Obama crony capitalism fails again, White House replaces CGI, Obamacare website contractor, Toni McCall Townes-Whitley Senior VP CGI and Michelle Obama Princeton alumnus

Obama crony capitalism fails again, White House replaces CGI, Obamacare website contractor, Toni McCall Townes-Whitley Senior VP CGI and Michelle Obama Princeton alumnus

“Public records indicate that during this time, every quarter from 2010 through 2012, CGI Group itself was lobbying on “HUD housing management contracts.”
Finally, there’s also a whistleblower lawsuit from a former CGI employee — who’d been recruited from HUD after overseeing the very Section 8 contracts CGI won — alleging that he was fired after refusing to go along with fraudulent plans to work around the bidding process. CGI denies the accusations, but has so far failed to get the case thrown out.”…Washington Post October 23, 2013

“Why was Obama promoting Capri Capital and other investment firms at the same time that Rezko, Levine and Cellini were shaking them down?”…Citizen Wells

“Now, I don’t get upset when foreign and national journalists fail to mention Tony Rezko, or the Daley boys, or how the Chicago machine plans to staff the Department of Justice, and the new Department of Homeland Casinos.”…John Kass, Chicago Tribune July 30, 2008



More Obama crony capitalism failures at taxpayer expense.

From the Washington Times January 10, 2014.

“Finally! White House to replace lead HealthCare.gov contractor”

“The Obama administration plans to replace the lead contractor on HealthCare.gov, the glitchy federal website that hindered the fall rollout of the new health care law, with another company.

Officials plans to drop CGI Federal, after the company took a share of blame for its role in preparing a website that serves 36 states and needed extensive repairs after its Oct. 1 launch, the Washington Post first reported. A major consulting company, Accenture, will take its place.

CGI’s contract runs out at the end of February, and Accenture had built the relatively well-functioning health exchange that California is using to enroll people in private plans or Medicaid under Obamacare, the Post reported.”

Read more:


From Citizen Wells October 25, 2013.

Is this another case of Barack and Michelle Obama involved in crony capitalism or just poor judgement?

Toni McCall Townes-Whitley, who was in Michelle Obama’s class at princeton, is a Senior VP at CGI.

From the Association of Black Princeton Alumni.

Toni McCall Townes-Whitley ’85
Senior Vice President, Federal Civilian Agency Programs, CGI

First Lady Michelle Obama ’85



From the CGI website.

Toni Townes-Whitley
Senior Vice-President,
Civilian Agency Programs
CGI was the lone bidder.
From The Washington Examiner October 13, 2013.

“Feds reviewed only one bid for Obamacare website design”

“Federal officials considered only one firm to design the Obamacare health insurance exchange website that has performed abysmally since its Oct. 1 debut.

Rather than open the contracting process to a competitive public solicitation with multiple bidders, officials in the Department of Health and Human Services’ Centers for Medicare and Medicaid accepted a sole bidder, CGI Federal, the U.S. subsidiary of a Canadian company with an uneven record of IT pricing and contract performance.

CMS officials are tight-lipped about why CGI was chosen or how it happened. They also refuse to say if other firms competed with CGI, or if there was ever a public solicitation for building Healthcare.gov, the backbone of Obamacare’s problem-plagued web portal.

Instead, it appears they used what amounts to a federal procurement system loophole to award the work to the Canadian firm.”

“The multiple awards were in the form of “task orders” for projects of widely varying size. Over the life of the CGI contract — which expires in 2017 — the IT firm can receive awards worth anywhere from the “$1,000 to $4 billion,” according to a contracting document provided by CGI to the Washington Examiner.

This is apparently the route chosen by CMS officials in awarding the Obamacare Healthcare.gov website design contract to CGI.

Between 2009 and 2013, CMS officials awarded 185 separate task orders to CGI totaling $678 million for work of all kinds, according to USAspending.gov, a federal spending database.The Obamacare website design contract was for $93 million.”

“The first indication of questions of CGI performance and pricing came in February 2010 when the firm protested a $230 million CMS contract award to Computer Sciences Corp. Inc.

In a sharp rebuff to CGI in November 2010, General Accountability Office acting counsel Linda H. Gibson denied the CGI protest.

In doing so, she noted that CSC’s bid was $148 million versus CGI’s bid of $258 million. When CMS modified the terms of its proposal, CSC was still substantially lower, coming in at $223 million versus CGI’s price tag of $395 million.”

“As the Examiner previously reported, CGI in Canada also suffered embarrassment in 2011 when it failed to deliver on time for Ontario province’s flagship project a new online medical registry for diabetes patients and treatment providers.

Ontario government officials cancelled the $46.2 million contract after 14 months of delay in September 2012. Ontario officials currently refuse to pay any fees to CGI for the failed IT project.”

Read more:


Obama’s history of crony capitalism is extensive and includes another Princeton grad, John Rogers.

From Citizen Wells October 23, 2011.

“Mr. Obama also recently pointed to his work on the Illinois pension issue as a model for what he would do as president to promote minority-owned companies.”

“The goal was always “to open up doors,” said John W. Rogers Jr., the chief executive of Ariel Capital Management, one of the investment firms that received state business. “It was, as the Rev. Jesse Jackson has eloquently put it, to force other industries to have their ‘Jackie Robinson’ moment.””

“During this period, campaign finance records show, executives from Ariel, Loop and two other leading Chicago investment firms, Holland Capital Management and Capri Capital, sharply increased their donations to Mr. Obama’s State Senate campaign fund. And once he began his campaign for the United States Senate, they quickly became a fund-raising core that has carried over into the presidential race.

Mr. Rogers, who is one of three people at his company who have each bundled at least $50,000 in donations for Mr. Obama’s presidential campaign, said that his financial support for the senator had “no connection” to his company’s efforts to win state contracts, but that it reflected the broader excitement over what Mr. Obama’s success meant for blacks in America.”

“Still, things have not worked out as well for some of the investment managers. Both Ariel and Holland were given several hundred million dollars to invest.

But one of the funds dropped Ariel and two dropped Holland last year after their investment returns lagged behind those of other firms.”

“In 2002, the year after Obama made the pitch, the Illinois Teacher Retirement System reported an 18% increase in assets managed by minority-owned firms. Ariel’s share grew to $442 million by 2005.

In 2006, after the federal investigation became public, the teacher pension board severed its relationship with Ariel, concluding that Ariel’s investment returns were insufficient.”





42 responses to “Obama crony capitalism fails again, White House replaces CGI, Obamacare website contractor, Toni McCall Townes-Whitley Senior VP CGI and Michelle Obama Princeton alumnus

  1. “The Sheer Absurdity of the Recovery Story”

    “At some point, someone has to call BS on the entire talk of the recovery.

    Since 2009, we’ve been told that things have improved. The fact of the matter is that the improvement has been largely due to accounting tricks rather than any real change in reality.

    Sure you can make unemployment look better by not counting people, you can claim the economy is growing by ignoring inflation, you can argue that inflation is low because you don’t count food or energy, but the reality is that all of these arguments are grade “A” BS.

    We are now five years into the “recovery.” The single and I mean SINGLE accomplishment from spending over $3 trillion has been the stock market going higher. This is a complete and total failure. Based on the business cycle alone, the economy should be roaring.

    What does it say that we’ve spent this much money and accomplished so little?

    The word is FAILURE.

    The media is lying about the economy. They have been for years. Even the BLS now admits that its methodologies are either inefficient (read: DON’T work) or outright wrong.”


  2. CW…….

    Everything that comes from this corrupt government is nothing but a big lie….

    Here’s how I look at what they say….regardless of the subject, whatever they put out in the public…I automatically think just the opposite…most of the time, I am finally proven correct.

    When nothing but lies come from your government…you have to be a blooming idiot to believe what they say !

    If God truly holds people accountable for the lies they tell (and I think he will)…..then that wimp, Jay Karney is in some deep doo-doo in the hereafter.

  3. p.s.
    Karney has told so many lies for Obama that his mouth is distorted !…

  4. Forget about Obama supporting Hillary or Biden for the 2016 presidential election. This video shows that Communist Karl Marx is endorsed by Obama as the Next President. 🙂

    This candid camera clip was shot on the Oceanside pier in sunny southern California. It sadly reveals how stupid many Americans are and explains why Obama was elected TWICE.
    God have mercy on us.

  5. Isreal has lost a GIANT …Ariel Sharon dead at 85….may he rest in peace for he never saw much peace here on earth…

    I wonder if the Obama government will send a all the former presidents and other politicians to his funeral like they did for the African communist, Nelson Mandela?

    Naaaah…that would be too much to expect…..Maybe just a card signed by the One.

  6. Jonah…..

    Stupid is a good word for over 50% of the American people….because they are !!!….Notice I said OVER 50%….that’s why Obama is now our president !!!

    Stupid is as stupid does !!! That’s the way Forest would put it .

  7. RMINNC……
    Top of the mornin,sir……
    I personally admired Ariel Sharon, as a soldier’s soldier, and I look upon him as one of the last few remaining “WAR HORSES”. He was sort of another Moshe Dayan if you will, but even Ariel could not match Dayan’s accomplishments as a field commander. One thing is clear, while Sharon lost a lot of popularity,in taking peopple out of their homes in the West Bank, he done what his convictions told him to do. Right or wrong such a virtue is to be admired in anyone.

  8. RMINNC Re 10:12 AM
    My sympathies exactly.

  9. RMINNC………..Re 10:15AM
    A friend of my wife is an elementary school teacher. She began teaching in 1975, and retired in 2005. In conversation with my wife she said she was told what to teach, when to teach it ,and to an extent how to teach it…..all of which was totally contrary to her core beliefs,and much of which was heavily oriented to the LIBERAL teaching of students,which she vehemently disliked. To remain a teacher she simply swallowed the BULLSHI# pill.

  10. Good morning Oldsailor81….and top of the morning back to you also……

    Rainy and mild here in NC this morning.,…but that’s OK, we need the rain to make the flowers….

    You are so correct, Sharon was a “the” War Horse of Israel and he is responsible for holding the Muslims at bay……the nation of Israel will miss him ..and so will anyone that loves liberty.

    I agree, Moshe was another “David” when it came to fighting the enemy’s of his country…that “one-eyed soldier” could see better than a thousand of those Arab infildels !!!

    I remember the 67 war where the Israel AF committed all of their planes against those coming for Israel except 4 to protect the capitol…..now that was tenacity…..but old Moshe kicked the crap out of all of the Arabs…Egypt, Jordan, Syria. and others…the deserts were littered with destroyed tanks and artillery pieces……Sharon was a tank commander during that fight…if I remember correctly.

  11. When you teach stupidity that is the gross result as well. I believe that I told of an actual occurrence from a couple of years back wherein a group of alleged employers administered an 8th grade level SAT to 50 college graduates. Only 11 of them passed the SAT. If this is even a tiny representation of todays college graduates IQ……boy are we in a HEAP OF TROUBLE.

  12. RMINNC……….
    Yes he was,and the Desert Fox had nothing on Sharon. Up to a point they were “birds of the same feather”,but sadly the Desert Fox worked for the wrong employer. har har

  13. Oldsailor81….

    I have a daughter who has been a teacher for 19 years, and still is a teachers in West Virginia….she has too much of my Scotch-Irish blood in her veins to swallow that liberal bullsh$t teaching pill…..she now has third graders… she says it’s.a fine time too mold young minds. I agree.

    I can rely on her to teach the truth…she would quit before she took that liberal pill and teach that communist crap (thank God for that).

    Those Mountaineers of West Virginia don’t play that liberal game so well…..

  14. What a team the Israelis had so long ago Moshe Dayan,Golda Maier, and Ariel Sharon, Netanyahu was sort of like the village BOY SCOUT in those days. har har

  15. and the Desert fox paid a high price for being employed by the wrong person too….done in by his wonderful, fanatical, crazy, ….leader

  16. oldsailor81….
    Was that before the Boy Scouts went gay?……I hope so….I can’t imagine Benny boy playing that game !!!

  17. Oldsailor81….

    There is a burning question that I have for years which I have never been able to figure out…I want your take on it…..the question is;

    How in the hell can our nation (America) control 80% percent of the world’s wealth and resources when 75% of the inhabitants of this nation are blooming idiots or useless eaters?


  18. I personally think that what the world is really facing will end up being comparable to the “CRUSADES” before it even shows any sign of letting up. If that comes to reality there are only a few people in America who possess the level of understanding which will be needed to fight the kind of battles ,and yes even multiple wars, one after the other, and about as extreme as any war can get, but unlike the BIBLICAL WARS we now have NUCLEAR ENERGY,and at some point the JIHADIS will use it. They think thhhhat the US will be afraid to use nuclear weapons. All I can say to them is that they had better take a strong look at the Pacific war and how it came to a screeching halt. I would say then that if the JIHADIS open that can of peas then WE should give them a very good taste of the contents of the can.

  19. RMINNC……..
    That is easy just LIE LIKE HELL, because pathetically few have the intelligence to argue with even blatant lies,because they don’t possess the intelligence to discern UP FROM DOWN. That is my take! har, har. Remember the little infantryman’s poem regarding the difference between a rifle and a gun? The reason why some of them were given the privilege to recite it 10 times each minute was the simple fact that the recruit couldn’t discern the difference either. Most of those who did the recital NEVER FORGOT either.

  20. This is my rifle…this is my gun
    This is for shooting and…this is for fun…..

    As a bona fide Infantryman…., I remember it !

  21. RMINNC………
    I forgot to add that in addition to a hell of a lot of DUMMIES we also have a LOT of people who don’t give a damn what happen to the US anyway, so between the dummies ,the horse’s asses, the NUMBSKULLS
    the dopers, and the LIARS, we are in a situation of 5 to 1 odds against us.

  22. RMINNC………
    Isn’t it great the way a DI is sometimes “forced” to make a point? Most of the time the recruits “HEAR HIM LOUD AND CLEAR”. har har.

  23. ………in the days of the 9 and 1/4 lb, M1 rifle, and even heavier BAR it didn’t take long for a recruit to get the DI’s MESSAGE. But on a sadder note so many of them perished on the battlefield within a few weeks after basic training…..but at the same time the greater bulk survived much longer,and then there were those who walked the greater distance from Normandy to the Rhine and lived to tell about it…..TWO such people were the DIs at Service Company,293rd Infantry Regiment, HS Batt. 38th Div, A5 who spent two hours each Tuesday evening telling us how the battles were REALLY FOUGHT in Europe.

  24. Oldsailor81….

    Wars are often fought in different ways…some from a distance and some up close and personal….and who’s to say what is the best way…

    Napolean said one time that “War without the Artillery would be nothing but a vulgar brawl”….in other words, it’s OK to blow hell out of your enemy from a distance…but it’s vulgar and uncivilized to put the bayonet in him….

    To me…dead is dead…….be it from a distance or eyeball to eyeball

    Old Bony also said once that “History is written by the winners”…..I firmly believe this to be a truism, as long as the winner has a corrupt flock of the press corp following along with crooked pens to cover his a$$….

  25. Some interesting things about Ariel Sharon… a curse was pronounced on him back in 2005 by some Jewish Kaballists for his plan to withdraw Jewish settlements from the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Another is that a very respected Rabbi in Israel (now deceased) predicted that Messiah would not come until Sharon’s passing. BTW, this rabbi also said the Messiahs name is Jesus (Yeshua).

  26. ………..I spent almost two years in the National guard, and had a chance to fire just about everything an Army possesses……of course that was mid 1949-mid 1951. Qualified my M1 at 149. Good enough for marksman, and as far as I was concerned good enough to provide an enemy with a new anus at 200 yds. If you can’t hit the enemy in the head, aim for his midsection or his ass. If you hit him either way he will never again be facing you.

  27. Sueq………
    That might turn out to be the case. There are a LOT of lard a$$ed black females with 15 kids, who drive their brand new Cadillac SUV to the local foodbank,each day to obtain about 200 lbs of food for the CHILDREN, who sadly get only a few crumbs, after the huge sow has finished eating her 30lbs each day at the feed trough. She is the one who had her arms outstretched toward the sky chanting the MESSIAH has arrived,the Messiah has arrived, with tears streaming down her overly fat face. and each time Soetoro made a grand statement she would again chant the Messiah has arrived.over and over

  28. Maybe I shouldn’t feel like that but it is absolutely disgusting to listen to what we all know to be verbal insanity,from a pure and simple ….HOG. But then Harley Davidson also makes HOGS…could it be a Harley HOG with a BLACK PAINT JOB? I tend to LIKE Harley’s HOGS.

  29. HARK……I hear a voice in the far off distance…could that be the voice of an angel or the voice of the maiden of the house?….

    .Yes…yes, it tis the voice of my love calling as if she is in distress ! Or is she just pissed off and wants my attention?…only time will tell !

    Does she voice her love for me?… or is there another reason for the high shrill sound in her calling?…..me thinks it may be the latter

    The reason is finally revealed ….Hell no, she’s got her “Honey do list” completed and demands it be satisfied…now, not later!

    Oh well,… enough of this Shakespeare make believed crap this morning…if I don’t get my butt moving, I will be sleeping with the dogs tonight !!!…

    You know the old saying…”Lie down with the dogs and you get up with the fleas”…I don’t want the fleas and all the scratching that goes with them….so I will respond to that voice in the dark !!!

    But like old “Dugout Doug” said, “I SHALL RETURN”……KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY OLDSAILOR81…there will be a need for it.

    ps…I have enjoyed the exchange with you this morning…..

  30. CW……
    With regard to the dropouts from the labor force, perhaps this should be compared with the period during the depression from 1929 to 1941. Slowly but surely what we see today is becoming a virtual carbon copy.

  31. Bye bye …….I too need to exit. Have a great day all, Godbless! Perhaps the TRUE Messiah will get enough of the IMPOSTERS, and put such a hurt on them that they will simply EVAPORATE into thin air. har har.

  32. oldsailor.
    Our recent economy is the worst in my lifetime & the worst since the Great Depression.

  33. When the federal government become the “enemy of the people”…this is what happens to a citizen….

  34. Ferdinand Puentes wearing US Marshall cap.
    Taking selfie.

    More questions raised.

  35. Floating well enough to take photo.

  36. China has openly published a map of U.S. cities they will target from their submarine-based nukes, bragging about how many people they will kill with one missile—twelve million Americans!

    So what is our President, Barack Obama, doing about this Chinese nuclear threat?


  37. BOB….

    NOTHING…the man-child has no guts…

  38. More open season on the innocent and defenseless….and make it up as you go along at the DOJ to their own personal design:

    DOJ: “Even-Handed Implementation” Of School Discipline Can Still Violate Federal Law If Has Disparate Impact Along Racial Lines

    Update to this story.

    So understand very clearly what the DOJ is explicitly saying: if there is more discipline meted out to black students, even if warranted, it violates Federal law.

    It will cause schools not only to not discipline those who should be disciplined, but to discipline those who should not be…to make the numbers “fair”.

    This is lunacy.

    What teacher will then ever discipline any black student, with that as a standard? It is a recipe for anarchy.

    ……..The letter, released on Wednesday, states that it is a violation of federal law for schools to punish certain races more than others, even if those punishments stem from completely neutral rules. For example, equal numbers of black students and white students should be punished for tardiness, even if black students are more often tardy than white students. (RELATED: DOJ to schools: It’s racist to punish students for behaving badly, texting in class)

    Here is the relevant section of the letter

    “Schools also violate Federal law when they evenhandedly implement facially neutral policies and practices that, although not adopted with the intent to discriminate, nonetheless have an unjustified effect of discriminating against students on the basis of race.


  39. For all we have and are,
    For all our children’s fate,
    Stand up and meet the foe.
    The Hun is at the gate! [[

  40. Observer | January 11, 2014 at 7:41 pm |

    This article is so sad… and I am speaking for the sake of minorities. Discipline is a part of love. Our parents disciplined us growing up because they loved us. Even the Bible says that God disciplines those He loves. No one seems to love these kids enough to help them succeed. Certainly not the DOJ.

  41. PS, Think about how much discipline accomplished in Dr. Ben Carson by his single mom as he was growing up. She was totally illiterate. Yet look at the fruit of her deeds.

  42. Amen SueQ…amen !

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