May 2014 job cuts highest in 15 months, Challenger Gray and Christmas report, Plans to reduce payrolls 52961, Job cuts up 31 percent from April, Technology sector highest

May 2014 job cuts highest in 15 months, Challenger Gray and Christmas report, Plans to reduce payrolls 52961, Job cuts up 31 percent from April, Technology sector highest

“The unemployment rate for 18-to-29-year-olds was 9.1% in April, which rises to 15.5% if you include those who have given up looking for work,”
“For now, the absence of young adults from the housing market continues to put a dent in the homeownership rate,”
“For those younger than 35, the rate has fallen noticeably faster. It slipped to 36.2% in the first quarter, from 36.8% in the fourth. The home ownership rate for this group was as high as 43.6% in the second quarter of 2004.”…Market Watch May 12, 2014


“Nearly half of U.S. companies are reluctant to hire full-time employees because of the ACA. One in five firms indicates they are likely to hire fewer employees, and another one in 10 may lay off current employees in response to the law.

Other firms will shift toward part-time workers. More than 40 percent of CFOs say their companies will consider switching some jobs to less than 30 hours per week or targeting part-time workers for future employment.”…Duke University Fuqua School of Business December 11, 2013

“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”…George Orwell, “1984″



From Challenger, Gray and Christmas June 5, 2014.
“2014 May Job Cuts: 52,961 Highest Monthly Total in 15 Months”

“Job cuts climbed to the highest level in more than a year, as US-based employers announced plans to reduce payrolls by 52,961 in May, according to the report Thursday from global outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

May job cuts were up 31 percent from 40,298 announced layoffs in April. It was the second consecutive increase in monthly job cuts and the largest one-month total since February 2013, when 55,356 job cuts were recorded.

Last month’s total was 46 percent higher than the 36,398 job cuts announced in May 2013.
To date, employers have announced a total of 214,600 planned job cuts in 2014, which is 2.3 percent fewer than the 219,560 job cuts tracked in the first five months of 2013.

The heaviest downsizing in May occurred in the technology sector, where computer firms announced plans to cut payrolls by 18,799. Hewlett-Packard, which has announced several large-scale workforce reductions in recent years, revealed plans to cut as many 16,000 workers in its ongoing efforts to “reengineer the workforce to be more competitive.”

The May total for the computer industry was the largest since May 2012, when cuts reached 27,754, due primarily to another large job-cut announcement from Hewlett-Packard.”

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57 responses to “May 2014 job cuts highest in 15 months, Challenger Gray and Christmas report, Plans to reduce payrolls 52961, Job cuts up 31 percent from April, Technology sector highest

  1. citizenwells

    From HonorFirst prior post:

    Exclusive: The Story You Haven’t Yet Heard About Bowe Bergdahl’s Desertion

    Read more:
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  2. citizenwells

  3. citizenwells

    “Why Was the FBI Investigating Michael Hastings’ Reporting on Bowe Bergdahl?”

    “Three years into the disappearance of Bowe Bergdahl in Afghanistan, Michael Hastings — the journalist whose reporting cost General Stanley McChrystal his job — wrote a Rolling Stone story on the missing soldier, a piece which the magazine called “the definitive first account of Bowe Bergdahl.”

    Hastings, who died in a car accident in Los Angeles in June 2013, had unparalleled access for that story.”

  4. News Reports In Central America Telling People Now Is A Good Time To Enter U.S. Illegally, “Go To America With Your Child, You Won’t Be Turned Away”

    One of the scariest things about this terrorist release….and this will continue after Zero’s retreat from war… his open border policy here. He is definitely no lover of mankind that he allows this influx (his forcing taxes to pay for unlimited abortions and his love for partial birth abortion demonstrate this fact) and besides using the illegals for illegal Dem votes he is offering a means of co-mingling of terrorists with his “more sympathetic” mob. So this open border is an international invite for terrorists as well to smuggle their own weapons of destruction and flow out into all parts of the country….which has probably no doubt already happened. Where is Congress’ emphasis on this danger? Get off the defensive immigration sympathy only talk and begin to call attention to this endangerment to all Americans by DHS, DOJ, et al. The Repubs never take advantage of the real arguments and get stuck on defense against the “compassion” offense by those who could care less if beheadings begin happening here too.


    Retired U.S. Army Lt. Gen. William “Jerry” Boykin says Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is clearly a deserter who should never draw a free breath, and President Obama is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors for once again ignoring federal law in pursuit of an administration goal.

    Boykin is also ripping the president for releasing five key Taliban figures in exchange for Bergdahl and slamming the Obama administration for attacking the character of Afghanistan veterans who publicly denounce Bergdahl’s actions in Afghanistan.

    The general said Obama’s actions in this episode demonstrate why he is unfit for office. He categorically dismissed Obama’s contention that the exchange had to happen to honor America’s commitment to leave no Americans behind. Boykin said that clearly wasn’t true in Benghazi and that the administration seems to have little regard for a U.S. Marine jailed in Mexico, an American pastor imprisoned in Iran or the Sudanese Christian in custody for her faith along with her two American children.

    “This was about emptying out Guantanamo,” he said. “This was a backdoor deal. The reasons for it, the details of it will probably never come out in its entirety, but this is an ugly story.”

    The general is also taking the commander in chief to task for once again flouting the law, this time skirting a requirement to give Congress 30 days notice of his intent to free any Guantanamo detainees. Boykin said he understands why Obama would feel constrained by the law and admits that it might not be constitutional. However, as long as it is the law, he said Obama is required to abide by it instead of ignoring statutes he doesn’t like, whether on this issue or several others.

    “It was really bad form for him not to at least call in the chair and ranking member of the intel or armed services committee and tell them what he was about to do with regard to the release of these prisoners,” he said.

    “It’s an example of how this president only obeys the laws and follows the policies that he wants to. In our Constitution, it falls under the category of high crimes and misdemeanors, where you just selectively obey certain laws and ignore others.”


    Jerry Boykin is one of the greatest generals America has ever produced. He is in the same class as “Stormin Norman”, George Patton, and Omar Bradley….

    He always got the job done with the least amount of fuss. He was the Commander of all Special Forces operations…..that should tell you something right there.

    Sadly, LTG Boykin was put out to pasture quietly by this rouge president and his administration croonies because he wouldn’t play by their rules.

    General Boykin is a God fearing man who has earned the admiration of every man who ever served under his command. He has more integrity in his little finger than Obama has in his entire body.

    America has run out of the brave Jerry’s and Norman’s now and all we have is leftovers like the Dempsey’s and Hagel’s, who would break any law, or give any illegal order when ask by this rouge president.

    God help our nation…it now appears our military won’t


    I had a feeling that this was all a set up! I saw the look of pleasure on Barry’s face when the father started talking in the muslims language.

    Please…God …put an end to this awful, evil CORRUPTION!

    Any one get the feeling that the parents will very soon meet their Allah and the son.

  7. CITIZENWELLS…GOOD MORNING …Reference your comments at 9:15am

    It’s a game called, ‘KILL THE MESSANGER”

  8. This may be a little premature but here go’s………

    I predict this rouge president will, silently and behind the scene , stop any and all disciplinary action against the deserter Berghdahl…and he will put pressure on the media to stop reporting on his activities.

    I also predict it will not be long before he tries to release more Gitmo detainees….

    This bastard president we have is DRUNK with power, and thinks the laws of this nation and our Constitution do not apply to him.

    Perhaps he is right !

    If he is a foreign national now posing as a natural-born citizen, and not even a citizen… period, maybe he feels he has no obligation to obey this nation’s laws. Maybe he fells that Allah has proclaimed him the rightful ruler of a country he has no allegiance too.

    What will be the “straw that breaks the camels back” be? Time will tell.

  9. Sign the Statement of Support: The Media Research Center Sues the Federal Government

    A seminal case for religious liberty, future of the MRC at stake.
    Initial hearing scheduled for June 6.

    It’s getting so that people who would back such petitions are becoming more afraid that such signers automatically go on the “domestic terrorist watch list” for the time when the Zero squad of personal militia gets its final orders.

  10. The New World Order of nations of paranoia. “What difference does it make” anyway when the known real terrorists are constantly released back into the various communities and open borders invite them in here while the stupid are examining their own navels.

    Secret Service Wants Software That Detects Sarcasm On Social Media

    …….But getting a computer to detect sarcasm and its linguistic complexities can be difficult — and some experts worry at the prospect of attempts to parse speech by a government agency that has the power to arrest people for posting alleged threats online.

    “It does appear that it’s going to be a pretty broad monitoring program. It will likely sweep in some First Amendment protected expression,” said Ginger McCall, associate director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC). “It is troubling, because it really stifles people’s ability to freely express themselves, and it has a tendency to quell dissent, to make people think twice before they express themselves online.”

    The Secret Service request for the software, first reported by, was posted Monday. The agency is accepting proposals until next Monday.

    The work order asks for a long list of specific tools, including the ability to identify influential figures on social media, analyze data streams in real time, access old Twitter data and use heat maps. (It also wants the software to be compatible with the five-year-old Internet Explorer 8 browser — a sign of the government’s outdated technology.

  11. And the tiny force that zero is leaving behind will be sitting ducks:

    TALIBAN LEADER: More Kidnappings to Come After Obama Bergdahl Deal

    A top Taliban official promised more kidnappings are to come after the Obama Bergdahl deal.

    Barack Obama swapped five top Gitmo detainees for US deserter Bowe Bergdahl.
    TIME reported:

    A Taliban commander close to the negotiations over the release of U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl told TIME Thursday that the deal made to secure Bergdahl’s release has made it more appealing for fighters to capture American soldiers and other high-value targets.

    “It’s better to kidnap one person like Bergdahl than kidnapping hundreds of useless people,” the commander said, speaking by telephone on condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to speak to the media. “It has encouraged our people. Now everybody will work hard to capture such an important bird.”

    The commander has been known to TIME for several years and has consistently supplied reliable information about Bergdahl’s captivity.


    Every living American owes a debt to the men who went ashore on that day. Over 5,000 stayed behind on the beaches and now lie in peace “over there”

    Here is a thought that just occurred to me….

    The deserter, Baghdahl will be coming home tomorrow….do you think it’s possible O planned the release of this Muslim collaborator as an insult to the greatest generation who made the world safe for the likes of him? or

    Was it purely an accident that it came about like this?

  13. citizenwells

    Good question.

  14. Powerful Message From Wife of Disabled Army Veteran Wounded During Search For Bergdahl

    “Meet my husband, injuries directly brought to you by the actions of this traitor. He can’t give an account of what went down, because he can no longer speak. Now, which guy is a ‘hero’ again?!? Sick.”

  15. OBSERVER…..

    When the first kidnap occurs, the parents should bring a criminal suit against O listing him as a co-defendant because he knew his actions with the Bergdahl case was sitting the stage for more kidnappings and murder of Americans abroad.

    AMERICA’S policy should be plain and clear:

    1. For the first kidnapping, or beheading that occurs, we plan to execute 50 Islamic prisoners at Gitmo.

    2. For the second kidnapping or beheading, we plan to execute 100 Islamic prisoners at Gitmo.

    3. For the third kidnapping, we are coming to Mecca.

    If this was our policy, I assure you, there would be no kidnappings or beheadings. the only thing these people respect is pure force…so lets give it too them.

  16. Good plan, RM. You are absolutely right that these guys are hardened, tough, battled–scared radicals who know nothing but pure force. When a wild animal is about to attack a person in the woods, molly-coddling and sweet talking is not only a waste of time but downright dangerous. What a fool we have at the top. Methinks he is drunk with self-imposed power and he, too, only understands one thing – brute force to remove him from office.

  17. What’s to say that Bergdahl and his parents won’t continue their “sympathies” for the enemy and give more damaging info to them now untouched? Our HLS can never seem to monitor real terrorist communication or call it for what it is. And they have absolutely no control on who is coming over our borders…by plan. When will our military en masse stop taking orders from this non-citizen? When will the officers in charge look at all the gathered evidence that their CinC is no American citizen and demand his removal? It now appears that only force can bring justice back to this country… is turning it into a banana republic so he shouldn’t be surprised if that line of action in those places to remove the Marxist/commies becomes necessary here too.

  18. CABBYAZ….

    Experience has taught me that you can’t negotiate with people who are sworn to kill you….there is only ONE solution….kill them first.

  19. I just read, this morning, in my local paper a story about a 93 year old veteran who survived WWII as an Infantry paratrooper.

    He was a paratrooper who made all four combat jumps of the 82nd Airborne division in WWII. The gear he carried into combat weighed more than he did.

    First he jumped in Sicily …then in Italy….then in Normandy…then in Holland.

    That’s four gold stars on his silver jump wings….not many men can lay claim to that accomplishment. How he survived all four combat jumps into enemy held terrain is amazing.

    God truly did bless the “Greatest generation”…

    Lest We Forget, lest we forget.

    I salute you old timer and my profound thanks for your service.

  20. P.S.
    I also read where the last Navaho “Code Talker” used by the Marines in the fight against the Japanese died yesterday…

    May God rest his soul.

  21. More human suffering and chaos brought to the world by the illegal usurper running diabolically amok:

    Leaked Images Reveal Children Warehoused in Crowded U.S. Cells, Border Patrol Overwhelmed

    ……“Now the results of this mismanagement are thousands of individuals living in inhumane conditions for an indeterminate period of time, as well as exhausted and overwhelmed Border Patrol agents and CBP detention facilities,” Longmire continued. “The Obama administration’s band-aid fix has been to ship a good portion of these immigrants — many of whom are weak, emotionally vulnerable, sick, and confused — to other sectors as far as San Diego county in California and release them with no obligation other than to show up for a hearing in 15 days.

    “Most of those released will abscond and never show up for their hearings, taking their chances that ICE won’t have the time or resources to go looking for them,” she added. “Until they can get to where they want to go, they’re overwhelming local community resources in cities like Laredo, El Paso, and Tucson that haven’t had enough time to prepare for this ‘solution.’ This is an awful way to showcase what cartel and gang violence is doing to children and their families in Central America, and it’s a humiliating example of what our government’s inability to develop solid immigration and border security policies can cause.”

  22. bob strauss

    “Most open and transparent administration ever”, where have we heard that before?
    State Dep’t: Refuses to Discuss Details of Taliban Deal

  23. HonorFirst

    CW….WOW, that video re: what Michael Hastings was onto is powerful. We all had our radar out that something was not kosher about his untimely death. Little did we know at the time it had to do with Bergdahl.

    RMinNC | June 5, 2014 at 1:33 pm |
    My father was part of the Normandy invasion. I believe he came in on the 3rd wave, Omaha beach… Easy Red. To this day, he cannot stomach the smell of the ocean, nor the smell of diesel. He also was at the Battle of the Bulge after the battle. He guarded the pow’s and marched them somewhere, I don’t remember, but his frost-bitten feet sure do. His Senator had him record his memories of those days…They are currently at the Library of Congress. It was amazing because what was typical of those soldiers is that they did not talk about the horrors they witnessed and how they repressed those memories. So we, his children, learned so much more about what those brave men truly endured. I have been told by many soldiers from other wars, that the guys at Normandy probably sufferered the worst from PTSD, but unfortunately it wasn’t properly given a name or a treatment until much later.
    I remember going to see “Saving Private Ryan” with him at the theatre. He said the cinematography and the sound was so real, it brought him to tears. It was the most realistic version of actual events he has yet seen.
    God Bless our troops and our veterans!

  24. bob strauss

    3. For the third kidnapping, we are coming to Mecca.

    If this was our policy, I assure you, there would be no kidnappings or beheadings. the only thing these people respect is pure force…so lets give it too them.
    I’d give em a 10 megaton nuke, ground zero Mecca, on their busiest day, long before the first kidnapping. Then I would wait for their response, and if I don’t like what I hear, I’d hit target number two, and keep going until I hear the response I want. These creeps have caused enough trouble already, it’s time for their extinction.

  25. bob strauss

    Anybody still think a usurper as pResident doesn’t make a difference?
    Jihadists Groups Up 51% in 3 Years

  26. bob strauss

    Conservative group accuses nine Dem senators of unethical conduct
    Share on facebook179 Share on twitter27 Share on google_plusone_share More Sharing Services 10 Share on email

    A conservative group is calling on the Senate ethics committee to examine nine top Democrats, accusing them of pushing the IRS to investigate specific groups.

    The Center for Competitive Politics announced their complaint Tuesday, in which they charge that lawmakers tried to get the tax agency to probe outside conservative groups.

    “These senators improperly attempted to use the IRS to suppress the free speech of American citizens for their party’s electoral gain,” said Brad Smith, chairman of the Center and a former Chairman of the Federal Election Commission. “We will fight this type of abuse of power and work to ensure that those who have violated Senate Ethics rules are held to account.”

    The group wants the ethics panel to look at Sens. Dick Durbin (Ill.), Chuck Schumer (N.Y.), Carl Levin (Mich.), Michael Bennet (Colo.), Sheldon Whitehouse (R.I.), Jeanne Shaheen (N.H.), Al Franken (Minn.), Jeff Merkley (Ore.), and Tom Udall (N.M.).

    Read more:
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  27. bob strauss

    Ha, have to chuckle.
    SHOCK POLL: Americans say Obama less competent than Bush…

  28. oldsailor82

    Bob Strauss……
    During WW2,and even WW1 the condition that we call PTSD today was then called “SHELLSHOCK”. It was a catch all expression. It took in everything from outright psychosis, bad dreams,goldbricking,and a lot of other conditions. Anything relating to some sort of mental disorder was initially called SHELLSHOCK.

  29. oldsailor82

    Bob Strauss…….’
    Hopefully they will take a look at the entire GANG OF 14 who HIJACKED the Democratic party. This should also include Mzzzzzzzzzzz.IMPORTANT,and Harriet Reed as well. Of course two of these scumbags are departed……”.Mr. MIRTH,and Mr.Alcohol.”

  30. oldsailor82


  31. oldsailor82

    bye bye Everybody have a really great day!

  32. bob strauss

    Networks Blame Wildfires, Droughts on Climate Change, Despite Fact They’ve Declined

    Read more:

  33. bob strauss

    More fraud.
    Press release: Typesetting expert confirms that the copyright document for Obama’s book was falsified/forged as well

  34. Oscar Winner Morgan Freeman Has 7 Words That Put to Rest Whether Race Keeps You from Becoming Rich

  35. Amen HONOR FIRST Amen……

    and God Bless your father.


    A move toward capturing and keeping more US soldiers would be a shift for the Taliban, which is better-known for torturing and killing enemies
    But TIME magazine spoke to a Taliban commander who insisted President Obama has given his group an incentive to kidnap more American troops
    Trading Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl for five terror leaders ‘has encouraged our people,’ the Taliban leader said

    The Guantanamo Bay prison camp houses 149 remaining terror detainees who could become bait for future hostage situations

    Sen. Marco Rubio said Wednesday that Obama’s choices have endangered ‘countless American men and women in uniform across the globe’
    A Fox News poll showed 84 per cent of Americans worry that the Bergdahl prisoner swap will lead to more hostage taking by the Taliban.
    For the solution to this….may I refer the readers back to my 12pm noon post here……

    Read more:

  37. Old Sailor,
    Yes, now I remember, “shellshocked” was the term used for vets suffering terrible nightmares, relapses, etc.

    The teacher of my high school chemistry, physics classes, etc., was a WW 1 vet, and, although I never witnessed it, other students said that he had an episode at least once where he was huddled down behind the long counter and desk at the front of the classroom. They said he had been gassed during the war. He was very eccentric and quite a harsh instructor, but it was little wonder considering what he must have gone through during the war.

  38. Excellent Post and Thread.

  39. Thornton Parsons

    Is it to much to ask to have at least one adult in the White House? One legal adult?

  40. Thornton Parsons



    Solid source and witness to search for deserter. At least 8 Americans were killed as a consequence of efforts to locate and capture him. Soetoro will have to kill these men, just as he did Seal Team 6; they know too much and tell the truth. Let’s see if anyone in Congress will pursue the treason.

  42. Bergdahl….Deserter or Defector?

    In the days after Bowe Bergdahl walked off the small base in Afghanistan’s Paktika province on June 30, 2009, an entire Army division searched for him, in which the path that they followed was littered with IEDs according to a soldier who took part in the search—as if the Taliban knew they were coming! At least six soldiers were killed in the search that turned into a suicide mission, including Matthew Marinek, Michael Murphy, Kurt Curtis, Morris Walker, Darryn Andrews, and Clayton Bowen.

    Bergdahl appears to have led his fellow soldiers into a trap!

    Dozens of men from Bergdalh’s unit have come forward, stating not only that Bergdahl was a deserter, but was reported to have sought out the Taliban—that Bergdahl more than likely COLLABORATED with the Taliban!

    This has been been confirmed by a source in the Defense Department!

    But this is only half of the story. Bowe Bergdahl’s father has been tweeting out anti-American propaganda for almost a year; and hours after it was announced that his son was being exchanged for five terrorists, he called for ALL Gitmo prisoners to be released!

    Still, Barack Hussein Obama went ahead with releasing the worst of the worst—five “generals” in the Taliban hierarchy, one of whom, Khairullah Khairkhwa, had actually run Osama Bin Laden’s terrorist training camp!

    In this exclusive video, we delve into the REAL reason Obama traded Taliban collaborator Bowe Bergdahl for five terrorists.

  43. bob strauss

    Harry was the NH Assembly ringleader of the 2012 New Hampshire Ballot Challenge against Obama’s faux candidacy

    The Right and Only Honorable Harry Accornero Asks?
    Harry Accornero

  44. oldsailor82

    Bob Strauss……
    Regarding wildfires…..especially in California…..the reality is that over 50% of the fires that occur are set by INSANE PEOPLE who have a sexual orgasm watching the fire. Such people are just one mentally twisted product of the land of “FRUITS and NUTS”.

  45. Good morning CW, et al.

    CW, I watched the close of the Market yesterday and it appears they are misguided with an up-tic anticipating a strong favorable employment release. In my opinion, we are riding on 3 bubbles. I have already transferred all my investments to a safer haven. Unfortunately, I got caught in the last one, but not this time.

  46. @oldsailor82
    This is very true about the wild fires. Here in Australia we had some really bad fires last year, and almost all of them were deliberately lit. The fire that was close to where I am currently living ended up causing one death. I do need to explain what happened because the fire itself was one that was continuing. The person who lit the fire was a member of the volunteer fire brigade. In this region there are lots of coal seams. In this case the fire was burning underground in the shallow coal seam.Then when we had a spell of hot weather the fire suddenly erupted. The man who lost his life had a heart attack. There were several fires in the region, and every single one of them were deliberately lit, yet embers also played a role.

    Not one of these fires were due to “climate change”. To make such a claim is to use a “myth”.

  47. oldsailor82

    It would not surprise me if someday we learned that most of the mentally twisted human products of California,are ALL LIBERAL DEMOCRATS. The only way they can “GET OFF” is by doing some sort of sexually perverted behavior. Over 50%of the sexual deviates in America live in California. The largest portion of the remainder are distributed, to DC, Chicago,New York City,Boston Ma, Dallas Tx.etc. It is also a really sad state of affairs when such twisted people are allowed to hold political office in America.Case in point…..BERRY SO_TORO.

  48. oldsailor82

    Great to see you back again.! BTW if you know IAN THORPE, how is he getting along? He was hospitalised for a staph infection…..probably aureas. Tough infection to fight. Vancomycin- intravenous is the usual treatment. He was in the Sydney Hospital.

  49. oldsailor82

    Very smart move…..I have been OUT of stocks for quite some time also. Held a small amount of gold,but divested over 50% of it and took the profit when gold hit it’s high,……the balance is my hedge, but it isn’t the only hedge. I also have a little silver,but again only enough to equate with what I need for part of my monetary hedge.In addition I hold very little American cash. With respect to the bubbles you are quite correct,and I would add one more bubble……LIES!. watch out for them. A hell of a lot of people get caught in PUMP and DUMP schemes every year,perpetrated by unscrupulous BROKERS.

  50. oldsailor82

    I still like the Ivy Asset Strategy Fund, but again I have reduced my exposure to less than 50% of what I once had in the fund. It is a very well managed fund….and is what is known as a asset allocation fund. This fund contains what I intend to pass on to my survivors.

  51. oldsailor82

    Bob Strauss…..
    Harry Accornero had it right………but like everyone else trying to act alone amounts to SHOVELING SHI# AGAINST THE TIDE. If any action is ever to be effective it must be carried out ……EN MASSE!

  52. oldsailor82

    bye bye all …….Everybody have a great day!

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