CGI Obamacare website contract Obamas (Barack & Michelle) crony capitalism or poor judgement, Toni McCall Townes-Whitley Senior VP CGI and Michelle Obama Princeton alumnus

CGI Obamacare website contract Obamas (Barack & Michelle) crony capitalism or poor judgement, Toni McCall Townes-Whitley Senior VP CGI and Michelle Obama Princeton alumnus

“Public records indicate that during this time, every quarter from 2010 through 2012, CGI Group itself was lobbying on “HUD housing management contracts.”
Finally, there’s also a whistleblower lawsuit from a former CGI employee — who’d been recruited from HUD after overseeing the very Section 8 contracts CGI won — alleging that he was fired after refusing to go along with fraudulent plans to work around the bidding process. CGI denies the accusations, but has so far failed to get the case thrown out.”…Washington Post October 23, 2013

“Why was Obama promoting Capri Capital and other investment firms at the same time that Rezko, Levine and Cellini were shaking them down?”…Citizen Wells

“Now, I don’t get upset when foreign and national journalists fail to mention Tony Rezko, or the Daley boys, or how the Chicago machine plans to staff the Department of Justice, and the new Department of Homeland Casinos.”…John Kass, Chicago Tribune July 30, 2008


Thanks to CDR Charles Kerchner for the heads up.

Is this another case of Barack and Michelle Obama involved in crony capitalism or just poor judgement?

Toni McCall Townes-Whitley, who was in Michelle Obama’s class at princeton, is a Senior VP at CGI.

From the Association of Black Princeton Alumni.

Toni McCall Townes-Whitley ’85
Senior Vice President, Federal Civilian Agency Programs, CGI

First Lady Michelle Obama ’85


From the CGI website.

Toni Townes-Whitley
Senior Vice-President,
Civilian Agency Programs
CGI was the lone bidder.
From The Washington Examiner October 13, 2013.

“Feds reviewed only one bid for Obamacare website design”

“Federal officials considered only one firm to design the Obamacare health insurance exchange website that has performed abysmally since its Oct. 1 debut.

Rather than open the contracting process to a competitive public solicitation with multiple bidders, officials in the Department of Health and Human Services’ Centers for Medicare and Medicaid accepted a sole bidder, CGI Federal, the U.S. subsidiary of a Canadian company with an uneven record of IT pricing and contract performance.

CMS officials are tight-lipped about why CGI was chosen or how it happened. They also refuse to say if other firms competed with CGI, or if there was ever a public solicitation for building, the backbone of Obamacare’s problem-plagued web portal.

Instead, it appears they used what amounts to a federal procurement system loophole to award the work to the Canadian firm.”

“The multiple awards were in the form of “task orders” for projects of widely varying size. Over the life of the CGI contract — which expires in 2017 — the IT firm can receive awards worth anywhere from the “$1,000 to $4 billion,” according to a contracting document provided by CGI to the Washington Examiner.

This is apparently the route chosen by CMS officials in awarding the Obamacare website design contract to CGI.

Between 2009 and 2013, CMS officials awarded 185 separate task orders to CGI totaling $678 million for work of all kinds, according to, a federal spending database.The Obamacare website design contract was for $93 million.”

“The first indication of questions of CGI performance and pricing came in February 2010 when the firm protested a $230 million CMS contract award to Computer Sciences Corp. Inc.

In a sharp rebuff to CGI in November 2010, General Accountability Office acting counsel Linda H. Gibson denied the CGI protest.

In doing so, she noted that CSC’s bid was $148 million versus CGI’s bid of $258 million. When CMS modified the terms of its proposal, CSC was still substantially lower, coming in at $223 million versus CGI’s price tag of $395 million.”

“As the Examiner previously reported, CGI in Canada also suffered embarrassment in 2011 when it failed to deliver on time for Ontario province’s flagship project a new online medical registry for diabetes patients and treatment providers.

Ontario government officials cancelled the $46.2 million contract after 14 months of delay in September 2012. Ontario officials currently refuse to pay any fees to CGI for the failed IT project.”

Read more:

Obama’s history of crony capitalism is extensive and includes another Princeton grad, John Rogers.

From Citizen Wells October 23, 2011.

“Mr. Obama also recently pointed to his work on the Illinois pension issue as a model for what he would do as president to promote minority-owned companies.”

“The goal was always “to open up doors,” said John W. Rogers Jr., the chief executive of Ariel Capital Management, one of the investment firms that received state business. “It was, as the Rev. Jesse Jackson has eloquently put it, to force other industries to have their ‘Jackie Robinson’ moment.””

“During this period, campaign finance records show, executives from Ariel, Loop and two other leading Chicago investment firms, Holland Capital Management and Capri Capital, sharply increased their donations to Mr. Obama’s State Senate campaign fund. And once he began his campaign for the United States Senate, they quickly became a fund-raising core that has carried over into the presidential race.

Mr. Rogers, who is one of three people at his company who have each bundled at least $50,000 in donations for Mr. Obama’s presidential campaign, said that his financial support for the senator had “no connection” to his company’s efforts to win state contracts, but that it reflected the broader excitement over what Mr. Obama’s success meant for blacks in America.”

“Still, things have not worked out as well for some of the investment managers. Both Ariel and Holland were given several hundred million dollars to invest.

But one of the funds dropped Ariel and two dropped Holland last year after their investment returns lagged behind those of other firms.”

“In 2002, the year after Obama made the pitch, the Illinois Teacher Retirement System reported an 18% increase in assets managed by minority-owned firms. Ariel’s share grew to $442 million by 2005.

In 2006, after the federal investigation became public, the teacher pension board severed its relationship with Ariel, concluding that Ariel’s investment returns were insufficient.”

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  1. From Observer, prior post.

    Army Warns Fort Hood Soldiers to Stay Away from Tea Party and Evangelical Groups

    Posted by Jim Hoft on Friday, October 25, 2013, 8:32 AM

    The US Army, under the direction of Barack Obama, is instructing soldiers to stay away from the Tea Party and evangelical groups who are “tearing the country apart.”
    The Washington Times reported:

    Don’t donate to the tea party or to evangelical Christian groups — that was the message soldiers at a pre-deployment briefing at Fort Hood said they received from a counter-intelligence agent who headed up the meeting.

    If you do, you could face punishment — that was the other half of the message, as reported by Fox News.

    The briefing was Oct. 17, and about a half-hour of it was devoted to discussion about how perceived radical groups — like tea party organizations and the Christian-based American Family Association — were “tearing the country apart,” one unnamed soldier said, to Fox News.

    Among the remarks the agent allegedly made: Military members who donate to these groups would be subject to discipline under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the soldier reported.

    Liberty Institute has stepped in to investigate. Michael Berry, one of the nonprofit’s attorneys, said he has been advising the soldier about his options — but that in the meanwhile, he said the American public should be on guard.

    “The American public should be outraged that the U.S. Army is teaching our troops that evangelical Christians and tea party members are enemies of America and that they can be punished for supporting or participating in those groups,” Mr. Berry said, in Fox News. “These statements about evangelicals being domestic enemies are a serious charge.”

  2. When I first read how much the Obamacare website was going to cost, the first question I asked myself is who is going to get rich over this boondoggle.
    Kaching! I suspect this is another classic example of payoff to those connected to and supported O’s campaign. This is nothing more than the so called green energy firms getting government loans, money disappearing and the firms go bankrupt. Zap, billions of dollars gone (into the pockets of bundlers) How much longer before the media starts asking the appropriate questions. Obamacare is nothing more than a bait and switch game and is a total fraud.

  3. James,
    To bad Lara Logan is not allowed to interview an American witness, thanks to threats from this administration. Even so, I’ll be watching. Thanks.

  4. Recently we were discussing Obama’s purging of US commanders. I have been hoping that SOMEONE, ANYONE at the Pentagon or the CIA to come out publicly and denounce O’s disatrous foreign and economic policies. We are becoming a broke and defenseless nation just waiting for the next

    major hit. It is a dream come true for this dictatorship that can then swoop down and pretend to come to the rescue….Classic tactics and reminiscient of the way Hitler, Castro, etc….came into power.

    Here is an intersting interview I watched yesterday.

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  6. James, et al.
    I rarely watch the CBS Evening News.
    I did so last night & was astounded at their coverage of Obamacare problems & the Brit Benghazi witness.

  7. obamacare isn’t a trainwreak it s a suicide attack .

  8. Ha, the title has a misspelling…train wreck

  9. Valerie Jarrett would likely have been the point of contact person between the people from CGI and Michelle and Barack. It would be interesting to see if Michelle’s old classmate now at CGI met with Valerie Jarrett at the White House at any time or elsewhere. It would also be interesting to know about any and all political and other contributions made by CGI to groups supporting the Progressive far-left. With 100s of millions of dollars in cost overruns in developing the non-working website over a 3+ year period, it makes one wonder if some of that money was siphoned off and directed to other uses by donations to groups who then donate to other groups who then get it some how back to Obama’s orgs. JMHO.

  10. Pingback: CGI Obamacare website contract Obamas (Barack & Michelle) crony capitalism or poor judgement, Toni McCall Townes-Whitley Senior VP CGI and Michelle Obama Princeton alumnus | CDR Kerchner (Ret)'s Blog

  11. Pingback: CGI Obamacare website contract Obama’s (Barack & Michelle) crony capitalism or poor judgment, Toni McCall Townes-Whitley Senior VP CGI and Michelle Obama Princeton alumnus | CDR Kerchner (Ret)'s Blog

  12. CDR Kerchner.
    Much to wonder about.
    Nothing would surprise me.
    I would like to see the detailed expense allocation.

  13. HonorFirst at 12:02 pm

    “Sorry for the broken posts….If I try to post anything longer than approximately 10 lines, I lose the ability to view the screen. Using the up and down arrows doesn’t help to view where I am…”
    Problems with the comment box?
    Are you using Internet Explorer?

    Firefox is my default browser, no difficulty with the comment box — Internet Explorer SOMETIMES produces what was described.

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  14. “Investment by businesses looks to be slowing down, a trend that may signal weakening confidence among business leaders about economic growth. The U.S. Department of Commerce reported Friday that new orders for core capital goods — these are capital goods that exclude defense and aircraft — declined 1.1% in September, the second drop in three months.”

  15. CW,

    CGI Obamacare website contract Obamas (Barack & Michelle) crony capitalism or poor judgement, Toni McCall Townes-Whitley Senior VP CGI and Michelle…
    Friday, October 25, 2013 7:09 ………..

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    She cracks me up sometimes.

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    BTW, yes, you will find that the old avatar is replaced across the board, including all prior posts everywhere. Are you willing to make that sacrifice?

  23. October 24, 2013

    “Mike Volin Interviews Miki Booth. Miki Discusses Upcoming Event In Washington D.C. Involvong Sheriff’s Kits.”

  24. Gordo
    I have this Java wanting me to down load it and I know nothing about it. Every time I start up my computer it pops up. I get a warning from my AVG anti-virus that has a Java on it.?? If I do not need it how do I get rid of it?
    btw….I have Mozilla Firefox and I like it.

  25. From earlier this year:
    “Security experts on Java: Fixing zero-day exploit could take ‘two years'”

    “Speaking to the news agency, chief security officer of business security company Rapid7 HD Moore estimated that it could take up to two years for Oracle to fix the flaws found in the version of Java used to browse the Internet — not taking into consideration any further exploits that are developed within this timeframe.

    It seems like something of a lost cause, as he advised:

    “The safest thing to do at this point is just assume that Java is always going to be vulnerable. Folks don’t really need Java on their desktop.”
    “Turn off your Java now – Dangerous vulnerability in latest Java version”

    “The latest Java version, Java 7 Update 10 contains a critical security vulnerability which is reportedly already being used for large scale cyberattacks. Users who have Java installed on their computers should deactivate the Java plugin in their browsers without delay.

    Because the vulnerability, thanks to the various exploit kits, requires minimum effort to exploit, it is reasonable to expect that the number of web sites hosting the exploit is likely to rise exponentially over the next few days. Simply visiting an infected web site is all that’s required to fall victim to a malware infection. The attack code may also be hosted on mainstream web sites.

    Users should therefore deactivate the Java plugin in their browsers without delay. Instructions for doing so can be found on the following web pages:” >>>>> [go to link]


    “Deactivating the Java plugin in Firefox”
    From 2012:

    “Is it time to say goodbye to Java?”

    “Unplugging versus uninstalling”

    “Disabling the Java plug-in in browsers”

    “You can disable the Java plug-in in every major Web browser without removing Java from your system.”

  26. CDR Charles Kerchner,

    Michelle Obama’s Princeton classmate is executive at company that built Obamacare website –

    First Lady Michelle Obama’s Princeton classmate is a top executive at the company that earned the contract to build the failed Obamacare website.

    Toni Townes-Whitley, Princeton class of ’85, is senior vice president at CGI Federal, which earned the no-bid contract to build the $678 million Obamacare enrollment website at CGI Federal is the U.S. arm of a Canadian company.

    Townes-Whitley and her Princeton classmate Michelle Obama are both members of the Association of Black Princeton Alumni.

    George Schindler, the president for U.S. and Canada of the Canadian-based CGI Group, CGI Federal’s parent company, became an Obama 2012 campaign donor after his company gained the Obamacare website contract.

    As reported by the Washington Examiner in early October, the Department of Health and Human Services reviewed only CGI’s bid for the Obamacare account…………

    Read more:

  27. GORDO………………


    Hubby got Java OUT!! 🙂

  28. bob68’s comment at ORYR:

    “Drudge finally links the Michelle/Princeton classmate link:”

    “Drudge should have the Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s brain link soon with CGI soon:”

    “They are apparently taking down the Facebook pages on this as fast as they are going up.”

  29. IOW, where’s the bill that was described to us? Anyone feel like a victim of a bait and switch scam?

    GOP Senator Proposes New Law: “If You Like Your Health Plan, You Can Keep It Act”

    This week Republican Senator Ron Johnson proposed a new law,
    “If you like your health plan, you can keep it act.”
    The Weekly Standard reported:

    Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin will propose a new law next week called: “If You Like Your Health Plan, You Can Keep It Act.”

    “One of the most important promises made by President Obama and Democrat congressional leadership to promote the Affordable Care Act was that Americans who were satisfied with their health plans could keep them. That promise has been broken. More than a million Americans have been notified that the plans they like with the coverage they have chosen have been canceled. Millions more Americans will have the plans of their choice canceled in months to come,” says Senator Johnson in a statement.

    “Americans want the freedom to choose their own plans and want to be in control of their own health care. They don’t want Obamacare destroying what they have and what they like. They don’t want their personal choices regarding their health plans and their families’ health plans canceled by Obamacare.

    “The ‘If You Like Your Health Plan, You Can Keep It Act’ will amend the law to make Obamacare live up to the promises of the politicians who sold the plan to the American public. I will file the bill in the coming week and hope to garner support from fellow Senators of both parties who truly want to make sure President Obama honors his promise that every American has the freedom to keep his or her own health care plan.”

    “This ought to be great to see how many Socialist Democrats vote against it.”

  30. The death panels are already working …. even before impossible sign up system is even looking like it will work:

    Elderly patients sick over losing doctors under ObamaCare

    ObamaCare is making seniors sick.

    Elderly New Yorkers are in a panic after getting notices that insurance companies are booting their doctors from the Medicare Advantage program as a result of the shifting medical landscape under ObamaCare.

    That leaves patients with unenviable choices: keep the same insurance plan and find another doctor, pay out of pocket or look for another plan where their physician is a member.

    New York State Medical Society President Sam Unterricht is demanding a congressional probe after learning that one health carrier alone, UnitedHealthcare, is terminating contracts with up to 2,100 doctors serving 8,000 Medicare Advantage patients in the New York metro region.

    The are 2.6 million elderly New Yorkers who receive Medicare, the public heath-insurance program for the elderly.

    But one in three patients — nearly 900,000 — are enrolled in Advantage, Medicare HMOs run by private insurers.

    Dr. Jonathan Leibowitz, who serves 30 patients under Medicare Advantage at his Brooklyn practice, said he was blindsided by UnitedHealthcare’s decision to give him the boot.

    “A patient can’t see his doctor? What are they doing!” he asked.

    UnitedHealthcare told Leibowitz that because of “significant changes and pressures in the health-care environment,” he’d be getting the ax on Jan. 1.

    Leibowitz’s patients are furious. Alfred Gargiulio, who has cerebral palsy with a seizure disorder, has been seeing Leibowitz since 1993. “Obama had said I could keep my doctor. Now they’re doing away with my doctor. They kicked him out! After 20 years, that’s not right. We love Dr. Leibowitz,” said Gargiulio.

    Another patient, Wilma Streicher, 76, was equally baffled. “Of course I want to keep Dr. Leibowitz. I don’t see why they want to push him out,” she said.

    Patients of other doctors faced the same dire situation. Lung-cancer patient Jeannette Campregon, 79, received a letter from EmblemHealth saying that her internist, George Ruggiero, was terminated from her VIP High Option Medicare Advantage network.

    Emblem notified her she could stay in her current plan and choose another doctor, pick a different plan to keep her doctor or call a customer-service rep for help.

    “I’m going absolutely nuts,” said Campregon, who got conflicting information from three different service reps. “I don’t want to change my doctor!”

    Dr. Ruggiero said, “The people who lose out are the patients.”

    Federal funding to Medicare Advantage is being pared back by billions of dollars in coming years under the national Affordable Care Act. Obama said spending on the program was higher than regular Medicare and unsustainable.

    UnitedHealthcare, in a statement, defended the doctor-roster cuts.

    “The changes we are making will encourage higher-quality health-care coverage and help keep that coverage affordable for [patients],” said UHC spokeswoman Maria Gordon-Shydlo.


  31. CW and cfKerchner,

    Check out top headline on Drudge this AM. You did make a difference.


  32. Now at ORYR:

    October 26, 2013

    “Mike Volin Interviews Miki Booth. Miki Discusses Upcoming Event In Washington D.C. Involvong Sheriff’s Kits.”

    [full audio at ORYR]

    “Bonus: CDR Charles Kerchner Explains History Of Obama ID Fraud”

  33. Good morning CW et. al,


    PERFECT!!!!!! I love it.
    There are several reasons I suggested it for you. When I have some time, I’ll explain. I have so much to do today.

    I have a Halloween party to attend tonight. (Ugh).. You know how to know when you’re getting Old? When your wife suggests that you go to the party dressed as “Father Time”! Thanks honey….

  34. Thanks Pete.
    Citizen journalism, a group effort, can make a difference.

    “History has taught you nothing if you think you can kill ideas. Tyrants have tried to do that before, and the ideas have risen up in their might and destroyed them. You can burn my books and the books of the best minds in Europe, but the ideas in them have seeped through a million channels and will continue to quicken other minds.”…Helen Keller

  35. Thanks CDR Kerchner, et al.

  36. Good morning William, et al.

  37. “Toni Townes-Whitley is senior vice president at CGI Federal, the company that earned the “no-bid” contract to build the $678 million Obamacare website. She is also reportedly a former Princeton classmate of First Lady Michelle Obama, a curious connection first noted by the Daily Caller.”

    “first noted by the Daily Caller.”????


  38. Comment placed just after article posted.

    citizenwells | October 25, 2013 at 10:12 am |

  39. October 26, 2013

    M. Catharine Evans and Ann Kane:

    “Toward Single-Payer: We’re Almost There”

    “”A few days ago, Fox News’s Chris Stirewalt suggested that the bumbling IT rollout could lead to a break in the relationship between insurance carriers and Obama.

    “While Hill Democrats might be placated with promises of urgent action to fix the fouled Web site and sign-up system, the insurance chiefs are likely to be less understanding If ObamaCare doesn’t deliver the millions of desirable customers the president has promised, widespread rate shocks even higher than those already reported could cause more insurers to dump customers and get out of the business altogether.”

    What Stirewalt and others don’t get or don’t want to believe is that putting the private insurance industry out of business was all part of the plan. The president’s 2003 utopian agenda of a single-payer system cannot happen as long as they exist.””
    ““ObamaCare is a Trojan Horse for Socialized Medicine””

  40. Ginger, thanks for the Forbes article, but somehow I don’t take much comfort in these pending court cases. If any do reach SCOTUS, what is the likelihood that Chief Justice Roberts will act in any way that would chip away at his former decision?

    Also, by the time the Supremes get any of these cases O’care’s destruction and entrenchment will be so firmly in place as to be irreversible, at least, by a court decision.

  41. “CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret) Explains History Of Obama ID Fraud”

  42. “This is reportedly how CGI gained the $93 million Obamacare contract.
    The discovery of Michelle Obama’s relationship with a top executive at CGI Federal has sparked a social media storm, with Twitter punters accusing the Obama administration of cronyism.
    Dan Carpenter ‏wrote: ‘Isn’t this cozy?????”Toni Townes-Whitley, Princeton class of ’85, is senior vice president at CGI.’
    Citizenwells ‏wrote: ‘CGI Obamacare website contract Obamas (Barack & Michelle) crony capitalism or poor judgement.'”

    Read more:

  43. Story getting even more legs and those legs are following the correct path, imo, … to Valerie Jarrett. She is the facilitator between Michelle and Barack and the CGI key executives: All roads lead to Valerie Jarrett: The White House logs should be checked to see if Michelle’s 1985 Princeton classmate and now a top key executive for CGI visited the White House and met with Valerie Jarrett and/or Michelle Obama. And per the Blaze article after CGI gets a big no-bid contract and then subsequently makes contributions to Obama’s campaign orgs and to the 2012 re-election campaign. The fish rots from the head down and the head of our government now is really Valerie Jarrett and Michelle Obama, not ID fraud Barack.

  44. CDR Kerchner.
    “All roads lead to Valerie Jarrett”

  45. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    CW – Glad to see your name mentioned in the Daily Mail. This story fits in with my “A Little Allegory”


    In the 1957 movie “A Night To Remember” about the sinking of the Titantic, there is a scene with the Captain and the ship’s builder. They decide that since the first 5 water-tight compartment have been breached, the ship was doomed and we all know what happened. Many years later after the wreck had been found there was much speculation about what could have been done. It was determined nothing could have been done except that they could have slowed down the sinking, thus giving more time for more rescue ships to arrive. This could be done by opening the remainder compartments thereby allowing the ship to sink in a more level and slower way, giving more time to rescue more survivors. I think our Government has decided that our country is like the Titantic and they are going to spend all they can before we sink and like “rats on a sinking ship” they will grab all they can for themselves. Have a good day.

    PS – Sean Connery had a minor roll as a crewman handing out life preservers.

  46. Remember the CW article from some time ago where I stated that Obama would do to the country what he did to the state of IL, i.e, pensions & healthcare?
    When Reviewing Jarretts past ties I found more connections.

  47. More Bad News For Barry: “Glitches” Also Hitting Obamacare Phone And Paper Applications….

    Trying to sign up for Obamacare the old-fashioned way — paper, pen or telephone?

    With the supposedly state-of-the-art $600 million portal malfunctioning, President Barack Obama is urging Americans to go ahead and try to get health coverage by mailing in a paper application, calling the helpline or seeking help from one of the trained “assisters.”

    But the truth is those applications — on paper or by phone — have to get entered into the same lousy website that is causing the problems in the first place. And the people processing the paper and calls don’t have any cyber secret passage to duck around that. They too have to deal with all the frustrations of — full-time.

    “I feel like we’re sort of back in the era of control-alt-delete where we’re trying to figure out the different tricks that facilitate people’s enrollment,” said Jennifer Ng’andu, director of health policy for the National Council of La Raza, a Hispanic advocacy group that has been helping to publicize the Affordable Care Act.

    Keep reading…

  48. Looks, like I am really hitting the nerve. It has been 9 hours and Google-YouTube are still blocking my latest video in “processing”

    Posted on | October 26, 2013
    How do you get rid of a lemon? is there a kickback in 700 mil Obamacare web site?
    I recorded the latest edition of Taitz report at 4 am, it is being blocked by Google-YouTube for 9 hours.
    In my latest report I argued that 700 million contract for Obamacare website made by
    Sibelius with CGI has to be rescinded and the U.S. taX PAYERS REFUNDED 700 million. This web site is a lemon and should be treated as any other lemon. Further, I argued that Sibelius appears to be in on it, she will not retrieve the money, the law suit should be filed by the U.S. House of Representatives or House Judiciary Committee. Not only CGI should be listed as a defendant, but also Kathleen Sibelius.
    Sibelieus is an employee of the U.S. Government, her contract as any other contract, presumes good faith. Her actions in granting a no bid contract for 700 million, while other companies state that they could perform the same work for 1-10 million, is evidence of bad faith. Further, I found out that Provincial government in Ontario, Canada, did exactly what I am stating that should be done: they rescinded their contract with CGI and refused to pay CGI 46 million contract fee. So the facts on the ground show that I am 100% correct.
    Further, there is a history of suspected kickbacks. As a State Senator in IL Obama arranged for his personal friend Robert Blackwell to get $320,000 grants from the government of IL for some stupid ping -pong tournaments and Obama got $115 in “legal fees”, even though there were no law suits to handle.
    Further, as a U.S. Senator from IL, Obama arranged a 1 million a year grant for Chicago University hospital and got back about a third of this grant in a suspected kick back in the form of a board position for Michelle, even though Michelle is totally clueless about medicine and her attendance on the board was as necessary as my space travel. After Obama became the U.S. president and Michelle left her board position and $340,000 salary, Michelle’s “very important position was not filled with anyone. former governor of IL, Rod Blagoevich, who tried to sell Obama’s senate seat was openly demanding a board position for his wife, same deal Michelle got. You have to give it to Chicago, no other city or state comes close to their excellence in the area of “pay to play” games.
    Further, as a President of Annenberg challenge Obama received $320 million for the challenge, according to Santa Barbara Ca professor Steven Diamond he received as much as 500 million due to stock swaps. After 6 years Annenberg challenge, which was supposed to improve Chicago student academic performance, got zero results. The students performed as poorly in Annenberg schools as they did in other schools in the area. The question remained, where did the $500 million go?
    There were criminal prosecutions before, where charities were set as a front for money laundering, where the charities gave money back to the “donors” minus the cut for the charity, which could be 7-10%. Considering that the foundations got a charitable IRS deduction and were exempt from paying a third in federal taxes, it could mean as much as $170 million in profit(or tax avoidance). There is a need to investigate CGI Obamacare 700 million web site contract, Annenberg challenge, as well as some 30 different Social Security numbers discovered by Investigator Neil Sankey. The reason it is important, as financial transactions and bank accounts are connected to Social Security numbers and federal ID numbers. Oversight committee of the U.S. Congress has to investigate all disbursements of CGI and Annenberg Challenge and cross reference to the 30 Social Security numbers connected in National legal databases to Barack and Michelle Obama, as well as Dunham and Robinson family members.
    Further the website was made extremely sloppy. I am not a computer expert, but talking to computer experts I found out that the source code was not cleaned up, the code is still there and even the names of the engineers who wrote the code are still there. The only other instance where things were so sloppy, is the instance of creation of Obama’s IDs, where one could see multiple layers, the stamp of the registrar on one layer, date stamp on another layer, multiple fonts and sizes of letters, backdating, halo effect..So the question that should be answered, whether it was a kickback or payoff for prior work???
    It seems this report on Taitz TV Report really hit the nerve, as the video is being blocked for 10 hours now. I tried to upload it on the Internet twice and it is still blocked.
    Please, make this info go viral, forward it to the members of the U.S. military, particularly reported 195 officers that were fired during Obama regime, as well as international community and heads of state, particularly ones that are being spied on by the Obama unlawful usurpatorial regime.

  49. More connections between Valerie Jarrett & CGI who got no-bid contract to develop ObamaCare website:

  50. SNL opening bit with ersatz Sebellius completely trashed Ridicule is the way to go according to Saul Alinsky.

  51. Commander Kerchner……..
    While I am no financial genius, I don’t need a Phd, to comprehend what is really going on regarding the alleged HCA. The CGI bastards are being handed money without any constraints whatsoever, and these FRIENDS of Soetoro,and Robinson are MILKING the taxpayers. Yet the DO GOODERS all think Soetoro is the Messiah.Harhar! It will turn into a cat of a very different color when the UNDEREDUCATED people or the BLACK COMMUNITY who think they should have a FREE living supplied to them by the US government.

  52. ……….at the expense of our hard working middleclass. American business,particularly small business is either in the process of DYING,or in the process of moving to another country. If you don’t think that is true,then I suggest you talk to Apple. They have it right. A very large portion of their income is from foreign countries. Therefore they do NOT HAVE to PAY any US taxes on their incomr. They have also taken much of their manufacturing overseas as well. By the time Soetoro is out of office there is a strong possibility that the US will be bankrupt.

  53. OFF TOPIC but IMPORTANT………….
    Anyone who is currently using Comcast as their IP need to learn that the email SMTP port 25 is being blocked by Comcast. They have done this allegedly because there is huge volumes of spam being transmitted through that portal. They never worried about it in the past,so it becomes an easy read. The real,and hidden reason the blocking of outgoing residential email is happening is the result of Soetoro’s buddies at the various IPs Again you do not need a Phd to see through it. If you can shut down residential EMAIL through the SMTP (port 25) you can control all the email moving through it……and therefore Soetoro will hsve grabbed America by the gonads.

  54. …….this also means that he will be able to control the internet in general. A hell of a lot of embarrassing information is being passed along over the internet,and it is very clear that Soetoro wants to control it all.

  55. “More legal trouble for Affordable Care Act”

    “If computer glitches are not enough of a problem, President Obama’s healthcare law also has a legal glitch that critics say could cause it to unravel in more than half the nation.

    The Affordable Care Act proposes to make health insurance affordable to millions of low-income Americans by offering them tax credits to help cover the cost. To receive the credit, the law twice says they must buy insurance “through an exchange established by the state.”

    But 36 states have decided against opening exchanges for now. Although the law permits the federal government to open exchanges instead, it does not say tax credits may be given to those who buy insurance through a federally run exchange.”

    “But critics of the law have seized on the glitch. They have filed four lawsuits that urge judges to rule the Obama administration must abide by the strict wording of the law, even if doing so dismantles it in nearly two-thirds of the states. And the Obama administration has no hope of repairing the glitch by legislation as long as the Republicans control the House.

    This week, U.S. District Judge Paul Friedman in Washington, a President Clinton appointee, refused the administration’s request to dismiss the suit. Instead, he said the challengers had put forward a substantial claim, and he promised to issue a written ruling.”

  56. South Carolina, waits. Dec. 14, is the cut off date. Hopefully, Gov. Nikki Haley will do what should have been done at the Supreme Courts tampering.

  57. The following relationship chart reveals Princeton ties, communist ties & Chicago corruption ties.

  58. Good morning CW et. al,

    I have yet to witness any media coverage on even the most absurd and obvious connections between the WH and the CGI connections with the no-bid process.

    They are not that stupid, they simply refuse in my opinion to report on simple facts.

  59. Compare this to the News media reporting and heavy investigations into then V.P. Dick Cheney and his wife, whereby their “Past” positions with Haliburton were under heavy scrutiny.

  60. Good morning William, et al.

  61. William, aside from the US media, the story has gone somewhat viral.

  62. CW,

    I agree, and to that point, perhaps the MSM will have no choice but to fully investigate as well as congress.

    On another note, 2 gripes I have from Fox news this morning. Again, they report on a “Homicide Bomber”. I am so tired of hearing that politically correct term to describe terrorists.

    Secondly, they report that President feedback from the public has gone so far as they [citizens] suggest he “May” appear Disingenuous and Dishonest pertaining to Obamacare! Why can’t that brave themselves to call it a lie? They damn sure did that with Bush, and used those exact words! He lied, and is a liar! Say it…

  63. CitizenWells,
    New information from UN report links Muslim Brotherhood to Al Queda affiliates in terrror attack Benghazi CIA compound and ambassador.

    I don’t need to remind you that Senator Obama campaigned for his brother, who is Muslim brotherhood, or has financially supported the Muslim Brotherhood.

    So……….the POTUS supports Muslim terrorist groups and do does this administration. Pretty deep rabbitt hole. Hopefully the end will take Obama, Back to his family’s home town of Leavenworth Kansas.


  64. CBS 60 Minutes interview by a western eyewitness (not American….sadly) of the Benghazi attack at 7:00 PM ET.

  65. Meant to say “OF a western eyewitness”. Sorry

    Lara Logan is the interviewer…… the one that was raped during the “Arab Spring”.

  66. It seems so obvious how horrible Barry is as POTUS, and yet the idiots in the media and Dems keep sticking up for him. The Dems are ahead in the polls for the Virginia Governor’s race because they have been very dirty. The GOP has to find an effective way to fight back in elections. Being Mr. Nice RINO did not work in the last election, and Sheriff Joe doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere either. We need a better, more hard hitting strategy. Just my two cents.

  67. John in Illinois

    Woodward: “Secret” Government Under Obama Administration Needs To Be Reviewed
    Could the media finally be turning???? After all, he did finally put Nixon to an end

  68. Under Seal: Document Expert Identifies Obama BC Forger; Media Complicit

    Under Seal: Document Expert Identifies Obama Birth
    Certificate Forger; Says Media Executives Involved


    Notice of Commission of (i) a Felony Cognizable by a Court of the United States as required by 18 U.S.C. 4 – Misprision of Felony and (ii) Treason against the United States as required by 18 U.S.C. 2382 – Misprision of Treason and Motion to Seal Document

    COMES NOW Douglas Vogt: (i) pursuant to the obligations placed upon him by 18 U.S.C. 4 and 2382, upon both his Public and Sealed Affidavits attached hereto, and gives the requisite notice of the commission of felonies and/or treason by the following described persons cognizable by a Court of the United States and (ii) pursuant to Local Rule 5(g), moves the Court for an order sealing his attached envelope containing his Sealed Affidavit marked with the case caption and the phrase “FILED UNDER SEAL”, and states as follows:

    I. Misprision of Felony

    In sum, the attached Publicly Affidavit of Douglas Vogt demonstrates that forensic evidence establishes beyond a reasonable doubt that the two Certificates of Live Birth (“hereinafter COLBs) which Barack Hussein Obama, II has publicly released to establish his Constitutional-eligibility to be President of these United States are indisputable forgeries.

    Moreover, upon the accompanying Sealed Affidavit of Douglas Vogt, the identity of the person who actually forged the COLBs and of the identities of those who assisted in the perpetuation of the most significant fraud upon the People of the United States, is clearly detailed and warrants the immediate referral of this matter to a specially-impaneled federal grand jury assisted by an independent in-every-sense-of-the-word prosecutor to investigate the allegations as only a Federal Grand Jury can. […]

    III. Persons Involved

    Upon the Public and Sealed Affidavits, it appears the following persons are involved in perpetrating the forgeries of Obama’s COLBs:

    Barack Hussein Obama, former WH Counsel Robert Bauer, WH Director of Communications Daniel Pfeiffer, Private Counsel Judith Corley, former Hawaii DOH Director Dr. Chiyome Fukino, Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie, Hawaii DOH Director Loretta Fuddy, John Doe #1 in the Hawaii DOH’s Registrar Office, NBC News’ Savannah Guthrie, John Doe #2 #3 #4 are top executives at General Electric, National Broadcasting Company, and the Executive Producer of the Today Show who arranged for Savannah Guthrie to “see” the Obama COLB and have her certify that a nonexistent Health Department Seal was on it. John Does #5 and NBC Executive who arranged Savannah Guthrie’s promotion to the Today Show nine days after the April 27, 2011 White House News Conference. […]

    V. Motion to Seal

    Attached hereto in a sealed envelope marked with the case caption and the phrase “FILED UNDER SEAL” is my signed affidavit which identifies the forger of the long form birth certificate of Barack Hussein Obama II (and that person’s connection to Mr. Obama). If this person’s identity is made public prior to an investigation by a grand jury and/or executing of search warrants to secure easily destroyed computer evidence, proof beyond a reasonable doubt of the forger’s complicity in perpetrating the worst fraud on the electorate of these United States may well be lost. The other reason is that the main principles in this forgery case may have this person murdered as well as the spouse. The reason I conclude this is because the main principles throughout this crime have used plausible deniability to shield themselves from culpability. Discovering who the forger actually is eliminates plausible deniability.

    WHEREFORE, Douglas Vogt respectfully request an Order sealing the attached envelope. Alternatively, pursuant LCR 5(g)(6), if this motion to seal is denied, Douglas Vogt request that the court withdraw the sealed document from the record rather than unseal it.

    VI. Request to Present Evidence to Grand Jury

    Pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 3332(a), Douglas Vogt requests that the court bring “to the attention of the grand jury” the evidence of criminal behavior sworn to herein. I had already notified the FBI in Hawaii and the FBI Director in Washington D.C. three times with some of the earlier evidence I developed but with no action or response from them. I also notified the U.S. Attorney in Hawaii but again with no action or response from them. Both the FBI and the Justice Department is controlled by the Executive branch of government they have been prevented from performing an investigation. For these reasons I respectfully request the court to submit our evidence to a Grand Jury and assign a Special Prosecutor to properly investigate the evidence I have developed.
    […] Continued in Full Notice embedded below or here. Hat tip to the admitted troll Bill Bryan.

    Background reports on Douglas Vogt here:

    Doug Vogt Identitfies Obama Birth Certificate Forger – Misprision of Felony Notice – 10/18/2013 by ObamaRelease YourRecords

  69. Bob and James,
    Under Seal: Document Expert Identifies Obama BC Forger; Media Complicit
    Benghazi: 60 Minutes Video – – –

    The heat is on so NOW the Obama’s decide to go to church giving the impression they are Christians. We are all aware of the hypocrisy………….

    President Obama and his family attended Sunday services at St. John’s Episcopal Church, which is across Lafayette Park from the White House.

    It is a day for reflection, not politics.

    When a pool reporter asked if the Obamacare website can be fixed by the end of November, Obama responded: “C’mon guys. I’m going to church.”

    During the service, seminarian Sarah Taylor offered prayers “for Barack, our president, the leaders of Congress, the Supreme Court, and all who are in authority, for Afghanistan, and the Middle East, for this community, the nation and the world.”

    After church, in the afternoon, Obama took a motorcade to Fort Belvoir, Va., for a round of golf.

  70. Pingback: Serco top Obamacare contract recipient being investigated by British government, Chief executive quits, Number 2 Obamacare recipient CGI embroiled in controversy and possible crony capitalism | Citizen WElls

  71. Pingback: Obama crony capitalism fails again, White House replaces CGI, Obamacare website contractor, Toni McCall Townes-Whitley Senior VP CGI and Michelle Obama Princeton alumnus | Citizen WElls

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