Jurors oaths in NC 50 states and US, NC Senate Bill 528, Lt. Col Donald Sullivan Constitutionalists victory, NC Senator Thom Goolsby, Constitution of North Carolina

Jurors oaths in NC 50 states and US, NC Senate Bill 528, Lt. Col Donald Sullivan Constitutionalists victory, NC Senator Thom Goolsby, Constitution of North Carolina

“Our Constitution is in actual operation; everything appears to promise
that it will last; but nothing in this world is certain but death and
taxes.”…Benjamin Franklin

“We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”…Abraham Lincoln

“If in the opinion of the People, the distribution or modification of the Constitutional powers be in any particular wrong, let it be corrected by an amendment in the way which the Constitution designates. But let there be no change by usurpation, for through this in one instance, may be the instrument of good, it is the customary weapon by which free governments are destroyed.”…George Washington




From retired Lt. Col. Donald Sullivan July 10, 2013.

“You all remember my ranting about the improper jurors’ oaths in NC, the fifty States and the United States.  I brought the issue up with Senator Thom Goolsby last year.  He got excited about it and said he would be sure it was addressed the next session of the General Assembly which just happened to be this past spring.  He did as he said he would do, and the results are attached.  It’s time to celebrate this major victory!!  Senate Bill 528 is no doubt the most important piece of legislation passed this session, and nothing was said about it.  I only found out today!!!

Now, if we can just get a criminal attorney to go back and appeal the trial in his defendant’s case on the grounds that there was no jury, this will be a complete success.  The defendant who comes to mind is Thomas Wright, former State representative.  Every convicted defendant who demanded his jury trial must be either set free or given a new trial.  What a wonderful day for us Constitutionalists!!!”

SESSION LAW 2013-164
The General Assembly of North Carolina enacts:
SECTION 1. G.S. 9-14 reads as rewritten:
Ҥ 9-14. Jury sworn; judge decides competency.
The clerk shall, at the beginning of court, swear all jurors who have not been selected as grand jurors. Each juror shall swear or affirm that he will take (i) the oath required by Section 7  of Article VI of the Constitution of North Carolina, by swearing or affirming to support and maintain the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution and laws of North Carolina not inconsistent therewith and (ii) the oath required under G.S. 11-11, by swearing or affirming
to truthfully and without prejudice or partiality try all issues in criminal or civil actions that come before him the juror and render give true verdicts according to the evidence. Nothing herein shall be construed to disallow the usual challenges in law to the whole jury so sworn or to any juror; and if by reason of such challenge any juror is withdrawn from a jury being selected to try a case, his place on that jury shall be taken by another qualified juror. The
presiding judge shall decide all questions as to the competency of jurors.”
SECTION 2. G.S. 11-11 reads as rewritten:
Ҥ 11-11. Oaths of sundry persons; forms.
The oaths of office to be taken by the several persons hereafter named shall be in the words following the names of said persons respectively, in all cases after taking the separate oath required by Article VI, Section 7 of the Constitution of North Carolina:

Oath for Petit Juror
You do solemnly swear (affirm) that you will truthfully and without prejudice or partiality try all issues in civil or criminal actions that come before you and give true verdicts according to the evidence, so help you, God.

SECTION 3. This act becomes effective October 1, 2013, and applies to oaths
taken on or after that date.
In the General Assembly read three times and ratified this the 11th day of June,
s/ Daniel J. Forest
President of the Senate
s/ Thom Tillis
Speaker of the House of Representatives
s/ Pat McCrory
Approved 4:28 p.m. this 19th day of June, 2013”

An email from Mr. Sullivan June 16, 2013.


When I started out in 1999 to learn about how the Godforsaken government works in the United States, I sincerely believed in the separation of powers and that I could get at least one of the three branches of government to see the light and right the wrongs that were being perpetrated against me in the interest of the “public safety” and the “general welfare”.  I believed that I had rights, and I could use those rights to convince the government and its “myriad of offices” and “swarms of agents” to leave me alone.  I was wrong.
I first tried to influence my elected “representatives” in the legislative branch by informing and educating them on the threat we faced regarding our lost rights and how the laws were being improperly enforced by the executive and judicial branches.  This effort fell on deaf ears.  I have since rescinded my voter registration in full understanding of the uselessness of trying to right the wrongs by the ballot box and recognizing that there is no “right to vote”.
I then worked with the executive branch thru the governor, the Attorney General, local and State law enforcement, the district attorney (a curious mixture of the executive and judicial branches) and the Sheriff to help them understand how the law was being improperly enforced against us with the sole intent of abusing and eliminating our protected rights.  In this endeavor, I often placed myself in harm’s way by getting ticketed, arrested and worse as a means of getting my message out.  Another failure.
That led, of course, to the judicial branch, which I absolutely believed would do its duty to protect and maintain the law and my rights under the law.  As reported previously, I was totally disappointed, but along the way learned about the “judicial conspiracy” to prolong and encourage the insidious and incremental destruction of our protected rights.  Judges are, after all, employees of the state.  Thus, anytime the state is a party to a case, judges have a conflict of interest which cannot be denied; and they will nearly always defer to the state.  There will be no impartiality on the part of the judiciary, and we can’t get a fair trial.  This conspiracy is nowhere more obvious than in the matters of revenue.
You may recall from a previous article one Judge Marion Warren, a Brunswick County, NC, State Judge involved in a “right to travel” case.  In our discussion of invalid jurors’ oaths, he initially agreed with me that jurors were improperly sworn and even apologized for the mistake.  After over a year of being impossible to reach, he reversed and confided in me that it turns out jurors are not parties to the group mentioned in the statute “as required” to swear an oath to the Constitution when, in fact, the law specifically identifies jurors as requiring the constitutional oath.  When I pressed him further on the issue of the “right to travel” where licenses, titles, tags, registrations, etc. are unnecessary, he admitted jokingly that, “No judge is going to disrupt the revenue stream in North Carolina.”
When that “revenue stream” is the IRS, the judicial conspiracy really takes off.  Nowhere is it more evident than in adjudication of income tax issues.  For example, in the widely known case, Sullivan v. United States, 03CV39 (2003) where I was trying to prevent or stop the fraudulent Iraq “War”, Senior Federal District Court Judge James C. Fox, in an effort to rationalize Congress’ attitude that the “Constitution has been overwhelmed by events and by time”, stated the following on the record:
“I will say I think, you know, Colonel, I have to tell you that there are cases where a long course of history in fact does change the Constitution, and I can think of one instance, I believe I’m correct on this, I think if you were to go back and try to find and review the ratification of the 16th amendment, which was the internal revenue, income tax, I think if you went back and examined that carefully you would find that a sufficient number of states never ratified that amendment; and, nonetheless, I think it’s fair to say that it is part of the Constitution of the United States, and I don’t think any court would ever, would set it aside. Well, I’ve seen that – I’ve seen somewhere a treatise on that, and I think it was — I think I’m correct in saying that actually the ratification never really properly occurred. Yet nonetheless, I’m sure no court’s going to say that the 16th amendment permitting income tax is void for any reason, although I wouldn’t mind filing for a rebate myself.”
He was right.  Since then, the courts have ruled that the 16th Amendment was properly ratified when the evidence, which was not allowed to be presented, indicated the exact opposite.  This phenomenon is known as “legal memory”, or the “everybody knows” syndrome.
Like the way IRS itself was apparently created, or at least validated, by the courts:  “We can all agree the Department of the Treasury is created at 31 U.S.C. Section 301(a) by Congress” (See Hoodenpyle, 461 Fed. Appx. at 682).  The Tenth Circuit went on to say that “the IRS is an agency of the United States” as a matter of well settled law, citing 5 U.S.C. Section 101; but the words “Internal Revenue Service” do not appear at Section 101.  It is true the Department of Treasury is listed at Section 101.  But the IRS is not.
There also appears to be no doubt that the IRS has a planned program to keep judges in line in tax related cases with their “attitude adjustment” program defined in February, 1973, by IRS’ Western Regional Commissioner Homer O. Croasmun, in a Memorandum which included the minutes of the meeting held on February 9, 1973 pertaining to the “Tax Rebellion Movement”.  The memo, now known as the “Croasmun Memorandum”, opened the door to the realization that a planned program was already in operation to infiltrate and destroy the tax patriot movement and to implement an attitude adjustment on federal judges.  From those minutes we find,
“Mr. Croasmun pointed out that seven months ago we changed our direction on Tax Rebellion cases from a defensive posture and have now seized the initiative by infiltration of their organizations so we now know in advance their plans before they execute them.”
“Mr. Hansen [Chief of IRS Intelligence from Los Angeles] commented on the problem of federal judges appearing to be anti-IRS based on the belief that IRS is ‘highhanded’.”
“Mr. Howard [Chief of IRS Intelligence from San Francisco] reported on a change of attitude of federal judges inSan Francisco after he met with a number of them and discussed the gravity of the Tax Rebellion Movement and the importance of giving prison sentences as deterrents.”
This “attitude adjustment” is continuing today.  It is mentioned in the IRS’ System of Records, specifically in their “Case Management and Time Reporting System, Criminal Investigation Division” – Treasury/IRS 46.002, which can be found in the Federal Register by searching the Privacy Act Issuances Compilation for the Treasury/IRS, available on line through the Office of the Federal Register, National Archives and Records Administration, Washington D.C. 20408.
In this system of records, under the sub-heading “Categories of Individuals Covered by the System”, are listed the “Subjects of Criminal Investigation Division Investigations, U.S. Attorneys, Special Agents, and U.S. District Court Judges”. Under other sub-headings is stated:
“This system of records may not be accessed for purposes of determining if the system contains a record pertaining to a particular individual”; “This system of records contains investigative material compiled for law enforcement purposes whose sources need not be reported”; and, “This system has been designated as exempt from certain provisions of the Privacy Act.”
We know this conspiracy is happening because the judges have told us. Take a look at what Judge Wyzanski said in Lord v. Kelley, 240 F. Supp. 167 at 169 (1965):
“When this court found that the Internal Revenue agents had violated the law and directed that the improperly seized records were to be returned, the agents were, to say the least, not happy. The original appearance in this Court by counsel for the Government was, if not insolent, at least none too respectful. The brief filed following the Court’s adverse decision asking for reconsideration thereof showed more than hurt feelings and came close to being worthy of a rebuke.”
“More than once, the judges of a court have been indirectly reminded that they personally are taxpayers. No sophisticated person is unaware that even in this very Commonwealth, the Internal Revenue Service has been in possession of facts with respect to public officials which it has presented or shelved in order to serve what can only be called political ends, be they high or low. And a judge who knows the score is aware that every time his decisions offend the Internal Revenue Service, he is inviting a close inspection of his own returns. But I suppose that no one familiar with this Court believes that intimidation, direct or indirect, is effective.”
Though truthful, Judge Wyzanski may have been a bit naïve.  He was obviously not aware that this was not just a casual happening on the part of the IRS. And neither was he aware of the federal judges like Judge Harry Claiborne in Nevada, who dared to cross the IRS, was prosecuted and jailed; or Judge Walter Nixon in Mississippi, who was prosecuted for perjury, but had acted as an IRS pimp and was not jailed; or Judge Alcee Hastings of Florida who, having a habit of coming in conflict with the IRS and the powers that be, was prosecuted and found innocent, but later impeached by Congress.
 Having knowledge of this judicial conspiracy, we may be able to use it to our own advantage.  Judges are required to be “impartial” and act as a mere referee.  In 1971, Justice Thurgood Marshall, in the Supreme Court case of Peters v. Kiff, 407 U.S. 493 at 502, said:
“Moreover, even if there is no showing of actual bias in the tribunal, this Court has held that due process is denied by circumstances that create the likelihood or the appearance of bias. This rule was well established long before the right to jury trial was made applicable in state trials and does not depend on it.  As this court said in In Re Murchison, 349 U.S. 133 at 136 (1955), ‘(f)airness of course requires an absence of actual bias in the trial of cases. But our system of law has always endeavored to prevent even the probability of unfairness.’”
We now know that judges cannot be impartial in an income tax case or any case where the IRS is a party.  Knowing this, we can and should demand recusal of any judge who files and pays income tax, because he cannot be impartial, if for no other reason than the attitude that, “If I have to file and pay income tax, so do you.”  In the case of a judge who, for whatever reason, does not pay income tax, challenge him on whether the IRS has compromising information on him.
The United States relies upon judicial conspiracy to allow the government to usurp well established federal law by saying the law is something else. Life-tenured federal judges are the most powerful public officers in the whole American government.  They are unaccountable and, consequently, without risk.  They engage in wrongdoing so coordinated, routine, and widespread as to have turned it into the institutionalized modus operandi of the Federal Judiciary, a safe haven for their wrongdoing.”

54 responses to “Jurors oaths in NC 50 states and US, NC Senate Bill 528, Lt. Col Donald Sullivan Constitutionalists victory, NC Senator Thom Goolsby, Constitution of North Carolina

  1. citizenwells

    Good morning Zach, et al.

  2. Another informative article; thank you.

    “The United States relies upon judicial conspiracy to allow the government to usurp well established federal law by saying the law is something else…”

    Which brings me to current events. How can a District Attorney’s office having all the facts on a violent gansta thug approach a judge to suppress exculpatory details against a man who was screaming for his life?

    The only thing this Florida case proves it that the taxpayer’s employed Prosecutors will do and say anything to manipulate predisposed Justice.

    Malicious Prosecution by the State.

    There’s your proof, Citizens, especially, proffered in the closing statements of that Prosecutor against a man that was on the ground beneath a thug.

    Manipulation and Collusion with a little Fear For Your Life thrown in for good measure.

    And about his injuries, yea, that’s what they were at the time of the shot. What would they have been if there was no gun present to check the brain bashing?

  3. Good morning CW….great article and one close and dear to my heart !

    The LTC was absolutely right…the 16th Amendment was NEVER ratified according to the Constitution of the United States…therefore the INCOME TAX as described therein in the 16th Amendment is UNCONSTITUTIONAL ……and it always has been from the moment it was put into operation.

    Every politician, and every judge in America knows this as fact….but get one of them to talk about it or act in favor of a citizen with a complaint against the IRS or FEDERAL RESERVE….that will NEVER HAPPEN !

    In the 100 years of existence, neither branch has EVER been AUDITED by our established government to find out where the money is going…..Well I will tell you where it’s going…it’s going to a bank in Porto Rico for further distribution to the international banking system of Europe….namely ENGLAND and the CROWN (not the Queen, but the Crown)…that’s another story in itself.

    Not only is the 16th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States unconstitutional, but the establishment of the FEDERAL RESERVE (the PRIVATE banking system) that publishes and controls all of our money, the brain child of JP Morgan, Paul Warburg, Loeb, Lazar and all the other INTERNATIONAL bankers working under the direction of the Rothschild family, which became a reality on Christmas Eve of 1913 also UNCONSTITUTIONAL….

    Voted into reality by only seven traitorous Senators in the dark of night,

    America has had these dead birds hanging around our neck (called the IRS and FEDERAL RESERVE ) for 100 years come Christmas Eve of 2013…and what have they done for America?

    NOTHING, well NOTHING but put each and every citizen living in the United States in debt to the tune of 187,000 dollars to the international bankers running the FEDERAL RESERVE, which is no more Federal than Federal Express, or Federal Tire Company, or the Federal Babysitting Company.

    Until the people of America wakes up and sees they have been taken to the cleaners by a bunch of shyster international bankers working in conjunction with a bunch of shyster lawyers and politicians….nothing will change…. in fact, you can bet with certainty,… it will get much worse..

    Another day will come, and we will be deeper in debt….like that old Ernie Ford song, “Sixteen Tons”……another Ford (Henry) once said; “If the American people every discover what we are doing to them, they will run us out of town on a rail”…….

    You were so right Mr. Henry Ford, they will ! But so far, they are too busy trying to figure out how to work the remote controls for their televisions, too busy trying to decide which ball game to watch today, or just too damn dumb too care.

    That’s exactly why the FEDERAL RESERVE has lasted for 100 years and exactly why the unconstitutional IRS now has complete and total control over the American citizen……the citizens just doesn’t give a rats as* !!!

    Here is an RMinNC original:
    “It is not necessary to put chains around a man’s neck to make him a slave. Just take away his ability to feed his family and he will fall in line with everyone else. The color of his skin doesn’t matter either, because everyone will be subjected to the same cruel and unusual punishment devised by the government he has elected to serve him”……

    Other than what I have just described above, things are just fine in America today !

    Y’all have a good day now !

  4. RMinNC | July 13, 2013 at 10:35 am |

    Great post, RM, and spot on! Thanks :).

  5. oldsailor 81

    I would venture to guess that in the Zimmerman case the judge herself sympathises with the blacks. It is really sad when a judge possessing her demeanor is allowed to adjudicate ANY case. She behaves like a TOTAL AUTHORATARIAN, irregardless whether she is right or not. She clearly demonstrated her pre disposition early on in the case and at that point the defense attornies should have moved tro ask for another judge. They could have! It is obvious that she is so caught up in her aire of self importance that it is probable that she couldn’t make a rational assessment on UP or DOWN.. In short I personally think that she should never have been allowed to become a judge in the first place.

  6. oldsailor 81 | July 13, 2013 at 3:45 am |
    She is just another example of out of control blacks who think that they are in control of EVERYBODY,and EVERYTHING ON EARTH. Not going to happen!
    Old Sailor, that reminds me of something a very good friend told me. She had a co-worker who said to her many years ago, “We’s doesn’t want to be equal with you; we’s wants to be on TOP.” It is a travesty that so many of them have that idea ingrained in them. Not all, of course, for which we can be thankful.

  7. oldsailor 81

    Good morning…..hope all is well at the work 20. Have a great day!

  8. oldsailor 81

    It would seem that if “THEYS” wants to be on top it would behoove THEMS to first obtain an education so that the people around them have some idea what THEYS are talking about. Msssssssssssssssssssss. Corrine was CLEARLY OUT OF ORDER…….in more ways than ONE!

  9. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    RMinNC – Do you believe the day will come when the Fed Govt. will demand that anyone who wants to leave the country will have to pay his percentage of the natl. debt of $187,000.00?? Worse yet they will tell us if we allow more people to come here(ie 300 million more) it will reduce each one’s debt to approx. $93,000 each and you know they will vote D.
    I am not being facetious.

  10. Did you all see the cut-outs of figures for Zimmerman and Martin yesterday? It looks as though Martin was a good five inches taller than Zimmerman. Even if he did not have enough marijuana in his system to
    cause belligerent behavior, his size and “seventeen-year-old” vigor coupled with disdain (“white-axx cracker”), would make him definitely a formidable combatant. No question about it – he attacked Zimmerman.

    If someone that size had me down on the ground and was bashing my head (breaking my nose) on the cement, I, or anyone else, would do whatever it took to stop him. Yikes! This has to be an open and shut case and should never have even gone to trial under FL law. Of course, we all know what happened. The black power and DOJ got “control” of the situation – fueled by the progressive media.

  11. oldsailor 81

    Whehn I first had a really good look at what was sitting as a judge I couldn’t help think that she must have a broom parked nearby,and there is probably an open window somewhere in the building…….IN FLIGHT ENTRANCE,and EXIT! Wicked witch of the EAST, no less! HAR HAR

  12. oldsailor 81

    Cabby AZ ….
    Here is something that was NOT SAID by either the defense or prosecutors. An average 17 year old male has all of the physical attributes of an adult. This is PROVEN FACT…..not conjecture. Travon possessed the capability to kill Zimmerman if he chose to with his bare hands. Again PROVEN FACT. Yet there was not one word said in that regard. If the youth was involved in athletics at school(IF HE WAS STILL ATTENDING) this would have been even MORE IMPORTANT

  13. oldsailor 81

    While I am praying for acquittal, I can’t help having apprehension about the possible outcome. The blacks are SCREAMING for BLOOD,even at the cost of an innocent person. They are so damn psychopathic that they don’t even care if somebody gets railroaded. Well what has not yet been said is the APPEALS COURT. I believe that if he is convicted of manslaughter, his attornies will appeal the conviction. I personally think that the appellate court would overturn the conviction…..so all is not yet lost.

  14. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    oldsailor 81 | July 13, 2013 at 11:57 am |
    Whehn I first had a really good look at what was sitting as a judge …

    The judge in the Zimmerman trial looks like Chris Farley in “drag”!


  15. Mr. BILL….haha

    The judge in the Zimmerman trial… IS… Chris Farley in drag !!!

  16. Old Sailor,
    Good point about Martin being able to kill Zimmerman with his bare hands. All he’d have to do is move down a few inches, place his hands around Z’s neck and strangle him. With M on top of Z, strangling would be quit easy and it doesn’t take long.

    I’m with you entirely on the outcome. For one thing, the PTB’s have determined to the best of their ability to make this into a fiasco. Imho, it is to further create racial tension in the U.S. – all part of Soetoro’s plan. The way “plans” have been made, it is becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. When you constantly tell people not to riot, keep calm, etc., it is akin to telling people “not to think of a blue horse.” Get my drift?

  17. RMinNC | July 13, 2013 at 12:19 pm |
    Mr. BILL….haha

    The judge in the Zimmerman trial… IS… Chris Farley in drag !!!
    Hahaha! Yesterday on “The Five” (Fox News) someone pointed out how much the judge looked like Bob Beckel. Just picture Bob with a hairdo like the judge and you can see it exactly. LOL

  18. oldsailor 81

    I am betting that she owned a MULTI ENGINE broom. A single engine broom simply would never get off the ground with her straddling it.

  19. oldsailoer81….

    I bet she has a “turbo jet nuclear powered broom”…….

  20. oldsailor 81

    Cabby AZ …….
    HAR HAR Beckel is far TOO STUPID ….probably wouldn’t even comprehend what was implied by the HAIRDO. All he seems to know how to do is take forever to say anything. In that regard I would tend to think he might be related to Al Gore……who required 5 minutes to utter three words.

  21. oldsailor 81

    Just as long as it will fly through an open window. har de har.

  22. You know, that judge is one thing. There were many chess moves in order to get the players they wanted on board, the manipulation.

    The Prosecutors, though, on the ground law enforcement, the very people who know every detail about this kid, and no doubt, his family and friends, and have the physical evidence of texts, school records, and activities would then appear in court and build a case of lies against a man looking out for his neighborhood. Truth is, if the kid was decent person he would have been cordial, he was a thug. Law enforcement officers demonstrates the power over people.

    They know for a fact that the SCREAMS were coming from George Zimmerman the man who called them only minutes before, and they put forth evidence in a court of law in front of the jury a deliberate bogus LIE.

    Proof of Deception by Officers of the Law serving you.

    Old Salt, i feel as though i know you. i always hug you when you say “Bye, Bye”. Goodbye means God Be With Ye, i learned as a child, a place you always take me to when I read your posts.

  23. oldsailor 81

    A friend of mine was once talking about the FEMALE antique of the SCOTUS. A couple of years ago he was aboard a flight returning from a visit with relatives in Germany. He said that he happend to look out the window of the jet,and he said he clearly saw the OLD LDY riding her broom SIDE SADDLE, whiz past the airliner. He was afraid to report an IDENTIFIED flying object for fear of reprisal from the SCOTUS.

  24. oldsailor 81

    It is always a pleasure to exchange viewpoints with you.

  25. oldsailor 81

    RE: JURORS OATHS…….UP WILL BE DOWN in that regard if the SNOTNOSED WORDSMITHS can get at it. I would BET ON IT!

  26. oldsailor 81

    BYE BYE all………(especially to you Papoose.)

  27. “You shall do no injustice in judgment; you shall not be partial to the poor nor defer to the great, but you are to judge your neighbor fairly.”

    Leviticus19:15 NAS

    This concept no longer exists in our country. Many with high dollar donations to the proper party (whether democrat or republican) get off scott free from wrong doings. Those who are of a particular race or sexual persuasion are treated the same way.

    Justice, seems to me, is dead. When this breaks down, I can only imagine that society implodes. Tell me I’m wrong. Hope I am.

  28. I bet you guys are tired of me quoting Bible verses. I understand. I’m not “holier than thou” or anyone else. I know this is a political forum, and not a religious one. I will try to stop for awhile. I’m probably irritating.


    Don’t every take a drink DOWNSTREAM from the herd…..

  30. I, too, am hoping for an acquittal.

    Zimmerman was getting pounded on his face and head relentlessly. Those that say his injuries did not justify deadly force need only to look into why they have referees in pro boxing, MMA, etc. And, a boxing arena is covered with mats to cushion the blows.

    No one came to Zimmerman’s aid and there were NO mats, just hard concrete.

    Those making such insane comments exist in their own virtual worlds and have never had the snot beat out of them.

    Also Zimmerman said that while Martin had him down, he had seen the gun. At that point it is a matter of who gets to it first.

    This is a classic case of self defense. Charges should have never been filed.

  31. SueQ | July 13, 2013 at 1:50 pm |
    I bet you guys are tired of me quoting Bible verses……
    Never, never, NEVER !!

    To me, and I’m sure to others who value the Word of God, they are like balm, sometimes encouragement and admonition, but ALWAYS the TRUTH. The only way I can begin to understand what is happening here and worldwide is to have a Biblical worldview. After all, God Himself is the Creator of the universe, and He has a plan. Nothing is happening by accident. This is a great comfort! The good news is that none will be refused if they come to Him in faith and receive the gift of salvation through His only Son, Jesus Christ.

  32. HonorFirst | July 13, 2013 at 2:06 pm |
    Good point, Honor, about the need for mats on the floor of a boxing arena.
    I agree that charges never should have seen the light of day. Renown law professor, Alan Dershowitz, not your typical conservative, believes that the prosecutors should be disbarred. (Newsmax article today)

  33. bob strauss

    Georgetown Student: ‘All Republicans Should Be Put to Death’ (Click to View)


  34. MortimerGarfinkle

    They should take each juror, lay them down on a slab of concrete, have a large teenage black man sit on top of them and pound their head on the concrete over and over again. Then they can decide if the shooting might be something a reasonable person would consider in self-defense.

  35. MortimerGarfinkle

    If Zimmerman had intent to kill Martin, he would have shot him before he even got close enough for Martin to hit him. Obviously, Zimmerman only pulled his gun when he feared that he was about to suffer great physical harm, perhaps even death.

    This is simple. I can’t believe this jury. It’s obviously NOT manslaughter. Zimmerman had no intent to kill. It was self-defense. Are they, the jury, the media, trying to say that everyone who shoots and kills someone in self-defense is guilty of manslaughter because they had intent to kill when they shot the attacker?

  36. Wouldn’t this be nice to know!!

    Journalist Glenn Greenwald told reporters that Edward Snowden controls dangerous information that could be the United States’ worst nightmare.
    Reuters reported:

    Fugitive former U.S. spy contractor Edward Snowden controls dangerous information that could become the United States’ “worst nightmare” if revealed, a journalist familiar with the data said in a newspaper interview.

    Glenn Greenwald, the Guardian journalist who first published the documents Snowden leaked, said in a newspaper interview published on Saturday that the U.S. government should be careful in its pursuit of the former computer analyst.

    “Snowden has enough information to cause harm to the U.S. government in a single minute than any other person has ever had,” Greenwald said in an interview in Rio de Janeiro with the Argentinian daily La Nacion.

    “The U.S. government should be on its knees every day begging that nothing happen to Snowden, because if something does happen to him, all the information will be revealed and it could be its worst nightmare.”


  37. bob strauss

    MortimerGarfinkle | July 13, 2013 at 6:32 pm |

    If Zimmerman had intent to kill Martin, he would have shot him before he even got close enough for Martin to hit him. Obviously, Zimmerman only pulled his gun when he feared that he was about to suffer great physical harm, perhaps even death.

    This is simple. I can’t believe this jury. It’s obviously NOT manslaughter. Zimmerman had no intent to kill. It was self-defense. Are they, the jury, the media, trying to say that everyone who shoots and kills someone in self-defense is guilty of manslaughter because they had intent to kill when they shot the attacker?
    This is another hit against the 2nd amendment, they want to do away with the self defense aspect of gun ownership so the government can defend you, making guns unnecessary for self defense.

    If you’re going to commit manslaughter every time you defend yourself, self defense will be outlawed, and individual gun ownership won’t be practical, and the usurper will get his wish, to disarm the people.

  38. bob strauss

    Observer | July 13, 2013 at 7:07 pm |

    “Snowden has enough information to cause harm to the U.S. government in a single minute than any other person has ever had,” Greenwald said in an interview in Rio de Janeiro with the Argentinian daily La Nacion.
    Greewald obviously hasn’t heard that the USA is under the control of a foreign born usurper, pretending to be president.

    What could be worse than that?

  39. Bob,
    I agree about the usurper being the worst threat we face! It is kind of amusing to read that the government is so concerned over top secrets that might be revealed by Snowden, when in actuality our enemies are already probably aware of them, thanks to the occupier of the White House.

  40. bob strauss

    Brent Bozell
    There are times when shocking information about a president just sits quietly in the public domain, and few people notice. Several liberal reporters in 2012 quietly discovered that Barack Obama’s own memoir was about as solid as a birther’s brain freeze. In “Collusion,” we detail how a powerful Washington Post editor suppressed his own historical/hysterical findings about Obama’s “fever dreams from my father.”

    The Audacity of Myth: How the Media Ignored Obama’s Lies About His Own Biography and Memoir


  41. bob strauss

    Tyranny, anyone?

    California Farmer Faces Bankruptcy For Failing To Give Feds Free Raisins (Click to Read)


  42. NOT GUILTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Not Guilty!

  44. Thank God in Heaven. They knew that was Mr.Zimmerman was screaming. (And, the State probably even has the forensics on file to prove it.)

  45. Papoose | July 13, 2013 at 10:29 pm |
    Thank God in Heaven…..
    Amen!!!!!! Those six jurors had more discernment and courage than was oft expected.

  46. MortimerGarfinkle

    They came to the correct conclusion. I’m shocked.

  47. MortimerGarfinkle

    Is it time to throw our bricks through windows and grab our free color TVs?

  48. Mr. Zimmerman found innocent. This may be true, but he will never has his life back. He will always have to remember he was forced to kill a 17 year old. He will be hounded by the media, black panthers, and will be haunted by legal bills and whispers for the rest of his life. Similar to George Zimmerman, I see no reason to celebrate his verdict. None of it really had to happen. Trayvon could have just gone home or called 911, he didn’t need to circle back and attack Zimmerman. I sincerely hope people are smart enough to look at the media, Obama, Black Panthers, Al Sharpton, and those whom have made financial gains from this event, and slowly turn away and think about it all.

    This is no time for celebration, this is no time for riots. Truly, it’s time to think about the evidence and if it ever supported an arrest. It’s time to think about the cowardly act of appointing a special prosecutor. It’s time to think about if that special prosecutor should be able to practice law in Florida after not giving the defense evidence. It’s time to think about CNN and NBC altering tapes to make this man look to be a guilty racist. It’s time to think about if the current POTUS and Attourney General are really about America or some biased Black Panther black agenda. It’s time to think about a judges actions, that virtually every judge believes were inappropriate. Maybe, just maybe, it’s time to ask the NSA if it profiled the jurors before the selection process and gave that information to the prosecution.

    This case wasn’t about race. It’s about race baiting, and the industry of race hatred propagated by the left wing nuts. It’s about abuse of power, from a Judge, from the DOJ, from the White House. Sadly, those whom see this as a race based event seem to be blinded most by their OWN racism, unable to see past color of the skin.

  49. I’m very glad that the jury found Zimmerman not guilty. It’s too bad Trayvon died, but he was responsible for that, not George. The lawyers spoke after the decision, first the prosecution, then the defense, then the Martin family. One of the Martin lawyers, I believe it was Ben Crump, said that despite the jury’s decision, Trayvon would live in the ANALS of history. Well, then I just lost it laughing.

  50. Well, the drummed up rioters have it out for George so I hope that there’s some place safe that he and his family can escape to and soon. The comments made by many on blogs and Twitter and other places are definitely threatening. As for Trayvon, he made some really bad choices. Many people do at some point in their lives, unfortunately Trayvon’s choices were fatal and that’s the sad part. We’ll never know if he would have ever turned his life around, but it’s possible that if it hadn’t been Trayvon who died that night, it would have been George Z. and this trial would never have happened because it wouldn’t have fit the scenario that the left and the complicit media wanted (racism by a white male against a black male, and we won’t forget that a gun was involved which also fit what the left was looking for). Anyway, I imagine George will live the rest of his life in fear and looking over his shoulder. The whole thing is sad but I’m glad G.Z. wasn’t found guilty. There were threats that he would have been killed in there too.

  51. Oops…..by “in there” I mean, if George had been found guilty and sent to prison.

  52. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    MargieO – I heard that too and I worried that it was my imagination at first until your comment. And he was their lawyer too.

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