Gas prices up again, Obama energy policies kill jobs hurt Americans already hurting from economy, Part time job economy, Higher gas prices raise other prices

Gas prices up again, Obama energy policies kill jobs hurt Americans already hurting from economy, Part time job economy, Higher gas prices raise other prices

“Because I’m capping greenhouse gases, coal power plants, you know, natural gas, you name it — whatever the plants were, whatever the industry was, uh, they would have to retrofit their operations. That will cost money. They will pass that money on to consumers.”…Barack Obama 

“Canada has outperformed the U.S. since then. In 2010, according to the International Monetary Fund, Canada grew at 3.2% versus 2.9% in the U.S. In 2011, the IMF estimates Canada will grow at 2.9%; unemployment is now 7.3%. The IMF’s U.S. growth forecast is 2.5% this year, and U.S. unemployment is 9.1%.

One explanation for Canada’s more robust growth is its strong commitment to energy, which has become more valuable in U.S. dollar terms under Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s inflationary policies. Alberta is now producing two million barrels per day but expects that number will grow to four to five million within a decade.”…Wall Street Journal Sept. 12, 2011

“For the first time in recent history, the average Canadian is richer than the average American, according to a report cited in Toronto’s Globe and Mail.

And not just by a little. Currently, the average Canadian household is more than $40,000 richer than the average American household. The net worth of the average Canadian household in 2011 was $363,202, compared to around $320,000 for Americans.”…US News  July 18, 2012



Gas prices are rising again in a hurting economy, with high unemployment, more part time jobs and many folks who have lost unemployment benefits.


From The Washington Times July 9, 2013.

“New U.S. economy: Part-time and temp job markets explode”

“The new economic reality in the United States is this: The workforce has shifted from full-timers to part-timers.

On top of that, more Americans receive food stamps than work full time, Fox News reported.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that an estimated 28 million peolpe in America now work at part-time jobs. And as the Washington Examiner noted, a record level of workers in the nation now hold temporary positions — about 2.7 million — that are obtained through a job placement service.

The American Staffing Association reported that in the first quarter of 2013 staffing agencies employed about 2 percent of non-farm workers in the nation. That’s up by 2.9 percent from the similar quarter in 2012. And comparing June 2013 with June 2012, the number of Americans working at positions obtained through temp agencies jumped 6.7 percent.

“Nearly one-fifth of all jobs gained since the recession ended have been temporary,” said Ashe Schow in the Examiner report.

At the same time, full-time jobs decreased by 240,000 positions.”

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From Market Watch July 12, 2013.

“More pain at the pump coming up, AAA says”

“Gasoline prices have jumped the most in one day in five months, with the average retail price up nearly 10 cents in a week.

Prices spiked 3.2 cents overnight, the most since mid-February, travel and leisure group AAA said.

There’s no relief is in sight. A spokesman for AAA said average prices could increase another 10 cents to 15 cents a gallon as rising gasoline futures prices catch up with consumers at the pump.

Several incidents at refineries across the nation, at a time crude-oil prices are on the rise, plus continued summer driving demand have pushed gasoline retail prices higher, AAA said.”

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11 responses to “Gas prices up again, Obama energy policies kill jobs hurt Americans already hurting from economy, Part time job economy, Higher gas prices raise other prices

  1. The DOJ whistleblower, J. Christian Adams (remember him?), has much criticism of the DOJ’s involvement in the Zimmerman case.

    Ex-Obama Justice Dep’t attorney: Administration is ‘stoking racial resentment’


  2. And, Cabby, remember Obama’s not so subtle advice to “get revenge”.

  3. Heh! Awesome – Dem Loon Rep. Corrine Brown Rants “Shame On The Republicans” – Quickly PWND

    Posted by Gateway Guest Blogger on Friday, July 12, 2013, 5:17 PM

    Guest Post by Mara Zebest

    Hat Tip to Rightscoop who explains the following:

    “Rep. Corrine Brown was arguing yesterday against removing the food stamps money from the farm bill and basically said that the Bible compels us to give people food stamps. Then she started this “Shame on Republicans” crap and got shut down by the speaker. She tried to contest as did a few others, but to no avail.”

    Love it! Watch and enjoy…

    Republicans should do this more often. What part of ‘you’re not recognized’ did Dem Loon Brown not understand?

  4. oldsailor 81

    It would seem to me that Msssssssssssssss.Corrine was MISUSING the allocated time in assailing Republicans without first laying the groundwork,or her JUSTIFICATION for so doing. She was totally out of line and RIGHTFULLY SHOULD HAVE BEEN SHUT DOWN BY THE SPEAKER. NO IFS ANDS OR BUTS.

  5. oldsailor 81

    She is just another example of out of control blacks who think that they are in control of EVERYBODY,and EVERYTHING ON EARTH. Not going to happen!

  6. oldsailor 81

    ……whether they LIKE IT OR NOT! Rarely a day passes that I don’t see a lard ass black get out of a Cadillac,(WELFARE SUV) filled with 10 kids,at the local food bank taking food in false pretense,from those who it was put there to help. If they can afford the SUV then it is reasonable to expect them to PAY for the food that they are getting FREE from the food bank. The food is intended for the childrenbut it is obvious that the LARD ASS is consuming all of it herself, and feeding the kids the leftover CRUMBS.

  7. oldsailor 81

    ………I personally knew of such an incident. 10 lb bricks of cheese are sometimes handed out to these people FREE of CHARGE by the local food bank . The person who I am referring to used to work full time as a LPN and was receiving over $20.00 per hour in pay. She used to brag that between her and her live in boyfriend the 10 pounds of chees was usually gone by the evening of the same day it was received. She had 6 children to care for. She openly told my wife that she only gave tthem nothing other than CEREAL for breakfast,lunch,and supper., while she and her boyfriend ate all of the cheese brick. She could hardly walk, because she weighed over 400 lbs. She was eventually fired from the geriatric entity because she refused to do the level of work that she should have been doing as a licensed LPN. She tried to solicit the intervention of the State Boards but quickly discovered that they stood firmly behind the nursing facility.

  8. oldsailor 81

    ………..these are the same sort of people who NOW THINK that the GOVERNMENT should FEED them,give them money,pay their mortgages, and provide healthcare FREE to them and all of their BASTARD CHILDREN……….otherwise known as Utopia! Soetoro the Messiah has PROMISED us that he will do all of this!

  9. oldsailor 81

    …………..but unfortunately at OUR EXPENSE!

  10. oldsailor 81

    ……and when push turns into SHOVE, the FREE EVERYTHING will stop cold. That might serve to limit the food intake of the lard ass, and and in effect put her on a much needed diet. MSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Corrine Brown looked as though she could use a diet too.

  11. Good Morning! If Zimmerman is convicted, I hope someone will set up a fund for his family. It seems everything today is absolutely corrupted by Obama and his thugs.

    …The truth is different. Martin had gone to the 7-11 to buy a cigar under the counter, which he and his friends used to fill with marijuana, called a “blunt.” He bought Skittles and Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail to lace with codeine from cough syrup to get high with, a druggy concoction called “Lean.” We know all this from his online chat with friends about blunts and Lean, testimony from his cousin to the police, and the store video camera.
    Martin was not the small sweet-faced boy shown in the media photos, but a big, angry 17-year-old. He was recently suspended from school when they found that his backpack held burglary tools and 12 pieces of stolen women’s jewelry and a watch. It is not unlikely that he was out on that rainy night casing houses to burgle….

    Read more:
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