Rhino Times October 10, 2013, Obama punishes Americans in federal government shutdown, John Hammer exposes Barack Obama, 80 percent of nonmilitary funding involves taking money from taxpayers and giving it away

Rhino Times October 10, 2013, Obama punishes Americans in federal government shutdown, John Hammer exposes Barack Obama, 80 percent of nonmilitary funding involves taking money from taxpayers and giving it away

“President Barack Hussein Obama graduated from Columbia University and Harvard Law School yet he appears to have no respect for history.”

“According to Forbes, 80 percent of nonmilitary funding involves taking money from taxpayers and giving it away.”…John Hammer, Rhino Times Oct 10, 2013 

“Someone is paying the National Park Service thugs overtime for their efforts to carry out the order of De Fuhrer… where are our Constitutional Sheriffs who can revoke the Park Service Rangers authority to arrest??? Do we have any Sheriffs with a pair?”…AZ representative Brenda Barton

“Obama is by character and preference, a dictator…Like Hitler, he needs a powerful domestic army to terrify any opposition that might arise…Obama will put a thin veneer of training and military structure on urban gangs and send them out to channel their violence against Obama’s enemies.”…Orson Scott Card, Rhino Times May 16, 2013



From the Rhino Times October 10, 2013.
“The federal government is shut down, but I have to admit I don’t miss it. According to Forbes, the shutdown only effects 13 percent of the federal government.

It appears that President Barack Hussein Obama is using his power as president to make the shutdown look as dire as possible. Not only are national parks closed, but in Florida the federal government has closed the ocean. Florida Bay, 1,100 square miles of ocean, is closed to fishermen. The US Park Police, which doesn’t have time to leave the bay open and let people fish, has rangers out enforcing the closure and making sure that people don’t fish.

It is incredible but along the same lines as closing the World War II Memorial, which is an open air memorial that normally people can visit 24 hours a day unassisted. There appear to be a couple of reasons for closing the memorial. One is that Obama seems to hate the military, and the other is because it is supposed to create bad publicity for the Republicans who, according to Obama, closed down the government.

The Republicans in the House offered a number of compromises, but the Democrats, who control the Senate, and Obama refused to compromise. The last compromise offered by the Republicans was to delay the individual mandate for Obamacare for a year. Obama already delayed the mandate for employers with over 50 employees, so some parts of Obamacare are negotiable.

According to Forbes, 80 percent of nonmilitary funding involves taking money from taxpayers and giving it away. These programs, such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment and disability, are not affected by the shutdown.

So 80 percent of the work of the government continues shutdown or no shutdown.

It seems that as most of what goes on in Washington, this shutdown is mostly just rhetoric. How bad can it be for nonessential government employees to go home? Most businesses sent their nonessential employees home a long time ago, if they hadn’t already been shown the door. The economy since 2008 has forced companies to get rid of deadweight to stay in business. While government has simply continued to grow.

A president who really cared about the American people would do everything he could as the chief of the executive branch to make the shutdown as easy on the American people as possible. It wasn’t the World War II veterans who tried to visit the World War II memorial that caused the shutdown, but they are among the ones paying the price because Obama has ordered the memorial to close. It takes more personnel to close the memorial than to leave it open.

The National Park Service not only closed Yellowstone, it locked guests in a hotel on the property. And when they were allowed to leave, the park service refused to allow the bus to stop at a privately operated facility in the park for a bathroom break. They were also denied the opportunity to get out of the bus and take photos of a herd of bison because the park rangers said they were not allowed to “recreate” on park property. Is refusing to let a group of senior citizens use restrooms on a two-and-a-half-hour drive really necessary because the House won’t do what Obama told them to do?

But Obama went one better on the government shutdown.

According to Congressman Tim Huelskamp’s office, a priest was denied access to a military chapel at Naval Submarine Base, Kings Bay in Georgia. The priest has a contract with the Department of Defense to say Mass for Catholics on the base, but when he arrived to say Mass there was a sign on the door of the chapel that read: “Shutdown: No Catholic service until further notice.”

This is a coup for Obama because it allowed him with one blow to attack two institutions he has no use for – the military and the Catholic Church.
Unfortunately, that was not an isolated incident and priests have been told that they can be arrested if they perform Mass or hold other religious services on military bases.
So a military couple based overseas who want to have their child baptized risk arrest for doing so. Does that make any sense and is that what we want the federal government to be doing – shutdown or no shutdown.

It is clear from his actions that Obama has set out to punish the American people because he is mad with the Republicans in the House of Representatives.
He’s angry with the Republicans in the House because they will not allow him to do whatever he wants to do. Obama wants Obamacare and he wants all the money he can possibly spend. The Republicans simply said, “We’ll give you one, but you can’t have both.”

Obama is probably also mad because due to the shutdown he has suspended his weekly golf outings and that must be killing him.”

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47 responses to “Rhino Times October 10, 2013, Obama punishes Americans in federal government shutdown, John Hammer exposes Barack Obama, 80 percent of nonmilitary funding involves taking money from taxpayers and giving it away

  1. From SueQ prior post:

    BOMBSHELL! Jim Garrow Reveals Career As Covert CIA Operative, Says Breitbart And Tom Clancy Murdered By Obama Administration

    Listen to original 10.06.13 interview with Dr. Jim Garrow: How Obamacare Will Be Used To Destroy The US Constitution

  2. CW…….
    The Constitution will be destroyed only if APATHETIC Americans allow it to happen……which would be the precursor to total destruction of our way of life…but keep sitting on your duffs,and our destruction will be CERTAIN.

  3. It appears that at least our commercial truckers have had enough of Soetoro,and company. Hopefully there will be at least 100,000 Peterbuilts pulling at least 45′ trailers, and travelling no more than 10MPH through DC.

  4. ……and if the DC police try to stop them there will be 100,000 INSTANTLY ANGERED truckers who might become provoked enough to do whatever they feel like doing to make their point. Could get really NASTY. Tire BILLIES make a really nasty hickey on the human head.



  7. Hopefully Americas truckers WILL make their point, but there must be quick follow up,before the WHACKY HOUSE can reorganise. Perhaps the truckers will stay there long enough to shut DC ITSELF DOWN….TOTALLY!. har har If anybody can do it, it will be Americas truckers.(they do not have a CHAIN OF COMMAND,to worry about!


  9. If Soetoro thinks he knows how to punish Americans, I think he will feel the blistering stripes across his rear end,put there by our truckers, for MANY MOONS. He will discover what a real SPANKING is about.

  10. Thornton Parsons

    I might not be able to be with the truckers, but I’m not buying anything this weekend.

  11. byebye gonna watch TV today. Wonder if I will see any of the truckers,and their rigs at DC. har har

  12. Thornton Parsons…….
    It really doesn’t HAVE TO BE TRUCKERS,it can be doctors,lawyers,merchants,and chiefs, perhaps even RICH MEN,POORMEN,BEGGARMEN,AND THIEVES. SOUND FAMILIAR? IT SHOULD…. IT IS RIGHT OUT OF THE SCHOOL YARD.

  13. Thornton Parsons……
    ……….especially if there is a FEDERAL EXCISE TAX to be paid…..har har!


  15. BYE ALL .

  16. old sailor81….You have a special way with words that I so admire….

  17. A few months back Lt. Col. …..Congressman Allen west stated that we have 70-80 Communist in both houses. Some people posted the names does anyone here have them. We know we have communist in the White House but we need to focus on the Communist Senators and Congress people. Every one says vote them all out but we need to focus on the Communist because they are the ones who are the back stabbers and who relays things to the kenyan fraud and his helpers to do the threatening.

  18. OldSalior,

    I just came back to the apt. to eat lunch quickly then have to run back to work. However, your posts chuckle me and make me smile. I wish I could watch it with you.

    Sounds like a good ballgame. Put the leg rest out on your chair and grab you a cold one my friend. 🙂 I hope its even bigger than anticipated.

  19. OldSalior,

    Ps… I had a slight hangover this morning, but that’s RMinNC fault, he was on a roll yesterday making me laugh… Better now, just can’t wait to start heading home this evening for the weekend. Miss my family and it’s been a long week for me.

  20. William……
    Wouldn’t it be great if America was still as it was in the 40s,50s,and even the 60s. You probably would not have to drive very far to get to work. You would have an 8 hr.day,and a 40hr week. You would either own or be in the process of buying a nice home in suburbia at 4.5%,and you had sicktime which nobody questioned,and lastly we still had the right to mention God in the public domain. Now everything is TOTAL HORSESHI#. I am 81 years of age and there isn’t much that is going to EVER change the way I live.I feel sorry for our children,and grandchildren…..they might very well be living in a FEUDAL environment.

  21. BTW……..after the ONE camera shot of the DC expressway this morning, it is clear now that ALL the media is keeping it all out of sight,and hearing. There has been NO FURTHER coverage on any television ,or radio service. I am praying that the truckers really do a number on Soetoro,and company.

  22. Here Are the Demands of Truckers for the Constitution

    Doswell, Va. – Zeeda Andrews of Truckers for the Constitution just gave press a list of five demands that the group plans to deliver to
    Representative Louie Gohmert (R., Texas). The document begins by suggesting that “Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama” is ineligible to be president because “his documents” are “forgeries”. Here’s that paragraph:

    From 2003 to 2008, several members of Congress introduced legislation, attempting to change Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the Constitution on eight separate occasions to make it possible for Barack Obama to meet the eligibility requirements for the office of president. Of which, a legal investigation has proven that his documents provided are forgeries, which is a felony offense.

    Read more:http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/360997/here-are-demands-truckers-constitution-betsy-woodruff

  23. William……
    Up until I tuned into C span this morning I was confidant that I had pretty much heard it all during my lifetime, but this morning took the PRIZE. I inadvertently tuned into C span when the Florida Democrat Msssssssssssssss.Corrine Brown was talking. Lord I have NEVER in my life heard such INSANE BULLSHI# as that which she was spreading out of her idiotic mouth. This MORON is a classic DUMB A$$,out of all dumba$$es. She started talking about one thing then started talking about totally irrelavent stuff. I call that TANGENTIAL IDIOCY. I can’t remember ever hearing such ridiculous crap come from anyone’s mouth.

  24. Ginger…….
    Now you know exactly why I PAGE Senator McCarthy from time to time. A lot of people thought he was a MENTAL CASE……perhaps it is time to RE THINK THEIR REASONING. I am sure that if he was still on earth he would have cleaned them out LONG AGO. Now we no longer have the crusader,and it appears that there is NOBODY who can,or is willing to fill Senator McCarthy’s shoes. har har.

  25. Another charge being made by Truckers for the Constitution:

    “The Department of Homeland Security is a non-military security force, which is violating the Constitution by using tax money to build a standing
    army, on American soil, training to engage with the American People.
    I hope Louie Gohmert dosn’t skip town before their demands can be delivered.

  26. addendum to Msssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.Corrine, in addition to being the world’s champion DUMBA$$, she has to be the CHEAPEST appearing female black that I have ever laid eyes on bar NONE.

  27. Sueq……..
    May I ask where you was able to acquire the list of the truckers? If it is on tv perhaps you will be so kind as to enlighten me . I think that the trucker blockade is going to be very important, and I am scavenging for anything I can learn. It is plain to see that a very tight lid has been put on this by the media. Maybe the truckers will KICK A FEW A$$ES, and get coverage of their PILGRIMAGE to DC.

  28. Hi oldsailor,

    There is a link at my post @ 2:13.

  29. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    To get a feel of what the D.C. 495 Beltway look like live, here is the Trafficland views . Each blue dot is a live camera view of the beltway and local streets of D.C.


  30. The wussies Repubs have caved; barky gets everything he wants, including funding ObamaCare.

    I don’t care if you think your Rep./Senator is good; vote this scum out…every damned one of them!

  31. Sue,

    Are you sure? The headline on Drudge seems to suggest that, but the article it links to appears to make it less certain. Do you have a different link?

  32. Who do you blame for the government shut down. THIS IS GOOD! 🙂

  33. Speaking of gutting our military…here is a list
    General Stanley A. McChrystal
    General David Petraeus
    General Carter Ham
    Rear Admiral Charles Gaouette
    And then we have:
    General John Allen — On November 13, news stories reported that Gen. Allen, who was Gen. Petraeus’s successor in Afghanistan and a top nominee for NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, was embroiled in a potential scandal involving emails with Jill Kelley, a socialite at McDill Air Force base. Allen has insisted that there was no improper relationship between himself and Mrs. Kelley, but his career path to the top NATO post has been scotched, and the ongoing investigation could potentially lead to his resignation.

    • General William “Kip” Ward — On November 13, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta demoted Gen. Ward, the former head of U.S. AFRICOM, stripping him of his fourth star, following a lengthy DOD Inspector General probe that found Ward guilty of lavish spending and extravagant travel.

  34. Now this:
    The two-star general in charge of all Air Force nuclear missiles was fired Friday following a probe into alleged personal misbehavior — just days after another key official overseeing U.S. nuclear power was relieved of duty.
    Earlier in the week, the Navy announced that the deputy commander of U.S. nuclear forces, Vice Adm. Tim Giardina, was relieved of duty amid a military investigation of allegations that he used counterfeit chips at an Iowa casino.

    The move was already exceedingly rare, and followed by Friday’s decision at the Air Force

    The Air Force announced Friday that Maj. Gen. Michael Carey was removed from command of the 20th Air Force, which is responsible for three wings of intercontinental ballistic missiles — a total of 450 missiles at three bases across the country.

  35. Decimating the Military: Obama’s “Night of the Long Knives”?

    While the cashiering of CIA Director General Petraeus and AFRICOM commander General Ham certainly suggest a connection to the administration’s ongoing heavy-handed effort to keep the Benghazi disaster from developing into a post-election crisis for the White House, the other aforementioned military resignations and demotions may be signaling something even bigger.

    A number of political and military analysts interviewed by The New American believe the Obama administration is in the process of “purging” the U.S. Armed Services, and that we will see a much larger number of line officers removed for various scandals, especially those deemed “politically incorrect,” or those who may be occupying a post that the Obama administration wants to open up for a more “progressive” candidate.

    Some are predicting that the bloodletting in the ranks thus far is but the opening salvo in Obama’s “Night of the Long Knives,” a reference to Adolph Hitler’s murderous purge of Ernst Rohm and other Nazis, as well as non-Nazi political opponents whom he saw as obstacles to his consolidation of dictatorial power.

    New Zealand researcher Trevor Loudon, author of Barack Obama and the Enemies Within, and editor of the highly acclaimed New Zeal blog at TrevorLoudon.com, told this writer during an interview two weeks before the election:

    It’s very clear that President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and many of those around them absolutely “loathe the military,” as Hillary once put it. [Defense Secretary] Panetta, while he was a congressman, was very heavily involved with the Institute for Policy Studies, a very radical Marxist think tank, which supported the Soviet objective of subverting and eviscerating the U.S. military services. Panetta, together with David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice, and others in the administration, really do see the U.S. military, as it currently is, as the enemy.

    Former Navy SEAL Steve Elson echoes that assessment. “President Obama and the people running his administration really do hate the military,” Elson told The New American. “It’s not just that they ‘don’t understand the military culture,’ [as some critics claim]; they really just don’t like us. In fact they hate us.” Elson continued:

    They’re fine with using us, sending us all over the world whenever it works to score political points for them. They don’t mind getting us killed, sending us out with treasonous ROEs [rules of engagement], as in Iraq and Afghanistan, where soldiers and marines were ordered stand guard, go into hostile zones without loaded weapons. Or, as in Benghazi, they cowardly sit in the Pentagon and the White House watching and doing nothing while brave men die.

    Too many of the top brass are playing the political correctness game when they should be refusing to carry out these immoral and traitorous orders. In the end, it didn’t help Petraeus either. He played their games and went along with their political correctness, and look where it got him. Fine, he deserved it, as far as I’m concerned. But the guys that are out there with their lives on the line don’t [deserve it]. As you can see, I’m anything but politically correct, but I’m only saying out loud what most active duty soldiers will tell you privately. Obama and those running his administration will destroy the U.S. military, if the American people let him, if they don’t wake up to what he is doing.

  36. SueQ | October 11, 2013 at 5:03 pm |

    Hi Sue,

    Don’t remember where I read that; I posted quickly from work.

    One thing’s for sure: Neither side is saying anything and if Susan Collins from Maine penned a ‘compromise,’ you can be sure it’s in barky’s favor. That RINO turd should just switch parties and be done with it.

    The Repubs will cave…

  37. Honor First,
    Very good comments about what is happening to our military! Although what has been occurring IS being reported in the news somewhat, the problem is that so many good citizens have not connected the dots and have not been enlightened as to why these purges are taking place.

  38. Thanks Cabby, those weren’t my words, I should have posted the link…
    I agree, I hope its not too late once people do start connecting the dots. Very frightening indeed.

  39. OT, but some thoughts I feel compelled to share. Having been deeply engrossed with client work the last several weeks, I have had to put much of current events into the background. Right underneath the surface, however, troubled waters are looming in my subconscious.

    The first of these concerns ObamaCare. We all know it is a disaster both logistically and constitutionally, In my work it will be necessary for me to understand the ramifications as they pertain to some of my clients, but I have purposely not boned up on this very much as yet in the hopes that it will miserably fail before the individual mandate kicks in. That may, or may not happen.

    Here is what definitely emerges when all of the dust settles, if it ever does.
    This whole thing is a GRAND REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH. Oh, I know, we throw that phrase around quite often, but I am not using it as a cliche here.

    Each person who is required to sign up (fortunately most of my clients are on Medicare and won’t have to register) will face three factors: The cost of the premium, the possible subsidy granted by the government, and the amount of the penalty imposed for failure to enroll. The latter two are administered by the friendly and competent IRS via tax returns.

    Now I haven’t actually done any real test cases, but it is very evident from what has been reported and from tables on-line, that low income people will get a considerable government subsidy to offset the higher premium costs.
    What is the source of the subsidies? Why, the taxpayers, of course.

    The problem for the government is that a lot of healthy young folks just starting out will probably opt to pay the penalty of $95, at least for the first year, rather than pay ANY premium, regardless of the savings from the subsidy. Then as the income level rises, the subsidies will fall, so that a middle-class person will find ever-increasing premiums with not much in the way of reduction by subsidies.

    Can’t we see it? The middle class and upwards will pay more in premiums – much more – so that those on the lower income scale can have health insurance at a lower cost. The major part of the subsidies – our taxpayer dollars – will go to the lower class, it appears.

    I and others personally believe that, as the Dems have implied, ObamaCare was meant to be so unworkable, cumbersome and unworkable that it would collapse of its own weight and usher in the single-payer plan – full-blown socialized medicine.

  40. Should be “so unworkable, cumbersome and disgusting “

  41. Hi Cabby,

    You’re spot on with your assessment.

    I believe ObamaCare was *designed* to fail and when it does, we’ll hear ‘Oops, we have to revamp the whole thing’ and we know what that’ll be: Single payer. That’s been the plan all along…

  42. Hi SueK,
    Thanks for your affirmation. Sometimes I wonder if my thoughts get carried away…. 🙂 Yes! “Oops” is the right word. It will all be so innocent and so much for the good of the American people…. Grrrrrr….. How can this awful thing be cut off at the pass?

  43. Hi Cabby,

    Well, defunding the thing didn’t work with the spineless crowd we have ‘representing’ us; the only other alternative I can see is for people to NOT sign up. It can’t work if no one signs up. If they try to pull single payer after the monstrosity crashes and burns, I think that even the moonbattiest of moonbats will see what’s happening; those who don’t, never will.

    People are starting to realize that this regime is NOT acting in the best interest of the people; it’s all about a power grab and an attempt to turn us into a Socialist country. Only when we understand that can we stop it. We need to elect representatives who will speak for US, and not be hell-bent on saving their own puny careers; that’s not what public service is about.

    We also need an Amendment for term limits so that we don’t have a repeat performance of this, the worst Congress ever. Ted ‘pour me a Chivas Regal’ Kennedy contaminated the Senate for 47 years. 47 years! Career politicians have to go, as do those who work against the will of the people. We can all take a lesson from CO; if the elected officials behave in a manner contrary to what the people who employ them (us) want, recall them. We see very plainly what happens when they’re let loose; they do as they please and pass bad laws they’ve not even read, like this one.

    Getting rid of ObamaCare and this criminal regime will take the efforts of every American. Again, a thing can’t work if people don’t participate. If we let them get away with this, that pretty much opens the door to do whatever they please; that’s when our Constitutional Republic is dead.

    I think we’ll be seeing more acts of civil disobedience in the days to come. I welcome that however, I fear what the regime will do in order to squash it. It will be interesting, but it may get a bit hairy. OK, a lot hairy.

    Pray for America.

  44. Hi SueK,
    All of your points are excellent! We are certainly at a very pivotable point now and in the immediate future. As you say, “If we let them get away with this, that pretty much opens the door to do whatever they please; that’s when our Constitutional Republic is dead.”

    Certainly our beloved country needs prayer! We must never, never, never give up!

  45. “Winston Churchill – legendary speech – never give in (never give up)”

  46. This article was linked on Drudge. Whether you love or hate Alex Jones…. if true, it is almost comical, yet frightening.

    TSA Loudspeakers Threaten Travelers With Arrest For Joking About Security

    ‘While traveling through George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Matt Miller heard a security announcement repeatedly aired on the airport intercom that left him disturbed.

    “You are also reminded that any inappropriate remarks or jokes concerning security may result in your arrest,” the loudspeaker message states.’

    Well, I guess they just tipped their hand. They are very sensitive to ridicule. It hurts their itsy bitsy feelings.

  47. But I flew recently, and the line through TSA was huge. It was an appointment I had to keep, (my daughter’s wedding) and timing was getting crucial. So you weigh the cost, and you keep your mouth shut, no matter your opinion.

    My husband used to say that he would not fly because he was afraid he would say something that would get him arrested. Little did he know how far things have gone. You can’t even be overheard cracking a joke.

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