Obama Chicago corruption buddy Ali Ata sentencing July 17, 2012, Obama and Ata frequent Rezko visitors, Ata real and straw donations to Obama, Ata Obama Arab connection

Obama Chicago corruption buddy Ali Ata sentencing July 17, 2012, Obama and Ata frequent Rezko visitors, Ata real and straw donations to Obama, Ata Obama Arab connection

“Ata was very close with Tony Rezko, visiting Rezko’s Chicago office at least once a week to discuss business.”…Fox News Rezko trial

“In the media, Obama made it sound like he rarely saw Rezko, saying they met for breakfast or lunch once or twice a year. However, the FBI mole John Thomas helped investigators “build a record of repeat visits to the old offices of Rezko and former business partner Daniel Mahru’s Rezmar Corp., at 853 N. Elston, by Blagojevich and Obama during 2004 and 2005,“…Chicago SunTimes February 10, 2008
“Thomas is an FBI mole and he “recently told us that he saw you coming and going from Rezko’s office a lot.””

“And three other sources told us that you and Rezko spoke on the phone daily.””…Chicago SunTimes March 14, 2008

“Ata also donated $5,000 to Obama’s campaign in 2003 and Rezko asked Ata to make straw donation to Obama’s campaign for $10,000″…Tony Rezko trial

Ali Ata, a key witness at the Tony Rezko trial,  contributor to Barack Obama and Obama Arab special interest connection is scheduled to be sentenced next Tuesday, July 17, 2012, in the courtroom of Judge James Zagel.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012 (As of 07/13/12 at 08:48:05 AM)

Honorable James B. Zagel                    Courtroom 2503 (JBZ)

1:06-cr-00729   USA v. Ata                             01:45   Sentencing


From Citizen Wells June 9, 2012.

From the Tony Rezko trial.

“The witness some refer to as the government’s secret weapon — Ali Ata — is now on the stand.
Ata was very close with Tony Rezko, visiting Rezko’s Chicago office at least once a week to discuss business. Ata recently pleaded guilty to charges of tax fraud and lying to FBI agents about Rezko’s influence. Today Ata is testifying about his relationship with Rezko.
Born and raised in Jordan, Ata, 56, moved to the U.S. in 1970 to go to college at UIC in Chicago. Ata first became friends with Rezko after Ata was let go from his job as a chemical engineer in 2001. Ata testified that a few days after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks FBI agents visited him at his work to question him. Ata shares the same last name as one of the 9/11 hijackers. Two weeks after the FBI’s visit, Ata’s employer offered him an early retirement package. Ata called it “devastating.”
As part of his plea agreement, Ata has agreed to testify against Rezko in exchange for a lighter prison sentence of 12-18 months (The maximum sentence was eight years).
Ata says in 2002 he donated $50,000 to Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s campaign. In return Tony Rezko secured Ata a position as the head of the Illinois Finance Authority (IFA). Between 2003-2004 Ata says he contributed $125,000 to Blagojevich’s campaign based on requests from Rezko.
Ata also donated $5,000 to Obama’s campaign in 2003 and Rezko asked Ata to make straw donation to Obama’s campaign for $10,000, he said. The Democratic presidential candidate has donated Rezko-related contributions to charity.”


Ali Ata plea agreement.
From Citizen Wells October 20, 2010.
“Now for the rest of the story. Once again I would like to thank Evelyn Pringle for the fine work that she did early on to expose the truth about Obama. The highlighting is mine.”
“When Obama started setting up the purchase of the $2 million mansion withTony Rezko in December 2004, he did not know he would be the presidential candidate in 2008. He therefore did not think about the repercussions in a presidential campaign. The Combine’s plan was for Illinois Governor RodBlagojevich to be the candidate at that point. Operation Board Games put an end to that plan.”

“Rezko’s next trial will focus on the fraudulent financial transactions with GE and the mystery of what happened to the missing $3.5 million from the loan made to Rezko the month before the mansion deal may be resolved.

The corruption in this case involves the Illinois Finance Authority. The IFA was established, “to support the Governor of Illinois’ economic development agenda,” and “IFA approves about $3 billion in project financing each year,” according to its web site.
Co-schemer Ali Ata was appointed to lead the IFA. He made a $5,000 donation to Obama on June 30, 2003.

Talat Othman was appointed to the IFA Board, and he donated $1,000 toObama on June 30, 2003.

David Gustman was made chairman, and his wife, Lisa, also gave Obama$1,000 on June 30.

Co-schemer Abdelhamid Chaib is the former the director of RezkoConcessions. Chaib’s wife was appointed to the Department of Employment Security Review Board. Obama received $5,000 from Chaib on June 30, 2003.

This indictment alleges that Rezko fraudulently caused GE to extend more than $10 million in loans to finance what Rezko portrayed as sales of two different groups of Papa John’’s pizza restaurants in the Chicago and Milwaukee areas.

After closing on the loan for the Chicago stores, the loan became delinquent, andRezko caused additional false financial information to be submitted to GE in asking for forebearance on the default, the indictment says. It also alleges thatRezko defrauded investors by concealing that he was transferring the company’s assets to himself and a straw purchaser.

As part of the scheme, Ata signed a letter on Finance Authority letterhead that falsely made it appear that Dr Paul Ray had applied for financing with the IFA for acquisition of the pizza restaurants. The letter stated that Ray’s financing would be recommended for approval by the IFA Board on March 15, 2004, and that the IFA would guarantee 50% of the total $16 million.

Ray contributed $3,000 to Obama on June 30, 2003. Ray also gave Obama$2,000 on October 2003, on top of a donation of $1,000 on December 31, 2002. Ray was an investor in Riverside Park.

During the Rezko trial, Ata testified that he told Rezko that IFA board members were worried over the approval of financing for the Papa John’s deal because there could be negative publicity due to Rezko’s association with the pizza businesses

But Ata said Rezko scoffed at the concerns. “He said as far as the publicity, he will get the governor’s office to approve the transaction, and as far as the board,”Ata told the jury, Rezko said, “We put them there.”

Rezko eventually called Ata and dictated the language of a letter that said IFA was guaranteeing half of the purchase price. But before the deal could go through, Ata brought the chairman, David Gustman, and the board’s financial advisers to Rezko’s office to tell him they did not believe the financing was good for IFA. Ata said Rezko seemed to agree, but he never gave back the letter Ata wrote on Ray’s behalf.

More Combine members throw in the towel

Testimony in the first trial opened the door to evidence in other Board Game cases and more Combine members threw in the towel. Ali Ata entered into a plea agreement in the GE case a week before the trial was set to end and he was the last witness to testify.

Ata pled guilty to charges that included tax fraud, and lying to the FBI in saying he received nothing in return for $50,000 in contributions to Blagojevichwhen according to the plea agreement, he did “receive something for those contributions, specifically employment with a state agency … with an annual salary of approximately $127,000.”

According to court filings, Ata also lied when he “intentionally concealed that he paid Rezko approximately $125,000 in cash … during 2003 and 2004 so that he could obtain a state appointment and then ensure its continuation.”

On his last day on the stand, Ata told the jury he finally agreed to cooperate with the Feds after a person delivered a threat to him. He told prosecutors he lied to the FBI because he was encouraged to be a “team player” by people acting onRezko’’s behalf and when he received a grand jury subpoena in late 2005, people contacted him in an effort to stop him from cooperating.

Ata testified he gave Rezko the money because he wanted to keep his job. He told the jury he used to drop by Rezko’s office and would see other top officials waiting to see Rezko and in order to keep their jobs people had to follow orders and become a team player.

For instance, Ata said, he often saw Kelly King Dibble, a former Rezmar employee, who became director of the Illinois Housing Authority. But when Dibble balked at hiring a Rezko relative, Ata said, Rezko passed a message to Dibble “congratulating her on her new assignment,” and the new assignment was unemployment.

“It emphasized that you need to be a team player and follow the rules if you’re going to be a part of the administration,” Ata told the jury on May 1, 2008.

Dibble donated $250 to Obama on June 30, 2003, $250 on January 23, 2004, and $250 on April 25, 2007. She is now an attorney with the Northern Trust,Obama’s Land Trust holder. On September 30, 2007, Dribble donated $1,000 to Obama presidential campaign.

Ata testified that he and Rezko once delivered $50,000 in cash to the home of co-schemer Christopher Kelly and left it in the car while they went inside.Ata said Rezko told him, “there’s somebody from Downstate that’s coming to pick up the money.”

Ata said he delivered another $25,000 to Rezko in early 2004, because Rezkosaid it was needed to pay contractors to stop them from filing a lien onBlagojevich’s home.

Ata also explained that Rezko made a problem with a state lease disappear in exchange for a 25% ownership in a real estate partnership. When Rezko’sattorney pressed for details about how that worked, Ata said Rezko had gone to Michael Rumman to get the matter resolved, the head of the Department of Central Management Services.

Ata says that after he met with the Feds for the first time, he got a voice-mail from Rumman saying Rumman was traveling with “our friend,” meaning Rezko,asking Ata to delay the meeting with investigators.

The other person who pressured Ata was Orlando Jones, the godson and former chief of staff to the deceased former Cook County Board President, John Stroger. Jones was a former vice president of Rezmar development company and an investor in Riverside Park.

Prosecutors say Jones also wanted Ata to lean on another Rezko associate to get him to stop cooperating. Ata told prosecutors that Jones reassured him thatRezko was working to kill the Board Games investigation by getting the Bush administration to fire Fitzgerald. “Don’t worry, the plan is still in place,” Jones told Ata.

Jones committed suicide in September 2007, after news of a pending indictment in a pay-to-play scheme reaching all the way to Las Vegas hit the media. “The discovery of Jones’ body came just two days after FBI agents approached Jones,” FBI spokesman Frank Bochte told the Sun-Times. Jones “cordially declined” to speak with Chicago agents.

The scheme in Las Vegas involved a company called Crystal Communications, lead by Martello Pollock. On June 30, 2003, Pollock donated $1,000 toObama.

According to the Sun-Times, Jones had been interviewed by federal authorities a while before his death about fees he received from pension fund deals approved by the Illinois Board of Investments.”

“Combine members of Middle Eastern Descent

Ata is a former president of the Chicago Chapter of the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. He represents “a deeper corruption” in the Arab American community, “an aspect of the story that has not received much attention,” according to a May 2, 2008 report by Ray Hanania in the Southwest News-Herald.

Hanania points out that many in the Arab community are calling Ata a “rat.” But he’s not alone, Hanania says:

“The real rats are those who used their positions as “leaders” to rape and pillage their own community. The real rats are the so-called ““leaders” who worked to benefit themselves pretending they were doing it for the benefit of the community.”

In his report, Hanania explains how Ata and others would help organize political dinners attended by Arab Americans from the suburbs at which politicians where “honored.”

“These Arab community “leaders,” he says, “would tell the community that if they bought tickets to their “candidate’s nights,” their organization fundraisers or donated through them to local politicians, these politicians would respond by giving the Arab American community empowerment.”

“In truth,” Hanania says, “these political leaders lied.”

“They did get jobs, contracts and clout,” he notes, “but the people who benefited were not members of the community but rather the relatives, children, friends and business associates of these leaders.”

Ata has done well as a member of the Combine. In 2004, his net worth was $12 million, according to the Tribune. In one state deal, Ata and partners, Faysal Mohamed, Fuad Mohamed and Refat Zayed, “took in more than $3.2 million from taxpayers by leasing a West Side office building to the state over 10 years,” the June 6, 2005 Sun-Times notes.”


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  1. Condi Rice. Could she be the VP choice? I am beginning to really like the idea. It takes away everything from the Democrats. She is fully African American, not half, and with tons of foreign policy experience. She is really brilliant, not like obama’s faked brilliance, and she is proud of our country. She is a concert pianist and a hard worker. She is not as pro Israel as I would like, but still much more so than Obama. She will really appeal to women and will pull many women from the Democrats. She is not perfect. She was soft on Iran, but I suspect Israel will take care of Iran soon. She is an NBC. She is not as strong on abortion as some would like, but we can’t get everything we want in one person. She will appeal to moderates and swing voters. A Romney/Rice ticket will be hard to beat especially if Arpaio really has the goods on Obama finally.

  2. citizenwells

    well said.

  3. Given the surname Ata, I can’t help wonder if the Ata who flew one of the hijacked airliners into the twin towers is a blood relative.

  4. I guess here I’m bringing the last discussion over. I found this “suggestion” for Romney campaign site (listed below) and wrote more than they probably have time to comprehend but I told them what I thought of Rice as VP suggestion and I then asked them to have a rep watching the upcoming Arpaio press conference this Tues. And then I went into some of the other points of evidence against Zero that they have right before them but for some reason are not using while continuing to whine about how terrible the man is while he brings down the country. Anyway, if anyone wishes to do something similar, perhaps listing the most concise sites with the evidence…I emphasized the evidence re: the continuing Indonesian citizenship, listing Soetoro as name, Muslim as religion, and Indonesia as citizenship. I followed that up with that being the reason/evidence for Obama currently not being ANY kind of U.S. citizen presently; evidence for him using the phony SSN, it being evidenced by gov’s own citizenship verification site. I didn’t get into the NBC question since that always brings on all the rabbit holes with all the usual rationalizations and non-clarity. I don’t expect their elitist, moderate, cowardly reactions to be other than what has been the usual expectation. Perhaps though with enough people challenging them they might at least take a look. The suggestion site is:


  5. Old Salt; he (Ata) testified that he was fired from his job when the fbi came calling after the 911 attacks but said he was ‘no relation’…not that that means anything, the feds like to keep their witnesses unscathed and as long as they’re testifying for the prosecution it’s o.k. to “not tell the whole truth”.

  6. Other than being a CFR Imperialist whom the military-industrial-banking complex LOVES, I don’t have much to complain about the strategy of picking Rice. She’s much sharper than Palin, so the media won’t be able to play BS cat and mouse games with her. She’s a bigtime status-quo Washington insider though, so I’m not sure how thrilled tea party conservatives will be with her. Hey at least she didn’t go to Harvard like every other a$$hole we send to Washington.

  7. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    I get tired of the recycling of previous adminstrations.

    Condi Rice is NOT a good choice for VP, in my opinion, not that it matters because I’m not voting for Romney anyway.

    I believe Allen West would be a good running mate.

    observer | July 13, 2012 at 2:53 pm |

    I don’t think Romney is interested in the truth. As I look at this campaign, and the way it is evolving, it is rather OBVIOUS that Romney doesn’t care about the truth.

    Romney would win in a landslide, IF he would EDUCATE the public about who the FOUNDERS deemed as “Natural Born Citizens”.

    But that won’t happen, voter fraud will be rampant and ignored for years, and Obama will get the win by a larger margin than we could imagine.


    I predict that the “bombshell” from the CCP next Tuesday will be that “it is “believed” that Obama falsified his college entrance papers, and it will be “suspected” that Obama received aid reserved for foriegn students.”

    Far from a “bombshell”, more like a DUD.

    I hope I’m wrong.

  8. Well, I can’t believe it. With years of seeming to demand only the most conservative patriots to be our true reps in D.C. I can’t believe the excuses given here for C. Rice. And to say passingly that okay she wasn’t strong on Iran. Sheesh….Iran is developing missiles with the plan of one in the not too distant future with the ability to reach us. Iran is backed by Russia; Cuba has just called upon their old buddies, the Russians, for aid while Russia is sending warships to aid Syria. If you’ve listened to any interviews with her re: Obama, she has been a very “neutral” apologizer for him. And to so easily dismiss her “moderate” view on abortion while acknowledging that the main reason for the horrendous position of our beloved country in relation to Almighty God is that we’ve dismissed His commandments, pushed Him out of our country, our need to repent, and that MAIN sin to repent of is knowing that this country is now responsible, BY ITS POLICIES AND LAWS, for something like 53,000,000 lives is unbelievable and shocking to say the least. WE WILL GO NOWHERE/WE CANNOT BUILD ON RATIONALIZATIONS FOR OUR SINS/WE CANNOT “BUILD” BIGGER AND BETTER BY OUR OWN HUMAN POWERS OF “MODERATING” AND EXCUSING THESE SINS OF PRIDE AND SELF CENTEREDNESS. And her own aspirations for power via the elitist ways will evolve into more acceptance of the One World compromise as the Bush’s themselves have alluded to in wanting to protect their own wealth and name and power. She’s a fence sitter which type has been described by God Himself as wishing to “vomit” them out of His mouth.

    If you want to see the connections to a horrible history that apparently most wish to repeat, check out World Net Daily’s DVD production of “The Harbinger”. I’m beginning to wonder just who is left who really understands the realities of our day. We don’t need another “she’s sooo intelligent” idol type when this type doesn’t have basic good and moral judgment. Let her stay in her elevated elitist faculty position and giving piano concerts. She’s another highly over-rated figure of our times. Sorry if I offended anyone.

    In an interview with Reuters Wednesday, Rice protested Cheney’s suggestion that she had misled President George W. Bush about nuclear diplomacy
    with North Korea.

    “I kept the president fully and completely informed about every in and out of the negotiations with the North Koreans,” Rice told Reuters in her first public comments on the matter. “You can talk about policy differences without suggesting that your colleague somehow misled the president. You know, I don’t appreciate the attack on my integrity that that implies.”


    The President asked me to bring everyone up to date, which I did. I was stunned when the Vice President said in reply we shouldn’t be seeking a [United Nations] resolution. “We need to let the Israelis finish the job,” he said.

    …..We could have done much more to support the democratic aspirations of the people of Lebanon and thus helped to counter the growing regional prominence of Iran and Syria, had an unrealistic effort [by Rice] to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict not absorbed so much of our attention.

    Debate over North Korea
    Both Rice and Cheney dwell at length on the debate in 2008 over whether to remove North Korea from the list of state sponsors of terrorism, with Rice arguing that it was necessary to keep diplomacy going and Cheney saying it would reward bad behavior.

    IOW, she’s another Obama/Clinton/”negotiator”/”appeaser” type giving more and more authority to the UN/One World. Gad, we’re in more trouble than I thought!!

  9. Hi folks. As the world turns . . . I remember in High School watching a film in history class about World War II. “Couldn’t they see what was coming?” I remember asking myself. The world situation was becoming more and more tense. Then it was the Axis powers led by Hitler and the Nazis. Now it is the Muslim world led Iran and Ahmadinejad. The difference is we didn’t have a pro-Nazi in the White House. But we definitely have a pro-Muslim now. When are they going to figure it out in Congress?

    Rep. Boehner rails against Obama for letting Iran’s military continue to develop and advance. See


    It is not an accident Obama is letting this happen. Why can’t Boehner and the others see that? This is deliberate. Obama is buying time for Iran and the Shiites to dominate the region. No matter how bad it gets in Syria, Obama will not lift a finger to oppose the regime. He’ll pretend, but the Shiite leadership in Syria must be allowed to stay in power.

    On the one hand Obama is tied in with Chicago politics and all its corruption. He is tied in with Ayers and the radical Left. On the other, he is totally pro-Iran and pro-Shiite Muslim.

    In Iran the insiders see Obama as a Muslim prince. Everyone in the Near East, including Israel, sees him as a Muslim. My Israeli friends totally see him as a Muslim. So what is wrong with us–the US?

    Something is about to give. I don’t know what it is, but I just feel it. Something is about to bust wide open. That is when those of faith must pray and rely on divine Providence.

  10. By the way, for those wondering about Condi Rice as VP, I heard second hand–that leak was a distraction to take the light away from the Leftwing propaganda against Bain Capitol and Romney’s finances, etc. There is really no truth to it, but Romney’s staff is very clever. The Left is steaming mad. They blame Drudge for going along, causing their propaganda to fade.

    Romney is a very clever player. And we need a clever man to take down the Left in this coming election. Michael Savage and other Talk Show fools railing against Romney for not coming out punching haven’t a clue. They’re full of hot air, Savage, Levin, Limbaugh, etc. If they were for real, they would have insisted without end on transparency on the birther issue, and all the things relating to Obama’s background. But no. They have been part of the distraction away from the reality.

    I think Romney & Company know the score but they have to play it cool. They’ve begun by the ad showing Obama to be untruthful. That’s a start.

  11. bob strauss

    Reading this post emphasizes how important it is for Arabs to interject themselves in American government apparently for the purpose of enriching themselves at taxpayer expense. Obama is one of those Arabs along with Rezko, Ata, Jarret and all the others, out to manipulate our system of government for their benefit.

  12. Condaolezza Rice’s very soft opinion on abortion makes me very hesitant to support her as VP, despite what Rush says! Listen to his broadcast today, and he all but says FU to anyone that disagrees with Romney’s choice of Rice. I was also SO disappointed with Sarah Palin in that she indorsed Rice, yet claiming to be pro-life.

    The hurdle I had to climb to get to a point in which I felt comfortable supporting Romney was difficult. Nonetheless I reached it. If he picks Rice (Pro-Choice), or Rubio (ineligible), then I’ve had it with my own country. It is certainly not my choice. I love her. But she has changed beyond recognition.

  13. I could be wrong, but I heard through the grapevine that the Rice for VP idea was leaked to Drudge, but it is a false leak to take the spotlight off the false charges against Romney that the Left is making. So that story took the limelight away because now everyone is talking about Rice for VP.

    I sent my letter out yesterday demanding the President resign from office. Of course I used my real name and address and copied both my senators and congressman. I just had to do it for my own sanity and peace of mind.

    Well, got to go to work. Glad I have a job. See you all tomorrow.

  14. Can hardly wait…..the sooner this house of cards falls the better off we the people will be…….

    Banks face billions more in Libor losses

    Banks implicated in the Libor-fixing scandal will likely take billions more in losses as a result of pending litigation and regulatory penalties, according industry analysts at Morgan Stanley.

  15. Another shocking twist in a financial fraud story that seems to take a new twist every passing day. scott cohn right now in cedar rapids, iowa. scott, a confession now? it certainly seems that way, maria. russell wassendorf. a one time icon in the chicago foouchs committee, will appear before a federal judge on charges he lied to the cftc about the financial statements of the firm that filed for bankruptcy this week. recall that he tried to commit suicide on monday, and in the criminal complaint, excepts detailing a fraud that was, at the same time elaborate, but really basic. he says it began 20 years ago. should i go out of business or cheat. i guess my ego was too big to admit failure so i cheated. and basically the way he cheated? forging the bank statements for the customer segregated funds account. basically forging them through excel sheets and documents, saying there was a lot more money there than actually was. and we know that some $200 million in customer funds are missing. we’ll see what happens in court today. this is an initial appearance, so he won’t enter a plea, but a lot of damming information in this suicide note that he has not denied.


  16. The System Itself Is Corrupt: The Case of LIBOR | Thom Hartmann – News & info from the #1


  17. Mainstream Economist: We Might Need to Hang Some Bankers to Stop Criminal Looting
    Posted on July 8, 2012 by WashingtonsBlog http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2012/07/mainstream-economist-we-might-need-to-hang-some-bankers-to-stop-illegal-behavior.html

  18. We should recognize that the Federal Reserve operates on a government grant of authority. It is alleged to be privately owned. The 12 FR banks have been adjudicated as such. The FRBOG has yet to face a court challenge as to its (alleged) private ownership. It is a misconception to suggest the FR is the government—but it is conceded the BOG wants you to think of the Fed as government. Ref. http://www.scribd.com/doc/49040689 RIP OFF BY THE FEDERAL RESERVE.

  19. JP Morgan Lawyer Exposes Corruption at JPM, MF Global & the CFTC
    Bix Weir


    Below is the written testimony to Congress of Diane Genoa, Deputy General Counsel for JP Morgan as it relates to the MF Global investigation. I have no doubt that she was “deputized” such that JPM’s actual General Counsel, Stephen Cutler, didn’t have to speak. Unfortunately for the Bad Guys, Ms. Genoa’s dance around the issues may have provided more information than they wanted to expose. Here’s the statement…

    Statement from JP Morgan re: MF Global Collapse

    Click to access HHRG-112-BA-WState-DGenova-20120328.pdf

    Clearly JP Morgan believes they did NOTHING wrong and were just an innocent bystander who was trying to “lend a hand” to one of their customers in a time of need….GIVE ME A BREAK!

    Basically, Ms. Genoa knows exactly what they did illegally in this situation and is trying to dance around it. JP Morgan KNOWINGLY confiscated at least $200M of customer funds and then tried to cover their tracks by getting MF Global to sign a waiver three times that stated the funds were legitimate and not customer segregated funds. MF Global never signed the document but JP Morgan still hasn’t given the money back.

    Here’s the telling statement on page 7…

    “In retrospect, events appear to have overtaken MF Global during the weekend before it filed for bankruptcy, and, as a result, the letter was not signed. Nevertheless, our request did result in our receiving multiple clear oral assurances from senior MF Global officials that MF Global was in compliance with its obligations under the CFTC rules.”

    So who were these “senior MF Global officials” at MF Global?

    “…we wound up speaking with Ms. Ferber’s deputy general council, Dennis Klejna. We understood Mr. Klenja to be a former Head of the Enforcement Division of the CFTC…”!

    Now wait a minute…why do I know that name? Oh yeah, DENNIS KLEJNA was also part of the Refco bankruptcy (that JP Morgan was deeply involved in) and actually had to pay up $1,250,000 to the victims but never had to admit any guilt…




    Click to access refcoforfeituredistributionpr.pdf

    Not only that but Dennis Klejna actually busted REFCO when he was at the CFTC in 1992 for violating the Position Limits Rule…

    Fine Given in Refco Case


    He was a “poster child” at the CFTC in the early 1990’s but in 1995 he ran up against a force of evil rarely encountered my mortal man…HILLARY CLINTON!



    Can it get more complicated? I guess Dennis figured – “If you can’t beat em – join em!” and turned to the dark side.

    Here’s more background on this “Bad Guy”


    In May 2007, Klejna joined from failed brokerage firm Refco, where he was executive vice president and general counsel. He was named senior vice president and chief compliance counsel of futures brokerage Man Financial — which was renamed MF Global. From 1983 to 1995, Klejna had served as the Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s director of enforcement, presiding over 145 CFTC enforcement cops nationwide.

    Round and round it goes…

    Klejna was the head of the enforcement division at the CFTC when Judge Bruce Levine was hired on to run cover for the manipulation of commodities as admitted in this letter from retiring CFTC Judge George Painter!

    Judge George Painter’s Admission of CFTC Corruption

    The corruption runs deep within the Banking Cabal, the Government Oversight Organizations and the US Legal System.

    The GOOD thing about all this is that the curtain is being pulled away and the Banksters can’t survive in the light of day.

    May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

    Bix Weir


  20. This one tells it all.. and it’s not a pretty picture: http://blog.imva.info/medicine/handwriting-wall

  21. Here’s a good one……coming to America too……

    Iceland Has Hired An Ex-Cop To Hunt Down The Bankers That Wrecked Its Economy
    Rob Wile | Jul. 12, 2012, 2:07 PM | 4,582 | 14

    Adam Taylor / Business Insider
    If you were involved in Icelandic high finance in the runup to the recession, you might want to start watching your back.

    That’s because the government has appointed a white collar crime bounty hunter who wants to haul your behind in (alive, to be sure).

    LeMonde reporter Charlotte Chabas has a profile of Ólafur Þór Hauksson, a former local police lieutenant whom the Iceland government appointed to track down individuals likely to have helped sink the country’s banking sector during the credit crunch.

    Continues here…….

    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/iceland-has-hired-an-ex-cop-bounty-hunter-to-go-after-the-bankers-that-wrecked-its-economy-2012-7#ixzz20XrVPWmI

  22. Truth starting to trickle out in LAME STREAM MEDIA…..

    Jul 10, 2012
    Ex-CIA agent: Roswell, N.M., incident really happened


  23. Obama campaign worker collapses at Chicago campaign HQ and later dies
    wow….29 year old. May he rest in peace and prayers to his family.

    I wonder if he ever talked to anyone at the globe???


  24. Thanks, CW.

    Folks, I am open to others, but who? Allen West, whom I like, probably won’t be seen as having enough experience yet. Plus after he called, DWS, a vile woman, even if she is, that loses lots of women voters. However, I would support him too.

    Portman and Pawlently are boring, and don’t have the foreign policy experience Rice does. Jindal and Rubio are not NBC’s and don’t have a lot of foreign policy experience either. I just don’t see a well rounded VP candidate out there that has the full package. The Rice leak may be a distraction, but maybe not. Drudge hasn’t taken the story down yet. And interestingly, I got a call from Romney’s campaign workers asking for money and asking who I wanted for VP. The guy said Rubio and Rice were getting lots of votes. So I think they are testing the waters.

  25. I think we are going to have a more seasoned group of conservative candidates in 2016. This year is more limited.

  26. European banks are technically bankrupt

  27. Gingrich???? He was my pick for prez, but somehow I don’t think the chemistry would work with him as vp who knows….No one has the overall experience that he has and he could do well as the “attack dog” up and until nov.

  28. Yeah. I love Gingrich, but agree with you HonorFirst, it probably wouldn’t work.

  29. JP Morgan: Fraud Is Fraud, Where Are The Indictments?


  30. bob strauss

    Tina, I wish Romney would pick Sarah Palin just to piss off the socialists.

    They would go absolutely berserk, and would fall all over themselves, trying to come up with the most vile of BS to throw at her, and Mitt. This I would consider PAY BACK! Also, they would win the election.

  31. bob strauss

    If Obama is going to throw the word felony around, in reference to Mitt Romney, let’s start countering with Obama’s forged documents and end this charade.

    Obama’s underlings must believe Obama has nothing to hide. They better do their research and keep their mouths shut or their leader might be asked some uncomfortable questions about his felonies.

  32. bob strauss

    HonorFirst, I would love to see Newt as President of the Senate. It would be a wonderful change, just to get rid of Harry Reid, and his criminal reign.

    I believe the Senate would become a functioning body again.

  33. bob strauss

  34. bob strauss | July 13, 2012 at 8:13 pm |
    Tina, I wish Romney would pick Sarah Palin just to piss off the socialists.

    They would go absolutely berserk, and would fall all over themselves, trying to come up with the most vile of BS to throw at her, and Mitt. This I would consider PAY BACK! Also, they would win the election.


    That would be great!

  35. DoE Officials Calls Loan Program That Produced Solyndra an “Enormous Success”

    Townhall.com Staff
    July 13, 2012 04:16 PM EST

    “Some bureaucrats never learn. David G. Frantz, the Acting Executive Director of the Department of Energy Loan Program, recently called the guaranteed loan program responsible for the Solydra fiasco an “enormous success” during a House Energy and Commerce subcommittee hearing on Thursday. During the hearing, Congressman Cliff Stearns asked David Frantz, “Don’t you agree that the Loan Guarantee Program has had a rough record?” Frantz quickly responded, “Quite to the contrary, sir, I think it’s been an enormous success.” Mr. Frantz’s answer prompted a press release from the Committee that reads in part:

    Abound Solar – The solar manufacturer received a $400 million DOE stimulus loan guarantee – BANKRUPT

    Solyndra – The solar manufacturer received a $535 million DOE stimulus loan guarantee – BANKRUPT

    Beacon Power – The solar company received a $43 million DOE stimulus loan guarantee – BANKRUPT

    Nevada Geothermal Power – Internal audit for the firm that received a $98.5 million stimulus loan guarantee revealed $98 million in net losses and significant debt. MAJOR LOSSES & DEBT

    Ener1 – The battery maker, #67 on the White House list of 100 Projects that are Changing America, received a $118.5 million stimulus grant – BANKRUPT

    A123 – The battery maker received a $249 million DOE stimulus grant – LAYOFFS

    Fisker Automotive – The electric vehicle manufacturer received a $529 million DOE ATVM stimulus loan – LAYOFFS

    If the Obama administration considers this an “enormous success,” I would hate to see what they consider a failure.”

    Article & Video Here:


  36. Philo-Publius

    Romney is a felon.

    “Accuse your opponent of doing what you’re doing.”
    — Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals!



    Book TV: Larry Klayman, “Whores: How and Why I Came to Fight the Establishment”

    Uploaded by BookTV on Nov 6, 2009

    “Whores: How and Why I Came to Fight the Establishment”

    “The lawyer and founder of Judicial Watch, who was able to convict President Clinton of perjury, discusses why he investigates public officials.”

    Please take your time to view this entire video to the end!! Please share this video and the videos below with other people!!

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Larry Klayman Discusses Ground Zero Mosque Lawsuit On CBN

    Uploaded by FreedomWatchInc on Jan 12, 2011

    Stakelbeck on Terror, Jan 11, 2011

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Larry Klayman – National Press Club – Nov 17, 2010 (Part 8 of 8)

    Uploaded by FreedomWatchInc on Nov 21, 2010

    “Topic: National security, freedom, and Iran – is it time for U.S. and Western intervention?”

  38. Why do members of Congress sit idly by while Obama oversteps his Constitutional authority?

    Obama administration guts work requirements for Clinton-era welfare reform

    The landmark welfare reform law President Bill Clinton signed in 1996 helped move nearly 3 million families off the government dole — the result of federal work requirements that promoted greater self-reliance.

    Yesterday the Obama administration gutted those federal work rules, ignoring the will of Congress by issuing a policy directive that allows the Department of Health and Human Services to waive the work requirements for the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program. “The result is the end of welfare reform,” wrote Robert Rector and Kiki Bradley of The Heritage Foundation…..

    …..The administration’s decision follows other recent executive actions on immigration, marriage, religion, education and energy policies. In each case, President Obama has put his own “imperial presidency” ahead of Congress and federal law.




    Alan Keyes – National Press Club – Nov 17, 2010 (Part 4 of 8)

    Part 4: Alan Keyes

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *



    Alan Keyes – National Press Club – Nov 17, 2010 (Part 5 of 8)

    Part 5: Reza Kahlili

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Rep. Michel Bachmann and Alan Keyes – National Press Club – Nov 17, 2010 (Part 3 of 8)

    Part 3: Rep. Michele Bachmann and Alan Keyes

  40. The video is embedded here:



    Reza Kahlili – National Press Club – Nov 17, 2010 (Part 5 of 8)

    Part 5: Reza Kahlili

  41. Alan Keyes Interview, Classic

    Uploaded by BlagojevichRod on Dec 3, 2009

    Alan Keyes boldly calling out the truth.

    I wonder why he lost the election.

  42. Starla, my favorite Alan Keyes video

  43. I personally believe that Allen Keyes would be a good choice for vp. I personally believe that he is an honest man.

  44. Philo-Publius

    Good morning CW and all.

    Supremes asked: Who is ‘natural born citizen?’

    An announcement is expected sometime in the fall on whether the U.S. Supreme Court will decide just exactly who is a “natural born citizen” as required by the U.S. Constitution for all those who would be president. Officials with the Liberty Legal Foundation confirmed they have filed an appeal of the ruling from the state Supreme Court in Georgia, and a decision by the nation’s highest court on whether it will accept the case is expected over the coming months.

    It raises two questions, including whether states can be forced to accept any candidate from a political party for presentation on state ballots even when the candidates do not meet the required qualifications. The other is the key, “Are all individuals born on U.S. soil Article II ‘natural born citizens,’ regardless of the citizenship of their parents?” According to a statement from Van Irion, chief of Liberty Legal, the case that stems from a Georgia dispute “is the first to present the U.S. Supreme Court with a substantive ruling on the definition of natural born citizen under the Constitution.”

    “All other cases to reach the Supreme Court on this issue had been dismissed on purely procedural grounds. Liberty Legal Foundation’s case is an appeal from the Georgia courts’ substantive ruling,” he explained. “The Georgia courts refused to dismiss our case based upon procedural grounds. The Georgia courts reached the substantive issue, what is a natural born citizen. “They ruled incorrectly, but that ruling does allow us to ask the U.S. Supreme Court to address the definition of natural born citizen, instead of simply addressing a procedural issue,” the explanation said.

    “Now the U.S. Supreme Court has an opportunity to address the definition of natural born citizen, our substantive issue.”


  45. CW, I have been a contributing member and have observed comments on your blog since the last presidentiial election. I would like to thank you for allowing me to vent my feelings and opinion on this site. My biggest concern has not changed regarding the up coming presidential electrical. First and foremost I believe that unless the people who are answering these polls are lieing, we have seen the last of our great country. By decree Obama has changed the landscape of our great country, moreover he’s tilted the balance between the rich and poor. Whereby, the people like myself who have been self employed for many years has seen our revenues dwindled down 50 percent in just 3 1/2 years. Thus seeing the transformation of wealth from one class to another.

    The end result is I had to slash my overhead 50 percent and cut my employees from 75 to about 15, and I still cannot break even. The only reason i have decided to remain in business is because my sons are my partners and they both have young families of their own. Quitting now would put them in jepority, so I will continue to make adjustments until we see a positive cash flow.

    What I have told you is happening throughout the country. People who have been in business like myself for 35 years are packing it in. Therefore perminantly reducing the number of people employed in their respective area. Obama has succeed in his quest to make change. Now he has an entire class of people who depend on government hand outs and a very powerful voting block. By shear numbers alone that Obama voting block
    outnumbers us.

    Unless the polls are wrong we’re doomed.

  46. citizenwells

    Thanks Joe.
    Hang in there.
    God bless.

  47. citizenwells

    Good morning Philo, et al.

  48. Joe,
    I too, am scared for my country. Our family has also owned a business for over 40 years. About six years ago I was delegated to pay the company’s bills. I didn’t have any accounting experience so it was difficult keeping all the taxes straight. And I was dismayed to see the many expenses imposed on businesses.
    (this is in addition to the 7% the employee gives the government)

    I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few things.

    And now obamatax will tax us even more? Why are these burdens being forced upon the backs of the American business men and women? You’ll see businesses leaving the country droves. It is no wonder that our country’s economy is on a downward spiral. God have mercy on us. We have to take our country back.

  49. truefreedom

    Joe, though many more are on unemployment or govt assistance of some kind, I want to believe a large portion of them don’t want that. Though unemployment amounts vary in the states, it surely is not enough to continue living the lifestyle many receiving it had been accustomed to. If offered a decent job, I believe many would take the job over unemployment. Problem being, many unemployed adults won’t accept many decent jobs because of their PREFERENCES about hours, wages, type of work, etc. I have seen it with many folks I know.
    I am full of hope that God is taking our country THROUGH this valley for reasons fo humbling many (including myself) and remindning us to look to Him as our source of all we need and He will guide us to what is best for each of us individually.

  50. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    JS – As if we don’t have enough problems with political and financial(LIBOR) corruption, we can now add this that I found on Drudge.


  51. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    PS – This could collapse the whole financial world.


  52. truefreedom

    I hear what you say. I have been selfemployed most of my career. paid my own health and disability coverage and out of pocket as needed since my health coverage does not cover many things and I’ve had to keep upping the deductible just to maintain having any coverage. Disability, I had to let go of because I transitioned my work and it no longer Should have truly covered me if i made a claim.

    Also paying all those other biz related fees and taxes throught he years, not to mention the extra time unpaid to keep tabs on and submit what each local, state or fed place required.

    when my biz declined drastically a few years back, many folks I knew were suggesting I look into assitance with food stamps, or utilities or even unemployment. I knew it would be trading the job of finding more biz or supplemental income for the “job” of applying and conforming to all those different forms of assitance and I could see it would only add to the downward spiral, so I made the decision to avoid govt assistance at all costs. Not easy, but invaluable experience to go through, I would not trade for the world of the “rich”. I don’t think most “rich” folks truly understand what being rich in this life is.

  53. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    PPS – Does the state of California ring a bell?

  54. Pingback: July 17, 2012, Obama past hidden records and corruption ties convergence, Sheriff Joe Arpaio News conference, Ali Ata sentencing, Rezko lot sale to Obamas FDIC lawsuit Kenneth J Conner lawsuit | Citizen WElls

  55. citizenwells

    Rebel, another euphonius appellation.

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