Obama Trayvon Martin speech, Race not issue, Accountability lacking, Obama and Democrats destroy blacks jobs, Gun policies, Liberal impact on family structure, ACORN exploited poor

Obama Trayvon Martin speech, Race not issue, Accountability lacking, Obama and Democrats destroy blacks jobs, Gun policies, Liberal impact on family structure, ACORN exploited poor

“The unemployment rate for blacks has risen almost 6 percent since the Democrats took control of congress in January 2007.”…Citizen Wells

“The Employment to Population Ratio for blacks has dropped 6.4 percent since the Democrats took control of congress in January 2007.”…Citizen Wells

“79.6 percent of Chicago homicide victims to date in 2013 were black”…Citizen Wells July 20, 2013 



It is lacking in black communities as well as all stratas of modern US society.

Beginning with the great society and continuing to today, the Democrat Party has used Blacks for their own political agenda. Obama included.
This has led to further breakdowns in the family structure.

Obama and the left are quick to blame others for their failures.

So are many in the black community as well as the demogogues who use them.

The Sandy Hook tragedy was a good recent example.

Guns and the right were blamed for the failure to plan to protect the children and take adequate measures.

The Trayvon Martin targedy is another. Obama and the left are quick to blame this on racism when they are a huge part of the problem.

Obama recently spoke on the  Trayvon Martin tragedy.

“I know that Eric Holder is reviewing what happened down there, but I think it’s important for people to have some clear expectations here. Traditionally, these are issues of state and local government, the criminal code. And law enforcement is traditionally done at the state and local levels, not at the federal levels.

That doesn’t mean, though, that as a nation we can’t do some things that I think would be productive. So let me just give a couple of specifics that I’m still bouncing around with my staff, so we’re not rolling out some five-point plan, but some areas where I think all of us could potentially focus.

Number one, precisely because law enforcement is often determined at the state and local level, I think it would be productive for the Justice Department, governors, mayors to work with law enforcement about training at the state and local levels in order to reduce the kind of mistrust in the system that sometimes currently exists.

When I was in Illinois, I passed racial profiling legislation, and it actually did just two simple things. One, it collected data on traffic stops and the race of the person who was stopped. But the other thing was it resourced us training police departments across the state on how to think about potential racial bias and ways to further professionalize what they were doing.

And initially, the police departments across the state were resistant, but actually they came to recognize that if it was done in a fair, straightforward way that it would allow them to do their jobs better and communities would have more confidence in them and, in turn, be more helpful in applying the law. And obviously, law enforcement has got a very tough job.

So that’s one area where I think there are a lot of resources and best practices that could be brought to bear if state and local governments are receptive. And I think a lot of them would be. And let’s figure out are there ways for us to push out that kind of training.

Along the same lines, I think it would be useful for us to examine some state and local laws to see if it — if they are designed in such a way that they may encourage the kinds of altercations and confrontations and tragedies that we saw in the Florida case, rather than diffuse potential altercations.

I know that there’s been commentary about the fact that the “stand your ground” laws in Florida were not used as a defense in the case. On the other hand, if we’re sending a message as a society in our communities that someone who is armed potentially has the right to use those firearms even if there’s a way for them to exit from a situation, is that really going to be contributing to the kind of peace and security and order that we’d like to see?

And for those who resist that idea that we should think about something like these “stand your ground” laws, I’d just ask people to consider, if Trayvon Martin was of age and armed, could he have stood his ground on that sidewalk? And do we actually think that he would have been justified in shooting Mr. Zimmerman who had followed him in a car because he felt threatened? And if the answer to that question is at least ambiguous, then it seems to me that we might want to examine those kinds of laws.

Number three — and this is a long-term project — we need to spend some time in thinking about how do we bolster and reinforce our African American boys. And this is something that Michelle and I talk a lot about. There are a lot of kids out there who need help who are getting a lot of negative reinforcement. And is there more that we can do to give them the sense that their country cares about them and values them and is willing to invest in them?”


There were actually parts of the speech that resonated with me.

However, If Obama is sincere, he must break from his radical, anti family, anti jobs past and take concrete measures to strengthen all families in this country.

This includes taking a stand against pop culture and the many bad influences it presents.

One of Obama’s strongest ties in the past was to ACORN and associated ideologies.

From Citizen Wells September 15, 2009.

“The following report was prepared for the Catholic Bishops in 1997 and covers the period of time close to when Obama was a community organizer and involved directly with ACORN”

“1. ACORN received approximately 5% of the national CHD annual budget between 1992-1995. Between the years of 1992-1995, ACORN received $1,493,000 in national CHD grants.”

“This commentary does not oppose CHD funding of genuine, grassroots community organizations, run and supported by individual members of a parish or diocese. There is potential value and virtue in the collective voice. However, when the CHD funds Alinsky-style, church-based community organizations as in the best interest of the poor and supports organizations which advance other agendas, it divests the poor of their right to an authentic voice. This process tends to treat the poor as exploited units of human capital, rather than as human beings created in the dignity of God’s image.”


Obama, the Democrats and the left have impacted blacks in a manner that is more easily quantified and certainly underreported.


Remember, Democrats took control of both houses of congress starting in January of 2007. Obama took the White House in January 2009.

The following stats for blacks tell the tale.

                                                                                                  2007     2009     2013
Labor Force Participation rate   64.6     63.3     61.4
Employment Population Ratio      59.4     55.2     53.0
Unemployment rate                 7.9     12.7     13.7

55 responses to “Obama Trayvon Martin speech, Race not issue, Accountability lacking, Obama and Democrats destroy blacks jobs, Gun policies, Liberal impact on family structure, ACORN exploited poor

  1. Citizenwell,
    Now is not the time for a national discussion about race. Now is time for a national discussion about illegal and unfair Democratic Party policies, including using the Federal Government and it’s entities to attack conservatives. Now is a time for discussion about voter fraud, on a national and international level, by the democrats and Obama. These events have eclipsed any ‘race’ problems in the United States, and threaten world wide security. Now is the time to discuss leaving Americans to die in Bengazi. Now is the time to discuss US government support fot he murderous muslim brotherhood. Obama has failed, the statistics about the economy and unemployment, as well as wealth lost, are staggering. Obama international failure is grossly obvious, America is now laughed at. Trayvon Martin is a sideshow, used by those whom don’t want to discuss the real issues.

    Time to truly ask everyone the prime question and look at the promise of the media and the left. If your enemies and so called international allies, do not now or in the past “love you” isn’t it better for them to respect and fear you that laugh and scoff? Further, how can you have national security when you have a failing domestic economy? The Dow is no longer a national indicator of the economy, it’s disconnected secondary to the world wide economy and the Federal Reserve manipulation, under employment is the indicator of the economy…..at it’s not real promising.


  2. MortimerGarfinkle

    The White House and their Media accomplices are always looking for stories to occupy the news so that they don’t have to talk about the Obama/Clinton scandals – Benghazi, Muslim Brotherhood, IRS Political Attacks, Obama/Rubio/Cruz/Jindal ineligibility, Obama ID theft, Obama BC forgery, massive unemployment, massive foodstamp reliance, etc. etc.

  3. Only 2,000 showed up for a Trayvon protest in Harlem and 80 in Florida’s capital. I’d say it was a bust. Most people know this was not a case about race, but a case of legit self-defense. I agree. Time to focus on the corrupt Democratic Party and scandals involving Obama.

  4. OT but do we need a sign coming between the end of this year and the beginning of the next???

    Comet ISON: Will the ‘Comet of the Century’ live up to the hype?

    Comet ISON will fly perilously close to the sun on Thanksgiving Day. If it survives, it will make a gorgeous display in late November and December, coming closest to Earth on December 26.


    Why now…..and why Thanksgiving Day and/or the Christmas season/beginning of 2014??

  5. Good morning CW et. al,

    Cabby, SueQ, Oldsailor, RMinNC,

    I sent you all an email with the two videos I took with my cell phone yesterday. Enjoy.

  6. citizenwells

    Good morning William, et al.

  7. Thanks WILLIAM….I’ll go look now……

    I seldom get email…so I’m thrilled when I do….the wife lives by that stuff…..

  8. WILLIAM…. Put this in your collection of GOOD THINGS….

    This is the last song that JOHNNY CASH wrote before he died….I though you might like the words to it………it’s called:


    And I heard as it were the noise of thunder
    One of the four beasts saying come and see… and I saw
    And behold…a white horse

    There’s a man going around taking names,
    and he decides who to free and who to blame.
    Everybody won’t be treated all the same.
    There’ll be a golden ladder reaching down,
    When the Man comes around

    The hairs on your arm will stand up,
    at the terror in each sip and in each sup.
    Will you partake of that last offered cup?
    Or disappear into the potter’s ground,
    When the Man comes around

    Hear the trumpets, hear the pipers,
    one hundred million angels singing.
    Multitudes are marching to the big kettledrum
    Voices calling, voices crying.
    Some are born and some are dying.
    It’s Alpha and Omega’s kingdom come

    And the whirlwind is in the thorn tree,
    the virgins are all trimming their wicks.
    The whirlwind is in the thorn tree,
    it’s hard for thee to kick against the pricks

    Till Armageddon no shalam, no shalom,
    then the father hen will call his chickens home.
    The wise man will bow down before the throne.
    And at His feet they’ll cast their golden crowns,
    When the Man comes around.

    Whoever is unjust let him be unjust still,
    whoever is righteous let him be righteous still.
    Whoever is filthy, let him be filthy stil.l
    Listen to the words long written down,
    When the Man comes around.

    Hear the trumpets, hear the pipers,
    one hundred million angels singing.
    Multitudes are marching to the big kettledrum
    Voices calling, and voices crying,
    some are born, and some are dying.
    It’s Alpha and Omega’s kingdom come

    And the whirlwind is in the thorn tree,
    the virgins are all trimming their wicks.
    The whirlwind is in the thorn tree,
    it’s hard for thee to kick against the pricks.

    In measured hundred weight and penny pound
    When the Man comes around.

    And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts,
    and I looked and behold,… a pale horse.
    And his name that sat on him was Death,
    and Hell followed with him….
    The Biblical references in this song are too numerous to mention….. Johnny did his homework on this one…I think he knew his time was near…

    Type in the youtube search engine: When the man comes around+Johnny Cash….

    Well this old soldier is off to church, I need all the help I can get trying to atone for my sins…lol…. this last song by CASH is great…you should go to youtube and listen to it…


    P.S…..I love my beautiful Tennessee…. you did know I was born in Tennessee didn’t you?…..have a great day, my friend…

  9. We won’t be seeing this reported in the main stream media…….

    Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Praying for Spiritual Revival In America
    It was a sight to behold inside a conference ballroom at the downtown Marriott hotel in Des Moines, Iowa, as hundreds of Iowa pastors called out to God and prayed over two U.S. senators, both of whom seem interested in running for president of the United States

    Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Rand Paul came to Iowa Friday to speak at this Pastors and Pews event, organized by influential evangelical political operative David Lane. The Brody File got an up close look and access to the private event. We will be posting compelling video early next week. For now, we are releasing a few pictures from the event


  10. DETROIT…..Awwwww…… WHAT A CITY…

    40% of its street lamps don’t work.
    210 of its 317 public parks have been closed.
    It takes an hour for police to respond to a 911 call.
    Only a third of its ambulances are drivable.
    One-third of the city has been abandoned.
    Forty-seven percent of adults are functionally illiterate…the other 53%
    can barely write their names…

    Evidently 50 years of governance by compassionate Obama community organizer types have driven out the business class and now there is no one left to rail against.

    To top it off, Judge Rosemarie Aquilina declared Detroit’s bankruptcy “unconstitutional.” Evidently, as Mark Stein puts it, in Michigan,” reality is unconstitutional.”

    Make that, “If Obama had a country, it would look like Detroit”..

    Everything’s cheap in Detroit…….ESPECIALLY LIFE….

  11. There was about two hundred in Portland,Ore. This is what the news at 5 said.

  12. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    CW – A good example of Orwellian doublespeak

    “White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said President Barack Obama’s administration is ready to help Detroit however it’s necessary, but that it doesn’t intend to get involved in the city’s financial matters or its relationship with creditors.”


  13. Thanks Jonah for the link to the Pastors and Pews event. I saw something in my email on it but there weren’t any photos. Can’t wait to hear the audio. If you see a link to that when it comes out, could you put it in here? Thanks again.

  14. I’ll watch for video of the Pastors and Pews event. We must pray that God will save us from this pestilence that is destroying our nation.

  15. Detroit; the perfect example of fundamental transformation.

    The Cloward-Piven Strategy

  16. John McCain is proud of poTUS race speech.

    What more do we need to know to recognize COLLUSION?

  17. bob strauss

    Must See Lynching: Bill Whittle Absolutely Destroys Obama Media; Journalistic Malfeasance –


  18. http://weaselzippers.us/2013/07/20/tweet-of-the-night-3/
    35yrs ago OBAMA suffered profiling—–>

    “Yup, it’s rough in the harsh halls of the Punahou Prep School in Hawaii. Sometimes you even have to do homework and can’t hang with your choom gang buds.”

  19. oldsailor81

    After awhile we need some nurturing of the heart,soul,and mind,by God himself. The hardest of us all find it necessary from time to time. I sort of think of a visit with God as being sort of like putting a new sole on an old shoe.

  20. oldsailor81

    ……….I think that it is worth saying that God helps those who HELP THEMSELVES. While prayer is necessary,it is not enough by itself.

  21. oldsailor81

    Excellent comparison…….right on the money. Shows exactly what years of LIBERAL DEMOCRAT leadership does.

  22. bob strauss

    Former Navy Seal: Incarceration Ordered By White House Operative; Provided Specific Name – See more at: http://obamareleaseyourrecords.blogspot.com/#sthash.8urRrIJQ.dpuf

  23. bob strauss

    Sheriff Joe Personally Calling Receptive Congressmen On Obama ID FraudSheriff Joe Personally Calling Receptive Congressmen On Obama ID Fraud


  24. Hi OldSailor, yep, all by design. Did you hear they are closing 23 schools in Philadelphia and laying off almost all adult personnel? They’re building a state of the art prison instead. The good news is it will be air-conditioned and will have a classroom!

    ~ Here’s the Propaganda:

    According to Philly.com, the budget cuts mean that “schools will open in the fall without new books, paper, clubs, counselors, librarians, assistant principals, or secretaries. Athletics, art, and music would be gone. There could be 3,000 layoffs, including some teachers. Class sizes would be larger, and schools would have no aides to help manage them or support staff to monitor lunchrooms and playgrounds.”

    The schools need $304 million, but that is unlikely because the Republican-controlled Pennsylvania House of Representatives passed a tax break in May for corporations. That tax break that will cost Pennsylvania $600 million to $800 million in taxes per year, notes the York Dispatch.

    However, those educators who become unemployed by the cuts may be able to find jobs at the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, which is going to spend an estimated $400 million for the buildings of State Correctional Institutions Phoenix I and II.

    The new prison will hold 4,000 people, including male and female inmates, mentally ill people and death row inmates, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer.

    Ironically, the new prison will also include a classroom.

  25. They must have photos on John McCain or something. He’s become a democrat, IMHO.It is way past obvious.

  26. bob strauss

    Papoose | July 21, 2013 at 4:56 pm |

    Allen West responds to Racist-In-Chief
    Have you heard any more about Col. West, and his statement about Obama being a usurper? Since his initial statement, I have heard nothing from him.

  27. MortimerGarfinkle

    Sen. Ted Cruz was born in Canada. He is not a natural born Citizen of the United States of America. According to the United States Constitution, he is not eligible to be President of the United States.

  28. bob strauss

    MortimerGarfinkle | July 21, 2013 at 6:18 pm |

    Sen. Ted Cruz was born in Canada. He is not a natural born Citizen of the United States of America. According to the United States Constitution, he is not eligible to be President of the United States.
    Neither is the usurper, in the White House.

  29. Good Post from ChicagoBoyz:

    Richard Fernandez:

    The big risk the liberal establishment took in advancing Obama for President was not in proposing a black candidate, but in nominating an incompetent one. That ensured that when the recriminations came it would be about race.

    A successful Obama presidency would have been a breakthrough for race relations that would have lasted decades. Conversely, a catastrophic Obama presidency would set things back for generations.

    The unspoken takeaway for many would be “never an African-American again”. But that is the wrong lesson. The right lesson, I think should be “never an incompetent again”.

    Things might not have been much better, and arguably they would have been worse, under Hillary Clinton. The kind of disaster that is unfolding is across the board. Foreign policy catastrophe, economic mismanagement, chaos in governance, botched programs — they’re just piling up. So in the face that avalanche of woes, Obama will do the easiest thing: make it about race.

    But it is really not about race. Race in this case was cosmetic. It was the mask the liberal establishment donned to rejuvenate their tired old agenda. And now that it’s failing comprehensively they’ll blame the mask.

    It may seem counterintuitive, but the ones with the most to gain by racializing Obama are faceless backroom boys. They know he’s done for so they’re going to pin the disaster on the black guy, not upon the guys who selected the incompetent who happened to black. They’ll put their political mistakes in the coffin with Obama’s career. Pin it on him and push Hillary 2016.

  30. bob strauss

    Obama’s Secret $8 Billion Bribe To The Muslim Brotherhood


  31. oldsailor81

    While a lot of questions are continuing to build one thing is clear…….the problems in our country are JUST BEGINNING to get MORE THAN SERIOUS. When it is beyond critical there will be three generations of families living in 1000 sq. feet or LESS. It could even be a 10’x10′ tarpapered shanty along a railroad right of way, similar to those of the twenties and thirties. Most were even smaller. I saw them!

  32. oldsailor81

    The tarpaper shanties were still around even after WW2 was over. A lot of WW2 vets lived in them. Many of them had alcohol problems. Others had developed psychopathic behavior, but pathetically few of any of the vets received any treatment for their problems. Really shameful.Many fought,but when they returned nobody even gave a damn about their well being. It wasn’t until well into the 50s that we even had a vets hospital here.

  33. oldsailor81

    ……yet the politicians continually voted themselves bigger salaries, and financed the bigger salaries from the Social Security trust funds. They stole money for the big salary increases but they could not spare a dime to help a vet. BASTARDS,BASTARDS,BASTARDS.

  34. oldsailor81

    ……Now we are seeing the Muslim Brotherhood (OUR ENEMY) receive HUGE amounts of money, while our vets CONTINUE TO GET THE SHAFT!

  35. Bob Strauss………
    The 8 billion funnelled to our ENEMY was tatamount to an act of treason. The money could have been spent to help the COMBAT VETS of our country. Thanks to a BASTARD at the WH.

  36. Bob Strauss,

    No I haven’t heard anymore on Allen West’s usurper remarks. I am hoping he is on of the VIPs Mike Zullo is referring to with respect to the people showing interest in the forged LFBC.

    Reed Hayes / Alabama Supreme Court Trial

  37. HonorFirst | July 21, 2013 at 7:12 pm |

    Hi Honor,

    Interesting comments however, mutterings are that voters will not elect anyone ‘of color’ again. There are also more mutterings that barky is NOT black; he is Saudi. This would fit in with his addiction to bowing to men who have towels on their heads.

    Just my take and some mutterings I’ve heard…

  38. July 22, 2013

    “… Just Released Video From First Night Of CSPOA Convention; Obama ID Fraud”



  40. Notice the picture Drudge has of Obama today…..morphed into Malcolm X; glasses like picture here of Malcolm in third row down of pictures:



  41. It seems as though the media still can’t let loose of the Travon Martin crapola. They are still wildly grabbing at straws in the wind. But here is a little something to think about. Preliminary police work and investigation EARLY on is done utilising what factual and tangible evidence is found at the scene. This is developed further by utilising the evidence ,logic,and reasoning, which starts with a TIME LINE. Sometimes it is necessary to develop multiple timelines for the sake of comparison later on..To date there has never been any investigation into the time line of the multi burgaries,and the relationship with Travon Martin’s movements. You begin by looking at the beginning of the burglaries with regard to dates,then you compare this with people who arrived at the complex just before the burglaries began. In police work it has been proven that in the preponderance of the cases that the perpetrators also lived in the same complex.. So then you start developing who was where and when then you compare their stories. with the testimony of others. Usually it isn’t long before you find a lot of contradiction. Then ytou use the conflicting facts to further the investigation..At each stage of development the investigation is carried out using LOGIC,REASONING,aEvidence and thorough investigation. Law enforcement usually does NOT profile unless there is some motivation. This is the usual scream of the perpetrators……THEY ARE BEING PROFILED……….WITH PLENTY OF JUSTIFICATION har har.


    This video scared the hell out of me, and left me wondering …what is the answer?….A MUST SEE…


    In addition to the facts given in that 5 year old video….we must take into consideration this addition information dated as of 2012……most of these countries are Muslim or Muslim controlled……I think the world as we know it is in serious trouble come 2025…..if we make it that long. Here is the top ten countries by birth rate as of 2012:They are all located in Africa. Does that mean we can expect the Africans to be fighting the Arabs of the Middle East by 2050….I doubt it, if they all the African countries are Muslim by then…..

    1 Niger 47.60
    2 Mali 46.60
    3 Uganda 45.80
    4 Burkina Faso 43.20
    5 Zambia 43.10
    6 Somalia 42.12
    7 Burundi 40.58
    8 Malawi 40.42
    9 Republic of Congo 40.09
    10 Angola 39.36

  44. SueK…..thanks….

    You may just be right when you say !!!
    “There are also more mutterings that barky is NOT black; he is Saudi. This would fit in with his addiction to bowing to men who have towels on their heads”…..

    .thats something to think about in light of my two last post….

  45. Philo-Publius | July 22, 2013 at 2:31 pm |

    George Zimmerman Emerged From Hiding for Truck Crash Rescue


    For ABC to publish this article means they may have some regrets as to how they reported it prievouisly, or at least a twinge of conscience. Hope it’s not to late. This case is in so many ways sad.


  47. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    Very moving watching the Brits welcoming in their new Prince of Cambridge(temporary title I think).

  48. If this is true….another “unbelievable” narcissistic moment for Zero:

    White House Marks Birth Of Royal Baby With A Picture Of . . . Barack Obama…

    The White House tweeted this out when news broke Kate Middleton went into labor:


    Another way for Obama to diss the Brits!

    Daniel Hannon of Parliament just said that the Obamas have more spent on them than all the royalty in Europe! Those folks who whine about what is spent on the real Royals probably would defend this waste here.

  49. @ Observer……Ok, call me an idiot if you like. I Don’t like the big Zero and haven’t since the campaign because I could see through his rhetoric back in 2007/2008 and it solidified to me that this is not a unifier….he’s a divider. He’s a prolific and habitual liar, and I knew that “We The People” would be in major trouble if he got elected. With that said, I also agree that this was NOT a photo to send following the birth of Prince William’s first child, but you have to agree that the picture (regardless of the circumstances on why and where it was sent) actually shows an almost human and nice side of Zero (very, very hard to find these days). Who doesn’t make funny faces over babies? (Ok, yes I’m guilty…..I have and DO…..my children would testify to that in regards to my grandchildren). He’s holding this infant securely and looking at her with the humorous face many of us have also displayed at one time or another under the same circumstances. She is reaching her little hand up & touching his face in totally innocent acceptance, without a whit of fear. This may be the very first and the very last time I come to the defense of this man, but I find this photo precious, even if it was taken as a photo op. Ok, I’m fully prepared for any dissenting views to be thrown my way. 😉

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