IRS Deputy Associate Chief Counsel Thomas Kane emails backups may exist, More computer problems with less than 20 individuals, Chairman Issa IRS attempted to keep key witness Mr. Kane away from investigators

IRS Deputy Associate Chief Counsel Thomas Kane emails backups may exist, More computer problems with less than 20 individuals, Chairman Issa IRS attempted to keep key witness Mr. Kane away from investigators

“Don’t think I want to be on stage with Grassley on this issue.”…Lois Lerner email

“The IRS is clearly in full cover-up mode,” “It is well past time for the Obama administration to answer to a federal court about its cover up and destruction of records.”…Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton


“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”…George Orwell, “1984″



From the the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform July 21, 2014.

“New Testimony: IRS May Still Have Missing Lois Lerner E-mails Backed Up”

“Official in charge of document production also raises possibility of new e-mail losses from ‘less than 20’ officials

During a transcribed interview with congressional investigators on Thursday, July 17, IRS Deputy Associate Chief Counsel Thomas Kane, who supervises the IRS’s targeting scandal document production to Congress, testified that new developments now make him uncertain whether e-mail back-up tapes containing lost e-mails from key IRS targeting official Lois Lerner exist or not.  The new testimony is at odds with the June 13, 2014, memo sent to Sens. Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Orrin Hatch (R-UT) by the IRS which reported that the IRS, “Confirmed that back-up tapes from 2011 no longer exist because they have been recycled.”  Kane had reviewed the June 13 memo but noted his current uncertainty with investigators.

Kane and a Committee investigator had the following exchange during Thursday’s transcribed interview:

Investigator: You stated at the time that document was produced to Congress, the document, the white paper in Exhibit 3[the June 13 memo], that it was accurate to the best of your knowledge.  Is it still accurate?

Kane: There is an issue as to whether or not there is a ‑‑ that all of the backup recovery tapes were destroyed on the 6‑month retention schedule. 

Investigator: So some of those backup tapes may still exist?

Kane: I don’t know whether they are or they aren’t, but it’s an issue that’s being looked at. 

Kane also testified that in addition to the IRS officials who had experienced hard drive crashes, as reported to the House Ways & Means Committee, a number of officials above and beyond these officials “have had computer problems over the course of the period covered by the investigations and the chairman’s subpoena” that could prevent the IRS from fully complying with the subpoenas.  Kane characterized the number of such individuals as “less than 20” and named IRS officials Andy Megosh, Kimberly Kitchens, Justin Lowe, and David Fish as members of the new group.

Justin Lowe – Technical Advisor to the Commissioner of Tax-Exempt and Government Entities, before that he was a tax-law specialist in EO (Exempt Organizations) Technical and then EO Guidance.  Advisor to Tax-Exempt and Government Entities Commissioner Joseph Grant.

David Fish – Manager of EO Guidance (which develops formal and informal guidance to the public on tax-exempt issues); Fish also served as Acting Director of Rulings and Agreements in late 2011/early 2012. Advisor to Lois Lerner.

Andy Megosh – Group manager in EO Guidance.  Megosh was cited in the Ways and Means Committee’s referral of Lerner Lerner to the Justice Department.

Kimberly Kitchens – IRS revenue agent in Cincinnati who donated to President Obama’s reelection campaign.

Chairman Issa issued the following statement on the new revelations in Kane’s testimony:

“I’m struck by the fact that the IRS attempted to keep a key witness like Mr. Kane away from investigators and only agreed to his appearance after I issued a subpoena for his testimony. Finding out that IRS Commissioner Koskinen jumped the gun in reporting to Congress that the IRS ‘confirmed’ all back-up tapes had been destroyed makes me even more suspicious of why he waited months to inform Congress about lost Lois Lerner e-mails.  Commissioner Koskinen has repeatedly blamed the reporting delay on an effort to be sure what he said was correct, we now know that wasn’t the case.”

 An expanded transcript of Mr. Thomas Kane’s exchange about the possibility that e-mail back-up tapes may still exist falls below:

Q1- And the white paper that you identified, that you called a white paper in Exhibit 3, you said that you had an opportunity to review that before it was produced.  Is that accurate?

A- Yes.

Q1- And to the best of your knowledge, was that document an accurate representation of the information within it?

A- At that time, that was certainly accurate. 

Q1- And if you had had any concerns about the accuracy of that document, would you have raised them?

A- Yes. 

Q1- And did you raise any concerns about the accuracy of that document?

A- As I indicated earlier, I had some issues that are suggested edits that I thought needed to be made, and there was a discussion about those, and there were some changes made.  They weren’t major, but, you know, I was accommodated. 

Q1- So the end product was accurate?

A- That was the state of knowledge and facts as we knew it when the document was set up.

Q1- Thank you very much.  I really appreciate the many hours you’ve spent with us. 

Q2- Sir, if I could just ask you one clarifying question based on your answers to those questions.  You stated at the time that document was produced to Congress, the document, the white paper in Exhibit 3, that it was accurate to the best of your knowledge.  Is it still accurate? 

A- There is an issue as to whether or not there is a ‑‑ that all of the backup recovery tapes were destroyed on the 6‑month retention schedule. 

Q2- So some of those backup tapes may still exist?

A- I don’t know whether they are or they aren’t, but it’s an issue that’s being looked at. 

Q2- By who?

A- It’s part of the TIGTA investigation.

Q2- So no one in the IRS, to your knowledge, outside of TIGTA, is looking at that issue?

A- The IRS is not looking at anything being investigated by TIGTA. 

Q2- And when was that issue identified?

A- Sometime after the white paper was sent up. 

Q2- And has there been any discussion about disclosing that issue to Congress, to the best of your knowledge?

A- I don’t know whether it has or it hasn’t been.  I thought Chairman Issa asked a question about it at the last hearing, but I could be wrong about that. 

Q2- The hearing with Commissioner Koskinen?

A- Yes.

Q2- And did the Commissioner give an accurate response to that question?

A- I forget how the question was framed, but I thought I had a recollection that Chairman Issa had asked the Commissioner about a backup tape issue looking ‑‑ being looked at by TIGTA.  That’s the context of my recollection. 

Q2- Anything else that you’re aware of that you can tell us about about the issue of the potential availability of a backup tape? 

Kane’s Counsel – Objection to form.

A- Again, it’s all under investigation by TIGTA at this point in time.  And I don’t know if there is a backup tape with information on it or there isn’t.  I know that there’s an issue out there about it. 

Q2- Okay.  Thank you, sir. 

(Q1= Committee investigator #1; Q2= Committee investigator #2; A= Kane)”


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  1. For several years I have been hoping SOMEONE in the Military or Intelligence would speak the truth about Obama…..Finally, the TOP Marine,
    four-star Gen. James Amos, Commandant of the Marine Corps speaks out.

    While not naming Obama specifically, he clearly called him out.

    “I have a hard time believing that had we been there, and worked with the government, and worked with parliament, and worked with the minister of defense, the minister of interior, I don’t think we’d be in the same shape we’re in today,”

    Amos also blasted the White House for failing to live up to its obligations around the world.

    “We may think we’re done with all of these nasty, thorny, tacky little things that are going on around the world — and I’d argue that if you’re in that nation, it’s not a tacky, little thing for you. We may think we’re done with them, but they’re not done with us,” Amos said.

    “We’re probably the only country in the world that has the resources and the capability to be able to do some of this that others can’t,” Amos added.

    Read the article here:

    The commandant will be retiring in the fall…I pray that he continues to talk.

  2. This was planned LONG before Obama became president…..check it out.
    The DEMOCRATS planned to eliminate the “natural-born” citizen clause from the Constitution long before Obama gave his Keynote speech in 2004 at the Democrat National Convention.

    So this tells me the “powers to be” (the unelected, unofficial, shadow government) “SELECTED” Obama to ACT as president LONG before 2004…..

    What say you?

  3. citizenwells

    I have long believed the fix was in by at least 2006.

  4. CW……..
    Why then has there NOT BEEN a Constitutional Convention brought forward? It is because it requires at least 3/4 of the states to vote for any amendment. So far they have not been able to whip up a full blown Constitutional Convention,and very likely the progressives will not be able to legally amend the natural born citizen requirement out of the Constitution. They can scream,and pound their fists,but until the Constitution is formally altered, or amended via Constitutional Convention, it remains LEGALLY VALID ……AS IT IS WRITTEN. The wordsmiths have tried to alter the meanings of a large part of the Constitution,but they have FAILED, Interpretation will not change the meanings as written by the framers……nor will case law EVER trump Constitutional law.

  5. RM and CW,
    I agree. Remember that “attractive”, “compelling” young “black man” that spoke at the 204 Dem Convention? Everyone, or nearly so, was raving about this rising young star!

  6. AND NOW……
    ………We have ANOTHER four star general, who is steamed because of Soetoro’s behavior, and lack of visible leadership ability. What sort of leader fires all of his top generals,and the top field commanders in a time of war. …….only an INSANE person,or a complete imbecile.

  7. OS82
    The Convention of States organization is trying to bring forth an Article 5 Convention of States to the forefront. Several state legislatures have signed on. All the information and other articles relating to a convention are addressed here: Objective:
    “Citizens concerned for the future of their country, under a federal government that’s increasingly bloated, corrupt, reckless and invasive, have a constitutional option. We can call a Convention of States to return the country to its original vision of a limited federal government that is of, by and for the people.”

    Issues addressed here:

    (Trying to get the commitment by my state (AZ) for actual passage of the will to meet and send delegates from state legislature. The President of the Arizona Senate, Biggs, refuses to bring it to Senate floor. Mark Levin discussed this on his radio program yesterday.)

  8. CW and CABBYAZ… are both correct…

    The American people were too damn dumb to see this by 2006….by 2008, the Democrats were in full revision mode with our Constitution… do you spell TREASON?

    If anyone dares call it that.

    That non-working, pot smoking, homosexual Community Organizer (who knew absolutely NOTHING about how our federal government works, or cared to know how it works ) was ‘SELECTED” (most likely by John D Rockefeller and his Committee of 300 ) shortly AFTER the 2004 Democrat Convention…

    With the “selection fix” in, it didn’t matter what had to be done to put the foreign national “chosen one” in the White House…by then, he had promised the shadow government elite that he would do as they bid him…then it was so order and was so done….including MURDER.

  9. OLDSAILOR 82….

    You said, “…….only an INSANE person or a complete imbecile”…..

    I VOTE for the second choice.

  10. Lets see if this comment is put in moderation….
    BAD BOY BAD BOY whatcha gonna do when they come for you.

  11. While it might take awhile before it hits the SCOTUS, (AGAIN) this time ACA will feel a death stab, and once again Soetoro will be slapped down by the people he openly ridiculed. HAR HAR.

  12. Have you ever wondered what exactly did Bush tell Soetoro in the final weeks of his administration,when everyday Soetoro was being briefed about everything.

  13. The ACA subsidies are ILLEGAL. I believe that this is how the SCOTUS will find as well, that is if they ever venture into it again. Many of the states chose to opt out of setting up their own exchanges. The states who set up their own exchanges for ACA,the people who signed up do not get a subsidy. In all probability this is going to ultimately precipitate another ACA visit to the SCOTUS…..and if the scotus finds the subsidies are illegal ….ACA is DOA. You can twist words only so far,at which point they either interfere with each other ,or become an endless babble of meaning less words crafted by the OVEREDUCATED WORDSMITHS.

  14. Originally it was 5,000,000 people who were without insurance. If the subsidies are “screeched” the figure will go to 8,000.000, simply because that is how their coverage was paid for to begin with.

  15. oldsailor82

    I pray that a Constitutional convention will NOT materialise. After all the Constitution has worked ok for over 200 years. Then suddenly a howling pack of lunatic wordsmiths think it needs an overhaul.The world has not changed,only the KNOTHEADS believe it has……but that is a simply a figment of their TWISTED mentalities,

  16. Oldsailor82 I agree with you! The Constitutional convention is a trojan horse to take away all of our liberties as defined in our Constitution. States already have in their power to do what they need to do to keep their freedoms. A convention is not necessary and will only backfire.

  17. DO you know what happened 161 years ago this fall ?…

    California became a state
    The people had no electricity.
    The state had no money.
    Almost everyone spoke Spanish.
    There were gunfights in the streets.

    So basically nothing has changed except back then the women had real tits and the men didn’t hold hands.

    That, my friends, is your history lesson for today!

    Don’t say I’m not here for you with this important stuff!


    The Army Hospital

    During WWII, an Army General visits his sick soldiers, he goes up to one private lying in bed and asks:
    “What’s your problem, Soldier?”
    “Chronic syphilis, Sir”
    “What treatment are you getting?”
    “Five minutes with the wire brush each day.”
    “What’s your ambition?”
    “To get back to the front, Sir.”
    “Good man.” says the Major.

    He goes to the next sick soldier in the next bed and ask. “What’s your problem, Soldier?”
    “Chronic piles, Sir”
    “What treatment are you getting?”
    “Five minutes with the wire brush each day.”
    “What’s your ambition?”
    “To get back to the front, Sir.”
    “Good man.” says the Major.

    He goes to the next bed. “What’s your problem, Soldier?”
    “Chronic gum disease, Sir”
    “What treatment are you getting?”
    “Five minutes with the wire brush each day.”
    “What’s your ambition?”

    “To get the wire brush before the other two do, Sir”


    A Grandson asks his Grandma:
    – Hey Grandma, haven’t you seen my LSD tabs?

    Grandma replies:
    – Forget your LSD tabs. Have you seen that dragoon in the kitchen !!!

  20. bob strauss

    Senator Ted Cruz

    Aiding Hamas while simultaneously isolating Israel does two things. One, it helps our enemy. Two, it hurts our ally.

    The facts suggest that President Obama has just used a federal regulatory agency to launch an economic boycott on Israel, in order to try to force our ally to comply with his foreign-policy demands.

  21. bob strauss

    oldsailor82 | July 23, 2014 at 11:00 am |

    AND NOW……
    ………We have ANOTHER four star general, who is steamed because of Soetoro’s behavior, and lack of visible leadership ability. What sort of leader fires all of his top generals,and the top field commanders in a time of war. …….only an INSANE person,or a complete imbecile.
    Answer: A foreign born Muslim, Muslim Brotherhood, Taqiyya practicing, homosexual, enemy, usurper!

  22. bob strauss


    Exclusive: Lord Monckton sees birth certificate
    probe harming ‘Marxstream news media’
    Lord Christopher Monckton | WND

    Joe Arpaio, sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, is portrayed by the Marxstream news media as being nothing more than a redneck Republican with a thirst for self-publicity. This catastrophic misrepresentation may yet come back to bite them.

    Notwithstanding the near-unanimous failure of the media to give any coverage at all to Sheriff Joe’s investigation of the question whether the Mickey Mouse “birth certificate” Mr. Obama personally endorsed as his own and posted at the White House website is genuine, the opinion polls show that two Americans in five have doubts about it.

    And this figure was achieved even though the pollsters did their best to skew the results in favor of Mr. Obama by bracketing their question about his eligibility to hold the office of president with questions about various dopey conspiracy theories such as the Roswell “alien spaceship crash” and the “President Bush ordered the Twin Towers blown up cover-up.”

    Some 40 percent of those questioned were willing to express doubts about Mr. Obama’s origins even though the news media have barely (and then only sneeringly) covered the controversy, and even though the pollsters were in effect suggesting that anyone who suspected that the “birth certificate” was a forgery was a conspiracy-theory nut-job.

    On any view, that is a remarkable result. And it is a tribute to Sheriff Joe, who has the one vital quality that is as essential to good detective work as it is to good politics: persistence.

    Despite the sneers, despite a bogus Justice Department investigation of him, Sheriff Arpaio has refused to let go of the birth certificate question.

    When I had the honor to meet him some years ago in his office high above Phoenix, his trophy wall was covered with citations and commendations. This is a much-decorated, hard-nosed cop. He is uninterested in playing politics. His job, he told me, is to investigate crimes.

    When 250 tea party citizens approached him with their concerns about the genuineness of the “birth certificate,” he told them he did not want to get involved in a political squabble. When they persisted, he said he would refer the “birth certificate” to his cold-case posse. The posse, after some weeks, reported that they were themselves unhappy with the document and wanted to investigate further.

    Six months later, he went public and said there was probable cause to suggest the White House document was a forgery. Yet his press conference, apart from a very brief item on CNN, got virtually no major news coverage.

    However, neither he nor his posse have given in. They have had insufficient support from the state’s attorney general, who seems to prefer a quiet life. Any AG worth his salt would by now have gone straight to the federal district court and asked for orders requiring the state of Hawaii to hand over the original “birth certificate” and related documents for forensic examination. There is more than enough evidence to justify such an application, but the AG sits comfortably in his air-conditioned office and looks the other way.

    The sheriff, however, remains undeterred. In a recent interview with WND’s Jerry Corsi, he said he was not concerned about where Obama was born. He was concerned, however, that a prominent government document had been forged, and that it was necessary to track down and prosecute those responsible for or complicit in the forgery.

    He has already raised $4.5 million for his next re-election campaign as sheriff and has made it plain that he does not intend to desert his post or his team until this important investigation (and a fascinating related investigation) has been completed.

  23. bob strauss

    National Security Threat: Bill Clinton’s Phone Sex Calls with Lewinsky were Intercepted by Russia, Britain, Israel

  24. bob strauss

    Can you imagine?

    IL Employers Now Banned from Conducting Job Candidate Background Checks

  25. oldsailor82

    Exactly my belief also!

  26. oldsailor82

    The slimey ,looney left, low IQ progressive mental cases would have a real shindig if they could get their hands on the most important document in America………the OVEREDUCATED WORD TWISTERS WOULD without a doubt Alinsky-ise the Constitution,and UP would certainly become DOWN,and thereafter the Constitution would end up a worthless babble of twisted words.

  27. bob strauss

    Wordsmith, Kennedy, you took an oath to protect the Constitution.

    Communist Supreme Court Justice Kennedy Says Constitution is ‘Flawed Document’

  28. bob strauss

    Behind All The Scandals Is A Lie So Big That It Could Utterly Destroy Obama

    “In the age of Obama, we have witnessed the complete metamorphosis of the media…”

    Lawrence Sellin — July 22, 2014

    Pages: 1, 2

    The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody had decided not to see – Ayn Rand

    Many Americans believe that the US Government, the Democrat and Republican Parties, and the media are deliberately misleading the American people, hiding the most heinous fraud and Constitutional crisis in the history of the United States.

    Individuals at the highest levels of the federal government may have aided and abetted a deception, which included willful ignorance, misinformation, false interpretations of the Constitution, outright lies, and the creation of fraudulent documents and computer records to protect an ineligible, ill-prepared ,and unworthy candidate for the office of President of the United States.

    In the age of Obama, we have witnessed the complete metamorphosis of the media, no longer objective journalists but partisan liberal activists who control, manipulate, and even create news to support a left-wing political agenda.

    On April 27, 2011, Barack Obama presented as his official birth certificate a digital image so riddled with anomalies that only counterfeiters or the complicit could vouch for its authenticity.

    Evidence has been reported claiming that Barack Obama has been using a fraudulent Connecticut Social Security Number (SSN) since at least 1986. That number, 042-68-4425, issued in 1977, was set aside exclusively for Connecticut residents, a state in which he never lived nor did any member of his immediate family. In addition, SSN Verifier Plus showed the birth year 1890 linked to that number. Because SSNs are not re-issued, multiple birth dates for one card suggest a stolen number.

    The data and documents associated with Obama’s Selective Service registration also contain inconsistencies. Most noticeably, Obama’s registration card has a two digit year ‘80″ on the postal stamp, unlike the four digit year stamp “1980″ found on all other registration cards completed at the same time in Hawaii and other states. It appears that a 2008 postal stamp was cut, the 08 inverted and reinserted into the stamp to mimic a 1980 registration. Interestingly, Obama’s SSN 042-68-4425 appears on his 1980 Selective Service registration, which is six years before that number can be found in personal background databases.

    I believe that Barack Obama did not register with the Selective Service in 1980 because he was attending Occidental College with a foreign student status and in 1981 traveled to Pakistan using an Indonesian passport. According to the law, failure to register with the Selective Service would forever prevent Obama from working in the executive branch of the US government.

    One could readily conclude that Obama lied and flouted the law to get elected. It should come as no surprise then, that he would lie and flout the law to implement his policies.

    I believe Obama succeeded in 2008 because the Republicans struck a deal with the Democrats not to question Obama’s eligibility for office and his personal history. Furthermore, the liberal media took radical steps to protect their favored candidate, killing negative stories about Obama and even threatening to accuse his opponents of racism in order to make them “sputter with rage, which in turn leads to overreaction and self-destruction.”

    In addition to the apparent creation of fraudulent documents and the doctoring of computer records by Obama supporters, then- Democratic National Chair Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) prepared two different Certifications of Nomination, an action unprecedented in US history, presumably to hide Obama’s ineligibility for office.

    And so committed has the liberal media been to protect their investment in Obama, they continue to dispense with gusto misinformation, disinformation, or no information.

    The conspiracy of silence continues out of complicity or fear. The political-media establishment realizes that if the truth is told about Barack Obama, the system from which they accrue enormous personal power and profit will collapse.

    Republicans will oppose Obama; but they will not expose him because by doing so, it will reveal their own dereliction of duty. Many believe, and with reasonable cause, that all the hearings and lawsuits conducted by the Republicans are a subterfuge meant to run out the clock.

    It doesn’t matter if Obama thinks he is right or if he thinks he is being virtuous. The policies he is pursuing are destroying the country. Even if one rejects treachery or treason as motives, the unrealistic and impractical far-left liberalism promoted by Obama and his acolytes is an inevitable march from altruistic dreams to coercion, oppression, and, ultimately, failure.


  29. bob strauss

    >>>> CLOSES
    >>>> The Doe Run Lead plant is right here in Missouri and Yes, it is closing due to over regulated EPA rulings. Save your lead!!
    >>>> All you can do is shake your head…….
    >>>> All lead for bullets will have to come from overseas! This move will also make the cost 100 LL (100 low lead aviation fuel) UNAFFORDABLE. Approximately 2 g of lead is added to each gallon of aviation fuel!
    >>>> There are numerous alarming reasons why the US government and the military have been buying up all the ammo. Here’s one of them.
    >>>> Obama and the EPA just shut down the last lead smelting plant in the US . They raised the EPA regulations by 10 fold and it would have cost the plant $100 million to comply. You can own all the guns you want, but if you can’t get ammo, you are out of luck.
    >>>> Remember when Obama promised his minions that he was working on gun control behind the scenes?
    >>>> Welcome to it. Now, all domestic mined lead ore will have to be shipped overseas, refined and then shipped back to the US . Not only will ammo now be even harder to come by, the demand and the process of supply will cause the price to skyrocket even more.
    >>>> And ponder this… There is an excellent chance that Obama will rig the market to where all ammo has to be purchased from a government entity instituting de facto ammo registration.
    >>>> So much for the Second Amendment. There has not been a peep about this in the major news outlets and it is done.
    >>>> With the US no longer producing lead, all supplies will now have to come from China , Australia or Peru , with the overwhelming emphasis on China . More redistribution of wealth; more economic and liberty crippling of the US on tap.
    >>>> Marxists will do or die and are doubling down on the destruction of energy in America, our way of life and the Constitution.
    >>>> The smelting plant has known since 2010 this was coming. They couldn’t stop it and no one else rose up to stop it either. The business had been in production for 120 years and now goes the way of our auto industry.
    >>>> The military’s obsession with ammo was related to security and supply. They knew this was coming too, so they bought up all they could get before the plug was pulled. Screw the average American. It’s as Chris Muir said, he’s not as worried about where the bullets will come from, as much as how the government will deliver them and I’m right there with him on that one.
    >>>> So, back door gun control is moving forward and while we are all distracted with shiny stuff, our Second Amendment rights are just about gone. Obama is one Marxist dictator who is savvy at political chess. He has flanked the Second Amendment. Now it’s our move.
    >>>> You can Google this if you don’t believe it, or read this article:
    >>>> Long term what this means: Your investment in ammo may be your best investment. Guns will be plentiful but ammo will be another story. How does $3.75 a round (that’s for one bullet) for a 9mm work for you? Box of 50 would only cost you $187.50
    >>>> And in addition to the impact on aviation fuel and increased airline ticket costs, don’t forget about what this will do the the price of batteries too!
    >>>> Do we have a great president or what?

  30. RMinNC | July 23, 2014 at 9:40 am |
    This was planned LONG before Obama became president…..check it out.
    The DEMOCRATS planned to eliminate the “natural-born” citizen clause from the Constitution long before Obama gave his Keynote speech in 2004 at the Democrat National Convention.
    So this tells me the “powers to be” (the unelected, unofficial, shadow government) “SELECTED” Obama to ACT as president LONG before 2004…..
    What say you?

    It appears there was a conspiracy that involved numerous members of Congress to eliminate the Natural Born Citizen Clause in the Constitution. There were eight attempts from 2003 to 2008 and U.S. Congressman John Conyers sponsored two of the bills to amend the Constitution? Maybe he had a vested interest in electing a Muslim to be President of the U.S. I hadn’t realized that John Conyers was a Muslim until I saw this video…….

    John Conyers speaking at Democratic Socialists of America meeting, October 5, 2010
    AT 7:15
    ……. And so since there seems to be some problem with it and there is some difficulty, whose job do you think it is to get him straightened him out and get him on the right track? Allah’s! Allah’s!”

  31. bob strauss

  32. Obama Calls for Collectivist New World Order

    These are his controllers. These are the people he hopes will support him after he leaves this role they put him in because in reality he has no other skills for making a living. He’s out fundraising like crazy because he will depend on those who supposedly owe him something. What he doesn’t realize is that when these types are through with you….when you’ve made yourself a fool on the world stage and have no influence whatsoever but to embarrass those in your presence…..he will find that his current “associates” eat their own when they are no longer any use to them.

    the old order isn’t holding and we’re not quite yet to where we need to be in terms of a new order that’s based on a different set of principles, that’s based on a sense of common humanity, that’s based on economies that work for all people. … But here in the United States, what people are also concerned about is the fact that although the economy has done well in the aggregate, for the average person it feels as if incomes, wages just haven’t gone up; that people, no matter how hard they work, they feel stuck.”

    “no matter how hard they work” really translates to “because they are not working at all” and those who are hanging on feel their wages don’t cover as much because HIS policies are leaving them with nothing left over for themselves. Once that group is completely broken his final goal of a slave nation will be in place.

  33. Hamas terrorists are complaining that Israel’s God is changing the direction of their rockets mid-air.
    News 24 reported:

    Headlines in Israel claim miracles are protecting the Jews during the Gaza Strip ground war, with one headline proclaiming that Hamas terrorists are complaining about God changing the direction of rockets in mid-air.

  34. More proof that Obama is betraying America’s best friend in the Middle East. Israel’s Mission To Destroy Tunnels, Missiles Not Complete

    July 23, New York: The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) painfully realizes that President Barack Obama’s claim that he supports Israel’s right to self-defense against the Nazi-like Hamas seems both hollow and false, because he is now demanding an immediate ceasefire. This means President Obama is opposed to Israel completing the mission it undertook, which is yet far from complete, to destroy the Hamas terror tunnels into Israel and its rocket-launchers. If Israel does not complete this mission, it will render the mission a failure and Israel will remain in danger of mass casualty attacks, kidnappings and resultant extortion of concessions and further missile attacks in the future, as Hamas will determine.

    This means that President Obama is saying that Israel has a right to defend itself, but must stop defending itself.

    Israel must make the decision for a ceasefire — not the U.S. If the U.S. was in this situation, the U.S. would have to determine the pursuit of a ceasefire, not Israel, or Russia or China.

  35. Sheriff Joe on “Your World” today re: something fishy going on with this administration and Mexico:

    “They (Mexico) don’t like anything we do here. The president I heard is going to welcome three of the central American county’s presidents Friday. Now why isn’t he having a summit meeting in Mexico where Mexico is the most critical country, regarding all this. Why do we always leave Mexico out… I’m not criticizing Mexico in a sense but there’s something fishy going on with this administration in bed in Mexico.”

  36. bob strauss

    Tina | July 23, 2014 at 6:13 pm |
    I would recommend doing the opposite of what the usurper wants them to do.

  37. Old Sailor and Barbara,
    There seems to be a misunderstanding about Kaks’ post re. an Article V Convention of States. That is NOT the same as a Constitutional Convention – no comparison. I believe it was Mark Levin who first recommended that the Convention of States could be a good way to push back the federal government from overruling the states. It has nothing to do with changing the Constitution, per se. It would enforce states’ rights.

  38. bob strauss

    WOBC: Two Obama ID Fraud Announcements Tonight; Singer Pat Boone Will Join Discussion

  39. bob strauss

    MSNBC: Obama’s Fundraising Trips Being Questioned for Good Reason


  41. CabbyAZ……..
    You are correct in what you have to say but the problem is there are a whole lot of people among us who do NOT KNOW what it is even about. This is why there should not be any Constitutional Convention at all. It would be twisted to mean that now the avenue for ANYTHING will be open…..including potential amendments to nullify,or otherwise change the existing words of the Constitution. The LIBERAL LUNATICS have tried repeatedly to invoke a Constitutional Convention, and it has NOT happened for good reason. Again ,you are right,but when in LIBERAL hands,UP becomes DOWN. I also disagree with Mark Levin regarding this approach to the problem at hand. Once again I reiterate that as long as the JUDICIAL WING is under the control of the BASTARDS (TWO) UP WILL be DOWN,and it is up to the PEOPLE of this country to BRING about a correction,no matter HOW IT IS ACCOMPLISHED, The one exception being a Constitutional Convention, which so far as I am concerned should be OFF THE TABLE, until the states are in agreement to invoke such action. It is quite clear that the Constitution has NO MEANING whatsoever,or effect upon the TWISTED mentalities,of our so called leaders. We have witnessed more unconstitutional overreach by the BASTARD,than any other president …EVER. Second, since the Senate has become crippled, he thinks that this gives him the power to LEGISLATE and /or change existing law. In actuality he is slowly taking his own party down, and there is an ever increasing number of them who are growing very afraid of what might result from his behavior. I still believe that Soetoro,and possibly a few of his closer supporters, have similar mentality disorders,………very much like that which Adolph Hitler was afflicted with. Such people are NOT necessarily pathologically ill, rather they are effected by a MASSES HYSTERIA. Hitler’s lunacy originated form several sources, but it fed upon itself, and grew more and more maniacal as each day passed. In his last days on earth he was kept standing and alert,only as a result of several doctors who kept him DRUGGED. I can’t remember the name of the book which was written by a member of the Hitler medical staff, not long after WW2. If I can find what the name of the book was I will pass it on to you. As I recall the book caused a lot of controversy because there was subject matter included which the US did not want to be made public. I did not and still do not understand why because it was about Hitler not somebody from the US…… why the hell should they care unless there was some HANKY PANKY going on at the time. That notion seems to carry water!

  42. AND NOW………
    …….the GOATHERDERS,(and nanny lovers) in ISIS have demanded that 4,000,000 females in and around Mosul have genital mutilation. This ranges from tiny children to aged seniors. You want twisted ,psychopathic thinking there it is in stark detail. It clearly shows that the entirety of the so called Islamic BS is JUST THAT……further I seriously doubt that even ALLAH would demand that such a sick ,twisted idiocy, should ever be pursued in his name. While I have read that such practices were actually done at one time…… is still a SICK,TWISTED,and otherwise PERVERTED practice. Just like sexual contact with nanny goats………which allegedly causes them to freshen (MILK SUPPLY). The more goats milk they slurp up the more mentally twisted they become. There is only one positive remedy………50 cal. hole between the eyes!

  43. OH YEAH…..
    ……….all the do- gooders are raving and ranting that the Arizona execution took far too long. Just wait until one of their own family gets murdered, then you will be hearing it like I tell it……let the BASTARD SUFFER,because he didn’t give a damn about the suffering of the 2 people he murdered. If it takes TWO HOURS for him to die, so what…..he EARNED his lengthy death. Personally I would be praying that he be made to suffer even longer before he is finally allowed to die. Good for what ails bastards like him.

  44. GUESS WHAT……..
    Sauerwein has refused to pay the bill for Soetoro’s fund raiser in Washington state. He is going to send the bill to the HOST of the fundraiser……Mr. Sinagel… know the RETIRED CEO of COSTCO,who donated thousands of dollars to Soetoro in both 2008,and 2012. Since he was the host the county manager has every right to bill Sinegal for the costs. When you hear an anguished scream from somewhere west of you you will know that Sinegal just received the bill for the costs to the county for police ETC. har har The county has it exactly right! har har. It is about time that the LIBS start spending their own money, instead of money which belongs to others. Great news indeed!

  45. oldsailor82

    ……..and what would you think is the underlying reason? That is easy,it is DRUGS. It would not surprise me if some time soon we learn that Soetoro is having drugs sent directly to the Wackey house from Mexico, for his PERSONAL USE, and maybe even RESALE TO INSIDERS!

  46. oldsailor82

    BYE BYE ……..everybody have a really great day!

  47. bob strauss

  48. bob strauss

    Why aren’t the usurpers’ fundraising trips a violation of the Hatch Act?

    Why are the taxpayers responsible for transporting the usurper from one fundraiser to another?

  49. bob strauss

    Allen West

    Hey Florida! Here we go again. We’re 100 days out from the midterms, and some of our elections supervisors are intentionally breaking the law. Guess who…

  50. bob strauss

    Is this part of the Valerie Jarrett, Hillary Clinton, usurper, “Kidnap Stevens and trade him for the blind Sheik plot”?
    Allen West

    Months before the Benghazi attack, the Islamist group blamed for the attack rented the house next to the embassy. And that’s not all…guess who the State Dept outsourced security to? This is beyond belief.

  51. bob strauss

    Mitt Romney says he’ll never stop fighting Barack Obama or for America. GOOD. It was never about a single election… it’s about saving this country.

    The left is trying to attack Romney all over again, a clear sign that they’re horrified he could stop Hillary if he ran in 2016.

  52. bob strauss

    Watch: Mark Levin Just Dropped A Bomb On Obama and Co., And Now They Are Left Picking Up The Pieces


  53. bob strauss

    Top Marine Speaks Out About Obama Losing the Iraq War: ‘It Breaks Our Hearts’

    Do you think it’s right for a high-ranking military officer to call out the usurper?

  54. bob strauss

    Wrong link, try this one.

    Top Marine Speaks Out About Obama Losing the Iraq War: ‘It Breaks Our Hearts’

  55. bob strauss

  56. BOB STRUSS…..
    you ask; :”Do you think it’s right for a high-ranking military officer to call out the usurper?”

    Pardon my French, but a short answer is in order, …”HELL YES”…it’s the military men and women who are putting their lives and future health on the line for this USURPER…..he needs to be put on the spot by EVERY citizen and every soldier…..

    It is their SWORN DUTY to call out this Usurper. To neglect this sworn duty is a DERLECTION OF DUTY………

    George Washington said it best when he said, “You are a citizen first, then a soldier”…….I have lived my life by that phrase, so has many more millions of veterans and retired military who have worn the uniform.

    You DO NOT give up your citizenship when you become a soldier, a soldier above all other citizens have the RIGHT and DUTY to question when they KNOW, beyond a reasonable doubt, that their CinC is a fake.

    If I were still in the military, I COULD NOT serve with this USURPER as my CinC….I’m afraid I would be like Ltc Terry Larkin, and wind up in Leavenworth (instead of commanding there, but serving as a prisoner there) for asking for verification of his legal right to be the CinC…….

    NO soldier, NO sailor, and NO airman, male or female, has an obligation to obey an ILLEGAL order from any officer, that includes the CinC, ….to me that means EVERY order this ILLEGAL USURPER has given has been an ILLEGAL order…..even if those orders are coming through the Secretary of Defense….who is only putting the Usurper’s thoughts into action.

    The Free Rides are OVER for these bastards…and I hope very soon !!….that also goes for all the bastards that now serve in his cabinet and the lapdog generals that have their noses so far up Obama’s a*s that they can’t see the sunshine…

    Everyone in and out of Washington knows he is not qualified to serve as our president, but with the help of the MSM, the charade goes on…….that’s called aiding and abetting…..all these bastards are as guilty to a lesser degree, but legally guilty just as Obey is……

    When the truth breaks…we are going to need a whole lot of jail space. I would not object to turning the marijuana users we now have locked up loose in order to see them replaced with the REAL criminals who are now destroying our country.

    What say you?

  57. bob strauss

    RMinNC | July 24, 2014 at 5:17 pm
    Couldn’t have said it better.

    The usurper mess is the biggest crime ever committed against the American Citizens, and I believe our military should act like Egypts’ military, and arrest the Muslim Brotherhood criminals infesting our government. I am glad someone has finally seen the light, and is speaking out, we are making progress, it only took 6 years.

  58. bob strauss

    bob strauss | July 24, 2014 at 3:28 pm |

    Top Marine Speaks Out About Obama Losing the Iraq War: ‘It Breaks Our Hearts’

    Do you think it’s right for a high-ranking military officer to call out the usurper?
    That question was linked to the story, that is not me asking.

    My answer would be Hell Yes!

    Their oaths are to the Republic and the Constitution, not to a usurper!

  59. citizenwells

    Oaths of officers not to usurper or a real president.

  60. citizenwells

    They also have a duty to disobey an illegal order.

  61. That is correct CITIZENWELLS…..they have a duty and obligation to DISOBEY…you are most correct.

  62. An OFFICER’S oath is to the CONSTITUTION of the United States of America……nothing more…nothing less !

    An ENLISTED man’s oath is to OBEY the orders of the officers appointed over him….

  63. This was received in an e-mail, although it is rather long one can get an idea of what the Israelis are thinking about what they are enduring. Take heed! If Hamas wins, this is coming to America:

    This is a very unusual message because it contains a letter Liberty Counsel received from a friend in Israel. It is one man’s story from inside that embattled nation – and, believe me, reading it is worth a few minutes of your time.

    Here are excerpts from the letter that every American should read…

    “It has taken me some days to write down something coherent… This is what I know right now, today: The ugliness, the venom and sheer, violent hatred you are seeing in Paris, London, Berlin, LA, Boston, Denver, [Chicago]…. this is just the beginning.

    We Jews are the canaries in the coal mine for all of humanity. Today, they are throwing bricks at synagogues and smashing chairs and saying “Kill the Jews.” Tomorrow it will be someone else.

    Does anyone really think this is only about Israel and the disputed territories? Today it is Israel. Tomorrow it will be you.

    Seeing these violent protests, hearing the sickening screams for death, we Israelis understand better than ever we must fight for every square inch and with all we have. It matters not how much better our military is, how much more precise our targets can be. It only matters that when the smoke clears that Hamas is disarmed, destroyed, disabled and defeated. Forever. Hamas. NOT the people of Gaza.

    I feel so very sorry for them. Sorry they were misguided and elected these lunatics. Sorry that in their desperation they allowed Hamas to fill the empty bedrooms next to their children’s room with rockets. Sorry that their leaders have mansions and swimming pools and are sitting in air conditioning in another city while they are sweating and wondering where the roof over their houses went. (If not their house itself.) Sorry that they have been brought up with no inkling of who Israelis are nor what compromise is.

    Defeating Hamas will be a big problem for the power brokers because shame and honor are all that matter in this part of the world … Here in this part of the world – for Hamas, honor comes from getting revenge. For them revenge is everything. For them revenge is the only thing.

    There is another Gaza underneath Gaza. Hamas could have built hundreds of schools, paved thousands of roads, built hundreds of kindergartens with the cement and iron they have used to build these underground bunkers and tunnels (and you wondered why Israel put a blockade on bringing building supplies into the Gaza strip?). These tunnels to hell are filled with ammunition. And no women or children, not a single elderly person is brought to safety there. They want them on the street – on the roof, standing right behind – nice and close to the terrorist firing the rocket.

    Hamas has refused to let journalists out of Gaza. Why? They need them to take pictures and record the carefully staged piles of bloody children and women. If the journalists leave they have lost the vehicle for distributing their bloody ad campaign.

    Hamas asked for a cease-fire. And they broke it. They break every single one. Israel is setting up a massive field hospital to treat our enemies. From 8 pm on tonight there will be a working maternity ward, an operating theater…a working hospital. For… our enemies.

    We are going to lose more boys. Last night we lost 13. With each day we are going to lose more. But everyone here now understands this is a fight to the death. It is them or us. They cannot compromise and they don’t want peace or to share or to negotiate. They want revenge even if it means killing their own people. So we have to go in there and do things none of us want to do, but we have to. So this is why we are all so sad.

    Israelis want peace so badly. But we also desperately want to live. We love life and we are not about to let anyone, let alone a bunch of deranged thugs take it away from us. So yes, this is a fight to the death for both sides. Remember, if they win, you are next. If we win, those symbols of civilization that everyone takes so for granted will remain standing and everyone will criticize and complain about disproportionate responses and war crimes and all kinds of other irrelevant nonsense, but secretly I think everyone will be heaving a sigh of relief.”

  64. Well we all saw what happened o Lt. Col. Lakin…disobey illegal orders or question same, and you end up in the clink, no pension, and dishonorable discharge. The first thing any new administration needs to do is re-instate Lt. Col. Lakin and give him all his back pay (unlike giving the promotion and back pay to that deserter, Bergdahl).

  65. You are so right CABBYAZ…good post.

    it was well worth reading and so true…but sadly for most of the world, including most of America…it will go right over their head….that is until they come for them !

  66. bob strauss

    Veteran Broadcaster: Obama Not American Citizen Poll Is Huge; Bill O’Reilly Is A Liar

  67. IN A NUTSHELL…….I lifted this from …just now.

    Obama’s Baseless Eligibility Credibility

    (how myths, misconceptions, misrepresentations, forgeries, and outright lies produced an unconstitutional President)
    April 2012, reposted July 2014

    There’s a problem in the White House.

    There’s a stranger in the Oval Office and the Secret Service doesn’t know exactly who he is.

    They haven’t done any background check to determine whether or not he might pose a threat, but they are restrained from ordering him to leave because he happens to be the elected President.

    They view him through suspicious eyes even though he was elected to office, because they know that any & every U.S. citizen is not eligible to hold the office of the Commander-in-Chief, and it would appear that he is one of those who isn’t.

    They know also that any & every citizen is not acceptable to guard the President because they themselves had to pass a deep and thorough Yankee White Single Scope Background investigation to vet all would-be protectors of the President. They know that they would not have passed that vetting process if they had been born to a non-immigrant alien father (especially one from any nation that was not a very close ally, like Canada or the United Kingdom and Commonwealth). They had to have an American father.

    And yet they’re expected to sacrifice their lives to protect a man who couldn’t qualify to guard himself.

    A Half Something President

    The stranger in the White House is an anomaly, not because he is half Negro, but because he is half foreign, half alien, -and spent most of his first two decades of life as an Indonesian citizen via adoption. Never before in US history have the American people knowingly voted for a man who was half European, or half Russian or half Chinese, or half anything that wasn’t American, and yet his charm and corrupt electioneering tactics allowed him to bulldoze his competition out of the way even though the odds against him were great. But how was the American electorate bamboozled into thinking that a half-something candidate could be eligible to the highest office in the land?

    The answer is that due to wide-spread ignorance, an “urban myth” was swallowed as gospel.

    That myth is multi-fold and the first part is that mere birth on U.S. soil automatically imparts

    U.S. citizenship. The second is that such a birth fulfills the Constitutional requirement to be President. In other words, anyone (!) born in the U.S. can be President with only one kind of exception; children born to foreign representatives. But native-born children of mass-murdering foreign tyrants are okay as long as they aren’t the head of a government.

    But you see, we have no choice in the matter.

    It is American law.

    But what American law?

    There is none.

    There is only a policy interpretation of an Attorney General in 1898 which no one has ever even thought to question. It’s part of the floor of nationality thinking even though it is based on no law whatsoever. Just institutionalized error.
    Now you know the problem in a NUTSHELL….the ignorant and stupid people who voted for this foreign national without even asking that he be vetted have created a problem that will bring this country to it’s knees…..

    Ignorance is Correctable…Stupid is FOREVER !!!

  68. bob strauss

    Rape Claim Against Bill Clinton Gaining Attention — Again


    First hand expose of exactly who is running the Mexican government….is this what we want coming to America with the North American Union?

    My good buddy recently got back from a trip to Mexico. he met a lady, and now they’re touring all around north America. she’s great, mid-20s, well educated, funny, sweet. we were up last night drinking on the porch, as you do. he was down there (Veracruz) for a couple of months, but that was enough. here’s what they told me.

    *if you’re a government employee, and you don’t play ball, the cartels will kill your family. all of them. it happened to a 2nd cousin of hers, as well as several acquaintances. so guess what? the government, both local and federal, are entirely in the Cartels’ pockets. the Cartels set policy and the Cartels call the shots, absolutely.

    *She has a 1 yr old niece who has never left the family home. if you’re a woman or a girl, you do not leave the house alone. if you are a person of either sex, you get indoors before 11pm. and you do not DO NOT allow your children outside. EVER. that’s because…

    *People get kidnapped EVERY DAY in EVERY COMMUNITY.

    My buddy and Y____ went out for tacos one day. they’re mowing down on some fine tacos when Y____ perks up, looks nervous. “We have to go. NOW.” turns out that she overheard one of the other patrons on the phone telling someone about the American who was just begging to get snatched, and could they send a van and backup? Mind you, there are two cops in line toting semi-automatic rifles giving zero #s.

    They kidnap men for organs and ransom, they kidnap boys for organs and fresh soldiers, they kidnap girls for child prostitution, child porn, and organs. Three months ago in Y___’s hometown, a truck was pulled over for speeding. the cop asked to look in the back, the driver agreed. and then blew his brains out right then and there. open the back and there are DOZENS of children and babies, living and dead, missing organs and missing eyes. standard cartel practice. if you live the kid (usually male) alive, you take the eyes out and dump them in the street. good luck finding accurate stats out there, because…

    *one of the things you will be asked to do by the cartels if you work in law enforcement is tamper with the kidnapping reports. bury them, alter them, etc. if you are a police officer, you can bust someone for going shirtless in public, but a body can be chucked out the back of a van in the town plaza right in front of you, and you will do nothing.

    *They even kidnap dogs. they take them from yards and parks and either ransom them or sell them to the Chinese for meat. Y___ took her dog to the park one day, and a woman approached her and tried to take it. Y___ kicked her and ran like hell with the dog in her arms.

    *Nobody has a job. unless it’s Cartel related.

    *Education is a joke.

    *Back in may, some super draconian legislation was passed that severely restricted Mexicans ability to speak out on the internet. She posted a video about it on my buddy’s fb wall, and two weeks later, it was gone. not a dead video, but *poof* disappeared off his timeline altogether.

    “They want to silence us, so the world doesn’t know how it really is here.”

    Make no mistake, you Americans have a full on “somalia-style failed state” boiling just beneath you. If any American companies/agencies are still selling weapons in Mexico, they ought to be ashamed. I’m not saying what is going on with the flood of illegals into your country is ok, or that it’s being handled well by your government, but try to understand, these people aren’t coming here to steal your jobs, or take your tax dollars. they are terrified, and have every reason to be terrified.
    I feel sorry for the people of Mexico, if things are as bad as this post indicates they are….but why haven’t the people of that country revolted against the Cartels and the corrupt government?…..or do they expect the Americans to move in and clean up their mess for them…..

    If you expect to have FREEDOM and LIBERTY and SECURITY…there is a high price attached to those principles…that price MUST be paid in blood to maintain those God given rights……..otherwise you have the Cartels and bad guys move in and take over, it happens all the time, all over the world…..then you are introduced to total slavery…..

    So a few words to the people of Mexico and Central/South America……..if you want FREEDOM….if you want LIBERTY….if you want DEMOCRACY….and if you want SECURITY…..then EARN it and put some skin into the game ……or shut the hell up, and stop expecting other countries and other peoples to come and rescue you

    I can only speak for one American…me….but I’m damn sick and tired of American blood being spilled to “liberate” nations that don’t have the guts and will power to liberate themselves…..I’m tired of reading the casuality lists of those brave young Americans who have gaven their lives to provide democratic freedoms to people who do not have the drive or the desire to seek their own freedoms.

    Freedom isn’t free…….. it never has been, it never will be…..and if you are not willing to buy your freedom with your blood, your sweat, and your tears…..then don’t expect a “knight on a white horse to come charging in and rescue you…..that only happens in B grade Hollywood movies, not reality. .

  70. Good night All….and God bless.

  71. Just came on and here are two bomb-shell posts by RMinNC.
    The one about the Secret Service having to put their lives on the line to protect a foreign-usurper, is something else. Some of them must be terribly upset and yet are muzzled unless they are willing to lose their jobs and persecuted if they speak out.

    The last one about conditions in Mexico is an eye-opener. Yet, those same cartels are gaining a strong foothold in this country, because they are sneaking in over the border and working their “trade”. Phoenix is a hotbed for them, and it is spreading.

    You make good points about the good Mexicans being unwilling to stand up for themselves. They lack leadership to revolt. One problem is that drug-running, a chief occupation of the cartels, is big business right here in the U.S., so I doubt that we are going to try to stop them anytime soon. Oh, it is SO immensely wicked and tragic.

  72. Now hear this:
    To Ease Crisis, U.S. May Vet Young Refugees Inside Honduras

    So now the plan is being discussed to set up U.S. clearing stations right in Honduras (later in the others) to “screen” juveniles to see if they are qualified to come to the U.S. Notice that the usual alphabet soup agencies are involved: HLS, DOJ, HHS, and DOS. You know how that will turn out. It will be much easier without scrutiny to bring them here to the U.S. and absorb them secretly into the communities.

    Hoping to stem the recent surge of migrants at the Southwest border, the Obama administration is considering whether to allow hundreds of minors and young adults from Honduras into the United States without making the dangerous trek through Mexico,

  73. oldsailor82

    Did anybody listen to what the Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer had to say early this evening on CNN. He stated that on every tv channel he sees pictures of horrible atrocities allegedly being committed by Israel,but nowhere is the message from the leader of the UN being carried. The Chinese leader stated that missiles ARE IN FACT being stored in schools,and hospitals. He has also said to the leadership of Hamas that this sort of practice must stop immediately. He said that HE HIMSELF OBSERVED THE MISSILES at the UN school which was allegedly hit by Israeli artillery. In reality there was no pieces of missiles at the site nor was there any pieces of Israeli artillery rounds. In truth the explosion was perpetrated and caused by Hamas,using an IED. This was to make it look like the UN school had been hit by artillery,and there is absolutely NO EVIDENCE to show that the building was struck by artillery. Killing their own children,and women is a standard practice of Hamas, and IS DONE to make it appear that it was an act of the IDF. Then it is choreographed with screaming women, and crying children to convince the world that the IDF is the DEVIL HIMSELF. Hamas should be used by Hollywood. They seem to have the ability to render a pretty convincing movie. Sadly the MORONS among us swallow every ounce of the Hamas BULLSHI# in total belief that it is the truth, and even sadder yet is the fact that the largest percentage of the believers are our own OVEREDUCATED WORDSMITHS, who do very little except sit in their plush offices, and spend their time telling everybody how wonderful,and educated they think they are. Yet in reality they are some of the STUPIDEST people in America. With them UP is DOWN. BTW the number of civilian deaths is largely exaggerated. However I hasten to add that war is just that,and often civilians get caught in the crossfire. It is tragic,often unforseen, and certainly not intended! Hamas recently said “Israel’s God is changing the course of our missiles while in flight”.

  74. oldsailor82

    HERE IS ANOTHER tasty morsel………
    According to a retired 4 star AF general, the Lerner emails might be recoverable. He told Megyn Kelly that if she could produce the hard drive that he knows people who have the ability to extract the emails.

    “The world is aflame and our dear leader is on the 14th green”.

    LORD help us !

  76. cabbyaz | July 24, 2014 at 9:11 pm |
    Now hear this:
    To Ease Crisis, U.S. May Vet Young Refugees Inside Honduras

    Isn’t this child trafficking? Sounds like when the dirty old men try to entice the innocent with goodies….for their own purposes. And since when do dying countries give away their younger generations so easily?

    Russia realizes that her population is quickly falling (abortion rate in many cases is something like 11 per woman) and so she is trying to gobble up her neighbors’ population to look bigger than she is.

    How can you use “desperation” of so called refugees as their reason for coming here when you admit you have to actually go to their own countries to get your hands on them? Meanwhile the just as desperate, desiring to enter legally and be loyal U.S. citizens, are left waiting.

    When will the Hispanics realize that they must be considered as easy targets (stupid) for the use by such a lawless regime as our present one to smuggle in all kinds of enemies? They’re only bringing along the very terror culture from which they claim to be escaping.

  77. Good morning cw from 27587.


    What is your Plan B?
    by Simon Black

    Sadly today I am reporting to you yet another development that seems as if we are all living our lives within the pages of Ayn Rand’s seminal socialist masterpiece, Atlas Shrugged.

    You may recall from the book and movie that John Galt, the enigmatic, hard working protagonist, started off as a young engineer at the Twentieth Century Motor Company.

    When the owner of the company died, the heirs decided to run the business according to the new enlightened principles of the time.

    Primarily, they let all the workers vote on how the factory was supposed to be run and how much everyone should be compensated.

    And it was soon decided that “everybody in the factory would work according to his ability, but would be paid according to his needs.” Does this sound familiar? Sounds like Detroit to me.

    Naturally, bright hard-working employees soon left; they found themselves working around the clock for the benefit of others who felt entitled to contribute as little as possible, yet enjoy the fruits of the company along with the hard working workers.

    John Galt was among the first out the door.

    And not long after, the once successful Twentieth Century Motor Company went bust. No surprise.

    Unfortunately this is no longer fiction. Because today, in the “Land of the Free”, the United States Congress is striving to make Atlas Shrugged become a reality.

    Their latest idiotic brainchild is to set up a new government bank, then stuff it full of your taxpayer funds, then loan the money to American workers for the exclusive purpose to help them “form collectives and buy the companies they work for”.

    It’s called the “United States Employee Ownership Bank Act”. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out who’s idea this was.

    And, language straight from the bill, they aim to provide “loan guarantees, direct loans, and technical assistance to employees to buy their own companies. . .”

    The goal of this legislation, curiously, is to “preserve and increase employment in the United States” which is still problematic six years after the global financial crisis. (No one bothered to study the Yugoslavian version before passing the bill)

    Since September 2008, the US government has increased its debt level over 50% to $17.6 trillion dollars.

    The US Federal Reserve has increased its balance sheet four-fold, conjuring up $3.5 trillion dollars out of thin air. Even Hudeni couldn’t do that.

    All of this was supposed to have created jobs. And with each of these being a failed policy, Congress now has “descending into outright socialism”.

    To be fair, people throw around the word socialism a lot. They’ll say “Obama’s a socialist” or something like that. When in reality, Obama’s a communist.

    But with this legislation– “the government effectively sponsoring the communal takeover of private business– is textbook socialism”: private property and the means of production owned by the community.

    Socialist Yugoslavia actually tried the exact same thing: worker-owned cooperatives. And the consequent failure was absolutely epic.

    But politicians never let pesky things like Truth get in the way of a bad idea.

    It’s time to wake up smell the reality. This isn’t about panic. It isn’t about doom and gloom. It’s about facts, not fear.

    Any rational, thinking person has to look at this and ask a simple question:…… “Where is this trend headed?”

    The evidence is pretty clear. More and more people are starting to realize it.

    People all over the world are thinking: “This is not the country I grew up in. And I don’t like this trend.”

    It’s unfolding right in front of our very eyes for anyone with the intellectual courage and ability to pay attention.

    Whether it happens today, tomorrow, or even five years from now is irrelevant.

    It’s the TREND that is so important to pay attention to.

    And with that simple premise in mind, does it make sense to hold everything you’ve worked your entire life to build in a place with such a negative trend now working?

    Your livelihood?. Your savings?. Your retirement?. Your family’s security?

    Rational people look at facts objectively and have a Plan B.

    What’s yours?
    All a thinking person has to do is look at the “employee owned” Yugoslavian automobile that we called, the “YUGO”, to see exactly how successful this “socialist owned” national business idea was in Yugoslavia ……

    How many of those death traps do you now see on America’s highways today? Of course your correct answer is NONE.

    Nevertheless, Socialism/Communism is just “around the corner” and coming fast to America….thanks to Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, John Roberts, John Boehner, etc., etc., etc.

    All because America is now “asleep at the wheel”.

  79. OBSERVER…..

    the title of your last post was,” WH Lauds Sudanese Christian’s Release But Does Not Mention ‘Christianity’ in Statement”

    Could it be because Obama didn’t want to offend his Muslim brothers by uttering that nasty word, “Christianity”?

    I think so.

  80. What a bunch of “low lifes” over there.

    MH17 victim’;s credit cards used after crash, says report

    The wife of a Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 victim was stunned when she saw that her husband’s credit cards were being used after the  plane crashed in Ukraine last week, the Daily Mail reported. Cameron Dalziel’s wife Reine has since cancelled her husband’s credit cards upon noticing activity in his account, her brother told CNN.’s-credit-cards-used-after-crash-says-report

  81. Observer (10:36 am)
    I couldn’t agree more with your assessment! This has got to be the craziest idea ever hatched by the administration’s alphabet soup.

    Progressives’ delusional ideas are becoming worse and worse.

  82. Good afternoon CW, et. al

  83. RMinNC | July 25, 2014 at 11:02 am |

    the title of your last post was,” WH Lauds Sudanese Christian’s Release But Does Not Mention ‘Christianity’ in Statement”

    Could it be because Obama didn’t want to offend his Muslim brothers by uttering that nasty word, “Christianity”?

    I think so.
    You got it! War of the worlds…and we know just what worlds are involved.

  84. bob strauss

  85. oldsailor82

    AND NOW……….
    ……… is UNLIKELY that any peace agreement that Kerry brokers will last more than 24 hrs.,if even that. Hamas has openly said that any cease fire will be ON OUR TERMS ONLY. The GOAT LOVERS need to face something really nasty,like about 30 PUFFS over their heads simultaneously. The upgraded C130 gunships are really bad ass. Any goatherder who tries to shoot one down with a stinger,will be dead before he can even aim his explosive little toy, and in all probability it will explode next to his body. About all they will find left of him will be a red ring, which was his anus.

  86. Another absolute horror of use of bills in the Senate by Dingy. Israel is asking for more of the ammo used in their only defense, the dome, and Reid is intending to tie it to the controversial border bill to make the Repubs look like they are somehow against arming Israel if they reject it based on their dislike of more waste of taxpayer money that does nothing to solve the real problem of not securing the border. Or….be forced to back a horrible bill and also become more unpopular with those who want this fiasco of illegals by the thousands crossing the open border ended. Not only do dims not bat an eye at funding the million or more a year deliberate killings of babies here, they aren’t concerned about setting up our only ally in that region for obliteration either. Look at Reid’s face but think Lucifer’s.

  87. oldsailor82

    I would dearly love to see the israeli AF equipped with the upgraded PUFFS. Then put a bunch of them into the airspace over the Hamas a$$holes. They fly into a total rage when they are GOADED a little, and that would bring them out into the open. Then a few bunker busters dropped strategically to collapse all of their tunnels into Israel,and maybe bury a bunch of them in the process. Remember how we are told that the raving army followed the escaping people as the RED SEA parted, then while the army was in the middle the sea closed upon them. Goad them,call them names or do anything that will anger them past sensibility. When they pour out into the open……mow them down with PUFF LAWN MOWERS, after which there will be a RED SEA of BLOOD, where the goatherders,and towel heads moments before stood. It is relatively easy to cause them to fly into fits of RAGE,and that is when they do really dumb stuff, or drop leaflets which say that Mohammed was a queer. That should really drive them bonkers. They will pour out of their wormholes and shake their fists at the sky, and as they do so……….the last thing they will hear is a very loud ….PPPPPPFPFPFPFPFPFPFPFPFPFPTTTTT. That is what the 1500 round per minute gatling gun sounds like. With about 10 of these all firing simultaneously,it is probable that every last SQ.inch of GAZA would contain multiple rounds of either a .50 cal, or a 20mm round, and whatever they struck in between will be either dead or dying.

  88. oldsailor82

    ……….or cut into pieces! Being struck by a gatling would be comparable to being hit by a flying rip saw blade. Saws things into pieces.! Hey Netanyahu, ask the US for about 20 puffs (FULLY EQUIPPED). THEN USE THEM!. Any goatherders that are left alive will not be able to figure out what happened for MANY MOONS!

  89. oldsailor82

    Harriet REID is a sick,slimey little earth worm, who dresses in men’s clothing,but I think that is where it ends. She sounds like a FEMALE,and acts like a female which is one thing, but when she WHINES, and wrings her hands, she shows what she really is…….A TWISTED,COWARDLY NOTHING!


    This version was PULLED from publication in the United States….but was published in Europe…this was at a BILDERBERG meeting in May of 2014 in Brussels…….

    I am HIGHLY OFFENDED BY HIS REMARKS…I am an ORDINARY CITIZEN…and I think I’m capable of conducting my affairs without the help of these bastards who think GOD gave them the right to rule over every man, woman, and child on this planet…..

    This bunch of “evil doer’s” must be stopped…including this bastard making this short address….

  91. Sop there…you have his AGENDA in a 20 second clip… we need more to know where he is coming from?…..

    I think not !!!

  92. The statements made by “the dear leader” in the video which I just posted is most likely TRUE….concerning the “gimme everything” people who voted for this CLOWN… they deserve to be slaves…not free thinking individuals..

    As for me…I DID NOT vote for STUPID….so the dear leader’s comments do not apply to me….nor anyone else who post on here

  93. Zero is meeting with leaders of countries south of us today and for the life of me I don’t know why. He’s asking them to step up and help out the situation…what? He doesn’t need any “help”; he needs to get the word out that he’s closed the border of our “sovereign” nation and all of these gang members et al will be caught and locked up until their “caring” leaders back home come and fetch them. Why doesn’t he “speed up” the process for all those waiting to come in legally and send a plane to pick them up to make THEIR entering more convenient?

  94. bob strauss

    Here’s How The Constitution Is Under Assault From The Man Who Is Sworn To Protect It

  95. bob strauss

    Senators: Congress Must Stop Obama on Amnesty!

  96. More Orwellian type “reasoning”:

    UN Warns Countries with Pro Life Laws They’re Violating Human Rights by Not Allowing Abortions

  97. bob strauss

    Fox Communist Beckel: I’ve Done Dope in the White House

  98. bob strauss

    NY Gov Cuomo Wants to Know Who’s a Homo or Sex Freak

    State agencies launch LGBT data-collection effort

    For example, O’Connell said, “70 percent of all new [H.I.V.] infections are among men who have sex with men. We need to be able to track this population.”

  99. bob strauss

    Obama desperate to make himself immune from prosecution as a foreigner, forger.
    Obama Readying ‘Very Significant’ Executive Action On Immigration…

  100. RMinNC at 3:54pm and 3:57pm
    The video caught my attention on another blog. There was some discussion about the strong possibility it had been doctored. Another blogger had suspects. I think we all know that Obama probably thinks the way it was portrayed, but we want truth here.

    I can’t hear well enough to listen to the full address so I found a written transcript of that speech by Obama in Brussels in March, 2014. That video completely misinterprets what he said However, we must not forget that this man is a liar and he knows how to say all of the right things. Having said that, it still rankles me to see someone compile a video that so distorts what he really said. I have copied that section:

    (after he extolled the freedom that the colonists sought)

    And those ideas eventually inspired a band of colonialists across an ocean, and they wrote them into the founding documents that still guide America today, including the simple truth that all men, and women, are created equal.

    But those ideals have also been tested, here in Europe and around the world. Those ideals have often been threatened by an older, more traditional view of power. This alternative vision argues that ordinary men and women are too small-minded to govern their own affairs, that order and progress can only come when individuals surrender their rights to an all-powerful sovereign. Often this alternative vision roots itself in the notion that by virtue of race or faith or ethnicity, some are inherently superior to others and that individual identity must be defined by us versus them, or that national greatness must flow not by what people stand for, but what they are against.
    So you can see that the video is a complete misrepresentation of what he actually said.

    Read it for yourself and see if you don’t come to the same conclusion.


    Senate Budget Committee ranking member Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) is putting a call out to the American people: He needs help to kill President Barack Obama’s plans to grant executive amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.
    Sessions wants Americans to melt Congress’ phone lines, demanding their members make a precondition of any border crisis bill that Obama’s executive order amnesty via the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and any future plans be stopped.

    “The American people have begged and pleaded for years for our laws to be enforced,” Sessions said in his statement. “We have people in our own country living in violence, fear and poverty every single day. They have demanded an immigration policy that puts their jobs, wages and communities first. Every citizen should pick up the phone and ask of their congressional representative: where do you stand?”

    Sessions said that it would be wrong for any member of the House or Senate to support any border crisis bill that doesn’t end DACA and block the president from expanding it.

    “No Member—House or Senate, Democrat of Republican—should support any bill with respect to the border crisis that does not include language explicitly prohibiting the Administration from taking such action,” Sessions said. “Congress must foreclose any possibility of these unlawful executive actions before congressional funding is granted. This is an essential precondition.”

    Sessions cites several recent reports from major news organizations like the National Journal, Time magazine and The Hill that detail how the White House is considering expanding DACA to grant amnesty via executive order to millions more illegal aliens.

    “It has now been extensively reported that these executive actions will likely expand his Deferred Action program (DACA) to apply to an additional 5-6 million adult illegal immigrants,” Sessions said. “The existing DACA program has been widely misunderstood. The executive action did not, as The Hill writes today, only result in ‘deferred deportations for young undocumented immigrants.’ Illegal immigrants in the interior of the U.S. have already, as a practical matter, been immune from enforcement under this Administration.

    DACA applies to individuals up to 30 years of age and provides actual amnesty papers, photo ID and work permits to illegal immigrants—who can then take any job in America.”

    Sessions said that expanding DACA to another 5-6 million illegal immigrants “would effectively end immigration enforcement in America.”

  102. This seems to make sense. Rep. Steve King, Iowa, has presented these simple steps. Worth a read.

    Congressman: ‘President caused the problem, states can fix it’


  103. oldsailor82

    Nuthin ever going to happen until “WE THE PEOPLE get off our a$$es,and MAKE IT HAPPEN. You can melt telephone lines,you can totally clog your local repeater,you can pound your fists, you can beg,you can plead, you can scream,but until people get off their butts,and start using their hands,and brains,……..nothing is going to change except the corruption level, and it will get a hell of a lot worse. Those who can need to rise up, and put in some MEANINGFUL VISITS FACE TO FACE with the politicians, and DRAW THEM A PICTURE of what is GOING TO HAPPEN if they fail to act,in representing the PEOPLE who elected them. You need to BEAT THEIR DOORS DOWN,take him/her by the scruff of the neck ,put your face into theirs,and verbally tell it to them like it is.( with the volume turned all the way up). If this fails to rattle their cage, then we take steps to END THEIR POLITICAL CAREERS,in representing US. I have been in virtually CONSTANT contact with as many VFW groups as I can, for a while they were enthusiastic about doing something to help,but in the last month or so they too are simply sitting on their butts, and complaining instead of doing what needs to be done……FACE TO FACE AT MAXIMUM VOLUME! When the politician begins to fear his constituents,and his anus bites a hole in his office chair,he might then decide that we the people mean what we say.

  104. oldsailor82

    When you do the Marine DI thing,you will want to chew up a clove of garlic first. Then put your face into his/her face and tell it to them at (high volume) exactly what you think of them. I guarantee that he/ she will NEVER forget the conversation.

  105. oldsailor82

    ……… fact the politician’s eyes will probably be watering after the FACE TO FACE.

  106. oldsailor82

    ………has the Shriff on the steam snorting stallion finally EVAPORATED? Or has he SUCCUMBED to WACKEY HOUSE THREATS? Even the direct mail solicitations for money has seemingly come to an end. I am beginning to believe a little like IB in this regard. Fool me once SHAME ON YOU, but FOOL ME TWICE, SHAME ON ME.

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