Ohio 2012 election audit, November 20, 2012, Post election audit procedures, Secretary of State Directive 2012-56, Absentee military ballots?

Ohio 2012 election audit, November 20, 2012, Post election audit procedures, Secretary of State Directive 2012-56, Absentee military ballots?

“An additional 2,735 were cast by people who elections officials believe were not registered in Ohio”…The Columbus Dispatch Nov. 21, 2012

“If the voter turnout in Ohio matches the 2008 level of 67 percent, some 5,226,000 votes would be cast. Under that scenario, 250,000 provisional ballots would amount to 4.8 percent of the entire vote — well over the current difference between the two candidates, according to RealClearPolitics poll average.”…NewsMax Nov. 1, 2012

“It’s not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes”…Joseph Stalin

Ohio Secretary of State Directive 2012-56, 2012 post election audits.

November 20, 2012
To: All County Boards of Elections
Directors, Deputy Directors, and Board Members
Re: Post-Election Audits
In 2009, the previous administration entered into a settlement agreement in the case of League of Women Voters, et al. v. Brunner [formerly Blackwell], N.D. Ohio No. 3:05-cv-7309. As explained in Advisory 2009-09, the League of Women Voters settlement agreement requires that county boards of elections conduct post-election audits of all ballots cast following general elections in even-numbered years and following presidential primary elections.

A. Timeline

Each board of elections must conduct a post-election audit beginning no sooner than six days after the official certification of election results by the board of elections, unless there is an automatic recount (declared by the Board or, in the case of a multi-county district election, declared by the Secretary of State) or the board of elections has received a valid application for a recount. If a recount is conducted, the post-election audit shall begin immediately after the Board certifies the results of the recount. A board of elections must not conduct the audit before the Board’s certification of its official canvass of the election.
The Board must complete the post-election audit between the seventh day after the Board declares its official certification and the 28th day after the Secretary of State declares the official certification in a statewide election.

B. Observers

The post-election audit must be open to the public and to duly appointed observers. Each board of elections must give public notice of the time and place of the post-election audit in the same manner that the Board notifies the public of a board of elections meeting.

1. Throughout the audit, ballots may be handled only by boards of elections members, directors, deputy directors, or other designated employees of the Board. No other person, including an observer, may handle a ballot under any circumstances.

2. Any entity having appointed observers pursuant to R.C. 3505.21 or 3505.32(B) (referred to herein as “statutory observers”) may appoint observers to the post-election audit no later than five days after the Board gives notice of the date and time of the post-election audit in accordance with this directive. Substitutes may be appointed if notice of substitution is made in writing and filed with the board of elections at least one day before the post-election audit begins.

3. The general public may observe the post-election audit and, to the extent practicable, must be given the same access as statutory observers, subject to the limitations in B4. Observers are permitted to observe the selection process and to observe the count.

4. Depending on the number of individuals who may be appointed or desire to observe the post-election audit and the available resources of the Board (i.e., physical space, number of counting stations, etc.), the Board may limit the number of observers. However, statutory observers must be allowed to participate regardless of Board resources. If the Board must limit the number of observers, at least two members of the general public, randomly selected from those expressing an interest to observe must also be allowed to observe the audit. As a general rule, Boards must do their best to accommodate the
general public to the extent practicable.

5. Representatives of the media are permitted to attend any portion of the post-election audit.

C. Preparations for the Post-Election Audit

1. After Election Day, the Secretary of State will randomly select at least one other statewide contest to be included in the post-election audit in addition to the “top of the ticket” contest (e.g., President). Further, in addition to any contest selected by the Secretary of State, the board of elections must randomly select at least one other contest (candidate contest or question/issue contest), preferably from the universe of all countywide contests, unless circumstances (i.e., no, or only one, countywide contest) necessitate the selection of some other contest. The Board shall exclude any contest in which the number of candidates for that contest (including eligible write-in candidates)
does not exceed the number of candidates to be elected or nominated in that contest.

2. At the time the Board meets to certify the official results of the election (or within ten days of certification, if the Board has already met to certify the official results, the Board should determine whether it will conduct its post-election audit by precinct, by polling place, or by individual voting machine
1 (herein collectively referred to as “units to be  audited”); the date and location that the selection of units to be audited will take place; and the date and place that the audit will commence. It is preferable to audit the smallest unit available to the Board. A Board should conduct a post-election audit by polling
place only if, on Election Day, the voting machines in a multiple-precinct polling place were not precinct-specific (i.e., a voter could cast his or her ballot on any voting machine in the multiple-precinct polling place without regard to the precinct in which the voter was registered to vote).

3. On the date the Board selects the units to be audited, the Board must randomly select a sufficient number of units to be audited until the number of votes cast (machine public count) on all selected units to be audited equals at least 5% of the total number of votes cast for the county (countywide voter turnout).

a. If the Board is auditing by precinct, and the randomly selected precinct’s public count is greater than or equal to 5%, the Board must randomly select an additional precinct to be audited.

b. If the Board is auditing by polling place, and the public count from the selected polling place is greater than or equal to 5%, the Board must randomly select an additional polling place to be audited.
Note: While it is reasonable for the Board to organize its materials and ballots
between the date the selection is made and the date the audit begins (i.e., it
may take time to sort through comingled absentee ballots to segregate those
from the selected precincts, etc.), the Board should both allow observers to be
present during these preparations and should take great care to prevent a preaudit from inadvertently taking place, either in fact or in perception, before the actual audit.

4. In General:

a. When determining the public count, the Board must include all relevant categories of ballots, including regular ballots (VVPAT and/or optical scan paper ballots), counted provisional ballots (whether cast in person before, or on, Election Day), and counted absentee ballots of all types for the precinct or polling place. The Board is permitted to open sealed VVPAT canisters for the purpose of conducting the post-election audit, even if there is not a recount in the precinct.

b. If absentee ballots are accumulated and reported as a single precinct, then the Board must conduct the audit using defined batches of absentee ballots equaling 5% of all absentee ballots cast. If the ballots are not already kept as defined batches, the Board must first batch the ballots into batches of 50 and then randomly select batches equaling 5% of all absentee ballots cast.

c. Selection of units to be audited must be random (meaning that each possible unit to be audited has the same chance of being selected). The Board need not follow any particular method to ensure random selection of units to be audited. The casting of differently colored multi-sided die (with each die representing a different numeral in the precinct number) or drawing numbered slips of paper from a transparent container are both acceptable methods.

d. A board of elections may choose to audit a universe greater than 5%. For contests where the margin is above the statutory threshold for an automatic recount but is close, selecting a greater percentage of ballots to be audited is advisable.

e. Elections records generally are public records and must be available for public inspection, including to observers during a post-election audit. Records that may be of interest to observers, and that should be available for inspection, include documents that show the number of ballots ordered and received by the Board; the number of ballots that were voted, remade, spoiled, and uncounted; the number of absentee and provisional ballots issued, returned, validated, and invalidated; poll worker and board reconciliation sheets; and chain of custody logs.

D. Conducting the Post-Election Audit

This Directive requires the use of either a simple, percentage-based post-election audit or a “risk-limiting audit.” Risk-limiting audits are recommended. For more information about risk-limiting audits, go to http://cuyahogaelectionaudits.com/audit/post-election/risklimiting.
2 If you have questions about risk-limiting audits, please contact Matt Damschroder or Matt Masterson in the Elections Division.

1. The post-election audit must be conducted by teams of elections officials equally divided among the state’s two major political parties (e.g., 2, 4, 6, etc.).

2. A post-election audit team of at least two election officials must compare the total number of votes cast in the contests being audited to the number of voters listed in the poll book, poll list or signature poll book. If more votes appear for a particular contest in a precinct (including precincts contained in multi-precinct polling locations) than the number of marked names in the poll book, poll list or signature poll book (indicating which electors voted, including absentee and provisional voters), such discrepancy must be documented.

3. Ballots must be checked to verify that each contest has been properly identified on the ballot. Observers and members of the public may observe the inspection of the ballots but may not handle ballots.
Note: “Ballot” refers to both:

• A paper ballot that is optically scanned and counted at the precinct polling
place or centrally tabulated, and
• The Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) produced by any Direct
Recording Electronic (DRE) touch screen voting machine.

4. For each contest to be audited, the Board must physically examine and hand count the ballots for each randomly selected unit to be audited and must hand count the votes cast on the ballots. The Board then must compare the hand count to the recorded electronic summary of the votes contained in the official certification of the votes for that contest in that precinct or polling location. The Board must make a record of the comparison for each precinct (including precincts contained in a polling location if conducting the audit by polling place) included in the post-election audit. The Board shall document this process using the audit reporting work book.
Note: If any comparison of the hand count and official certification tally as noted above results in a difference between the hand count and the official certified tally, the Board must determine if a mistake occurred in the hand count. If the Board determines that no hand-counting mistake occurred, the hand count of the ballots shall be taken to be the accurate count. The Board shall provide written notification to the Secretary of State of any such discrepancy.

5. At the conclusion of the post-election audit, the Board must calculate the individual accuracy rate of each contest included in the audit by taking the sum of any discrepancies for each contest audited and dividing it by the sum of all ballots audited for that contest, then subtracting the resulting number from 100 to return the accuracy rate as a percentage.

Note: The Board should use the absolute value of each discrepancy so that offsetting discrepancies (a one vote gain and a one vote loss) do not net out as zero discrepancies.

6. A county is required to escalate the audit if its accuracy rate is less than 99.5% in a contest with a certified margin that is at least 1% (calculated as a percentage of ballots cast on which the contest appeared), or less than 99.8% in a contest with a certified margin that is smaller than 1%. Escalation entails drawing a second random sample of at least 5% of votes cast, selected from units that were not audited in the original sample, and auditing the ballots (using the same procedures) with respect to any such contest. If, after the second round of auditing, the accuracy rate from the two samples is below 99.5%, the county shall investigate the cause of the discrepancy and report its findings to
the Secretary of State’s Office within the same time for completing the post election audit. In such cases, the Secretary of State’s Office may require a 100% hand-count.

E. Reporting Results after the Post-Election Audit is Complete

If the post-election audit results in change of vote totals reported in the official canvass, the Board shall amend its certification of the official results of the affected contest and submit it to the Secretary of State within the time limits set forth in this directive, in the same manner required for making of the original official declaration of the result of such election, pursuant to R.C. 3505.32(A).
After a board of elections has completed its post-election audit, the Board must file the following with the Secretary of State’s Office:

1. All final results from the audit using the audit reporting work book; and
2. If vote totals in the randomly selected contest change, a certified amended abstract that shows both:

a. The votes cast in each precinct in the county in which the contest was submitted to electors, and
b. The votes of the precincts in which the ballots were audited as shown by the audit documents.

Boards must transmit their post-election audit results no later than five days after completion of the post-election audit to Kathy Malott at the Secretary of State’s Office:

• via fax: (614) 485-7590 (include a cover sheet), or
• via email: kmalott@ohiosecretaryofstate.gov (subject: Post-Election Audit)

If you have any questions regarding this Directive, please contact the Secretary of State election’s attorney assigned to your county at (614) 466-2585.

Jon Husted

Click to access Dir2012-56.pdf

Citizen Wells: I am conducting my own audit. The vast numbers of provisional ballots generated by sending out so many absentee ballots and by  registered voter status confusion are  a concern. Possibly of more concern is the drop in military absentee votes.

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    It doesn’t get any crazier than this. Because the idiot Repubs made an agreement with the dishonourable Demrats that if either won via cheating, then the other would not contest the election. How ridicules is that. The Demrats being the party without honor, can’t lose. So a dog and pony election is held. The Demrats cheat and win. The Repubs look the other way and concede to them. Why in the hell did America have to go through this exercise in futility? It is well known the Dems never stick to their agreements any how. This gave them a license to cheat while insisting Repubs honor their contract.. Why should the Repubs honor their agreement other than they were bought off, intimidated off or just part of one big system pretending it is a two party system.

    It doesn’t get any more pitiful than this. For starters, we need a third and fourth party. We need a super big conservative TV station. We need to start standing up for America and our values, traditions, and laws based upon the Federalist papers. We need the military on our side. We need, need, need. . .

  2. Watch Hannity when it repeats tonight Fox
    District of Corruption. A special. Tell everyone across America

    Send info to voterfraud@foxnews.com maybe they need to wake up

    Also justice@foxnews.com
    Wonder if Rush,Levin,Hannity and the rest know.How about Tea Party

  4. USAPatriots- shout………..
    Many of the young college grads don’t even have a clue about the Constitution,so how could any of them be expected to even have a clue about what is really happening, to America?

  5. USA Patriots-shout…………..
    Many of our youngsters, but thank God not ALL, seem to be completely satisfied by just “HANGING OUT” somewhere. Just so long as they have their DOPE,and PORN.

  6. This is what they call dumbing down America,on purpose!

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    The City of St. Louis finally certified the November election results.
    The were were dumped online today, right before the holiday. St. Louis joined Cleveland and Philadelphia with several inner-city precincts where Mitt Romney recieved no votes.

    Here are the results.
    Total City Votes
    Obama 118,780 82.3%
    Romney 22,943 15.93%


  9. Good morning to all with turkey hangovers et al!

    Greta Van Susteren: The Obama Administration Is Playing Dirty – They Are Trying to Punish FOX


    Greta Van Susteren published this blistering attack on the Obama Administration for its recent dishonesty and dirty tricks.

    For over two months the Obama Administration has been punishing FOX News because FOX alone dared to report the truth on the Benghazi terrorist attack while the rest of the Obama-media ignored the scandal.

    Via GretaWire:

    The Obama Administration is playing dirty. Trying to put a price tag on access — either a news organization plays ball and accepts what they dish out without challenge, or the news organization is excluded, punished. Check this out:

    Fox News has been aggressively reporting on Benghazi because it is newsworthy when 4 Americans are MURDERED and because it was obvious the Obama Administration was telling “silly stories” that didnt’ make sense and were not supported by the facts. The Administration’s Benghazi story got more curious when the Administration sent out Ambassador Susan Rice to sell the silly stories on 5 news shows. Two months later, the American people still don’t have the straight story. It is our job to get the facts. We are trying.

    The Obama Administration has done everything but give us the straight story and they are fighting us on getting the facts.

    And why do I say the Obama Administration should grow up? Because the Obama Administration is trying to punish Fox for trying to get the facts from the Administration (do I need to remind anyone that 4 Americans were murdered?) The Administration in what looks like a coordinated effort is denying Fox access to information that they are handing out to other news organizations. Why exclude Fox? That is simple – to punish — to try to teach us a lesson not to pry, not to look further for facts.

    Read the rest….

  10. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)


    “Obama to Hold ‘Private’ Swear-in Ceremony for Second PresidentialTerm”


  11. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

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  13. One who cannot acknowledge God makes a fool of himself and those who are not alarmed by such join in his foolishness:


    Obama Releases Thanksgiving Message – Forgets to Mention God… Again
    Posted by Jim Hoft on Friday, November 23, 2012, 12:04 AM

    It’s an Obama world…
    Barack Obama released a Thanksgiving Day message Thursday.
    He forgot to thank God. He forgot to mention God.

    But he does mention “freedom of religion” even though his administration is being sued by the Catholic Church.

    This is the fourth straight year Obama’s Thanksgiving message does not include God.

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  17. Since Soetoro has seen fit to publish the ILLEGAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE on a PUBLIC MEDIUM (WH WEBSITE) he has committed a FEDERAL OFFENSE, yet it appears that John Roberts will once again himself commit treaso by swearing in an ILLEGALLY elected POTUS. Swearing in a PHONEY POTUS is a CRIMINAL act,and we need to keep this in sight. John Roberts is a TRAITOR to our Republic,and should be removed ,prosecuted ,and imprisoned for his criminal act of swearing in an illegally elected person in January of 2009, and now there is a very strong probability that he will do the same again. When are the so called AMERICANS going to wake up? If America ever awakens it will be long after it is far too late. Then they will WHINE AND CRY,that their rights have been violated. OOOOHHHHHHH BBOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!

  18. It is very sad when we have a LOWLY attorney general who dictates the law to the SCOTUS. Holder is in dire need of having his ears legally pinned back, at in a royal manner. He was even involved in illegal gun running, yet Americans just shrug and say “ohhhhhh welllllll”.

  19. Air Force Brat!

    A little O.T. — anyone got a contact address for Allen West? I don’t mean his Congressional office, but just a regular old snail-mail address. What I’d like to do is send him a short letter of support, thanking him for his service and letting him know that there are lots and lots of people out there who support him. If anyone here has that info, I’d be eternally grateful.

  20. Air Force Brat!

    Clicked “Post Comment” too soon. Of course I don’t mean a home address. Figure West has an office somewhere back home, where a person can send mail. Thanks.

  21. Donate to http://www.conservativesnow.com.
    Call with any info 866-808-2541
    Major investigating
    Any helpful info Pass on

  22. Observer…………..
    I can’t help wonder when a GODLESS MUSLIM will EVER MENTION GOD. DO HENS HAVE TEETH? MAYBE ALLAH knows the answer?

  23. Office in Fla 561-655-1943. West for President !!
    Wonder if he is aware of the Republicans can’t challenge voter fraud?
    Unbelievable ow all seems upside down ,
    The Harbinger. God’s judgement upon America Isaiah 9:10 judgement
    Let’s pray that God reveals the Truth,and pray God has mercy on us




    According to all the information about the corporate America, we haven’t had the protection of the Constitution since approximately 1881 or 1913. That means America has been like the little child first learning to ride a bike. He’s riding with the confidence his papa is still hold the bike so he can ride not realizing he’s been without his papa for a whole block.

    We are a captured people under the illusion we were/are free. The constitution we so dearly love and believed was our guaranteed protection from government abuse was and is a fantasy. It hasn’t been effective for nearly 150 years depending which date we use.

    Smoke and mirrors, illusion and delusion are what America’s belief in the existence of the Constitution has been riding upon for the past century. No wonder there is no one to step forward to terminate this rogue regime of rulers who so cleverly stole our country without our even realizing it happened. They did know something we did not. They had no qualms about using it to their advantage and our disadvantage.
    Obama doesn’t answer to the American people. He and his ruling regime answer to NWO. NWO is now in control of America. The only law that will is exist is the law NOW approves. The havoc they will bring upon American citizens hence forward will not be repairable and permanent. Check out the UN Agenda 21 supported by this ruling regime to get a preview of what they intend to do to us.

    It all began over 60 years ago while we the people were blinding working for America and our families still believing we had a valid and true contract that protected us from government abuse. While we were doing that they were dumbing down America and corrupting our youth who grew up to become voters who were so stupid, they voted against their own best interests. May I suggest reading The Committee of 300 by Dr. John Coleman.

  25. The address of Allen West is as follows;
    Allen West
    419 Eagleton Cove Way
    Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418-8465

  26. Chicago Tribune reporter John Chase talks about Rezko’s friend and sponsor


  27. USA Patriots-Shout…………..
    In reality,a large percentage of our young people have been methodically brought to the equivalent mentality of the ILLITERATE,NOSE PICKING, ODOROUS, MENTALLY INCOMPETENT,DRUGHEAD THAT SO MANY OF WHOM NOW WALK AMONG US. THESE ARE THE scum OF HUMANITY,AND THEY THINK LEFT IS RIGHT. Welcome to the United Socialist States of FRANCE,UK,SPAIN,GREECE, ETC.

  28. Air Force Brat!

    Thanks, Oldsailor, you’re the best!

    Since I’m on a letter-writing kick lately, just wait till the RNC sees the one I’m going to be sending THEM . . . hee hee 😀

  29. A few excerpts from the Whistleblower book on the CIA called:

    “The CIA And The Cult Of Intelligence”

    By Victor Marchetti and John D. Marks

    – The Bombshell Bestseller That Blows The Cover Off Of The CIA…Chilling!!” – San Francisco Chronicle

    * “This is the first book that the CIA tried to suppress and that the U.S. government ever went to court to censor before publication. This book is published with spaces indicating the exact location and length of the 168 deletions demanded by the CIA.”

    Info re: how the USA government “ethics laws” work connected with how the federal gov CIA really operates…

    From page 159:

    “When ethics transactions of this sort are questionable, conflict of interest laws presumably do not apply to the CIA; the Central Intelligence Act of 1949 conveniently states that “The sums made available to the Agency [the CIA] may be expended without regard to the provisions of law and regulations relating to the expenditure of Government funds.”

    ==> “In any case, the use of proprietary companies opens up to the participants [who work for the CIA and with the CIA] an opportunity to make substantial profits [for themselves] while ‘living their cover.'”

    ==> “The fact remains that CIA proprietaries are worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and no one outside of the CIA agency is able to audit their books. And, we will be sen later in this chapter, CIA headquarters sometimes has only the vaguest notion about what certain proprietaries are doing within the agency, or what their assets are.”

    ==> “Undoubtedly, there are wide opportunities for abuse, and many of the people involved in fields such as the arms trade, paramilitary soldiering, and covert air operations are not known for high ethical standards. While only a few CIA agency career employees would take money for personal gain, there is little to prevent officers of the proprietaries from doing so, if they are so inclined.” There is little to no overview of their work, and there are no audits allowed by law on their CIA work.

    CIA Whistleblower Authors:

    – Victor Marchetti is a veteran of 14 years with the CIA, where he rose to be executive assistant to the Deputy Director of the CIA.

    – John D. Marks worked for five years as an assistant to the Intelligence Director of the CIA, and as an analyst with the State Dept.


    Oldsailor, my daughter has a PHD. She is a professor in a prestigious university. She is so politically stupid, she brags she voted for Obama. Her PHD simply means plied higher and deeper. I have always said that the only real enemy in the univers is IGNORANCE, We got plenty of that these days.

  31. I, too, thank you oldsailor80. I wanted to write Allen West and thank him as well. He had the whole liberal pack of snarling, vicious, venomous dogs attacking him and his campaign and yet he stood firm. God Bless him and hope that God has something even better and more affective planned for him in the future. A better representation of a true American Hero would be hard to find.

  32. A few excerpts from the Whistleblower book on the CIA called:

    “The CIA And The Cult Of Intelligence”

    By Victor Marchetti and John D. Marks

    From page 159:

    “And, we will see later in this chapter, CIA headquarters sometimes has only the vaguest notion about what certain proprietaries are doing within the agency, or what their assets are.”

    “Within the CIA’s Clandestine Services, the Technical Services Division (TSD) is responsible for developing most of the equipment used in the modern spying game. Some of the paraphernalia is unusual: a signal transmitter disguised as a false tooth, a pencil which looks and writes like an ordinary pencil but can also write invisibly on special paper, a bizarre automobile rear-view mirror that allows the driver to observe not the traffic behind but the occupants of the back seat instead.”

    ==> “Secret intelligence services in past times were interested only in recruiting agents who had direct access to vital foreign information. Today the CIA and other services also search for the guard or janitor who is in a position to install a bug or a phone tap in a sensitive location. Even the telephone and telegraph companies of other countries have become targets for the [CIA] agency. ”

    “In addition to the foreign and defense ministries, the CIA operators usually try to penetrate the target nation’s communications systems – a task which is on occasion aided by American companies, particularly the International Telephone and Telegraph Company. Postal services also can be subverted for espionage purposes.”

    Excerpts from pages 195 & 196 of the above book:

    Page 195: “[…] In 1952 the President, by secret executive order, established the National Security Agency (NSA) to intercept and decipher the communications of both the nation’s enemies and friends and to ensure that U.S. codes were secure from similar eavesdropping.”

    Page 196: “”Perhaps the most controversial NSA base (operated by the Army) is at (DELETED) in (DELETED). A Senate subcommittee investigating American commitments abroad chaired by Stuart Symington, revealed in 1970 that the heretofore secret facility had been secured from the Haile Selassie regime in return for hundreds of millions of dollars in military and economic assistance – without most members of Congress ever being aware of its existence.”

    “The Symington subcommittee also discovered a similar NSA facility (operated clandestinely by the Navy) at (DELETED) in (DELETED) which also had been kept secret from Congress. Both these bases have been used to intercept communications from the Middle East and Africa, and both required the U.S. government to offer an implicit – but secret – commitment to the host government. ”


  33. Air Force Brat!

    “The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence” was published in 1973. Protocols and behaviors described in the excerpts are probably the same as they were then, but the way they’re presented makes it look like the book is new. It is not. Victor Marchetti was born in 1929; if still alive, he’d be pretty old.

  34. “WND’s Joseph Farah: I Believe Obama Won The Election Through Fraud”

  35. I don’t completely agree with Joseph Farah. I would personally say that Soetoro won the election as a result of the BLATANT IGNORANCE,and general stupidity of about 45% of the ALLEGED AMERICAN PEOPLE. You can hold multiple Phds,and every sort of higher educational degrees,etc,but without a REPERTOIRE of LIFE’S EXPERIENCES upon which to compound the university learning they are what I see as “experience impaired” people. Overeducated nitwits!

  36. “It is what you learn after you already know it all that counts.”

  37. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)


    “Jesse Jackson Jr.’s Resignation Could Cost Taxpayers $5.1 Million”


  38. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    PS – That is just for the State of ILL-A-NOISE!!. More will be paid by the U.S. taxpayers!! Thru their congressional BENEFITS(Robbery).

  39. ‘Obama will fire 20,000 Marines so he can give $6 billion U.S. taxpayer dollars to Muslims for ‘green’ energy’

    There are many things Obama hates, but only two things he really loves: Green energy and Muslims. And finally he’s found a way
    to put both together at the same time. And it will only cost U.S. taxpayers $6 billion dollars.

    FrontPage Magazine 20,000 Marines are to be fired and the money is being used for Obama’s Green Energy companies and his Muslim empowerment program.

    Sure for that $6 billion, we might not have to fire those 20,000 Marines that Barry Hussein has decided to get of, and we wouldn’t have to cut their healthcare, the way his Center for American Progress has pushed him to do… but Muslims with Green Energy count more.


  40. Horowitz: Democrats Groom the Mentally Disabled to Vote

    ……It is in fact the number one civil rights issue of the NAACP this year to give felons the right to vote. So we know that Democrats have little respect for the election process, and we should assume will attempt to pursue their victories by any means necessary.

    But even knowing this, I was not prepared for a conversation I had at Thanksgiving dinner with my brother-in-law, Henry, who has lived most of his life in a home for the mentally disabled and although now in his 40s, has the intelligence level of a 6-year-old.

    “Obama saved me,” he said to me out of the blue.

    “What do you mean?”

    “I voted for him for president and now he’s saving me.”

    I was taken aback by these words, since Henry had no idea who Obama was, or what a president might be, and would be unable to fill out a registration form let alone get to the polling place by himself.

    So I asked him how he knew that and how he had registered and cast his vote. In halting, impeded speech he told me that the people who take care of him at the home filled out “the papers” to register him to vote, told him how Obama cared for him, even taught him the Obama chants, and then took him to the polling place to vote. They did the same for all of the mentally disabled patients in their care, approximately 60 in all.

    This is so appalling in its contempt for the voting process, which is the very foundation of our democracy, and in its cynical exploitation of my brother-in-law and the other patients in the home, many whose mental capacities are even more limited than Henry’s. I am at a loss for words to express it.

    I hope poll-watching groups like “True the Vote” will comb the rolls of residents at other homes for the mentally disabled, and attempt to stop this particular abuse. I hope that people who care about our country will make electoral fraud a focus of their political efforts, and work to protect the integrity of the voting process.


  41. From:

    GORDO // November 14, 2009 at 1:50 pm

    [the links are dead]

    A reminder about David Horowitz:

    “David Horowitz is exposed as a False-Front Conservative after he derides the American Constitution and its requirements that a US President be a Natural Born Citizen. Then Horowitz proves to be a demagogue by decrying that “63 million people voted for Barack Obama” as being some sort of proof that this Foreign Occupier is legitimate. Finally, Horror-witz proves that the A.C.O.R.N. does not fall far from the Marxist tree by blasting Frank and John as “racists” for disagreeing with the policies of Barack Obama.”



    [audio src="http://www.therightperspective.org/Audio/2009/TRP_2009.04.03_Horowitz_Excerpt.mp3" /]
    December 8, 2008

    David Horowitz:

    “Get over Obama derangement syndrome”

    “The continuing efforts of a fringe group of conservatives to deny President-elect Barack Obama his victory and to lay the basis for the claim that he is not a legitimate president is embarrassing and destructive. …

    This tempest over whether Obama, the child of an American citizen was born on American soil, is tantamount to the Democrats’ seditious claim that Bush “stole” the election in Florida and hence was not the legitimate president. …

    The birth certificate zealots are essentially arguing that 64 million voters should be disenfranchised because of a contested technicality as to whether Obama was born on U.S. soil. (John McCain narrowly escaped the problem by being born in the Panama Canal Zone, which is no longer American.)

    What difference does it make to the future of this country whether Obama was born on U.S. soil? Advocates of this destructive campaign will argue that the Constitutional principle regarding the qualifications for president trumps all others. But how viable will our Constitution be if five Supreme Court justices should decide to void 64 million ballots?”


  42. USAPATRIOTS-SHOUT | November 23, 2012 at 12:22 pm |

    Oldsailor, my daughter has a PHD. She is a professor in a prestigious university. She is so politically stupid, she brags she voted for Obama. Her PHD simply means plied higher and deeper.
    I have a niece and a nephew – both physicians – that agree with your daughter. There is hope, paraphrasing Winston Churchill: If you are not young and liberal, you have no heart – If you are not older and conservative, you have no brains. My own daughter, a history major has been challenging politically liberal teachers and professors since Bush v. Gore. I am just learning how brave she was to have stood her ground.

  43. A Crazy Old Coot



    We knew that Obama was not constitutionally eligible to hold office in 2008, but we allowed him to hold office for four disastrous years anyway. We knew that once we allowed that to happen, it would be nearly impossible to stop him from stealing re-election in 2012. We knew that Obama would use a mountain of illegal foreign campaign contributions, massive voter fraud and a leftwing press (including Fox) to retain power at any price. We knew it all would happen and now it has… because we did nothing to stop it!

  44. Air Force Brat! | November 23, 2012 at 11:36 am |


    Your letter to the RNC is a beauty and I encourage you to post it here so that everyone can see what a pis*ed off former Republican has to say to the maroons who can’t seem to tie their own shoes without assistance.

  45. Re: Air Force Brat! | November 23, 2012 at 2:43

    This book is written from two Whistleblower’s perspectives about the CIA. This book is valuable because it exposes and names some inside secretive workings of the CIA the author’s personally discovered.

    Several authors have recently written Whistleblower’s books on the CIA pointing out that the CIA is protected legally from being audited, is held illegally unaccountable to We The People, and has committed many hidden and secretive high crimes and high treason’s in recent years, and by the current illegal orders of the current serial criminal gangster usurper who is illegally and criminally usurping the EOP and We The People’s House without having any legal authority or legal power to do so.

  46. uspatriotunion.com 29.00 a yr
    Read what they are doing
    http://www.conservativesnow.com. donate. Help save America

  47. uspatriotunion.com

  48. Racism: racial prejudice or discrimination (Merriam Webster)

    By any measure, the current administration is pursuing policies of racism.
    Those decrying racism, are themselves the racists.

  49. Air Force Brat!

    Starla — did you read my post? Your response makes no sense at all. And plurals do not contain apostrophes.

    SueK — Heh heh, I think I will. gotta hit the hay for tonight, though, so look for it tomorrow.

  50. GORDO | November 23, 2012 at 7:32 pm |

    Great post. Great observation. Great memory!

    Motivated a few ideas. Maybe we could co-create tipping points.
    I’m gonna sleep on it. Try to define my thoughts then articulate a concept that will challenge the inconsistency in their positions and

  51. http://www.teaparty.org. Join their mission

  52. This election was rigged and stolen. The truth, will probably play out as this so called president now has to come through with the “SOROS ” agenda. The math CLEARLY does Not add upp. Watch how fast the unemployment rate is going to jump after 2012. Watch this country’s true voters take action through THIER own retaliation. Watch this administrations blame Bush, RIDICULES!

  53. Pingback: Ohio stimulus fraud discovered by inspector general audit, Ohio election fraud revealed by audit?, Ohio 2012 election certification includes absentee and provisional ballots | Citizen WElls

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