Vermont liberals enable gun violence, Liberals help create gun violence blame guns, Existing laws not enforced, Vermont leniency leads to shooting, VT most liberal state

Vermont liberals enable gun violence, Liberals help create gun violence blame guns, Existing laws not enforced, Vermont leniency leads to shooting, VT most liberal state

“Liberals, lacking accountability for their failed policies, and reason for their irrational fear of guns, blame guns and conservatives for gun violence.”…Citizen Wells

“Germans who wish to use firearms should join the SS or the SA – ordinary citizens don’t need guns, as their having guns doesn’t serve the State.”…Heinrich Himmler

“The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference – they deserve a place of honor with all that’s good”…George Washington

Vermont, formerly a conservative state, began morphing into a liberal state in the 60’s.

I have been to Vermont multiple times. Despite being the home or college campus of many wacko liberals, I encountered quite a few normal nice people there.

Spend some time in Burlington VT or read about wackos in Brattleboro threatening to arrest Bush and Cheney (been there too) and you will get the picture.

From the NY Times October 1, 2012.

“‘New’ Vermont Is Liberal, but ‘Old’ Vermont Is Still There”
“Vermont is a quirky state, politically speaking. It was President Obama’s second-best state in 2008, behind only his home-state of Hawaii. But Vermont is also the most rural state and the second whitest, normally strong predictors of Republican leanings.”

“Vermont’s political landscape began to change in the 1960s and 1970s. City dwellers from nearby states like Massachusetts and New York began fleeing struggling metropolises like Boston and New York City. Heading north, these migrants had a choice of where to settle, and some self-sorting took place.

More conservatives tended to choose New Hampshire, attracted to its low taxes and “Live Free or Die” ethos. Vermont, where cows outnumbered people before 1963, tended to attract young, left-leaning and outdoors-loving professionals, both Mr. Nelson and Mr. Johnson said.”

From NPR February 25, 2011.

“Mississippi Most Conservative State, Vermont Most Liberal: Gallup”

“The most liberal state as measured by the percentage of voters who claim that label was Vermont at 30.5 percent. Again, not a surprise for a state that could send Sen. Bernie Sanders to the Senate.”

From the Greensboro News Record February 23, 2013.

“Editorial: Vermont leniency leads to shooting”

“Vermont has 1,000 offenders on furlough and most of them are doing fine, a probation official said this week.

But not Mikel Brady.

“Human behavior is incredibly difficult to predict, and obviously, we were really taken aback by what happened,” Bill Soule, a probation and parole district manager, told The Valley News of White River Valley, Vt. “We didn’t see it coming down the pipe. We were quite surprised.”

They should be ashamed, not surprised. Their criminal-justice system granted Brady a light sentence for a violent, sadistic crime, then released him on furlough even though he had once jumped bail and had to be chased to Mexico by federal marshals.

This time Brady ended up in North Carolina, where he allegedly shot a state trooper four times following a routine traffic stop near Durham Monday. Thank goodness, Michael Potts is recovering and Brady was arrested the next day in Raleigh.

Although he’s only 23, he has a frightening criminal history that nevertheless did not convince Vermont authorities that he posed a danger to anyone.

At 18, Brady embarked on a “two-year crime spree that police believe included more than 100 burglaries,” The Herald of Randolph (Vt.) reported in January 2011. “Crimes included … the alarming theft of enough dynamite from the Rock of Ages quarry in Bethel in August 2008, that it triggered a federal anti-terrorism investigation.”

In 2009, he and another man broke into a home looking for marijuana and cash and beat the occupants with baseball bats. One of the victims, who used medical marijuana to control pain from a previous injury, said in court that Brady cut her arm repeatedly with a knife as he demanded money.

Yet, by the time of his sentencing in January 2011, Brady had convinced even prosecutors that he was no longer a threat. The judge acknowledged she was giving him a “remarkably good deal” because he had turned his life around while in custody “to a degree that is unusual and deserving of consideration,” according to The Herald of Randolph. Only 18 months later, last June 25, he was out of prison on furlough.

Vermont authorities continued to show leniency. Brady was arrested by wildlife officials in October for attempted poaching. Despite having a loaded rifle — obviously not allowed — he was still not taken into custody. Then, when he failed to report to his probation officer, he was listed by the Vermont Department of Corrections as having escaped.

Soon afterward, he became North Carolina’s problem. He is not being treated leniently here. He’s in the Durham County jail with bond set at more than $10 million, facing serious charges.

And in Vermont, “An incident like this leaves a mark on all of us,” probation manager Soule told The Valley News.

A mark that was painfully felt in North Carolina.”


14 responses to “Vermont liberals enable gun violence, Liberals help create gun violence blame guns, Existing laws not enforced, Vermont leniency leads to shooting, VT most liberal state

  1. “Trooper wounded in traffic stop released from hospital

    The Highway Patrol trooper who was shot Monday evening during a routine traffic stop was released from Duke Hospital Thursday, according to patrol spokesman First Sgt. Jeff Gordon.

    Michael Potts, 42, was hit in the face, his right shoulder and both hands shortly after approaching the window of the black Nissan Altima on U.S. 70.

    Mikel Brady II, 23, of Vermont, was arrested Tuesday after an overnight manhunt and charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury.

    The 911 caller who witnessed the shooting reported Potts glanced at the road, turned his head and was shot, the caller then told the dispatcher that the Altima “sped off,” according to the recordings. Despite the wounds, Potts was able to get back into his car and report a description of his assailant and the car he was driving.

    Potts underwent surgery to repair damage to his face, but is expected to make a full recovery. He is at home resting for the time being while he still recovers from his injuries, Gordon said.”

  2. “Vermont parolee charged with shooting trooper in Durham”

    “DURHAM — Mikel Edward Brady II, the man charged with shooting a state trooper four times during a routine traffic stop Monday, had assembled a lengthy criminal record by the time he turned 21, with state and federal convictions for robbery, burglary, assault and stealing dynamite in Vermont.

    Brady, now 23, had been in a prison furlough program when Vermont authorities lost track of him last fall. He surfaced Monday night when trooper Michael L. Potts pulled him over on U.S. 70 on the east side of Durham, in part because he wasn’t wearing a seat belt.”

  3. GORDO.
    Just added video to article.

  4. Brought over……………….(Implied Inference)

    12 More Gun Manufacturers Boycott New York, Defend 2nd Amendment Rights

    Last week, I posted a summary of the 6 manufacturers who are boycotting the law enforcement and government entities in New York State, due to the unfair and unconstitutional restrictions imposed by the amazingly misnamed “SAFE Act”. Later that day, a note about Magpul threatening to leave Colorado was added to the lineup.

    Despite the Magpul threat, and against common sense, the Colorado House of Representatives did pass a package of FOUR gun-restricting bills. There are quite a few things wrong with these bills, which I detailed in the post “Colorado Legislature Shoots Itself In The Foot”.

    In addition to the boycotts, other firearms manufacturers are advocating against the gun-grabbing laws, with easy-to-use petition letters and contact info for elected representatives. Two examples (among too many to list) are Hornady (largest independent ammo manufacturer in the world), and Smith & Wesson. Serious names, with a lot of power & market demand behind them.

    The online gun/ammo vendor has donated an unprecedented $ 100,000 to the Second Amendment Foundation.

    Now, even more manufacturers have joined Barrett Firearms, Extreme Firepower, LaRue Tactical, Olympic Arms, Templar Custom, and York Arms in boycotting New York.

    This is a long post, containing the full text of the press releases, Facebook posts, and other communiqués issued by the involved companies.

    Read lots more:


    Among one of the press releases………..


    For immediate release:

    As state and local jurisdictions are increasingly passing laws which infringe upon the Second Amendment of the US Constitution, J&G Sales is implementing a new policy on shipping restricted items to these states and localities.

    Effective immediately, laws that restrict firearms, ammunition, or magazine possession by law abiding citizens will also be applied to state and local law enforcement and government agencies in that jurisdiction. All residents will be treated equally. Honorable citizens, law enforcement personnel, and government agents, should all be allowed to utilize the most effective defensive equipment available.

    J&G believes that there should not be a difference between the rights of citizens and those of government employees. This new policy will also help us to be sure we avoid the consequences of not conforming with the anti-firearm regulations in these various jurisdictions.

    We expect to lose some revenue from government purchases, however we feel it is essential to defend the US Constitution by making a statement about the importance of the Second Amendment in maintaining all our freedoms.

    We await the day when all law abiding citizens will be able to possess the most effective means and tools available for self-defense regardless of where they live or for whom they work.

    Thank you

    EXAMPLE 1: We can only ship residents in California magazines holding 10rds or less. If a local police department in California orders 15rd mags, we would not be able to ship them.

    EXAMPLE 2: Modern AR-15 rifles cannot ship to New York. If an officer from a city or town in NY ordered a banned rifle for duty use, we would no longer fill that order.


    Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
    NYS State Capitol Building
    Albany, NY 12224

    Ron Smith
    Smith Enterprise, Inc.
    1701 West 10th Street, Suite 14
    Tempe, Arizona 85281

    Dear Governor Cuomo,

    Over the last several decades, Smith Enterprise has sold various firearm related products to state agencies and police departments in New York. However, due to the changing political climate and anti-gun politics coming from your state, we are forced to make some changes in how we do business with your government agencies.

    It is improper for us to sell items to state agencies and law enforcement that law-abiding citizens are not allowed to purchase. Effective immediately Smith Enterprise will no longer sell items to your state government that you have outlawed your citizens to buy.

    Until your state changes your gun control laws and ensures these laws are back in line with the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution, Smith Enterprise will be forced to keep this policy.

    At a time when crime is rampant and people are becoming more and more desperate due to the struggling economy, it is imperative that state and local governments support the people’s right to defend themselves from would-be attackers. The police have nothing to fear from law-abiding citizens with guns.

    When you change your gun laws back to something more along the lines of what our country was founded on, please let me know and we will reopen our sales in your state to government agencies.

    Ron Smith
    Smith Enterprise, Inc.

  5. OT
    Anyone contacted their local election officials yet concerning security at the ballot box, or election fraud?…easier than taking on the feds…

  6. It’s going to happen sooner rather than later…
    The Feds Want Your Retirement Accounts

    Quietly, behind the scenes, the groundwork is being laid for federal government confiscation of tax-deferred retirement accounts such as IRAs. Slowly, the cat is being let out of the bag. Last January 18th, in a little noticed interview of Richard Cordray, acting head of

  7. Obama Could Not Get Cleared For A CCW!

    Yet he wants to know anything and everything about us; how nuts is all of this? Obama could not pass E-Verify to apply to work at the White House as a gardener, let alone the office of the president.

  8. Bob @ 5:15

    Such a simple yet powerful video. Thanks.

  9. SueQ, did you watch the “Virtual President” video?

  10. Bob,
    Bill Whittle is always spot on. Thanks.

  11. The Second Amendment Is Not Up For Debate
    “Never trust a government that doesn’t trust its own citizens with guns.”– Benjamin Franklin

  12. As individuals all we can do is talk about what is needed. The only way it will get done is by rolling up your sleeves,uniting,and thereafter doing what comes NATCHERLY. You will get your hands dirty so keep plenty of soap handy,along with disinfectant. You might have to put your fist in an undesireable’s mouth,with force so be ready to disinfect your hands. The slime might have aids.

  13. When it comes to handling a person having AIDS who attempts to attack you is to “FIX BAYONETS”. Then thoroughly wash your bayonet with a firehose without touching it.

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