IRS chief counsel William Wilkins met with Obama 2 days before IRS targeting of conservative groups, Wilkins Obama appointee, Defended Rev. Wright’s TUCC

IRS chief counsel William Wilkins met with Obama 2 days before IRS targeting of conservative groups, Wilkins Obama appointee, Defended Rev. Wright’s TUCC

“A government inspector who detailed the U.S. federal tax agency’s tough treatment of conservative groups says he has no evidence that liberal groups were similarly targeted, according to a letter obtained by The Associated Press on Thursday.”…Florida Today June 27, 2013


“He kept his eye on the young guys coming up in Trinity,” she said, “and if he spotted someone that acted or looked gay, then Wright would give them kind of a guidance counselor-type direction on how to keep down low – how to do the things they wanted to do, but then also getting married and looking ‘respectable’ – being part of black society.”...WND October 2, 2012

“The chickens have come home to roost.”…Rev Jeremiah Wright


From The Daily Caller July 22, 2013.

“Embattled IRS chief counsel met with Obama 2 days before agency changed targeting criteria”

“The Obama appointee implicated in congressional testimony in the IRS targeting scandal met with President Obama in the White House two days before offering his colleagues a new set of advice on how to scrutinize tea party and conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status.

IRS chief counsel William Wilkins, who was named in House Oversight testimony by retiring IRS agent Carter Hull as one of his supervisors in the improper targeting of conservative groups, met with Obama in the Roosevelt Room of the White House on April 23, 2012. Wilkins’ boss, then-IRS commissioner Douglas Shulman, visited the Eisenhower Executive Office Building on April 24, 2012, according to White House visitor logs.

On April 25, 2012, Wilkins’ office sent the exempt organizations determinations unit “additional comments on the draft guidance” for approving or denying tea party tax-exempt applications, according to the IRS inspector general’s report.

Between 2010 and 2012, the IRS sent letters demanding groups’ training materials, personal information on groups’ donors and college interns, and even the content of a religious group’s prayers.”

“At the firm, Wilkins defended Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Chicago-based United Church of Christ from a 2008 investigation into whether Wright violated his church’s nonprofit status by speaking in favor of Obama. ”

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67 responses to “IRS chief counsel William Wilkins met with Obama 2 days before IRS targeting of conservative groups, Wilkins Obama appointee, Defended Rev. Wright’s TUCC

  1. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    I’d like to make a few comments to posts on the last thread, if I may:


    The first comment on the thread is spot on, except I believe you left the Republicans out of the picture, when they are right there with the libs.

    BOTH sides have decided that Government knows best.

    It’s sad, and we are rapidly approaching the point where “discussions” won’t be necessary or helpful.

  2. Interested Bystander


    I was glad to see that the Trayvon Rallies were a bust.

    Maybe the masses decided not to listen to the “talking heads”.

    I’m glad I was wrong, and I do realize that there were incidents, they weren’t at the level that I thought they would be.

  3. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    Honestly, about Detroit:

    IF the Republicans wanted to start winning elections, they would be TRUTHFUL and point out cities like Detroit, and be proud that they ARE pointing them out.

    And I’d do it at every rally and at every debate.

    If you want to end up like Detroit, then keep voting in the Democrats.

    Detroit is the whole of the United States in 50 years.

    I hope I’m wrong again.

    And again, being the realist that I am, voting Republican will only lenghten the misery.

  4. Interested Bystander

    Papoose at 11:59

    I held my nose and voted AGAINST Barack Obama in 2008.

    I’m embarassed and ashamed that I voted McCain.

  5. Interested Bystander


    I’d like to bring over one comment you made from the previous thread:

    “……….I think that it is worth saying that God helps those who HELP THEMSELVES. While prayer is necessary,it is not enough by itself.”

    All I can add is

    EXCELLENT comment

  6. Interested Bystander, about the election, me too. I consoled myself by pulling the lever for Sarah Palin.

    ~ Friends, Lets hear it for Nelson Mandela

  7. Someone found this to be a lot of fun,but I don’t know who.

    in a word, uncanny.

  8. Interested Bystander

    Papoose at 4:36

    Your comment was on Philly schools.

    According to wikipedia, the Philly schools budget is 2.5 BILLION (so you can see that a HUGE chunk is FEDERAL MONEY.

    But also according to wikipedia, there were 149.535 students enrolled.

    So divide 2.5 billion by 149,535 and you get 16,718.49 PER student.

    I’m thinking it’s not a budget problem, I’m thinking maybe, just maybe it’s a SPENDING problem.

    It could be me, but I think maybe 5 grand a year per student would get you a decent education.

    16,718.49 seems a little steep.

  9. Interested Bystander

    oldsailor at 10:28,

    Hannity is still talking about Martin also.

    I heard him on my way home tonight.

    Maybe with the Rally duds, it’s time to drop it and move on.

    Glad the jury came to the right decision.

  10. Interested Bystander

    Philo-Publius at 2:31 about Zimmerman:

    How much you want to bet the driver of the SUV was of color?

    I notice race isn’t mentioned in the article, (except when it is reminded that Zimmerman shot and killed a young black unarmed teenager, I’m sorry, that was my attempt at humor, Martin’s race wasn’t in the article, because you see CNN and HLN continually remind us that Martin was a young black unarmed teenager and whenever you hear the word Zimmerman you automatically think about how he killed a young black unarmed teenager)

    whoa……………I may need help.

  11. Interested Bystander

    Thanks for letting me vent:

    Now back to regular programing……………………

  12. Philo-Publius

    Obamacare’s Branch of the NSA – Community organizers will use a Federal Data Hub to sign up people for subsidies — and even ballots.

    The Department of Health and Human Services is about to hire an army of “patient navigators” to inform Americans about the subsidized insurance promised by Obamacare and assist them in enrolling. These organizers will be guided by the new Federal Data Hub, which will give them access to reams of personal information compiled by federal agencies ranging from the IRS to the Department of Defense and the Veterans Administration. “The federal government is planning to quietly enact what could be the largest consolidation of personal data in the history of the republic,..No wonder that there are concerns about everything from identity theft to the ability of navigators to use the system to register Obamacare participants to vote.

  13. Philo-Publius

    Third in line to throne…
    Royal 8 pounds, 6 ounces…

    That’s the news we were bombarded with today. Obama’s Branch of the NSA was not worth reporting.

  14. Philo-Publius

    “It’s the greatest collection of private identification information ever assembled on Americans that will be put into one place,” said Rep. Patrick Meehan, who chairs a House cybersecurity subcommittee. “It is every bit of sensitive information one would need to know to completely take over the identification of a person,” said the Pennsylvania lawmaker.

    The Obamacare data hub, he added, “creates a honey pot and the day that it goes online it is going to be a target for hackers and others and they are unprepared to protect the system.”

  15. Obama Admin To Map Every Neighborhood In America By Race To “Eliminate Segregation”…

    ( – To ensure that “every American is able to choose to live in a community they feel proud of,” HUD has published a new fair-housing regulation intended to give people access to better neighborhoods than the ones they currently live in.

    The goal is to help communities understand “fair housing barriers” and “establish clear goals” for “improving integrated living patterns and overcoming historic patterns of segregation.”

    “This proposed rule represents a 21st century approach to fair housing, a step forward to ensuring that every American is able to choose to live in a community they feel proud of – where they have a fair shot at reaching their full potential in life,” said HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan.

    “For the first time ever,” Donovan added, “HUD will provide data for every neighborhood in the country, detailing the access African American, Latino, Asian, and other communities have to local assets, including schools, jobs, transportation, and other important neighborhood resources that can play a role in helping people move into the middle class.”

    Social engineering

  16. Interested Bystander | July 22, 2013 at 6:08 pm |

    I was glad to see that the Trayvon Rallies were a bust.

    Maybe the masses decided not to listen to the “talking heads”.

    I’m glad I was wrong, and I do realize that there were incidents, they weren’t at the level that I thought they would be.

    I was worried too, IB, but glad they didn’t get the big turnout. I think most people agree with the Zimmerman verdict. I am not a fan of Bill O’Reilly since he won’t tell the truth about Obama, but today he really gave it to the race hustlers and I agreed with what he said.

  17. Pure evil is encompassing this country…..without God. To save life isn’t Constitutional while authorizing murder is:

    Federal Judge Blocks North Dakota Abortion Law, Calls It ‘Unconstitutional’

    BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — A federal judge on Monday temporarily blocked a new North Dakota law that bans abortion when a fetal heartbeat is detected — as early as six weeks into pregnancy, calling the law “clearly invalid and unconstitutional.”

    U.S. District Judge Daniel Hovland in Bismarck granted a temporary injunction Monday that blocks the law from taking effect on Aug. 1.

    “There is no question that (the North Dakota law) is in direct contradiction to a litany of United States Supreme Court cases addressing restraints on abortion,” Hovland wrote. ” (It) is clearly an invalid and unconstitutional law based on the United States Supreme Court precedent in Roe v. Wade from 1973 … and the progeny of cases that have followed.”

    New York-based Center for Reproductive Rights, which is representing Fargo’s Red River Women’s Clinic, filed the lawsuit after the law was passed this year by the North Dakota Legislature. It would outlaw the procedure as early as six weeks into pregnancy and before some women even know they are pregnant.

    The law was one of four that the Republican-controlled Legislature and GOP Gov. Jack Dalrymple passed this year that combined make North Dakota the most restrictive state in the nation in which to get an abortion.

  18. bob strauss

    Interested Bystander | July 22, 2013 at 6:17 pm |

    Papoose at 11:59

    I held my nose and voted AGAINST Barack Obama in 2008.

    I’m embarrassed and ashamed that I voted McCain.
    I voted for the American!

  19. bob strauss

    Observer | July 22, 2013 at 8:47 pm |

    Obama Admin To Map Every Neighborhood In America By Race To “Eliminate Segregation”…

  20. Congressman Says Hillary Perjured Herself, Calls for Special Prosecutor of Benghazi Cover-Up

    During an appearance on TPNN’s The Capitol Hill Show with Tim Constantine, Congressman Steve Stockman said he believes Hillary Clinton perjured herself in her testimony before Congress.

  21. July 22, 2013

    “New petition gives Obama immunity for crimes”

    “Activist and author Mark Dice is at it again, this time convincing people on the street who apparently support President Obama to sign a petition that would grant immunity to Obama for crimes he has committed in office.”

  22. Woman Collects $500,000 From Boston Bombing Relief Fund, Wasn’t Even In The State During Attacks

  23. Good morning CW et. al,

    I don’t know about anyone else, but it is simply ridiculous Congress takes so long during any investigation into this administrations corruption and crimes. I wonder at times if it sets a precedence for future political generations to come. Whenever investigated, simply do not respond and say no to handing over information, say no to supplying witnesses, say no to supplying documentation, take the 5th at every turn, ignore congressional subpoena’s or simply give misleading information as no arrest or criminal charges will ever apply.

    What is the compelling factor for anyone to respond? None! There is no repercussion to otherwise comply with any request. How difficult is it for anyone to say no, when the articulate legal strategy you pose is the word -Please, and give them 3 months to respond? Ask Please again?

  24. Observer,

    I believe the stage is being set for Roe-v-Wade challenges at the SCOTUS level. There is so much more scientific medical information today, than available at that time.

  25. P.S.

    I always forget who our PC guru is here, and have a question. How much does it cost to have a professional website made? I have an Idea for one, but do not have the PC skills to do it on my own. I am willing to pay for it.

  26. citizenwells

    Good morning William, et al.

  27. oldsailor81

    The behavior of the Democrats is NOTHING NEW. They have been behaving the way they do for as far back as I can remember. In addition underhanded and otherwise criminal behavior has ALWAYS been there,as well. In the old days of John L Lewis,(coal miners) Walter Reuther (Auto workers), the IAAM, IUE have always been in bed with the Democratic party. In addition outright MURDER is also in the Democratic playbook. But the hits are carried out by PAID GOONS.

  28. oldsailor81

    …….in addition organised crime is intertwined with the Democratic party, and has always been. Like now we have a CORRUPT JUDICIAL ARM of the Federal government, which now even includes the SCOTUS. In reality our country now dangles by a very thin thread. The Utopian HALFWITS think that when everything is FREE they will have achieved complete luxury. They have forgotten something very important……..who the hell is going to produce the food and the necessities of life.? When everything STOPS it includes manufacturing,food processing,etc.. The Utopians think that they can have it both ways. But unfortunately it doesn’t happen that way.. So to that end I say let them learn ……THE HARD WAY!

  29. oldsailor81

    I believe that if the ABORTION issue is once again put in front of the SCOTUS this time they will pave the abortion road for any and all women,for abortion on demand,and including right up to full term. The handwriting is on the wall,and with the two ILLEGAL SLUTS that were appointed by Soetoro,the SCOTUS is now unfairly weighted to the liberal side. Those to in the scotus are primary examples of the sort of sick DEVIATE characters which now permeate our entire government.

  30. The SLIME that now runs our country are like the thousands of WRITHING MAGGOTS that we sometimes see on a ROAD KILL CARCASS. All writhing to get just ONE MORE BITE of the deteriorating,and slowly disappearring carcass which emits it’s own putrid odors. Just like the filth which is now the standard practice of our government. You name it ,and our government either does it or is involved with those who DO IT. The SLIME DEVIATES in our country think that it is all REALLY C-O-O-L. LIKE C-O-O-L MAN! really


  32. William:

    Try They will give you all the tools to make something very simple on your own for free as long as you don’t sell anything from the website. This CW blog is also hosted by

  33. citizenwells

    You can load WordPress software on a .com, .net, etc.
    There are templates avail free or low cost.
    Many fortune 500 companies are using this.

  34. Here we go again…lessons learned in Egypt = NONE

    The United States is now going to openly provide arms to the Syrian rebels…(alQueda)……didn’t we learn anything in Egypt ?, or Lybia ? or any of the other countries we have been fighting in the middle East ?…

    Our enemy in Afghanistan is alQueda. this is the same enemy we are getting ready to arm with weapons and ammunition in Syria now ……we have been fighting this enemy for over 10 years..we are no closer to a victory than when we fired the first shot in that country……….thousands of our young men have been killed and many more thousands have come home mamed and scared fo the rest of their r lives…we have learned nothing from Afghanistan…except how to increase their poppy production …

    Now that weasel arm chair general Dempsey, along with his illegal CinC, are planning to support, with perhaps thousands of “boots on the ground” American fighting men into Syria…….and our “do nothing Congress” supports this INSANE thinking…..

    when will we learn…or is this part of their overall plan to destroy our nation ? ….

    The American soldier is now so accustomed to fighting somewhere, it’s kind of like a national business. for our government….in fact, war is America’s only business now.

    But we never win…regardless where we fight….what does that tell you ?

    Our enemy, alQueda, the terrorist, is our enemy in Afghanistan as well as in Syria…..and supposedly anywhere else in the world….

    Now here we are arming our enemy in Syria….does that make any sense to anyone ? I think not..

    This outrageous American UN foreign policy has no objective other than to benefit Saudi Arabia and Iran……in the future, the American fighting man must be prepared to dodge the bullets that our government will soon be providing our enemy……. You can put that in the bank.

    My heart is with our soldiers who must pay the heavy price for this interference in Middle Eastern affairs we have no business in getting involved in.

  35. The Obama foreign policy is to support the Muslim Brotherhood and oppose the Shia muslims. That is why Obama backed the groups that overthrew Ghadafi in Libya, that put Morsi in place in Egypt, and that are trying to depose Assad in Syria. Russia supports Iran, Assad in Syria, Hezbolla, and Hamas, all of which oppose the Muslim Brotherhood.

  36. I have to say….big mouth DID place the emphasis more at where it should be and DID call out the pRes and other race baiters by name, naming Hollywood as well. It had to be said in this current cowardly culture by someone but I doubt if he’ll get much genuine backup in this kind of “conversation” since it means putting the truth on the line personally by others who have too much to lose in their fakery.

    Bill O’Reilly Boldly Takes on Obama and Race Hustlers: Young Black Americans Are Often Involved in Crime – The Statistics Are Overwhelming (Video)

  37. oldsailor81

    ……….and NO AMOUNT of WORDSMITHING,or WORDTWISTING will change PROVEN,and documented FACT. Only LIBERAL A##HOLES think they can change everything by twisting words. Proves their MORONIC nature!

  38. Joke of the day,

    Q: Why did God make Snakes before Lawyers?
    A: To practice!

  39. My Irish joke of the day for my friend RMinNC!

    To Marry an Irish woman is like joining the Army. You get a new hair cut, new clothes, and all information is given to you on a “need to know” basis!

  40. oldsailor81 | July 23, 2013 at 3:41 pm |
    ……….and NO AMOUNT of WORDSMITHING,or WORDTWISTING will change PROVEN,and documented FACT. Only LIBERAL A##HOLES think they can change everything by twisting words. Proves their MORONIC nature!


    Hell yeah, you nailed it my friend! Exactly.

  41. More to add to the IRS scandal: Jeffrey Zients is out of the country

  42. Touche WILLIAM…touche

    God Save Ireland !….

  43. How about developing our own oil reserves, and ween ourselves of the middle east influence.


  44. Taiwan Video: Detroit Goes Bankrupt as Obama Smokes Joint

  45. Maybe we are starting to get somewhere when they start calling each other a liar.

    Ex-CNN Producer to CNN: Retract Obama Fraud Lies and Report Truth

  46. oldsailor81 | July 23, 2013 at 9:43 am |

    I believe that if the ABORTION issue is once again put in front of the SCOTUS this time they will pave the abortion road for any and all women,for abortion on demand,and including right up to full term. The handwriting is on the wall,and with the two ILLEGAL SLUTS that were appointed by Soetoro,the SCOTUS is now unfairly weighted to the liberal side. Those to in the scotus are primary examples of the sort of sick DEVIATE characters which now permeate our entire government.
    The way things are going, I would not be shocked if they give women an additional 36 months to decide whether or not a child is worthy of living depending, of course, on it’s “health”.

    The SCOTUS is dead. Presidential Ineligibility whitewashed and human trafficking known as Obamacare? We’ve been Coup’d thanks to the Chief Justice whose name I will never utter again in my life.

  47. Good Morning CW, et. al.

  48. Good morning Zack, CW et. al,


    Bill O’Reilly nailed it! Dr. Walter Williams has discussed this topic in great lengths over the years. If you get a chance, go to his website and review the archives on this topic and educational cesspool.


    I am very proud of Kevin’s (pixel patriot) hard work and efforts. Sometimes we would talk on the phone for an hour several times a week – planning and discussing exposure of Obama and his minions. I miss those days.

  49. Good Morning William. I agree that O’Relly nailed it.

  50. citizenwells

    Good morning Zach, et al.

  51. bob strauss

    BREAKING NEWS: George Zimmerman changes his name to “Ben Ghazi” so that the Obama Regime & the lamestream media will never mention him again.

  52. The lunacy of the left never ceases to amaze !!

    Here are a couple of examples (totally unrelated) of the crazy thinking of progressives. These people are hopelessly lost in ignorance:

    Pelosi: We Must Uphold Our Oath To The Constitution By Passing Gun Control

    “In Congress, there can be no more fitting memorial to the lives lost in Aurora, in Newtown, and across the country than a concerted effort to enact commonsense gun safety legislation. We must uphold our oath to ‘protect and defend’ the constitution and all Americans by expanding background checks and keeping dangerous firearms out of the wrong hands. We must restore confidence in the safety of our homes, schools, movie theaters, and neighborhoods by taking clear, concrete steps to prevent gun violence.”

    Read more:

    Too Small Government is What Led to Detroit’s Bankruptcy

    But leave it to Melissa Harris-Perry over at MSNBC to conclude that this is actually what happens when government is too small:
    “This lack of tax base [in Detroit] is also exactly the thing that many Republicans would impose on us even when our cities have sufficient populations. This is what it looks like when government is small enough to drown in your bathtub and it is not a pretty picture.”

    Read more:

  53. Another Obamination of a judicial nominee….trying to slick her in before noticing her radical hatred of true womanhood:

    Obama Judicial Nominee: Abortion Saves Women From “Conscription” Into Motherhood, Ultrasounds Show “Deceptive Images Of A Fetus As Autonomous Being”…

    Intentional evil being forced upon the good:

    This is what stands for “brilliance” by the left:

    A mother of two, Nina wrote a 2011 paper, “Against the New Maternalism,” which argues that by celebrating motherhood, society is creating a “self-fulfilling cycle of discrimination.” Those ideas bleed into Pillard’s extreme pro-abortion views, which suggest that technology is somehow manipulating Americans to consider the personhood of the unborn. In one of her most jaw-dropping statements, the President’s nominee even criticizes the ultrasound. She believes it manufactures “deceptive images of fetus-as-autonomous-being that the anti-choice movement has popularized since the advent of amniocentesis.”

    More fanatical attempts to prevent the truth from being revealed to the victims of Moloch. If these people could only realize that it’s their own individual souls that are the true victims….. of the evil one….perhaps for all eternity if they don’t convert to the truth.

  54. CabbyAZ
    First of all we all know that Pelosi is a total nitwit to begin with, then to compound the insult to everyone’s intelligence she says something that is so blatantly STUPID like TO CONFORM TO THE CONSTITUTION…… I know she is worse than a nitwit she is a RAVING LUNATIC. Of course with her UP IS DOWN! So I guess we all would expect her to be a total imbecile.

  55. ………..100% of the TIME!

  56. Old Sailor,
    I agree completely about Mssss P., but every so often she comes up with a real doozy even by liberal standards. How in the world does she keep her place in the House? She certainly is a total fruitcake by all normal standards and a total disgrace, but telling her so would be a total waste of time.

  57. Old Sailor,
    It seems the only thing she knows what to do is to have her face lifted repeatedly. (either that or botox) Pretty soon her skin will be so thin that it will crack. Then what? LOL

  58. Observer………
    I have long held the view that the FEMALE of mankind was made by our creator for the purpose of being the carrier of our children. I believe that the creator assigned that burden to women because he had created them to be the NURTURER. He desinged this function into the souls of the female. Yet there are the SNOTNOSED OVEREDUCATED WORDSMITHS who think that womanhood is a STAND ALONE JOAN OF ARC,who is somehow comparable to Superman,and is the epitome of mortal combat.. These are the alleged females who think that they are males and try to live a male life style..They are also the females who try to be combat infantrymen. As long as females are females they will NEVER be able to fill a male cxombat role as completely as the male of our species does. It is physically impossible for them to perform every task which is assigned to a male of our species.. This is SIMPLE MATH,and simple NOMENCLATURE. I personally like the FEMALE type FEMALES.. The MALE FEMALES are mentally unbalanced.. Hopefully some day our alleged society will see the error of their errant beliefs and go back to what we have known all along……..UP IS UP AND DOWN IS DOWN.

  59. Cabby AZ………
    Looking into the face of Msssssssssssssss. Pelosi is like staring thru an unnoccupied hole in an outhouse. What you see is what is present. I have prided myself over a long period of time in being able to see through what some people try to tell me. I only need to see his/her face as they run their mouth. Some folks call this BODY LANGUAGE, and some might even go so far as to refer to this ability as CLAIR VOYANCE. Whatever it is when I hired people is when I discovered that I possessed this gift from my creator.

  60. ………..along the way I discovered a few PHONIES. I once offerred a man a job because he told me that he could operate a specific machine. So having thayt machine I said to him “I have one of these machines in my pressroom.,and there is a four color job which we just finished making plates for this morning. .I said would you like to dewmonstrate your skills on this machine for me. He DECLINED the offer. He used the excuse that he had not been legally hired so he was not going to demonstrate his ability. but I had already told him that if he wished I would pay him top money to produce the job as a test so that I could eveluate his overall ability. He said goodbye,and we hurridly exited our plant. This sort of skill test is often used throughout industry. It can be printing,or welding,or literally any trade.. But he knew that he was detected,and tried to use whatever excuse he could dream up..What he didn’t realise is that I already knew the answers to the questions which I asked him.

  61. ……..and this is the same sort of BULLSHI# that the LIBERALS think they can ram down everybody’s throat. They too are to damn stupid to realise that there ARE PEOPLE around who KNOW THE TRUTH, and that they might even be talking to somebody who knows the truth as well. Their boldness has always given me cause to suspect them right off, and as soon as they opened their mouths they usually comfirmed my suspicions.

  62. …………but ever so slowly the investigators are drawing the garrote tighter and tighter about the throat of Barry Soetoro. I think that it might take awhile to draw it tight enough to let him know that WE THE PEOPLE are NOT GOING to let him ram his crap down our throats any longer. But rest assurred the GARROTE IS BEING DRAWN TIGHTER AND TIGHTER. With any luck he will be feeling the bite of the BIGHT ………..soon.

  63. oldsailor81

    BYE BYE time for a coffee and a danish. Have a great day everybody.!

  64. oldsailor81

    OOPS forgot to mention Slick WILLY WILKINS. Chief IRS honcho. His ass is going to be put on the fire very soon. Perhaps he will realise early on that a SONG might ease the temperature some.

  65. oldsailor81


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