US labor department BLS jobs data, May 2013, Cooking the books?, Unemployment report revised numbers, Job Openings and Labor Turnover Summary, Orwell 2 + 2 = 5

US labor department BLS jobs data, May 2013, Cooking the books?, Unemployment report revised numbers, Job Openings and Labor Turnover Summary, Orwell 2 + 2 = 5

“With a 63.7% labor force participation, “conditions in the labor market are considerably worse than indicated” in July’s report”…economist Joshua Shapiro, WSJ August 3, 2012

“Since the Democrats took control of both houses of congress in January 2007, the number of people who could only find part time work has gone up 215 percent”…Citizen Wells

“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”…George Orwell, “1984″



The US Labor Department BLS, Bureau of Labor Statistics, came out with 2 reports in May with their jobs and unemployment data. BLS reports on jobs and unemployment have long been suspect. A recent ADP report on private sector jobs added did not mesh well with the government reports.

The two BLS reports do not mesh well either.

From the BLS May 3, 2013.


“The change in total nonfarm payroll employment for February was
revised from +268,000 to +332,000, and the change for March was
revised from +88,000 to +138,000. With these revisions, employment
gains in February and March combined were 114,000 higher than
previously reported.”

From the BLS May 7, 2013.

“Job Openings and Labor Turnover Summary”

Table A. Job openings, hires, and total separations by industry, seasonally adjusted
| Job openings              | Hires                            | Total separations
| Mar. | Feb. | Mar.     | Mar. | Feb.   | Mar. |    Mar. | Feb.   | Mar.
| 2012 | 2013 | 2013p| 2012 | 2013 | 2013p| 2012 | 2013 | 2013p
| Levels (in thousands)
|3,848 |3,899 |3,844 |4,435 |4,451 |4,259 |4,180 |4,180 |4,213
“Net Change in Employment

Large numbers of hires and separations occur every month throughout the business cycle. Net employment change results from the relationship between hires and separations. When the number of hires exceeds the number of separations, employment rises, even if the hires level is steady or declining.
Conversely, when the number of hires is less than the number of separations, employment declines, even if the hires level is steady or rising. Over the 12 months ending in March 2013, hires totaled 51.8 million and separations totaled 50.1 million, yielding a net employment gain of 1.7 million. These figures include workers who may have been hired and separated more than once during the year.”

The “p” stands for preliminary (decoder ring setting smoke & mirrors).

Using the BLS rules outlined above, the following calculations should yield the employment gains by month.

Feb 2013 hires                4,451,000


Feb 2013 separations   4,180,000

Feb job gains              271,000

Mar 2013 hires                4,259,000


Mar 2013 separations   4,213,000

Feb job gains                46,000

From the BLS above:

“The change in total nonfarm payroll employment for February was
revised from +268,000 to +332,000, and the change for March was
revised from +88,000 to +138,000.”


Isn’t this what Orwell warned us about?


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  1. Good morning CW et al.,

    Pertaining to the BLS numbers, can we not from this point forward in history just call it the BS numbers and leave the “L” out of the picture? 🙂

  2. citizenwells

    Good point William.

  3. By the way my dear friends at CW, I have taken a vacation day off today and back in Tennessee for a long weekend during Mothers day. My Youngest Son also has his high School award ceremony this evening which I intend to be present for this evening.

  4. COVERAGE UPDATE: Obama-Cleared Muslim Cleric Damned Murdered SEALS in US Military Ceremony


    As may be expected, this news made its way through our most heroically uncompromising online news media, WND and Canada Free Press, and blogs such as ObamaReleaseYouRecords, Pat Dollard, and Fellowship of Minds.

    It also found its way into what may be called neo-conventional conservative sites such as Gateway Pundit, The Blaze, Breitbart, The Daily Caller, and Newsmax.

    Similarly, it is found on more conventional center-right sites, including Fox News, though so far I have not seen it on Manhattan/DC-globalist friendly (and somewhat magazine-like) National Review Online, American Spectator, nor even Red State. (I don’t see anything in Twitchy, either, which bills itself on immediacy and edginess.)

    If the reader has seen news of the event breaking through the mind-control filters of the Frankfurt School Left’s Marxstream media, please let us know. After all, in the words of Greg Gutfeld after the prior day’s Benghazi hearings, “The media is Obama’s scandal condom.” The protection continues, though it may be getting stickier for the whores to handle.

  5. My Apology for saying “this evening” twice in the same sentence. LOL.. Kind of excited. But in some ways I have fear as his father. His grades are excellent, but his ambitions are Military. I am against this portion of his career outlook.

  6. Good Morning SueQ… 🙂

  7. Morning William!

  8. SueQ,

    I wish you a Wonderful and Happy Mothers Day this weekend hun. You so deserve it! You are such a wonderful person and I am proud to call you a friend. Do you have any surprises (that you may not know of) from your children this weekend?

    I asked my wife what she wanted a few days ago, and its to build another flower garden this weekend for her. So, today I’m off to Lowe’s and other places to gather the material and begin the project and hopefully complete it before I have to head back to Alabama.

  9. Beckwith at “The Obama File”:

    “School scrubs photo of professors burning book”

    “There isn’t a dimes worth of difference between these two progressive “professors” and this NAZI.”

  10. Thank you so much, William! One of my daughters, (as we speak) is dusting, vaccumming, scrubbing bathrooms, etc. my house as a gift for Mother’s day. I really feel pampered.

    I know your wife will appreciate your toughtfulness. Give her my best!

  11. BTW, William,

    Re. your post at 8:56……..there don’t seem to be any grammar nazis here, (thank God), or I would be a continous casualty.

  12. SueQ,

    Will do. And you are to be pampered, all mothers should be.


    Malcolm Shabazz, Grandson of Malcolm X, killed
    By Amsterdam News Staff

    The Amsterdam News has learned, and the U.S. Embassy has confirmed, that Malcolm Shabazz – grandson of Malcolm X, was killed in Mexico.

    Several reports around the circumstances of his death, stilled unconfirmed, have rummored that he died early Thursday morning, May 9, 2013 from injuries sustained after he was thrown off a building or shot as he was being robbed in Tijuana.

    “I’m confirming, per U.S. Embassy, on behalf of family, the tragic death of Malcolm Shabazz, grandson of Malcolm X.Statement frm family 2 come,” wrote close friend of the Shabazz family Terrie M. Williams on twitter.

    Family members have confirmed his death and that he was in Mexico but have not confirmed the exact location or circumstances of how Malcolm Shabazz died.

  14. continous = continuous

    Thank God, no spelling nazis either. 🙂

  15. SueQ | May 10, 2013 at 9:34 am |
    LOL… 🙂 Well, I’m probably the worst about not checking my spelling and political correctness and don’t run my comments through MicroSoft Thesaurus programs for corrections before I state a comment. That is one of the things I truly enjoy having friends such as you and others here; not being politically correct or worrying with spelling. We all know each other and our directions of comments without being criticized for such nonsense by others or outsiders. We are a family that has known and learned each other over the years. I am proud to call my CW friends, family.

    As Cabby once mentioned traveling to the South and other places CW family members reside, we would all welcome into our houses, every person – without doubt and open arms.

  16. RMinNC,

    Major, did you see the sickening Video of how our Seal Team 6 was treated when the came home dead? By the Pentagon and Washington Military Brass? Its a long video, but you must watch it! And as Obama stated, and questions must be Answered, why? Why did this happened on U.S. Soil? We have been infiltrated, our Top Military Brass have no balls.

    Watch this video Major, (Hope you didn’t eat breakfast this morning)

  17. Dean M,

    You mentioned that our only hope is in God. This one’s for you…. truly beautiful!

  18. 50 years LATER the truth come out…….
    I have said the same thing for the past 49 years! For a great read, get JIM MARR’S book,.”CROSSFIRE”
    Legendary Republican operative Roger Stone claims in his new book that Lyndon Johnson arranged John F. Kennedy’s assassination, and that Richard Nixon and Johnson had a documented relationship with Lee Harvey Oswald’s killer, Jack Ruby, years before Ruby shot Oswald in the basement of Dallas police headquarters in 1963.

    Stone, who worked for Richard Nixon’s Committee to Re-elect the President in 1972 and later served in the Nixon administration, claims in his forthcoming book that Johnson, then a congressman, instructed Richard Nixon, then a congressman, to hire Ruby on the House of Representatives payroll in 1947.

    Stone also claimed that Johnson “micro-managed” Kennedy’s Dallas motorcade, demanding that it pass through Dealy Plaza on November 22, 1963, when Oswald, from his perch in an overlooking book depository building, shot Kennedy.
    Politics is a DIRTY GAME…and anyone playing this game must eventually expect this to happen. But when it does, the MSM goes into high gear and starts covering up the REAL truth…..There is NO DOUBT in my mind that LYNDON JOHNSON was behind the assassination of John F. Kennedy….

    Please note Stone said JOHNSON DEMANDED Kennedy’s motorcade went through Dealy Plaza….Hint, hint ! Also, according to Jim Marrs, Johnson’s car in the motorcade was six cars behind Kennedy, well out of the line of fire.JOHNSON was GUILTY as SIN, but no one said it. Look what this silence got us! I was right in the middle of this as a young 1st Lt., but unable to do anything.
    Over 58, 200 men were killed in Vietnam because NO ONE questioned …….this is a prime example of what happens when GOOD MEN SAY NOTHING…EVIL RULES!….Today, GOOD MEN are saying nothing…and EVIL is ruling!


    How long Oh LORD?

  19. WILLIAM…

    Yes I saw the video, and it made me sick just to see how our Top military brass have been corrupted by this Chicago cabal.

    There wasn’t a SINGLE MUSLIM among the dead, yet we have a towel-head giving the sermon over the bodies because we want to win “the hearts and minds” of those people? What a bunch of “bullsh*t!

    We tried that “hearts and mind” crap in Vietnam, look what it got us !!! WHO WAS TRYING TO IMPRESS WHOM?




    We not only need to purge our POLITICIANS…we need to PURGE OUR MILITARY RANKS ALSO!.Especially our military!

    But a military, WITHOUT BALLS,does what the CORRUPT COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF orders……Dempsey and his gang have proven that.They are not deserving of the honor to lead men in battle.
    The only thing they can do is play with their computers, go to the PX, and buy another medal or two, then strut like peacocks for public approval…….

    If Patton, Bradley, Ike, or MacAuther were alive today, I’m sure they would also be ashamed of those in command of our armed forces…………

    GOD help us…because I don’t think out military leaders will !

  20. SueQ — Thank you. That was good. We need the same kind of faith inspired leadership today.

  21. Folks,

    I will dare say this: Faith in God without Action is Null and Void! It applies to our personal lives, our families, our leaders, and everything else. Faith alone without action, is again, null.

  22. Amen, William.

  23. God “Inspired” Mosses through faith, but God did not command his hand and wash all away at the blink of an eye. It was “Action” through “Faith” that lead their biblical path as we know it today. In other words, those that sat back and prayed and did nothing, got nothing. Those that prayed, and moved forward in action to change their faith, were rewarded.

  24. Sorry,
    Should read “To change the Fate”, not faith. They were doomed. No Nazi word smiths here today…. 🙂

  25. Ugh. “To change “Their Fate”. not “the”….

    Golly. I should’ve just rewritten the sentence. But my friends and family get the point.

  26. RMinNC,

    I may need you as an adviser in the near future pertaining to my youngest son (Senior H.S. this year) if acceptable by you, off line.

  27. RMinNC | May 10, 2013 at 9:45 am |

    Quick, somebody grab a DNA sample

  28. Glad to advise William…but up front I will say

    the military isn’t not what most people think it is

    I WOULD NOT ADVISE YOUR SON TO JOIN THE MILITARY TODAY….knowing what they are, and are not……the military today is not what most people think it is….I’m sorry to say that, but that’s the truth.

    Anytime our military is used to prop up a petty criminal in power….I cannot and will not advise our youth to get involved.,…this is not to place the blame on the individual soldier…far from it….they are only pawns in this game being played today………

    My heart goes out to those soldiers who serve today. They know not who their REAL enemy is… why they are fighting…..or what is expected of them….

    They can only witness that the deck is stacked against them in favor of their supposed enemy…..All because someone is trying to win “the hearts and minds” of the radical Muslins who have publicly vowed to kill them..

  29. coldwarvet2

    Sadly, I have to concur with your statement concerning today’s military…It is slowly becoming a military without honor…something no amount of technology can make up for. As per my post a couple of days ago, our military is currently embarking on a path which will cause it, and consequently those who are members of it, to come to be viewed more as “enforcers” of the state, as opposed to the “defenders” of the state.

  30. coldwarvet2………YES TO THE ABOVE

  31. A disadvantage to living in AZ (time zone – Pacific – in the summer – because AZ does not go on daylight savings) is that I’m always late in getting here, but have enjoyed reading here this morning.

    SueQ and William,
    You know, in quickly reading the comments here I often do not notice grammar, spelling, etc., because it is easy to see what the writer means. We so understand each other and are most often on the same page that the communication goes from one to the other almost like the process of “osmosis”. LOL!

    RMinNC and coldwarvet2,
    To you and others here who have had military careers, it must be exceedingly sad for you to see what is happening – especially at the top echelons.

    Remember back in 2008 and even since, there were those who were promising that we should just watch and see if the top-brass didn’t someday come and “rescue” us from the plague that exists in the W.H.
    It sounded plausible to some back then, but now the enemy has infiltrated all branches of the military – from top down. The picture is bleak, to say the least, but not hopeless. We dare not give up in our relentless fight.

  32. Lt. Col Lakin can attest to the fact the military does not watch over its own.

  33. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    The Navy Seals story is getting out. Megan Kelley just interviewed the families of 2 of the men who were killed in the helicopter crash in Afghanistan needlessly. For those who have not seen the conference from the Natl. Press Club, here it is again. It is long but important and moving. VP Biden is taken to task for talking too much.

  34. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    PS – Here is the youtube version –

  35. Sorry to say…………the Boston bomber was burried near Richmond Va.

  36. SueQ | May 10, 2013 at 2:05 pm |

    No worries, Sue; I have a friend in Richmond.

    I will be donating a nice pork roast to the cause; she will give bacon….

  37. …Hey SUEQ and SUEK…is this a private party or can this old soldier get in on it?


  38. Well, RMinNC,

    I wasn’t aware that it was a private party. I just heard on the news. Nobody asked Virginians. It seems like a lot of what goes on is behind the scenes.

    WMAL reports that “Nobody within the community was consulted about it.”

  39. BTW, RMinNC, your humor did not escape me. I was just shocked at the news.

  40. haha SueQ……just wondering if you caught it…lol

    Of course they would not have ask those VIRGINIANS..
    .if they had, Robert Edward Lee, the hero of the South would have rolled over in his grave…..and
    J (Juble) E(Earley ) B(Brown) Stuart, that’s JEB Stuart to all those Yankees, would have resurrected his horse and rode against those foreigners in power in Washington !! (you know, kinda like Don Queote and his windmills)

  41. RM, of course you (and the pig) are invited!
    Sue, that was the issue around here; no one wanted the bastid. I understand that cremation in the Mooselim cult is forbidden, as is being buried in a non-Mooselim cemetery. I tried to find Mooselim cemeteries in the New England area, and there are none.

    The best way to deal with this bastid’s ‘remains’ would have been to cremate him (the cult be damned!) and send his filthy ashes back to Mama Sticky Fingers in Klepto-stan (she has an outstanding warrant here in MA for stealing $1300 worth of clothing from a Lord & Taylor store).

    The ashes should’ve been sent to Mama in a….pressure cooker.

    Period. End of controversy. I’m sorry y’all got the rotten terrorist.

  42. Please excuse my spelling…that should have been Don Quixote…

    Spelling was my weakest subject at Columbia University ( which I never attended, at the same time Mr. Obummer was there). I also attended Harvard WITH THE BUMMER and graduated with a 5.5 GPA, SUMMA, SUMMA CUM LAUDA..

    AND I WILL NOT RELEASE MY RECORDS EITHER !!! So don’t ask .(.hehe) .

  43. SueK…do you too have a spelling problem like me?…haha

    Is that bastid or bastard?….or does it matter?

  44. Better yet…spread those ashes in a pigs stye !!!!!That would have got their attention!


    It isn’t working….

  46. Carney is up to his EYEBALLS in his own CRAP…and the media isn’t buying it !!!

  47. There’s an old saying….

    Carney is swinging from that old Oak tree on the South lawn….










  51. All hell’s breaking loose in this Benghazi cover-up. Finally, a mainstream media organization, ABC, is no longer running cover for the Obama administration. It is clear that the original CIA memo about the attack stated that those involved were al-Qaeda terrorists, but over time some twelve versions were made to strip all such references, leading to Ambassador Rice’s proclamation that the attacks were over an anti-Muslim video.

    Wow, amazing! Let’s see how this plays out.

  52. We all know who changed the TALKING POINT…..

    It was the same man who ordered the STANDOWN….

    The same man who threw Hillery under his BUS…

    The same man who appointed a known MUSLIM as CIA DIRECTOR…

    It was the same MUSLIM who usurped the WHITE HOUSE….

    OK class, you have three guess as to whom I am writing about…and the first two don’t count.

  53. Suek,

    Yes, cremate the remains, but toss the ashes into a pig pen for the swine to wallow in.

  54. Exactly my comments JONAH……AMEN

  55. RMinNC | May 10, 2013 at 3:36 pm |

    Nope, RM, no spelling problem!

    I’m in Boston and true to my roots, I type the way I speak; there is no letter ‘R’ in this neck of the woods.

    So, in the Boston tradition, the guy is a ‘bastid!’ Spelling it that way also gets it by censors (other places, not here at CW) who will knock out that word if spelled correctly 🙂

  56. haha SueK…..we all knew what you meant….exactly my sentiments too!

  57. Wow, at the link below you can see how hard Media Matters is trying to downplay the damaging report released by ABC News about the Benghazi cover-up. Both hilarious and sad.

    “Nothing to see here folks. Move along.”

  58. citizenwells

    From the Citizen Wells Youtube channel.

    KenyanBornObamAcorn 6 hours ago
    “My case in Maryland, Fair v. Obama (Walker) got past standing and jurisdiction. Argument is set for early Sept.!”

  59. oldsailor80

    That is to say BAHston, or cah(car). Back in the 50s when I was in Boston I had a hell of a time learning to understand the BAH-STON-IANS. Fortunately I had a wife from NEW YORK. You know,….. that is where the DOITY BOID SITS ON THE CORNER OF TOITY TOID,AND TOID,AND EATS DOITY WOIMS. NO OFFENSE TO ANYBODY FROM NEW YORK OR ELSEWHERE.

  60. oldsailor80

    Maybe if Soetoro visits Missouri he will need to be careful if there are HOGS NEARBY, I seem to remember a 1950s lament about somebody “visiting the bathroom and the HOGS getting them.”

  61. coldwarvet2

    cabby az
    In reference your post on the military brass…There is a time in both the enlisted and commissioned ranks when your promotion potential is based more on your political acumen (brown noseing?) than on what you actually know about the particulars concerning your job (mos). With that little tidbit in mind it becomes a little less difficult to imagine why we haven’t seen more of what we were expecting from those “actually commissioned to protect our national interests”……both foreign AND domestic… The fox is now guarding the hen house, and it’s the fox that will have the say whether or not we will even stay on with our careers….retirement…and other obvious perks that will follow us on out of the service. Some even go on to second careers….and thirds…
    The military we see now is like a gigantic corporation…the difference being that this particular corporation packs one hell of a punch…and if it is under your control……….(need I say more?) As you were saying however, in this country, it is supposed to be under the control of the people, vicariously, by way of their representatives.

  62. oldsailor80

    The second installment will soon be in the mail. I have recovered enough to get around a little. The fall re injured the already injured disc at C4-C5. I talked with my Healthcare Supplemental carrier and the news is NOT GOOD. It amounts to COMFORT MEASURES ONLY. They have suggested that we should sue our real property insurance carrier. This is the most absurd raft of crap that I have heard yet. This is a THIRD PARTY SORT OF THING,which hasn’t a damned thing to do with HEALTHCARE ADVANTAGE plans. Watch out people don’t fall in your own back yard, because it is VERY DOUBTFUL if you will have any coverage from OBAMA CARE. For surgery to be done which probably should be in my case the cost would be in excess of $50,000.00……….just to trim a tiny piece from the already collapsed disc, to relieve the pressure upon the radian nerve. About 12 years ago the disc herniated,and it caused me hellacious pain in my right arm,and I was unable to use any force from my right arm. After the surgery I got back full function of my right arm,….now I am looking at,and feeling the same pain,and impediment in my left arm. NO PAIN KILLER touches it. I just live with it for now. I am thinking about epidural shots with cortisone, but I know that that measure is only TEMPORARY……..but you can be sure that everytime I feel a jab of pain I thoroughly CURSE the BASTARD who is illegally residing in the WH.

  63. DOSWELL, Va. (AP) – Officials say they will examine whether all laws were followed in carrying out the hushed burial of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev in Virginia.

    If not, leaders in rural Caroline County say they could seek to have his body moved elsewhere.

    Sheriff Tony Lippa and Floyd Thomas, chairman of the Caroline Board of Supervisors, spoke Friday at a news conference. They say no state or local officials were notified that Tsarnaev would be buried in a private Muslim cemetery about 25 miles north of Richmond.

    Permission is not required from officials as long as laws are followed. While they say they don’t want Caroline County remembered as the resting place for someone tied to such a horrific act, there’s likely nothing they can do.

    They say they are concerned about vandalism or the site becoming a shrine to anti-American sympathizers.

  64. oldsailor80

    Isn’t it strange that the deterioration within our military nearly perfectly coincides with the PROGRESSIVE MARXIST BULLSHI# wherein UP IS DOWN. I had given some thought to shipping over for twenty,back in the 50s. I have more than once thanked God for providing me with the smarts “NOT TO DO IT.” Have a great day!

  65. The UK Daily Mail online says the Boston bomber is buried at Al Barzakh Cemetery in Doswell, VA. It states a woman arranged it out of her charitable impulses, but further into the article it then states she contacted the Globe to give (sell?) them her story. There is a picture of the presumed grave site.

  66. oldsailor80 | May 10, 2013 at 5:40 pm |

    So very sorry to hear about your difficulties. Hang in there, dear friend.

  67. Air Force Brat!

    Re the bomber’s remains —

    Why not feed the ashes to the pig, and then mail Mama the “results”? 🙂

  68. Air Force Brat!

    oldsailor80 — glad to hear that you’re mending. No place is complete without your unvarnished input! 🙂

  69. coldwarvet2 | May 10, 2013 at 5:39 pm |
    cabby az
    In reference your post on the military brass…There is a time in both the enlisted and commissioned ranks when your promotion potential is based more on your political acumen (brown noseing?) than on what you actually know about the particulars concerning your job (mos).
    So appreciate your sharing personal knowledge of what has been going on in the military. Innately I have long suspected what you say about “climbing to the top” (my words, not yours) but did not have first-hand knowledge to confirm my suspicions.

    Similar behavior occurs in the private sector, too, as we all know, but it is especially obnoxious and dangerous when it occurs among those pledged to defend the Constitution from all enemies.

    Personally I believe that all of the domestic enemy’s efforts that we have seen taking place to weaken our military are meant to make our fighting force a tool of his to eventually subdue the U.S. populace for whatever he has in mind.
    (nothing good, btw)

  70. Oldsailor….

    I didn’t know you were on ‘quarters’ reference your illness ……hope things are going to be OK with you…I was wondering why you hadn’t posted in a while…

    Now I know….stay safe…stay well….

  71. OldSailor,
    So saddened to hear of your terrible accident! I had a dear friend who was older than you who did have spinal injections of some sort of anesthetic into the spinal area affected. I don’t think it was cortisone, although I may be mistaken. He had those injections in the hospital as an out-patient every few months and couldn’t have gotten along without them, as they did relieved the anguish.
    Prayers are with you that you can find an answer to this painful problem.

  72. It is unfortunate that one of the many muslim training camps (there are a bunch back east if you look at a map) couldn’t have been contacted for the terrorist’s burial. One of them should have been more than willing to take “one of their own.” (sarc)

  73. “The question is whether he can,” Dershowitz said. “I think he can. I think he’s a natural-born citizen and therefore he’s eligible to run. There will be challenges, perhaps, to his eligibility.” Comments on Ted Cruz. Would be useful to get Prof Dershowitz to debate Mario Apuzzo.

  74. RMinNC | May 10, 2013 at 10:14 am |

    I was a 12 year old in Dallas on 11/22/63. So this story resonates with me.
    E Howard Hunt confessed to his son on an audio tape that he was involved in a plot led by LBJ to assassinate JFK in Dallas; a key reasons was LBJ’s impatience to be President and the international cartel’s concern with JFK’s announcement that he would neuter the Fed. There were three kill teams. LHO was a stooge. G H W Bush was photographed on scene and was involved. The Watergate break in was at least in part to cauterize information relating to LBJ and RMN roles in killing JFK.

  75. oldsailor80

    May God smile down on you and take that awful pain away.

  76. Air Force Brat! | May 10, 2013 at 6:16 pm | Re the bomber’s remains –

    Why not feed the ashes to the pig, and then mail Mama the “results”?
    …in a pressure cooker…….

  77. “Sheriff Joe Lead Investigator: Benghazigate Blowing Obama ID Fraud Case Wide Open”

    Published on May 10, 2013

    Go to 3:30

    Part 1:

  78. Part 2:

  79. “Jim Marrs & St. John Hunt – E. Howard Hunt Deathbed Confession JFK Assassination”

    Published on February 5, 2013

  80. How much you want to bet that president Vallerie Jerrad and vice President Michelle Soetoro/obama ordered the ‘stand down’? Barry was busy with Reggie. Wink…Wink

    Hey….RMinNC and SueK…you are not the only ones who can misspell. 🙂

  81. Would you like to buy a x-Air Force 1 for only $50,000?

  82. Bill G, you said:

    RMinNC | May 10, 2013 at 10:14 am |

    I was a 12 year old in Dallas on 11/22/63. So this story resonates with me.
    E Howard Hunt confessed to his son on an audio tape that he was involved in a plot led by LBJ to assassinate JFK in Dallas; a key reasons was LBJ’s impatience to be President and the international cartel’s concern with JFK’s announcement that he would neuter the Fed. There were three kill teams. LHO was a stooge. G H W Bush was photographed on scene and was involved. The Watergate break in was at least in part to cauterize information relating to LBJ and RMN roles in killing JFK.
    BILL….YOU ARE RIGHT ON ALL COUNTS……..Johnson, George Herbert Walker Bush, and Richard Milhouse Nixon, all were part of the plot……isn’t it amusing how all became Presidents? There is NO HONOR AMONG THIEVES…

    While you was a 12 year old kid in Dallas, I was a 28 year old army 1st Lt of Infantry. stationed at Fort Hood, south of Dallas about 125 miles… will never know just how close America came to an all out war over that assassination… ammo was issued, troops were at DEFCON4 (the highest status of alert there is), the post was secured, nothing on or off, and we were sure Cuba and Russia had a hand in the killing….well the top brass was……… something kept telling me the sneeky bastard LBJ was behind it….and he was!.

    From that day until I retired, I hated everything Johnson stood for …because of LBJ, 58,200 good men got killed….for nothing..

    History will record JOHNSON as the SECOND sorriest presidents America has even had……OBAMA has the distinction of being Number UNO at the present time……

  83. Thanks Gordo for the videos and for keeping on top of the Carl Gallups program especially.

    Oldsailor, here’s praying you will find relief for that pain soon. Adding you to my prayer list.

  84. Sicking,

    How nice that the S.O.B. Muslim Enemy will be buried in the State that our Founding Fathers most derived from! Nothing like staining the soil of America!!!

    Should have sent his sorry caucus back to Russia territories or dumped it in the seas for the sharks.

  85. Good Morning All. UrbanCure is a non-for-profit run by Star Parker. and is a good place to visit when reviewing news, urban issues that matters.

  86. citizenwells

    Good morning Zach, et al.

  87. Good morning CW, Zach et al.,

    I enjoy reading Star Parker articles as well as Dr. Walter Williams weekly articles.

    As for the Benghazi cover-up, I hear many Republicans and media persons claiming this could lead to an impeachment, yeah right! If they think Obama is going to step down with dignity they need to rethink their plans, Obama isn’t going anywhere until he is exposed as a fraud entirely.

    Others think that Benghazi news could fuel the criminal fraud with his online fake B.C. I don’t follow that logic either.

    Just my 2 cents this morning.


    I will try to call you today if you’re up to it after I get back from the Store. I have to go to Book-a-million and buy the new AutoCad 2013. Too many changes from my last version and I’m getting frustrated at work trying to use it. Many of the buttons in the ribbon have changed as well as functions.

  88. I agree with your 2 cents worth William.

  89. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    oldsailor80 – Really sorry to hear about your back problem. Until someone has had injury there, there is no way to describe the pain. When I was younger, I was into body surfing with swim fins. When I was in my 60’s(still thinking I was 25) I tried to catch this incoming wave in Ocean City, Md. I exerted such force that I “torqued” one of my discs. Nothing hurt until about 2AM. I woke up in agony and my wife called 911. After seeing a specialist,he recommended no surgery. The one thing that I learned was I never want to hear the word “sciatica nerve” ever again. I just googled up –
    “sciatica nerve pain relief”…0.0…1c..12.psy-ab.r2pnwylQP8s&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.46340616,d.aWc&fp=2cd3d909fd3a9a25&biw=1120&bih=616

    The good news is that of all the parts of the body that don’t hurt with severe back problems are the keyboard fingers.
    Prayers for a speedy recovery’.

  90. Good morning all,

    This story of Michelle Knight, the least known kidnapping victim in Ohio just breaks my heart….. maybe because it’s Mother’s Day tomorrow. This young woman had such an unfortunate past. Her disappearance had been chalked up to “runaway” status. Yet she was beaten so badly that she requires reconstructive facial surgery. She is being adopted by the DeJesus family. God bless them. May she find healing.

  91. White House holds SECRET briefing with reporters !!!!

    Say WHATTTTTTTTTT?…….. A SECRET briefing with a reporter…….

    Who in the hell are they kidding !!! Any reporter worth his salt would print every word spoken at that SECRET meeting…so why a SECRET meeting?

    DIVIDE and CONQUER …it’s an age old game still being played….the WH objective is to pit one group of important reporters (those invited) against another group of important reporters (those not invited)….give them different stories and let them fight it out between themselves….

    it works every time….but once the damn is breached…it cannot be fixed….Humpty Dumpty must face that reality.

    BENGHAZI will be the final blow to this OBAMA cabal….he will be very luck if he is only impeached…if it is proven ( AND IT WILL BE) that he is NOT EVEN A CITIZEN…..he may face a lot of jail time…….

    There are THREE things CRIMINALLY wrong with BENGHAZI:

    1. As Commander-in-Chief, Obama was OBLIGATED to respond to the cry for help from Stevens and his team once they ask for help in putting down an ATTACK by radical Muslim Islamist. iT WAS NOT THE duty OR responsibility OF Jarrett, Clinton, or any other person to accept that responsibility. Obama KNEW that resources were available for commitment which could have arrived in time to help avoid this tragedy. When OBAMA shrugged that responsibility, he committed a CRIMINAL offense against the oath of office he took as POTUS.

    2. After OBAMA went to bed, (most likely with Reggie Love) and washed his hands of what was happening in BENGHAZI….the lie machine got into overdrive…..blame everything and everybody for this failure except those really responsible…..but mostly, blame a poor individual for making a video of the effects of RADICAL ISLAMIC militants for the BENGHAZI attack…even though there was NO DEMONSTRATIONS….no KNOWLEDGE OF THE VIDEO…..put that individual in jail, where he still remains today…..this is CRIMINAL to lock up a citizen for telling the truth and confining him in prision without trial or reason…….Mr. OBAMA , you are responsible for this and must be held accountable.

    3. Finally, OBAMA you are responsible for 12 revisions of the talking point that were assembled about BENGHAZI. The original talking points CLEARLY pointed out that , the compoud was under ATTACK from RADICAL MUSLIM EXTREMIST…but you forced a change in those talking point to read….no muslim extremist attack…just a demostration by unhappy people over a VIDEO….these words were spoken by YOU and CLINTON in the ROSE GARDEN ( both you and Clinton kn ew those words to be FALSE)….then later on SUNDAY those words were ECHOED by SUSAN RICE, your obedient mouthpiece at the UN (she also knew these words were not true)……later the next week, YOU, Mr. pRESIDENT, went to the UNITED NATIONS, stood before the representatives of the world and said the same thing, (knowing your words to be FALSE) that the VIDEO was responsible for the attack.

    ALL OF THE ABOVE REPRESENTS TREASONOUS ACTIVITIES ON THE PART OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, Barack Hussain Obama, HIS SECRETARY OF STATE, Hillery Rodham Clinton, AND THE AMBASSADOR TO THE UNITED NATIONS, Susan Rice……this cannot be permitted to fall by the wayside like the rest of the charges against this alien usurper to the highest office in America.


    Not only are the eyes of America watching as this drama unfolds, but the eyes of the world are watching to see what the most democratic nation in the world does to rectify their evil. ………..

    The ball is now in the MSM ‘s court… up to your reputation as the fourth estate…. or cave and become a puppet of a petty dictator…….

    Your choice…..take the BLUE pill or…..dare the RED pill. .

  92. Is this a clue to Mike Zullo’s evidence ???

    Gallups – YouTube (7:56 pm):
    Part 1 at 4:40 mark:

    What if the guy behind it all [Benghazi] isn’t even a US citizen?

    Part 2 at 1:02 mark:

    What if Zullo is right and this man is not even an American citizen?

    Part 2 at 2:55 mark:

    If we find out he wasn’t even a citizen in the first place … .
    April 1, 2012

    Jerome Corsi:

    “Hollywood producer heard Bill Clinton say Obama ineligible”

    “Viviano said that she was on a conference phone call during the primary season in the spring of 2008 in which she heard Bill Clinton refer to Obama as ineligible for the presidency.

    In the course of the phone conversation with Hillary delegates, she recalled, Bill Clinton spoke of Obama as “the non-citizen.”
    April 14, 2012

    “Globe Magazine: Hollywood Producer; Bill Clinton Can Prove Obama NOT a Citizen”

  93. Part 2 at 1:02 mark:

    What if Zullo is right and this man is not even an American citizen?
    Well, that has been pretty obvious with the history of Zero’s trail of stolen SSNs. If you are a citizen OF ANY KIND you have your own legal, personal, individual SSN……duh! That’s why I can’t understand why the emphasis hasn’t been, in all these cases, on the immediately provable felonies re: his phony SSNs. You can’t go down any rabbit holes with that like they all try to do with the NBC issue which will call for some kind of formal definition to convince the lemmings. The phony SSNs could be acted on to show Zero is zero kind of U.S. citizen now while acting with the greatest power in the world!!

  94. RMinNC,

    I don’t think the secret meeting with the reporters worked very well this time. Many at the press briefing seemed pretty pissed and cranky. Jay Carney was in deep doo doo……..judging by the questions he had to field. About time!

  95. I agree SUEQ…….sometimes the best of intentions goes haywire…..this time, the press stayed together….Carney was TOAST at the live press conference…..the more that FOOL talked, they deeper his hole got…..soon, he was over his eyeballs in deep doo-doo, as you have rightfully said….

    Hopefully, the press is tiring of OBAMA and his criminality….hopefully they will keep his skinny a** to the fire….but it takes a concerted effort….political, social, and religious…

    this bastard has to go !!!!! or the country is going…one way or the other……

  96. I think the reason that reporters were so cranky yesterday, is because ABC of all things reported that the talking points had been changed. ABC! OF ALL THINGS! An outlet that is totally in the tank for Obama, has changed their mind, and decided to report the truth. WOW! The rest didn’t want to get caught with their pants down……….(shhh, don’t tell anyone).

  97. I haven’t seen Bob this morning,

    However, Bob, with all this news and stress coupled with warmer Global man made temps rising, its nearly time for me to start putting the speedo back on! Of course with my Jimmy Buffet music pool side. 🙂

    and it isn’t Jarrett, Clinton, Panetta, or anyone else………only one person.

    So when does Obummer have to answer some hard questions?

  99. RMinNC,

    Last night was my youngest son’s military ROTC ceremony, he received several awards (as normal) as well as promoted to XO. One of his awards, which is only awarded to one person each year in the county, was for his work and personal time and efforts for the Disabled American Vets. It was presented to him by a chapter Disabled Vet. He shook his and, step back, and saluted my Son, I nearly cried at that point. I am so proud of him. But very fearful of his ambitions.

  100. William…you have reason to be fearful………

  101. coldwarvet2

    It is difficult to know the content of your son’s ROTC curriculum….but it might be interesting to find out…
    It will be difficult to change a career path that has been so well established…
    On the bright side, however, we have never been more in need of well- informed officers than now…and it appears that the need will continue. Whatever his choices, your full support, respect and admiration will be paramount to his future.
    What he does need, is an “objective” insight into what he is about to enter into…

  102. William,

    Congratulations to you and your son! Happy Father’s day (a month early). You should be so proud.

  103. citizenwells

    Bettina told me the same story.

  104. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    RMinNC | May 11, 2013 at 10:53 am |
    White House holds SECRET briefing with reporters !!!!

    RMinNC – I hope everyone reads your comment. You nailed it perfectly. Rule of law or anarchy. As we learned from the Nixon years the cover-up becomes the crime.

  105. William…I said:
    William…you have reason to be fearful………

    Please don’t read that comment in the wrong light…you should be very proud of your son’s accomplishments…and like coldwarvet2 said, “we do have need of good, honest officers in our military today”…….to that I agree

    but if your son does elect to pursue a career in the military, he starts at the BOTTOM of the heap……it’s a hard and sometimes a HEARTBREAKING climb upwards…..

    The chances of him effecting change in the TOP BRASS and their leadership ways is NEIL…..HE WILL THEN HAVE TWO CHOICES:



    Change in our current military must start with the COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF….. WHICH WILL NEVER HAPPEN WITH THE CIC IN OFFICE TODAY…….

    If your son was going into the military of yester-year when the military really cared for their own and appreciated the efforts of their soldier’s, I would say, GO FOR IT…but

    1. When a MUSLIM emim is INVITED by an American General and permitted to pray to his god to curse the bodies of the dead men before him and ignore the religious background of those soldier’s in front of him…that’s a very good indication of how far our upper echelon of leadership has fallen….of course the general’s reasoning was that he wanted to “win the hearts and minds of the enemy”…

    2. When the Commander-in- Chief tells everyone he is going to bed and do not bother him, knowing that an attack is in progress on an American compound and knowing that Americans are being killed gives us a real picture of his ability to lead.Then this same person has the audacity to shed “fake tears over their deaths” is the most dispeckable act I have ever witnessed.

    3. For a 4 star General to hide behind his position as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and not preform his duty to call out this Usurper is as treasonous as the usurpation itself….the military is to PROTECT AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE…not as a PRIVATE ARMY FOR A TIN-PLATED DICTATOR.

    4. When the private Christian soldiers are now being threatened by their superior officers with disciplinary action for openly displaying their faith in their CHRISTIAN God…there is where the line MUST BE drawn…..because in battle, the only person a soldier can turn to for guidance and salvation is his GOD…. he sure can’t expect his superior officers to come to his aid, most of them are only worried about their next promotion.

    There are hundreds of other reasons I could list as reasons for not looking to a career in today’s military, but, I think you get the point.

    You should be very proud of your son’s accomplishments in high school…and encourage him to advance his knowledge in a good college somewhere…we need SOLID citizens in all walks of life.

    This has just been the ramblings of an old soldier. Others who post on here may have a different opinion. But the PROVEN FACTS I have listed above speak for themselves.

    Take care William.


  106. William,
    Allow me to share in your joy and pride over your son’s accomplishments, which were honored last evening! To have worked with the DAV is to show that he has a compassionate heart not unlike his parents. May God direct his path as he goes forward, and I can appreciate how concerned you are re. his possible military future.

  107. RMinNC,
    Your posts have been great today, as always! Thanks for firing up my soul!

    Lately I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how dangerous the liberal media is and how much influence it has had especially over the last six years, because so many people only listen to the six o’clock news for a few minutes, and that not every day. How much will they really hear? We all know the answer to that.

    During Watergate it was the liberal press that literally ran with the story. Those were the days when we didn’t have 24/7 news channels either. My own cousin, a housewife, made it her “career” to follow it closely, since she was a Dem and hated Nixon anyway.

    It is a break in the armor to have had ABC get onto the Benghazi story, and notwithstanding the press is generally in Obama’s tank, there is a point at which even good friends can get ticked off.

    O’s timing of meeting secretly with certain reporters was very bad. In fact, the whole idea is exceedingly repulsive. All I can say is, “Forward on, Obama! You are digging the hole deeper and deeper.”

  108. right on cabbyaz, right on !


    Congresswoman Ann Wagner was asked by talk show host Dana Loesch, “Because you have been an ambassador, you have been overseas with similar responsibilities and similar missions – who gives such an order to stand down? Where does that come from?”

    “The President of the United States,” responded Wagner.

    The White House has been scrambling to avoid the question of who gave the stand down order ever since whistleblower Greg Hicks, who was number two to Ambassador Chris Stevens, testified that US special forces were ready to board a plane in Tripoli but were prevented from coming to the aid of those under assault inside the consulate.


    Here’s the Truth About Benghazi!…… “Sez the prez”…….

    A couple of days after the American Ambassador to Libya was killed the conservative news media pieced together this story.

    Using a protest as a cover, a band of terrorists, led by a prisoner released from Gauntanamo Bay, attacked a poorly secured Ambassadorial premises. The attack came in two waves, and four people, including the ambassador and two ex-Seals, were killed. There was some evidence that the ambassador was tortured before he was murdered.

    Come on folks, can’t we all get along?

    That this is a blatant misrepresentation of facts sez the White House is revealed when one examines the OFFICIAL White House report, version 13, concerning this incident…..Heres how things went down……

    “Mohammad was hurrying to his job helping orphans learn how to use prosthetic devices. Suddenly, he came across an RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) lying in the road. He didn’t want any innocent children to be injured by such a nefarious device, so he took it over to his friends house. His friend just happened to be the Ambassador for the United States

    Arriving at the Ambassador’s residence, Mohammad encountered a bunch of his friends who had come to celebrate the presence of the Ambassador in Benghazi. One of his friends was holding an American flag which, through some terrible accident, caught on fire.

    Quickly, the Arabs gathered around to stomp out the flames. Mohammad, in going to help his friends save the American flag, tripped, and when he did, he fell and the RPG accidentally discharged.

    The grenade hurtled into the Ambassador’s residence and started a fire.

    Quickly, Mohammad and his friends went in and tried to put out the fire. Unfortunately, the Ambassador had caught on fire, too. In trying to stomp out the flames burning the ambassador, they hurt the poor man, and it unfortunately looked like they had tortured him, but that really wasn’t the case”.

    President Obama, upon hearing of the terrible incident, took it upon himself to apologize to the world from the UN for the incident, and for his forces abandoning the RPG in the road, and he apologized to any Muslim who were helping Ambassador Stevens and those who might have had their feelings hurt by the rumors they were attacking, when actually they were just paying a house call, or to anyone who may have gotten their shoes singed in the process of saving Ambassador Stevens..

    That is the White House account, Version 13, according to Jay Carney and it is obviously true, for it has been supported by the main stream media for the past eight months….that is until last week !


  111. While the average American is struggling to understand how the IRS could TARGET CONSERVATIVE GROUPS inflicting pain and discomfort, look what they did for OBAMA’s KENYAN BROTHER…..this should make you mad enough to stop paying taxes…..

    Influence of Obama’s brother Abongo felt in Washington

    IRS delivers response to tax-exempt designation request in 30 days
    Jerome Corsi @ World Net Daily

    President Obama’s half-brother,a KENYAN, who runs a tax-free foundation that collects funds in the United States, was able to get approval of a tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service in an unheard-of time period of only a month, records reveal.

    Barack Obama’s half-brother Abongo Malik Obama, also known as “Roy” Obama, appears to have received the sudden IRS approval to operate as a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization in only 30 days. The result was made RETROACTIVE for three years.

    The Barack H. Obama Foundation, which runs out of a commercial mail drop in Arlington, Va., has solicited tax-deductible contributions on the Internet since 2008.

    But it first submitted an application for its tax exemption in May and was granted the status in June, according to records.

    Abongo Malik Obama continues to serve as the founder and president of the Barack H. Obama Foundation, which, since it was set up in 2008, has asked for tax-deductible contributions on the Internet, listing addresses and telephone numbers both in the U.S. and Kenya, but without disclosing the group lacked an IRS determination letter.

    This week, the IRS confirmed to WND that the Barack H. Obama Foundation received a determination letter in June, awarding the group tax-exempt 501(c)3 status, retroactively to 2008.

    FLASHBACK: Barack Obama’s brother accused of fraud over charity he set up in family name –

    Obama File: Obama’s family connections to Islam would endure, however. For example, his brother Malik, also known as Roy opted for Islam over Christianity, as Obama recounted when describing his 1992 wedding.

    “The person who made me proudest of all,” Obama wrote, “was Roy. Actually, now we call him Abongo, his Luo name, for two years ago he decided to reassert his African heritage. He converted to Islam, and has sworn off pork and tobacco and alcohol.”….(Yea, I bet he has)

    Abongo “Roy” Obama is a Luo activist ( that’s Kenyan for community organizer) and a militant Muslim ( that’s slang for Al-Queda) who argues that the black man must “liberate himself from the poisoning influences of European culture.” He urges his younger brother to embrace his African heritage (and come to America)..

    “Abongo’s new lifestyle has left him lean and clear-eyed, and at the wedding, he looked so dignified in his black African gown with white trim and matching cap that some of our guests mistook him for my father,” Obama wrote in Dreams From My Father. OH PUKE

    Abongo studied at a madrassa in Nairobi (the same school Barack attended) before moving to the United States where he is an accountant.

    When Barack Obama first met him during a visit to Kenya in 1987, his half-brother Abo Obama was visibly disappointed that the portable tape recorder his Chicago hood relative brought him as a gift wasn’t a Sony.

    The social security number associated with Abongo was issued between 1985-1987.

    Does the Social Security Administration issue and mail social security numbers to Kenya? GOOD QUESTION !

    How many more Kenyans nationals related to Barack Obama have social security numbers? GREAT QUESTION !!

    Per my research of the law and regs for SSNs, Uncle Omar Obama, Aunt Zeituni, and Brother Abongo Malik Obama Should Have ITINs not SSNs!

    This is my understanding of the law and regs regarding SSNs and ITINs. My, oh my, how unusual SSNs of questionable provenance seem to run in the Obama family ……| by CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)

  112. THE BIG LIE…..
    She says the VIDEO was responsible for demonstrations that killed the 4 Americans…now we know that all the time she was talking her trash, SHE KNEW SHE WAS LYING…SHE KNEW IT WAS AN ISLAMIC TERRORIST ATTACK……..



  113. May 10, 2013

    Mark Steyn:

    “The Benghazi Lie”

    “Truth matters, and character matters. For the American people to accept the Obama-Clinton lie is to be complicit in it.”
    From April 28,2011

    Jeff Poor:

    “Steyn: Don’t end Obama’s presidency on the birther ‘rinky-dink technicality’”

    “However, Mark Steyn, a conservative columnist and substitute host for Rush Limbaugh’s Thursday show, argues using the birther argument to attempt to end Obama’s presidency is the wrong way to go. You want it to end after his policies are discredited, Steyn argues.

    One reason why I don’t want to get into, don’t particularly — never got excited about the birther business – I don’t want this president discredited and kicked out on a technicality,” Steyn said. “This isn’t like when Snoop Dogg found himself up on that murder rap and got acquitted on a technicality. I don’t want this president to be convicted on technical grounds. I don’t want this presidency to end on the technicality of whether he was born in Hawaii, or whether he was born in Mombasa, or whether he was born on the planet Krypton. …

    Thus, to defeat these ideas and not have them resurface, it is best to defeat Obama politically as opposed to defeating him on a technical issue over whether or not he is qualified to be president.

    … It’s not enough to end his presidency simply on some rinky-dink technicality like where the guy happened to be born. That’s my view on the thing.””

  114. May 11, 2013

    James Simpson:

    “Relatives of Top CBS, ABC & CNN Executives Helping Obama on Benghazi!”

    “You knew the mainstream media was biased, but this is incredible. It was revealed today that CBS News President David Rhodes’ brother is Obama Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes, who was instrumental in rewriting the Benghazi talking points. But it gets worse. It is now learned that ABC President Ben Sherwood’s sister, Dr. Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, is a Special Assistant to Barack Obama on national security affairs. But even this isn’t it! CNN’s deputy bureau chief, Virginia Moseley, is the wife of Tom Nides, who until February was Hillary Clinton’s deputy.

    Ben Rhodes is a top NSC advisor with absolutely no foreign policy or military experience. None! This idiot has advocated intervention both in Libya and now Syria. How has that worked out for us? …”

  115. Gordo,

    That is simply beyond comprehension. I wonder how long it will be before the media and talking heads begin to explain the media bias?

  116. Jay Carney:

    “James “Jay” Carney (born May 22, 1965) is President Barack Obama’s second White House Press Secretary. …

    … He and his wife, Claire Shipman (a senior correspondent for ABC News), live in Washington, D.C., …”

  117. Good Morning All! One more step into darkness – Biometric Database of All Adult Americans Hidden in Immigration Reform
    BY DAVID KRAVETS05.10.136:30 AM

  118. Interested Bystander

    Happy Mothers Day to all f the moms out there.

    It’s your day.

  119. citizenwells

    Good morning Zach, et al.

  120. Pingback: Unemployment claims increase 32000, May 16, 2013, initial claims was 360k, 4 week moving average increased to 339k | Citizen WElls

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