Jesse Jackson Jr. Blagojevich Obama corruption, Jackson charged one count of conspiracy, Misuse of campaign funds, Jackson 2008 Obama campaign chairman

Jesse Jackson Jr. Blagojevich Obama corruption, Jackson charged one count of conspiracy, Misuse of campaign funds, Jackson 2008 Obama campaign chairman

“Why did Patrick Fitzgerald and the US Justice Department wait until December 2008 to arrest Rod Blagojevich?”…Citizen Wells

“this guy is more Tony’d up than I am. …. they got the Chicago media to f…ing make me wear Rezko more. To f…ing dilute it from him.”…Rod Blagojevich wiretap November 12, 2008

“I believe I’m more pristine on Rezko than him.”…Rod Blagojevich


So many diversions.

Asteriods, meteors, Obama vacationing, attempts at gun control and of course destroying jobs and the economy.

Despite those diversions, Obama corruption ties are still in the news, or not, as in the case of the Blagojevich prosecution and mythical appeal.

From the Washington Post February 15, 2013.

“Jesse Jackson Jr. accused of misusing campaign funds”

“The downward spiral for former congressman Jesse L. Jackson Jr. took another dramatic turn Friday when federal prosecutors in Washington laid out their criminal case against the once-promising Illinois Democrat, accusing him of misusing campaign funds to benefit himself and his wife. Among the purchases were fur coats, a high-end watch and a football autographed by presidents.

Jackson, 47, was charged with one count of conspiracy to commit false statements, mail fraud and wire fraud in the misuse of approximately $750,000 in campaign funds, according to court papers filed Friday in U.S. District Court in Washington.

The court filing was a clear signal that Jackson, who was first elected to the House of Representatives in the mid-1990s, intended to plead guilty to the charge, which has a maximum penalty of five years in prison. No court date has been set.

Jackson’s expected plea would be another mile marker in his slow political and personal collapse, which began shortly after President Obama’s 2008 election. That had seemed to open up possibilities for Jackson, considered a likely successor to Obama in the Senate.

Instead, FBI agents arrested then-Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D) and charged him with trying to sell the interim appointment to the Senate seat from Illinois to the highest bidder, and Jackson was implicated in the scandal. Though not charged, he would never recover politically.

According to the documents released Friday, Jackson used campaign funds to buy a $43,350 gold Rolex watch along with almost $10,000 in children’s furniture that he had delivered to his home in the District.

Among other allegations, prosecutors say Jackson made direct expenditures of about $57,793 from the campaign’s accounts for personal expenses. The documents say he and a co-conspirator used a campaign credit card to make $582,773 worth of purchases for their own use.

Jackson’s wife, former Chicago alderman Sandra Stevens Jackson, was not named or charged in that case, but the description makes clear that she was the co-conspirator.

“That’s a big number as these things go,” said Stan Brand, a former House counsel who has represented defendants in this type of case. “That obviously isn’t the kind of case you would risk putting in front of a jury. That’s why people plead.”

The details of the case against Jackson were part of a document known as a “criminal information,” which cannot be filed without the consent of the defendant and which signals that a plea agreement is near.

Jackson’s wife was charged with filing false income-tax returns from 2006 through 2011, according to a separate criminal information in her case. That charge has a maximum sentence of three years in prison.”
“In the Blagojevich case, Raghuveer Nayak, who worked as a fundraiser for Blagojevich and Jackson, told investigators that Jackson instructed him to raise as much as $6 million for the governor’s campaign.

While Blagojevich ended up in federal prison in Colorado, the Justice Department never brought charges against Jackson in that case, but the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia pursued the campaign-finance allegations.”

Read more:

Also from above:

“Elected to succeed a scandal-ridden lawmaker 17 years ago, Jackson had broad ambitions beyond Chicago’s South Side-based 2nd Congressional District. In addition to being seen as a potential successor to Obama in the Senate, Jackson was touted as a potential Chicago mayor, Illinois governor or possibly even a presidential candidate,”

The Chicago formula applicable to Blagojevich and Obama.

Except that Obama was never prosecuted.

Be advised that the Blagojevich prosecution, which was engineered to protect Obama, was not just about the selling of the senate seat.

Read it for yourself.

Blagojevich Criminal Complaint
Blagojevich Evidentiary Proffer




28 responses to “Jesse Jackson Jr. Blagojevich Obama corruption, Jackson charged one count of conspiracy, Misuse of campaign funds, Jackson 2008 Obama campaign chairman

  1. Rod Blagojevich: How could I be guilty of selling, if Jesse Jackson Jr. was not guilty of buying?

  2. Good morning….
    Investors Business Daily

    Why are the feds loading up on so much ammo?

    In a puzzling, unexplained development, the Obama administration has been buying and storing vast amounts of ammunition in recent months, with the Department of Homeland Security just placing another order for an additional 21.6 million rounds.

    Several other agencies of the federal government also began buying large quantities of bullets last year. The Social Security Administration, for instance, not normally considered on the frontlines of anything but dealing with seniors, explained that its purchase of millions of rounds was for special agents’ required quarterly weapons qualifications. They must be pretty poor shots.

    But DHS has been silent about its need for numerous orders of bullets in the multiple millions. Indeed, Examiner writer Ryan Keller points out Janet Napolitano’s agency illegally redacted information from some ammunition solicitation forms following media inquiries.

    According to one estimate, just since last spring DHS has stockpiled more than 1.6 billion bullets, mainly .40 caliber and 9mm. That’s sufficient firepower to shoot every American about five times. Including illegal immigrants.

    To provide some perspective, experts estimate that at the peak of the Iraq war American troops were firing around 5.5 million rounds per month. At that rate, DHS is armed now for a 24-year Iraq war.

    The perceived need for so much ammunition in federal custody is especially strange given Obama’s double-barreled emphasis in his inaugural address on the approaching end in Afghanistan “of a decade of war.” And he also noted, “We, the people, still believe that enduring security and lasting peace do not require perpetual war.”

    The lack of a credible official explanation for such awesome ammunition acquisitions is feeding all sorts of conspiracy theories, mainly centered on federal anticipation of some kind of domestic insurrection. Napolitano has at times alluded to threats from the extreme right-wing.

    Other conspiracists harken back to an Obama Colorado campaign speech in July, 2008. That day he deviated from his prepared text to say:

    “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

    Writing at American Thinker, Lee Cary noted at the time that the speech context seemed to involve expanded opportunities for community service. But as still happens when Obama goes off-teleprompter, his non-fortuitous word choice on the fly such as “national security force” prompted numerous writers to speculate since about some kind of national Obama para-military force.

    And as great as Obama’s unlikely, newly-revealed passion for skeet-shooting might be, that involves shotguns, not handguns over-heated from blasting off millions of rounds.

    Additionally, Napolitano, a former governor of Arizona, is widely expected to seek the 2016 Democrat presidential nomination. But you wouldn’t think she’d need that much ammo for such a bid.

    Read More At IBD:
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  3. Brought over from last blog: Worthy of repost


    If you illegally cross the North Korean border…you get 12 years of hard labor.

    If you illegally cross the Afghanistan border…you get shot.

    Two Americans recently by accident illegally crossed the Iranian border…..they are now serving 8 years in jail.

    If you illegally cross the Mexican border…. you get the hell beat out of you by the police,are held for ransom.

    If you illegally cross the American border… get a job, a drivers license, food stamps, free housing, free child care, head of the line health benefits, IRS laws that say you can claim nephews and nieces living in Mexico as dependents on your tax return, automatic enrollment in the Democrat party with voting rights, federal judicial lawyer assistance, and the right to demand your relatives are brought over the border to be with you………all of this at the taxpayer expense


  4. RMINNC……………
    Do you suspect that the NSA investigation will BITE SOETORO’S BUTT. I am praying that it will. But then we have 4 deaths as a result of the ARROGANCE of the “WH OCCUPYER”, so maybe damn little will come from any NSA investigation by either the DOJ or the FBI. Both are allegedly now involved in investigations,regarding the leaking of classified information by somebody in Soetoro’s cabinet,or by Soetoro himself. The alleged impeachment bill is still in Congress. Must be UNDER THE RUG!.

  5. RMINNC…………..
    Now we have a well known FEMALE SEXUAL DEVIATE who has never so much as held a rifle in her hand suddenly knows all there is to know about assault rifles,handheld sidearms, RPGs etc. This slimey little lezzie only knows how to eat from, and LICK the feed trough. I pray that this sick,and mentally twisted LESBIAN reaps her just deserts from licking the trough. Sooner or later all such people reap their deathly returns. We have all watched MANY of them writhe in pain in theire final hours on earth, and permeate the atmosphere around them with the stench of the dying flesh within their bodies. Maybe this is why the FLIES can’t seem to stay away from Soetoro either. Flies are attracted to dying flesh, and ROADKILLS. SEEING IS BELIEVING!

  6. Observer……………..
    You can stockpile BILLIONS of rounds of ammo, and you can have hundreds of arsenals, but when the people KNOW where each and every round of ammo is being stored,and where each and every ARSENAL is geographically there is a very strong liklihood that should a well organised uprising occur the ammo dumps,and the arsenals will be the first targets on the list to be destroyed. They will all be hit quickly and with enough C-4 to completely destroy the ammo dumps,as well as the arsenals including all of their inventory. It seems as though everybody is missing the fact that so far only the purchases of ammo for small arms has been divulged. We need to also learn about rifle ammo purchases, and all general ordnance acquisitions. There are already comprehensive lists of all of the arsenals within the US in the hands of those who will act to protect our country from invasion from within. Any good soldier knows that “HE WHO IS the FIRSTEST with the MOSTEST”,stands the best chance of winning when intelligently applied. General Schwartzkopf also knew that, as did PATTON, and all the others. Perhaps the upper echelons think that having lots of stored ammo on hand will bring about a win. It must be in the hands of the soldiers who are going to use it to be effective.

  7. …………in addition ammo and general ordnace can be DESTROYED MUCH FASTER than it can be produced, once the production and storage facilities are located. This too is something that our wartime leaders knew. That is why the German munitions factories,and ammo storage facilities were CONSTANT targets of the US 8th Army Air Force,by high altitude precision bombing. As fast as the Germans rebuilt the facilities they would be bombed again, and again, or as many times as necessary to keep the entities from being rebuilt. Eventually the GERMAN Army no longer had ammo,or other ordnance to fight with. But if a soldier is really bent on winning against an enemy soldier, he will use ANYTHING that he can muster that he has reason to believe will either kill or incapacitate the enemy soldier(s). This is called IMPROVISATION. A battle hardened regiment of soldiers possessing such determination are generally feared by an enemy.

  8. BYE BYE time for a cup of tea.


    I sure hope it does ! Benghazi is only the tip of this stinking iceberg created by Obama……one day, (hopefully soon) that iceberg will melt……and all that crap will go down the sewer…….. as it should.

    You quote one of my favorite Civil War generals; General Nathan Bedford Forest….he could run circles around J. E. B. (Jubell Early Brown) Stuart….and he always got there “furstest with the mostest”

    In fact, in my book, Nathan Bedford Forest is second only to the great Stonewall Jackson in military tactics…..


    Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY) wants to bring back the military draft and require women to register for the Selective Service.

    On Friday, Rangel reintroduced the so-called “draft bill,” known officially as “The National Universal Service Act” (H.R. 747), and “The All American Selective Service Act” (H.R. 748), which would require all women between 18 and 25 to register.

    “Now that women can serve in combat they should register for the Selective Service alongside their male counterparts,” Rangel said in a statement. “Reinstating the draft and requiring women to register for the Selective Service would compel the American public to have a stake in the wars we fight as a nation. We must question why and how we go to war, and who decides to send our men and women into harm’s way.”

    Rangel said if America’s young women were forced to fight, citizens would be more reticent to go to war.

    “I served in Korea, and understand that sometimes war is inevitable,” said Rangel. “However military engagement should be our last resort. If we must go to war, every American should be compelled to stop and think twice about whether it is worth sending our brothers and sisters, and sons and daughters to fight.”

    Rangel has been a longstanding proponent of bring back the draft. “Currently less than one percent of America’s population is unfairly shouldering the burden of war,” he explained.

    “If this country has its security threatened, I would like to believe that all of us, no matter how old we are, would want to do something,” said Rangel.
    HA HA HA……How about telling your illegal buddy poaching in the White House to LEGALLY sign up for Selective Service…….YOU CAN’T AND YOU KNOW WHY TOO!

    What kind of skin does the KENYAN without a LEGAL birth certificate have in the game?

  11. RMinNC,
    I hear almost daily PSAs about how if you don’t register with Selective Service at age 18, you can never aquire a government job. You can imagine my reaction. Can’t understand why nobody puts 2 + 2 together. I’m not the brightest, but……………even I get it.

  12. Message to Orly from o camp Email out her articles

  13. Dr. Ben Carson on Hannity tonight 9 est he needs to be President,
    Says we need to speak up,o works for us ,love it

  14. Need to promote Dr Carson for President ,what a smart man ,dr.

  15. “GOP leadership and its prominent operatives are wholly complicit in the fundamental transformation of America”

  16. Another example of Dr. Carson’s “fourth branch of govt”…..special interests:

    Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY) wants to bring back the military draft and require women to register for the Selective Service

    Before anyone registers ever again they should demand, within their rights, the authentic (and matching the others) Obama Selective Service registration.

  17. Hi are correct.

    If you are a male in the United States of America, it is a REQUIREMENT that you LEGALLY register for the SELECTIVE SERVICE….In order to register for the Selective Service, it is also a REQUIREMENT that you have a LEGAL birth certificate…..sounds like your 2 + 2

    It’s a “CATCH 22” for Mr. Obama.

    As you said, it doesn’t take “the brightest bulb inn the pack” to see that something is terribly wrong with our elected officials who REFUSE to see and ACT on these violations when it come to the KENYAN, who has neither a VALID birth certificate, or has LEGALLY regustered for the SELECTIVE SERVICE….

  18. Of course…..perhaps the only reason our elected officials are not doing anything about this matter is…..maybe the SUBJECT isn’t a male after all !.

  19. Finally, the people have spoken, and somebody actually listened.

    You spoke. We listened.

    Dear Friends,

    Since we announced our decision last week to reduce the alcohol content (ABV) of Maker’s Mark in response to supply constraints, we have heard many concerns and questions from our ambassadors and brand fans. We’re humbled by your overwhelming response and passion for Maker’s Mark. While we thought we were doing what’s right, this is your brand – and you told us in large numbers to change our decision.

    You spoke. We listened. And we’re sincerely sorry we let you down.

    So effective immediately, we are reversing our decision to lower the ABV of Maker’s Mark, and resuming production at 45% alcohol by volume (90 proof). Just like we’ve made it since the very beginning.

    The unanticipated dramatic growth rate of Maker’s Mark is a good problem to have, and we appreciate some of you telling us you’d even put up with occasional shortages. We promise we’ll deal with them as best we can, as we work to expand capacity at the distillery.

    Your trust, loyalty and passion are what’s most important. We realize we can’t lose sight of that. Thanks for your honesty and for reminding us what makes Maker’s Mark, and its fans, so special.

    We’ll set about getting back to bottling the handcrafted bourbon that our father/grandfather, Bill Samuels, Sr. created. Same recipe. Same production process. Same product.

    As always, we will continue to let you know first about developments at the distillery. In the meantime please keep telling us what’s on your mind and come down and visit us at the distillery. It means a lot to us.


    Rob Samuels Bill Samuels, Jr
    Chief Operating Officer Chairman Emeritus

  20. RMinNC | February 17, 2013 at 2:13 pm |

    Of course…..perhaps the only reason our elected officials are not doing
    anything about this matter is…..maybe the SUBJECT isn’t a male after all !

    Are you saying that he is the “T” in LGBT? Say it ain’t so.

    So he/she is the first black female president? 🙂

    Only kidding. But come to think of it………..wasn’t Bill Clinton our first black president? Not out of the realm of possibility that Obama is our first female president according to the Liberal view…………..all things are possible……even if they’re impossible. Anything that goes against nature and common sense is accepted dogma.

  21. The Battle of Athens: 
Keeping the Rule of Law

    In 1946, the people of Athens, Tennessee gave a resounding “NOT ON MY WATCH” to voter fraud and corruption in their county election when a group of World War II veterans took matters into their own hands. Although the veterans did not draw first blood, they were ready, able and […]

  22. Find out in this video!!
    What Are The Consequences For Electing A President Based On Hype?

  23. Obama Gangster Government Operates Above The Law

    “Michael Barone walks through a litany of laws the Obama administration has violated. This is just the short list, one could continue.”

  24. The Antichrist In 2012

  25. bob strauss | February 17, 2013 at 3:13 pm |

    Finally, the people have spoken, and somebody actually listened.

    Hey bob,

    Thanks for passing this along. Years ago, on the Bourbon Trail, Maker’s Mark was one of my favorites. The wife and I got to dip our own bottles and seal them.

    Maker’s Mark is a small, but gorgeous distillery at the end of a sleepy, tree lined lane. Their product is uniquely different in that it uses as little corn as is possible under the guidelines (laws) that govern the production of this American product.

    Don’t tell anyone, but I accidentally dropped a Bic pen into 50,000 gallons of mash at Wild Turkey. 🙂

  26. Interesting….

    Catch Me If You Can: FBI Identity Fraud & Forgery Expert
    Frank Abagnale Can’t Catch Identity Fraudster Obama?
    – By Linda Jordan @ Birther Report –

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