Obama TUCC down low past connections, Jeri Wright indictment, Donald Young murder, Jeremiah Wright arranged marriages for gay members

Obama TUCC down low past connections, Jeri Wright indictment, Donald Young murder, Jeremiah Wright arranged marriages for gay members

“Why was Barack Obama absent from the opening session of the IL Senate on November 4, 1999?”…Citizen Wells

“He kept his eye on the young guys coming up in Trinity,” she said, “and if he spotted someone that acted or looked gay, then Wright would give them kind of a guidance counselor-type direction on how to keep down low – how to do the things they wanted to do, but then also getting married and looking ‘respectable’ – being part of black society.”...WND October 2, 2012

“Why did Donald Young, Bill Gwatney, Christopher Kelly, Andrew Breitbart and others with information about Obama all die under mysterious circumstances?”…Citizen Wells


When you look at all of the evidence, and then revisit Larry Sinclair’s allegations of a drug and sex encounter with Barack Obama in 1999 and subsequent contact by the gay choirmaster of TUCC, Donald Young, before he was murdered in December 2007, the puzzle picture is clear.

Obama was on the down low. And probably still is.

Jeri Wright, the daughter of Jeremiah Wright, the former pastor of Obama’s church, TUCC, was indicted last week.

From the McHenry County Blog April 10, 2013.

“Three indictments returned today by the grand jury in Springfield, Ill., collectively broaden allegations of fraud related to a $1.25 million state grant awarded in 2009 to We Are Our Brother’s Keeper, a not-for-profit program owned by Regina R. Evans, former police chief for Country Club Hills, Ill., and her husband, Ronald W. Evans, Jr., also
formerly employed with the Country Club Hills Police Department.

The grant agreement provided for an estimated 40 participants to receive bricklaying and electrical  pre-apprenticeship training and GED preparation, at the Regal Theater, another entity owned by the Evanses.”

“Another indictment returned today charges Jeri L. Wright, 47, of Hazel Crest, Ill., with money laundering (two counts), making false statements to federal law enforcement officers (two counts), and giving false testimony before a grand jury (seven counts), related to the investigation of the alleged fraudulent use of grant funds.

According to the indictment, Wright, a close friend and associate of the Evanses, allegedly received three checks in November 2009, totaling approximately $28,000, purporting to be for work related to the grant, and approximately $20,000 of the proceeds of the checks was allegedly deposited back into accounts controlled by the Evanses.

The indictment further alleges that Wright made false statements to federal law enforcement officers when she was interviewed on various occasions in 2012, and that on Nov. 7, 2012, Wright made materially false statements to the grand jury.”


Jeri Wright was a Deacon at TUCC when Obama was a member and when Donald Young was murdered.


“Deacon Jeri L. Wright, Director of Media”


From WND October 2, 2012.


“NEW YORK – Ten years ago, the New York Times reported on a growing underground subculture in the black community known as Down Low, comprised largely of men who secretly engage in homosexual activity while living “straight” lives in public.

It’s within that subtext that opposition researchers for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign began investigating rumors that Rev. Jeremiah Wright was running a “matchmaking service” for members of his Trinity United Church of Christ known as the Down Low Club, which included Barack Obama.

Over the past several months, WND investigators have interviewed a number of members of the church who claim the president benefited from Wright’s efforts to help black men who engage in homosexual activity appear respectable in black society by finding them a wife.

The 2003 New York Times story, “Double Lives on the Down Low,” said that though many black men reject “a gay culture they perceive as white and effeminate,” they “have settled on a new identity, with its own vocabulary and customs and its own name: Down Low.”

The Times said that while “there are black men who are openly gay, it seems that the majority of those having sex with men still lead secret lives, products of a black culture that deems masculinity and fatherhood as a black man’s primary responsibility – and homosexuality as a white man’s perversion.”

The Down Low Club at Trinity “doesn’t have meetings, and it isn’t like the Rotary Club,” a source identified for this article as “Carolyn” explained to a WND investigator in Chicago.

“It was more that Wright served as a matchmaker,” said Carolyn, a 20-year member of Trinity who has played a role in church administration and knows the Obamas personally.

“He kept his eye on the young guys coming up in Trinity,” she said, “and if he spotted someone that acted or looked gay, then Wright would give them kind of a guidance counselor-type direction on how to keep down low – how to do the things they wanted to do, but then also getting married and looking ‘respectable’ – being part of black society.”

To Trinity insiders, the Down Low Club was simply known as “the program.”

“That’s the terminology. At Trinity, you’re urged to ‘get with the program,’” explained a male beneficiary of the Down Low Club. “What that means is it’s OK to go ahead and have sex with men, just as long as you ‘get with the program’ and marry a woman, somebody no straight guy would want to marry.”

The wife, the Down Low Club member explained, is “your ‘beard,’ your cover – so you can look like you’re living a straight life, even though you’re not.”

The male source was a “computer consultant” who claims not to know “scratch” about computers. But “getting with the program” at Trinity meant he could keep living a “gay” life and receive lots of computer consulting work thrown his way by Trinity, as long as he was willing to marry an unattractive woman who otherwise might have ended up a lonely spinster with no means to provide for living.

Carolyn explained that for many black families, attending Trinity was a way out of poverty.

“Trinity was a chance to network,” she said. “The stuff preached was hateful, but about 70 percent of those who go there ignore the radical rhetoric and just trying to get ahead.”

Carolyn said Trinity “helped a lot of blacks get successful and connected.”

“That’s what Wright did for Obama,” she claimed. “He connected Obama in the community, and he helped Obama hide his homosexuality.””

“Remember the choir director

Carolyn and the other members of Trinity who provided statements corroborating her testimony were insistent that WND conceal their identities as a condition of being interviewed.

“I’m still scared to discuss any of this,” Carolyn said.

“At Trinity, if you even hint at talking about Obama being gay, you are reminded of our dear departed choir director,” she said. “He was killed, and it wasn’t a robbery. The Christmas presents weren’t touched. The TV was not taken, nothing in the apartment was missing.”

Carolyn’s reference was to Donald Young, the 47-year-old homosexual choirmaster at Trinity who died of multiple gunshot wounds in his Chicago apartment Dec. 24, 2007.

Young’s murder was preceded Nov. 17, 2007, with the execution-style murder of 25-year-old Larry Bland, another black gay member of Trinity United. He also was murdered in his home, dying of multiple gunshot wounds, according to his death certificate.”

“Sensational charges

As WND reported last month, a prominent member of Chicago’s homosexual community claims Obama’s participation in the “gay” bar and bathhouse scene was so well known that many who were aware of his lifestyle were shocked when he ran for president and finally won the White House.

In April, WND reported a federal judge dismissed a libel case against Larry Sinclair, a homosexual who claimed Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign had paid to rig a polygraph test regarding Sinclair’s sensational charge that he had sex and used cocaine twice with Obama while Obama was an Illinois state senator. Sinclair tells his story in “Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder.”

WND also reported former radical activist John Drew has said that when he met Obama when Obama was a student at Occidental College, he thought Obama and his then-Pakistani roommate were “gay” lovers.

In addition, rumors have swirled around Obama’s relationship with his personal aide and former “body man,” Reggie Love, who resurfaced on the eve of the Republican National Convention to support his old boss. Love resigned from the White House in November 2011 after compromising photographs of him as a college student received wide circulation.”

“Shocking phone call

Sinclair gave an affidavit to the Chicago Police Department regarding contacts he says he had with Young just prior to Young’s murder.

According to Sinclair’s affidavit, published in its entirety beginning on page 56 of his book, he contacted Obama’s presidential campaign in September 2007. Sinclair says he requested that Obama correct claims he made about when he stopped abusing drugs to reflect use of crack cocaine during their sex encounters in November 1999.

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Obama had stated famously he stopped using marijuana and cocaine in college, implying his drug abuse ended when he had completed his first two years of college at Occidental in Los Angeles.

Sinclair explained that when he made contact with the Obama campaign in September 2007, he provided callback numbers, in case the campaign wanted to get in touch with him.

Then, in late September or early October 2007, as Sinclair stated in his affidavit, he received a call from a male identifying himself as “Mr. Young,” who stated he was responding to calls Sinclair had made to the Obama campaign.

“This first call shocked me in that this ‘Mr. Young’ asked me why I had not asked Senator Obama to disclose sexual encounters I had with Mr. Obama in 1999,” Sinclair’s affidavit reads. “I was shocked as I had never mentioned to the campaign or anyone working for the campaign any sexual encounters. The call ended with Mr. Young stating I would hear from someone in a few days.”

Sinclair claims it was in a second call from “Mr. Young” that he began to suspect the man had been sexually intimate with Obama. Sinclair said he drew that conclusion “by the tone of the conversation” and by its “sexual nature.”

In late October 2007, Sinclair received a text message from “Mr. Young” stating Young “was intimately involved with Senator Obama and that Obama was discussing with him and his pastor how to publicly acknowledge Senator Obama’s drug use in 1999.”

The text message also indicated Obama wanted to make sure Sinclair had not discussed the sexual encounters or drug use with any media at that time.

In November 2007, Sinclair received a second text message from “Mr. Young,” advising him that Obama would publicly correct his statement as to the last time he used drugs and that Sinclair did not need to concern himself with publicly disclosing it.

Then, in early December 2007, Sinclair received his last contact with “Mr. Young,” with Young making it clear Obama had no intention of acknowledging publicly his use of crack cocaine in 1999.

After Young was murdered, Sinclair had several contacts with Young’s family.”

““What was the cause of my son’s death?” Norma Jean Young asked in the Globe interview. “I’m very suspicious that it may have been related to Obama. Donald and Obama were very close friends. Whatever went on with this is very private. I am suspicious of a cover-up!””
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26 responses to “Obama TUCC down low past connections, Jeri Wright indictment, Donald Young murder, Jeremiah Wright arranged marriages for gay members

  1. citizenwells

    From Zach prior thread:

    Submitted on 2013/04/14 at 8:32 am
    Good Morning All. I saw a couple of commercials sponsored by Exxon Mobile advocating for ‘common core’ in schools. I will not be buying gas at Exxon stations in the future.

  2. citizenwells

    Common core:

    “What information is being collected on your kids through Common Core?”

    “Glenn has spent a lot of time over the past few weeks exposing some of the education initiatives in states across the country that are indoctrinating kids into the radical progressive agenda. Today, Glenn discussed an issue tied into Common Core that many people aren’t aware of: data mining.

    “We cover many important stories and topics on this program, but I don’t think any could be more important than what we are covering tonight: the progressive takeover of America’s schools,” Glenn said.

    Glenn spent the opening minutes of the monologue reviewing the scary pieces of legislation that have allowed the government access to your information through education systems.

    Glenn explained that in order for states to qualify for stimulus money, they had to agree to build such systems according to federally dictated standards. The 2009 Stimulus Bill included provisions encouraging states to develop data systems for collecting a large amount of information on public-school kids. Today, all 50 states either maintain or are capable of maintaining extensive databases on public-school students.”

    “But what is the ultimate goal of the data mining? Glenn suggested that big corporations like GE and Microsoft were getting in bed with government in order to accomplish their goals, specifically using the data to nudge students into the jobs the state deems best for the future. He likened it to State Capitalisn, where a government run by a single party in control of labor, media, education, and banking joined by Big Business to further their mutual collective goal.”


  3. Thanks CW for keeping attention on these issues.

  4. citizenwells

    Thank you.
    It is a team effort.
    Citizen journalism…all that we have.

  5. CW…you ask:
    “Why was Barack Obama absent from the opening session of the IL Senate on November 4, 1999?”…Citizen Wells

    Answer…….He was playing “paddy-wack” with Larry Sinclair !

  6. Or…..was that:
    Donald Young or…..
    Larry Bland or…
    Reggie Love or…
    the whole damn “down low” club of Chicago?

  7. citizenwells


  8. Johanh you ask:

    Is Barack Obama Gay?

    IS TEXAS FULL OF COWS? if a tree falls in the woods, does it make a noise?

  9. citizenwells

    As you have probably surmised, I like to make people think.
    Even the Obots, although it requires more effort combined with miracles.

  10. CW….
    Do I get a prize for my answer? After all, I did get bingo…lol

  11. citizenwells

    RMinNC, to award a prize to you would be stating the obvious.

  12. citizenwells | April 14, 2013 at 9:10 am |
    Thank you.
    It is a team effort.
    Citizen journalism…all that we have.
    I thank God for you and Citizen journalism!

    Back in the day, I worked at a TV/Radio station that was owned by a daily newspaper. Almost EVERYONE in the building, but management, belonged to a union; from the TV and radio engineers and the stagehands to the news writers and news crews. I, like all the other office workers were required to be members of the Newspaper Guild . Of course, the TV and radio personalities belonged to AFTRA. Even the turn table operators, (this was when music was all on vinyl records) belonged to the Musicians’ Union.

    Does belonging to a labor union make you a liberal? Not necessarily. But this could help explain a certain mindset of today’s broadcast and print media.

  13. CitizenWells,
    Obama is corrupt, as is his old pastor. Perhaps we should just call him Jeremiah Wright, pastor of corruption. Obama sexual orientation, and yes he probably is at least bisexual, is a distraction for conservatives. The protection of socialist bastions like educators and media unions is the goal. The media and the educational systems have FAILED America and Americans, but they continue to bleed the average citizen of resources in an alliance of evil. Have these socialists helped America prosper, or are they destroying our economic competitiveness and our freedoms? Are you better off today or in December of 2006, the last time adults controlled the country.?


  14. citizenwells

    The modern day AP picks up a story from an affiliate and runs with it without verification & proliferates it across the world.

  15. Joseph Farah:

    March 28, 2012

    “A lesson in mass deception”

    “On March 4, the Associated Press, the largest news-gathering organization in the world, distributed a propaganda screed thinly veiled as a news story by AP staff writer Jacques Billeaud about Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigation of Barack Obama’s eligibility to serve as president. You can read the entire story here, just one of more than 100 outlets that carried the piece with virtually no editing.

    Here is an excerpt of that report: [go to link]

    This account was ripped and read by untold radio newscasters and television anchors across the country. It was reprinted in newspapers across the country and the world. It formed the talking points for hundreds of talk shows on radio and television. And it was all written by one man – a virtual unknown in the world of American journalism, but someone who obviously went to the press conference with little idea of objectively looking at the evidence collected in a six-month law-enforcement investigation.”


  16. citizenwells | April 14, 2013 at 10:52 am |
    The modern day AP picks up a story from an affiliate and runs with it without verification & proliferates it across the world.

    Like almost everything else in the Constitution, the Freedom of the Press has been eroded by those whose agenda is destruction of this great nation. It infuriates me that today’s journalists are incompetent or biased, or both. But don’t get me started.

  17. CW….

    I just got back from church and read your comment at 9:31…..

    haha I take that as a compliment….



    Here are today’s pool report:

    Sunday morning hoops

    ” POTUS, wearing baseball cap and casual clothes, trotted down north steps of WH to waiting motorcade at 9:24 am.

    Arrived at FBI for basketball 9:30 am. …Motorcade departed FBI at 11:36, arrived WH at 11:40 am. Tourists lined road snapping pix at start of trip (10th and E Sts NW) and as we entered WH compound.

    Potus sighted trotting up steps of North Portico, accompanied by another tall man, but WH not revealing identity of hoops companions. …Some deets on Potus attire from review of cameraman’s video: dark Nike pants, dark Secret Service jacket, gray and red basketball sneakers (couldn’t tell brand), White Sox cap.

    As he was leaving WH this morning, he had a print newspaper under his arm, unclear which one. (Yay print)

    As he reentered WH after playing, no newspaper, he was with Reggie Love. ”

    With Reggie Love hanging on his arm, Obama don’t have time to read “no stinking newspaper”. He has some serious ball playing in mind…lol


  19. Folks, You MUST read this entire article. Share it with every one you know. – – – – –
    Obama’s plan hatched at Columbia University
    By: Wayne Root
    4/14/2013 07:00 AM
    President Obama and I were college classmate at Columbia University, class of ’83. I know all too well how mindlessly liberal the students and faculty of that institution can be, and Barack Obama is certainly no exception…….. There are two things you need to know about Obama at Columbia University ……. But wait, the most frightening and eye-opening is still to come…….


  20. This is o/t..I just need somewhere to rant!

    The other night, I was listening to a discussion re: Soc. Security, Medicare, etc. One of the commenters suggested that the upcoming deficits in those programs will be caused by all the “baby boomers” now entering retirement.

    Well excuse me all to he–. Was it not the “baby boomer” generation one of the greatest generations to live in this country. It was THAT group of workers that roared this country into economic prosperity ever seen. They were the diligent, hard working people, that also knew the benefits of SAVINGS and the power of compounding interest. They were the PRUDENT buyers that only purchased what they could afford. Their first home and first NEW car came only after years of working hard, saving and smart spending. They were also FORCED into paying into Medicare and Social Security (without much protesting by the way). They were apparently given FALSE promises by those in D.C. who thought the gravy train totally funded by the sweat and toil of the BBoomers would never end.

    Well along came the genuises who decided to steal from the coffers and spend this country into unsustainable oblivion. They also worked hard falsely educating the upcoming generations that debt was a good thing…and the government was here to feed, house, clothe and protect them. They fed them a menu of welfare inducing garbarge…

    So now that the chickens have come home to roost and the Baby Boomers are entering their well deserved retirements, the gov’t is blaming them for the problems this Nation faces.. They ALL need to get the heck outta Dodge!

  21. “Breaking: Another Election Official Pleads Guilty In Obama Petition-Forging Scandal”
    “Another St. Joseph County Election Official Pleads Guilty In Obama Petition-Forging Scandal”

    By Gary Welsh @ Advancing Indiana

    “It’s the big story that the media outside of South Bend, Indiana don’t want to report. It’s the story of how Democratic election officials in the St. Joseph Co. Board of Registration Office conspired to forge signatures on the nominating petitions of Barack Obama in 2008 so that he would have enough signatures to make the 2008 Indiana Democratic primary ballot. Without those forged signatures, Barack Obama’s name would not have appeared on the 2008 Indiana primary ballot, and in all likelihood, that blunder would have cost him the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination. The South Bend Tribune, which broke the original story, reports on yet a second official charged in the petition-forging scandal pleading guilty to her role. This time it is Pam Brunette, the former head of voter registration in St. Joseph County.”

  22. Pingback: Obama news April 15, 2013, Chicago corruption and TUCC ties haunt Obama, Jacob Kiferbaum Blagojevich Rezko Mutual Bank Jeri Wright, Obama’s ghosts will not go away | Citizen WElls

  23. citizenwells

    Thanks GORDO.

  24. When Obama Etc. Leave Office!

    When Obama administration officials and members of Congress retire from office, there will be no place on earth where they can hide from those who wish to belatedly express their appreciation, in tangible ways, to those who tried to destroy the greatest nation ever!

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