2014 How Housing Matters Survey, Over half US adults difficulty paying mortgage or rent, MacArthur Foundation report, Renters and owners paying more than 30% of their income on housing

2014 How Housing Matters Survey, Over half US adults difficulty paying mortgage or rent, MacArthur Foundation report, Renters and owners paying more than 30% of their income on housing

“For now, the absence of young adults from the housing market continues to put a dent in the homeownership rate, which dropped to 64.8% in the first quarter, compared with 65.2% in the fourth quarter of 2013, according to U.S. Census statistics. The rate was as high as 69.2% in the fourth quarter of 2004. For those younger than 35, the rate has fallen noticeably faster. It slipped to 36.2% in the first quarter, from 36.8% in the fourth. The homeownership rate for this group was as high as 43.6% in the second quarter of 2004.”…Market Watch May 12, 2014

“Nearly half of U.S. companies are reluctant to hire full-time employees because of the ACA. One in five firms indicates they are likely to hire fewer employees, and another one in 10 may lay off current employees in response to the law.

Other firms will shift toward part-time workers. More than 40 percent of CFOs say their companies will consider switching some jobs to less than 30 hours per week or targeting part-time workers for future employment.”…Duke University Fuqua School of Business December 11, 2013

“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”…George Orwell, “1984″




From the MacArthur Foundation June 3, 2014.

“Housing Challenges Real For Many Americans, Finds 2014 How Housing Matters Survey”

“During the past three years, over half of all U.S. adults (52%) have had to make at least one sacrifice in order to cover their rent or mortgage, according to a new survey of housing attitudes released today by MacArthur. Such sacrifices included getting an additional job, deferring saving for retirement, cutting back on health care and healthy foods, running up credit card debt, or moving to a less safe neighborhood or one with worse schools.

The How Housing Matters Survey, the second annual national survey conducted by Hart Research Associates, found that while there are some indicators that the American public’s views about the housing crisis are shifting toward the positive, large proportions of the public are not feeling the relief: seven in 10 (70%) believe we are still in the middle of the crisis or that the worst is yet to come.”

“Renters and owners paying more than 30% of their income on housing – an established benchmark of financial distress — have had to make many of these sacrifices at even higher rates. Some 62% of distressed owners and 3 in 4 distressed renters (74%) have made at least one of these tradeoffs in the past three years. Among those indicating distress in paying their rent or mortgage, 27% have stopped saving for retirement, 23% have cut back on health care, and 23% have accumulated credit card debt.

While economists and housing experts say the housing crisis is behind us, large proportions of the American people are not feeling the relief. Very high proportions of the public (70%) continue to believe that we are still in the midst of the housing crisis (51%) or that the worst is yet to come (19%). Only 25% believe “the housing crisis is pretty much over.” The public in 2014 is only slightly more optimistic than it was one year ago, when 77% believed we were still in the middle of the crisis or that the worst was yet to come. More than two in five adults (42%) believe the housing market today continues to be a serious problem.”

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62 responses to “2014 How Housing Matters Survey, Over half US adults difficulty paying mortgage or rent, MacArthur Foundation report, Renters and owners paying more than 30% of their income on housing

  1. bob strauss

    Rand Paul has just declared open war against the EPA for its new regulations designed to destroy American businesses.


  2. zachjonesishome

    Watching election results. However, I noticed that Yellowstone was shaking today. http://volcanoes.usgs.gov/volcanoes/yellowstone/yellowstone_monitoring_47.html

  3. zachjonesishome

    I hope McDaniel’s will shake up Mississippi and the Senate if he is elected.

  4. Zach,
    That wasn’t Yellowstone shaking. That was our Founding Fathers rolling over in their graves because of what Obama is doing to our country! 🙂

  5. Mainstream Media Not Happy with Bergdahl Deal
    Published on Jun 3, 2014

    Mainstream and liberal voices criticized not only the legality of the deal to retrieve Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, but also the cost of releasing five Taliban commanders and the controversial actions of Bergdahl himself.

  6. oldsailor82

    I tend to think that “LITTLE BOY BLUE, finally had enough of trying to twist words around to cover Soetoro’s a$$. First we had an EARTHWORM called Gibbs,then until a few days ago we have had the 98 lb. weakling, and WANTON WORD TWISTING nerd for press secretary. The circus side show seems to go on nearly forever.

  7. oldsailor82

    During WW2 there was Federal Government ENFORCED rent controls in place, because a hell of a lot of people were trying to extract their retirement funds overnight at the expense of renters. While I believe that rent controls are necessary once again. Landlords have become GLUTONISH. Today in our city it is impossible to find even a sleeping room for less than $250.00 per week. It is really insane. As a result the landlords are not renting their rooms and they are ending up broke. Too damn stupid to reduce the rent to something a tenant can afford.
    In addition I will go so far as to say that some of the problem of high cost healthcare is physicians who are trying to do the same thing as the landlords.Three years ago 23 Fort Wayne doctors were indicted for double billing Medicare. They were had COLD!

  8. oldsailor82

    …….now we are seeing the same glutonish activity by the administrators of the VA. I think that this need for such a practice is systemic throughout our alleged uppercrust society.I hate to say it but there is a need for doctors to get their monetary expectations back to normal. I think that because of who they are ,and what they are they think that everybody should pay them a kings ransom for each visit to their offices. I do NOT SAY that they should not receive JUST COMPENSATION for their services. Today I went to the optometrist for my eye checkup preparatory for new glasses. The bill for the exam alone was $350.00, then the new lenses is $175.00,and mounting the lenses and refitting the glasses to my face is another $100.00. They advised me that my insurer(BCBS) will pay $149.00 of it…….wow thank you BCBS……don’t know what I would do without you! Hell if I had asked for new frames then it is entirely possible I would be looking at at least $800.00. Again I think it is all really BULLSHI#. I think it is time for somebody to open a DIY tester system. har har


  10. citizenwells

    “Private-sector hiring slowed down in May, as employers added 179,000 jobs, Automatic Data Processing Inc. reported Wednesday. Economists polled by Dow Jones Newswires had expected a May gain of 210,000 private-sector jobs, compared with an originally estimated increase of 220,000 jobs in April.”


  11. citizenwells

    “U.S. productivity falls 3.2% in brutally cold first quarter”


    More weather blaming.
    This global warming is hell.


  13. oldsailor82

    Good morning sir, I have a question which might interest you! Do you have any idea exactly who was the first to contact who regarding the trade of Bergdahl. Such a determination could easily point to the truth,or at least provide insight into the truth about the matter. If he voluntarily went to the enemy and allegedly became Islamic,just why the hell did he want to return at all. After all Allah is supposed to be GREAT. BTW He was at one time a BALLET DANCER,and he might be a sexual deviate as well.

  14. “If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”

    Samuel Adams

    Well I am not an experienced patriot but I will fight like there is no tomorrow!

    Let’s ROLL

  15. Good questions OLDSAILOR82……..

    Here’s my take on the Baghdahl deal…and it all spells Treason at the highest levels…..

    1. By account of all his buddies and superiors, Baghdahl deserted and walked off his posy by his own accord.

    2. According to his buddies, he wanted to contact the Taliban and he showed sympathy to them.

    3. OBAMA was in secret contact with the Taliban many months ago, and Congress had no knowledge. It appears that Obama fully intended to release these five Islamic extremist….one way or the other.

    4. Now here’s where it really gets sticky…..Baghdahl had NO intentions of ever returning the United States, but between Obama and the Taliban leadership, they saw an opening to make this exchange …regardless of what Baghdahl wanted or didn’t want….he was the tool to get back the five most wanted men in history into the Taliban….

    5. Baghdahl is now refusing to speak English while in Germany…..this bastard is as much an Islamic terrorist as those we just released…with one caviot….he is an American turned terrorist and now Bergdahl is expandable as the terrorist see it.

    So, as I see it, Baghdahl didn’t ever want to return home, but for the sake of Allah and the terrorist cause…..he is willing to make that sacrifice and go back to Idaho and his Islamic daddy…….

    In return, Al-Quata got back five top leaders that can now return to killing Americans……..

    This is the only way of explaining this….as I see it.

    But to directly answer your question….OBAMA made the first move…the Taliban countered with Berghdahl which Obama quickly accepted knowing that Berghdahl was a deserter and now an Islamic convert.

  16. OLDSAILOR82….

    In fact, OBAMA tried to make a deal with the Taliban over 8 months ago…but someone in his click nixed the deal….

  17. oldsailor82

    Here is a little something which I might have done had I been a guard at the Gitmo stockade……Had any one of the BASTARDS attempted to throw his shi# at me he would have awakened to find himself minus all of his teeth(extracted via rifle butt),and his mouth filled with the shi# he intended to throw at me. Undoubtedly that would have gotten me a GENERAL COURTS MARTIAL,but that bastard would never forget me either. I would become his worst nightmare.

  18. oldsailor82

    ………..I mentioned this because there was several guards who were struck by shi# thrown at them by one or two of the bastards being held.

  19. Fox ‘Expert’ Keith Ablow Links Bowe Bergdahl’s Ballet Dancing To Obama’s Lack Of ‘Americanism’

    At 4:10 into the video……..
    And then Ablow connected the dots from ballet to the president of the United States.

    “Here’s the thing — I’ve been saying it before — Barack Obama does not have the will of the American people, Americanism in his soul,” he insisted. “And this swap — somebody who may not feel very American for five people who definitely don’t — is symptomatic of that. It was bound to happen when you have a leader that doesn’t affiliate with patriotism.”

    Doocy agreed that the president “definitely wanted out of Afghanistan, and maybe [the prisoner swap] is his way of closing Gitmo.”

    “He wants out of America!” Ablow interrupted. “Trust me.”

  20. oldsailor82

    I am in the process of trying to tie together the Soetoro reluctance to INFORM Congress of his intentions, but either way he was completely contrary to ESTABLISHED FEDERAL LAW. Two more counts of treason,to add to Soetoro’s already lengthy list, and the same charges for Bergdahl as well, but not in Susan Rice’s book…..he FOUGHT VALIANTLY….har har then walked to the enemuy and LICKED THEIR STINKING FEET. He is actually WORSE than a DESERTER. He is a COWARDLY SLIME!

  21. oldsailor82

    I think Ablow had it pretty much correct, but the deserter still has a General Courts Martial coming. Lets see if it materialises!

  22. oldsailor82

    Since he deserted,and went to the enemy he could lose his US citizenship,since what he done was during a recognised war. Perhaps they will deport him back to Afghanistan,where he can live amongst his chosen peers.

  23. oldsailor82

    …….perhaps his “”BILLY GOAT” looking father will permanently accompany him to Afghanistan

  24. bob strauss

    citizenwells | June 4, 2014 at 9:18 am |

    “U.S. productivity falls 3.2% in brutally cold first quarter”


    More weather blaming.
    This global warming is hell.
    The progressive arguments over global warming are idiotic. Last winter the U.S. burned 3 Trillion cubic feet of gas to keep from freezing to death, due to the colder than normal weather. The amount of gas used was a new record, and the usage is an indicator of just how cold the temperature really was.

    How much CO2 was released from the burning of 3 Trillion cubic feet of gas? If temperatures lower, as the progressives desire, to offset global warming, more gas will be burned for heat, and more CO2 will be released. Their global warming argument is backfiring, and they’re too full of $hit to admit it.

    They could care less about sea levels, which have risen and fallen for eons, all they care about is gaining more control over peoples lives and affairs.

  25. oldsailor82

    Bob Strauss……
    “10-4” on that one bud!

  26. oldsailor82

    Bob Strauss…….
    Here is one for you! Have you researched the recent Indonesian volcano eruption? One volcano eruption similar to Krackatoa,Pinatuba,or even St.Helens put more greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere in 10 minutes than was put into the earths atmosphere from all of earths industry combined in 50 years of continuous emission. Perhaps it is time for the EPA know it alls to start looking a far worse contributor…….MOTHER NATURE! har har

  27. bob strauss

    You are correct, one large volcanic eruption can offset any reduction in CO2, that progressives could ever dream of accomplishing. Volcanic eruptions show us how just how ridiculous their reduction efforts are. Pure bull$hit.

  28. bob strauss

    Allen West

    Dear Mr. President, may I enlighten you as to the definition of war, and could you also explain how releasing enemy leadership during a time of war is not aiding and abetting?


  29. Thinking about Susan Rice, National Security Advisor, going on the Sunday talk shows touting Bergdahl as a soldier taken on the battlefield and who served the U.S. with “honor and distinction.” Chas. Krauthammer hit it right last night when he said that Rice should stay home on Sunday mornings.
    She just told another whopper and I wonder who gave her the talking points this time? What a liar! How can she live with herself? I guess these zero affiliates will do or say anything to please the king.

  30. Old Sailor,
    I wonder how those Gitmo guards feel about those high-ranking Taliban leaders being released, considering all that the guards have had to take from them and knowing that these criminals will return to the battlefield?

    What a jug-headed jerk would think that these beardos won’t return to terrorism and soon? They don’t even have to leave Qatar to do it. After all, much of their “work” involves planning, planning, etc., and more planning. That can all be done right there in Qatar.

    Then the pResident says so glibly that if they do go back to terrorism, the U.S. will just hunt them down again. He couldn’t care less about the lives of our military, as we already know. He says that they will be watched…….Yeah…….By whom? According to reports they are back with their families. He lies like a rug. So what else is new?

  31. Furthermore, not only are the lives of our military at much greater risk, but the safety of all Americans has just been hugely diminished not only abroad but right here in the USA. Sadly, time will tell just how much.

  32. bob strauss

    I look at it a little differently, at least the five Taliban bastards are out in the open where we can get a shot on them, and kill them with a drone. I just hope they were all implanted with a homing device transmitter.

  33. BOB STRUSS….

    Don’t expect Obama or any other US element, to “drone” those bastards…he released them…he will protect them.

  34. bob strauss

    RMinNC | June 4, 2014 at 2:16 pm |
    Sorry to say, you are probably right.
    I believe he’s Muslim brotherhood, and everyday by his actions, the usurper convinces me my beliefs are correct.

  35. bob strauss

    Washington Times Journo: Enemy Of America In White House; Usurper Obama Traitor-In-Chief


  36. Bob, the idea of our droning these guys would also carry a price tag of other innocent lives being taken, as has been the case in the past. I do feel that zero has a ghoulish fetish for droning but he has just released the hierarchy of the Taliban. Does anyone really think that he is truly going to go after them? My take on it is that he wants out of Afghanistan and this is a good way of turning the country back to the Taliban, against which our military has so often paid the ultimate price as well as sustaining horrible, life-altering injuries. This is pure wickedness – pure treason. I hope the country truly gets stirred up over this travesty!

  37. citizenwells

    “Well, it’s still about the weather. But not as much.

    The latest Beige Book collection of anecdotes about the economy contains 35 mentions of the word “weather.” That’s down from 103 in the last release. In this report, covering the period between April 7 and May 23, “lingering wintry weather” still impacted sales in the Northeast.”


  38. citizenwells

    From CDR Charles Kerchner:

    “Tune in to Interview of Lord Monckton about Obama ID Fraud on Where’s Obama’s Birth Certificate Radio Show hosted by Mike Volin. Air Time 8:00 P.M. ET Wed 04 Jun 2014.

    Listen to the radio show at:” http://www.blogtalkradio.com/wheresobamasbirthcertificate/2014/06/05/lord-monckton-offers-insight-on-the-sheriff-kit

  39. CABBYAZ…

    Your comments in the last post are well taken and totally correct….there should be no doubt in the reasonable mind just who’s side Obama is on.

    And it isn’t ours…..We use to call this crap treason…now it’s call foreign policy.

  40. RMinNC,
    Do you suppose that zero has some plan up his sleeve to target these five so that he can get the praise for eliminating them, kind of like the Bin Laden deal? Nah…… but, then again,……anything is possible these days. What a crazy world we are living in.

    I understand from news reports that the five are able to move about freely in Qatar, and with the present electronic technology, communication with their comrades is no problem for them. Will we someday see that plane (Flt 370) over NYC or DC? If we do see it, it will be too late.

    What a good statement that this “used to be called treason….now it’s called foreign policy.”

  41. Hey, anyone know where Biden is? Haven’t heard a thing from him in quite awhile now. Is he still around?

  42. CABBYAZ……good questions

    No… I do not think he plans to target these five key leaders, EVER. All the moves Obama has made in the past six years has been to aid the enemy in a protracted war with a “no win policy”…for example;

    1. Drone strikes have all but stopped everywhere in that region.

    2. Troop activity in an active search for the enemy has declined.

    3. Obama’s open statement to close Gitmo…where will all those terrorist go? Right back into that area to fight again.

    As I see it Cabbyaz…..all our efforts in that area are being flushed down the drain by this usurper president in favor to the enemy’s favor…..

    I will make a prediction here: When the drawdown is complete in 2016 in that area, all the prisoners in Gitmo will be released back into that area. Shortly after that, they will be in complete control of Afghanstian, Pakaistan, and perhaps Iraq. Seria will be in serious trouble and will fall. Iran will not be involved initially in this blood bath…but maybe later.

    Over ten years of American involvement and almost 3/4 of a trillion dollars in resources in that area will go up in smoke. Not to count the almost
    3, 000 American soldiers who lost their lives in that area and the tens of thousand who can home missing limbs and other body parts.

    What will Obama do then?…….I predict he will simply say….”Well I tried”.

  43. Help me out here, folks. I can’t decide if Barack Obama –
    A. Is just plain stupid and cannot comprehend that releasing the five dangerous Taliban terror suspects will result in grave consequences for America
    B. Is President of the United States with no regard for the Constitution and has almost complete control over a useless Congress
    C. Is becoming a socialist dictator so does whatever he damn well pleases and we’re never going to able to get rid of him
    D. Is a racist and hates privileged white Americans
    E. Is a Muslim and sympathizes with fellow his Muslims.
    F. Is a Jihadist and deliberately wants to destroy America
    G. Is being blackmailed by an evil entity who knows his real identity
    H. Is none of the above
    I. Is all of the above

  44. Philo-Publius

    From the front page of the left-leaning NY Daily News rag.

    “Surrender without honor”

    President Obama betrayed the highest obligation of his office — safeguarding national security — in trading five hard-core Taliban for the American serviceman who appears to have deserted in Afghanistan.

  45. JONAH…..

    All of the above…..and more….you could add:

    J. Faggot

    K. Liar

    L. Narcissist

    M. Possibly married to the First Queen

    N. Admitted dope head

    O. Etc.. Etc. Etc.


    HAILEY Idaho (Reuters) – The hometown of U.S. Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, feeling a backlash over allegations that he was a deserter, has canceled a rally planned for later this month celebrating his release from five years of Taliban captivity, officials said on Wednesday.

    Heather Dawson, the city administrator of Hailey, Idaho, told Reuters that town officials called off the June 28 event at the request of organizers because the town “will be unable to safely manage the number of people expected.”

    The decision came as the community came under mounting pressure to cancel the rally in the face of rising anger, expressed in emails and phone calls directed at city officials and businesses, over claims by Bergdahl’s onetime Army comrades that he had deliberately abandoned his post in Afghanistan.
    I guess they didn’t know how to deal with all the REAL HERO’S who would be showing up to welcome THE TURNCOAT Berghdahl back home.

  47. RMinNC,
    Well, at least someone is not tone deaf !! Glad to hear that Bergdahl’s hometown is listening and getting it. You are right about their not being able to handle all of the real heroes who would be showing up. I understand that Hailey is rather a home for a number of progressives filtered in from CA. Even they are aware of the turmoil that would most likely result.

  48. bob strauss

    Will There Be Justice? Contrasting
    LTC Terry Lakin And Bowe Bergdahl


  49. BOB STRUSS…….

    The answer to your question is NO …if Obama has anything to do with it.

    The REAL HERO, LTC Larkin gets canned… and the DESERTER Berghdahl will get a medal…most likely in the Rose Garden..

  50. AZ Rep. Paul Gosar just sent out an e-mail re. the dumping of illegals into Phoenix by bus (actually mostly women and children, I’ve heard). He is really livid over this atrocious act of transporting illegals, which is against the law.
    The following is just part but enough to give you an idea as to what is at stake. This behavior of dumping them in bus stations has just started.

    Dear Friends,

    President Obama , Attorney General Eric Holder and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have now crossed a line that a Constitutional Republic must not tolerate. This Administration is now allowing for the inhumane smuggling of illegal aliens from Texas to Arizona.

    The Administration is taking illegal aliens apprehended in Texas and using taxpayer money to ship them by plane or bus to Arizona. Then, in Arizona, the criminals are released at bus stations in 100 degree heat, mostly without money, and in some cases, with no food, no water, and nowhere to go.

    Flooding our streets with illegal aliens who are being abandoned without resources is not just inhumane and cruel, it is potentially a crime. Federal law bans alien smuggling. Putting an illegal alien in a car, bus or plane and transporting them to another location is deemed “alien smuggling”. See 8 USC § 1324 (a)(1)(A).

    If any other American were to duplicate these actions, they would be prosecuted.

    In my view no one is above the law.

    If anyone in this Administration, from the President to Attorney General Holder to any low-level bureaucrat, is orchestrating the commission of felonies he or she should be indicted.

  51. oldsailor82

    While I feel sorry for a people who are so illiterate that they cannot even protect themselves,it is really not they who have made conditions in their own country so intolerable that they decided to seek a better life in America. Sadly the CRIMINAL ELEMENT came with them. But in reality they brought the largest portion of their problems upon themselves,by entering the US through the backdoor. In so doing a very large number of them bring drugs with them. I guess what I am saying is that they might be a lot better off if they would simply GO HOME! Many US companies have chosen to move to Mexico,largely because of the over regulation,and high business taxes. The cost of labor is another factor. When a company can not compete at the marketplace he has to find a way to reduce his cost of operation,and production. Easiest medicine……move to Mexico. The Social Progressives don’t seem to understand business at all. They seem to think that US manufacturers should GIVE their products to everybody FREE OF CHARGE. There is the Socialist Marxist thinking pure and simple. Everyday more and more alleged Americans are expecting a life of everything for FREE. Now even a very large portion of our young people,expect the government to support them. Hello France! Hell the French government is now paying people to cycle to work……after so doing they no longer have the energy to do anything at all. Hence the high levels of poorly engineered,and poorly produced products. Extremely high rates of failure in French made products. Case in point Renault! PI$$ POOR. Of course I don’t criticise Renault until AFTER I have CRITICISED GM,FORD,and CHRYSLER. GM still leads the pack with the total number of recalls. Of late even the Japanese are seeing increased failure rates. Most of the auto manufacturers have sought outside manufacturers, as a source of much of the subassemblies, and as a result we see a much higher failure rate.

  52. oldsailor82

    ……..US manufacturers are buying their subassemblies from smaller companies for a reason…..they can no longer afford to manufacture,and assemble their own subassemblies. Even transmissions and steering assemblies are being purchased instead of being built by the auto company. Seating is also produced by smaller companies. I believe that it will not be long until engines will be purchased from outside sources as well. For many years Fisher was the company that produced the bodies for GM vehicles,and Briggs was the builder for Chrysler. Ford is the only one left who is still producing their own transmissions,and steering gear. Aisin produces a very high percentage of drive train products for the Japanese built automobiles, including ball,and roller bearings.

  53. citizenwells

    The FDIC lawsuit against Amrish Mahajan, former president of Mutual Bank, et al is scheduled for a motion hearing in the courtroom of Judge Young B. Kim. Mutual Bank loaned Rita Rezko the money for the lot that was purchased by the Obama’s. It is also the bank that fired whistleblower Kenneth J. Conner after he questioned the appraisal of that lot.

    Daily Calendar

    Thursday, June 5, 2014 (As of 06/05/14 at 05:47:40 AM )

    Honorable Young B. Kim Courtroom 1019 (YBK)

    1:11-cv-07590 Federal Deposit Insurance Corporatio 11:00 Notice of Motion

  54. HonorFirst

    “osama bin laden is dead” ….but I just released 5 of his brothers in Jihad!

  55. citizenwells

    “In the week ending May 31, the advance figure for seasonally adjusted initial claims was 312,000, an increase of 8,000
    from the previous week’s revised level. The previous week’s level was revised up by 4,000 from 300,000 to 304,000.”

    Click to access eta20140996.pdf

  56. On the undercover video of Obama in that Warsaw hotel workout room, what else do you suppose could have been taped? Perhaps some quality time with his body man or some other character? I mean, this could get good.


  57. HonorFirst

    Exclusive: The Story You Haven’t Yet Heard About Bowe Bergdahl’s Desertion

    Read more: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2014/06/04/exclusive_the_story_you_havent_yet_heard_about_bowe_bergdahls_desertion_122856.html#ixzz33lhgpc00
    Follow us: @RCP_Articles on Twitter

  58. One of the scariest things about this terrorist release….and this will continue after Zero’s retreat from war…..is his open border policy here. He is definitely no lover of mankind that he allows this influx (his forcing taxes to pay for unlimited abortions and his love for partial birth abortion demonstrate this fact). So this open border is an international invite for terrorists as well to smuggle their own weapons of destruction and flow out into all parts of the country….which has probably no doubt already happened. Where is Congress’ emphasis on this danger? Get off the immigration only talk and begin to call attention to this endangerment to all Americans by DHS, DOJ, et al. The Repubs never take advantage of the real arguments and get stuck on defense against the “compassion” offense by those who could care less if beheadings begin happening here too.

  59. Gianni
    Did you see how skinny O is?

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