, any Member of the House can vote for any person to become Speaker – they can even vote for someone who is not in Congress at all!

    This means that under the current numbers (246 Republicans to 188 Democrats) only 29 Republicans need to vote for someone other than Boehner in order to force another vote. The House will hold as many votes as necessary until one individual gets to the magic 218.
    An important point to take away from this is that there is literally no way the Democrats could get the necessary votes to elect a Speaker of their choice unless a large number of Republicans were to join them. The charge that voting against Boehner could lead to a Speaker Pelosi (an accusation that was tossed around last time in 2013 and is sure to come back) is ridiculous and nearly impossible.
    At least two conservative members so far, Reps. Ted Yoho (FL) and Louie Gohmert (TX), have stepped up as possible alternatives to Boehner, and many more have publicly refused to vote for him. There’s no question at this point that there enough conservatives who are dissatisfied with Boehner’s leadership to keep him from a third term as Speaker… if they were to stand together.
    But voting against the sitting Speaker of the House is a huge political risk for anyone involved – Leadership can kick them off of committees, make it impossible for their bills to get a vote, and even support primary challengers against them. Polls already show a large majority of Republican voters want a new Speaker, but the Republicans in Congress need to hear from you, to know that their constituents stand with them. It’s crucial to send messages and phone calls to their offices to help bolster their resolve.
    Write and tell Your Representative to Replace John Boehner.

  30. RMINNC…….
    ……good to hear that the head lopper had his own head lopped……but I have a gut feeling that there is more than one of those BASTARDS. ONE SHOT…..ONE KILL a thousand times each day!

  31. RMINNC…..
    I believe that now that the rinos control the Senate, that it is only a matter of time until Boehner does a real screw up,…..to such a level that ALL of Congress will have had enough of him,and he will end up with a size 12 put up his rear end. Boehner is a willing constituent of the LIBERALS,and you don’t need any formal education to see through him.

  32. RMINNC…….
    I have a problem with the relative ineffectiveness of the so called AIRSTRIKES. I believe that they are deliberately INEFFECTIVE………in which case there is a dire need of change of leadership at the TOP in the pentagon. I still believe that all that is needed is a hell of a lot of PUFFS,with trained and battle hardened crews,who aren’t afraid to to wipe out a enemy ground convoy. If there is a 20 truck convoy you don’t stop until all 20 vehicles are either destroyed or on fire,and the bastards who were driving them are dead all dead. Keep about 20 puffs in the air at all times,and take out every enemy concentration,……..TAKE NO PRISONERS! It needs to RAIN BULLETS,and carpet bombs 24/7 on the GOATHERDERS.

  33. ………..and it needs to happen in such a volume that none of them can move even 1 inch without being shot through. That was the strategy of Stormin Norman, and look what he accomplished in a few days.

  34. citizenwells

    Thanks Whistleblower

  35. Whistleblower……
    Blago might receive a shortened sentence but he will remain a convicted felon for the rest of his life.

  36. bye bye all…………….God Bless.

    written by: Michael Snyder; publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog, The American Dream Blog and The Truth.

    Why did a convicted billionaire pedophile named Jeffrey Epstein that pimped out underage girls to powerful men have 21 contact phone numbers for Bill Clinton?
    And why did Clinton fly on “multiple occasions” to the private Caribbean island where Epstein regularly held wild sexual orgies?

    Let me give you a hint: it wasn’t to discuss politics over milk and cookies.

    Every once in a while, we get a rare occasion for a small peek into the twisted sexual world of the global elite. In this case, a Florida lawsuit that alleges that Britain’s Prince Andrew had sex with a 17-year-old “sex slave” provided by Epstein is making headlines all over the planet.

    But of potentially even greater importance is what this lawsuit is revealing about former president Bill Clinton. If it can be proven that Bill Clinton had sex with underage girls provided by Jeffrey Epstein, that could potentially destroy any chance that Hillary Clinton has of winning the presidency in 2016.

    The 17-year-old girl that Prince Andrew is alleged to have had sex with is named Virginia Roberts. She is claiming that she once received $15,000 for having sex with him…the teenage “sex slave” says she was paid $15,000 for bedding Britain’s Prince Andrew by the American billionaire who served as the royal’s procurer.

    Virginia Roberts was 17 when Wall Street honcho and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein allegedly pimped her out to the prince. “A lot of powerful men were part of Jeffrey’s scene, but I specifically remember Andrew,” Roberts told Britain’s Daily Mail.

    It is a fact that Jeffrey Epstein is a convicted sex offender. He was convicted by a court of law for paying a 14-year-old girl 300 dollars to massage him and have sex with him…Epstein’s sexual exploits have been documented since 2005, when a woman in Palm Beach contacted police saying that her 14-year-old daughter had been paid $300 to massage him and then have sex.

    The claim prompted a nearly year-long investigation that led to the eventual charge of soliciting prostitution which came as part of a plea deal. He spent 13 months of a 18-month sentence in jail and remains a registered sex offender.

    Since that time, approximately 40 other women have accused Epstein of sexual misconduct. So needless to say, this is one very sick individual.

    And right now the mainstream media in the U.S. is largely ignoring the fact that Bill Clinton flew down to Epstein’s private Caribbean island on “multiple occasions” between 2002 and 2005. I wonder why?

    The following is from a British news source…
    Over the years, the casually-dressed, globe-trotting financier, who was said to log more than 600 flying hours a year, has been linked with Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey, Chris Tucker and Manhattan-London society figure Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of the late media titan Robert Maxwell.

    Epstein reportedly flew Tucker and Spacey to Africa on his private jet as part of a charitable endeavor. Clinton, meanwhile, flew on multiple occasions in the same plane to Epstein’s private Caribbean island, Little St James, between 2002 and 2005 as he developed his philanthropic post-presidential career. It would later be alleged in court that Epstein organized orgies on that same private island in the US Virgin Islands.

    A lot of Democrats are going to end up reading this article, and a lot of them are going to start making apologies for Clinton at this point.

    So let’s get one thing straight. It is not okay for anyone to have sex with underage girls. Whoever breaks the law by doing so deserves to go to prison. That includes Bill Clinton if it can be proven that he did this.

    And without a doubt, Clinton and Epstein were very close. In fact, court records show that Epstein had 21 different phone numbers for Clinton…
    While Clinton was never deposed, lawyers obtained Epstein’s computerized phone directory, which included “e-mail addresses for Clinton along with 21 phone numbers for him, including those for his assistant (Doug Band),” according to a court filing.

    In addition, Epstein had contact information for a whole host of other powerful politicians and celebrities…From his 97-page ‘black book’ of phone numbers and email addresses, it is clear Epstein had an impressive array of contacts.

    When its contents were disclosed three years ago, the book was shown to include contact details for former US President Bill Clinton, ex-secretary of state Henry Kissinger, and Barbara Walters, then one of America’s most influential broadcasters.

    Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s details are there, along with entrepreneur Donald Trump, members of the Kennedy family and former prime minister Tony Blair.

    If this scandal is not covered up, it could eventually bring down a lot of people. What makes things even worse for Bill Clinton (and others) is that Epstein apparently used hidden cameras to record the sexual trysts that were going on in his guest bedrooms.

    The following is from an article that appeared in the Daily Mirror…
    Prince Andrew’s tycoon pal may have taken compromising photos of him with the underage girl he is alleged to have abused.

    Details buried in original court papers filed against pervert Jeffrey Epstein, 61, reveal that he recorded the sordid orgies he threw for VIPs, without their knowledge, at his luxury homes using cameras hidden in the walls of guest bedrooms.

    So if Bill Clinton did commit a crime, somewhere there may actually be video of it.

    But wait, there’s even more to this story.

    The following comes from the Daily Mail…
    The lawsuit claims that Clinton was friends with an unnamed woman who ‘kept images of naked underage children on her computer, helped to recruit underage children for Epstein… and photographed underage females in sexually explicit poses‘.

    While he cut off ties with Epstein, this woman’s abuses apparently did not end their relationship as she was reportedly one of the 400 guests at Chelsea Clinton’s 2010 wedding.

    Though the lawsuit may be bringing up sexual skeleton’s from Clinton’s past, he has added to the drama of late by posing for a photo with two known prostitutes at a fundraiser in Los Angeles last month.

    Obviously Bill Clinton has a lot of hard questions that he needs to answer.

    But if Bill Clinton cannot be charged with a crime, will the American people even care what else he did? After all, there is a long history of the American people being willing to overlook his sexual promiscuity.

    For example, in a book published last year entitled “The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of Presidents“, it was documented that one of Clinton’s latest girlfriends known as “the Energizer” sometimes brought cookies to the Secret Service agents that guard Bill…
    Energizer, who is described as charming and friendly, sometimes brought cookies to the agents, according to the book excerpts.

    One told Kessler: “It was a warm day, and she was wearing a low-cut tank top, and as she leaned over, her breasts were very exposed. They appeared to be very perky and very new and full … There was no doubt in my mind they were enhanced.”

    Kessler also reports that Hillary’s Secret Service detail would inform Bill’s Secret Service detail when the former first lady is coming home, so Bill has time to get Energizer off the property and clean up any evidence.

    That revelation certainly did very little to upset the Hillary for president bandwagon.

    So will these new revelations about Bill’s relationship with Jeffrey Epstein have an impact?

    Time will tell….…

  38. BOEHNER wins House Speaker again…….

    I guess in politics, the people get exactly what they vote for…..in this case, the cowards showed their colors again and put a known collaborator with Obama back in power…..

    God help us because Boehner won’t.

  39. We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.

    We have had 8 years of darkness and no light yet at the end of the tunnel.

  40. Interesting timeline.

    Pulitzer-Shattering: Dots Connected In Obama Passport Records Breach & Trip To Pakistan!?

    Read more at http://www.birtherreport.com/2015/01/pulitzer-shattering-dots-connected-in.html#5GD32vLB0gYmH3Tr.99

  41. Global: Presidential Birth Certificate Controversy
    Sparks Violent Clashes That Lead To Multiple Deaths

    Apparently the people of Gabon take presidential eligibility more seriously than the American sheeple do. Major clashes broke out in response to a reporter’s allegations that Gabon President Ali Bongo Ondimba isn’t eligible.

    No, this isn’t satire. Sad thing is Obama met with this violent dictator… More than once as you’ll see below…

    Two peas in a pod?

    Read more at http://www.birtherreport.com/2015/01/global-presidents-forged-birth.html#lQCGg2OVPWvCvOtS.99

  42. We have a usurper in the White House, and this is news.

    MCDONALD’S runs out of French fries in Venezuela…


  43. Warmists apoplectic as Brazil president names climate skeptic as science minister January 6, 2015
    You can almost feel the sense of betrayal. More


  44. AND NOW……
    ……..everybody knows what the RINOS they just elected think of them. Boehner was RE ELECTED. Does that leave a bad taste in your mouths. It should. I personally believe that the Republican party is now near totally corrupted…….they say one thing and do another……..but at least we now know exactly where we stand. There is now ONLY ONE WAY left to take our country back. Do you have the GONADS,and the GUTS? Don’t expect anything different in 2016 either………..there will be a female version of Soetoro,by the name of Clinton elected,after which America will soon be in TOTAL RUIN,and in all probability the Constitution will be transformed into a FIGUREHEAD……and in 2020 there will be Islamic BASTARDS throughout our country.There will be Detroits everywhere.



  47. A San Francisco Queen and an Ohio Hick….what a lovely pair !!!

    Boehner looks like he’s sucking eggs in this photo…..maybe he is.

  48. Another friend from Texas told me her insurance deductible went from $7,800.00 to $12,900.00, she admitted she was “a little bitter”, she’s a democrat.

  49. Nancy’s whispering in John’s ear….”don’t hit me with that big thing”, while John’s sucking Nancy’s brains out through her ear.(and she’s loving it).

    Nancy says, “don’t stop now John”, and John’s face gets a little more blushed from lose of air because he has his nose buried so far deep in Nancy’s ear that she thinks it’s part of herself. , but he does as he is told, so John won’t stop and he keeps the suction applied to Nancy and gives Nancy a big hickey she will have a hard time explaining to her husband.

    This is a new medical procedure invented in the halls of Congress … everyone’s doing it everyone else and they all have hickeys at one place or another….It’s kind of a sick game that’s played only in Washington.

    What a hell of a book the workings of Congress would make…only if someone would tell the truth.

  50. citizenwells

    Pharma Karma

  51. Bob,
    Before eligible for Medicare, I had a major medical policy with a very modest premium. Even that had only a $5,000 deductible. Then I also carried another policy to take care of smaller costs. For many folks that are younger and healthy a policy with a deductible of almost $13,000 would do them practically no good, and yet look at how high the premiums are. This thing is going to bankrupt the country, if something else doesn’t do it first.


    Exclusive: Diana West blasts press’ ‘psychosis of denial’ in coverage of president

    Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2015/01/obamas-identity-fraud-and-mickey-mouse-media/#IzX38cmMZfX3Zhc8.99

  53. Obamacare: The Real Pain Starts This Year
    Ready for increased costs and decreased access to care?

    Obamacare was designed such that its most harmful provisions would not be implemented until after the President had been returned to office for a second term and his Democrat accomplices had been reelected to their congressional seats. Fortunately for the nation, the latter part of that strategy was a spectacular failure. Nonetheless, it did provide the public with a temporary reprieve from the health care law’s most painful exactions. That brief respite is now at an end. This year, you will begin to experience the realities of “reform” first hand and you are not going to like how it feels.
    In fact, you are probably already feeling the first twinges without recognizing that their source is Obamacare. If you are among the 150 million Americans who get health insurance through their employers, for example, chances are that the coverage your company offered for 2015 has much higher premiums than did last year’s plan. The President and his toad eaters in the legacy media will do their best to convince you that these increases are caused by insurance company avarice, but this is merely another lie they are peddling in the hope that they can save Obama’s “signature domestic achievement.”
    The actual cause was the looming employer mandate and other Obamacare regulations that took effect January 1. The mandate and accompanying red tape dramatically increase the cost of employee health insurance for companies with 100 or more full-time-equivalent workers. It requires all such firms to offer “minimum essential” coverage to 70 percent of their full-time employees or pay huge fines. These PPACA-mandated benefits are expensive, and very few small-to-medium sized employers can unilaterally absorb the costs of such “essential” coverage. So you get to share the pain.


  54. I thought that Boehner promised this would NOT happen. He is as big a liar as you-know-who.

    Boehner takes revenge
    Foes find themselves losing plum committee posts.

    “We don’t need these fringe guys as much as we did anymore,” said a GOP leadership aide, speaking on the condition of anonymity. “We can let them walk on certain bills, and it just won’t matter. That gives us breathing room.”

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/01/boehner-allies-out-for-revenge-114007.html#ixzz3O6K0ymex

  55. The GOP establishment attack on Tea Party and other conservative candidates is in full force. By denying them various committee appointments, Boehner is in effect controlling the outcome, which is to help further Soetoro’s “program”. This is WAR, folks, plain and simple. Maybe Trey Gowdy has acted smartly in order to keep his important chair of the committee investigating Benghazi and other vital matters.

  56. …….It just occurred to me that if you put a dress and a female wig on Boehner, you would end up with another Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.FINE -STINE. Anybody who would ever want to smooch Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Important has to be ONE REALLY SICK PUPPY,but BIRDS OF A FEATHER do flock together.Maybe he would like to go a little further……his facial expression seems to suggest it……REALLY TWISTED PEOPLE! …..BUT NOW WE ALL KNOW FOR SURE!

  57. Cabby AZ…….
    Diana West seems to be a very articulate lady. She definitely has the media pegged. The media has been Soetoro’s co pilot all along. Chavez once made the statement “It wasn’t until I had absolute control over the media that I finally had control over Venezuela”…….this truth was plain to see…….as every MORON in Venezuela fell for the media propaganda,and voted him into office.

  58. It has been clear to me for quite some time that the alleged “Federal Government” is now totally corrupt. There is only one hammer left in the toolbox which will END THEIR BULLSHI#…..a 50 state secession from the union after which the alleged union(corporation) will be disenfranchised, null and void. If handled correctly it would be over in 10 minutes for all of the BASTARDS who are now in charge…….and in another 10 minutes a new government just as the Declaration of Independence directs could be installed. Such an act would only require 38 states, to constitute a majority.

  59. bye bye all……..Have a great day! I have to go pick up my little girl, at the veterinary clinic. Had her teeth cleaned today. I have loved this little 16 lb. Bichon frise angel dearly ever since God sent her too me, and I see to it that she remains in good health. With animals there are no LIES, or no compromises, just pure unconditional devotion.

  60. This is probably no time to mention this but ……..whatever happened to the “earthshattering” investigation of the criminal conduct of the usurper sitting in our White House?

    I seem to remember about two years ago an investigation was started by ‘America’s sheriff’ into the illegal occupation of our highest office by someone who wasn’t even a citizen, let alone a ‘natural born citizen’

    Days stretched into months…. and months into years…. and still the ‘earthshattering’ information has not been put before the public.

    Now we don’t even talk about this ‘earthshattering information’ any more.

    Those conducting the investigation said they could not release any of the information because it may ‘taint’ the outcome. Now we are only 11 months before this usurper is to give up his seat (or suppose to), and still not one ‘smiddigen’ of information has leaked out of this criminal investigation.

    Maybe I am wrong (correct me if I am), but a criminal felony investigation DEMANDS that some legal action follow. Or it always has in the past prosecutions of felonies in America.

    It makes no difference who defies the law, president or peasant…they both must stand before the bar and defend their innocence. It appears that this is no longer the way innocence or guilt is determined in our nation.

    Someone, or a very powerful group of someone’s, is behind the placement of Soetoro into politics, and their continued support for his occupation of this office.

    One thing is crystal clear to me, and should be to everyone…..that is that Obama ,alone, does not have this kind of power. In fact, he is nothing more than a mere puppet, doing the bidding of a much higher hidden power….but who or what is this power?

    Who, or what, yields so much power that will silently threaten 535 Congressmen / women, 100 Senators, 9 Supreme Court justices, and hundreds of federal judges, 5 major media sources, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, and every substation of these networks, every major print newspaper and their subscribers, into being afraid to look at and act upon valid proof that Obama is not a citizen of this county?

    Who could possibly have this much control over our entire political activities without being known? Especially when the vast majority of common citizens question his legality to hold office.

    There is something terribly wrong in this country…something so terrible that everyone is afraid to face it openly and honestly….something that has infected and shaken our nation to the very roots of it’s beliefs and beginnings.

    Yet no one will talk about the ‘elephant in the room’……Why?

    Why are our elected politicians such cowards and weasels to close their eyes to the oath they take to ‘protect and defend’ the Constitution which governs this land? What power on earth has that kind of control over our elected officials?

    What am I missing here?……what are we missing here?…..what is everyone missing here?…something is terribly wrong, yet no one seems to be in a hurry to correct it.

    If Obama’s (Soetoro) presidency does not cry out “Conspiracy’, then throughout our 2 thousand and 14 years of our history of the world since Christ birth, there hasn’t been a single, anywhere- at any time. A conspiracy is defined as “when two or more people conduct an act to hid or defraud the existence of a criminal act against others”….that may not be a Webster’s definition, but it’s close enough.

    A ‘conspiracy’ about this man/child certainly has existed long before Soetoro took office …his entire life has been a ‘conspiracy’…..and all facts about him have been hidden from the public for which he is suppose to serve.

    Why have, WE THE PEOPLE permitted this? We have been warned over and over throughout our short history that our country would fall from within, yet we have ignored that warning and permitted a man to occupy the presidency with intentions of fulfilling that goal. Why have we been so blind?

    2015 is a new year….and a year that demands the truth be told….and the guilty be punished. This will require sacrifice on our part. It will not come easy, but the truth is there….many people know the truth, but are now afraid to speak……

    A good place to start will be to publish, for all to see….the ‘earthshattering’ evidence against this fake president…the public has a right to see who their leader is….those controlling this information has an obligation to ‘put it all out there’

    A warning to the wise….if WE THE PEOPLE let Soetoro escape exposure and punishment for his ‘high crimes and misdemenors’, then for all practical purpose, our Constitution and the Republic, is DOA (dead on arrival).

    Is this what the people who live in this great nation want?…..to surrender their freedoms without a whimper. I remember when communism supposedly collapsed in Russia without firing a shot. I could not believe it went that way.

    Now we have America surrendering her liberties and freedom in the same manner.

    But this deception has not been because Soetoro (Obama) is that powerful , it’s simply because we have been so weak and ill informed.

    God save America.

  61. At Drudge & Fox: Terrorist attack in France.

  62. Not all may agree with the religious perspective of this article, but I urge you to read it, because this man has an overall understanding that few have today.

    Prophecy 2015 — neo-liberalism gives birth to neo-radicalism — dangerous times ahead

    By Michael Bresciani

    (quote – to whet the appetite):
    Under the Obama administration we have gone from the petted slogan “don’t let a good crisis go to waste’ up the ladder to “why not just create our own crisis to keep the nation off balance.”

    We can analyze Obama’s policies till the cows come home to see what they mean. A shorter route would be to examine what they are not.

    For example, race riots and race baiting are not the protests of the sixties. Opening our borders to anyone at any time is not “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses.” Bailouts and battles with coal and other energy companies are not free enterprise, but it is welfare for corporations. ObamaCare is not assurance against bad health it is a disease in its own right that promises to leave the nation in death and disarray if not thrown out or seriously modified.

    Battles with congress are not bipartisanship they are instability, confusion and lawlessness at best. Worst of all, the continuation of abortion policies and the striking down of marriage between one man and one woman is not social progress – it is moral decay and perversion. In God’s eyes it is intolerable and it will lead to his action against the nations who are calling it progress.

    Read much more – Every statement is powerful.


  63. In case we didn’t know, China is buying America:

    Is The U.S. Being Colonized by Red China

    According to government reports, since it started in 1990, the EB-5 visa program has brought approximately $6.7 billion to the US and has created 95,000 jobs. Entrepreneurs across the nation have set up regional centers for foreign investment to market local EB-5 projects to investors. There are now at least 480 EB-5 regional centers located in all 50 states. California alone has 116 of the centers. Many of these projects are focusing on building housing developments. Others are concerned with buying up dairy farms, cattle ranches, meat packing plants, and other sources of American food supplies. Still more are centered on getting a piece of American energy sources. Some of the centers are state run, others are private investment entities.
    Beyond the Green Cards and residency, the immigrants running these projects can also expect government sponsored benefits such as federal and state grants (taxpayer dollars) tax breaks or perhaps no sales taxes on supplies and materials they purchase to put the projects in place. Along with federal agencies, the projects work directly with state and county development corporations for more cooperation and help getting through the regulatory mine fields that ordinary American companies must endure.

    Read much more:

  64. RMinNC (12:01 pm)
    Good post! Everyone that knows anything about the CCP and the promise of “universe-shattering” info, is wondering what’s going on. I believe fully in the integrity of Sheriff Arpaio, so there has to be a reason for the extended delay.

  65. cabbyaz….

    Thanks for the compliment…yes there must be some great compelling reason that we don’t hear anything about the CCP anymore……it is amazing how long this has gone on…8 years and counting.

    We know more about Jupiter than we do about our president.

  66. There’s more to the Star Spangled Banner than one verse…..

    Mat God restore this country as it once was, proud, free, and a republic


    Please contact me by email….I want to change my user name on here…..


    OK….I will.
    First, have you ever asked yourself if there really are people out there planning your demise? If not perhaps it’s time to take a good look at our governments own documentation, both from the past and present, to get a general idea of what’s really going on. But I must warn you, you may not like what your about to uncover…

    Secondly, the United States military has NEVER written a plan of operation they have not put into action, or PLAN to put into operation…keep that in mind as you watch this video.

    Friends, we are living in some very dangerous times…times when our own government has become our worse enemy…..keep that in mind too.

  69. citizenwells

    Go ahead.
    Put up 2 quick comments & I will approve.
    That is all you need.


    Of course, Ted Cruz is not a ‘natural-born’ citizen as Soetoro was not either, but who really cares anymore what the Constitution says.

  71. CW….
    please change my user name to……oldsoldier79…..and I will take my p[lace at the table…..

    thank you

  72. oldsoldier79

    an old guy the block…with a new name

  73. oldsoldier79

    now we have an oldsailor82 and an oldsoldier79….all we need is a flyboy and we will have a combined arms operation going here.

  74. oldsoldier79

    ON TOPIC…..and funny

    HARVARD UNIVERSITY bitten by the OBAMACARE BUG it helped create.

    Hope that you don’t have an allergy to ‘schadenfreude’, because this is the pure stuff: ”

    For years, Harvard’s experts on health economics and policy have advised presidents and Congress on how to provide health benefits to the nation at a reasonable cost. But those remedies will now be applied to the Harvard faculty, and the professors are in an uproar.”
    Turns out that adding mandatory procedures and extra coverage costs money; so does the ‘Cadillac tax’ on high-end plans like Harvard’s.
    So Harvard went and passed those extra costs to policy holders – like everybody else did – and said policy holders (professors) are, well, freaking out.

    Seriously: to quote Oscar Wilde’s famous witticism, you would need to have a heart of stone not to laugh at the way Harvard professors are reacting to the news that they now have deductables and out-of-pocket limits and co-pays and all the rest of it.
    And it just gets funnier and funnier, the farther down you get.

    I personally lost it when I read this bit (bolding mine) : “Some Harvard employees have said they will gladly accept a narrower network of health care providers if it lowers their costs. But Harvard’s ability to create such networks is complicated by the fact that some of Boston’s best-known, most expensive hospitals are affiliated with Harvard Medical School.

    To create a network of high-value providers, Harvard would probably need to exclude some of its own teaching hospitals, or discourage their use.” It’s the consternation at it all. It’s like Harvard academics thought that there was a line, and they were on the right side of that line, and it was just the people that they didn’t care for who would have to deal with any minor consequences arising from the adoption of Obamacare.

    Well, guess what? Turns out that we’re all just “Bozos on this bus”… and that includes the Bozos over at Harvard University.

    And the absolute cream of this particular jest? Even the new Harvard plan is exceptionally generous (over 90% of costs covered).

    One can only imagine how all these pampered academics would feel if they were forced to use a silver (70% covered) Obamacare plan…
    A word of advice to the Harvard professors; Remember, “YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW”, so stop complaining and pay your share.

  75. Oldsoldier79 (4:05pm)
    “What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander”, or, at least, it should be.

  76. oldsoldier79…….
    Welcome to the “OLD” club,now there are TWO of us,who are old somethings.

  77. oldsoldier79…….
    …..I would be looking for an oldjarhead to join us, and an oldflyguy,and we will have the military fairly well covered.

  78. oldsoldier79

    Hi oldsailor82…..hope you are staying warm today…..even here in the Carolina’s…its damn cold and the wind chill factor really bites you……

    My wife has family in Minnesota and Wisconsin…both are getting clobbered today and its suppose to be even worse tonight and tomorrow….

    yes …I just wanted a change of name, I thought ‘what the hell- if Soetoro can do it, so can I’….thought that a rep from the army was needed at CW’s table…

    Old to me is like an age…its only a word…..although I can’t run 5 miles before breakfast like I use too…..that doesn’t bother me much. I feel like I am a lot wiser now that I am approaching the big 80…..

  79. oldsoldier79


    Think we can find a ‘jarhead’ that can write?

  80. AND NOW……..
    ……”.Allah Acbar”……..was heard by 12 people in France,which was the very last thing they heard. All 12 are now dead. Yet there has not been a PEEP out of the French President. I have read at various sources that the Muslim population of France is about 8%,and that the French president sympathathises with them. Could he be another Soetoro?(Muslim). I shout to the French people, how do you like those BASTARDS now? Just don’t leave your NANNY GOATS outside at night.
    Since the murderers were allegedly two French nationals,and a homeless man, hopefully France will see fit to roll out a GUILLOTINE, and PUBLICALLY execute the BASTARDS.

  81. ?????????

  82. Prayers to the freedom loving people of France. This attack is why we need the Keystone pipeline. Obama cares more about the birds than he does about human lives. Oil money to Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries funds these terrorist groups and radical jihadists. We need to reduce the flow of money to Arab oil barons and increase money and jobs to Americans, to Democratic neighbors and friends involved in producing oil at home. Let’s stop the nonsense. Obama’s smart power is dumb power. You can’t reduce evil by trying to be nice.

  83. It’s okay, France. Obama is concerned. That will show those terrorists.

  84. oldsoldier79

    How would you destroy a country that was militarily stronger than your country? …..a study of history holds the key……

    If you were intent on bringing down a powerful rival whose philosophy, as originally founded, was strong, independent and entirely opposite from your own—a country that you would not want to confront militarily—how would you go about it?

    The answer is simple; orchestrate the society’s destruction from within.

    Although possibly taking longer than a military victory and requiring great patience, the damage would be just as effective if not more so. When you destroy from within, you do it by using that country’s own people, no blood is spilled in combat and the physical infrastructure is left intact.

    In any country, there are but a few key areas that determine how the citizens mature, live, and develop their beliefs. These are the focal points that must be attacked. In his book, ON WAR, Clausewitz referred to this concept of identifying them, then focusing on select points as attacking the center of gravity.

    The center of gravity is that key element, if controlled or destroyed, would most hurt your opponent and is the critical factor in achieving your objective. In this case, when taking control of, or destroying a country from within, the key is to attack and control the mind of the inhabitants—you must shape the way people’s view of life and the values upon which their life is based.

    Shape the mind and you control their direction. Control their direction and you can lead them down a pathway to a living hell.

    1). To shape truth, control the media:
    Most people absorb what they know about life from the major media centers these days. The media paints the picture for all to see. If that picture is constantly distorted, lies become accepted as truth, i.e. tell enough lies repeatedly and soon those lies are accepted as fact. Spin and concoct, distort and influence using the public platforms such as television, radio and print and you can influence, sway and control the mind of the vast majority of its population in any area you choose. This subversive influence includes pitting one group against another in order to foment internal discord as well as ridiculing, discrediting and challenging moral principles and national values in order to destroy any hint of a strong spiritual foundation or allegiance to a unique national culture.
    This is a much easier task if many in your target audience have become lazy, ill-educated, ill-informed, unthinking and apathetic.

    2) To shape future generations, control the schools:
    Incrementally indoctrinate the children with principles that are sympathetic to your philosophy. Make future generations weak in mind, body and spirit. Avoid teaching children the basic facts about their own history, constitution or rights. Teach them that natural aggression is wrong and docile submission is right. Teach them that any basis of a moral foundation, like the principles of religion, is a weakness to be avoided in the name of freedom and also redefine the concept of patriotism to support your views. Teach them to cast off old values and traditions in the interest and name of sensitivity—after all, we wouldn’t want to offend anyone with our old fashioned or traditional beliefs now would we?

    And guns, guns are wicked, dangerous, and socially unacceptable—an evil that must be eradicated from society—for the good of the children of course.

    3) To shape the political philosophy, infiltrate the government:
    Whenever and wherever possible place those sympathetic to your philosophy into office at all levels—the higher, the better—so they can sway the direction of the country within every function of government, promising solutions, handouts and benefits for all. In such a way you can tilt legislation toward incrementally increasing the control of and dependency on government—a government that you are shaping. Concurrently, if you can pack the courts with appointed judges who will not hold you accountable to the law and its constitution, you can act with virtual impunity. Infiltration at the highest levels can also be employed to weaken the military through budget cuts, unwarranted restrictions and over commitment, degrading both force morale and effectiveness.

    A country without a strong military is like a bull without horns or a tiger without claws—defenseless and vulnerable.

    4) To shape the sense of nationalism, dilute the culture and the language: A strong society has at its foundation a unique culture and a common language. Simply put, it is the culture and language which ultimately defines and unites a nation. If you can manipulate these two critical elements through legislative action and social pressure, you can weaken the foundation of any country. How? Introduce and eventually force the acceptance of a multi-cultural concept and refuse to accept a common tongue as the official language.

    In short, prevent cultural assimilation and undermine any sense of nationalism. Encourage and orchestrate a mosaic society rather than a melting pot and you will eventually mortally wound the national fabric.

    5) To shape the economy, spend, spend, spend and tax, tax, tax:
    A country with a strong economy is financially independent and its people unlikely to look toward the government for much of anything. If free people don’t depend on their government, that government has limited sway and power over them. By legislating large sums from the public treasury you accomplish two important goals. First you create dependents of the public and private business that are now subject to conditions, rules and regulations you dictate. Secondly, you are putting that country into unsustainable debt, reducing the value of the currency while undermining its economy.

    And of course, to support all this spending, you now make the case that the people must “invest” in all these government provided “benefits” so you tax them relentlessly stealing money from their pockets and independence from their lives.

    Eventually, if you tax and spend enough, you financially oppress the people to the point of serfdom and overload their economic structure to the point of collapse.

    Through patient manipulation and clever coordination of these 5 centers of gravity, you can, in time, weave the downfall of even the most powerful of nations, using its own citizens and established systems to orchestrate their destruction.

    The irony is that in just a few short generations, the indoctrinated masses will be convinced this road which has been shaped for them is truly the ‘enlightened path’ for mankind and they will unwittingly look forward to the trip! Even though it takes them to oblivion.

    You have thus taken control of a powerful rival without ever firing a shot or spilling a drop of blood. You have taken a country to it’s knees, never to rise again.

    With America’s national debt now standing a t17 trillion, 500 billion, does this sound familiar to you.? Do you know any other country that is now heading down this path of destruction? Would America now fit this pattern outlined in the 5 centers of gravity? If so, how long do you give the ‘old lady’ before her total destruction is complete?

    This is not a test of your intelligence, rather it’s a stern reminder that America, as a free Republic, is now on life support by the free choice of it’s citizens.

    God save the Republic, because it appears the citizens won’t.

  85. oldsoldier79

    a different take on the Terrorist attack in France……
    you Reap What you Sow…..


    As someone who spent a great deal of time farming for our Horses, I know as well as any, that we generally REAP WHAT WE SOW. And in the case of France, what they are REAPING, right here and now, is what they themselves have created.


    Is this Work Place Violence, since the Paris SLAUGHTER was done at a place of work? If you follow Obama’s LOGIC . . . THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT IT WAS.


    1 – There are approximately SEVEN MILLION Moslems living in France, out of a total population of Sixty-Six Million. THAT’S MORE THAN 10%.

    2 – Marseille . . . one of France’s largest cities is almost FIFTY PERCENT Moslem, and is considered to be the MOST dangerous city in all of EUROPE, where French police refuse to go.


    1 – France has a HUGE and SORDID history of ANTI-SEMITISM, going all the way back to the INQUISITIONS.

    2 – The French tried to INDICT all French Jews through the PURPOSEFULLY CONTRIVED LIE OF TREASON, against a Jewish Artillery Captain (ALFRED DREYFUS), who was setup as being a spy for Germany in 1894.

    Eventually, the charges were dropped, AFTER Dreyfus survived for years (1,517 days – April 13, 1895 to June 9, 1899) in abject HELL on DEVILS Island, for a crime he did not commit, ONLY because of an incredibly BRAVE Journalist (Christian), who would not GO-ALONG to GET-ALONG . . . by the name of Emile Zola, who wrote these ICONIC words . . .J’ACCUSE, in defense of DREYFUS.

    3 – The FIRST NAZI DEATH CAMP was built, and used as a training center for the ULTIMATE HOLOCAUST IN EUROPE, under the auspices of the FRENCH VICHY government.

    AND MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT . . . The French were COMPLICIT to the MAXIMUM, in the massacre of French Jews, and all other European Jews who were transported through France on their way to Hitler’s FINAL SOLUTION.


    There were far more FRENCH COLLABORATORS with the Nazis, than there were Resistance Fighters, regardless of how the French try to bend and twist their SORDID history.

    4 – FRANCE BETRAYED ISRAEL AT LEAST TWICE . . . First when the French refused to release FIVE Gunboats bought and paid for by Israel in December 1969. And then again, also in September of 1969, when the French REFUSED to sell Israel parts for Israel’s French Built Mirage Fighter Jets.

    5 – In 1981, Israel destroyed a Nuclear Reactor, built in Osiraq (Bagdad) Iraq, by the FRENCH.

    France welcomed the Muslims into their country with open arms and now they are paying the price for their transgressions…England is nor far behind them and is ripe for the same type of terrorist activity.

    taken from beforeit;’snews:

  86. Oldsoldier79…….
    With regard to the leadership of France,their backstabbing goes back a long way. ……..which comes from a position of COWARDICE. De Gaulle GAVE France to Hitler,for one reason…….cowardice! In the early days of the war in Europe a French cruiser captain made the mistake of firing upon an American cruiser. The French ship was SUNK where it was moored…….The captain turned out to be a Nazi sympathiser. …..and finally as for the FREE FRENCH who spirited many of our pilots out of France, I would have to say that, if in truth they actually did this,I would be the first to commend them. I tend to think that all that we ever heard,via newsreels, etc was basically second hand information…….but I personally always wondered if it was totally truthful. Even in photography UP can be DOWN,and made to look like something it might not really be. Narrator words can TWIST what is actually being shown to sound as though it is enemy action when in reality it was photographed at a training facility. Then just a few years back the French had the audacity to state that the cemeteries where our war dead are buried is contaminating French soil,and needs to be REMOVED. To that statement I say to the French BASTARDS who uttered those words, most of the STINKING SNOTNOSED FRENCH SLIME who made the statement were not even on earth when the war in Europe was fought,and are some of the most ignorant people alive. I have been in their stinking city of LaHavre, and can attest to the fact that you can smell it hours before you arrive there.Perhaps they should CLEAN UP THEIR OWN BACKYARD before they try to assail DEAD soldiers who gave their lives to SAVE the lives of the ungratful French citizens. Then when I remember that Charles DeGaulle was allowed to be the first person to enter Paris after it was liberated by the Allies was MORE THAN SICKENING……….all he ever done was COWER from the Germans, and reward them. Yes they are reaping the dividends of their efforts through the years of twisted leadership. However I do not criticise the operators of the newspaper whose management team was barbarically murdered, by the SLIMEY followers of Muhamad ( the FALSE PROPHET). Following such an icon clearly demonstrates the level of STUPIDITY which PERMEATES their so called society. They wrap their faces to HIDE their IDENTITY, which attests to their level of cowardice……then they run away and hide behind females, and children. Such behavior is the mark of COWARDS,which will eventually bring them down, because eventually all of the Christian people on Earth will unite and the murderous cowards will themselves be DISPATCHED to never again threaten decent people on Earth. When this happens the historic Crusades will seem like child play, and once again the MUSLIMS will be driven back to where they started, but this time they will never again be in a position to threaten anybody. When the world converges upon them it will be an act of God, from which they will NOT SURVIVE. What I have said here is my own personal views, and as such, under the Constitution I have the right to express my viewpoints right,wrong or indifferent.

  87. bye bye all………..Hope I havn’t offended those who are CW followers. If the Muslims can chop off heads,lie, rape children,etc,then I have the right to SAY WHAT I THINK, as well. Goodnight all!

  88. Thinking of changing my username to oldgrandma68. 🙂

  89. oldsoldier79 – Agree 100%.

  90. Jonah…….

    I like that !!!!

  91. How about “old cabby81”? Hehehe!! (I’m catching up with you, OldSailor)

    De Blasio’s unreported history stirring racial protests

    Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2015/01/new-york-mayors-secret-past-comes-to-light/#c0MkjQHaktmImdQP.99

  93. “””One thing is crystal clear to me, and should be to everyone…..that is that Obama ,alone, does not have this kind of power. In fact, he is nothing more than a mere puppet, doing the bidding of a much higher hidden power….but who or what is this power @RMinNC”””

    Which is why I failed to vote in 2012 and will never vote again.
    The election was questionably compromised in 2008—definitely compromised in 2012–it is what it is!!
    Voting for the least corrupt or lesser of two evils isn’t even a meme any longer for me.

    I wrote my guess here years ago; blackmailed/threatened congress?? was my first idea–then, after much thought, I decided blackmail had to be the catalyst that kept too many officials silent. And the only threat feasible must have been bombs–in schools, on planes, in crowded malls, maybe even large churches, bridges or trains/subways.
    As I stated many times–think about it being YOUR child’s school or grandchild’s daycare. CRICKETS.

    I am a stay-at-home-Sunday-morning Christian. God as my witness, I have never prayed for another’s death until 2009, more each year. May God forgive me & have mercy on my soul.

  94. oldsoldier79


    you have nothing to ask God’s forgiveness for……nothing in our Holy Book says you have to like and support evil…..in fact, God encourages you to fight evil on a daily basis…..that’s why he gave us free will…then he gave us the intelligence to know right from wrong, and the ability and guts to fight the evils we see around us every day.

    If God felt otherwise, he would have surrendered Earth long ago to the devil. I too am a Christian and I’m proud of my fight against the evils I see here on earth, I ask God each night to give me the strength to continue my fight the next day…….someday in the future when our spirits depart our bodies, we will be rewarded for our stand as Christians….if you truly believe.

    Be proud of how you feel today…there are millions and millions of Americans with the same feelings..

  95. Muslims – Are Disgusting
    Turn Your Backs on Muslims
    Here is a video of some lovely Muslims desecrating a British WWII Cemetery…..a stylish bunch of folks….

    Muslims & WWII Cemetery

    This is pretty disgusting; keep this going so everyone sees it and passes it on.
    WW II – British Military Cemetery in Libya.

    Every time a joke and/or cartoon is made about the Koran, the whole world turns upside down…!!
    and we are all called racists!!!!!!!! However they appear to do whatever they like and no one says anything.
    Majority of people remain silent. See this video while it’s available & before its removal !!!


    I read an article in the morning rag-sheet, the Charlotte Observer, that quoted federal sources saying that 52% of ALL consumer credit was due to medical debt. That shocked me to my bones !

    I stopped and thought for a moment….if 52% of all consumer credit still owed in the US is due to medical bills….exactly how much would that be?

    That sent me on a Goggle search to find out. Here is what I discovered.

    The numbers listed are for 2012, which tells me that the numbers should be much higher; these stats are from government sources.

    In 2012 the American public consumer owed $846 Billion dollars in credit card debt… as compared to 1967 when the total was only $1.4 Billion. In a short 45 year period, the total consumer debt has increased 800%.

    The average Consumer credit card debt in 2012 was $3,779 per person. The low credit card risk people (which is a majority of the people) was much higher, their total credit card debt was $5, 965 dollars per person.

    Then came the shocker…..how much of a family monthly income was devoted to paying for this credit card debt? the latest figures was for the year 2010;

    the average family income devoted each month to pay credit card debt was 14.2%…..13.8% of low income or risky consumers had 40% or more going each month to pay for credit card debt and interest on debt.

    If I dug deeper, I’m sure the results would be twice as bad………

    Here is the big shock for me: that 52% of all consumer credit was due to consumer medical bills…….

    It looks like Big Pharma and Big Medica have the American people by the balls and are squeezing as hard as they can….

    Soon every citizen will be a ‘slave’ due to their own medical problems….and Obamacare has only worsened the problems.

  97. Just wondering if any one is still looking for changes/differences in Barry? I know that makeup can hide flaws on our faces. I know that they must use that makeup spray that covers up blemishes on his face. I made a comment once that they forgot to spray his big ears to match his face and now his ears match his face.
    Here is where I have noticed a change of his body language. For years now when you watch him walk down Air Force 1 he always holds his hands in front of him like he was hand cuffed! Lately I have noticed he swings his arms to the side of him! ???
    I have always noticed the forehead that sometimes is rounded off over the eyes and other times there is an indentation on both sides. (On the outer side above the eyes) And his ears are always different to me.Big 🙂 but different. Sometimes identical twins are not always completely identical.
    I can remember when we were picking apart his body features…and his lips are still bothering me. I remember when his upper lip had a deep indentation and full upper lip. I read once where someone said it was from Arab nationality and not African. I do not see those full upper lips any more. And I look at all the pictures and I do not ever see a scar on his lower lip. Remember when he used to play basketball and he got hurt and had to get stitches on his lower lip?

    OK!…maybe my imagination has gotten the better of me. haha The man is a fraud no matter who he is!!!!

  98. Ginger……..
    While I don’t place a great deal of significance in facial features, I do closely watch Soetoro’s eye and facial EXPRESSIONS.. Early into his administration he was not able to mask his natural expressions at all. Now he uses, his sick and twisted jokes,which he then laughs at. This is one of the primary ways in which telltale facial expressions are concealed. I believe that of late his Hollywood associates have managed to school him on how to mask his natural expressions. Lately everytime he appears on tv he has NO or very little expression on his face. He has a BLANK appearance,which by itself is contrary to normal human acumen. That is one of the reasons why I see him as having a serious mental problem.

  99. CabbyAZ…..
    Welcome to the OLDWHATEVER CLUB. UNTIL YESTERDAY THERE HAS BEEN ONLY ONE “old whatever”……ME! I invite everybody to share the distinction,of either becoming,or being “OLD SOMETHINGOROTHERS”. Jump right in the water is fine. I think the word old OLD lends a little distinction……ever hear of OLD GRANDAD BOURBON? Pretty powerful stuff! Another such name in bourbon is I.W. Harper Bonded…………Tennessee Whiskey= George Jones. who ingested it by the barrel.

  100. Hehehe – Old Sailor, you just gave me a good laugh about us oldsters!
    You had some good findings here today, as usual.

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