NC employment unemployment truth January 2014, Labor force droputs, Participation rate plummets, Employment spin, Greensboro News Record awarded 2 Murrows

NC employment unemployment truth January 2014, Labor force droputs, Participation rate plummets, Employment spin, Greensboro News Record awarded 2 Murrows

“You can’t fix a problem unless you acknowledge and understand it.”…Citizen Wells

“11.4%: What the U.S. unemployment rate would be if labor force participation were back to January 2008 levels.” …James Pethokoukis, American Enterprise Institute, June 2013

“The function of the press is very high. It is almost Holy.
It ought to serve as a forum for the people, through which
the people may know freely what is going on. To misstate or
suppress the news is a breach of trust.”…. Louis D. Brandeis



It is fitting and proper that I award 2 Murrows to the Greensboro News Record. Edward R. Murrow was born just outside of Greensboro.

I will award more Murrows to the News Record when they report in the same manner on the US unemployment situation and Obama Administration.

From the Greensboro News Record January 7, 2014.

(print edition sub heading)


“People dropping out of the labor force might be skewing the decline.”

“The unemployment rate in the Greensboro/High Point metro area is the lowest since late 2008, when the economy began shedding jobs at an alarming rate.

The rate dropped to a seasonally adjusted 7.8 percent in November, the N.C. Department of Commerce reported Tuesday.

That’s a drop of 2.1 percentage points compared with November 2012.

It’s also the lowest rate in five years, when it was 7.9 percent.

But a closer look suggests the Greensboro/High Point metro’s job market may not be as healthy as it seems.

Despite the drop in the unemployment rate, the state’s survey of households suggests the region is adding few jobs.

The number of employed people is virtually unchanged since the end of 2012.”

Read more:

From the Greensboro News Record editorial January 9, 2014.

“Employment spin”

“After North Carolina cut unemployment benefits last summer, people went out and got jobs.

That’s the compelling story line Republicans are spreading to explain one reason for the state’s rapidly falling unemployment rate. It was 8.9 percent in July, when extended benefits ended and weekly payments decreased, and it declined steadily to 7.4 percent in November.

“Give people incentives to stay home, many will stay home. Give them incentives to work, and many more will work,” Jim Tynan wrote last week for the conservative journal Civitas Review Online.

Is it that simple? Can North Carolina, and the entire country, turn the economy around by cutting off unemployment benefits?”

“It’s not that simple. While more people are working, a much greater number have left the workforce. UNCG economist Andrew Brod noted recently that if the state’s labor force had been as large in November as it was in January, the most recent unemployment rate would have been 9.5 percent instead of 7.4 percent. Harvard economist Lawrence Katz last week said North Carolina’s shrinking labor force accounts for 95 percent of the falling unemployment rate. Job growth accounts for just 5 percent.”

“The bottom line for North Carolina’s economy is jobs. The number is slowly increasing, but the percentage of the state’s population that is employed hasn’t improved. If the problem were as easy to solve as some suggest — cutting off unemployment benefits — North Carolina would be in the fast lane to prosperity.”

Read more:

The Greensboro News Record is awarded 2 Murrows.




62 responses to “NC employment unemployment truth January 2014, Labor force droputs, Participation rate plummets, Employment spin, Greensboro News Record awarded 2 Murrows

  1. It doesn’t look to me like the plane that Loretta Fudda died in was seriously damages in the initial crash… is a film made by someone on board as the plane crashed and the people inside made their way out…well everyone other than Loretta…Hummmmmm… I wonder why?

  2. January 10, 2014


    “Virginia Thugs Beat White Couple During Knock Out Style Attack – Police Refuse to Identify The Attackers As Black, and Refuse to Use Pictures of Them In Investigation… *Update* Thugs Turn Themselves In – Police Apologize”

    “Update details at bottom – Facing increased scrutiny the Charlottesville Virginia Police apologize for not investigating and dragging their feet for over three weeks.

    Why the reversal?….

    ….Because facing increasing pressure from social media discoveries, the two thugs, Richard Bernard Spears and Malcom James Stevenson, walk into a police station and turn themselves in. The police didn’t really have a choice after that happened.

    Original Post – This does not surprise me at all based on the location, Charlottesville Virginia. It was Virginia where the police refused to release the 911 call tapes from the Virginia-Pilot Reporters being beaten by dozens of thugs while they shouted “Justice for Trayvon”.

    Virginia law enforcement are simply PC paralyzed and unable to discuss the race of criminals in their jurisdiction..”

  3. “U.S. posts smallest gain in jobs in 3 years
    Just 74,000 positions added in December”

  4. Ok News Record, time to report on US unemployment vs dropouts!

    Approx 3 million dropped out of labor force in 2013.

  5. Thanks for video RMinNC.

  6. “Participation rate in labor force matches 35-year low
    Week in Charts: Unemployment rate declines while education employment disappoints”

    Remember, the participation rate was lower prior to the seventies due to more women staying at home.

  7. “It’s Official: The US Created Less Jobs In 2013 Than 2012”

    So, Who’s Lying?

    As was reported to mass jubilation on Wednesday, the ADP private payrolls number soared to the highest monthly change since November 2012, a 238,000 increase driven by what the report said was a 48,000 increase in construction jobs. ADP’s Mark Zandi went on the record to say that “The job market ended 2013 on a high note. Job gains are broad-based across industries, most notably in construction and manufacturing. It appears that businesses are growing more confident and increasing their hiring.” It appears not. According to today’s BLS report in December, on a seasonally adjusted basis, the construction industry lost 16K jobs. And where it gets really funny is when one looks at construction on a non-seasonally adjusted basis, construction jobs plummeted by a whopping 216,000! However you cut it someone is obviously lying. If we cared we would ask who. However, since both data series are completely fabricated, who even cares?”

  8. You are most welcome CW……

    from the looks of that plane….”there’s more to Fuddy’s death than we are being told…which proves once again, “if you play with fire, sooner or later, you will get burned”……

    Unfortunately, I’m afraid Fuddy proved that to be true.

  9. NO ONE required to participate in OBAMACARE and NO PENALITIES for not participating….a BOMBSHELL just exploded on the ACA….if the people get wind of this, it should cause Seblius, the fake, to “suck more buttermilk”.
    This is how Cornell University Law School’s website describes 42 USC § 18115:

    NO individual, company, business, nonprofit entity, or health insurance issuer offering group or individual health insurance coverage shall be required to participate in ANY Federal health insurance program created under this Act (or ANY amendments made by this Act), or in ANY Federal health insurance program expanded by this Act (or ANY such amendments), and there shall be no penalty or fine imposed upon ANY such issuer for choosing not to participate in such programs.

    The website further explains that the Act referred to in 42 USC § 18115 is OBAMACARE also known as the Affordable Care Act.:

    This Act, referred to in text, is Pub. L. 111–148, Mar. 23, 2010, 124 Stat. 119, known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. For complete classification of this Act to the Code, see Short Title note set out under section 18001 of this title and Tables.

    So why don’t more people know about this FEDERAL LAW? Why don’t more people know they DO NOT have to sign up for Obamacare and why don’t they know they WILL NOT have a penalty for not signing up for the ACA?….it’s called cram it down the people throat and the media will help us !!!

    Check this FEDERAL LAW out for yourself !!! Then tell Mr. Obama to cram it up his….you know what …that place where the sun don’t shine……if this don’t kill ACA, nothing will !

  10. RMinNC (10:34 am)
    Re. the section you are referring to, I think it is being misinterpreted.
    In reading legal language one must be very careful to notice modifying clauses. In this case the modifier is “offering group or individual health insurance coverage”. The categories mentioned, “individual, company, business, nonprofit entity, or health insurance issuer” are meant from the context to be subject to the modifying clause which is ” “offering group or individual health insurance coverage”. That is further born out at the end of the paragraph by the statement, “and there shall be no penalty or fine imposed upon ANY such issuer for choosing not to participate in such programs.”
    I take it to mean, if you carefully read the text, that no one (whether it be
    individual, company, business, nonprofit entity, or health insurance issuer ) who offers “group or individual health insurance coverage shall be required to participate in ANY Federal health insurance program created under this Act”.

  11. RMinNC,
    In addition to my above comment, it would make no sense at all for a Code Sec. dealing with the implementation of ACA (Obamacare) to give any and all a pass to opt out without penalties. Again, it says, “no penalty or fine imposed upon ANY such issuer for choosing not to participate in such programs.” The key word here is “issuer”. You and I are not “issuers”.

  12. RMINNC……..
    Your beliefs in all three of your comments are nearly line for line of my own. With regard to the airplane, NO I am not a mechanical wizard, but I have flown enough small aircraft during my short aviation career to know certain aspects of a variety of situations involving even landings on water. It appears to me because of the condition of the aircraft after the fact that pilot Kawasaki done everything right. As I said a week ago that getting the bird down in one piece waseasy just keep the nose down watch airspeed closely then when the airplane is as close to the surface as possible bring the nose up gradually which kills of airspeed and vreates a stall.The airplane literally belly flops a few feet down upon the surface with very little damage structurally.. I stand firm in this.

  13. ………….in addition flaps can also be applied at the up nosing of the plane. This takes a lot more of the forward airspeed out of the equation. At the moment of impact the airplane would have little to NO airspeed,and it would have unhooked,at the peak of the stall,and literally fell a few feet in a flat plain,and struck the water nearly in a nearly level attitude.

  14. RMINNC…..
    As for the Soetoro ACA bullshi# I talked with a friend here in Fort Wayne regarding the actuarial soundness of the ACA. The first response from him was WHAT ACTUARIAL STUDY? He has been in the insurance business for over 50 years,and I respect what he has to say. There was NEVER any study done in the actuarial soundness of ACA. It is in it’s entirety based upon CONJECTURE,and has never had the opinion of any healthcare underwriters involved. It is in fact a 2200 page volume of JIBBERISH by people who think that they know something about Healthcare Insurance formulation.. In short all 2200 pages were written by TOTAL NITWITS.. That is the largest part of the reason for the extremely high cost premiums.. But until we are somehow able to get our JUDICIAL system back to honesty NOBODY WILL BE ABLE TO put forth a LEGAL challenge to the ACA, even though it is total bullshi# being rammed down everyones throat. Without a judicial system we have NO LAW. …so what is good ffor the goose is much better for the GANDER.

  15. ……then all of the GANDERS in America need to do exactly what is directed by the Declaration of Independence,….it is all we have left. Thanks to a large number of literary MORONS, thanks to a large number of SEXUAL DEVIATES, and thanks to a large number of COWARDS, I am beginning to DOUBT if any of the AMERICA GANDERS will even lift a finger. They are the supporters of Soetoro…. and to them Soetoro is “COOL, MAN”. So you only need a vocabulary of 3 or 4 words ( none of which are in most dictionarys

  16. …….BTW you will only need the mentality of a JACKASS, to survive in the sort of government which I think is coming. Why spend thousands of dollars to become educated… won’t mean a tinkers damn,and in reality obtaining a formal education might get you an early grave.

  17. Bye BYE……………Have a great day, Godbless!

  18. Oldsailor81…at 12:28pm you said;
    ” It is in fact a 2200 page volume of JIBBERISH by people who think that they know something about Healthcare Insurance formulation.. In short all 2200 pages were written by TOTAL NITWITS..”

    I agree totally with that assessment…….

    most likely you are correct, but like oldsailor81 said…the whole plan was written by nitwits that know nothing about healthcare…and as far as I’m concerned, the ACA is nothing but more government control of the individuals personal life…..In reality, it’s PURE communism….Joe Stalin couldn’t have developed a better plan for control of the USSR

    I have said Obamacare will come unraveled because you can’t force people to buy something they don’t want ….and somehow the Republicans will be blamed for this gigantic failure. .

  19. RMINNC……..I just returned to CW for a moment…….I just watched the Michelle interview thing wherein she made the “SINGLE MOM ” statement. This coming from her own mouth confirms factually that neither of the kids were fathered by Soetoro. She said “Being a single MOM is not easy.” In saying this she literally blew the marriage thing out of the water. This also tells me that the probability of Soetoro being legally married to her is about 99.9% true. If she was supporting her kids PRIOR to marrying Barry, then it is likely that he did NOT FATHER either of them.

  20. typo married=NO unmarried= YES

  21. I meant to say that it is about 99.9% likely that Soetoro is NOT legally married to Michelle. This is further supported by the fact that there is NO PUBLIC RECORD anywhere in Illinois PI DATABASES of a legally issued marriage license having been issued to Barry Soetoro,or Barrack H.Obama. Anybody ith a little time on your hands all you need to do is go to Illinois .gov, and go from there.

  22. ……….In Illinois a CERTIFIED COPY of a LEGALLY VALID bc is required to obtain a marriage license.

  23. Sort of a summation of past reports:

  24. Oldsailor81….
    That isn’t the only time she has used that phrase, “single Mom’……..I just read in the paper yesterday that 40% of all births are to unwed moms…..

    would you care to guess what percentage of that 40% are to black unwed Moms?

  25. RMinNC | January 10, 2014 at 1:11 pm |
    RM, I totally agree with your assessment of the ACA (Old Sailor’s too). It is a disaster of the first magnitude, and now I have come to believe that it was all planned that way in the first place.

    Ignoramuses wrote it but they did it the way they did so that it would ultimately fail, and by that time the majority of people who have been hurt by high premiums and loss of choice of doctors, etc., will welcome the single-payer plan (socialized medicine) which was the plan all along.

    To resist the single-payer plan which could well be in the offing (not too-distant), will take fierce opposition from people other than the low-info public. All I can say is that if we like Obamacare we will really love full government control of our health care – rationed services, doctor shortages, death panels, etc. The gub-mint will have FULL charge then, and we can take it or leave it.

  26. CW………
    If you look closely at the life preserver that the young man is wearing it is NOT INFLATED. Life preservers are NOT SELF INFLATING. If the wearer hasn’t the presence of mind to see to it that it IS inflated then the problem is the wearer, and explains why he had to tread water to stay afloat. A Mae West life preserver when worn correctly will keep most people afloat,and keep their heads from falling into the water. These life preservers are a well proven design which dates back into the late thirties. Most of the Navy pilots that we pluued from the water wore the Mae West as well.

  27. typo pluued= NO pulled = YES

  28. Cabbyaz………..
    I think you have it exactly right. Who needs annny acturial input to something that a gang of lawyers are writing which by design is SUPPOSED to FAIL. But there is just one important aspect to it all. That is IF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE GOING TO ACCEPT A SINGLE PAYER SYSTEM. I personally believe that there will be open revolt before the LIBERAL morons can get the single payer plan off the ground. The fly in the ointment is the people whose IQ is less than 30 (functioning morons) the quantity of whom is growing almost exponentially.

  29. ……….and if you think that the premiums are really high with ACA wait until you get the bill for a single payer HC policy….you will need a Brinks truck just to pay the premium each month.

  30. Posted this for oldsaior81, I’ve heard him talk about his involvement with this type of weapons.


  32. Julie T commented:

    “Interested Bystander, just curious, have you put in the same hours Mike Zullo has?”

    I have no idea “how many hours” Zullo has put in on this, but I guarantee you he has been paid handsomely for his efforts.

    Julie T continued:

    “He has put blood, sweat and tears into this and so I think it is wrong for people to judge him on his time table.”

    I will assume that this is simply you covering for Zullo, he has said at least 5 times that “things are about to blow”. Gallows is the same way, always keeping us on the edge of our seats, WAITING for this “something big” to come out.

    I can judge him all I want, he has told us NUMEROUS times that he had “something big”.

    Julie T went on:

    “Do they have info that will include arresting Biden, Boehner, etc.?”

    I seriously doubt it. Even IF the BC is accepted to be a forgery (which I believe already has been proven), NOTHING is going to be done about it. It will have to be PROVEN that Obama KNEW the BC was forged, which I doubt is going to happen.

    Julie T continued:

    “I trust people that are in that field to do things right.”

    I’m sorry, but I can NOT agree with this comment. If people in that field do the right thing, then why is Holder not releasing the documents on Benghazi or Fast and Furious?

    History shows us that when you are talking the “Government”, the right things are NOT done.

    BOTH sides are guilty of NOT doing what is right.

    Julie T also commented:

    “Like I said earlier, they only get 1 shot at this.”

    You mean IF charges are brought. Has Zullo EVER said that he was looking to prosecute ANYONE?

    I mean he may have suggested that people could be indicted, but he won’t be the one who does that, he is only INVESTIGATING the wrong doings.

    Getting someone to PROSECUTE the wrong doings is a totally different issue.

    Julie T concluded:

    “I’m sorry, it is just frustrating to hear people rip on Mike Zullo when he is working so hard and sacrificing his safety, his time and has been doing all of this just on donation money for all this time.”

    I don’t believe I am “ripping” on Zullo, I’m simply stating things the way I see them. On and on we hear “this is it”, “this is the year Obama goes down”, and on and on.

    I am someone who believes IN this Country and the way it was set up.

    It has evolved in to something totally opposite of what our Founders envisioned.

    I get very disturbed when someone “cries wolf” and then delivers NOTHING but the same old stuff.

    I believe Obama is INeligible because he was born a dual citizen.

    His birth certificate means nothing, because it has been said that Obama’s father was a British citizen at the time of his birth. I guess I should qualify this by saying I have never seen his mother on Maury, I’m making this comment out of pure research that Sr is Obama’s father, no other evidence has surfaced to the contrary other than people saying he looks like this person or that person.

    Obama is NOT, was NEVER and COULD never be a Natural Born Citizen.

    But yet here’s this “birth certificate” smoke screen.

    And please don’t take that wrong, Obama’s birth certificate has been constructed on a computer using multiple sources, no doubt about it, and crimes have been committed by people.

    BUT Obama’s eligibility has nothing to do with where he was born, or whether his birth certificate is “real” or not.

    And I would suggest to you, although not documented, I have spent THOUSANDS of hours researching and collaborating what is true and what is NOT true.

    The fact is I commend Zullo for investigating this, however dangling carrots on a stick in front of us, and then NOT coming through on feeding us those carrots, just sticks in my crawl.

    Nothing against you Julie T.

    The truth is I hope you are right, and something WILL come of this.

    My gut tells me we are being played.

    I wonder if you would feel the same if the Chicago police came out and said they knew who killed Donald Young, but said they would let us know “soon”.

    And then a month went by, and then two, three, four and they kept saying that they were about to release the evidence.

    How long would you wait before you started questioning them?

  33. “Please, look at the picture of the woman looking straight in the camera. Is it Loretta Fuddy?”

  34. RMinNC (with all due respect)

    I simply can NOT let your comments on the other thread go without comment.

    And let me start by stating that I appreciate your contributions here, it’s just that sometimes you can get a little out of control, in my opinion. I understand that this is just the way you are, but it doesn’t mean that a “back and forth” shouldn’t take place.

    RMinNC commented:

    “1) Murder was committed at the highest levels of our government and by our government right in front of millions of American’s eyes…and the REAL murders got away with it because they were in positions of power.”

    There is simply no proof of this comment. NONE what-so-ever. I’m not suggesting that you can’t believe what you want, but where’s the EVIDENCE to back up this statement?

    Speculation is all you have.

    Oswald killed Kennedy. Who ordered him to do it will never be proven.

    RMinNC gave us #2:

    “2) It matters to the 58,678 Americans soldiers who were killed after Johnson bowed to the Military-Industrial Complex wishes when it was a know fact that Kennedy was getting America out of Vietnam… matters to me that many of my friends and fellow soldiers names are on that cold black slab of marble in Washington when it was completely unnecessary. It matters to the families of those soldiers who lost their lives in a “war for money” that they will never have them in their lives and only have faded picture to remember them by…”

    Just for the record, I have an Uncle and my wife has an Uncle on that wall. I have made it a point to visit the Viet Nam War Memorial, and it was moving, no doubt about it.

    Please give us your evidence that Kennedy was going to scale back the war? He may have been contemplating it, but a firm decision was not made, at least from what I understand.

    And although I will allow you the majority of those names are from after Kennedy was killed, some of those names were qualified for that wall before he was killed.

    Whether we should have gotten in to the conflict in the first place can be debated, but once we were there, Congress would not allocate the funds to fight a winning war, at least the way I see it, and once the Congress continued to fight against Nixon, he gave up and pulled out.

    RMinNC’s #3:

    “3) It matters to our nation that a new evil form of government was introduced to the American people which has continued from that time to the present…it matters that we have lost our Republic and no one really seems to give a damn anymore.”

    The foundations of the way we are now was seeded long before Johnson took office.

    The Fed was created………..when? 1913?

    RMinNC’s #4:

    “4) It should matter to you that the Usurper we currently have in office running this country is a by-product that took lessons from Johnson and every president since on how massive corruption could be pulled over the eyes of the average American ….and make them think it’s cotton candy.”

    I think Obama learned from people NOT in the Government. I believe it has been documented he learned from Davis, liberal professors at his universities, Khalidi (I’d still like to see that video), Ayers, Wright and so on.

    I don’t believe he learned from Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush the first, Clinton, or Bush the second.

    RMinNC’s #5:

    “5) It matters to me personally because when Kennedy was killed, I was stationed 135 miles south at Fort Hood and the American army nearly went into a DefCon 4 “nuclear war posture” over falsehoods and finger pointing at the Cubans and Russians about Kennedy’s death.. If cooler heads had not prevailed against the “hotheads running the show” … America and the entire world would be a “nuclear wasteland” today…inhabited only by the insects. That should be of concern to every living human on planet earth.”

    This is a perfect example of you being out of control.

    We almost did this, or that could have happened.

    If I would win the lottery, I’d be rich also. It hasn’t happened, and doesn’t seem likely that it will happen.

    Defcon 4 and all that stuff is all good to look back and say this or that COULD have happened.

    It didn’t happen, so history is that those “bad guys” didn’t get their way.

    inhabited only by the insects……………lol

    Not making fun of you RMinNC, just trying to point out evidence of you being out of control.

    And RMinNC’s #6:

    “6) So IB, it may not matter to you anymore…but it sure does matter to me, and the phrase, “what difference does it make” if fully explained by the horrible REAL history which Lyndon Baines Johnson left as his legacy”

    Look, LBJ started many programs I don’t agree with, and the truth is we CAN learn from his legacy.

    Now go ahead and become angry that I would contribute something other than what you agree with.

    Even though I agree with you probably 65% of the time.

    There’s plenty of stuff from TODAY that we should be doing in regards to our Government.

    I would suggest that most if not ALL of those involved in Kennedy’s death are dead and gone. We could prosecute them now, but nothing would come of it.

    Don’t ever let it go, but in my view the things happening today are of much more concern to me.

    My “what difference does it make” comment was stated in jest, as evidenced by my sad attempt at humor with what I commented right after that. (that line has been used before).

    But go ahead and tell me how it is.

    I won’t comment further on the matter.

  35. Thanks for having my back William.

    OK folks,

    Time to spend the evening with my wife.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful evening.

    I know I will.

  36. Air Force Brat

    I.B. — you are correct, IMHO. He needs to put up or shut up.

    It reminds me of how date-setters keep moving the goalposts re the date the Rapture is to take place. Each time the calculated date passes without hundreds of millions of people suddenly disappearing, another one is calculated. Then another. Then another, and another, and then still another, ad infinitum.

  37. Air Force Brat

    My comment above is referring to I.B.’s 4:30 p.m. post re Zullo . . .

  38. Refresher course:

  39. In a comment elsewhere is the question “how do you call the police when they are the police”? This has been Arpaio’s problem…..tried to take damning evidence to what agency was logical…selective service….was told to go to FBI who of course is under the corrupt Holder DOJ. Why then waste evidence that perhaps has yet to be scrubbed and invite the libs to destroy it for future uselessness?

  40. Before you leave IB…….

    May I suggest that you look at the History Channel’s series entitled, “The Men Who Killed Kennedy”…..this ACCURATE and well DOCUMENTED series ran only ONCE on national television and it was pulled…never to run again… isn’t that odd?….

    As for your comment of “my being out of control”…..if stating what I believe is the truth is “out of control” to you or anyone else…I really don’t care. And I also don’t care if you agree with me or not…that’s your choice…….

    But what I stated in that blog, I stand behind…and most historians agree with the content….I suggest you also read a recent book written by a man named Roger Stone, who was a Washington insider in the Johnson, Nixon years….the title is called, The Case Against LBJ”…he pretty well lays out a case that would stand up in any court of law……and yes I have read the book.

    And as for your comment that ‘all the people involved are dead and gone and that we could prosecute them now, but what would come of it”….well for one thing, it would show the citizens that our government is not perfect and that sometimes evil men gain control…and safeguards must happen to prevent this.. otherwise our government is bound to repeat their mistakes.

    Finally, I would like to say; if you believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was the LONE killer of JFK, I have some beach front property located in Arizona for sale. . real cheap. And if you believe the Warren Commission had any value other than to produce a large volumn of paper better used as butt wipe…then that’s OK too…I do not think it had any value whatsoever in gaining the truth in Kennedy’s death….other than to mask the real truth.

    Finally, please do not confuse my statements as “being angry”….I believe what I write and write what I believe…if this is not of your liking, I make no apologies…. I do not ask anyone to agree or disagree with me…you can believe what you like….and I will do the same.

  41. Observer,
    I think everyone would be happy, if a single piece of irrefutable evidence would show up, that would put an end to this nightmare, of Constitutional proportion.

    Obama should never have not been allowed on the ballot to be elected President in the first place. The foreigner has usurped the presidency of the Uniited States, and we watch our representatives ignore the law, and the People, as if nothing has happened.

    Oath breaking representatives, in the house and senate, failing to do the hard work of defending the Constitution, as it is written.

  42. Thornton Parsons

    RMinNC, good to have you back! Missed you.

  43. Glad to be back Thornton….
    I’m my usual self…as you can see by my post …I hope you had a good Christmas and a safe and a happy New Year .

  44. January 10, 2014

    “Carl Gallups: Sheriff Joe’s ‘Universe Shattering’ Obama ID Fraud Evidence Set For March Release”

  45. Oklahoma House Passes Bill Nullifying Obamacare… Media Ignores It

  46. RMinNC: I just finished reading Killing Kennedy, 50 years and 50 lies, by Dr. Lance Moore. Incredibly well researched and very detailed. I highly recommend it. Let’s just say he doesn’t believe Oswald killed Kennedy either. I read it after reading Bill O’Reilly’s book, but while very, very interesting, Bill’s book adds little to the story. I recommend both actually.

  47. I have been wondering how long it would be before some maggot Democrat lawyer started filing law suits over the NJ traffic Jam…well it’s just happened today.This is real funny..stay with it till the end.

    Democratic Party donor Rosemarie Arnold (remember this name) boasts that she’s the “Queen of Torts” based on a history of filing suits like a $30 million dollar dog bite lawsuit. I bet she is also the “Queen of Tarts too”……

    Other attorneys don’t seem to think too highly of the Queen of Torts and her tactics.

    Which brings us back to Rosemarie Arnold and her claim on behalf of the child that he suffered a $30M injury to his ear. There are only two reasons for Ms. Arnold to do this:

    1. The Queen of Torts is actually ignorant of the law; or

    2. Rosemarie Arnold willfully elected to ignore the law (now that’s a real democrat for you), in the hunt for headlines, thereby raising ethical issues about her willfully ignoring the law.

    Neither of these scenarios is good for her, as one goes to the issue of ignorance…and the other to the issue of ethics. It’s your choice…Pick your poison.

    But Rosemarie Arnold is good at grabbing publicity. So… no sooner did the media roll out its Hillary 2016/Bridgegate campaign, than the Democratic Party’s ambulance chaser jumped into the action with a no-class class action lawsuit.

    Six people who were snarled in “Bridgegate” traffic slapped Gov. Chris Christie, his top aide, and Port Authority officials with a lawsuit Thursday. The six commuters, who are all from Bergen County, were “trapped on local roads” and were either late or missed work. I find it hard to believe that a democrat would, or could miss work, but that’s what the law suit says

    Who are these six damaged people?

    The six plaintiffs are Zachary, Joy and Eli Galicki and Elizabeth Psaltos of Fort Lee, Robert Arnold of Leona, and Kim Joscelyn of Edgewater. Joscelyn and Psaltos work for attorney Rosemarie Arnold, who filed the suit on their behalf.

    I’m going to assume that Robert Arnold is probably related to Rosemarie Arnold, since the last name is the same. The two others are her employees. So this is a class action lawsuit filed by a lawyer on behalf of her own employees because they missed work…is that legal?.

    At least Arnold has learned not to announce the amount up front, but I’m sure they won’t be satisfied with less than a trillion.Democrats always deal in trillions….nothing less.

    The Galickis appear to have some connection to the Myron Toback gold buying store.

    Fort Lee resident Joy Galicki was headed to work in the Diamond District when she hit gridlock. “She was having a severe panic attack,” Arnold said. “She was surrounded by other cars and there was no where to go. She had to get out of the car and throw up.” Personally, I think she just had too much creamer in her coffee and lost her lunch.

    If Joy Galicki is so mentally unstable that she can’t handle traffic gridlock on a commute from New York to New Jersey, she probably shouldn’t leave the house in the first place, and she is definately living in the wrong state too boot.

    Traffic is part of life in New York City. It’s not subject to litigation. None of these people were trapped in the trunk of their car with a starving wolf nipping at their buns. They were experiencing a normal part of daily life around the big city.

    It may have been worsened by political shenanigans, but if you can’t handle traffic, you shouldn’t work in New York. I’m sure Fort Lee has its own market for buying gold from people.

    And no ambulance chaser’s bio would be complete without a hot coffee chasing lawsuit.

    According to an report, Francisco Rafael Borbolla was burned in August 2011 when McDonald’s restaurant workers gave him a breakfast cup of hot coffee without properly securing the lid.

    Borbolla’s attorney, Rosemarie Arnold, (remember her?) said the coffee spilled all over Borbolla’s lap as he sat down at a table, causing him “horrendous” second-degree burns on the genitals.

    Arnold insisted on Monday that Borbolla’s lawsuit is not frivolous.

    “This is a serious case involving lack of due care on the part of McDonald’s,” she said. “If the naysayers saw the burns on my client’s genitals, they would be speechless.” Now just exactly what was her clint doing with that coffee at her genitals to begin with…the mouth is the proper port of entry for hot liquids ! Now Ms. Arnold, did you see the burns on your clients genetials, or are you just taking his word for it…fess up now !

    We’ll have to leave that question to Arnold to answer in court. There’s no mention of a settlement anywhere. But I’m sure the coffee was too hot. to put a value of less than a billion dollars on the injuries to her client’s genitals……..

    Don’t you just love these damn democrat lawyers…if I ever need or want to fake something, I plan on looking this lady up…..she’s good, very good !

  48. TINA…thanks, I intend too.

    Read Roger Stone’s book, “The Case Against LBJ”…that is a very recent book and Stone has researched it well…the case against LBJ being a part would stand up and get a conviction in any court in the US….a great read by someone who was on the inside…

  49. Well I will take my leave from this fine group of scholars for the evening..

    .I have enjoyed the posts here tonight…even the one that called me “out of control”…I got a kick out of that…..not too worry though, I have skin tough as an alligator and a mind sharp as a double edge razor….(sometimes)…haha

    Good night, God Bless, and may the good Lord keep you safe from all harm till we meet again…..or something like that….

  50. Thanks for the tip, RMinNC. That sounds very interesting. I will read it next. I think the case against LBJ is very interesting. Hard to believe and scary, but I now believe it could happen after seeing Obama rising to be President.


    Fed HSA invests to prepare and train local police to fight citizenry in DuPage County, IL. All these investments go far beyond what is needed for local police work. These measures are preparation for putting down civil unrest, and using local police accomplish it under the direction of Federal authorities.

  52. CW you need to do a headliner on this.

    The Islamization of America in 2013

  53. CW What’s up with this…….

    92 Million Americans “NOT” in Labor Force (Drudge)
    Thanks for your many Unemployment Posts and Comments.
    Scary Stuff!

  54. Moderate Establishment Republicans Are Killing The GOP… And America

    I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. I’m very clear on what’s killing America. First, it’s Barack Obama and his socialist cabal. Even worse than socialist, most of them are Marxist. Second, it’s the lying politicians of both parties. They lie to cover up their true agenda, and they lie to cover up their incompetence. Third, it’s the lying media, up to their necks in a cover-up to support Obama and his destruction of the middle class and small business. Lastly, it’s the moderate GOP establishment in Washington, D.C. They are fraternizing with the enemy. They don’t care about us. They’re all good buddies in D.C. (BFFs, “best friends forever”), in bed together with a common cause: getting re-elected, guaranteeing their own golden parachute and setting their kids up for life, all at the expense of the rest of us.

    Lies are killing America. Everyone in D.C. lies to trick us, distract us and confuse us. Pretty soon, no one even knows what the truth is anymore. The biggest lie comes from Obama, moderate Republicans and the media elite, who are all in bed together, trying to convince us that only “moderation, cooperation and compromise” can save the GOP… and America. This is one of the greatest lies ever told.

    Continue reading:

  55. hapnHal.
    The news is spreading.
    They have to report it now.

  56. Cabbyaz….good morning …..your up very early…

    Good read from Wayne Allyn Root….
    reminds me of what Dr. Gobbles said in spreading his lies and filth for Hitler…”Tell a big lie and keep telling it…soon it will be taken for the truth”……

    isn’t that exactly what’s happening today in our government ?….”telling BIG lies, and they keep telling them, thanks to their bought propaganda machine…the main stream media, which is now a part of the executive branch of this corrupt government……the media today is nothing but “paid political mouthpiece whores”…I stopped watching main stream media five years ago…..I refuse to listen to their lies and distortion to prop up this socialist/communist government (which should be in jail).

  57. RM,

    I don’t mean to make fun of you, but “Dr. Gobbles” made me laugh… and I needed a good laugh, so don’t feel embarrassed. Take care.

  58. SueQ….if I can make you laugh…then I fell I have accomplished somethong…take care SueQ….Dr. Gobbles” was quite a man…haha

    it was meant to be funny !!! and serious at the same time…

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