Obama speech lies at Knox College July 24, 2013, Obama et al have harmed families with job losses part time jobs rising health care costs higher gas and heating oil

Obama speech lies at Knox College July 24, 2013, Obama et al have harmed families with job losses part time jobs rising health care costs higher gas and heating oil

“The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)[1] imposes numerous tax hikes that transfer more than $500 billion over 10 years—and more in the future—from hardworking American families and businesses to Congress for spending on new entitlements and subsidies. In addition, higher tax rates on working and investing will discourage economic growth both now and in the future, further lowering the standard of living.”…Heritage Foundation

“However … health insurance rates and benefit coverage plan costs have continued to increase. As a result of those increases, county employees have experienced a pay decrease that has grown larger each year.”…Guilford County Interim Manager Sharisse Fuller

“Can we stop calling ObamaCare the Affordable Care Act now?”…Guilford College student

Barack Obama gave a speech at Knox College in Galesburg, IL today July 24, 2013.

How do we know that he was lying?

His lips were moving.

Here are a few of those lies.

“Add it all up, and over the past 40 months, our businesses have created 7.2 million new jobs.  This year, we are off to our strongest private-sector job growth since 1999.”

“We’re about to produce more of our own oil than we buy from abroad for the first time in nearly 20 years.  The cost of health care is growing at its slowest rate in 50 years.  And our deficits are falling at the fastest rate in 60 years.”

“Health care costs are slowing, but many working families haven’t seen the savings yet.”

“Or they’ll bring up Obamacare, despite the fact that our businesses have created nearly twice as many jobs in this recovery as they had at the same point in the last recovery, when there was no Obamacare.”

“We’ll also keep pushing new efforts to train workers for changing jobs. Here in Galesburg, many of the workers laid off at Maytag chose to enroll in retraining programs like the ones at Carl Sandburg College.  And while it didn’t pay off for everyone, many who retrained found jobs that suited them even better and paid even more.”

“Just last week, New York announced that premiums for consumers who buy their insurance in these online marketplaces will be at least 50% less than what they pay today.  That’s right – folks’ premiums in the individual market will drop by 50%. ”

Read more:


Platitudes, lies and class warfare.

No surprises.

Let’s begin with jobs and the real story.

Even though we know that the US labor Dept., BLS, has been using voodoo equations to arrive at their unemployment data, the data that has been provided and mostly not reported is scary enough.

From the BLS.

Keith Hall
January 2008–January 2012″
“Dr. Keith Hall received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Virginia and M.S. and Ph.D. in Economics from Purdue University. Prior to his government service, Dr. Hall was a full time-faculty member in the economics departments at the Universities of Arkansas and Missouri. He published a number of papers on international trade.
Dr. Hall had over 20 years of federal service with the Department of the Treasury, the International Trade Commission, the Department of Commerce, the Executive Office of the President, and BLS. Prior to becoming BLS Commissioner, he served as Chief Economist for the White House Council of Economic Advisers, where he analyzed a broad range of fiscal, regulatory and macroeconomic policies and directed a team that monitored the state of the economy and developed economic forecasts.”


From the NY Post July 18, 2013.

“Keith Hall believes the US economy is a lot sicker than the 7.6 percent unemployment rate would lead you to believe.
And he should know.
Hall was, from 2008 until last year, the guy in charge of Washington’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the agency that compiles that rate.
“Right now [it’s] misleadingly low,” says Hall, who believes a truer reading of those now wanting a job but without one to be more than 10 percent.
The fly in the ointment is the BLS employment-to-population ratio, which is currently at 58.7 percent. “It’s lower than it was when the recession ended. I think that’s a remarkable statistic,” says Hall, a senior research fellow at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va.
That level tells Hall the real unemployment rate is actually about 3 percentage points higher than the BLS number. If the jobless rate is unacceptable at 7.6 percent, it’d be shockingly bad if he is right and the true rate is 10.6 percent.”

“Hall reckons there are millions of U-6 people on top of the 4.5 million long-term unemployed.”

““This has been a very slow, very bad recovery,” he says. “And I think the numbers have really struggled as a result. In fact, I’ve been very disappointed in the coverage of the numbers.””


The NY Times reported on the 13.8 % U6 number on April 19, 2013.

Wanting More Work

About 7.6 million Americans working part-time jobs are doing so reluctantly, and would rather have a full-time job. People stuck in such positions are one reason a broader measure of unemployment — which includes reluctant part-timers as well as people without a job who have looked for work in the past year, but not in the last four weeks — is so much higher than the standard jobless rate, which stands at 7.6 percent. Related Article »


The June 2013 U6 number from the BLS is 14.3 %.

The unemployment rate for blacks, which was 7.9 % when the Democrats took control of both houses of congress in January 2007, has risen 1 percent since Obama took the White House and is currently 13.7 percent.

The unemployment rate in Illinois in June was 9.2 percent, the second highest in the US.

Obamacare, far from reducing health care costs, has significantly impacted the cost of family and student health care and impacted jobs.

From Citizen Wells September 26, 2012.

“A Young America’s Foundation activist forwarded an email from the Vice President for Finance at his school, Guilford College (Greensboro, NC), informing him that, “For the 2012-13 academic year, the annual cost of the student health insurance is increasing from $668 to $1,179. This insurance premium has been charged to your student account.”

Why the increase? “Our student health insurance policy premium has been substantially increased due to changes required by federal regulations issued on March 16, 2012 under the Affordable Care Act.”

“Guilford joins a long list of colleges raising their premiums. Virtually all current student insurance plans do not meet ObamaCare’s mandates, and Forbes reports colleges have been forced to drop their plans or raise their premiums rates as much as 1,112% (and no, that’s not a typo).”

“Lenoir-Rhyne University (Hickory, NC) raised theirs from $245 to $2,507″

“During his first run for president, Barack Obama made one very specific promise to voters: He would cut health insurance premiums for families by $2,500, and do so in his first term.

But it turns out that family premiums have increased by more than $3,000 since Obama’s vow, according to the latest annual Kaiser Family Foundation employee health benefits survey.

Premiums for employer-provided family coverage rose $3,065 — 24% — from 2008 to 2012, the Kaiser survey found. Even if you start counting in 2009, premiums have climbed $2,370.

What’s more, premiums climbed faster in Obama’s four years than they did in the previous four under President Bush, the survey data show.”



31 responses to “Obama speech lies at Knox College July 24, 2013, Obama et al have harmed families with job losses part time jobs rising health care costs higher gas and heating oil

  1. Sally's Special Services

    Reblogged this on God Bless America~~JESUS is our only Hope!! and commented:
    As I have said many times, anytime obastard’s lips are moving he is LYING! He does NOT give a damn about us Legal, Law abiding, American Patriots!! He does NOT want jobs created! He promised to change America into a third world Hell Hole just like all the other Muslime/Communist countries in the world!! Anyone who does not see what the POS is doing to America is a DAMN FOOL!! GOD HELP US TO WAKE UP MORE OF THE SHEEP BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!! GOD SAVE AMERICA! GOD/JESUS IS OUR ONLY HOPE, BUT GOD EXPECTS US TO FIGHT FOR WHAT IS RIGHT!! ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS, WE MUST TAKE AMERICA BACK FROM THE DEMON-RATS!!

  2. Interview with Butler about his gulag type of incarceration due to what he was questioning about Zero. A man of discerning suspicion of Obama early on:


    Former Federal Inmate Harry G. Butler III on Political Prisoners,
    Liberty, and What Everyday Americans Can Do to Save Their Country

    By Sharon Rondeau | The Post & Email

    MR. BUTLER: Here’s the big question: Who was given the directive to push this agenda? If you listen to Jerry Boykin – he’s a really smart guy – his claim is Marxism in America, and he says that’s what you’re seeing. The big question that we just asked – what was the driver of the Vigilant Eagle program? As I recall, that thing goes back to 2008.

    Walt Fitzpatrick has his finger on the pulse of this better than anybody in trying to get the truth out there as to how they classify people. In the DHS report, there were four entities: returning veterans, right-wing Christians, pro-life activists, and Second Amendment activists who were listed as “domestic terrorists.” But there were no Islamic concerns; it was really targeting a lot of people when it is only a very small amount that are causing the problems.

  3. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    You have to give it to Obama, he reads a good game.

    It’s his actions.

    Look, I heard him say today that if you had insurance, you can keep it, but he said that those who don’t have insurance, are going to be “competed” for by several insurers, and that their premiums were going to be half of what those who currently have insurance are paying.

    THAT’S WHAT HE SAID, I heard him with my own ears. (at least that’s what I HEARD him say, he didn’t use those exact words, but you know what I’m getting at)

    So what’s the incentive for me to keep my current insurance, when I can drop my current insurance and pay half that amount in one of these “co ops”?

    It’s COMMUNISM plain and simple.

  4. More of that interview with Mr. Butler:

    THE POST & EMAIL: Operation Vigilant Eagle was aimed at veterans, while the “Sovereign Citizen” program appeared to be aimed more at civilians. In the “Sovereign Citizen” training program leaked to The Post & Email and broken on April 30, 2012, they took the cases of a few very bad people who killed police officers and grouped non-violent people with them. On the FBI’s website, they cite people who quote from the U.S. Constitution, the Bible, and U.S. Supreme Court cases as possibly falling into the category of “Sovereign Citizens.”

    MR. BUTLER: It’s indicative of how messed-up our government is. Do you remember from Day One that when we deal with the government, we are so used to dealing with people who are so incompetent? It is so rampant in all agencies of the government now, and that’s what you’re seeing. I think when that DHS memo came out, they had to scrub it.

    THE POST & EMAIL: Yes, it was leaked. Janet Napolitano received some very angry calls from veterans’ groups, and she had to apologize and say that the memo was just advisory in nature or something like that.

    MR. BUTLER: There’s a similar report out by the U.S. Military Academy at West Point under their “combating terrorism” link on the website. The whole thing is that nowhere do they list any Islamic faction, individuals, the people who flew airplanes into the World Trade Center…they are not classified as terrorists under these directives. That tells you a very important thing; it tells you that the tentacles of Islam reach way deep into the Pentagon and into our government.

    THE POST & EMAIL: They’re talking about average Americans.

    MR. BUTLER: That’s right. Remember I told you that they can do this over there, in Islamic countries, and get away with it, and that’s the way they control the people. They can’t do that in America because we have the Constitution. That’s the only guarantee we have that they can’t force-feed us Islam.

    THE POST & EMAIL: Have we lost the Constitution? With what they’ve done to you, to Brandon Raub, to Walt Fitzpatrick and Darren Huff, are we too far gone?

    MR. BUTLER: I’m not one to give up hope. I keep a whole stack of Constitutions around me and I hand them out. This is kind-of interesting. Right across the river, a good friend of mine, Tommy Heyward, just passed away. He lives in a little old tiny town in South Carolina. His great-great-great grandfather, Thomas F. Heyward, Jr., signed the Declaration of Independence. The plantation right down the road from his house belonged to the family whose great-great-great-grandfather signed the Constitution of the United States, C.C. Pinkney. And I tell everybody, “Here are the two most important political documents of all time, and we have guys right across the river putting them together for us (laughs). That’s one of my little speeches. I order these Constitutions; I get them 200 in a box. This started a long time ago with the Boy Scouts. I started with The Heritage Foundation and teaching the Boy Scouts, giving them copies of the Constitution and telling them how important it is for us. I tell people, “Get mad at yourself, because you’re allowing this to happen.” Everybody is so scared of government, they’re scared of shadows…it drives me off the deep end.

    THE POST & EMAIL: So you’re saying that people should not be afraid?

    MR. BUTLER: Well, if they’re afraid and they’re cowards, then the other faction wins, and if they win, you’re letting them take your freedom away from you. Think about it: our Founding Fathers…were they afraid? Of course they were afraid! Thomas F. Heyward and C.C. Pinkney…all those guys went through all kinds of problems and lost a lot for what they did. And that’s one thing I’m trying to emphasize to people by saying, “You need to get informed; you need to get educated; get involved, and do something about something that you don’t like. This is all broad spectrum: judges, attorneys, city people: if you have a problem with somebody and they do something wrong, don’t just sit there and cry in your beer. It drives me nuts!

    It goes back to the SEAL team. You can’t take on the world. As I told you, there were only 82 of us. SEAL 1 had 161, and there were 243 total.

    – See more at: http://obamareleaseyourrecords.blogspot.com/2013/07/fmr-imprisoned-obama-challenger-phony.html#sthash.BEVfBAyl.dpuf

  5. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    Where is the person who will stand up and tell Al Sharpton to “Shut the Hell up”?

    How is he even on TV?

    He’s already rewritten the Trayvon Martin incident in to Zimmerman stalking Trayvon and starting the confrontation, EVEN after Jeantel said that she believed Trayvon threw the first punch.

    I heard Sharpton tonight talking about some congressman named King who said that drug smugglers are illegal immigrants, and Sharpton spewed out about how “insulting” it was and how saying this doesn’t help the Republicans on the immigration issue.

    The problem is that it’s the TRUTH.

    Face reality Al, hispanic illegal aliens are more likely to be drug smugglers than say an Indian graqndmother, and blacks commit more crime as a percentage of the population than whites OR hispanics.

    I suppose if Trayvon would have broke in to a home and whooped on a female like that guy from New Jersey did, Sharpton would be all over Zimmerman for NOT doing something.

    Like I have commented many times, a simple, respectful, SOCIAL conversation was in order, but it didn’t happen.

    Trayvon could have told Zimmerman that he simply was returning home after going to the 7-11.

    Everyone says that Trayvon wasn’t breaking any laws walking home in the rain. But yet they ignore the evidence from George, and now Jeantel, that Trayvon probably threw the first punch. At that moment he broke a law and it was “Katie bar the door” as far as I’m concerned.

    I have yet to hear someone say that Zimmerman wasn’t breaking any laws keeping an eye on a suspicious looking teenager, and once his rights were violated, he had every RIGHT to defend himself.

    But that’s not the narrative the PTB want to indoctrinate us with.

    It’s pitiful.

  6. Interested Bystander

    I have to make this comment:

    IF Anthony Weiner is the best New York can do………………..

    Please Lord, take me home now.

    We are in some serious trouble.

  7. Army Conducts Nighttime Exercises in Downtown Chicago

    Linked to on Drudge: http://www.infowars.com/army-conducts-nighttime-exercises-in-downtown-chicago/

    Alex Jones and others have linked increased military exercises conducted in populated urban areas to an effort by the government and the military to acclimate the citizenry to the presence of combat troops on American streets.

    In addition to increased military exercises, the federal government and the United States Northern Command announced the deployment of military units for domestic homeland security missions. In September, 2008, the Army’s 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team was assigned various tasks including “civil unrest and crowd control,” a detail that was later denied by Northcom despite the concession that forces would be armed with both non-lethal and lethal weapons as well as having access to tanks, we reported on November 4, 2008.

    “In the next three years the military plans to activate and train an estimated 4,700 service members for specialized domestic operations, according to Air Force Gen. Gene Renuart, commander of U.S. Northern Command, which was created in 2002 for homeland defense missions,” reported the Colorado Independent on November 2, 2008.

    The Federal Emergency Management Agency added to the heightened state of domestic militarization in 2012 when it announced it had graduated its first class of FEMA Corps members under the rubric of emergency response preparedness. “While the idea of having a volunteer force of tens of thousands of volunteers scattered across the country to aid in times of natural disasters sounds great, the details and timing of this new government army is somewhat curious, if not disturbing,” Infowars.com noted on October 18, 2002.

    “Over the past two years, President Obama has signed a number of Executive Orders suspending all civil and Constitutional rights and turning over management of an America under Martial Law to FEMA. Also in that time, domestic federal agencies under DHS, including FEMA, have ordered billions of rounds of ammunition as well as the corresponding firearms. Admittedly, these new weapons and ammunition aren’t to be used in some far-off war or to fight forest fires in California, but right here on the streets of America.”

  8. IB,

    Weiner is probably the best New York can do. But don’t go home yet. We need folks like you.

  9. Got this in an email and thought I would share. “Only in Obama’s America can a brown man shoot a black man and the white man gets blamed.” 😦

  10. For those of you who may not have heard this already…..
    The Oak Ridge Boys tribute, with a surprise ending:


  11. oldsailor81

    I think that the only reason why Weiner’s wife keeps him is that he is her favorite sex toy…….”.a weiner.”

  12. oldsailor81

    Where else do we see the ARMY doing DOMESTIC CONTROL?……….Virtually every THIRD WORLD COUNTRY. So I say to all who DON’T GIVE A DAMN……”YOU TOO ARE GOING TO FEEL THE PAIN of the alleged “FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE”. Hope you enjoy it. If you think Soetoro is so great,then YOU DESERVE IT. HAR DE HAR……..I hope I live to see the STUPID LOOK ON YOUR FACE when it happens to you!

  13. oldsailor81

    When push comes to shove in America it is very doubtful that FEMA will even be recognised as any form of controlling authority. Further it is EXTREMELY doubtful that American troops will ever fire upon their OWN FAMILIES……….that is the troops who know UP from DOWN. Where the real danger lies is in the BLOC of troops who WILL kill their own parents,and siblings under a false banner,that they think is TRUE because they are too stupid to know any better.

  14. oldsailor81

    ……….and as sad as it is it is the IGNORAMUS people who are holding M-16s, and other assorted ordnance who will be the first to feel the pain of their own STUPIDITY. The pewople who possess the truth and the will to keep America as a SOVEREIGN country will TEACH the MORONS with RIFLES the truth…….and the morons will most likely choose to learn it the HARD WAY. So come on “SHOVEL FACE” Sharpton, and “BUNGLEWORST” JACKSON do your damndest……and in so doing provide the PEOPLE OF AMERICA WITH THE EXCUSE THEY NEED!. You all have your opinions. Sadly opinions are like ASSHOLES ….everybody has one.

  15. oldsailor81

    ………and as sad as it is the ignoramus people holding the M-16s,and other assorted ordnance will be the first to feel the pain of their own stupidity. The People who possess the truth and the will to protect our Constitution, will teach the ILLITERATES with firearms the truth.,and it is probable that they will choose to learn it the HARD way.. So come on “SHOVEL FACE” Sharpy, and BUNGLEWORST Jackie, do your damn with the excuse that they need. You have your opinions, but sadly opinions are like a##holes everybody has one.dest because in so doing you will provide the decent folks of America

  16. oldsailor81

    Comment 7:17 AM is really screwed up, it was an attempt to rewrite the 7:02 AM comment which went into moderation, because I chose to use the word a a##hole. Unfortunately I was writing blind and could not see what I was writing, thanks to WordPress.

  17. oldsailor81

    ………..so DISREGARD comment 7:17 AM and read comment 7:02 am.

  18. oldsailor81

    ….bye bye everybody HAVE A GREAT DAY!

  19. oldsailor81

    OOPS forgot PARTING THOUGHT………If a US AIRFORCE, or US NAVY PILOT is ordered to attack an American HOME from the Air ……..WILL HE DO IT,or will the PHONEY GOVERNMENT USE A DRONE INSTEAD. Perhaps the COMMISSIONED OFFICER who has agreed to uphold and protect the Constitution, who will be flying the fighter,will decide to shoot the DRONE from the sky to protect the American people, from a drone attack.

  20. oldsailor81


  21. JUST HAD TO PASS THIS ALONG…….looking at the picture will crack you up big time. George HW Bush has contracted a severe case of CHROMIUM DOMICITIS.(SHAVED HEAD). The overall appearance he now presents sort of reminds me of a DICK TRACY character who was called “CHROME DOME”. You can see the results at MEWSMAX.com.

  22. The usurper has spoken, what we have been witness to, are “phony scandals.”


    “There’s no question in my mind Barry Soetoro aka Obama is a sexual deviant also hiding behind a for ‘public consumption’ marriage. His militant Marxist wife, Michelle, doesn’t seem to mind as she lives like a queen off the sweat of our labor.

    There’s no longer any question Soetoro was and is forever constitutionally ineligible. There’s no longer any question his birth certificate is a poor forgery as well as his Selective Service card – which is a felony. Was he born in Hawaii or Kenya? Who knows. There’s certainly enough smoke to light a fire he wasn’t born in Hawaii.”


  24. Another scandal.

    Energy Department Whistleblowers Gagged and Warned Not to Talk to Congress


  25. Ted Cruz introduces bill to defund Obamacare

    Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, along with 17 other Senate Republicans, has introduced the Defund Obamacare Act of 2013, which would fully defund Obamacare.


  26. Philo-Publius

    Speech with lies is acceptable.
    Speech with truth must be punished.

    A Christian chaplain in the military is being officially censored for engaging in free speech

  27. You should be on twitter…

    Be the change you wish to see in the world-Gandhi

  28. Sorta like how they “navigate” pregnant women to the death mills while trying to convince them it’s for “women’s health” and keeping vital info from them!!

    Obama to Hire Thousands of Community Organizers at $20-$48 Per Hour to Help With Obamacare Enrollment


    Tens of thousands of health care professionals, union workers and community activists hired as “navigators” to help Americans choose Obamacare options starting Oct. 1 could earn $20 an hour or more, according to new regulations issued Wednesday.

    The 63-page rule covering navigators, drawn up by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, also said the government will provide free translators for those not fluent in English — no matter what their native language is.

    “The proposed requirements would also include that such entities and individuals provide consumers with information and assistance in the consumer’s preferred language, at no cost to the consumer, which would include oral interpretation of non-English languages and the translation of written documents in non-English languages when necessary to ensure meaningful access,” said the regulations.

  29. It’s open season on all normal people who work hard for a living. You read more reports of innocent people just walking down the street literally getting hammered, beaten, robbed every day…and all due to the “revenge” guvment and DOJ they know will look the other way and encouraging such animal behavior while blaming those who’ve had to waste millions now for decades in social “welfare”.

    FLASH MOBBERY DC: Black Mob Loots Convenience Store, Assaults Clerk (Video)

    Posted by Jim Hoft on Thursday, July 25, 2013, 10:38 AM

    Don’t lock your car doors – That’s racist.
    A mob of black teens looted a DC convenience store in the latest flash mobbery ignored by the national media.
    It doesn’t fit their agenda.


    My FOX DC reported:

    “It was crazy. Beyond our control,” says the manager of the King Convenience store in the 1500 block of U Street in Southeast D.C.

    He says a flash mob of teens stole candy, soda and other items from his store Saturday night.

    “Bunch of kids, more than 20 or 30, grabbed everything,” he says, asking not to be identified. “They grabbed everything and then ran away from the store.”

    An employee ran outside to try and stop some of the teens involved in the flash mob. He was confronted by one of them armed with a stick and is now recovering at home from his injuries.

    The suspect is described as a black male, 5’8″ tall, 180 pounds, with a medium complexion. He was last seen wearing a blue shirt with a Nike emblem, short-sleeve jean jacket or vest, a white sweatband on his head, and knee-length jean shorts and tennis shoes.

    “The previous owner, they locked the store and everything was inside,” the manager says. “We believe in community and opened everything up and try to do business, but sometimes it’s hard.”

  30. Philo-Publius

    Holder vows to force Texas into pre-clearance despite Supreme Court ruling on VRA

    If the Obama administration can ignore existing statutory law on the employer mandate for ObamaCare, though, perhaps the DoJ can enforce statutory laws that no longer exist.

    The Justice Department is preparing to take fresh legal action in a string of voting rights cases across the nation, U.S. officials said, part of a new attempt to blunt the impact of a Supreme Court ruling

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