Truckers for the Constitution demands include Obama forged documents, Legal investigation proves Obama documents forgeries, Department of Homeland Security violates Constitution and War Powers Act

Truckers for the Constitution demands include Obama forged documents, Legal investigation proves Obama documents forgeries, Department of Homeland Security violates Constitution and War Powers Act

“Why has Obama, since taking the White House, used Justice Department Attorneys, at taxpayer expense,  to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells

“Khalid Al-Mansour was “raising money” for Obama.”
“Khalid Al-Mansour was trying to help Obama get into Harvard Law School.”…Percy Sutton

“Barack Obama, show me the college loans.”…Citizen Wells



From The Blaze October 11, 2013.


““Truckers for the Constitution” organizer Zeeda Andrews on Friday circulated a list of demands that will supposedly be delivered to Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert.

Among them are suggestions that “Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama,” is a fake president because “his documents” are “forgeries.”

From the document:

From 2003 to 2008, several members of Congress introduced legislation, attempting to change Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the Constitution on eight separate occasions to make it possible for Barack Obama to meet the eligibility requirements for the office of president. Of which, a legal investigation has proven that his documents provided are forgeries, which is a felony offense.

The document goes on to state that the president, “with the help of corrupt politicians, and individuals in authoritative positions” is trying to destroy constitutional rights.

“Today, we again face another day in which we must declare our freedom, from yet another tyrannical, abusive form of government,” it reads. ”We are here, to send a resounding affirmation. We are here, to breathe life back into our Constitution. We are here, to declare our independence.”

“… a legal investigation has proven that his documents provided are forgeries…”
The document also includes criticisms of National Defense Authorization Act, the Affordable Care Act, the Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration. It also accuses the White House of violating the War Powers Act.

Here’s what it has to say about the Department of Homeland Security:

The Department of Homeland Security is a non-military security force, which is violating the Constitution by using tax money to build a standing army, on American soil, training to engage with the American People.

And here’s what it has to say about the War Powers Act:”

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  1. CW,

    Were they able to deliver their demands to Gohmert yesterday, or did he skip town?

  2. Whoever in Congress embraces these very important and reasonable demands and charges from the truckers will immediately have a target on their back from the likes of Karl Rove and the Republican establishment. It is outrageous that these people have the hutzpah to continue in their delusions, not understanding none would be where they are if not for those dreaded Teapartiers.

    Psalms 55:12-14
    For it is not an enemy who reproaches me, Then I could bear it; Nor is it one who hates me who has exalted himself against me, Then I could hide myself from him. But it is you, a man my equal, My companion and my familiar friend; We who had sweet fellowship together….

  3. I’ve had it with Repubs.

  4. SueQ Whats the difference? They’re all the same.

  5. Obama Rejects: GOP Surrender Does Not Go Far Enough

    Here is a good comment from the above site. It expresses my thoughts so well.
    Heatseeker 2011

    We need a Speaker whose first thought, when he wakes up in the morning, is “What can I do today to defeat the Left?”
    Instead, Boehner’s first thought is, “What can I do today to get along with Obama?”

    Two points:
    1) Every hour not spent crushing the Left is an hour wasted.

    2) A man who fights will defeat a man who does not fight with predictable regularity.

    We need a Speaker who fights, not a Speaker who congratulates himself on his impeccable manners while shamelessly caving.

  6. Where are all the BIKER BADA$$ES? It would appear that they are only BADASSES when it is SAFE for them,and their female companions are close by. A very large percentage of them couldn’t knock their way out of a WET PAPER BAG. Most have a BEER GUT,are out of shape,and over
    50….WORST CASE OF ALL! At least the truckers work for a living. They don’t HAVE to go around tyring to impress their girlfriends,because their girlfriends are most often their wives who sometimes ride along with the truckers.

  7. ……in addition there are a HELL of a lot more truckers in America than BIKERS. When push comes to shove, it may very well be the truckers who endup doing the SHOVING.

  8. …….my faith lies largely with the TRUCKERS, because they have a HELL of a lot more to lose than the bikers. A very large percentage of the truckers either own their rigs outright,or are in some form of LEASE arrangements,which means that they HAVE TO WORK to earn a living,and pay the bills. Many even own MULTIPLE RIGS,which they lease to other drivers.

  9. …..and many of the truckers are VETS…… you know one of the primary reasons why I cast my lot with them.

  10. CabbyAZ…..
    In the totality of my adult life I can remember ONLY one prior POTUS who behaved like Soetoro. Yep you guessed it GOOBER himself. Between his STUPIDITY,and his brother’s total lack of brains they managed to show the world just how damn stupid two people from Georgia could be. I read where he had been a WW2 submarine skipper. HAR HAR It must have been a PHONEY BOAT built to train submariners,in the submarine nomenclature, and permanently fastened to the ground upon which it set. I have a really tough time imagining him as the skipper of a boat,and in a combat situation against an enemy.

  11. ………he thinks slow,talks even slower, and my guess is would never be able to react quickly enough to even be a threat to an enemy sub. A sub skipper MUST react instantaneously,and be right EVERYTIME in his judgement of the situation……after all the enemy knows he is ALREADY SUNK,and it is only a matter of making it PERMANENT.

  12. BTW……..As of 4 years ago my step son retired from 20 years in the SILENT SERVICE.(Submarines). He sailed on both FAST TACS,and BOOMERS. He done well and I admire his accomplishment greatly. He now works at ELECTRIC BOAT COMPANY in Groton Conn, helping to build MORE,and even better subs.

  13. bye bye Have a great day everybody,………Godbless!

  14. John in Illinois

    Just saw where the EBT system is “down” hmmmmmm

  15. John,

    In your state only, or all over? A glitch?

  16. John in Illinois

    I saw it on drudgereport

  17. John in Illinois

    Live coverage of Trucker shutdown and Vets this weekend with at Guerella Media here, mostly with vets and truckers live

  18. John in Illinois

    oldsailor81 would love this broadcast

  19. OK, thanks John,

    I found the article and it is nation wide and it is a glitch. I don’t depend on food stamps, but judging by how many do, I would think that a semi-permanant shutdown would have horrific effects on the whole country.

    They say it’s due to a computer upgrade.

  20. A “semi-permanent shutdown” must have sounded pretty lame. Sorry. a semi shutdown is what I should have said.

  21. People ignore barrycades at Lincoln Memorial

  22. Drove up to DC today to see relatives. Was disappointed that there were not any truckers at all on the Beltway at 2pm today when we were there. I think many stayed away.

  23. The food stamp debit card failure was here in Maryland. My husband and I were picking up vitamins and coffee. The loudspeaker repeatedly told shoppers to tell their cashier how they were paying if the order was over $50.. When we came to the register I showed her my bank card but told her I could write a check. She just waved like no problem, it will work. After reading the link on Drudge I see they can enter up to $50. manually if they are using food stamps. I wonder how long it will take to correct the system. Is it truly xerox or a strategy to induce anger?

  24. A mom of three boys in Richnond VA received a note from her son’s school saying not to send anymore bagged lunches to school unless he has a doctor’s note explaining a food allergy. Her son hates Moochelle’s food and always comes home hungry. How far will we allow them to push us?

    BTW, the EBT system failure, is being blamed on the evil republicans because they shut down the government-NOT! I suspect this was done on purpose for two reasons. (1) To gauge reactions, (some on Twitter were calling for riots). And (2) that republicans would be blamed so nobody would dare vote for them in the future. This pretty minor inconvenience will stick in the minds of the low information voters… believe me.

  25. What galls me is that some who are inconvenienced for a short while, call for drastic actions, yet those of us who recognize our liberty is evaporating sit back like spectators. I include myself in this group (sadly). I know I have a tipping point. Just not sure what or where it is yet, or even how I would express it. All I know is I’ve never witnessed anything like this.

  26. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    James | October 12, 2013 at 2:48 pm |
    “Hit Man for the Clinton’s tells All”

    Back in the 90’s I sent away for the “Clinton Chronicles” video from Jerry Falwell’s Ministries. It started me on my crusade against corrupt government.
    At the 4 minute marker Larry Nichols comes on. This video will scare the pants off you.
    PS – As you can see I haven’t been too successful as the corruption of government is now bigger than ever before!

  27. John in Illinois………
    Thank you ever so much for providing the link regarding the trucker parade. I saw one allegedly live shot of an area which I assume was 495. There was a pretty good string of rigs but I have no way of knowing just how many of them actually got off the interstate and crowded the streets of DC. I would pray that it was 100,000, but that number is probably far more than actually showed up. I won’t go so far as to blame them…..after all they have a living to earn.

  28. I know inside of me that very soon ALL Americans are going to be FORCED to LAY IT ALL on the line…..even people who HAD jobs. Your day will be offerred, and if you squander it, or fail to use it, we will ALL be the losers.

  29. …………but at least SOME showed up! I am feeling a bit of a letdown,because it is going to take MASSIVE force to FIX repair what has been done to America by the SLIMEY BASTARDS at the WHACKY HOUSE.

  30. ……..The A–holes from Arkansas, raped Arkansas,Whitewater investors,and then the people of America. Anybody who is so damn dumb that thinks they were great people had better take a long look at their history………there is a HELL of a lot more that has NEVER been told. Just like what Mr. Nichols had to say. They rank with the SICKEST,and SLIMIEST BASTARDS ON EARTH.

  31. bye bye have a great Sunday,everybody…..get outside,,,,,,do something constructive… will feel great afterward. Godbless!

  32. This will cheer your soul. Good pictures, too.

    ‘Obama, you can’t call on the SEALs because the SEALs are already there’


  33. Tavis Smiley: ‘Black People Will Have Lost Ground In Every Single Economic Indicator’ Under Obama


  34. The Most Despicable President In The Nation’s History Is Barack Hussein


  35. At least its worth a laugh at this most despicable you know O.

  36. “Photo of the Day” !!!!! Question is, “Will this man have to do this, again”, God, Bless our veterans, one nation,”the free and the brave”.

  37. Thanks for posting that James.

  38. CW, please do an article on this phony debt ceiling limit. My understanding is that we have more than enough money coming in monthly to service the interest on the debt…. even with no rise in the debt ceiling.

    If that is the case, then not paying would be Obama’s choice, and nobody else’s. Whatever the fallout would be, it would be his responsibility.

  39. Hi SueQ,

    At the apt. for quick lunch, but you are absolutely correct hun pertaining to the debt ceiling. The federal government takes in more revenue monthly than what it costs to expense out to keep the government payment obligations paid, if it paid on the interest and satisfied our debt. Mostly to China.

    By the way, that was me that left you a message this weekend.. 🙂

  40. By the way,

    Watching the liberal news, and they are complaining and disgruntled that the (in their words) “Republicans have not been able to take the full BRUNT of this problem”…..

    In other words…. We at the liberal media failed to shift all blame on the Republican party and away from democrats and Obama and need to rethink their Obama support strategy…

    What a bunch of pieces of crap..

  41. Thank you William. So sweet to hear from you. I just checked my message. You are dear.

  42. Also, and then I need to go,

    The lib media is claiming that its true, we can pay the interest on our debts and be ok, mostly to China, however, they then lay out the scare tactic that saying 1/3 of our debt to interest, and the rest comes directly out our private sector economy which will cause Social Security to fail and the Private Sector may fail… .

    That is hogwash!!! First of all, that money has already been Extracted from the Private Sector! You cannot lose what you don’t have… It’s hype.. .and in this case, to create fear to Senior Citizens. SS has never been there in the first place, it’s and IOU note based on taxes from current workers.

  43. It is sooo obvious that Obama hates the groups who are challenging his healthscare tactics that take away the Constitutional rights of those who refuse to pay for abortions et al. One would hope that these military who are being abused take for their example their elder vets and simply take down the chains keeping them from exercising their Constitutional religious rights….for which, btw, is why they are offering their lives.

    The Obama Administration shut down Catholic Services at the Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base in Georgia. The church was also locked down.

    The Thomas More Law Center reported: In the wake of the government shutdown, despite provisions in the Pay Our Military Act, Catholics at Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base in Georgia are being denied religious services. The Catholic priest who serves this community has been prohibited from even volunteering to celebrate Holy Mass without pay, and was told that if he violated that order, he could be subject to arrest. Protestant services continue to take place. Only Catholic services have been shutdown.

    This is an astonishing attack on religious freedom by the federal government, and the latest affront towards the military since the beginning of the shutdown.

    As a result, the Thomas More Law Center (TMLC), a national public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, MI, today, filed a federal lawsuit in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia.

    The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Father Ray Leonard, a Catholic priest contracted to serve as base chaplain and Fred Naylor, one of Father Leonard’s parishioners and a retired veteran with over 22 years of service. Fr. Leonard is a civilian Catholic Pastor contracted by the Department of Defense (DoD) to serve as a military chaplain at Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base in Georgia.

    Fr. Leonard who served Tibetan populations in China for 10 years, informed the court in an affidavit; “In China, I was disallowed from performing public religious services due to the lack of religious freedom in China. I never imagined that when I returned home to the United States, that I would be forbidden from practicing my religious beliefs as I am called to do, and would be forbidden from helping and serving my faith community.”

    See more at:

  44. William……..
    You are right and wrong at the same time. First Ill deal with the RIGHT…….yes since Lyndon Baines Johnson along with the Congress saw fit in the 1960’s to ingest the Social Security TRUST FUNDS in to the General Operating fund which they alleged was done for accounting purposes. This was LIBERAL BULLSHI#. It was ingested into the General Operating fund so that ANYBODY could rape the THEN EXISTING funds to pay for the Viet Nam war,and to line the pockets of Congress with MULTIPLE 17%,and subsequent 22% raises to Congress. which NOBODY saw fit to OPPOSE. You are WRONG in that the Funds did in fact contain over several BILLION dollars until it was STOLEN from the TRUST thye BASTARDS IN OUR GOVERNMENT. The funds were depleted as suchy by the move and left the SS system as a ENTITLEMENT,instead of a GUARANTEE. We are forced by law to contribute to the fund but the FED does not return the favor with dollars only an IOU note.

  45. For PROOF of the existence of SS funds prior to the 1960s you need only call upon the Life Insurance Companies, who originally set up the MASTER ANNUITIES. I am sure that anybody who worked for those companies in those days and are still alive will verify the existence of the SS FUNDS prior to the THEFT from the MASTER TRUST ACCOUNT, which was CONVENIENTLY OVERSEEN by the US government.

  46. The Social Security watchdogs were called off,and the trusts were RIPPED OFF JOINTLY by Congress,and the Chief Executive, Lyndon Baines Johnson, after which they went on a spending SPREE using SOCIAL SECURITY funds. Once again we can thank the LIBERAL PROGRESSIVES for all the back to back pay increases which Congress voted for itself. In short Congress along with Johnson SHI# on the American people, but NOBODY said ,or even tried to tell the public what was really happening.

  47. When people get upset at the SS system you need to first understand who it was who turned it into what it is NOW, then PLACE BLAME ACCORDINGLY.

  48. Even the BLONDE female news anchor on Fox is so damn stupid she referred to the “COLA” increase as a “COLON” increase. Har har! Really a DUMB BLONDE! Maybe she just don’t understand the difference between the words COLA,and COLON.

  49. CabbyAZ…………
    While I do not know if you are a CPA or just a PA, but I am sure that you have some additional insight regarding the ORIGINAL TRUST ACCOUNT of Social Security,and how it worked. I am sure that you probably have some memory of the early days of the SS system, which actually began in 1935,but was actually off the ground and operating in 1936. Many of the TOP US LIFE INSURANCE COMPANIES participated in the setup of the system. Mutual Of Omaha,Prudential,New York Life was three of them.

  50. In actuality the original TRUST ACCOUNT was in the form of a MASTER Annuity. Annuities are still,and always have been REAL, and NOT IMAGINARY,as so many SNOTNOSED WORDSMITHS would have everybody believe. Had it not been for annuities, a hell of a lot of people would not have been able to pay for food during the depression. People who owned them managed to squeek by financially…….thanks to people being able to use them for sustenance. Thousands did use their annuities.

  51. ………by the way, John Hancock Life Insurance was another participant in setting up th Social Security System. It was done by a Consortium of the largest Life Insurance companies. These companies also sold annuities to private people.

  52. bye bye have company. Have a great day everybody. Godbless!

  53. Isn’t SS an “entitlement” in the truest sense of the word? Isn’t this THE ONE PROGRAM that we’ve all been forced to pay into for decades in hopes we would receive back from at some point? YES, those who paid are ENTITLED! Sometimes when I hear “entitlements” or “entitlement reform”, I wonder what other entitlement is there but SS? The rest… welfare, foodstamps, medicaid, obamaphones, student loans, grants, etc., etc., etc……..well, I don’t think anyone is “entitled” to these programs as they never paid into them as they have for SS. There should be a different name for these. It is wrong to lump them all together.

  54. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    I have a few things on my mind today


    The answer to your question is YES, Social Security is something that we pay in too (Medicare now also) for services and securities that we were told WOULD be available when we reached a certain age.

    You can also find a connection between the people paying social security and companies stopping pension plans, well except for Government jobs, they NEED a pension AND social security.

    The rest of these are WELFARE programs that have morphed in to “entitlements” because UP is DOWN.

  55. Observer………..
    Before I shut down I would like to respond to your comment. My step son retired from 20 years in the Silent Service,and he retired at King’s Bay. That is where he was stationed for the last nine years of his re enlistments. I am glad that he had the foresight to EXIT the service. Unfortunately now he is having to fight for everything he was PROMISED by CONTRACT, and only a small portion has been DELIVERED. He is damned UPSET. I believe that if his displeasure is any indication of the present mood among our military services it is conceiveable that there will be hell to pay .maybe even sooner than anybody even suspects.

  56. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    Can someone explain to me how this “shutdown” is COSTING us 6 billion a day?

    I mean I know I’m a dumba$$, but the way I understand things is that if something is CLOSED, it would be SAVING us money. The buildings are empty, and hopefully everything is shut off in them, AND the employees have been told to stay home, so one SHOULD logically conclude that the Government is SAVING money with this Government shutdown.

    How does Obama and Reid get to spew about how it’s costing us money?

    The media just “reports” these LIES.

  57. Interested Bystander


    Have your step son claim “disability”.

    There’s another guy at work who just got 80% disability (something about his back which he doesn’t appear to have any problems with) which amounts to about 1700 a month for the REST OF HIS LIFE (well of course he’ll get cost of living raises and such).

    The kid’s probably 25 years old and there is NOTHING wrong with him.

    He proudly went around telling everyone about how he was getting his back pay and how he was taking his family to Florida for a few days.

    You didn’t hear WWII vets, Korean War vets or Viet Nam vets crying about “disabilities”, EXCEPT for agent orange.

    And how long did THAT take to be awarded.

    But now days, I wonder how many of these returning soldiers are getting paid for the rest of their lives?

  58. You can call Social Security WELFARE if you wish. Perhaps in one vein it might just be a truth. Yet the system was NOT DEVISED to be a WELFARE system since it was originally designed to be returns from your investmentinto the Master ANNUITIES. But as I say quite often…….TOO EACH HIS OWN. But the fact remains and the DOCUMENTATION is still there to prove how the ORIGINAL Social Security System was designed. You only need to look at the original figures put in place by the actuaries who actually done the work.

  59. Interested Bystander


    Maybe someone can explain to me how we are going to default on our debt?

    My check is still having witholdings for ALL Government confiscation programs.

    So how do we default on the debt?

    Seems to me if we are saving money by agencies not being open, we ought to use that money to pay down the debt even more.

    Remember when they told us that all money paid back to the TARP bailout was going towards the debt, and that was part of the TARP legislation?

    How’d THAT work out for us?

    We now have the opportunity to actually pay MORE on the debt, and pay a couple hundred million down on it, or whatever we are saving with this shut down.

    I’m thinking that ain’t gonna happen.

  60. Just to clarify oldsailor, I didn’t call SS welfare. I called SS the only true entitlement.

  61. IB………
    He is actually partially disabled. I don’t know if you have any conception of what the overall height is of a BOOMER sub to the to the after deck access. It is over 60′. in height. He fell from the deck hatch to the bottom of the ladder in the access, which was caused because somebody failed to clean up spilled oil which he was not aware of was spilled down several levels of the ladder. When the spill occurred it was MANDATORY that the hatch be secured until the ladder was cleaned. He happened to attempt access before the hatch could be secured.. As a result he lost his footing and grip upon a VERTICAL ladder,and fell to the bottom 60’below. As a result he has a badly herniated disc,and sufferred a fractured collarbone. He applied for disability,because he now suffers from the results of the herniated disc,and the now allegedly healed fracture. He was DENIED disability, TWICE,and the disability is getting worse. It now causes him a lot of discomfort,and interferes with his work at Electric Boat company.

  62. WOW! Now we can like? Something new has been added.

  63. ………..That was the primary reason why he took his retirement after only twenty. He wanted to continue but the Navy forced him to accept retirement. Now you know MOST of the story……………..all except what he is now doing to fight back! I will NOT DISCLOSE THAT!


  64. Sueq………..
    I was NOT directing my comment at you,or anything you said. Rather it was in response to what IB had said. But then it is STILL MY OWN OPINION.

  65. Just wanted to make sure you didn’t misunderstand me oldfriendsailor. I tried to “like” you but the system didn’t let me. Oh well. Take care.

  66. Am I crazy, or did I notice a new feature that was added for a short while, then removed? Are you messing with us CW?

  67. Hi OldSailor,

    in the sense of Social Security, not to name it’s inherent problems or originality, I was pointing out what the liberal media was claiming, whereby due to the shutdown, it would harm the private sector – as they claim. My point was simply this is impossible (Harm on the private sector) as that money is already accounted for. It does no harm (the government shut-down) as SS is already collected. Shutting the government down doesn’t harm the amount they collect for SS. In other words, just because of the shut down, the amount collected out of my payroll check, hasn’t stopped, hence it doesn’t cause harm to the private sector nor does it affect our GDP, as the media was claiming it does.

  68. And yes, SS in considered an entitlement program. I have no issue with those that have put into the program, however, through politicians, they have made it an entitlement program, aka – Pyramid Scheme! It will collapse, it’s only a matter of time, not if. All Pyramid schemes collapse! When anyone gets more out of something they put into, it relies on the next level to support it, and so on, until it nears one to one ratio, at which points, it fails.

  69. I.B.

    Here is a good question. The U.S. Postal service has lost over 50% of its business just in the last 10 years. Yet it continues to hire, and has reduced nothing, such as labor or shutting down hubs, consolidations ect..

    in the Private sector, when you lose half your business, you react and it reflects the true market place. Waste? Absolutely…. And that is only 1 agency.. but they are also voters, so they get appeased…

  70. And not to count the government union contract with the USPS, whereby, you cannot lay them off or cut their jobs. Not without pay.

  71. SueQ | October 14, 2013 at 5:34 pm |

    Am I crazy, or did I notice a new feature that was added for a short while, then removed? Are you messing with us CW?

    I must have missed it hun.

  72. Interested Bystander


    Just to be clear, I did NOT call Social Security welfare.

    I suggested that since Social Security and Medicare are now specified witholdings from our checks, then those two programs ARE ENTITLEMENTS.

    Everything else is welfare.

    Hope that clears things up.

  73. Interested Bystander


    I also want to be clear that I do not deny that there are SOME who are disabled. This young man that I work with sure seems able to perform the job.

    I’m suggesting that the disability program is being abused.

    1700 a month for the rest of his life seems a bit much for someone who sure seems able to me.

    I’m just saying………

    He got 80% also.

    I would think to be 80% disabled, you would be pretty bad off.

    This guy is not pretty bad off.

    Or he hides it well.

  74. Interested Bystander


    So your step son is entitled to retirement AND disability?

  75. William,
    messing with you?

  76. Interested Bystander


    You forgot one more option, and that is to raise the cost of using the USPS.

    A 3 or 4 cent raise won’t even begin to generate the revenue necessary to keep from running a deficit AGAIN.

    The USPS needs to raise the price enough to generate enough revenue to run the business.

    It wouldn’t last a year if they did that.

    UPS and FedEX have PROVEN they can do it better and at a competitive cost.

  77. Hi William,

    Just as I was posting, this blog started adding “Loading……” beneath each and every post. I was kind of taken aback, so I waited. Then I noticed there were stars with “Like this” beneath every post. So I tried to “like” people. But none took. And shortly afterward they were gone. Not sure about that CW……… he’s messing around with us 🙂

  78. Interested Bystander

    I guess I should apply for disability also.

    I mean, I’m sure I had some amount of hearing loss or something.

    I’m confident that the ARMY is responsible for SOMETHING that I have wrong with me.

    I just haven’t figured out what yet.

    I’m working on it.

    Just think of the back pay…………………..I’ve been retired 12 years.

    Maybe a trip to the Bahamas is in my future.

    I’ll keep you all posted.

  79. Interested Bystander

    MY last post was HUMOR.

    At least my attempt at it.

  80. CW,

    No, not messing with me. I believe SueQ meant a change in the website temporarily and my response was I must have missed it, ie., I didn’t see any change. Least not on my end of the pc.

    William | October 14, 2013 at 6:32 pm |

    SueQ | October 14, 2013 at 5:34 pm |

    Am I crazy, or did I notice a new feature that was added for a short while, then removed? Are you messing with us CW?

    I must have missed it hun.

  81. I.B.,

    I can only give you the same response as I did SueQ, I must have missed it. I didn’t see anything on my end of the pc.

  82. I.B.,

    With your personal picture as your moniker, are you sure you’ve only been retired 12 years? LOL….:-)

    That’s my humor for the night….

  83. Interested Bystander


    I DO have feelings you know…………………..

    sniff sniff

    I’ve had a rough life I’m telling ya, a rough life.

    How rough is it?

    When I was born, the doctor slapped my mother.

    My mother blamed me.

    Rough life.

  84. Interested Bystander

    I’m outta here………


    Gonna be a late night.

    Tuesday’s gonna suck.

  85. What I reported was true. I have no way of knowing if CW was responsible or another entity. I was chiding CW about it. It was meant to be in fun. But it DID happen.

  86. SueQ,
    This is the 14th and I’m bombed out, but you are not imagining things. I just was reading over at another WordPress blog and they temporarily experienced what you saw apparently. It had something to do with WP but got fixed.

  87. IB………
    That has been CLEAR to me for many DECADES. Thank you! I was an employer who done the witholding from my 21 employees every two weeks, and I don’t recall anybody complaining about the mandated witholding. When a labor union becomes involved with the conduct of a business the business begins a very slow death,and issues like witholding become something which they seem to think that their employer is always witholding more than they should ,along with a whole lot of other groundless suspicions.

  88. IB…….
    He was retired after 20 years service,but was just 44 years of age and has THE RIGHT to seek employment in the civilian domain in addition to his retirement. He did that by going to work for Electric Boat as an engineering assistant, doing mostly CAD board work. The twenty year retirement amount has yet to be paid. His lawyers have taken it beore COMSUBLANT, who regularly visits Groton to check on the status of ongoing projects. Comsublant has reassured Tim’s lawyers that he will take time to haer their complaint before they take it to court. This is encouraging. Tim’s work also requires him to often visit the project himself to check out installation of certain items.This is a situation which again requires him to either descend into the project and to then ascend from it after he is done.,and yes if he is put into pain requiring medication he would certainly HAVE THE RIGHT TO COLLECT AT LEAST A PARTIAL DISABILITY whether anyone else thinks so OR NOT. Particularly since we have people who are abusing the disability system,but nobody seems to give a damn about them

  89. William and IB…..
    Annuities are NOT PYRAMID schemes. You might tell that to an insurance actuary,and notice what he has to say…..that is if he /she is HONEST, or even know themselves. The word annuity doesn’t seem to enjoy much popularity anymore. Wonder why. I would have to add that if Social Security was still a master annuity,instead of a trust fund as it is now called there would still be more than adequate funds to return to the investors.Perhaps it is time to learn how annuities work. As I said in a prior comment private ownership of annuities was common in the days leading up to the depression. Had it not been for their annuities a hell of a lot of people would not have had any food to eat.. Many people even borrowed against the annuities. They still had value.

  90. Bye bye, have a great day! Godbless!

  91. Here is what I was referring too. The Supreme Court ruling(s) on SS.

    U.S. Supreme Court case, Helvering v. Davis (1937), the Court held that Social Security was not an insurance program saying, “The proceeds of both employee and employer taxes are to be paid into the treasury like any other internal revenue generally, and are not earmarked in anyway.” In another Supreme Court case, Fleming v. Nestor (1960), the Court said, “To engraft upon Social Security system a concept of “accrued property rights” would deprive it of the flexibility and boldness in adjustment to ever-changing conditions which it demands.” Again, the Court rejected any comparison of Social Security with insurance or an annuity.

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