Romney right Washington Post wrong, Health care costs higher for families and students, Obama promised $2,500 per family per year lower by end of first term, Washington Post receives 5 Orwells

Romney right Washington Post wrong, Health care costs higher for families and students, Obama promised $2,500 per family per year lower by end of first term,  Washington Post receives 5 Orwells

“If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.”…Barack Obama

“If you’ve got health insurance we’re going to work with you to lower your premiums by $2,500 per family per year. But we will not wait 20 years from now to do it, or 10 years from now to do it, we will do it by the end of my first term as president”…Barack Obama Ohio State University February 27, 2008

“the Times of the nineteenth of December had published the official forecasts of the output of various classes of consumption goods in the fourth quarter of 1983, which was also the sixth quarter of the Ninth Three-Year Plan. Today’s issue contained a statement of the actual output, from which it appeared that the forecasts were in every instance grossly wrong. Winston’s job was to rectify the original figures by making them agree with the later ones.”…George Orwell, “1984”

Any way you slice it, health care premiums are higher for families and students and we are near the end of Obama’s first term. In a speech at Ohio State University on February 27, 2008 Obama stated:

“If you’ve got health insurance we’re going to work with you to lower your premiums by $2,500 per family per year. But we will not wait 20 years from now to do it, or 10 years from now to do it, we will do it by the end of my first term as president”

From Citizen Wells September 26, 2012.

“Health Insurance Costs Skyrocket For College Students Due To ObamaCare”

“Can we stop calling ObamaCare the Affordable Care Act now?

A Young America’s Foundation activist forwarded an email from the Vice President for Finance at his school, Guilford College (Greensboro, NC), informing him that, “For the 2012-13 academic year, the annual cost of the student health insurance is increasing from $668 to $1,179. This insurance premium has been charged to your student account.”

Why the increase? “Our student health insurance policy premium has been substantially increased due to changes required by federal regulations issued on March 16, 2012 under the Affordable Care Act.”

“Guilford joins a long list of colleges raising their premiums. Virtually all current student insurance plans do not meet ObamaCare’s mandates, and Forbes reports colleges have been forced to drop their plans or raise their premiums rates as much as 1,112% (and no, that’s not a typo).”

“Lenoir-Rhyne University (Hickory, NC) raised theirs from $245 to $2,507″

“During his first run for president, Barack Obama made one very specific promise to voters: He would cut health insurance premiums for families by $2,500, and do so in his first term.

But it turns out that family premiums have increased by more than $3,000 since Obama’s vow, according to the latest annual Kaiser Family Foundation employee health benefits survey.

Premiums for employer-provided family coverage rose $3,065 — 24% — from 2008 to 2012, the Kaiser survey found. Even if you start counting in 2009, premiums have climbed $2,370.

What’s more, premiums climbed faster in Obama’s four years than they did in the previous four under President Bush, the survey data show.

There’s no question about what Obama was promising the country, since he repeated it constantly during his 2008 campaign.”

Romney was right and the Washington Post was wrong.

From the Washington Post July 3, 2012.

““Promise: President Obama promised to lower annual health insurance premiums by $2,500…Result: Annual health insurance premiums have increased by $2,393….Gap: health premium costs are $4,893 higher per family than President Obama promised.”

— new Facebook/Twitter post by the Romney campaign

Promises made during the heat of an election campaign sometimes come back to haunt politicians.

The campaign of former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney is trying to nail President Obama for making an iffy promise during the 2008 campaign — that premiums will be $2,500 lower under his health care plan. Instead, the Romney campaign argues in an effort to create a viral Facebook post, the swing has gone $4,893 the other way.

The Romney graphic is false on several levels, though Obama certainly left himself open to scrutiny with imprecise language in the 2008 campaign. Let’s take a look.

The Facts

The Romney campaign cites a statement from a 2007 speech by Obama, but it’s a pledge that was repeated often: “When I am president, we will have universal health care in this country by the end of my first term in office. It’s a plan that will cover every American and cut the cost of a typical family’s premiums by $2,500 a year.”

This particular quote is not very clear on when the savings would be realized, but in another speech, in 2008, Obama suggested it would be at the end of his first term — though to be fair, it is not clear if he is talking about the savings or enacting a new health care law:

 “In an Obama administration, we’ll lower premiums by up to $2,500 for a typical family per year. And we’ll do it by investing in disease prevention, not just disease management; by investing in a paperless health care system to reduce administrative costs; and by covering every single American and making sure that they can take their health care with them if they lose their job. We’ll also reduce costs for business and their workers by picking up the tab for some of the most expensive illnesses. And we won’t do all this twenty years from now, or ten years from now. We’ll do it by the end of my first term as President of the United States.”

The details of this number were further explained in an Obama campaign memo:

“Combining all of these effects — from improved health IT [information technology], better disease management, reduced insurance overhead, reinsurance, and reduced uncompensated care — under our “best-guess” assumptions, we estimate that businesses will save $140 billion annually in insurance premiums. The typical family will save $2500 per year.”

But note that Obama’s pledge came with an asterisk: He was not saying premiums would fall by that amount, as the Romney graphic asserts, but that costs would be that much lower than anticipated. In other words, if premiums were expected to rise by $5,000, they would only rise by $2,500 — that’s what Obama’s pledge meant, even if he was not too clear about it.

Michael Dobbs, our predecessor as The Fact Checker, awarded Obama Two Pinocchios for the pledge, saying it was based on shaky assumptions (such as a Rand Corp. study that was criticized by the Congressional Budget Office) and there was no guarantee that any savings would be passed on to consumers. Our colleagues at also thought Obama’s pledge was highly dubious.

Of course, once Obama became president, the health care proposal he advocated as a candidate was significantly changed, even to the point of accepting the individual mandate that he had so criticized when Hillary Rodham Clinton promoted it. But the White House more or less stuck to the idea that costs would not rise as quickly as previously estimated — except that it would result in $2,000 in savings by 2019. (Recall also that the health care law will not be implemented until 2014, making a first-term pledge problematic.)

Now, let’s look at what the Romney campaign has done with the pledge. First, it assumes that Obama was saying that premiums would actually decline by $2,500, rather than decline from a projected increase. Then, it takes the 2011 Kaiser Family Foundation survey estimate (Exhibit 1.11) and subtracts the cost of a 2008 family premium ($12,680) from the cost of a 2011 premium ($15,073). Viola, an increase of $2,393—and a promise gap of $4,893.

The Romney campaign’s math is nonsensical. First of all, the Kaiser survey is conducted from January to May each year, so starting with the 2008 date makes little sense, since that is still George W. Bush’s term. Then the health care law was not passed until 2010, so the first year in which any impact could be seen from the law was in 2011.

But, as the Kaiser report notes, most of the provisions of the new law will not take effect in 2014. Thus far, other provisions, such as providing coverage for adult children up to age 26, appear to have had a modest impact on premiums–perhaps 1 to 2 percentage points. (The White House disputes even that effect.) Still, the full effect on premiums — including any possible savings — will not be seen until the law is completely implemented.

We had previously given the Republican National Committee Three Pinocchios for an ad that had focused on the single data point — the increase in premiums from 2010 to 2011 — and blamed all of the increase on the health care law. Now the Romney campaign has quadrupled the same error in an effort to claim that “health premium costs are $4,893 higher per family than President Obama promised.”

The Pinocchio Test

Obama in 2008 made a foolish, dubious pledge about health care premiums. As we have noted, he will have to answer to Americans if his law fails to live up to that promise by 2019 or if people feel misled by his lawyerly wording. He was warned when he got Two Pinocchios back in 2008.

But two wrongs don’t make a right. The Romney campaign has twisted the meaning of that pledge, and then blamed a partially implemented, one-year-old law for three years of premium increases, in order to concoct an absurd claim.

For their efforts to discredit Romney and protect Obama the Washington Post is awarded 5 Orwells.

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  1. the toughest part is everyone lies its lie fest central and no one cares. if u can lie to get away with it they do. its bold face corruption in your face. come and get us style we got the guns

  2. “Thomas Miller McClintock II (born July 10, 1956) is the U.S. Representative for California’s 4th congressional district, serving since 2009. He is a member of the Republican Party.”
    “Obama’s Eligibility – Rep. Tom McClintock Pussyfoots”

    September 28, 2012 By Daniel Noe

    “Consequential federal jobs require an official birth certificate. However, for Congressman McClintock, an ad in a newspaper is close enough for Barack Obama, even though these can be easily produced by relatives to aid in obtaining citizenship for babies born elsewhere.”

  3. “Highlights: Pat Caddell Says: Media Have Become an “Enemy of the American people””

    At YouTube:

    “In recent remarks to an AIM conference, “ObamaNation: A Day of Truth,” former Democratic pollster and analyst Pat Caddell said, “I think we’re at the most dangerous time in our political history in terms of the balance of power in the role that the media plays in whether or not we maintain a free democracy.” Caddell noted that while First Amendment protections were originally provided to the press so they would protect the liberty and freedom of the public from “organized governmental power,” they had clearly relinquished the role of impartial news providers.

    Caddell added that it is one thing for the news to have a biased view, but “It is another thing to specifically decide that you will not tell the American people information they have a right to know.””

  4. Cliff Kincaid:

    “Romney Won’t Challenge Liberal Media Bias”

    “Longtime Democratic political operative and pollster Pat Caddell told the AIM “ObamaNation: A Day of Truth” conference on September 21 that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney should run against the press as well as Barack Obama. Romney should be strongly “pushing back” against the media bias, he said.

    Caddell, who has become critical of the liberal direction of the Democratic Party, has recently declared that Romney is running an incompetent campaign. He said about Romney’s strategists, “They are incompetent, they believe that you can sit and an election will automatically come to you.”

    At the AIM conference, he mentioned that criticism in the context of urging the Romney campaign to launch a vigorous attack on the major media. He said major news organizations are serving “as off-shoots of the White House press office,” and will destroy America unless their power is monitored, exposed, and checked.

    Caddell said Romney won’t do this because he is running a “cautious” campaign. He explained, “…they don’t do it because this man dares to be cautious. He’s going to dare-to-be-cautious himself right out of a race that was his to lose, and he’s losing it…”

    As if to prove this point, Mitt Romney has now told Jan Crawford of CBS News that the major media are not in the tank for Obama and that he has no plans to challenge liberal media bias.”

  5. GORDO – McClintock happens to be my Congressman. I’ve written to him several times on this issue. Then in my last correspondence a month or so ago, I sent him a copy of my letter to President Obama in which I said he should be impeached for violating the War Powers act among other things.

    But as to the birth issue, I believe Obama was born in Hawaii but that he is not Obama. He is guilty of fraud. The birth certificate released by the White House is evidently a forgery. I believe it is to conceal his true paternity.

    Some say his real father was Frank Marshall Davis. I tend towards Malcolm X as his true biological father. As for the Hawaiian Newspaper aouncements, since Soetoro/Obama worked for the CIA, that would have been easy enough for the Company to insert into the records years later. They wanted to create a working identity for him and gave him a Connecticut SSN. Then later a forged birth certificate.

    AS for McClintock, I received only one reply to my letters. It was a brush off saying Obama was vetted by the Electorial College, the Congress as well as the various States, so he accepted him as legitimate. I didn’t like his response and told him so in a follow-up letter. I will not vote for him again. He may be politically Conservative by he has no chutzpah. He goes with the folow and is a professional politician–a big phoney in other words.

  6. Dean, I’ve come to believe that what “Obama” is hiding is that he adopted a Black Muslim name, like Lew Alcindor and Cassius Clay did. He did this because he IS a Black Muslim. People laughed when Madonna pointed this out the other night, but she was correct. His actions speak loudly regarding this. I would guess his real name is Frank Davis, Jr. or something like that. Or Frank Dunham.

  7. Pat Caddell makes a good point. But Romney did not select him as an advisor. People hunger for positive messages from a candidate. Romney can have others trash the media. Increasing numbers of people are turning away from MSM and get their news elsewhere. The power of MSM is fading and may have less of an effect than before on voter decisions. If Romney wins by a large margin, and he may, it will be a clear message to MSM talking heads that their time is over and they need to look for other work to channel these biases.

  8. Orly Taitz is scheduled to be interviewed by Jeff Rense at 10 pm – central tonight.

    To listen:

    Paste this URL into your Windows Media Player (or other player):

  9. Today I received an email of a sermon delivered by a Rabbi Schlomo Lewis, a Senior Rabbi in Atlanta. I have done some checking and it IS authentic. This rabbi is a liberal Democrat, but he delivered a powerful message that all need to hear. Rather than reprint the email, I found the sermon on a website and am posting the link. It is rather long, but is right on target.

    This is worth checking out:

  10. Here is a teaser for the above post: (Rabbi Shalom Lewis’ message)

    “I am guided not by the frivolous but by the serious.

    I am guided not by delicacy but by urgency.

    We are at war.

    We are at war with an enemy as savage, as voracious, as heartless as the Nazis but one wouldn’t know it from our behavior.

    During WWII we didn’t refer to storm troopers as freedom fighters.

    We didn’t call the Gestapo, militants.

    We didn’t see the attacks on our Merchant Marine as acts by rogue sailors.

    We did not justify the Nazis rise to power as our fault.

    We did not grovel before the Nazis, thumping our hearts and confessing to abusing and mistreating and humiliating the German people. We did not apologize for Dresden , nor for The Battle of the Bulge, nor for El Alamein, nor for D-Day. Evil – ultimate, irreconcilable, evil threatened us and Roosevelt and Churchill had moral clarity and an exquisite understanding of what was at stake………..”

  11. Citizen Wells: Obama Muslim plant?, Saudi broadcasts overheard?, Youtube video, Citizen Wells open thread, September 20, 2010
    Same fellow interviewed yesterday, Thurs., here: (The Saudi Arabia connection to Barack Obama) Says Obama has three things to accomplish as a Saudi plant….to bring down Shiites in favor of Sunnis; get rid of Israel; place Muslims in our gov.
    May think he can accomplish the first two via the Iran/Israel war…..Israel can’t go it alone against Iran without our help….Iran too big a country. Just wonder though, to whom he will in the end be more loyal to….Muslims or Russian commies. When there’s a coalition of the two he’ll be right at home he must think. Right now they need each other….nobody (including China/Russia) likes the regime in charge in Iran….they keep the NWO from functioning with its need to get to Iran’s oil….Muslim Brotherhood is likely to get into control in Jordan easily and also Saudi Arabia. Depends on just how the Lord Himself plans to “reshuffle the deck”.

  12. I mentioned this possibility yesterday. The market may not be as high going into November. I feel good about Romney’s chances. What’s going on now is nothing but media BS. Oh by the way, GOOD MORNING!

  13. When I look at the polls, I also look at the undecideds. If these folks are not committed to Obama, I would be surprised if they don’t break 2 to 1 for Romney when they vote.

  14. To my fellow posters:
    Romney taking on the media is a no win scenario. The people whom know the media lies already are angry, we the people whom care already know. The media wants him to take them on, it’s a democratic trap. They will fall much harder after the election. The media knows that if Romney is elected, there will be unbelievable payback for misdeeds, the time will come to deal with their treason.

    The polls no longer make logical sense. There are more Republicans in Florida than in 2008, and 250k more registered republican than democrat this year alone. This is a state that Obama won by 200k votes in 2008, and has redone it’s registration to prevent the dead from voting. Absolutely no one is voting for Obama whom voted from McCain that I can find. Further, there are more Bush/Cheney stickers on cars in this county than Obama 2012 and 2008 combined. I sincerely doubt, outside of Tampa bay and Miami that Obama is EVEN CLOSE. Even more telling is what happened in Florida in 2010, the entire state legislature and the executive branch went Republican. This isn’t a swing state from where I’m looking. People from Ohio are telling me EXACTLY the same thing. There is a complete mismatch between the press, the polls, and the reality on the ground that I see. I’m going to take this one step further and point out that there is a huge difference in perceptions of people from major urban areas versus less urban nationwide when it comes to Obama (Rural people hate Obama). This has become extremely large, and the polling companies know it and are sampling ONLY from urban areas to favor Obama. Outside of major election tampering by the Dems, I see LANDSLIDE.

    Is Obama is a saudi plant? Obama is a crook that is for certain and Citizen Wells has proven that and that Saudi’s have always been funding him. That pretty much covers it, but beyond that I have to believe that our own intelligence services wouldn’t allow it unless they were in on the game. I still thing he, his mom, and the rest of his family have to many links to the CIA to be ‘coincidence’. The Ford Foundation is just scary.


  15. Pete,
    So what can our “intelligence services” do even if they know Obama has taken favors from the Saudi’s….or even from his well known Commie listed buddies? They had Davis on National Security watch list….so what….they did nothing…but perhaps watch! They’re all under his jurisdiction….just like congress won’t move to claim their own branch’s supposedly equal powers while they sit there in a huff while O takes on dictatorial fiat type power alone and passes on his orders using “emergency” excuse or whatever. It would take an organized from within solidarity type coup or a few brave men who just don’t care about the results for them personally. It would take someone like a Petraeus to publicly resign for the sake of national security, or something big to get some form of big time national fear alert to shake up the public to begin thinking things are not under control. And who wants to be the only one who would become the scapegoat for national chaos? What is really needed is our court system’s judges to begin acting on the law….so that a more bottom up/grassroots effort would gain traction instead of failing on each singular action against a fearful judge. When the dollar tanks and there’s more talk about a different world currency people will finally panic as to our world position under this evil crazy….probably though after the election….too late. Or when the planted dirty bombs or planted Muzzies begin inacting their Sharia law here. At this point, I think only God, via our willingness to call on Him, can help….and that’s only if we as a country turn back to Him. As Sarah Palin recently said…”I think the U.S. right now needs a ‘Come to Jesus’ moment” (paraphrasing)!

  16. the ghosts of Christmas’ past

    the intelligence community organizer is laughing at us and robbing us blind to fund his brethren. Press on the Press.

  17. I came across this Orwellian thought today. It seems to fit our current world situation today.

    ” And at the same time the consciousness of being at war, and therefore in danger, makes the handing-over of all power to a small caste seem the natural, unavoidable condition of survival… It does not matter whether the war is actually happening, and, since no decisive victory is possible, it does not matter whether the war is going well or badly. All that is needed is that a state of war should exist… The war, therefore, if we judge it by the standards of previous wars, is merely an imposture. It is like the battles between certain ruminant animals whose horns are set at such an angle that they are incapable of hurting one another.
    But though it is unreal it is not meaningless. It eats up the surplus of consumable goods, and it helps to preserve the special mental atmosphere that a hierarchical society needs. War, it will be seen, is now a purely internal affair. In the past, the ruling groups of all countries, although they might recognize their common interest and therefore limit the destructiveness of war, did fight against one another, and the victor always plundered the vanquished. In our own day they are not fighting against one another at all.
    The war is waged by each ruling group against its own subjects, and the object of the war is not to make or prevent conquests of territory, but to keep the structure of society intact. The very word ‘war’, therefore, has become misleading. It would probably be accurate to say that by becoming continuous, war has ceased to exist. ” –George Orwell

    Orwell was a man with a mind beyond his time.

  18. zachjonesishome | September 29, 2012 at 9:58 am |
    When I look at the polls, I also look at the undecideds. If these folks are not committed to Obama, I would be surprised if they don’t break 2 to 1 for Romney when they vote.
    Zach (and Pete also), I have been thinking exactly the same thing. When you subtract the affirmatives for Obama AND Romney from 100 there is always a difference of anywhere from 6 to 8. That is the number that few talk about. When they “decide”, if the past is supported, the majority of those will swing against the incumbent. Add that fact to the common sense approach that Pete points out, and I believe that we will win.

    Here is another angle, WHY is the media in such a frenzy in whipping out so many more polls than in the past? I believe it is because they are getting desperate, so let’s ask ourselves “Why?” Hmmm……….

  19. Romney right Washington Post wrong, Health care costs higher for families and students, Obama promised $2,500 per family per year lower by end of first term, Washington Post receives 5 Orwells
    Every time I read this I start repeating to myself, Obama is a liar, Obama is a liar, Obama is a liar.

  20. A concerned father forwarded letter from his son in Afghanistan. It was confirmed authenticity, and republish with permission:


    I am fed up. I cannot believe the lack of attention the recent changes in this war is receiving by the media or the country. I think I saw one thing on CNN about the following subject, but I had to dig extensively to find it. The purpose of this letter is to let you know of the garbage that our soldiers are going through right now. With this knowledge, I hope that you take action by writing your congressmen.

    First, because of the recent green on blue incidents or “insider threats” as the new buzz phrase dictates, all coalition forces in Afghanistan have completely stopped partnering with the ANA, AUP, and ALP in order to prevent the death of anymore CF casualties by ANSF or Taliban disguised as them. This is also greatly spurred by President Karzi’s indifferent attitude and lack of action to take measures to prevent further insider attacks.

    Second, because of this massive change in policy (and complete change in mission) all U.S. forces are forbidden to actively patrol their AO and are to remain on their respective COPs/FOBs. There are only a few exceptions to this rule and they all pertain to “hardening” highway 1 in our AO. We have received orders that clearly state that all CF will no longer be allowed to drop air to ground munitions within the country of Afghanistan. This preempts Karzi’s announcement that will be made shortly that states the above mentioned order, making it a tactical directive that he is ordering.

    To the first point: Our mission in Afghanistan is to partner with the ANSF on all levels. Now the policy makers are telling us that we are not allowed to do that and further more we are to take immediate measures to secure ourselves from the ANSF that are co-located with us. So the question now becomes, what is our mission? Furthermore, the implication is that we have absolutely no reason to still be in this country if we are not partnering with the ANSF. So why are we here?

    To the second point: I don’t think that the American citizens would be happy if they knew that their soldiers were being prohibited from defending themselves in any way because of politically driven orders, but that is precisely what is happening in this war right now even as I write this letter. The soldiers of the U.S. never engage the enemy unless we know that we have will always have the tactical advantage in defending ourselves, that advantage is the use of close air support and air weapons team. To take those weapons away from us is to level the playing field for the enemy and thus exposing our soldiers to more danger. In the school house they teach us that the minimum ratio that we are to engage the enemy with, is a 3:1 ratio. In other words, we have the highest probability of winning because we don’t fight fair. The sound tactical principles behind this teaching have saved lives. The very presence of aircraft over our foot patrols has also saved lives and now our chain of command is being told by our political leadership that this is now not allowed. If we are not partnering with the ANSF and we are not actively patrolling to prevent our enemies from massing their attacks on our COP and we can’t drop a bomb on the enemy that we have positively identified, than what the hell are we doing here?

    Give us a mission or send us home. I honestly have no preference on what the politicians decide, as long as they just make a decision. Of course this will be a terrible inconvenience on the current elections so I am sure we will be forgotten, which really does not seem to be too different for how things have been going for the last eleven years.

    Do not buy into what the some media outlets have already said about this. Casually saying that this is a frequent occurrence is false, and is an attempt to downplay the major ramifications for these decisions. We have never been so restricted in defending ourselves as we have now. This is not just a stand down. The other implication of this decision is that we will perhaps never regain our relationship with the ANA after we have executed these measures to protect ourselves from them. Essentially, we have left them to die as we watch from our high-tech cameras and UAVs. They will not forget this and I fear the relationship will never be the same.

    I love you very much Dad and I don’t want you to worry about me any more than you already are, but I also know that this has to be brought up, someone has to say something about this. It is wrong to keep this hidden away while American soldiers are under constant threat of death and dying. I don’t care if you send this letter directly, this needs to be known.

    Your son,

    [In Afghanistan]

  21. Obama Using “Voter Registration” To Stay Close In NC

    RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Dozens of volunteers armed with clipboards and voter registration forms gather at President Barack Obama’s field office here every day. Their mission: Fan out across the city seeking new voters in this rapidly growing state.

    “Are you registered to vote at your current address?” asks Douglas Johnston, a volunteer wooing voters outside the county courthouse. “Do you know about early voting?”

    The effort, it seems, has borne fruit — to the tune of more than 250,000 new registered voters in North Carolina since April 2011, according to Obama’s team. That’s more new voters than the campaign has registered anywhere else in the country.


  23. Pete,
    Have you read this article? I ask, because it uses some of the same common sense approaches that you have expressed.

    Romney by a Landslide….

  24. Lmuha | September 29, 2012 at 12:22 pm |
    A concerned father forwarded letter from his son in Afghanistan. It was confirmed authenticity, and republish with permission.
    What a letter! It sends chills up one’s spine and should make us all livid. All the Usurper’s team is focused on only the election right now. Our military can go hang.

  25. Lmuha……

    My heart is heavy. After reading that letter from the soldier in Afghanistan to his Dad back home

    This is not the first time our government has put our it’s own soldier’s in harms way and then forgotten about them. If the current politicians remain in place in DC, it won’t be the last either.

    After reading that letter, my mind slipped back in time to 1965 and Vietnam. Similar restrictions were placed on our soldiers then as they are being placed now.

    In addition, the main stream media spread their poison against every soldier in uniform, and the American public turned against anyone in uniform.

    It was bad enough to have to slug it out in the jungles of Southeast Asia with an unknown enemy, without a country or a flag, but to have the population of your own country turn against you for doing what your government ordered you too do was more than many could endure.

    Thanks be to God, the people of America have not turned on their military in the Middle East…….yet.

    I’m sure this same attitude now exist with the soldier’s fighting the unknown enemy in the Middle East. A feeling of hopelessness must exist with all in that area.

    I have said several times there is a total lack of leadership in our military forces today………..otherwise the health and welfare of the common soldier would come first, and political correctness would follow a distant second

    May God bless that soldier who wrote that letter to his Dad, and may God bless all other soldier’s who have to endure the self-serving orders of ineffective leaders at all levels.

  26. Sen. Boxer To Tea Party: “Intimidating Voters Is A Federal Offense”

    Tell that to the Black Panthers.

  27. NATIONAL SECRET: What Obama daughter’s vacation cost

    Call it the case of “How I spent (taxpayers’ money on) my spring vacation.”

    That’s what one government watchdog organization wants to know about the trip to Mexico by the first family’s
    daughter, a dozen of her friends and two dozen Secret Service agents.

    Obama’s already gotten the media to spike their original stories about the trip. What’s he hiding?

  28. Coming to a “marriage chapel” near you?

    Bari’s and Hillary’s “springtime” Egypt: (wonder if Hill will give the world another one of her commanding “we find this to be unacceptable” chants!)

    Egypt: Salafist Cleric Helping To Write New Constitution Calls For Allowing 9-Year-Old Girls To Be Married, Have Children At 14…

    CAIRO: An Egyptian cleric and member of the Constituent Assembly tasked with drafting Egypt’s new constitution has said that girls 14-years-old are permitted to have sexual relations under Islam and has proposed reducing the marriage age limit as a result.

    “It is permissible for the girl at the age of 9 or 10 to marry,” Yassir Barhami said in discussing a woman’s sexual reproduction and his interpretation of Islam.

    The Salafist – ultra-conservative – preacher claimed that under Islam when a girl begins to ovulate she is ready for marriage.

    He added during a television debate on Dream TV last Tuesday that “marriage of a girl would not be a supplement for education,” but added that it “was better” to marry a girl young “than falling into sin with customary marriage.”

    The cleric cited the Qur’an in arguing that any girl who is menstruating should be married and begin having children.

    At the same time of advocating the marriage age be dropped to 14-years-old, he argued that the Salafist Constituent Assembly is also pushing for a law that denies “slavery against women” in the new constitution.

    Manal al-Taibi, a now resigned member of the Constituent Assembly, said that this call is the promotion of child marriage and is akin to rape.

    Of course this is all allowed based on the “model behavior” of “the prophet”….as the “holy” books of his biography show…..evolving moral standards through the centuries be hanged!

  29. Cabby,
    Just read your referenced link, was unaware before my comments. Obama has not gained traction in a single voting block, but has lost across the board. The polls don’t make sense right now.

    The pen is mightier than the sword. The leak of intelligence is mightier than the judge. If the intelligence community wanted Obama gone, they would have leveled him already. What you should be asking is “why is the us intelligence community behind Obama?”. Is the KGB running our CIA? Seems that the British had a similar problem with infiltrators in the past, andthe Ford FFoundations connections to Tim Geitner and Obama are unlikely to be coincidence.

  30. September 27

    Charlie Spiering:

    “Where do “Obama phones” come from?

    “The video of an Obama supporter bragging about having an “Obama phone” has gone viral on the web, but where do these “free cell phones” come from?

    The program is called Lifeline, established in 1984, originally created to subsidize landline phone service for low income Americans, funded by government-collected telecommunication fees, paid by consumers.

    In 2008, the program was expanded to support cell phones which quickly escalated the cost of the program. In 2008 the program cost $772 million, but by 2011 it cost $1.6 billion.”

    Chairwoman Granger, along with seven other committee and subcommittee chairmen, sent a letter to President Obama earlier this week regarding the events surrounding

  32. Pete:
    The pen is mightier than the sword. The leak of intelligence is mightier than the judge. If the intelligence community wanted Obama gone, they would have leveled him already. What you should be asking is “why is the us intelligence community behind Obama?”. Is the KGB running our CIA?
    BECAUSE the intelligence “community” IS the Obama appointments!! Under them who make the final decision and control the propaganda is another massive bureaucracy….not some organized patriotic army! The KGB doesn’t need to run our CIA (although both try to get info from one another and always have) when we have a pResident and an entire administration already willing to give secrets away and promise more merely by fiat. Why are courts permitting Sharia interpretations already in some cases? Why is the military not screaming via the generals the fact that our soldiers are getting killed due to Obama policies and tying their hands literally? The terrorists came out of Saudi Arabia but we didn’t go to war with the Saudis back then….why? That wasn’t Obama! Your average CIA guy/girl or FBI are really no different than many other gov. intelligence types….”that’s not my job” or “have I been given the orders to have a need to know?”. Look what happened to those, even a leading general, when they tried their plan against Hitler? Terrorism works everywhere. Why are there commies/perverts teaching the children now for decades? This acquiescence to evil didn’t suddenly happen over night. How did Muslims/Marxists get into power positions in our gov.?? Obama got elected by the boiling frogs in our culture and HE put them there! No one screamed and yelled about his “czars” nor his lone independent appointees. The people want it….still want it….and will one day be “shocked” that everything they have will be “occupied”. We have a very ignorant and bought electorate. Once the printing press is forced to stop and everything hits the fan do you think we’ll be much different than, say, Spain?

  33. In case anyone is interested….even though it’s the Obama story instead of the reality, here is the 2016 free online:

  34. Hi folks. I work a swing shift, so I have to do “catch-up.” Some thoughts to share on the ongoing saga:

    I believe Obama favors the Shias over the Sunnis. He is not working for the Sauds. He only bowed to the Saudi king because he is Guardian of Mecca. When Muslim issues coincide, he will support the Sunnis. Otherwise, he is pro-Shiite and pro-Iran. Everything he does in foreign policy is to help Iran and buy time for Iran to develope nukes. I can give lots of specifics if any are interested, including Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett being his closest advisor–maybe even running the country.

    Okay, some update on the Libyan cover-up. From an Israeli source–it appears Breitbart has picked up on this too: Ambassador Stevens was supporting the Syrian rebels but opposing a branch of Al-Qaeda called the AQIM (Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb). The Maghreb is the northwest area of Africa which includes Morocco, Tunisia, Libya and Algeria.

    Al-Qaeda is Sunni but has had Iranian backing and secret agreements. So it appears from some unconfirmed Debka File (Israeli source) that Stevens was not only backing Syrian rebels but trying to help eliminate the leader of the AQIM, Abdelmelek Droukel. Why? That is the question. The Administration knows this and is flat out lying and doing a coverup job.

    It appears the AQIM got wind of Stevens’ involvement in trying to eliminate their leader and decided to attack him first. So as I posted yesterday at one of CW’s posts, Ambassador Stevens was caught in the middle of an inter-Muslim feud.

    But the feud may also have to do with a duplicitous action operating from the White House. Obama wants to appear to be supporting the Syrian rebels. But to actually do so would be against Iran’s interests. Stevens and Hillary Clinton would not “get it.” They would just blindly support that policy. The other policy of eliminating the AQIM leader would be because he is a salafist Sunni terrorist. But since he may have made some kind of deal with Iran to receive Iranian backing in northwest Africa, he had to be tipped off.

    Hope that is clearer than mud.

  35. Follow-up to my last post: Getting rid of Stevens would take care of two things: 1) He would no longer be around to help the Syrian rebels as an expert go-between for arms and support. 2) The possibly Iranian-backed Al-Qaeda northwest African branch or AQIM could continue to operate with its leadership in tact.

    Note: If Ambassador Stevens was involved in trying to eliminate the AQIM leadership, their being tipped off had to come from a high level intelligence leak or compromise, and I do mean “high level.”

  36. Observer,
    …..“have I been given the orders to have a need to know?…..

    Yes, they were given orders, long before the 2008 election to look the other way! Go back and think about it, there were questions about Obama long before the 2008 election. I have no doubt the CIA and FBI were looking into Obama after his 2004 Speech, and his connections to missing Iraq reconstruction money in Chicago. The White House insider said as much, people knew. Like I said, the leak is mightier than the Judge or the Sword. Intelligence knew, they silenced the others and didn’t leak. Why did they silence people BEFORE the 2008 election? Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski—look him up, read his plans. As old salt said, up is down, right is left. This isn’t simple ‘need to know’ blindness after the 2008 election, it proceeds it and their appears to be a plan. You don’t have to agree with me, but the rise of Obama and it’s implications after 2004 and before GWB left office, couldn’t have gone unnoticed.


  37. Dean M.,
    Countries like the U.S. cannot get mixed up with these Muslim factions unless there is excellent, reliable intelligence, and a head of state that knows what he is getting into. All of the intrigue, infighting and jealousy that is present among the various sects of Islam cannot be dealt with by those presently in power without seriously and fatally jeopardizing U.S. interests and safety. These people are irrational and have never moved away very much from their longstanding tribal instincts.

    In fact, if it weren’t for their inability to “get on the same page”, Israel would have been in much more trouble in years past than she has been. The truth is that the only goals that really cement the various factions of Islam are 1)their common hatred of Israel, and 2)their desire to rule the world. Other than for those commitments, they can’t even get along with each other in the same country and don’t seem to have the ability to govern themselves in their diversity. Savages? I think so.

  38. Pete:
    I have no doubt the CIA and FBI were looking into Obama after his 2004 Speech, and his connections to missing Iraq reconstruction money in Chicago.
    You would have to be more specific about just who was “looking” into Obama….with what authority and with what specific info that would even be equal to “probable cause for felonies” that Sheriff Arpaio has gathered through much effort and yet still doesn’t have his finger on what would be necessary for absolute proof…like the microfilm.

    You could say that much was also known about the behavior and questionable “happenings” surrounding Bill Clinton not only during his term but before as governor….as well as Hillary and mutual colleagues…and her own personal and special interests in the Alinsky methods. And we’ve admitted commies in Congress which is obviously known. Clinton also had purported travels while at Oxford. So just who alone has all the info, the authority to act on it alone as well as the courage to at least try…while employed by and under the power of the current DOJ? And there have been those who HAVE tried and saw the only way to move was to resign and put out the info afterwards to no avail. As Arpaio struggles with what he has uncovered….just where can he go and be heard….take a chance and take it to one of those courts who could dismiss it all with prejudice?? There’s not going to be a shining lone knight who has the personal power to overcome what the people, the media, the justice system won’t permit. With all that has occurred just in Chicago is there not one person with the position to have seen and who knows about all that corruption who can come forward and get any cooperation by anyone in authority who could do something? But we can dream and hope and work and pray for the right to finally conquer the purposely and conveniently clueless. It is indeed frustrating to see all of the many institutions set up just for the purpose to be our watchmen and witness them failing….our very culture of freedoms has been the very ground that has been used unfortunately to our great loss by weak, fearful, disreputable and greedy human beings. Maybe even we have our own sins that too have contributed to the larger scale downfall, but then most decent Americans are obedient and trustful, finding it hard to believe that such great deceit could occur to such a degree that it has.

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