Hamilton County Ohio voter fraud, Voting twice, Absentee provisional ballot confusion, Out of state voters, Typical of Ohio and US?, “I’ll fight it for Mr. Obama”

Hamilton County Ohio voter fraud, Voting twice, Absentee provisional ballot confusion, Out of state voters, Typical of Ohio and US?, “I’ll fight it for Mr. Obama”

“An additional 2,735 were cast by people who elections officials believe were not registered in Ohio”…The Columbus Dispatch Nov. 21, 2012

“Eighty-one voters in Hamilton County, Ohio, cast more than one ballot in the Nov. 6 election, officials said, bringing calls for investigation and prosecution.”...UPI Nov. 21, 2012

“It’s not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes”…Joseph Stalin

From  the National Review February 8, 2013.

“The Voter Fraud That ‘Never Happens’ Keeps Coming Back”
“Critics of voter ID and other laws cracking down on voter fraud claim they’re unnecessary because fraud is nonexistent. For instance, Brennan Center attorneys Michael Waldman and Justin Levitt claimed last year: “A person casting two votes risks jail time and a fine for minimal gain. Proven voter fraud, statistically, happens about as often as death by lightning strike.”

Well, lightning is suddenly all over Cincinnati, Ohio. The Hamilton County Board of Elections is investigating 19 possible cases of alleged voter fraud that occurred when Ohio was a focal point of the 2012 presidential election. A total of 19 voters and nine witnesses are part of the probe.

Democrat Melowese Richardson has been an official poll worker for the last quarter century and registered thousands of people to vote last year. She candidly admitted to Cincinnati’s Channel 9 this week that she voted twice in the last election.”

“Richardson insists she has done nothing wrong and promises to contest the charges: “I’ll fight it for Mr. Obama and for Mr. Obama’s right to sit as president of the United States.””

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From Citizen Wells November 27, 2012.

“Over 300,000 ballots were being processed recently in Ohio. 204,927 provisional ballots and 119,535 absentee ballots.”

“Eighty-one voters in Hamilton County, Ohio, cast more than one ballot in the Nov. 6 election, officials said, bringing calls for investigation and prosecution.

The disclosure came as the Hamilton County Board of Elections agreed to count nearly 15,000 provisional and absentee ballots which could potentially change the outcome of several local ballot measures, The Columbus Dispatch reported Wednesday.

Election board staffers reported 63 voters cast both an early absentee ballot and a provisional ballot on Election Day, and 18 others voted twice on Nov. 6, typically by casting a regular vote in one precinct and a provisional ballot in another.”


From Citizen Wells November 21, 2012.

“Franklin County Ohio, containing Columbus, was one of the counties in Ohio that went for Obama by a large margin.

Obama 325,654     60.1%

Romney 207,941  39.1%

If Franklin County is any indication, the elections in Ohio cannot be trusted.

From The Columbus Dispatch November 21, 2012.

“New Albany schools await provisional ballot count”

“New Albany schools officials must continue to wait to find out whether their combined bond issue and tax levy passed.

Yesterday, the Franklin County Board of Elections told workers to begin opening and scanning most of the 29,751 provisional ballots cast in the Nov. 6 election, but they can’t be counted until the board decides what to do with the rest of the ballots.

Work began yesterday on 20,545 ballots that election officials believe were cast correctly. They are awaiting a response from other county boards to determine whether 2,438 more ballots, which were cast by voters registered elsewhere in Ohio, are valid.

An additional 2,735 were cast by people who elections officials believe were not registered in Ohio, and 1,849 were cast by people voting in both the wrong precinct and polling location. Other categories of provisional votes are also under review, election officials said.”


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  1. CW,

    Sometimes I feel like I’m stuck in a Simpsons cartoon. Remember when Homer says “Oh Marge….it’s in the past. Get over it.”

  2. I would have to say that MMSSSSSSSS Mellowese Richardson is in fact a classic example of exactly what is wrong with our national election process. She is obviously grossly incompetent,and a criminal perpetrator as well. Here is a POLL WORKER who is only ONE of a PROBABLE multi thousands of similar CRIMINAL PERPETRATOR POLL WORKERS. You do not need to be Albert Einstein to comprehend the level of FRAUD,and outright ILLEGAL ACTS which were perpetrated by all of the rest of the CRIMINAL PERPETRATOR POLL WORKERS. All need to be arrested,prosecuted and IMPRISONED for their criminal acts. Will they be prosecuted? Probably NOT.

  3. Not a Simpsons fan.
    Hard to get over it. The it we knew most of our lives.

  4. Sorry if I was misunderstood, CW,
    Not standing up for Homer. Just saying………. watching MSM (including Fox, and the Republican Party), this is their attitude. Don’t question. Just accept the results and get over it.

  5. I fervently believe that voter fraud was rampant in the election. After all, it is necessary for the perpetrators to concentrate only on a few of the key states with the most electoral votes to accomplish their mission.

    Why would we expect Congress or anyone else in authority to do something about it after the flagrant complacency we’ve witnessed over the last four years?

    The tragedy is that not only was the Usurper returned to the W.H., but many conservatives have become more dispirited into thinking that the majority of the people wanted this evil one back in office, when that may not be the actual case.

  6. VERY off topic, but, did you see this?

    “Did you know that John Brennan, nominee for CIA Director, is a Muslim convert who was turned to Islam by the Muslim Brotherhood?”


  7. Mortrey…………..
    …………and the count of enemy infiltrators rises……..put there by our own alleged Commander in Chief. …….another act of TREASON.

  8. CabbyAZ…………
    Good morning,……..It is painfully obvious that our alleged Congress is only going along with everything that Soetoro perpetrates. The Senate is and has been for quite a while …..OUT TO LUNCH,AND PROBABLY WILL NOT RETURN ANYTIME SOON.

  9. ……….IF AT ALL!

  10. CabbyAZ……………
    We no longer have THREE BRANCHES of government……….WE NOW HAVE ….ONE. This has been the case since 2008. There is only PRETENSE of Constitutional government.

  11. we’re being screw’d, coup’d and tattoo’d.

    otherwise we’d be enjoying the fruits of our labor in the United States of America, circa 21st Century…liberal, in Live and Let Live…smart, in throw the bums out…strong in enforcing our laws.

    and, duped.
    the clowns and goats quoted up thread sums it up.

  12. “Home & Garden Television (HGTV) Runs Obama Born In Hawaii Propaganda Question Before Commercial Break”

    “A long time reader sent in the following he captured while watching the Home & Garden Television channel:

    HGTV aired a question before a commercial break asking the viewers…

    “Which one of these people was not born in Hawaii.
    a) Barack Obama
    b) Bette Midler
    c) Bruno Mars
    d) Dwayne ” The Rock ” Johnson.”

    ( HGTV’s answer in Scribd doc )


    The greatest cover-up, other than the Federal Reserve, in American history runs all the way to the Home and Garden channels to brainwash the sheep.”



  14. “Cloward-Piven Paradise Now?”
    By Jeannie DeAngelis
    August 1, 2011

    “Combine class warfare, demonizing the rich, getting as many people onto the welfare rolls as possible, and pushing the economic system to collapse and you have a flawless formula for Cloward-Piven 2.0 — and a vehicle that ensures Obama remains in power.

    The duo taught that if you flooded the welfare rolls and bankrupted the cities and ultimately the nation, it would foster economic collapse, which would lead to political turmoil so severe that socialism would be accepted as a fix to an out-of-control set of circumstances.

    The idea was that if people were starving and the only way to eat was to accept government cheese, rather than starve, the masses would agree to what they would otherwise reject. In essence, for the socialist-minded, the Cloward-Piven strategy is a simple formula that makes perfect sense; the radical husband-and-wife team had Saul Alinsky as their muse, and they went on to teach his social action principles to a cadre of socialist-leaning community organizers, one of whom was Barack Obama.”


  15. Mortrey | February 9, 2013 at 11:00 am |
    VERY off topic, but, did you see this?

    “Did you know that John Brennan, nominee for CIA Director, is a Muslim convert who was turned to Islam by the Muslim Brotherhood?”
    This seems to be going viral…… I wish we had verification from another independent source; however, it would not surprise me in the least and would explain his earlier statements re. terrorism not being related to Islam.

    If any senator were to question him about it, he would be labeled a bigot against religion. That is the devilish part about Islam; it hides under the cloak of religion whereas in actuality it is a system of brutal, totalitarian government.

  16. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    What happens when the Goose that Lays The Golden Egg dies??

  17. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    The Goose That Lays The Golden Egg

    Click to access silkroadfables.pdf

  18. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    Make sure you swap “there once was a man” to “There once was a U.S. Federal Government”.

  19. cabbyaz.
    Let’s find out about Brennan.

  20. Thanks GORDO.

  21. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    Look like the CIA didn’t keep it too secret!!

  22. Here is a good article posted by Pamela Geller on February 24, 2010.
    It is worth reading all of the comment to refresh one’s memory.

    John Brennan Involved in Obama Passport Breach


  23. Watch John Brennan in action:

  24. For some reason the youtube posting didn’t come through. Anyway, it’s Brennan’s comments on the beauty of Islam. Let’s try again:

  25. Only a Muslim would refer to Jerusalem as al-Quds.

  26. cabbyaz — I totally agree with you that the Presidential election was rigged and stolen, as well as a few Senate seats and at least one Congressional seat (Allen West). It was too hard at this point to rig all the Congressional seats. That is why the GOP retained the House.

    But there is no way that Obama won the Presidency with the GOP taking the House. The same people who voted for a Republican House would have voted for a Republican President in this election. Not that many people would have split their tickets to vote for Obama. Dick Morris and Karl Rove saw it, but were told to go along.

    We have a bureaucratic socialism in charge (the CIA being its strongest arm). I’m beginning to consider the possibility that the former Presidents Bush I & II were behind Obama because of his CIA elite status. McCain and Romney were both aspirants to leadership, but didn’t “make the cut.” McCain because of his individualism and not being a team player (as well as his overriding Navy background) and Romney because of his Mormonism. I’m exploring some of this.

  27. Gordo, bob strauss, all,

    If you are not familiar with the work of Jedi Pauly, please go to his site and have a look.

    There are actions ongoing that he has asked his loyal supporters not to present to the public-at-large, but it is worth noting that at this time there is no case pending. That should change in short order.


  28. If you watch the Brennan youtube video, it may start to become more clear what I’ve been trying to say about the CIA. (Read Ian Johnson’s A MOSQUE IN MUNICH, NAZIS, THE CIA & THE RISE OF THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD IN THE WEST.)

  29. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    Click on the little red “youtube” bug at the bottom of the “Brennan” video and read all the comments.

  30. I’m half-way through reading a short book, REFLETIONS ON THE FAILURE OF SOCIALISM by Max Eastman. It was written in 1955. I can’t believe how appropriate it is for today–same as Orwell’s 1984. It explains a lot about the Liberal-Leftist mindset. Eastman was once a Leninist Communist himself. He explains why the Left would have no qualms about stealing an election and keeping their Dictator in office as long as possible. So their next step will be to eliminate term limits for Obama.

  31. Mr. Bill (ms.helga) — Great comments! Most people seem able to see through the lies.

  32. https://citizenwells.wordpress.com/2013/02/07/maxine-waters-obama-database-2016-presidential-candidate-powerful-database-obama-records-included-obama-waters-dossier-scary-enough-maxine-waters-socialist-history/

    Commenter boyer68

    Submitted on 2013/02/09 at 3:37 pm

    “Dear God, how does this militant, racist, loud mouth cretin keep getting re-elected? Hers is a poverty ridden, hopeless, district in California. Yet these fools keep her coming back. The Black Community is endlessly exploited by the democrat/socialist party, yet they’re too dumb to realize it. They rally to the likes of the idiot Al sharpton, socialist Maxine Waters, and Jesse “I sound stupider, every time I talk” Jackson. Heaven forbid the should look to winners like Herman Cane, or Washington Irving. Lincoln’s proclumation of 1863 freed them. Why don’t they leave the plantation already?”

    George Orwell, “1984”

    “We control life, Winston, at all its levels. You are imagining that there is something called human nature which will be outraged by what we do and will turn against us. But we create human nature. Men are infinitely malleable.”

  33. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    Hypothetical question – Do you think a ticket of Benjamin Carson & Allan West would be a knockout ticket. This would blow the Dems right out of the water. I am so tired of hearing we are racists and anti black. Plus I want to see Katie Couric interview Dr. Carson(Ratings,Cleavage & “Absolutely”). PAYBACK Time Folks. I think this would fire up our guys like nothing in history.
    We are running out of time.
    PS – I am getting tired of our country being run by lawyers.

  34. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    PPS – CW, we could call this the CW Ticket!!

  35. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    “The CW Ticket To Freedom”

  36. Allen West had every chance to speak the truth about the criminal thug that has usurped the White House. He chose to play it safe and hang on to his job. It didn’t work. Weather he was beat in a fair election or not, (I choose to believe that it was rigged), he got exactly what was due him.

    He was provided with all the evidence that treason was being committed. He was bound by oath to protect and defend the Constitution. He did not.

    At best, he is guilty on misprison of felony.

  37. Did you hear about the latest overreach from the IRS?


  38. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    As long as we have electronic voting machines, there will be manipulation of the vote.

    Can someone explain to me why we need all of these CIA covert operations?

    I would submit that BECAUSE of these operations, we are more hated.

    I just wish we’d keep our nose out of what is going on outside the United States, especially in areas where we have no National interest.

    There are any number of elected officials that I scratch my head and wonder HOW can these people continue to be re-elected. There seems to be a large number of these people who are from California, including BOTH of thier Senators. I’m ALL FOR kicking California out of our Republic. Not sure that is allowed by our Constitution though, but then that’s an old outdated document.

    As far as Obama being or not being born in Hawaii, in my opinion, that is simply a distraction.

    His parentS were NOT United States citizens. To be President, you MUST be a Natural Born citizen. To be a Natural Born citizen, you MUST be born on US soil to citizen parentS.

    Obama is NOT eligible to be President.


    Why do we get caught up in where he was born? He could have been born on the steps of the Supreme Court, it doesn’t change who his parents are.

    It’s a distraction, plain and simple.

  39. So proud of you Cabby.

  40. It is only a distraction unless you consider the fact that the birth certificate is a forged document that a great many people are complicit in proffering as proof of eligibility.

    That is a conspiracy, my friend.

  41. SueQ,
    Thanks! What a pleasant surprise to find that Bob linked to the article. It was submitted a couple of days ago and I figured that it might not be published because of so many pressing political issues taking place.

  42. Yep! That’s our one and only Cabby!

  43. Air Force Brat!

    Mr. Bill — excellent hypothetical question. However, it is also critically important to avoid falling into the trap of “the candidate MUST be black”.

  44. Interested Bystander | February 9, 2013 at 5:48 pm |
    Distraction is an understatement of the circumstances the American people find themselves in.

    The usurper has no clothes. He doesn’t qualify Constitutionally to be president of the U.S.A., which makes our entire government illegal, if anyone were to give a damn.

  45. Sheriff Joe Raids Sporting Goods Company: Nabs 27 Illegals Using Stolen IDs

    “Illegal aliens are stealing identities of U.S. citizens to gain employment which escalates our unemployment problems. I don’t believe we should tolerate this. Furthermore, I will continue to enforce all federal and state illegal immigration laws in the business sector through human smuggling and crime suppression operations, despite activists and the federal government who may not like it,” said the Sheriff.


  46. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    Ray | February 9, 2013 at 4:52 pm |
    Allen West had every chance to speak the truth about the criminal thug that has usurped the White House.

    Ray – I believe West was going to start his campaign after his second term and the Repubs gerrymandered his district. We all here know that BOTH parties are up to their eyeballs in this mess.

    “allen west gerrymandered”


  47. Democrat Poll Worker Who Voted Multiple Times For Obama Says There’s No Voter Fraud (Video)
    Democrat Melowese Richardson has been an official poll worker for the last quarter century and registered thousands of people to vote last year. She candidly admitted to Cincinnati’s Channel 9 this week that she voted twice in the last election. Her granddaughter also voted twice. And, there are other people registered to vote at her residence. Melowese is a staunch Obama supporter. Richardson insists she has done nothing wrong and promises to contest the charges.


  48. From bobmann101 at westernjournalism.com……..

    I am sure you are ready aware of these links, but just in case.I hope this can help.


  49. OOOOOPs! I forgot about multiple links so I’m in moderation at 9:28pm. I’ll try breaking the post into fewer links. From bobmann101 at westernjournalism.com……..

    I am sure you are ready aware of these links, but just in case.I hope this can help.


  50. ray ,
    i agree with you one hundred per cent about allen west and have been saying for more than two years that he is just a coward and a phony . he got his just due when he lost the election but , he should be criminally charged with the other 534 in congress . it would not have been any different had he won the 2012 election . he would have just gone back and continued to be part of the cover – up and mass corruption . as you correctly stated , he had two years to speak up on the fraud , usurper , and imposter and failed to do so . i’m glad that he is gone from congress .

  51. February 23rd, 2011

    “Rep. Allen West to birthers: focus on Obama policies instead”

    “Toward the end of a 90-minute audience Q&A session at Tuesday night’s town hall meeting, U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation, was asked by former Indian Trail Improvement District board member Christopher Karch whether President Obama is “legally there or not.”

    “Who is going to tell us who this man is? Is he legally there or not?” said Karch. “What are we going to do to ensure that, if he isn’t legally there, it doesn’t happen again?”

    Said West: “I will tell you this: That is the dog chasing its tail. The most important thing is, it’s the policies. That’s what we have to be standing on.”

    What is your objective? Your objective is getting back to a constitutional republic principles and values. If you spend your time worrying about someone’s citizenship, you will never get to that objective.”

    West didn’t offer his own opinion on Obama’s citizenship during the public forum. So PostOnPolitics asked him after the meeting.

    “He is a citizen. He’s the president. I mean, that’s all I know. I am concerned about his policies,” West said.”

    APRIL 5, 2012

    “Is Allen West Forgetting His Oath To Support And Defend The Constitution?”

    “Both Tea Party favorite Allen West and moderate Republican Tom Rooney are noticeable by their inaction on the findings of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s definitive six month long investigation into possible “fraud and forgery” of key Obama documents.

    When asked if they were worried about a man having control of America’s nuclear arsenal when his social security number was not passing an E verify check, press talkers of both sitting U.S. House of Representative members either said nothing or said this isn’t as important as putting Americans back to work or doing something about high gas prices. Besides, as Allen West’s person said, “There’s not enough time for Congress to do something (hold hearings).”

    Now-retired Lieutenant Colonel Allen West’s spokesman certainly was more talkative. He said West is more concerned about “gas prices and getting Americans back to work,” than the failure of Congress to investigate Obama’s eligibility problem. On and on, the young man talked while never once mentioning the Military Oath that states, “I will support and defend the Constitution of the U.S. against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”…”


  52. danny,

    Thanks. We be like two peas in a pod. 🙂

    I would like to ask you to please go to http://www.orlytaitzesq.com/
    and read her supplemental brief.

    If you can afford to send her a few dollars, I would greatly appreciate that.
    Please sign her petition while you are there. Her case goes before the Supreme Court on February 15th. We should know shortly after that if we are going the way of Nazi Germany.

    She is the best thing we have going at this point in time.

    CASE #A-12606

  53. Gordo,

    Thank you for always digging and coming up with all that you do. Some day I would be honored and proud to shake your and, along with all of the other good folks here at CW’s.

    All the Best,

  54. Uh, that should be “shake your hand”

  55. I personally believe that the SCOTUS will come up with a double talk sort of ruling which will not allow anything to move forward into the introduction of evidence. If that was allowed then there will be hell to pay for the attorney who submits it. The attorney will most likely find himself/herself permanently disbarred, and unable to obtain a license to practice law in all 50 states. Several judges have already levied heavy fines against Orly. Nothing would give me greater pleasure than watching the slimey bastards burn in their own juice.

  56. ………….just as they did with Obamacare.

  57. “Intimidation: Obama Challenger Overbilled Nearly $10K For Fighting Obama Identity Fraud”


    Linda Jordan interview:

    Aired 2/8/2013

  58. ray ——– i do support orly but i fear john roberts is going to do a number against her on feb 15 . and nothing can be done about john roberts until obama is exposed . so please purchase your stamp and begin stamping . it is the fastest way to by – pass the media and expose the usurper .
    thank you very much . also , this method is not expensive .

  59. The people of West Virginia know why they SHOULDN”T give up their weapons…..listen as this guest rips the LIBERAL host on this TV program..

  60. Hi RMinNC,

    Thanks for posting. It seems to me these news anchors are always at a disadvantage. They are (1) terrified of certian inanimate objects, which are only tools……….therefor they won’t bother to learn about their use. They (2) have no respect for the Constitution which is the only thing that gaurantees them a job and (3) they’re just plain stupid…………I mean grenade launchers? Maybe stupidity explains all 3 points.

  61. This young lady really Gets it. Good video and worth passing around.

  62. “Freedom needs to be protected. Let’s think about the last people that were forbidden from owning guns………..that would be black people. Because they were slaves. What would happen if you gave a slave a gun?………….he would no longer be a slave.”

    Thanks, Thistle

  63. New study confirms economy was destroyed by Democrat policies

    A new study from the widely respected National Bureau of Economic Research released this week has confirmed beyond question that the left’s race-baiting attacks


  64. Papoose,
    Thanks for posting about the latest on Benghazi. I was just ready to do so myself.
    This book, written by two seemingly very credible ex-military men with inside sources, is going to be released in ebook, format on Tuesday. I hope that it goes viral and that the Senate will reconsider Brennan’s nomination. He appears to be a dangerous, loose cannon.

    The book is only 83 pages long and should cast a different light on all of the previous suppositions about Benghazi. Also, I believe their testimony further confirms that Bummer doesn’t get engaged but rather turns decisions over to underlings. After all, he is usually always in campaign mode, vacationing, golfing, or partying, or………..(you fill in the blank).

  65. Good morning SueQ….thanks for the post

    I enjoyed the video you just posted and I got the following message from it:

    1. I did not hear the young lady say AFRO-AMERICAN at any time….only AMERICAN……that’s as it should be.

    2. I heard what every American knows; the democrats are pushing the gun ban and with a gun ban in place….as a nation, we are ripe for a dictatorship, or worse.

    3. The young lady knows that to be a slave, you are unarmed….like she said; give a slave (white or black) a gun, and that person is no longer a slave….she is so correct.

    4. As long as American have the right to bare arms…evil is in check.

    5. This young lady is very intelligent…she should be a beacon for her race….but I bet she is considered a “jim crow” by the majority of her race…..that’s the shame of it all….

  66. RMinNC,

    I agree with you on all points, except I didn’t post it………..Thistle did.

  67. Wish I had.

  68. PAPOOSE…….thanks…makes sense to me

    Good article on Benghazi….Looks like Petraeus was ambushed by his own people…If the truth is ever known…Broadwell may have been a plant to draw him into the mess…From this read, I gained that:

    1. The trail STARTED at the White House and ENDS at the
    WH when Obama (a Muslim) gave John Brennan (a Muslim) full authority to run the North African and Middleast foreign affairs programs, AS LONG AS HE (OBAMA) WASN’T EMBARRASSED BY ANY OF HIS ACTIONS.

    2. Brennan was conducting COVERT military operations in Libya without the CIA’s knowledge….there was a big rift between the White House and the CIA…..all caused by John Brennan.

    3. Ambassador Stevens and everyone else in Benghazi WAS NOT aware of Brennan’s covert activities which was pissing the militant extremist off in Libya…therefore they were unaware of the real dangers facing them….the extremist were out for revenge.

    4. The following WAS NOT discussed in the article, but some how I got the feeling from reading the article: THE REAL REASON THAT HELP WAS NOT SENT TO BENGHAZI WAS IT WOULD HAVE EXPOSED THE WHOLE ROTTEN MESS……and it would have lead directly back to the two birds who were responsible for it to begin with, BRENNAN and OBAMA……that’s why OBAMA was AWOL and made no effort to rescue Stevens and the others.

    5. In OBAMA’s and BRENNAN’s mind, it was easier to sacrifice Stevens and the four others than it was to explain his way out of Brennan’s RECKLESS position at Benghazi.

    6. BRENNAN ( the Muslim) has been elevated to the Director of CIA position because he has some real stinky stuff on who OBAMA ( the Muslim) really is…..and Obama will be toast if he (Brennan) ever talks…..in or out of prison.

    7. Some how I have the feeling that this is not going away…and that eventually the truth will be out in the public….damn I sure hope so !

  69. thistle | February 10, 2013 at 12:13 pm

    Thanks for the video. She could not have said it better.

  70. Source: New Info on Benghazi Is Going to Come Out & Leave People ‘Amazed & Shocked’


  71. California: Criminal Complaint Report Submitted To Grand Jury
    Regarding Obama Ineligibility & Identity Document Fraud

    Criminal Complaint Report of the Republic Citizens’ Ombudsman Michael Lerman to the Grand Jury:

    Supported by the affidavit of Michael Lerman in support of the facts to institute a criminal indictment against Obama et al, California Governor Brown Jr., Secretary of State Bowen, Attorney General Harris and the entire Orange County Board of Supervisors including their council named on the notices for their immediate removal from public office.


  72. good article on Brennan…possible perjury……

    They had to get Petraeus out and Brennan in to cover ALL of O’s tracks. (right down to the passport break-in)….and including his miserably failed mid east, Jihad enabling, Israel backstabbing policies..

    Now Brennan is seriously misleading the Senate (lying)


  73. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    bob strauss | February 10, 2013 at 1:04 pm |
    New study confirms economy was destroyed by Democrat policies

    Former Ct. U.S.Senator Chris Dodd is now PRESIDENT OF THE MOTION PICTURES ASS’N OF AMERICA which is directly across the street from the white house!!


    P.S. – His father, also a former US Senator was IMPEACHED

  74. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    CW – Here is a new quote we can add to our repertoire given by Dr. Benjamin Carson at the Natl. Prayer Breakfast – “There are 3 branches of the government “oops” I mean 4 – Natural Interest groups.”

  75. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    “National” not “Natural” OR Either

  76. Real Reason Obama Wants Your Guns – Full Documentary


  77. RMinNC, (2:17 pm)
    Great synopsis of what we know so far! I would like to read the entire book.
    Now, how do we shove this in the faces of senators who are going to be considering the confirmation of Brennan for CIA director? He needs to be stopped – pronto!!! – and break up this circle of evil.

  78. Always trust your news source. lol
    CNN Anchor Thinks Approaching Asteroid May Be Result of Global Warming


  79. “Newsweek’s Tina Brown: ‘Obama’d Be Impeached By Now For Drones If He Was Bush'”

    “Newsweek/Daily Beast editor Tina Brown said something Friday night that should wake up the Left and their media minions.”


  80. c
    Cabbyaz….at 2:17pm, you ask:

    Now, how do we shove this in the faces of senators who are going to be considering the confirmation of Brennan for CIA director? He needs to be stopped – pronto!!! – and break up this circle of evil.

    somehow we must get Senators like Rubio, Graham , or McCain to stop calling those lying bastards and Whiite House stouges that are up for confirmation like Brennan to testify about something they started in the first place…..those senators in attendance at.that hearing should have known they would get nothing but more lies….

    We must call our senators and ask them to invites ex-agents like JACK MURPHY and BRANDON WEBB to testify if they want the real truth. This will start a firestorm in at the WH…….a good place for them to start would be too read this short 83 page book..

    Sooner or later, when the real witnesses take the stand…it’s all over for BRENNAN ….who will take OBAMA down with him.

  81. GORDO….

    I watched the video you mentioned at 7:49pm….I would recommend it as mandatory viewing for all Americans…….

    It details exactly how the people of a country can be sucked in with WORDS… and HOPE…and CHANGE..

    It has happened several times in past history, and it is happening again right here in the United States of America…….same old story…different players.


    *UPDATE*Coming MONDAY, Benghazi: The Definitive Report
    by Jack Murphy · February 10, 2013 · Posted In: Black Ops & Intel

    *Harper Collins just notified us that the e-book will be available for download Monday the 11th.

    This Tuesday, White House Counter-Terrorism adviser John Brennan will sit down for the closed door classified portion of his confirmation hearing. Brennan brings a lot of baggage to the table and has taken some fire from both the Left and the Right for his support of para-military activities and so-called Enhanced Interrogation Techniques. This last week we’ve seen puff piece after puff piece as our 4th Estate absolutely gushes over John Brennan to pump him up for the confirmation hearings that will determine whether or not he will be the next Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, filling the void left by General Petraeus’ resignation.

    Perhaps it is then a happy coincidence that the e-book I wrote with Brandon Webb about Benghazi is coming out on the same day as Brennan’s classified hearing. The e-book will begin to peel back a few of the layers of secrecy that have thus far protected John Brennan and some very shady activities undertaken by the National Security Council.

    The book includes many never before revealed details about the Libyan Civil War and the post-war reconsolidation efforts undertaken by Private Military Companies, the CIA, and Ambassador Chris Stevens. This sets the stage for the situation that led to the attack on the US Consulate (technically a Temporary Mission Facility) in Benghazi. We then tell it like it actually happened that night and detail the heroic actions of Ty Woods and his fellow OGA operators. We will also shatter some myths and misconceptions about denied air support and the resignation of General Petraeus.

    Perhaps most damning is the question of WHY. Why did the attack happen? What got AQIM elements operating under the Ansar Al-Sharia banner so angry that they decided to over run the Consulate? Perhaps events in Egypt and a silly Youtube video helped some of the Sheiks mobilize a large group of extremists but there is more to this situation. Much more. Ambassador Stevens and David Petraeus never could have seen what was coming. They were left in the lurch due to covert operations initiated by the White House, a secret war in North Africa being orchestrated by JOHN BRENNAN.

    Written by the team of former Special Operations warriors who run SOFREP.com, here is the definitive account of what happened before, during, and after the deadly Benghazi attack.

    On September 12th, 2012, Brandon Webb learned Glen Doherty, one of his closest friends and his former Navy SEAL teammate, was killed alongside Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and two other Americans when the U.S. State Department and CIA headquarters in Benghazi, Libya, were sieged in a shocking terrorist attack. For the next four months, Webb and his team at SOFREP.com, the world’s premier Special Ops website, embarked on a relentless investigation to understand exactly what happened to their countrymen, as well as the roles played by the Obama administration, State Department, and CIA. Drawing on unmatched sources, They spoke to individuals who would talk to no one else, including fellow Special Operations team members familiar with the African theatre, and well-placed contacts in the Washington intelligence community. This is their report–an unforgettably gripping minute-by-minute narrative of the events and their aftermath as they really unfolded on that terrible day in Libya.


  83. TruNews interview with Doug Hagman Feb. 8:

    Obamanista army of cyber warriors to smear American patriots.

  84. Election Official Admits She Voted 4 Times

  85. Real Reason Obama Wants Your Guns – Full Documentary

  86. Pope Benedict XVI is to resign
    Breaking news

    LIVE: Pope says he will resign Live

    The Pope is to resign at the end of this month in an entirely unexpected development, the Vatican has confirmed


  87. Thornton Parsons

    Cool ebay listing. Better look at it before the Left scrubs it.
    http://www.ebay.ca/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dll ViewItem&item=261154614856#description

  88. OK, so what did I miss? 🙂

  89. Thornton Parsons

    new ebay listing
    check this out. Also, read the q & A at the bottom. Pass it around. Awsome


  90. Thornton Parsons

    Ray, I think I’ve fixed the link.

  91. Thornton Parsons


    I don’t know why the link won’t work. Try to copy and paste it into your browser. That might take you to it. Sorry, guys.

  92. Thornton Parsons

    The link works. Be sure to read some of the q and a at the end.

  93. Regarding my post @ 6:11

    Has anyone heard of St. Malachy? I am not Catholic, and I have NO desire to offend Catholics, but according to Tom Horn………….

    Tom Horn was the main guest on Coast to Coast AM on Sunday, June 3, 2012. Horn, author of “Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope Is Here”, is well
    known for his research into Bible prophecy and appeared on the show to discuss the 900-year old Catholic prophecy which states the next pope will pave the path for the anti-Christ.

    Horn began by recounting the story of the prophecy:

    Approximately 900 years ago, Pope Innocent II summoned Saint Malachy, a popular archbishop, to Rome to update the Vatican on the status of Malachy’s Northern Ireland diocese. Malachy made the arduous journey from Northern Ireland to Italy and gave his full report.

    As he was leaving Rome to return to his church he had what he described as a “frenzied vision.” In this vision, Malachy was given the descriptive information of every pope that would ever exist, beginning with Pope Innocent II all the way to the final pope, Pope Petrus Romanus.

    Malachy’s vision tallied 112 popes, ending with Pope Petrus Romanus, and the current pope, Pope Benedict XVI, is number 111, which means there will only be one more pope.

    Whether we choose to believe in the prophecy or not, states Horn, “It’s historic in the sense that we have this medieval prophecy and the very next pope will be the last one on the list.”


    As an aside, I spoke to my sister-in-law this morning (raised Catholic), and she claims that she was taught as a child that the last Pope would be named “Peter”.

  94. Thornton Parsons | February 11, 2013 at 7:11 am

    Thanks Thornton, I am laughing my arse off. What a way to start the morning and the week.

  95. Thornton Parsons

    Ray, when I found it, I thought it was a joke. I had to read thru it twice and then I was lmao! American capitalism is great!

  96. Sue,
    I am catholic, and have been aware of the prophesy of St. Malachy since childhood, along with others. “Peter the Roman” should be the next Pope, but he doesn’t ‘usher in the Anti-christ’ he is forced from Rome and dies in exile. The last Pope is timed with the end-times, not the cause. This is a marker for the end-times; when good is evil, and evil is good, up is down, and right is left….what is it that OldSalt says again? Soon we should expect at least one comet (see ELAN) and massive destruction in Europe, then wars. I will note that not a single Pope has taken the name Peter since the first, so “Peter the Roman” is unlikely to be his name, but more likely to describe him.


  97. Thornton Parsons

    Papoose, I wonder if John Brennan is the next to be thrown under the Obama bus. With all of the bad press, he’d make an excellent Benghazi fall guy.

  98. Thanks for clarity, Pete. Your observations are much appreciated, especially “The last Pope is timed with the end-times, not the cause……..Peter the Roman is unlikely to be his name, but more likely to describe him.”

  99. Thornton, yes, though, he is privy to all via Passportgate 2008.

    According to these reports, survivors were “interviewed”, wonder who they are and why are they not present in the “hearings”.

  100. Pete,

    One thing I learned only recently, is that for over one thousand years, there were NO denominations among Christians. It was simply called “The Church”. I find that incredible. I guess in today’s world, it seems nobody can agree on anything. How did they manage that?

  101. Sue,

    In the beginning there was just one church. Then different groups became dissatisfied with the church for various reasons and went their own way in protest (protestant). They formed their own congregations. There was Luther, King Henry VIII, John Calvin and on and on. By now there are hundreds of different forms of Protestant religions.

  102. This is a very interesting interview featured on TRUNEWS.

    Guest: Pastor Victor Novak

    Topic: How and when Christianity migrated from Jerusalem to the British Isles, and later to the New World of America.

    [audio src="http://www.trunews.com/Audio/1_28_13_monday_trunews2.mp3" /]

  103. Thank you Dora,

    I just didn’t realize that the Church was able to stay united for SO long. I believe the break up was for the good, but in the end “unless you are born again, you shall not see the kingdom of God”……….no matter what denomination you call yourself.

  104. I agree with Pete. The possible next Pope, according to those particular prophecies (still being discerned as to just how literally to take the symbolic meanings), could be in some way to fulfill the title of “Peter the Roman” in some symbolic manner. There are the various prophecies about the Pope having to flee Rome….possibly due to either the force of the Islamic push into Europe and desire to eliminate the authority of Catholic Christian influence (as is happening now in Egypt, Mali, etc.with Coptic Christians) and/or the force of the coming NWO’s world religion with its preparation for the One World Order’s leader/anti-Christ.

    There is also the prophecy of the great schism to occur within the time of the great tribulation….bringing with it a possible false pope while the Church and the true Pope are forced underground. There are already forces within the Church (that “smoke of satan” spoken about by Pope Paul VI as entering the cracks of weakness by apostates that have diabolically moved themselves into various levels of the institution) who would like to manipulate “one of their own” into the position and if unable to do so (since it is the Holy Spirit Who will “out maneuver” such plans) they will continue to try to force the Faith into a position of weakness as we are already witnessing here under the current Obama regime. Just as world Communism attempted its own attack against JPII there is no doubt that it will continue with even greater force. While there will be a true Pope (the one prophesied to lead the faithful remnant during the times of tribulation before the new era of peace…the scriptural time where satan will be tied for “thousand years”)….who may be forced underground during this time of persecutions, there may be a forced false pope put into place by the apostates/progressives who will serve the anti-Christ.

  105. Thornton Parsons……that was hilarious. What a great way to start the week! Thank you!

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