Unemployment rate 11.4 percent based on 2008 labor force participation, Slowing in hiring and economy, Large number of workers struggle for full time work, U-6 number 13.8 percent

Unemployment rate 11.4 percent based on 2008 labor force participation, Slowing in hiring and economy, Large number of workers struggle for full time work, U-6 number 13.8 percent

“11.4%: What the U.S. unemployment rate would be if labor force participation were back to January 2008 levels.” …James Pethokoukis, American Enterprise Institute, June 2013

“Private sector employment increased by 119,000 jobs from March to April, according to the April ADP National Employment Report….The March report, which reported job gains of 158,000, was revised downward to 131,000 jobs.”...ADP May 1, 2013

“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”…George Orwell, “1984″

I watched the financial markets yesterday salivate over the perceived employment picture. Once again, mostly ignoring the data.

From Market Watch June 7, 2013.

“• “The May uptick notwithstanding, the gradual downward trend in the headline jobless rate belies the magnitude of the issue. A much larger number of workers are still struggling to find full-time employment, settling on part-time work to make ends meet. That broader measure of joblessness (the so-called U-6 number) ticked fractionally lower, but remains elevated at 13.8%.” — Jim Baird, Plante Moran Financial Advisors.

• “The report is inconclusive in its implications for monetary policy. We think the slowing in hiring and in the economy will concern everyone on the FOMC and the pace of jobs gains falls short of the 200k mark mentioned by some of the core members of the Committee. However, there will still be those for whom this is enough progress to step down the pace of purchases, and they are likely to continue to voice disparate views, adding volatility to markets and keeping uncertainty about policy high.” — Julia Coronado, BNP Paribas.

• “Immediate reaction: OK, but not overwhelming report. Going in the right direction, but not strongly. Report not strong enough to end QE3, Fed stays the course.” — Douglas Holtz-Eakin, American Action Forum, over Twitter.

• “11.4%: What the U.S. unemployment rate would be if labor force participation were back to January 2008 levels.” — James Pethokoukis, American Enterprise Institute, over Twitter”

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“Why battle lines are drawn over the labor force participation rate”

“In discussions about this morning’s May unemployment report, the labor force participation rate will continue to get a lot of attention.

“The labor force participation rate is a way to measure when workers leave the workforce. The rate has been declining since 2000. It inched higher to 63.4% in May from 63.3% in April.

Experts say it has become a central issue simply because the drop defies easy explanation.

Some of the decline is demographics. As the Baby Boomers age, they participate less in the workforce. But other factors are at play. Workers under the age 25 are working less. And then there is a decline in participation among men of prime working age, particularly among minorities.

Economists have been fiercely debating the trend. Will it continue, and what are the reasons behind the drop?”


Read more:


“what are the reasons behind the drop?”


Obama, et al.


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  1. Today’s “brave” new military:

    Soldier Told Not to Read Levin, Limbaugh or Hannity in Uniform


    No wonder they might easily fit into the means and methods Zero has in mind to “renew” America….with their future help.

    A veteran member of the U.S. Army Band said he is facing retribution and punishment from the military for having anti-Obama bumper stickers on his car, reading books written by conservative authors like Mark Levin and David Limbaugh, and serving Chick-fil-A sandwiches at his promotion party.

    Master Sgt. Nathan Sommers, a 25-year Army veteran and conservative Christian based at Fort Myer in Washington, believes his outspoken opposition to gay marriage prompted higher-ups to take a closer look at his beliefs. The recipient of an Army Commendation Medal and a soloist at the funeral of former First Lady Betty Ford, Sommers said his core beliefs are enough to mark a soldier for persecution in today’s military.

    Today’s soldiers are being FORCED to march to a different drummer now days….a drummer that our county has never heard before…a drummer that is the most dangerous leader of the band our county has ever heard…..

    But the clowns in the circus love it.


    DOJ & FBI Raid News Media Offices After Releasing an Alarming Story on President Obama!
    By National Report Staff

    National Report:… Within hours of publishing a scathing story on President Obama (http://wp.me/p3dd01-Yp) the DOJ raided the offices of the National Report claiming the raid was lawful under the USA Patriot Act but refusing to say why the government was taking the action.

    At about 12:50 this afternoon the National Report released a damning story on the Obama birth certificate scandal providing new evidence which clearly shows the document to be fraudulent. According to Sheriff Joe Arpaio, his Cold Case Posse has the evidence to prove the presidents birth certificate was computer generated using Adobe Illustrator.

    Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo, revealed for the first time that his findings have been confirmed in a 40 page report by Reed Hayes, a Certified Documents Examiner (CDE) from Hawaii. The birth certificate posted to the White House website clearly shows it was forged using cut & paste methods in several layers.

    At about 2:08 pm employees at the National Report were shocked when dozens of black clad machine gun toting DOJ agents wearing black masks entered the National Report office forcing everyone to the ground while demanding they put their hands on top their heads. After securing all employees FBI agents entered and began questioning employees and seizing files and other documents.

    “We did exactly as they told us,” said National Report’s publisher Allen Montgomery, who added “No one knew what was happening.” Its being reported that the offices of Montgomery and Editor-in-Chief Nigel Covington, were ransacked and boxes of files were seized and carted off by FBI agents.

    Covington said, “This is a gross violation of our Constitutional rights as American citizens and as journalists. All our files relating to President Obama were seized with others including all employee personnel files.”

    Montgomery said federal agents did not have a warrant and offered no explanation for the action. He added about an hour before the raid, the National Report had released a story about the mounting evidence which confirms Obama’s birth records are in fact forged. Montgomery said most employees were so shaken up by the raid he let them go home early.
    Mr. Covington…under the OBAMA government you have no CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS…..and neither does anyone else……..WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE……

  4. Is the Obama cabal sending a message to all other media sources?…..that message being “play ball with us, or this will happen to you too” !!!

    Seems like they have laid down the gauntlet…lets see if any major media source is brave enough to pick it up !!!

  5. National Report looks like it was taken down just seconds ago. Can anyone get on the site? Is the media going to stand for this? We heard about the war on women. Now Obama has a war on the press.

  6. All blogs should print the National Report Story and see if they are all taken down. Then maybe the MSM will pick it up. Get the word out.

  7. citizenwells

    I just did.

  8. RM, this ought to go viral pronto!!
    Here is the link to the story by National Report (revealing Obama BC fraud):
    Here is the one re. your post:
    It didn’t take but a couple of hours for the FBI to act after reading the National Report’s scathing article. I agree – This is a message sent to chill all others who would dare to print the truth.

  9. R I P….Rest In Peace…..

    Today, Freedom of the Press Died…
    The press has finally given up and accepted it’s last rite. It had been sick for quit some time now and finally gave up in it’s struggle to preserve a semblance of democracy. The illness started with a simple cold like symptom which no one in the business paid much attention to. Then it gradually grew and became an incurable disease like a cancer of the mind.

    It began in the major newspapers and television stations across America. Those in charge of the operations thought it was just a passing fad which would soon go away with a changing of the guard, but the common man knew it was a deadly infection that would have deadly results. He knew it would spread like wildfire and eventually kill the host if proper medical attention wasn’t given immediately to treat the simple illness. But all ignored the warning signs.

    The deceased passed away at 2:08pm on Friday. Family and business associates will accept friends and neighbors on site until the doors are locked forever. Anyone wishing to express their grief should address a brief note to their Congressman or woman noting their outrage that this simple problem was allowed to fester into the National Cancer it has become.

    And all the people stood and shouted , “God Save the King” !

  10. citizenwells on June 8, 2013 at 10:44 am
    I just did.

    You are a hero.

    What is happening is really scary.

  11. June 7, 2013

    “Bogus Report: DOJ/FBI Raid News Offices After Posting Obama Birth Certificate Article”

    “BirtherReport.com: Never heard of the site. I call B.S.. The image posted above they (National Report) have captioned with “FBI Agents Load Seized Documents From the National Report’s Offices” is actually an AP image from 2009.

    UPDATE: Buried (linked) at the bottom of the humorous “Staff” page:

    *DISCLAIMER: National Report is a news and political satire web publication, which may or may not use real names, often in semi-real or mostly fictitious ways. All news articles contained within National Report are fiction, and presumably fake news. Any resemblance to the truth is purely coinidental . The views expressed by writers on this site are theirs alone and are not reflective of the fine journalistic and editorial integrity of National Report. Advice given is NOT to be construed as professional. If you are in need of professional help (and you may be if you are on this page), please consult a professional. National Report is intended for a mature audience and not for children under the age of 18.”


  12. Taken fro a web search..

    National Report | America’s #1 Independent News Team nationalreport.net/National Report is America’s #1 independent news source. Where the lamestream media leaves off, we pickup. Join the community to share your views and help …

    then it said: 503 Services Temporaily Unavailable

  13. QUESTION:…..

    If this report is BOGUS….why is the web site off line?

  14. RM,
    I believe it was “off line” due to high volume. I had posted the links on another blog, and when I checked they were both off, but a few minutes later they were both back. This is apparently a spoof. Nasty! I hate this type of thing if what Gordo has posted is true.

    Apparently this is another site that we have to be wary of, just as with the notorious Sorcha Faal hoax.

  15. coldwarvet2

    What Gordo posted is true….if you click on staff,scroll to the bottom, you will find the disclaimer…
    If the article on the raid is not true, then they are publishing a mix of fact and fiction…after reading some of their content, I would not lend a great deal of credence to anything they might produce…

  16. Here is the Disclaimer that was post at the bottom of the original article by National Report:
    *DISCLAIMER: The National Report is an online portal for “citizen journalists”. The views expressed by writers on this site are theirs alone and are not reflective of the fine journalistic and editorial integrity of National Report. Advice given is NOT to be construed as professional. If you are in need of professional help, please consult a professional. National Report is not intended for children under the age of 18.”

    Yes cabby…the site just came back up……but no where does the “disclaimer” deny the report…it is a little confusing to say the least…

    Oh well…just file my obit…for later use……..

  17. I sure got out ATTENTION…to say the least !

  18. Lillian Fabricant’s comment was the clincher.

  19. No worries RMinNC,

    You are a very valued commenter here. I always look forward to what you say.

  20. RMinNC | June 8, 2013 at 11:36 am |
    I sure got out ATTENTION…to say the least !
    Several years ago I got into one of those situations unknowingly and it was embarrassing at the time because I had only begun posting. It goes with the turf, I guess. Personally I could whip people who mislead like this.

  21. SueQ | June 8, 2013 at 11:52 am |
    No worries RMinNC,

    You are a very valued commenter here. I always look forward to what you say.
    A big DITTO !!


    Something we all value can be taken as quickly as it is given .Nothing is permanent in this world we must live in.

  23. The average God fearing person doesn’t go around thinking that their “neighbor” is lying to them or is trying to trick them. Most give others the benefit of the doubt. When it happens, it makes a person feel embarrassed……….when actually it should be the deceiver that should feel embarrassed.

    Just my 2 cents

  24. I wouldn’t worry RM. We are all on hyper-alert re Obama. We all want him gone so badly that any hopeful info is welcomed. Maybe, just maybe some really authentic and documented proof of his fraud will be forthcoming soon and will hit the mainstream like a hammer. Then we may get what we all are praying for—a new Pres. and a change of the top govt. officials, (although that could be dicey too) and Obama indicted for treason.

    No problems at all with what you posted. Your thoughtful and common sense posts are always appreciated by me.

  25. Given what has happened to our country, that ‘article’ IS entirely believable – I’m no longer shocked by anything.

    Sometimes conspiracies are not just theory – government is not necessarily our friend.

    From “Conspiracy Theory” (1997):

  26. Father’s Day is coming soon, and it makes me so angry that June has been named LGBT month, (why this month?). I just got through listening to Mark Gillar’s interview with Larry Elder “Why Black Children Need a Daddy”. It occurred to me that Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton were all raised by single mothers. Are you more likely to be a liberal without the influence of a father in the home? Maybe there is no correlation at all, but it makes me wonder. I am so grateful for my dad. And I salute all dads out there who’ve sacrificed and worked so hard to raise their children. God bless you!

  27. A friend just sent this in email to me:

    Marine stuns crowd at Party. Watch this crowd. In the beginning when he started to sing, they were not even aware he was singing the national anthem.

  28. Semper FI… Marine… Semper FI…….The Army salutes you !!!

  29. oldsailor80

    Thankfully all of those who were listening figured out what it was,and soon they were joining him in the anthem.

  30. Wow. Never knew that verse existed. Thanks for sharing.

    Now about National Report. They say it is a hoax. Okay, except it us not when they reported accurately on the BC. Interesting.

  31. oldsailor80

    I think the last verse was thought up by the EX Marine. I could be wrong.

  32. oldsailor80

    Like CWV says there might be a good reason to not take the story as the truth. We need a lot more clarification on the so called story.

  33. RMinNC,
    More revelations about NSA from another foreign news service, Russia Today.

    NSA Whistleblower: Obama Took Down General Petraeus By Using Illegal Surveillance (Video)
    William Binney, whistleblower and former NSA crypto-mathematician who served in the agency for decades, said the David Petraeus sex scandal was most likely exposed using illegal surveillance of his email.


  34. oldsailor80

    If you want to watch something that will restore your faith in young people just watch the Andre Rioux cut on the same video. I think it might bring tears to your eyes

  35. If this hasn’t been posted yet–Wayne Allyn Root went to his 30th Class Reunion at Columbia U. It is the same class as Obama. No one can recall ever knowing or meeting him there:

  36. Comments at ORYR:


    “Good to know that it’s a fake story. Unfortunately, a story like this no longer triggers my BS alarm. The first thing I thought of was the Gibson guitar raids and assumed this story was surely true. I have so much distrust for the administration at this point that I had no problem thinking this actually happened…and that’s pretty bad. Thanks ORYR for clearing it up.”
    Helen Tansey:


    “… I for one appreciate ORYR taking on these kinds of “bogus” stories. Not five minutes a go a well intentioned patriot just sent this story to his email list of which I am a recipient. Once I read the content, I replied by telling him the story was satire and provided a link to ORYR’s work. I am awaiting a reply from him stating the story was “bogus.””
    [Helen posted at CW as “d2i.”]

  37. Dean M:

    Most of us are convinced he wasn’t there, but where was he? We need the next part of the story to be confirmed. Many say he was with the CIA and that is why all these stories are made up about him. Well we need that confirmed or not. I am on your side, just want to know more.

  38. Tina

    Back 2010, a black minister in Harlem (which he re-named ATLAH) and strong opponent to Obama, Rev. James David Manning, convened a trial to try and determine where Obama was when he was supposed to be at Columbia. The verdict was he was given college credit for his work for the CIA. Rev. Manning recently commented on this to include Root’s Columbia class reunion if you go to his ATLAH webpage.

  39. Yes. That is what I remember too, Dean M. If he was with the CIA, what next? Why keep bringing up that he wasn’t at Columbia? We know that.

  40. June 8, 2013

    “Obama says he will leave office “sometime in the next 3 1/2 years!” – slip of the tongue?”

    “Was this a slip of the tongue or did Barack Obama allow a subconscious submission to the fact that he’s doomed rise to the surface?

    “Sometime in the next 3 1/2 years” could be as soon as TODAY!!!”


  41. For one, I do not believe the “insider” leaking DHS information is worthy of any truth whatsoever. Personally, I believe him to be a copy-cat seeking fame from past historical events during the Nixson Administration as the covert op whistle blower. However, his fame will never be equal nor identical.

    In my opinion and review, this alcoholic wannabe, washed up borderline retiree, is seeking fame for what is obvious and through the works of many others in the private sector; no condolence of his own. He neither gives facts nor future events without probabilities safeguarding his statements. A first grade student can do the same. The Author has been duped…

    My predictions…. Meet me privately, I will tell you personally that the IRS, DHS, NSA, is highly pissed off, and all is about to roll down hill. In fact, you don’t know how serious this is. Congress doesn’t have crap to what I know, but it’s coming… And when it does, look out – I am correct…………..

    As for me personally, I will tell you that exposure of government corruption has just began. I need not meet you in the middle of the night to explain that to you…..

  42. bob strauss

    Senator Cruz: Obama Admin Sees Constitution as ‘Pesky Obstruction’


  43. William | June 8, 2013 at 3:43 pm |
    As for me personally, I will tell you that exposure of government corruption has just began. I need not meet you in the middle of the night to explain that to you…..
    Exactly! Too much unnecessary “cloak and dagger” stuff – All to make it more sensational? People have all sorts of different motives these days; imo, that is why we have to be careful and scrutinizing.

  44. Senator Cruz sees Constitution as ‘Pesky Obstruction’.
    March 25, 2013

    Mario Apuzzo:

    “Senator Ted Cruz Is Not a “Natural Born Citizen” and Therefore Not Eligible to Be President”


  45. June 8, 2013

    “Team Arpaio: Obama ID Fraud Could Lead To Mail And Wire Fraud; Missing Obama Year”

    “Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s lead Obama identity document fraud investigator Mike Zullo…. Aired 6/8/2013…””( hat tip devvy kidd )”


  46. bob strauss

    Scandalous Video: Obama Rewards His Friends, Punishes His Enemies
    SHARE with Liberals!


  47. bob strauss

    Limbaugh: “We Are In The Midst Of A Coup”

    Here is Rush Limbaugh reacting to the multitude of Obama Scandals, and the newest revelation that Obama’s NSA is collecting phone and internet data on millions of Americans. Share with your friends!


  48. bob strauss

    What The Obama Triplets Have In Common

    It’s becoming evident that the name “Obama” is synonymous with terrorists, starting with Malik Obama, Sarah Obama, and the Obama some call Commander in Chief.


  49. Cabbyaz

    It didn’t take but a couple of hours for the FBI to act after reading the National Report’s scathing article. I agree – This is a message sent to chill all others who would dare to print the truth.
    This looks like what DHS Insider was trying to emphasize about the regime going into full throttle now against anyone getting the facts out to the low informed. Again we ask how, even if ordered, do these various gov. agency employees (this time, FBI), knowing they’re doing wrong, continue to aid and abet superiors who are unlawfully menacing private citizens. When good men do nothing, etc., but then we have the example of Hitler who was also always “kept out of the loop” on purpose, and those few good men were made a terrifying example of to any who might have similar ideas against him. Here, there could be so many who could stand together though and just say “no” to anything asked of them that they know is abuse of power.

  50. I post this video because I knew and worked at Fort Hood with the very first Prisoner pictured at the very beginning of this Video.
    His name was Captain Jim Walker. He was married, had 2 lovely children and was captured in the Delta area of Vietnam only 4 months after he got in country. He was lead around by the Viet Cong for almost 8 years before he was declared dead by the DOD.
    His body was never recovered and no effort was made by our government to investigate his MIA status at the end of the war…. When Walker was captured he weighed about 250 pounds of solid muscle. He had played guard for the University of Conn. He suffered undescribable torture and inhuman treatment at the hands of his captors before he died.

    Please take a few minutes to look at this video. You will learn a lot about the POLITICS OF WAR…in the end, it’s always the serviceman who must pay the price for all political failures.

    Strictly by accident, I came across this video just now. When I saw Jim Walker’s picture at the start of this video, it was the first time I have seen a picture of him on 49 years……I almost fell out of my chair and the clock turned backward.
    .May God rest his soul for he spent his time in hell.
    American Prisoners of War Repeatedly Shamefully Betrayed By Their Government – Shocking Documentary
    Posted by Charleston Voice
    Beyond doubt the most horrific documentary of betrayal by Government that we have ever seen. And we thought we’d seen them all, and even have tapes of the Senator Kerry committee. This IS a MUST WATCH selection.

    Declared “Secret” in the ‘national interest’? Who the #*&^@ do these political & corporate criminals think they are fooling? The records are Secret only to protect themselves from public disgrace before the American people, and probably worse.

    If your think your loved one in uniform today is not expendable, and would not quickly be abandoned in the ‘national interest’ too, then you’re a dang fool.
    The fate of prisoners of war and missing in action is one of the darkest chapters of the Cold War. Tens of thousands of American soldiers and European survivors were sent to unknown destinations during World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War.

  51. Huckabee had an excellent show on tonight, it should repeat Sunday night. He had 4 whistleblowers from different agencies describe their experiences. In all 4 cases, they were fired or demoted, while the people who told them to shut up have been promoted. The first was a woman from DOJ who objected when John Walker Lindh was interrogated illegally. That doesn’t bother me as much as the next guy. He’s from ATF and told us about Fast & Furious, has been demoted, and his boss, who covered up, is up for the head of the agency. Also, a guy from NSA who was fired and charged with espionage for objecting and whistleblowing. Last was a guy in DC who was told not to hire white or conservative people. He resigned and exposed them. DC is run on federal money, and he knew that wasn’t right or decent. They all thanked Huckabee for telling their stories. I felt their righteous indignation as much as that of the 6 people who testified about IRS abuses. Government corruption is so widespread. It’s almost impossible to fire somebody who works for the government, so they kick them up in the ranks.

  52. http://dailycaller.com/2013/06/08/suspect-named-in-santa-monica-rampage-that-left-four-dead-one-gravely-injured/

    …One of those dead was the alleged shooter, whom the Los Angeles Times has identified as John Zawahri, citing five law enforcement sources in Los Angeles and Washington. Santa Monica Police Chief Jacqueline Seabrooks said at a press conference Saturday that the shooter was 23-years-old on Friday, and would have turned 24 on Saturday. She declined to identify him at this point, saying the family had not yet been notified.

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/06/08/suspect-named-in-santa-monica-rampage-that-left-four-dead-one-gravely-injured/#ixzz2VicBj591

  53. Good morning CW et. al.,

    I watched the market react to the negative economy. It simply boasted that the Feds will be forced to continue to print billions to pump up the market.

    I don’t see that as something to cheer.

  54. Good morning CW et al.,

    As I watch the insanity, we used to call Federal Government, I have no doubt that the trillions siphoned off for homeland security was used nefariously for CIA projects that spy and track Americans as well as collect weapons for the last assault. Combined with the IRS, EPA, DoJ, ATF, we have an active government assault upon the people and their freedoms. The first amendment freedoms, most consider sacred, have been assaulted by this administration by: 1) Actively attempting to destroy christianity and replace with Islam and atheism 2) Monitoring and controlling the press, as well as intimidating those whom would speak out. 3) Collecting information on Americans to target either individually or in groups, to silence them.

    The aforementioned is NOT low level employees gone wild, a coincidence, or for that matter Constitutional. We have reached the end game, when the cards are being flipped over on the table to expose what so many treasonous Americans have been advocating for so long…A totalitarian police state with nullification of the Constitution and Socialist dictator. I firmly believe that the recent technology transfer from the defense department to the Chinese was no ‘hack’ but a coordinated effort for this administration to trade technology for assistance. Further, I have absolutely no illusion that the 2012 election was fair, it was a huge election scam and illegitimate.

    I can’t help but think that the first issue, the one about ‘natural born citizenship’ will be remembered as the defining moment in the loss of the republic. The CIA has ended up being the master, not the servant.


  55. http://www.chicagobusiness.com/article/20130608/ISSUE01/306089980/how-blagojevich-go-between-built-surgery-center-business

    Good Morning All; Crain’s Chicago Business is reporting the September Trial of Raghuveer Nayak, the emissary for Jesse Jackson Jr. who assisted in his attempting to purchase the Senate Seat vacated by Barack Obama…Predictably the charges against him are NO RELATION to the Senate seat but “kick-back to dr.’s in exchange for patient referrals”…NO more charges in regards to the selling of the Senate seat, so why not release the 302’s to the 2 hour meeting Obama had with 4 federal agents? He was not President at the time, there are no more related charges so WHAT is keeping the media/investigative journalist from requesting the minutes to this meeting????

  56. Good morning!

    I keep thinking about the video that Jonah posted………..the interview with
    William Binney (the NSA insider/whistleblower). And I compare him to all these other so-called insiders that Hagmann and others have spoken of. If these people are real, then why don’t they come out of the shadows and go on the record with what they know? Why all the cloak and dagger crap?

    It’s irritating, and it makes me believe it’s all made up! I admire Mr. Binney and all those willing to put a name and a face to what they know as regards to Ben Ghazi and the IRS, etc.The rest?……well if they exist at all…..they are cowards!

    PS, Mr. Binney said when ever we post anything on line, we should give the NSA his best. So, Hi NSA! Hope you got an earful here at CW’s!

  57. This is really funny! Obama’s teleprompter took the day off, and his staff must have been snoozing. Yep! This is the smartest guy in the room.

  58. Completing the O”care” threats against conservatives and religious….having the IRS be the enforcers:

    This Won’t Turn Out Well
    The IRS prepares to enforce Obamacare’s contraception mandate.


    And….even if the DHS Insider story is a hoax the fact that it is so believable demonstrates the belief that with all the other stuff being committed against the innocent it is certainly within the realm of future possibilities.

  59. Obama Waives Human Rights Requirement On $1.3 Billion In Aid To Muslim Brotherhood Regime In Egypt On National Security Grounds…

    You know, because everything is so peaceful there for Christians!


  60. This is an incredible video, linked from FOTM. It amazes me what some people do with so little. Truly inspiring.

  61. Whistleblower

    Who will investigate the government leaks to David Axelrod’s pals at the Chicago Tribune?


  62. Starla | June 8, 2013 at 8:48 pm |
    Are both of these stories discredited as being unreliable & put out by unreliable satirist sources as deceiving & mocking satire?


    Starla asks a very serious question re. National Report, and I’ve been thinking about the subtle way (or, maybe not so much) BOTH stories are discredited to the unwashed, uninformed. Their story about O being guilty of “committing the biggest crime in American presidential history” IS true – that is NOT a spoof. However, the follow-up story of the so-called FBI raid IS bogus, or so it has been revealed as satire.

    What is it with these people at National Report anyway? Whose side are they on? Mixing reality with fiction is uncalled for and very dangerous. The unwitting probably would consider the true part as a spoof also. We here can discern; others perhaps not so much.

  63. oldsailor80

    I think that only a few people have figured out the true nature of the government slime who are the primary problem. Why do you think all of the sexual perversion is being given so much attention by the media,the courts,the government,and even in the Soetoro,alleged Healthcare,where contraceptive meds as well as condoms are FREE TO ALL……even 2 year old children. This is the total preoccupation,and mindset of those who are our alleged leaders. Their sick and sexually twisted mentality can think of NOTHING ELSE.

  64. SueQ (9:28 am)
    It’s irritating, and it makes me believe it’s all made up! I admire Mr. Binney and all those willing to put a name and a face to what they know as regards to Ben Ghazi and the IRS, etc.The rest?……well if they exist at all…..they are cowards!
    Hi, SueQ,
    I fully agree. Last night Gov. Mike Huckabee had four whistleblowers on his program – all with names and faces. Their stories are believable.

    I get suspicious when a writer emerges on a regular basis with someone on the “inside” with hot information, especially when the story is shrouded in heavy drama.

    Here again, we all know that in these days nearly anything is possible, so we must weigh and ponder these reports from “insiders”. We can do this without discrediting their stories at first blush.

    Truth mixed with error is one of the most dangerous things we face. Which is more treacherous – a little deadly poison mixed with food, or pure poison? Let’s be on our guard.

  65. oldsailor80

    It is a really sad testimony which continues to reflect only sexual deviation. It clearly shows the mental fixation upon DEVIATE SEX which the alleged leadership dwells nearly 100% of the time. I believe that our Federal government is virtually RIDDLED with homosexual individuals,who are in both lower echelon,as well as higher echelon leadership rolls. Such people have ONE TRACK MINDS,and can NOT take their attention away from their SICK sex practices. This sort of behavior is tatamount to what we are now seeing and experiencing

  66. oldsailor80

    When a society becomes so sexually saturated by the porn that they watch,they become drugged people, whose minds have been transformed into pornographic databases. Such people can no longer think rationally,or even reason…………all they can think about is their next sexual activity. Therein lies a very large proponent of the alleged leadership within all of the branches of government DOJ,IRS,DOD, Congress,Executive,Legislative, and yes I now think even our upper echelon military leaders as well.

  67. oldsailor80

    ………….and the ONE CROWNING TRAIT of ALL of the PERVERTS,and DEVIATES is A DEEP seated COWARDICE. In spite of their efforts to hide it they are given away by their own unconcious signals which emanate from them.This is a trait which is inherent with the sick twisted mentality of a sexual deviate.

  68. Most have seen the many doctored photos, but this is an especially interesting article:

    President Photoshop?
    Two puzzling photos that do not bear close scrutiny were published in 2010 on the mybarackobama.com campaign website, adding further mystery to the man who left surprisingly few documented footprints in the sands of time as he came to adulthood.

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2013/06/president_photoshop.html#ixzz2Vjq9NhKo

  69. Thanks Cabby,

    I missed Huckabee. I’ll try to find it. I’m just so sick of anonymous insiders, I could throw up. Someone said that maybe Hagmann is a “tool”, (I forget who). And maybe he is…………I hope not………..but this is getting to be ridiculous. If they have information that can save our dear country, than by golly come forward. Otherwise, shrink back into the shadows and stay there. You are worthless cowards. And if some blog owners are making up non existent characters just to draw traffic to their blogs………..then you are worse than traitors.

  70. coldwarvet2

    “What is it with these people at National Report anyway?”
    It’s a matter of what the viewpoint of the observer is if one considers the fact that the website is indeed capable of presenting satire as fact. For those that are unaware, yes, some posts could be rather un-nerving. If the observer sees the glass as half full however, it could be considered useful to the extent that even satirical news can have the effect of informing an otherwise uninformed observer….and I mean uninformed in the sense of not being aware of current events

  71. oldsailor80

    ………..in addition a SEXUAL DEVIATE is an animal who you NEVER turn your back to (for several reasons). Because of their cowardly nature they most always attack you FROM BEHIND, that includes verbal assaults as well. In addition they will rarely physically fight another person ONE ON ONE. All of this is the primary reason why such people in a military setting will NEVER be FULLY integrated into fighting groups..(companies,platoons etc) Straight people are not cohesive with DEVIATES

  72. This should make every American feel real good about their government this afternoon.

  73. coldwarvet2 | June 9, 2013 at 12:55 pm |
    ……If the observer sees the glass as half full however, it could be considered useful to the extent that even satirical news can have the effect of informing an otherwise uninformed observer….and I mean uninformed in the sense of not being aware of current events….
    Yeah, possibly so, but in my opinion it is a very risky practice, and more harm than good is being done. Query: Would the low-information reader even have the capability to know the true from the false? If they can’t already see or know sometime during the last five years, what stroke of genius is suddenly going to befall them? It’s a long shot – a VERY long one.

    Personally I think that site is being used as an ultimate tool against us to create confusion. That kind of confusion rarely works for good. Just my thoughts.

  74. RMinNC — The Muslim Brotherhood has not “infiltrated.” It has been invited in.

  75. RMinNC | June 9, 2013 at 1:54 pm |
    This should make every American feel real good about their government this afternoon.
    RM, thanks for the video. Most of them I can’t hear (even with everything turned up high)
    Isn’t it awful? Militant Islam is bound and determined to destroy our government, and they are gaining more ground via infiltration than a shooting war. That xxxxx in the W.H. is da’ guy that’s making it all possible. Treason is too good a charge.

  76. cabbyaz — You’re right. It goes beyond treason. I have to give the guy credit. He has played his role well. His loyalty is to foreign powers–the Muslim world, especially Iran. The charge of treason should be against those who have aided and abetted this, to include the Electoral College and members of Congress, the Courts, the Federal Bureaucracy and the Media.

  77. RMinNC — RE: Vietnam American POWs. That is a real sore point with me. I was part of a team sent into Laos and told that if killed or captured, the US would disavow knowledge of us. That was because we were going to be in violation of a treaty respecting Laotian neutrality. My question as a soldier was, How can you order us to violate the Constitution (Treaty Law is the supreme law of the land according to the Constitution) and we took the oath to defend the Constitution?

    Later the CIA tried to recruit some of us with special skills. I could speak Vietnamese and so I received such an offer. We worked side by side with CIA anyway–Air America was running the war. I turned down working for the CIA because too many convoluted things were going on to my way of looking at things.

    To make a long story short, some guys who went into Laos, were captured. They never came back out. Later, private efforts were made to rescue these guys by Bo Gritz, whose efforts were sabotaged. The US would not acknowledge these captured POWs and the North Vietnamese just kept them. I tried to go through the chain of command on this issue and ended up having my security clearance revoked for a short while. I also wrote to Congress members to no avail. No answer. They didn’t want to deal with it.

  78. Just heard on Fox………Edward Snowden is the NSA leaker. Says he did nothing wrong………….13 min. ago.

  79. Edward Snowden, a 29-year-old system administrator and former undercover CIA employee, unmasked himself Sunday as the principal source of recent Washington Post and Guardian disclosures about top-secret NSA programs, denouncing what he described as systematic surveillance of innocent citizens and saying in an interview, “it’s important to send a message to government that people will not be intimidated.”

    from WP

  80. DEAN….I know what you write of at 3:45pm……I operated up along the Cambodian border my second tour……you are so right…Air America was in charge….and that wasn’t for flying anything.

    Any time our government was involved in shady deals…they denied existence. yet our people who were there was left out in the cold.

    Some government we fought for.

  81. RMinNC — I try not to get bitter about it. Looks like you and I were among some of the lucky ones. I carried a lot of “survivor guilt” for good while. (Maybe I still do.)

  82. SueQ — Thanks for the tip on Edward Snowden. He will go down in history as a patriot. It takes a lot of courage to buck the system like that. We need more willing to come forth.

  83. oldsailor80

    As I recall the Sunday Huckabee is a repeat of the Saturday show. Everybody might want to watch it tonight! I can’t help wonder if Pirro will also repeat tonight.

  84. DEAN…
    .I carry no survivor guilt….I carry survivor anger…I was angry at my government then and I’m even more angry at my government now….you and I both know that a hell of a lot of good men died …and a hell of a lot of good men never came home, and no efforts were made to bring them back…that’s what I’m angry about .I’m angry that the soldier was betrayed and sold out to the highest bidder. I had controlled angry back then..but .now days, I have uncontrolled angry and at times it shows…I make no apology for that.

    I sucked it up then and finished with 27 years retirement, and feel I earned every minute of it…..I was sure the Army would change.. and.it did, FOR THE WORSE.

    I was told one time a long long time ago that the Army was a mirror of our society….the modern army is proving that every day with the current batch of self serving arm chair generals….and the troopers are paying for their ignorance.

  85. oldsailor80

    I just hope that Snowden is not taking the heat for somebody else,or has been ordered to be a PATSY.

  86. Do not misread my post…I still love my country dearly….I always will. It’s still the greatest country in the world, but thats not because of our self-serving inept leaders. It’s because of the common men and women who have made this country what it is and what it will be…and it will be these people who will protect it from those that have a mission to destroy it.

  87. I have heard the Star Spangled Banner a million times…and have loved every time more than the last……

    This kid serves up our National Anthem with a lot of gusto and felling…I’m not a fan of ROCK, but found this to my satisfaction…

    I hope you will too.

  88. shttp://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=c8C7i9kdEf8orry I forgot to post the video….old age creep I guess…lol

  89. the third time is always a charm

  90. RMinNC — I completely understand. After a break in service, I came back in and finished 21 years active duty. Army. And like you I saw the deterioration and political correctness being imposed upon the soldiers.

    When Clinton was President, I wrote him as a retired noncom opposing open homosexuals in the service. I gave my reasons and shared some of my experiences. Surprisingly he wrote back, thanking me and saying my concerns would be seriously considered. That is when he came up with the “Don’t ask don’t tell” policy. That was more of an answer than I ever got from Congressmen concerning Constitutional violations.

    I guess the anger thing operates in me, too–more than I care to face or admit. I was stationed at Ft Hood for awhile. I can’t even let myself think of the Jihadist who murdered those 13 + 1 unborn. Why hasn’t he been executed? Why wasn’t that declared an act of terror?

    Recently, via the net, I got in touch with some old Vietnam War buddies. It wouldn’t take much to set any of us off. I think we are coming to the boiling point. Something’s gotta give soon.

  91. Sounds like our paths may have crossed at times DEAN…I had two tours at Fort Hood, one with the 1st Arm and another with the 2nd. Although I have been Infantry all the way……

    From one old soldier to another….let me thank you for your service Sarge.

  92. Oldsailor80 — I think Snowden is the real deal. He’s holding up in Hong Kong. My fear is for his life.

  93. RMinNC — Let me thank you for your service, too. And GLAD YOU MADE IT BACK! (It was a long time before I heard those words from anyone.) I was attached to the 2AD 1978. In ’79, I went to Germany for 3 years. I was trying to prolong my time in Germany as an interpreter, when they decided they needed a Vietnamese interpreter again due to a skirmish that went on between China and Vietnam. They had gotten rid of almost all of their Vietnamese linguists. So, back to the Asian theater. I helped monitor the Bo Gritz effort to try and rescue presumed POWs in Laos. Somebody or some entity high up in the government seemed to have compromised that. That is sure what it looked like to us on the ground floor. The aerial photos were there. It looked like a POW camp. But each time Bo went in, he and his group were ambushed. They were waiting for him. I don’t know how much I’m allowed to say these days, but right now, I don’t give a damn.

  94. DEAN…it was a POW camp….if I wa sa guessing man, I would say that someone LEAKED BO’s mission and whereabouts.

  95. DEAN….
    Theres a little fellow that sales fresh produce at our city farmers market…every year, I make a special effort to go there once or twice where I can sit and chat with him about days gone by.

    Donny was a “tunnel rat” with the 25th Infantry at Cu Chi…..He has some interesting stories to tell….Donny was a one termer and didn’t get above PFC in rank, but that’s OK with him and I’m just as proud of his service as I would have been of a 4 star general…in fact, I think I admired him more than a 4 star general..

    Donny is just a little fellow, he won’t weigh 95 pounds soaking wet. He has a scraggly beard of sorts now, and his hair is long in a ponytail, but I admire him for his bravery to enter a tunnel and flush out the Viet Cong. I can relate to what he did and enjoy his stories he tells.

    .As you know, a “tunnel rat” had the life expectancy of about 30 days ove therer, some were much less than that, especially around the Cu Chi area.

    I just told my wife this morning, that its time for me to go visit with Donny that we needed to chat …she smiled and said “how about next Saturday?”

  96. Sorry if someone else has already posted this video. It’s on the NSA whistle blower. Hope he has some kind of bodyguard. Probably the smartest thing he did was come out into the open for all to see.


  97. HonorFirst

    Isn’t Congressman Stockman (TX) the representative interested in meeting further with Det. Zullo?

    Looks like he has a great sense of humor as well!

  98. The good Chaput:

    Catholic Archbishop: Wake Up! Religious Liberty at Risk in USA


    Archbishop Chaput noted that the bishops believe “basic medical care is a matter of social justice and human dignity.” That principal, however, does not empower the government to force Americans to violate their moral and religious convictions.

    “But health care has now morphed into a religious liberty issue provoked entirely–and needlessly–by the current White House,” the archbishop wrote. “Despite a few small concessions under pressure, the administration refuses to withdraw or reasonably modify a Health and Human Services (HHS) contraceptive mandate that violates the moral and religious convictions of many individuals, private employers and religiously affiliated and inspired organizations.”

    The archbishop noted that the administration’s disregard for religious liberty in the enforcement of this regulation is in line with its refusal to defend the Defense of Marriage Act and its advocacy in the Hosanna-Tabor case.

    The Defense of Marriage Act says that a state cannot be forced to recognize a same-sex marriage contracted in another state and that for federal purposes marriage is between one man and one women. The Supreme Court is now considering the constitutionality of DOMA, and the administration has asked the court that the law be thrown out, arguing that opposition to same-sex marriage (which is the position of the Catholic Church and many other religious denominations) is the constitutional equivalent of racial discrimination.

    In the Hosanna-Tabor case, the administration argued unsuccessfully in the Supreme Court that the government could tell a Lutheran school it must restore as a “commissioned minister” a person who violated the teachings of the Lutheran faith.

    “Coupled with the White House’s refusal to uphold the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, and its astonishing disregard for the unique nature of religious freedom displayed by its arguments in a 9-0 defeat in the 2012 Hosanna-Tabor Supreme Court decision, the HHS mandate can only be understood as a form of coercion,” wrote the archbishop.

    “Access to inexpensive contraception is a problem nowhere in the United States,” he said. “The mandate is thus an ideological statement; the imposition of a preferential option for infertility. And if millions of Americans disagree with it on principle–too bad.”

    The archbishop went on to observe that abortion advocates use fraudulent language in describing their position.

    “The fraud at the heart of our nation’s ‘reproductive rights’ vocabulary runs very deep and very high,” he wrote. “In his April 26 remarks to the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the president never once used the word ‘abortion,’ despite the ongoing Kermit Gosnell trial in Philadelphia and despite Planned Parenthood’s massive role in the abortion industry.”

    The archbishop noted that the scandal “involving IRS targeting of ‘conservative’ organizations … also has a religious dimension.”

    “But the latest IRS ugliness,” he wrote, “is a hint of the treatment disfavored religious groups may face in the future, if we sleep through the national discussion of religious liberty now. The day when Americans could take the Founders’ understanding of religious freedom as a given is over. We need to wake up.”


    If it’s UNCONSTITUTIONAL to harvest private information about US citizens as the NSA has been doing….how can it legal to prosecute the whistle blower who brought the information to the ear of the public?

    As I see this scandal, the problem is the government is ANGRY that the information was leaked…it blew their ability to spy on the individual citizen.

    So my question is: Is it illegal to report on things your government is doing that is UNCONSTITUTIONAL?…I think not.

    This is similar to a situation that most military men have encountered in the military. That was: Does a soldier have to obey an unlawful and ILLEGAL order from his Commander?….the answer to that question is a resounding NO.

    Remember the Me Lai incident in Vietnam? Lt. Callie claimed he was only following orders. from his Commander. Those orders were unlawful and he had no obligation to follow them, but he did .For his ignorance, he paid the price at Fort Leavenworth’s Disciplinary Barracks.

    I had a real good friend Major Harvey Brown who sat on that Court-Martial..The only problem with that court martial was it did not go far enough to punish the guilty. Guilt went all the way up the chain of command, but only Callie paid the price

    That’s always the way things go, isn’t it?

  100. June 9, 2013

    “Late-Breaking: Kenya’s Leading Newspaper Reports Obama Born In Kenya Raised In USA”

    “A reader of BR/ORYR sent in the following. We’ve seen the other Kenyan-born Obama articles published throughout the years but this one appears to have slipped under the radar[?]. The complete article in question has been scrubbed however an excerpt from the 2005 article still appears in the Daily Nation’s search query. The Wayback Machine turned up no results. Instructions below…


    “Whoever has read Dreams From My Father, a biography and chronicle of the struggle of US Senator Barack Obama, a Kenyan born and raised in the United States, can testify that the state of life led by slum dwellers and street children in Kenya is chillingly pathetic…” – Via scrubbed Daily Nation article titled; “Is there hope for slum dwellers?””



  101. Congressman King on Fox is a butthead.

  102. “Obama In Kenya: I Am So Proud To Come Back Home”

    At 0:50

  103. 7:20 pm —
    “Late-Breaking: Correction; Kenya’s Leading Newspaper Reports Obama Born In USA”

    At ORYR:

    “Note: A commenter correctly points out the writer is clearly not stating Obama was born in Kenya such as was reported in 2004. Which is it? Also searched through other archived articles and they too are not visible…”


  104. Changed again:

    “Late-Breaking: Kenya’s Leading Newspaper Reports Obama Born In Kenya Or USA?”


  105. What a thriller! This is a long read, but it is spellbinding about a true hero.
    He has fled to Hong Kong because of the uncertain future he is facing.

    Edward Snowden: the whistleblower behind the NSA surveillance revelations
    The 29-year-old source behind the biggest intelligence leak in the NSA’s history explains his motives, his uncertain future and why he never intended on hiding in the shadows


    He left the CIA in 2009 in order to take his first job working for a private contractor that assigned him to a functioning NSA facility, stationed on a military base in Japan. It was then, he said, that he “watched as Obama advanced the very policies that I thought would be reined in”, and as a result, “I got hardened.”

    The primary lesson from this experience was that “you can’t wait around for someone else to act. I had been looking for leaders, but I realised that leadership is about being the first to act.”
    Once he reached the conclusion that the NSA’s surveillance net would soon be irrevocable, he said it was just a matter of time before he chose to act. “What they’re doing” poses “an existential threat to democracy”, he said.
    As strong as those beliefs are, there still remains the question: why did he do it? Giving up his freedom and a privileged lifestyle? “There are more important things than money. If I were motivated by money, I could have sold these documents to any number of countries and gotten very rich.”

    For him, it is a matter of principle. “The government has granted itself power it is not entitled to. There is no public oversight. The result is people like myself have the latitude to go further than they are allowed to,” he said.

    Read more:

  106. RMinNC and Dean M.,
    Reading your conversation about mutual war experiences and opinions is truly privileged and humbling. I remember so well the day that Nixon ordered all troops brought home from Viet Nam and the resulting chaos that ensued in arranging flights, etc.

    When the news was heard, I happened to be a passenger in the car of an attorney headed for court to attend to legal business for my aunt. I looked at him and remember saying, “This is a very sad day for America.” My meaning was that our boys had fought long and hard in a war that they were not allowed to win because of politics. The whole saga was heartbreaking.

    Today we learn the identity of another hero who has decided it is better to risk losing all if that is necessary to do what is right. Edward Snowden did serve in Iraq, too, but he will be remembered for what he has done to alert us and the world to what the NSA and the CIA are presently up to. It is way beyond what the drafters of The Patriot Act ever intended.

    He knows that the CIA will hunt him down. Like you military heroes, he is not afraid, because he has done right.

    Verizon phone records story off-limits to airmen

    President Obama has said the outrage over the federal government’s decision to monitor citizens’ phone activity is all “hype.”

    He might want to share his opinion with the Air Force, which is ordering members of the service not to look at news stories about it.

    Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/06/military-told-not-to-read-obama-scandal-news/#ph2TrpHR3QmOFwXW.99

  108. The Sinister Spiritual Scandal Beneath All the Obama Political Scandals
    In his February 2012 prayer breakfast speech, the “committed Christian” Obama revealed that his faith is not in God or in Christ. He said that he has “faith in the idea that I am my brother’s keeper and I am my sister’s keeper.” Cain’s words, not Christ’s, serve as the basis of our president’s “faith.”
    Obama does not know the Scriptures: He knows how to use the Scriptures to deceive the ignorant and the unstable…..


  109. Tonight on the Fox Report at 7pm, Harris Faulkner interviewed Tony Shaffer. I think he was in Army intelligence and alerted Rep. Sensenbrenner to Project Able Danger, which should have been included in the 9/11 Commission Report because it had info on the 9/11 terrorists. I believe he was also in the CIA and his book was pulled by the CIA a few years ago. Anyway, he told Harris that Snowden has essentially DEFECTED TO CHINA with who knows what information and secrets yet to be told. He said he was a low level worker(we’ve heard that before)but could do some damage to this country. Very coincidental, wasn’t it, that Obama met with China’s leader this weekend?? I read earlier that Snowden voted for Obama but is now very disappointed with him. Heaven only knows how many more defections are going to happen !!!

  110. It is my belief that we are going to hear most, if not all, high profile, former intelligence and/or military officers publicly condemn and discredit Snowden, because to not do so would put themselves in a jeopardy that they are not able or willing to risk. After all, the government has already announced its intention to go after the leaker.

    Of course, many of them are entrenched in the system and see nothing wrong. We have deteriorated that much.

  111. I’m commenting this because I haven’t seen anyone else post it… Did you hear where Snowden’s office was??? Hawaii!!! Wonder what info he has! I’m guessing Sheriff Joe will want to contact him! Let’s all pray that he has the documents WE all are looking for!

  112. Good morning CW et. al,

    The reason I believe websites, Obots and news outlets release satire pertaining to Obama is to simply confuse the average citizen and flood them with misinformation so when the “Real” story exposing Obama, it will be perceived as satire and dismissed by many as such.

  113. Mornin William, CW

    Edward Snowden is already being demonized…….at least on Fox.

  114. Juicy tidbit or nothingburger? Blogger overhears intel officials saying NSA leaker should be ‘disappeared’


  115. The way I see it…………if we don’t stand up for this guy, there will no longer be any free flow of ideas in our conversations with each other. Everyone will be intimidated into silence. Blogs such as this will cease.

  116. NSA Revelations Bring Democrats And Republicans Together In Outrage

    WASHINGTON— The revelations this week of broad government spying on U.S. citizens have at least been able to foster something Washington hasn’t seen in a long time: bipartisanship.


    We’ll see how long this lasts. Instead of taxpayer money going to line dancing classes…………it will go to goose stepping classes.

  117. citizenwells

    Good morning William, SueQ, et al.

  118. This recent NSA leaker scandal is a bit too fishy for me. The concept of NSA surveilling American citizens has been going on for a long time.

    After 9/11 there was a desperate need to prevent more attacks. The Bush administration went to great lengths to prevent another attack on our soil and took the fight to them. The Patriot act and thus NSA “spying” was used, I believe, with the best intentions. The FISA court, though, was very lenient in its duties and pretty much allowed anything requested of them. The gathering of intelligence, communications, etc., went way beyond just foreign. Perhaps it happened, but I don’t remember any major abuses of citizens with that collection of knowledge.

    Fast Forward to the O regime. These are people that target and destroy the opposition. We saw it in Illinois before O ever won an election. They somehow unsealed sealed record to embarrass his opponents. Not once, but several times. They play very dirty politics and it is now status quo in D.C.

    According to some, the gathering of data on all US citizens has increased expotentially since 2009. And we know this administration will use that information against those who oppose him. The Justice Dep’t, EPA and the IRS are great examples of that abuse.

    With more than 4 scandals circling the WH, I think this new NSA story is just another diversion. (as it is nothing new) It will take time away from these other important stories and give Obama cover in the name of “protecting” US citizens. All the while, we need to watch closely what the other hand is doing. We will soon be involved in the Syrian conflict! All points are leading up to that. This will be a HUGE mistake in my opinion. If we had done something at the very beginning, before the other more radical rebels got involved, it might have been worthy and would have saved innocent Syrian lives. Now, it is much too late with several radical factions fighting each other over territory. It is a quagmire we do not need to enter.
    Obama’s foreign policy has been dangerous all along. He will only sacrifice American soldiers with no redeeming results.

    There is nothing better than a “wag the dog” moment to clear all these scandals. Gold help us.

  119. Mornin’ everyone.

    RMinNC — Hope you have a nice visit with your 25th Inf friend. I can’t even imagine being a “tunnel rat.” Glad he made it back, too.

    cabbyaz — Thank you for your kind words. As for Snowden, I think he is on the level.

    I worked for NSA as a member of ASA–Army Security Agency. ASA was later incorporated into INSCOM, Intelligence & Security Command. The Army felt NSA was getting too big for itself. For example, we would answer directly to NSA and bypass the Army chain of command if there was a conflict in priorities. The Army decided to stop that and placed us under Army Intelligence creating INSCOM.

    Anyway, NSA deals with signals intelligence. It has been recording everything in the atmosphere for the longest time. The question has been, what to do with all that information? There were strict rules that NSA was to stay away from copying anything to do with US citizens and stiff penalties if these rules were violated. The danger has always been, who is going to enforce these rules? A lot depended on NSA policing itself.

    The really bad thing about NSA getting phone records of US citizens is the agency obviously intends, then, to marry up that data with what has been recorded from the atmosphere. That means spying on American citizens.

    Given what the IRS has been doing, one begins to see 1984 written in giant letters.

  120. Pingback: Political Vel Craft | Obama’s Unemployment Rate For June 2013 Has No Relation To Reality: Evil Of Deception

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