Rhino Times, December 1, 2012, Under the Hammer, Truth in print in NC, Media bias, Big government larger problem than deficit, Obama campaign vs Romney

Rhino Times, December 1, 2012, Under the Hammer, Truth in print in NC, Media bias, Big government larger problem than deficit, Obama campaign vs Romney

“As the crisis develops, it will be important to use the mass media to inform the broader llberal community about the inefficiencies and injustices of welfare. For example, the system will not be able to process many new applicants because of cumbersome and often unconstitutional investi-gatory procedures (which cost 20c for every dollar dis-bursed). As delays mount, so should the public demand that a simplified affidavit supplant these procedures, so that the
poor may certify to their condition. If the system reacts by making the proof of eligibility more difficult, the demand should be made that the Department of Health, Education and Welfare dispatch “eligibility registrars” to enforce federal statutes governing local programs. And throughout the crisis, the mass media should be used to advance arguments for a new federal income distribution program.”…Richard Cloward and Frances Piven

“If I had my choice I would kill every reporter in the world but I am sure we would be getting reports from hell before breakfast.”… William Tecumseh Sherman

“The past, he reflected, had not merely been altered, it had
actually been destroyed. For how could you establish, even
the most obvious fact when there existed no record outside
your own memory?”…George Orwell, “1984″

Truth in print in NC.

From the Rhinoceros Times November 29, 2012.

“In 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. It had been a Category 5 hurricane and made landfall as a Category 3. The devastation to the Gulf coast, including New Orleans, was the costliest in US history. And according to the mainstream media, the devastation – including the large number of people who died, and the fact that displaced people did not have proper shelter, food and water – was the fault of then President George Walker Bush. To this day you hear about what a bad job Bush did during Katrina.”

“However, President Barack Hussein Obama doesn’t get any blame. By walking on the beach with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Obama got a lot of kudos from the mainstream media. Evidently the hurricane was not Obama’s fault and as president he was not responsible for evacuating people from their homes or providing them with shelter, food and water.”

“One thing the mainstream media refuse to understand is that conservatives do not see the growing deficit as the problem but as a symptom of a much more serious problem. The problem is that government has grown far too big and is doing too much for too many people. The result of the government being out of control is an out-of-control deficit.

If this is what you believe, then raising taxes is not a solution because it only allows the government to continue to grow. Liberals don’t see the size of government as a problem, only that the government doesn’t have enough money to pay for all of the worthwhile and important services it performs. For example, liberals believe that all Americans have a God-given right to a cell phone. Cutting out free cell phones for people is not going to balance the budget, but that attitude is what has gotten us where we are.”

“People, including the vast left-wing conspiracy at the News & Record, are all bent out of shape over these secession petitions on the internet. What happened to the right of free speech? You would think that a newspaper would support people’s right to write and sign any kind of petition they want.

For at least the last 40 years there has been a group that protests against war and in favor of world peace in front of the federal courthouse on the corner of Eugene and West Market streets. These people are extremely devoted and believe in their cause. They also believe that somehow standing on a corner in Greensboro, North Carolina, rain or shine, is going to help stop war all over the world. I don’t understand it, but I believe they have every right to stand there and protest whatever they want, and I admire them for their dedication. This is America. We are supposed to have freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.

Maybe some conservative news media have gotten all bent out of shape about these people, but I don’t recall it and I think I would know.

Many of those signing the secessionist petitions think that the federal government is already way too big. They also, for the most part, see the reelection of Obama as irrefutable evidence that the federal government is going to get bigger. Some of them no doubt would really like to secede from the United States of America. States are supposed to have some sovereignty, and if you read the Constitution, states are actually supposed to have a lot of sovereignty. Over the years the states have lost power and the federal government has gained power. Many people would like to see that trend start going the other way and begin moving back so the states in the United States mean something other than a mailing address or a way for Google maps to find a location.”

“People will be glad to know that now that the campaigning is over, Obama is back to his busy schedule running the world during the week and playing golf on the weekends. Obama was back out on the course on the Friday after Thanksgiving for his 106th round as president. However, it is his only 14th round this year because campaigning has taken up so much of his time.

With no campaigns in his future, here’s hoping that Obama can hit the golf course two or three times a week. When he is out on the course the world is a safer place. But it does say a lot about his priorities that wars and disasters don’t keep him off the golf course but a campaign for reelection does.”

“Of course, one of the huge mistakes the Romney campaign made was at the other end of the technological spectrum. I wrote several times during the campaign that the campaigns had better polling data than the public and I was half right. The Obama campaign had much better polling data than the general public and – the exception that proves the rule – the Romney campaign had much worse polling data than the general public. The Romney campaign pollsters completely missed the demographic mix of the electorate. Because of that late, in the campaign Romney was wasting time in states that he didn’t have a chance of winning instead of spending all his time in the true battleground states.”

“By the way, despite all that talk you heard about the fat cats supporting Romney with massive amounts of money, the Obama campaign raised $100 million more than the Romney campaign.”

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  1. Good Morning All; happy first day of December….

  2. One of the worst things about this President is the behaviour of OUR media/press both local and national…they are a disgrace, we will never know what is going on as long as Obama is President…The press spends their time, spinning, defending and telling tales instead of reporting what is really happening…

    WB; has Cooley turned up yet?
    The Reverand Jesse Jackson has his court date coming up soon…another guy the Trib/Times refuse to report on…

  3. Bessie
    No sign of Cooley, however, that may come into play at a later date.
    Have you seen this?

    Chicagogate: Cover-up Exposed


  4. I have…the U.S. Attorney’s office will never prosecute anyone in regards to the selling of the Senate seat, that is why they are going after everything sensational about JJJ…The girl friends, the $40,000. watch, his wife etc., they are trying to distract us away from the senate seat and Obama’s direct involvement…also, Patti is putting out dog whistles about her husbands release via facebook, “I hope this is the last Christmas without my husband”…The deals have been made and everyone is blackmailing everyone, what a tangled web…Frawley must be feeling like he got a raw deal, he was alway’s one to wallow in self pitty and alway’s putting the blame on someone else…

  5. Also, Michael Sneed of the Chicago SunTimes (aka covert mouth piece for Obama administration) has put out today that ‘Hillary doesn’t like Susan Rice and would rather see John Kerry replace her’…Looks like Obama is making room under the bus for Rice.

  6. Bessie
    I believe using Rice as a distraction and then bringing in Kerry has been the plan from the beginning. They are all about misdirection. As for Frawley, I think giving him jail time was not the original plan.

  7. Obama Felony Fraud – Proven by Law Enforcement in 4 Minutes

  8. I agree, they never would have used Rice if she had any future importance to them…Susan Rice was disposable from the start…
    They were trying to teach Frawley a lesson, the feds didn’t think he would bring any media attention…As for Frawley and Cooley, it will be interesting to see IF they were trying to get a message out that was interupted by the feds? It would be hard to imagine Frawley being that dumb to think that the feds wouldn’t be super pissed off… but he is an angry, entitled and he is thinking he was wronged alway’s trying to out-smart/play the other guy…Does he think he can out play the feds? It is possible, he’s that crazy.

  9. cabbyaz — Your open letter to fellow Republicans (previous post), very good! I am in total agreement!

  10. Bessie

    Yep, I think their is a lot more going on here. The real problem is the GOP is turning a blind eye. Why?

  11. Video: Communist Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) Calls for “No Free Speech” … Same Idiot Who Thought Guam Might Flip Over

  12. Creepy Obama Admits to Keeping a Hate List

  13. Obama Kills 100-Year-Old Oyster Business

    The Drakes Bay Oyster Co. has been in business for 100 years.

    Then came Barack Obama.

    Yesterday, the Obama Administration shut down the oyster farm. They said it was for environmental reasons.

    The farm produced 40% of California oysters.

  14. Motionn Filed to Hold Obama in Contempt of Court

    At the November 29, 2012, Preliminary Injunction hearing in Sibley vs. Alexander, Dinan and Lightfoot – a class action lawsuit in D.C. Superior Court against the three District of Columbia Electors of the so-called Electoral College – Barack Hussein Obama, II, refused to produce his original Short-Form “Certificate of Live Birth” and his original Long-Form “Certificate of Live Birth”. These documents are the sole evidence that Mr. Obama has proffered to the American People to establish his Article II, §1, eligibility for the Office of President. I had subpoenaed those documents for the hearing. As a result, I today filed my Verified Motion for Rule to Show Cause Why Barack Hussein Obama, II, Should Not Be Held in Contempt of Court. Judge Mott has reserved decision on that motion pending a response by the Defendants.


  15. If Soetoro is without a legally valid BC who LEGALLY married him,and Mooochelle in Chicago. When Anne divorced Lolo trhe divorce DID NOT reverse his adoption by Lolo Soetoro. That is why he is still Barry Soetoro.His marriage to Mooochelle would have had to have been done WITHOUT LEGAL LICENSURE. His name was still legally Soetoro not Obama. I doubt that he is legally married to MOOOOCHELLE either. Anybody with any research ability can easily research that one, IT IS ALL PUBLIC RECORD IF IT IS A LEGALLY VALID MARRIAGE. IF THERE IS NO PUBLIC RECORD THEN THEY PROBABLY ARE NOT LEGALLY MARRIED. Simple conclusion.

  16. If Soetoro (AKA Obama) has no legally valid BC then his marriage to Mooochelle is probably PHONEY also, because we all KNOW that to obtain a license for marriage IN ALL STATES a CERTIFIED COPY OF A LEGALLY VALID BC is REQUIRED. Further ,the married surname would be Soetoro,not Obama. The surname Obama is NOT legally retained by anyone…….it is a VACATED SURNAME resultant of LEGAL ADOPTION.

  17. Susan Rice, Multi-Millionaire 1%-er Owns $100,000+ in Stock in Companies that Do Business in Iran

    U.N. ambassador has investments in companies doing business with Iran, disclosure forms show


  18. If Soetoro and Moochelle jointly purchased the house at Greenwood Ave, and both signed the purchase agreement, his signature of Obama would be a fraudulant signature. Again, because he is still legally Barry Soetoro.

  19. I find myself wondering if the Illinois bar association realised all of this,and that may be the real reason why he and Moochelle both surrendered their law licensure, at the same time. Neither were holding legally valid surnames, so they would have been ILLEGALLY licensed to practice law.

  20. WB; future negotiations and more blackmail….I am just learning this is how they really do business…

  21. LMUHA…………
    Have you looked closely at Susan Rice? I personally have my doubts that Susan Rice is her true name. I strongly suspect that she might even be ILLEGALLY in the US. Her speech tends to confirm that she is of foreign origin. She has a tendency to emphasise certain parts of certain words because she might have had foreign schooling. Some folks call it an ACCENT.

  22. Air Force Brat!

    WB @11:44 a.m. — the Consent Agreement of 30 years ago probably has a great deal to do with why they’re turning a blind eye.

  23. Air Force Brat…………..
    I do not buy any of the agreement bologna. If such an agreement existed it would be an ILLEGAL agreement. Further it would substantially impair a political party to even function. In addition all a political party would need to do is LEGALLY change the spelling, or add some form of punctuation to the legal name, and VOILA agreement NO LONGER APPLIES,because it is NO LONGER the OFFICIAL NAME OF the PARTY. The simple fact that SUCH a maneuver has NOT been done tells me that this is all a huge raft of HOOEY. For ANYONE either a politician or a layman, to agree to such a contract he/she would have to be totally insane.

  24. Mornin’ folks. As a regular citizen of this Republic, looking at the news and the blogs this rainy day in Northern California–December 1, 2012–my feeling is one of disbelief, dismay and confusion bordering on nihilism. How did things get this way? I’ve often wondered how Germany allowed such a freakish leader and the National Socialist ideology take over their great nation, to the point of liquidating people in death camps. But then it happened in Communist Russia and Communist China, too.

    Just like alcoholism, utopian ideology, whether of the secular political variety (Socialism) or quasi-religious (Jihadist Islam) variety, is a form of addiction and a mental/spiritual disorder. Conservatism is not an ideology. It is an approach to solving problems based on tradition, consensus and prescription. It assumes a moral and religious heritage that deals with the real world–the world as it is. It assumes a Supreme Being (In GOD We Trust) to whom we all must answer at some point.

    Liberalism in our country has fallen into the Socialist utopian addiction and combined forces with the utopian Islam. The man in the White House embodies both sides of this mental disorder and spiritual addiction.

    So, just like in a 12-step program, living with this addiction in our country, the answer begins with recognizing we are powerless and our situation has become unmanageable (step 1). Only a Higher Power can restore us to sanity (step 2). We decide to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understand Him (step 3). Then comes the moral inventory (step 4) and the results of that inventory, steps 5 thru 12.

    I go by Dean M. because that is the anonymous name I use in the 12 step programs to which I belong. I’m having to apply these principles in my own life to the political situation in our country. One of the things we learn in 12 step work is that the addict will lie, cheat and steal to meet the demands of his addiction. That is what the Left is doing. That is what Orwell saw in his time and probably why CW points back to his 1984 and Animal Farm.

    I think there must be people who like us care about our country who are in the corridors of power. I think they need our prayers to do what is right and necessary to restore our country to sanity. We have been let down, even by so-called Conservative media–radio talk shows, Fox News, etc. And we have been let down by Congress and the courts. Yet there must be patriots in the shadows and in the corridors of power. My prayer is for them right now. May the dam break and may the truth sweep away the refuge of lies!

  25. LMUHA………….
    Exactly who shut down the Oyster Farm? Did EPA shut them down? Since oysters are a legal content of the sea, I believe that the company should have told anybody who tried to shut it down to go STRAIGHT TO HELL. If it is illegal for a person to raise oysters in their natural environment then it follows that MMMMMSSSSS. Pelosi’s old man is also in violation of the law by fishing for SALMON which are raised as fingerlings then released. That is why MMMMMSSSSS. BOXCAR turned o0ff the water to SanJoachim valley,so that MMMMMSSSSS.Pelosi’s old man would have a lot more SALMON to catch later on. They used the stream as a REARING stream for the salmon fingerlings. This was long ago PROVEN by a couple of Northern California students. Yet nobody done a damn thing to fix it ……..so, to hell with all the San Joachim farmers just as long as the PELOSIS have their way. Both she and her old man are some of the worst examples of humanity on earth. They are POLITICAL SLIME. Sort of like AMOEBAS!

  26. Dean M………….
    Hitler was able to take control of Germany because primarily the Germans were led to believe that UP is DOWN,and they were unable to see through the scheme because of general ILLITERACY. They eventually became so enamored by the promises of them becoming the MASTER RACE….and SUPERMEN, that they WILLINGLY followed him. But lo and behold LOOK AT WHERE GERMANY IS TODAY, and WHERE HITLER IS TODAY,and MOST IMPORTANTLY WHERE THE SUPERMEN OF THE MASTER RACE ARE TODAY!

  27. Terrorist Apologist Appointed #3 at DOJ

    Wonder why the Obama administration announced yesterday that the Guantanamo Bay inmates will be coming to a town near you? Obama is “disgorging”mass murderers from Gitmo to be housed in jails right down the street from your house.

    Two words:Tony West.

    The same Tony West that provided free legal counsel to “American Taliban”John Walker Lindh in 2002. The same Tony West who is today the third in command at DOJ and in this role directly oversees litigation for the Gitmo detainees.

    The term “treason”comes to mind…


  29. WB; It is no longer “who you know” but “what you know about who”…

  30. Whenever I look at the face of Lindh, I feel anger like never before, I feel like I would love to reshape is IDIOTIC appearance with a baseball bat. Please forgive me but when I get PO’d it is usually because of SLIME like LINDH, and the WORSE SLIME WHO DEFENDED HIM.

  31. Whistleblower

    Exactly, that and distraction. Just like the one Michael Sneed put out about JJJ singing to the feds. Just more distractions and games being played out.
    We seen it all before.

  32. DeanM…………..
    Please allow me to offer just one more observation if you will……. I tend to believe that the US is now past the point of NO RETURN ;ie (the illiterate scum who now flood our streets are in common with the prevailing INSANITY which now permeates our entire government.) It is like a MASS HYSTERIA. UP is DOWN, left is right,black is white,and NOBODY even gives a damn. Instead a very large percentage of our young people think that what is happening is C-O-O-L. Really COOL,MAN. These two words also seem to be the entire vocabulary of many of our young people. So it is really easy to see why they cannot discern the difference between UP and DOWN. I believe a fairly accurate comparison would be with the people of Germany through the 1930s. Only people who WANT TO BELIEVE A LIE are illiterate enough to actually believe it. The people of a GERMAN village got a really nasty awakening when Eisenhower himself rounded up all of the village and made them march to a nearby death camp and BURY ALL OF THE DEAD. They WHINED,and HOWELLED but they were not allowed to return to their homes until all of the stacks of bodies were buried. Object shown……….lesson learned?……..DOUBTFUL!

  33. Air Force Brat!

    And why does it not surprise me that Tony West is black? Just like almost EVERY person Zero associates with, appoints to high positions, or has publicly said anything favorable about. Zero and his gang of professional race-baiters do NOT want equality; they want OVERLORDSHIP. They don’t want to co-exist in peace with whites, they want to rule over them

    None of my ancestors on either side of the family ever owned slaves. Nor, I suspect, did the ancestors of almost every commenter here. No one owes jack s#@!! to people who sit there with their hands out, whining “Yo, yo, you OWE us, cracka!”.

    DISCLAIMER: The above is IN NO WAY meant to include such heroes as Allen West, Mia Love, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Justice Clarence Thomas, the Congressman from South Carolina, and a host of others. But it saddens me no end to think that, if the race-baiters get the so-called “race war” they constantly hold over our heads in an effort to intimidate us, blacks would go from 12% of the population to about 2%; and many good, honest, law-abiding, God-fearing, hard-working, warm-hearted AMERICANS who just happen to have dark skins would be caught in the crossfire, through absolutely no fault of their own.

  34. ……but with regard to the courts, all it will take is for ONE JUDGE to run the POLITICAL GAMMIT, by allowing adjudication of an ineligibility lawsuit against Soetoro. If this happens and Soetoro is indicted, there will be a MASS EXODUS of ALL of the US Judges, and perhaps a hell of a lot of judges in the lower courts.and even the state courts. Perhaps even at the SCOTUS as well, because it was John Roberts who I believe KNOWINGLY swore in an illegally elected potus. There are also two scotus justices who were appointed by the ILLEGALLY ELECTED POTUS,and they will be forced to resign as well.They all know that they have violated the Constitution of our Republic,and they will all face prosecution for TREASON.

  35. We’ve got to have the most stupid, inept, and clueless judges in history:

    Judge Dismisses One Catholic Lawsuit Against HHS Mandate


  36. Air Force Brat………….
    ……….and a lot of LIVE OAK TREES would take on a Christmas tree appearance, with ALL of the NEW decorations hastily added. Unfortunately the decorations as you pointed out would have been ill founded, by virtue of innocently being at the WRONG PLACE AT THE WRONG TIME.

  37. State to Eliminate “Bride” & “Groom” on Marriage Certificates

    (and everybody just went along to get along and civilization ended)

    The words “bride” and “groom” – along with “husband” and “wife” are about to become archaic language in Washington state as officials prepare to remove the terms from marriage and divorce certificates.


  38. Ever think you’d see this?:

    First same-sex marriage being celebrated Saturday at West Point’s Cadet Chapel

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/12/01/first-same-sex-marriage-being-celebrated-saturday-at-west-points-cadet-chapel/print#ixzz2Dptl8vY0

  39. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2012/12/obama-administration-silent-after-egyptian-constitution-ushers-in-slavery/

    Obama Administration Silent After Egyptian Constitution Restores Slavery
    Posted by Jim Hoft on Saturday, December 1, 2012, 10:43 AM
    It’s no secret that Egyptian slavery is as old as the pyramids.
    It’s also common knowledge that Barack Obama’s ancestors owned slaves.

  40. Observer………..
    It would seem to me that the way to deal with Soetoro, is for the Catholic Church to start a MASS ex communication program of ALL WHO ADVOCATE,and/or are behind the BULLSHI# that Soetoro is trying to ram down the throats of the church. The ex communication would include all the POLITICIANS who are sanctioning the BULLSHI#. I fail to understand why Notre Dame University covered up all of their religous icons when Soetoro visited the school. The only conclusion is that they KNEW FULL WELL THAT HE IS A MUSLIM,otherwise I doubt that they would have covered up anything, and if they are as angered as they say they are why the hell would they simply lick his boots by covering up their holiest icons. Perhaps it should be remembered that the Catholic Church was up to a point sympathetic toward the Nazis. The church even HID a few of them, and assisted them in getting out of Europe. There was FRENCH officials involved as well. The COWARDICE of the FRENCH officials still shows even today. In WW2 they willingly GAVE their country to the Nazis.

  41. Mafia type governance:

    Obama Slaps States That Don’t Comply With Obamacare

    Residents of states that refuse to set up health insurance exchanges under Obamacare are set to be hit with higher premiums under new rules announced by the Health and Human Services Department.

    Insurance companies will be charged 3.5 percent of any premiums they sell through the federal exchanges, the department announced Friday.

    And insurers are likely to pass that surcharge on to clients, leaading to higher premiums.

    The only states to be affected are those that refuse to set up their own exchanges because of opposition to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. They are almost certain to be those under Republican control. In those states, HHS will set up the exchanges

    Read more: http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/Obamacare-insurance-premiums-states/2012/12/01/id/466088#ixzz2DpxwSew5

  42. CINO Nancy Pelosi Won’t Defend San Fran Catholic Hospital Against HHS Order To Act Against Faith…


    (CNSNews.com) – House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who is Catholic, indicated on Friday that she supports forcing St. Mary’s Medical Center, a Catholic hospital in her San Francisco-based congressional district, to provide health plans to its workers that cover sterilizations, contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs free of charge even though the Catholic faith says the hospital may not to so because these things are intrinsically immoral.

    Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, who is also a Catholic, issued the sterilization-contraception-abortifacient mandate as a regulation under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, AKA Obamacare.

    Keep reading…

  43. Observer……….re 3:58 PM
    Such an activity being allowed at the OLDEST military academy in our country is the product OF SICK TWISTED MINDS. The Army might as well close the academy, because the emphasis will now be upon QUEER WEDDINGS, and NOT upon TEACHING FUTURE OFFICERS the ART OF WAR. The new commandment will be “Always approach from the rear”.

  44. The bloody “spring”:

    Report: Muslim Brotherhood “Paying Gangs To Rape Women And Beat Men” Protesting Against Morsi…


    But amid the calls for democracy a sinister threat has emerged.

    Magda Adly, the director of the Nadeem Centre for Human Rights, said that under Mubarak, the Government paid thugs to beat male protestors and sexually assault women.

    ‘This is still happening now,’ she told The Times. ‘I believe thugs are being paid money to do this … the Muslim Brotherhood have the same political approaches as Mubarak,’ she said.

  45. http://www.bing.com. What is mans country in Chicago?
    WOW. Scroll to 6th link,Guess who is a member?

  46. Observer………..
    Perhaps MMMMMMSSSSSSSS. Pelosi should take a look over her shoulder into the 1960s when she was in college with her “GOOD FRIEND” JANE FONDA. Both burned their brains out doing LSD TRIPS. Mmmmmssssss. Pelosi needs to re-educate herselllf about what the word IMMORAL means. Of course if her mental capacity has been compromised by drugs then she probably would just be shovelling manure against the tide……….which BTW is what she does BEST.

  47. Just a little nod to the elephant in the living room:

    ‘Obama is a direct threat to the safety and security of the United States’


  48. Observer………..
    I have long said that MMMMMSSSSSS. Pelosi, and MMMMMMSSSSSS.Sibelius both believe in and probably practice the same filthy, deviate lifestyles………so it is not hard to understand their behavior.

  49. Many say history repeats itself. Watch one of our founding fathers Patrick Henry powerful speech as he inspired Americans to stand up to tyranny.

  50. Those to whom obama owes much:

    For Sale on Saudi Facebook: Abdul, the Castrated Black African Slave


  51. Allen West Hinting At Presidential Bid? “Remember, Abraham Lincoln Only Served One Term In Congress” Before He Ran For President…


  52. observer | December 1, 2012 at 7:51 pm |

    Allen West Hinting At Presidential Bid? “Remember, Abraham Lincoln Only Served One Term In Congress” Before He Ran For President…

    The usurper proves that anyone can become President.

  53. Justice for 4 Murdered Americans
    http://www.canadafreepress.com. Full story Benghazi Explained
    Get this story passed on far and wide ,Call Congress demand Truth be Told, Who watched in real time,who said Stand Down ???

  54. Benghazi Explained. Betrayal and Treason ??

  55. Article Are we really 70 trillion ,not 16 trillion ?.in the gigantic hole?

  56. Old Sailor, to know what happened in Germany and what is going on in USA, go to Youtube , and, look at the video of Hilmar Von Campe ( former Hitler youth and German soldier in WW2, now a USA citizen). He is a Christian and explains beautifully how USA today is mirroring Nazi Germany. Video is just over 1 hour long.

  57. Air Force Brat! | December 1, 2012 at 3:31 pm |

    Zero and his gang of professional race-baiters do NOT want equality; they want OVERLORDSHIP. They don’t want to co-exist in peace with whites, they want to rule over them
    Hi, AFB,
    Your statement brings to memory something that a good friend once told me. It seems she was conversing with a black lady at her work a number of years ago, and this lady said something like, “Hon, we’s don’t just want to be equal with ya, we wants to be over ya.” So there you have it.

    I certainly share in your DISCLAIMER, because we do have so many wonderful people of color who ARE conservative and very patriotic.

    BTW, thanks for your kind words on a prior thread. You were a great inspiration to me to “get going.” 🙂

  58. Dean M.,
    As always, your post was very inspirational and encouraging. As you say, certainly there must be some in positions of power that may come forward.

    Although I’ve not been acquainted with the points of the 12-Step Program, it certainly is true that we have to confess our own inability to fix this mess and turn it over to God. Lately I’ve been doing that personally and He has released my spirit and given a feeling of freedom. The load is too much for us mortals to carry alone. God bless you for your insight.

  59. Thank you cabbyaz. I turn to this blogsite for a kind of fellowship because of the people here. I especially include your insights. I really liked your open letter to the GOP a post or so ago.

    Years ago I corresponded with a man in New York named David Horowitz–not the Conservative David Horowitz of today, a much older man who is no longer living. He began an organization called United Israel World Union. After he died it was taken over by some other people who I’m not sure shared his same vision. Anyway, Mr. Horowitz, a Jew, believed America was the gathering place of the lost tribes of Israel–that the majority of the people who were drawn to America were of mixed Israelite descent. He believed this because the 10 tribes of northern Israel were deported around 721 BCE to the “north countries” and lost their identity, mixing with the nations. He felt that America was so Israelite in its character that the only way to understand it was through Bible prophecy, America fulfilling the prophecy of the restoration of Ephraim (the 10 tribes collectively called Ephraim.)

    Ephraim means “double increase,” signifying the increase of Abraham, who was to become “a multitude of nations.” The Jewish people cannot fulfill that prophecy alone because we are only a tiny minority in the world. But the United States is a multitude of nations (each state a kind of nation).

    Then the US motto is “In God We Trust.” It is a kind of Shema. There is also a Passover (Thanksgiving–a turkey instead of a lamb is consumed, celebrating the angel of death passing over the Pilgrims after their departure from Europe [Egypt]). There is Tabernacles (Christmas to New Years–outdoor manger scenes). There is Trumpets, Rosh Hashanah, (making a loud noise to initiate the New Year). There is Weeks (celebrating the Law–when the people became a nation–Independence Day, 4th of July). First Fruits (Easter) and Day of Atonement (Good Friday). And last but not least: Sabbath (Sunday).

    Okay, they are on different days than the Biblical, but so what? They have a very similar meaning, in a different historical context. Even Jesus can be seen from a Jewish perspective as a Zaddik, a righteous one who bears the sins of his disciples. In that sense an anointed one or Messiah.

    Then I noticed this:
    E – P l u R I b [u s] – u n u M
    E P (h) R I [a] M


    As a student of the Bible Code and Kabbalah, I cannot help but wonder if my old friend, David Horowiz wasn’t right in identifying America as the gathering place of Ephraim? In that case, God would really have His Hand on this nation.

  60. Can someone bring over the video Problems in Rural America exposed
    http://www.orlytaitzesq.com different facts of destruction,on purpose

  61. Important. Benghazi Explained Part 2
    Can email,twitter article from article dated November 30th
    http://www.canadafreepress.com. Must Read and pass on

    Call congress and give web site and article
    justice@foxnews.com. huckmail@foxnews.com all talk radio etc,etc

  62. Air Force Brat!

    Dean M. — my letter to the RNC, which went out on 11/23/12 (with copies to several Republican legislators including my state’s entire delegation), was much less polite than Cabby’s. It wasn’t exactly Rahm Emanuel II, but there were also no words minced therein! Go back four or five threads & you’ll find it. 😀

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