Sheriff Joe Arpaio assasination plot, July 12, 2012, State prison inmate Samuel Matta charged, Public assassination using high powered rifle

Sheriff Joe Arpaio assasination plot, July 12, 2012, State prison inmate Samuel Matta charged, Public assassination using high powered rifle

“It’s 120 degrees in Iraq and our soldiers are living in tents too, and they didn’t commit any crimes, so shut your mouths.”…Sheriff Joe Arpaio

“I’m the elected sheriff, … I serve the people. I don’t serve the mayor. I don’t serve some politicians.”…Sheriff Joe Arpaio

“I can’t disclose to you what we’ve discovered, but it’s going to be a shocking revelation at our press conference,”

“The information … is going to be breathtaking when it’s released.”…Mike Zullo, Sheriff Joe Arpaio lead investigator into Obama records

From AZ Family July 12, 2012.

“Detectives: Inmate plotted to assassinate Arpaio”

“Detectives: Inmate plotted to assassinate Arpaio”
“Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office says one of three maximum security inmates arrested for plotting to kill an inmate also planned to assassinate Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Detectives arrested on Wednesday 29-year-old Samuel Matta, an inmate in the state prison in Florence, on charges that he and two other inmates from the Sheriff’s 4th Avenue Jail conspired to kill another inmate.

According to investigators, detectives were tipped off that Matta was planning to publicly assassinate Arpaio using a high powered rifle.
Authorities says Matta believed that the Arpaio was personally responsible for the deportation of some his family members to Mexico from their home in El Mirage, Ariz.

The investigation into the Arpaio murder plot then led to the plan to kill another inmate.

It was unclear if Matta had an attorney.”


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  1. cabby – AZ & coldwarvet2 — Thanks for the input and suggestions. I added the cc line for Rep. McClintock and the two CA flaming liberal senators, though I think Feinstein is very concerned about national security. I’ve seen her on Fox News. She seems to have awakened a little bit to the dangers. Boxer is in her own space-cadet world.

    Be that as it may, my letter is ready to go, signed and sealed. One has second thoughts like, “Is this crazy or what?” “Will I just get put onto some crackpot list?” And, “Why am I doing this?” But no. I don’t have to shout that the elephant in the living room is not a coffee table, but I am tired of pretending it is. So I’m doing this for myself–my own peace of mind.

    Okay, as to the good Sheriff and someone wanting to kill him, that brings of the subject of assassination and mysterious deaths re: Obama’s reign.

    1. Donald Young
    2. Obama’s grandmother, Mrs. Dunham
    3. The policeman involved in the passport break-in investigation.
    4. Members of Seal Team 6
    5. Andrew Breitbart
    6. A coroner at the lab where Breitbart’s autopsy was performed
    7. Osama bin-Laden
    8. The American Muslim abroad, targeted by Obama and killed via drone

    The last two on the list were Muslim. Muslims aren’t opposed to killing other Muslims if it will promote their agenda.

    This may be just the tip of the iceberg.

  2. PS before I have to take off for work: A curious thing about Bin-Laden. He sent what I think might have been a veiled message to Obama via his second in command. Referring to a famous speech made by Malcolm X, he called Obama a “house negro.”

    What is the significance of this? Why the quote from Malcolm X?

    In 1960 when Stanley Ann Dunham graduates from high school, Malcolm X came to Seattle to form Nation of Islam Temple No. 67 on 5943 Empire Way in Seattle. In the late summer Madelyn Dunham, Stanley Ann’s mom, abruptly left her lucrative career as a VP Bank Officer and the family moves from Seattle to Hawaii. Madelyn accepts work in Hawaii as an hourly wage bank teller.

    In January 1961, Stanley Ann, who is pregnant, marries Barack Obama Sr. Obama Jr. is born in August. In 1962 Obama Sr. leaves Hawaii, never mentioning Stanley Ann or the birth of her son to any of his close friends.

    In 1964 Malcolm X leaves the Nation of Islam and starts his new organization, Muslim Mosque, Inc. In April he travels to Mecca. On his way back he stops off in Kenya to visit Tom Mboya, Obama Sr’s sponsor to the U. of Hawaii. Get that? Malcolm X went to Kenya and stayed with Obama Sr’s sponsor.

    Question: Did Malcolm stop in Kenya to convey his thanks via his Mboya visit to Obama Sr. for providing a name for his son?

    Question: If true do some people in the Muslim world know this? Did Bin-Laden?

    Question: By quoting from Malcolm X was Bin-Laden saying to Obama: “I know who you are.” Was it a form of blackmail? Just wondering . . . .

  3. July 12, 2012

    Charlie Spiering:

    “Jay Carney sneers at reporter’s request for Obama’s college records”

    “White House Press Secretary Jay Carney derided a reporter today for asking whether President Obama would release his college records in the campaign, to serve as an example of transparency.

    “This is the Donald Trump question,” said Carney referring the reporter to the Obama campaign.

    “This is preposterous,” Carney continued. “This is from the guy who insisted that the president wasn’t born in the United States.”

    Carney reiterated that Obama was an “open book” and had an “extremely sound” record of transparency.”

    [video at link]

  4. coldwarvet2

    There sure do seem to be a LOT of coincidences when looking into the backgrounds of the past and current players in this game. Looks as if the paths cross in specific locations…Indonesia, Kenya most specifically, and Chicago on the western side. From there the web of deceit spreads into every apparent federal, state, county, and city bureaucratic entity. Interesting, in a tragic sort of way, peeling the layers of skin off this onion.

  5. “Jeff Kuhner.Blasts Obama’s Hypocrisy – Sealed Records”




    By David Kupelian

    “For there, seated in the midst of this elegant, Norman Rockwell-esque Christmas setting, was Barack Obama, the perpetually churning and discontented radical, taking a needed break from his relentless campaign to “fundamentally transform” – that means destroy – the American way of free enterprise and free people.

    Barack Obama, the man who lies as easily as breathing – a serial deceiver regarding his birth, his childhood, his education, his influences and associations, his religion, his accomplishments, his policies, his true beliefs and his plans for America’s future.

    “[…] When does Obama lie? Every single time he speaks to the American people.


    “Sociopathy” is a strong word, but used by many to describe Obama – not necessarily as a clinical psychiatric diagnosis, but just because the symptoms fit so darn well, as per this typical description: “Sociopaths are often well-liked because of their charm and high charisma, but they do not usually care about other people. They think mainly of themselves and often blame others for the things that they do.

    They have a complete disregard for rules and lie constantly. They seldom feel guilt or learn from punishments.” Remind you of anyone?

    A vital, creative power

    One veteran psychiatrist I know suggested a slightly different diagnosis for Obama, but similar to “sociopathy” in many ways – namely, “malignant narcissistic personality disorder.” The modifier “malignant” signifies the version of “narcissistic personality disorder” that may cross over into criminality, he explained.”


    “Here’s how psychiatrist M. Scott Peck, M.D., explains it in his classic best-seller, “People of the Lie”:

    Malignant narcissism is characterized by an unsubmitted will. All adults who are mentally healthy submit themselves one way or another to something higher than themselves, be it God or truth or love or some other ideal. They do what God wants them to do rather than what they would desire. “Thy will, not mine, be done,” the God-submitted person says. They believe in what is true rather than what they would like to be true.

    … In summary, to a greater or lesser degree, all mentally healthy individuals submit themselves to the demands of their own conscience. Not so the evil, however. In the conflict between their guilt and their will, it is the guilt that must go and the will that must win.

    The reader will be struck by the extraordinary willfulness of evil people. They are men and women of obviously strong will, determined to have their own way. There is a remarkable power in the manner in which they attempt to control others.

    As we will now see, Obama has been preparing to “control others” for a long time.”


    “During the 2008 campaign, Obama said of his years steeped in the Chicago Marxist’s revolutionary “community organizing” methods: “It was that education that was seared into my brain. It was the best education I ever had, better than anything I got at Harvard Law School.”

    In “Rules for Radicals,” Alinsky counsels wannabe revolutionaries that they must be willing to ignore the dictates of their own conscience to advance the left’s agenda:

    In action, one does not always enjoy the luxury of a decision that is consistent both with one’s individual conscience and the good of mankind. The choice must always be for the latter. Action is for mass salvation and not for the individual’s personal salvation. He who sacrifices the mass good for his personal conscience has a peculiar conception of “personal salvation”; he doesn’t care enough for people to be “corrupted” for them.

    That, friends, is one of the most twisted things I’ve ever heard. To believe it and act on it is to abandon your greatest gift, your moment-to-moment connection with the Living God – your conscience.

    Maybe that’s why Alinsky dedicated “Rules for Radicals” to “the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom – Lucifer.”

    See The Entire Article Here:







    By Bob Unruh

    “Jack Abramoff, the onetime Washington lobbyist who estimated he at one point had 100 members of Congress in his back pocket, has been working since his federal prison stint to encourage Americans to reform their political system.”


    ===> “He told WND that during his years in Washington as a lobbyist, he was able to succeed simply by playing by the rules of a corrupt system, a system he believes must be changed. It worked so well, he explained, because, “Members don’t read the bills.” <===

    Former Rep. Bob Ney confirmed Abramoff’s story:

    “I had no idea [what the obscure, coded phrases changed in the law]; I didn’t care,” Ney said. “It was a great big shell game. … I was dumb enough to not say, ‘What’s this thing do?’”

    In his book, Abramoff “outs” senators and members of Congress and sets out the details of insider deals previously unknown to most. He also sets forth a Capitol Hill reform plan that would rock the fraternal inside-the-Beltway culture.

    The scandals triggered by Abramoff led to the convictions of 20 people for payoffs in exchange for political favors, including Ney. Abramoff was released in June after nearly four years in federal prison."

    See The Entire Article Here:



    By Peter Ferrara on 7.11.12 @ 6:10AM

    “Another four years of Obamanomics and Argentina will be crying for us.”

    “With a second term for Obama, the world-leading America we have known and hoped to leave to our children will be gone. Last Friday’s jobs report confirms that Obama is well on his way to transforming America into a third world country, with declining living standards and perpetual economic stagnation.”

    See The Entire Article Here:

  9. Think it’s an accident the new colors in US Currency And Monopoly Money are the Same?

    As usual the truth is hidden in plain view. Very interesting!

  10. Latest Bix for those who are interested……

    Big Day For Us Tomorrow…WATCH JP MORGAN CLOSELY!

    My friends:

    Tomorrow JP Morgan is releasing their second quarter results and the world will be watching. Jamie Dimon is in a fix and he can’t dance around it. There’s a serious meltdown in his derivative book and that book is over $70T…probably much more!

    I’ve laid out what to expect and how it will effect our cause for paid Private Road Members here:

    People like baseball analogies so here’s my take:

    Tomorrow morning we enter the Top of the 9th Inning in our battle to regain our freedom. There’s a lot more of this game left but the really important stuff happens in the final innings.

    This is all a very carefully planned out (scripted) game… and you have a front row seat!

    May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

    Bix Weir


    Klayman Discusses Citizens Grand Jury to Seek Indictment of Justices Roberts and Kagan

    Go To:

    Published on Jul 9, 2012 by FreedomWatchInc

    WBFF FOX45 – Health Care Reform

    01: “Did Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts and Elena Kagan violate the oath of office by allowing Kagan, a former Solicitor General of the U.S. Justice Department to vote on the health care law?”

    0:10: Larry Klayman, Esquire: “She had a direct conflict of interest because she participated as President Obama’s Solicitor General at the U.S. Justice Department – in actually crafting the legislation. That’s a textbook violation of the Canon of Ethics.”

    0:20: “Klayman is not one to back down from a federal fight, the first lawyer to sue a sitting president and win.”

    0:26: “Klayman says basic Ethical Tenets laid out in the Canons of the High Court – were clearly trampled upon.”

    0:31: Larry Klayman, Esquire: “What Justice Roberts did was violate his oath of office to carry out the laws of the United States – by NOT taking action – and by saying that he and other Supreme Court justices – are above the law.”

    0:40: Larry Klayman, Esquire: “Kagan violated her oath of office by not recusing herself.”

    0:44: “Klayman says his group Freedom Watch will seek to indict Justices Roberts and Kagan through the Citizen’s Grand Jury.”

    0:49: Larry Klayman, Esquire: “I think they should be thrown in jail. That has to be done legally, under appropriate procedures. But they have VIOLATED THEIR OATH. THEY HAVE DONE SOMETHING WHICH IS HIGHLY CORRUPT.”

    0:59: “Would Klayman have challenged Roberts and Kagan if President Obama’s health care law was struck down?”

    1:03: Attorney Larry Klayman, Esquire: “We didn’t take the position in the brief we filed, whether or not the law should be upheld as constitutional or not. We took the position in the public interest, that we need a Supreme Court that’s beyond reproach.”

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


    By Tom Thurlow
    June 21, 2012

    “When the U.S. Supreme Court releases its decision on the fate of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, JUSTICE ELENA KAGAN WILL CAST A VOTE THAT SHOULD NOT HAVE COUNTED. ===> The relevant rule requires that Supreme Court justices recuse themselves if in their previous capacity they served as “counselor or advisor” concerning a current matter before the Court, OR if there is anything about the proceeding by which the justice’s impartiality can reasonably be called into question. When in another e-mail she was asked for her opinion on a meeting to discuss legal defenses to ObamaCare, Ms. Kagan replied, “what is your phone number?,” indicating either that she had too long-winded a response or that she foresaw a possibility that her e-mails might force her to recuse herself if she sat in review of the law, or both. At any rate, she had in fact participated as “counselor or advisor” of the law when she was solicitor general, and she is clearly not impartial about the fate of ObamaCare, so she should recuse herself in this case. Clearly a different standard is being used in Justice Kagan’s decision to stay in this case. Not only had she e-mailed her excitement of ObamaCare’s passage, but she has shared in the Obama administration’s strategizing on the legal defenses for ObamaCare. As sitting Supreme Court justice, Elena Kagan could very well be deciding on responses to arguments that she herself had helped formulate when she was solicitor general. <====

    If ObamaCare survives its Supreme Court challenge with JUSTICE KAGAN'S HELP, HER REFUSAL TO RECUSE HERSELF could become one of several RALLYING CRIES for conservatives who WILL TRY TO REPEAL OBAMACARE. Let's hope it won't come to that."

    Tom Thurlow is an attorney who practices law in the San Francisco Bay Area and manages the blog He lives in Napa County with his wife Martina and daughter Rachel.

    Read More Here:

  12. Good Morning CW et. al.-

  13. citizenwells

    Good morning Zach, et al.

  14. bob strauss

    An email I received, another take on Robert’s.

    Maybe there is hope!!!

    Before you look to do harm to Chief Justice Roberts, it’s important that you think carefully about the meaning – the true nature — of his ruling on Obama-care.

    The Left will shout that they won, that Obama-care was upheld and all the rest. Let them….will be a short-lived celebration.

    Here’s what really occurred — payback. Yes, payback for Obama’s numerous, ill-advised and childish insults directed toward SCOTUS.

    Chief Justice Roberts actually ruled the mandate, relative to the commerce clause, was unconstitutional.
    That’s how the Democrats got Obama-care going in the first place.

    This is critical.

    His ruling means Congress CANNOT compel American citizens to purchase anything. Ever.
    The notion is now officially and forever, unconstitutional.

    As it should be. Next, he stated that, because Congress doesn’t have the ability to mandate, it must, to fund Obama-care, rely on its power to tax. Therefore, the mechanism that funds Obama-care is a TAX.

    This is also critical.

    Recall back during the initial Obama-care battles, the Democrats called it a penalty, Republicans called it a tax. Democrats consistently soft sold it as a penalty. It went to vote as a penalty. Obama declared endlessly, that it was not a tax, it was a penalty. But when the Democrats argued in front of the Supreme Court, they said ‘hey, a penalty or a tax, either way’. So, Roberts gave them a TAX.

    It is now the official law of the land — beyond word-play and silly shenanigans. Obama-care is funded by tax dollars. Democrats now must defend a tax increase to justify the Obama-care law.

    Finally, he struck down as unconstitutional, the Obama-care idea that the federal government can bully states into complying by yanking their existing medicaid funding. Liberals, through Obama-care, basically said to the states — ‘comply with Obama-care or we will stop existing funding.’

    Roberts ruled that is a no-no. If a state takes the money, fine, the Feds can tell the state how to run a program, but if the state refuses money, the federal government can’t penalize the state by yanking other funding.

    Therefore, a state CAN decline to participate in Obama-care without penalty.

    This is obviously a serious problem. Are we going to have 10, 12, 25 states NOT PARTICIPATING in “national” health-care? Suddenly, it’s not national, is it?

    Ultimately, Roberts supported states rights by limiting the federal government’s coercive abilities. He ruled that the government can not force the people to purchase products or services under the commerce clause and he forced liberals to have to come clean and admit that Obama-care is funded by tax increases.

    Although he didn’t guarantee Romney a win, he certainly did more than his part and should be applauded.

    And he did this without creating a civil war or having bricks thrown through his windshield. Oh, and he’ll be home in time for dinner.

  15. Here is another thought in regard to Kagan and Roberts. If they VOLUNTARILY chose to violate their OATH of offices then NEITHER has any right to expect fairness towards them Both should be immediately arrested as TRAITORS, and perpetrators of TREASON. Then both should be tried by a specially commissioned HANGING JUDGE. It wasn’t until HANGING judges came to Dodge that the criminals packed up and left……….PRONTO.

  16. Roberts could have joined with Scalia,and struck the whole thing down simply because of the commercial clause,but no he had to reiterate, what the attorney for Obamacare had said over and over. It is a TAX. Since it had previously bee declared a penalty there was more than enough to justify striking it down as NOT BEING properly DRAFTED in the first place, because this would have tossed the entire mess squarely back into the laps of MMMMMSSSSS.Important,and MMMMSSSS.Harriet Reid.

  17. ………..and both of them should SINK with OBAMACARE CRAPOLA!.

  18. Why oh why the conservative cover-up for Obama while the lies and shouts of “felony” against Romney still don’t force anyone to shout the evidence for “probable cause” for real felonIES for Zero???? They whine and whine while they hold the Ace right in the palms of their hands but won’t use it because someone might call them names. Meanwhile they watch the country in free fall. What could be worse….and they’d be hero patriots by giving Sheriff Arpaio a place to take his evidence and get it accepted.

    Let’s Apply Harry Reid’s ‘Dog Catcher’ Standard to Barack Obama

    Sununu refers to Obama’s friends and neighbors but won’t say a thing about that probable cause against Obama himself. What other world do these people live in??

  19. Bob Strauss…………..
    I tend to think that you might be right about Roberts’ decision, but…….I also believe that this has OPENED the DOOR for even more SENATE BS. At the very least,one hell of a house cleaning is way overdue,in the Senate.

  20. All,
    Must watch video…


  21. Observer…………….
    I think you just said it all. In November we will have the chance to play the ACE. BIG TIME!

  22. Starla | July 13, 2012 at 3:35 am |

    Does Obama have these people hipnotised, where they violate their oaths, to obey their master?

    The way the bill was passed, or deemed to be passed, without an incriminating vote on the TAX, and now the Roberts and Kagan matter? This thing stinks to high heaven.

    The socialists, formerly democrats, are desperate to impliment Obamacare and take total control of your existence. They know their dream of dictatorship, may end in November, as they get thrown out of office. Let’s hope so.

  23. Michigan Patriot…………….
    Great video……..Count me in!

  24. When all the stories about Larry Klayman erupted, I didnt bother to read any of them. Since I didn’t delve into the context of his many lawsuits, it might be a bit presumptuous of me to suggest that he is just another over- zealous fame or fortune hunter.

    Call me skeptical…but we’ve seen this too many times before.

    Sorry, but that’s just my gut feeling!

    On another note, all please keep Sheriff Joe and his family in your prayers. The chicago flu is very contagious.

  25. Bob Strauss………..
    There is nothing HYPNOTIC about the MORON in DC. The REALITY is that the problem is the (HORSE’S REAR ENDS) who roam amongst us WHO THINK LEFT IS RIGHT,AND UP IS DOWN.

  26. oldsalt79 | July 13, 2012 at 10:10 am |

    Bob Strauss…………..
    I tend to think that you might be right about Roberts’ decision, but…….I also believe that this has OPENED the DOOR for even more SENATE BS. At the very least,one hell of a house cleaning is way overdue,in the Senate.
    The Senate is criminal under Harry Reid, and they are all betting they will never be impeached, or held to justice.

    If we can have fair elections, maybe we can get rid of some of these criminals, who will go home, and still get paid for doing nothing.

  27. Honor First………….
    While it is easy to see possible ulterior motive in Klayman’s efforts, I for one am a bit hesitant at the moment to call him a phoney just yet. I think he needs a little more room,and a bit more time. But that is only my gut talking. It is really tough to play against a STACKED DECK.

  28. oldsalt79 | July 13, 2012 at 10:24 am |

    Bob Strauss………..
    There is nothing HYPNOTIC about the MORON in DC. The REALITY is that the problem is the (HORSE’S REAR ENDS) who roam amongst us WHO THINK LEFT IS RIGHT,AND UP IS DOWN.
    The result of socialist control of our schools. Teach them all a bunch of crap, and no patriotism, or job skills.

  29. I intermittently send Sheriff Arpiao words of encouragement. I think that there is a dire need for him to receive continuing words of encouragement from about 300,000,000 people, along with a bit of financial help. Early on I contributed to his effort,and at the same time I sent him ALL of the information that our group managed to glean from the PUBLIC RECORDS databasses throughout the US. It also included the information from all of the Superior Courts Archives. It is CLEAR to me that Soetoro is in fact STILL Soetoro. There are NO CERTIFIABLE RECORDS in any court in the US which show a LEGAL name change having ever been granted by ANY court in the US, to Barry Soetoro. Nor is there any evidence in any court archive of a Petition for Name Change having ever been filed by Soetoro within the interim from 1980 to 2000. Had a petition been filed our group would have found all of the adjudication documents. There are NONE, ANYWHERE.

  30. A little side note

    Judicial Watch Obtains Records from ICE Regarding President’s Illegal Alien Uncle Onyango Obama

  31. zachjonesishome | July 13, 2012 at 7:39 am | CW gets a nice mention.
    The Obama campaign accuses Romney of committing a felony??? Romney ought to see what the Judiciary Committee has to say about impeachable crimes the Obama administration has committed.

    Statement of Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith
    Full Committee Hearing
    Oversight of the U.S. Department of Justice

    Chairman Smith: Regrettably, the Obama administration has shown a disregard for the Constitution and rule of law in an effort to impose their agenda on the American people. There are many examples.

    Efforts to block congressional inquiries about the Administration’s actions undermine the balance of power on which our nation was founded.

    Neglecting to enforce or defend the laws enacted by Congress is another violation of the Administration’s constitutional obligation to the American people.

    Under this President, the Justice Department has engaged in a pattern of selective enforcement of the law in order to advance its own partisan agenda.

    For instance, the Obama administration has sought to prevent state and local authorities from enforcing immigration laws.

    READ MORE……..

  32. Today I sent Arpiao some questions regarding the Pastor who was arrested for having conducted bible studies in his home,and was fined $12,180.00 dollars, and sentenced to 60 days in jail. This is complete insanity, by a perpetrator. He/she sorely needs to be brought to justice for such an outlandish fine and penalty. The person who done this is a seriously disturbed,and otherwise SLIMEY BASTARD, who him/or herself needs to feel the same exact punishment. Allegedly he was in violation of the local zoning ordnance which supposedly said that the area occupied by his home is NOT ZONED FOR A CHURCH. If his home is OWNED by the church it is considered a parsonage, and zoning does NOT apply.

  33. Jonah……………
    That is specifically one of the things which greatly bothers me about Romney. While I can’t believe that he is completely ignorant of Soetoro’s crimes,I would indeed say that he does need to be informed. I tend to think that he DOES know but is trying to avoid being sucked into something which would drain resources from his campaign, and otherwise create further suspicion about his real intentions,which many people now feel are NOT EXACTLY what he has alleged it is. Until he can somehow dispel this feeling there is going to be an ongoing aura of suspicion surrounding him.

  34. oldsalt79 | July 13, 2012 at 10:30 am |

    Oldsalt, I didn’t call him a phoney. I don’t doubt his legitimacy. He is just a bit too zealous in his efforts and appears to be stretched too thin. Perhaps that is the tactic one must use when up against a stacked deck as you stated.

    As I said, I havent read the previous posts about him, but it appears that he is attacking on many fronts hoping that one will stick. We have seen this same scenario over and over again. The cards are definitely stacked against all that have gone this route. I think fatigue has settled in and I am tired of all the false hopes and letdowns day in and day out, year after year.

    November can’t come soon enough for me. I sense a huge defeat for Obama and await to hear the collective “sigh” across the nation. If I am wrong, the tipping point of takers VS workers will devastate this country.

    Eventually, Obama will be “outed” for the fraud that he was (is), but the damage he rakes over this country will last for many generations and perhaps forever. We are soon to be broke, borderless, defenseless and amoral; sadly the masses will be too dependent on the gov’t dole to even care.

  35. Jonah……………
    I have been praying that Congress convenes a Grand Jury relatring to Eric Holder. At the very least he will be convicted of the Contempt of Congress citation,after which he will be seen as SPOILED FOOD,and like spoiled food ………..thrown into the GARBAGE, where he will FIT RIGHT IN, as such.

  36. OldSalt….Kudos to you with ALL the research done on Obama’s legal name. What irony!….If there are NO records showing a legal name change, then I guess you could say, that is ONE record he was unable to seal. HAHA Hopefully the good sheriff can go with it.

  37. Honor First…………
    Perhaps I could have used a better choice of words, but neither do I think Klayman is a PHONEY, rather like you I do think that he was spread a little to thin. I really would like to have seen him with a STAFF of fully experienced attorneys. For the most part I see it all in the same light that you do.

  38. Honor First………….
    Knowing that PUBLIC RECORDS are JUST THAT(at least in Indiana) is the primary reason why I along with a few other people who are experts in searching court documents,decided to pursue such a GIANT SEARCH. We knew that it would entail a lot of hours to accomplish but we nonetheless went forward. We spent nearly a year and a half in the effort, and ALL of the Superior Court Archives,as well as ALL public records databases in the US ,Hawaii,and Alaska was thoroughly searched. Further I still INVITE anybody with a little time on his/her hands to do exactly the same search we did. One thing is certain he CANNOT seal PUBLIC RECORDS.

  39. One possible scenario yet to come….also suggested allegedly by WHI:

    Here is a Real Scare – DHS Whistleblower: Obama Will Commit ‘Reichstag’ Event To Trigger Martial Law

    The Obama agents, through the DHS and other assorted colluders, are plotting a major ‘Reichstag’ event to generate racial riots and produce the justification for martial law, delaying the November 2012 elections, possibly indefinitely, a DHS whistleblower informed the Canada Free Press.

    The ‘Reichstag Event’ would take the form of a staged assassination attempt against Barack Obama, “carefully choreographed” and manufactured by Obama operatives. It would subsequently be blamed on “white supremacists” and used to enrage the black community to rioting and looting, the DHS source warned.

    The Obama administration would then use the violence and chaos they created as justification for the imposition of martial law in major urban cities in America, the creation of DHS checkpoints, restriction of travel, and the indefinite delay of the November 2012 elections.


    The DHS source claimed that campaign funds were being directly used to fund the incitements to violence and rioting that the Obama administration was seeking to spark.

    “Using untracked campaign funds, they are paying people to infiltrate the various movements to cause physical destruction of property and disrupt commerce. That began last year, but has increased ten-fold already this year,” stated this source.

    “He added that they are using some lower level DHS agents to make the payments under the context of tracking subversives, but they are the unwitting subversives.”

    The use of campaign funds, funneled through DHS agents to street-level agitators for the purpose of fomenting violence, would be extremely legally questionable, if not outright illegal, certain legal experts shared.

    Intelligence officials said that if the allegations were true, the degree to which extremists had penetrated the upper echelons of the American government, finance, and security structure was unparalleled.


    Who is Valerie Jarrett?

    “Their apparatus can be seen as a type of octupus, having many tentacles,” one intelligence source confided on condition of anonymity. “Occupy is one tentacle, the unions are another, the Black Panthers are another, the radical black/islamic supremacists(Wright, Farrakhan, Van Jones, Sharpton) are another, DHS and its’ umbrella agencies are another, the mainstream press is another,” the source explained. “These tentacles are all working together, seemingly separate, but eventually they are controlled by the same small group of people. They receive their directives and marching orders and mindlessly execute them.”

    The intelligence official predicted that in the very near future, all of the seemingly separate entities would be clearly exposed as working together, co-ordinating their activities together, and driving for the same goal – the destruction of America as a constitutional republic, the destruction of its capitalist system, and the dethroning of the U.S. as a superpower.

  40. Honor First……………
    I would think that the ABSENCE of a PUBLIC RECORD of the legal name change for Barry Soetoro, would be enough to generate at least “PROBABLE CAUSE”. When compounded upon other “PROBABLE CAUSE”, I would further think that anybody would hold even substantial suspicion of the possible perpetrator.

  41. Observer …………..
    It is NOT Reichstag, rather it is Reichstadt. LOL, but I know what you mean, just poking a little fun.

  42. Observer…………
    When an ILLEGAL potus tries to impose MARTIAL LAW upon WE THE PEOPLE he might want to rethink such an act,because MOST OF AMERICA now KNOWS that HE IS NOT A LEGAL POTUS, and therefore CANNOT IMPOSE MARTIAL LAW,and if he tries this the American people will NOT SIT STILL for losing our Constitutional rights. In short he will cause a CIVIL WAR which HE WILL LOSE, and subsequently be prosecuted for having caused. WE THE PEOPLE will see that legal prosecution moves forward. ……………………….There are 330,000,000 million people in the US, now MR, SOETORO TRY LOCKING ALL OF US UP!. You will be shoveling manure against the tide and in the end the tide will inundate you. You may quote all the laws you wish but WE THE PEOPLE will FOLLOW OUR OWN LEGALLY FOUNDED LAWS OF THE CONSTITUTION.

  43. OT, but important. We all know that repealing Obamacare now will not result in any action, because Obama will just veto the repeal, and there are not enough votes to override his veto. HOWEVER, the point is that repeal efforts, as done in the House, should be done by the Senate, as well, in order to show up those still supporting this lousy legislation.

    Here is an excerpt from an e-mail I just received:

    “Will McConnell follow John Boehner’s lead, press relentlessly for a vote and actually put some real effort into convincing just four Democrats to join him, slap repeal on Barack Obama’s desk and force him, with an election approaching, to veto the repeal of legislation that a majority of the American people detest?

    Left to their own devices, some of our elected officials won’t even try because they’d rather CAMPAIGN on repealing ObamaCare than actually FIGHT to repeal ObamaCare.

    And that’s unacceptable. They fail to understand that, win or lose, you just don’t talk the talk, you must also walk the walk.

    And they fail to understand that they will only win in November and EARN the opportunity to actually repeal ObamaCare DOWN THE ROAD, IF they make an HONEST ATTEMPT to repeal ObamaCare NOW.

    And it’s up to each and every one of us to set them straight on that very harsh reality and deliver that message right here and right now. We’re not asking for miracles. But we are demanding something that some of our elected officials have failed to give us… an honest effort.”

  44. oldsalt79 | July 13, 2012 at 11:41 am |
    Observer …………..
    It is NOT Reichstag, rather it is Reichstadt. LOL, but I know what you mean, just poking a little fun.
    It wasn’t myself using the term in such a way.
    It was in the article spelled that way; if you read the whole article you’ll see why the reference to “reichstag”….comparing this possible scenario of Obama’s plan to stay in power by delaying election by similar actions to create the chaos he needs for martial law, etc., they were referencing the staged fire incident which was assumed to have been started by Hitler:

    The Reichstag fire (German: Der About this sound Reichstagsbrand (help·info)) was an arson attack on the Reichstag building in Berlin on 27 February 1933.

  45. As each day passes and our top echelon military brass watch what is happening in DC ….ONE BY ONE they are rethinking their entire job requirements,and allegiance. A few top brass have already realised the level of danger facing our Republic, and have very quietly, and discreetly moved over to the side of WE THE PEOPLE. If Soetoro tries anything which puts the Republic out of commission you can rely upon the brass who already know what is going on to act to KEEP THE REPUBLIC INTACT,INCLUDING our Constitution. In the end we will be seeing THOUSANDS OF TRIALS of those who supported the TRAITOR in the WH. It will make the infamous Nurenberg trials look like childplay. There will be THOUSANDS OF CONSPIRATORS TRIED, CONVICTED,and IMPRISONED.This will also include FEDERAL JUDGES who have VOLUNTARILY supported tyranny,and otherwise failed to uphold the Constitution. Even people who only VOTED for Soetoro COULD BE PROSECUTED, but I don’t think that that will happen. It will be mainly people from the SENATE, the HOUSE,the SCOTUS, and DOJ,CIA,and special envoys,along with certain other GOVERNMENT AGENCIES. The EPA being at the top of the list. The list is long. Everyday another Government agency is added to the list.

  46. ………….Of course all of this will happen,ONLY if Americans get off their A$$ES NOW and start doing,and UNITING WITH ALL OTHER AMERICANS, be they Christian organisations, Civil Military entities, Veterans organisations,individuals, etc. When UNITED YOU CANNOT LOSE! DIVIDED, you will be destroyed!

  47. Also, re. the Senate repealing Obamacare, we need to put big pressure on Sen. Mitch McConnell, the Minority Leader, because getting the four Dem votes we need IS attainable. Read the following additional info from the e-mail:
    “But wait a minute… we’re all being told that it’s impossible right now… that McConnell could never hope to muster the 51 votes needed for repeal.

    And that’s a bunch of baloney! Don’t believe a word of it.

    What you’re NOT being told is that there are at least five Democrat Senators who are up for re-election and are hanging onto their seats by a thread; namely, Sherrod Brown (Ohio), Claire McCaskill (Missouri), Bill Nelson (Florida), Debbie Stabenow (Michigan) and Jon Tester (Montana).

    Moreover, there are five Democrat Senators who are retiring from seats that are on life-support; namely, Jeff Bingaman (New Mexico), Kent Conrad (North Dakota), Herb Kohl (Wisconsin), Ben Nelson (Nebraska) and Jim Webb (Virginia).

    But we’re not done yet. Two more Senators who caucus with the Democrats could be enticed to vote for repeal on general principle; namely Senators Joseph Lieberman (Connecticut) and Joe Manchin (West Virginia).

    Republican Senators would only need to convince four of the twelve to cross the aisle and some of them are in very vulnerable positions. Why aren’t they playing hard-ball? Why aren’t we twisting some arms? Why aren’t they making some deals? They do it all the time when it suits their purposes.”

  48. In November we MUST be OVERWHELMING in strength. The polls MUST be filled with so many votes against Soetoro that even his massive voter fraud will not be enough to get him elected.

  49. Got this in an email…just passing it on.
    Observer: this ties in with your post above.
    HonorFirst | July 4, 2012 at 7:39 pm |
    Joe Angione is a former columnist for The Villages Daily Sun. Click Joe Angione to email Joe.

    An Obama rumor that must never become reality

    A good journalist is usually taught not to print rumors or at least never to present them as the truth.
    What I’m going to report here is only a rumor that presently can’t be confirmed. But it is of such magnitude that it must be made known if only to prepare America for a possible terrible eventuality. And while it has not been confirmed, neither can it authoritatively and convincingly be denied, certainly not in a United States where our Constitutional rights are under constant attack.
    This rumor involves an agent of the Department of Homeland Security who allegedly informed a reporter at the Canada Free Press of a “false flag” or faked event to be initiated by Obama administration operatives in the hope of preventing the November presidential elections.
    Canada Free Press (CFP) is an independent, conservative, electronic daily newspaper, updated several times a day. It boasts more than 100 writers and columnists who file stories regularly to the newspaper from all corners of the globe.
    According to the newspaper’s coverage of this DHS “whistle-blower,” the event would be a staged assassination attempt on the life of President Obama that would be blamed on “white supremacists” and subsequently used to enrage black and Hispanic communities driving them to rioting all across the nation.
    The faked assassination, says the CFP report, would be carried out through the assistance of DHS agents, and “other colluders” taking their orders from the White House. The objective would be to stir up enough racial unrest to justify the imposition of martial law in major urban cities, including erecting DHS checkpoints, restricting travel, and delaying (possibly indefinitely) the November 2012 elections.
    Doug Hagmann, reporting in the May 8, 2012 edition of the Canada Free Press wrote that his informant works in “the upper-echelon of DHS”, which he described as “effectively under the control of Barack Hussein Obama.”
    Hagmann’s contact said: “The DHS is actively preparing for massive social unrest inside the United States. He then corrected himself, stating that ‘a civil war’ is the more appropriate term. Certain elements of the government are not only expecting and preparing for it, they are actually facilitating it.”
    The DHS whistle-blower mentioned a recent meeting at the Department of Homeland Security where plans were discussed to use pawns to simulate the rioting seen in the Arab Spring countries that would bring on a “controlled chaos” for the benefit of the Obama administration.
    “Envisioned by these conspirators are riots starting in urban areas such as New York, followed by a disruption of business and commerce,” the DHS source added. “They want to restrict travel, if not through high energy prices, then by checkpoints and curfews mandated by the rioting and unrest…The whole purpose is to keep Obama in office for another term, no matter how unpopular he is, as he is not finished changing our country from a Constitutional Republic.”
    This certainly isn’t the first rumor to surface about Mr. Obama’s intention to subvert the U.S. Constitution, by manipulating economic, racial and social issues that would polarize Americans and bring on enormous conflict But the full measure of this contrived event, if true, involves total suspension of our democratic rights, and repression on a scale never thought possible in the America we’ve known and cherished all our lives.
    It’s a rumor that bears watching…and is worth spreading because the more people who know about it–and understand the high level of deceit and treachery that confronts us daily in Washington–the less likely it is for the rumor to become a reality.
    The lesson here is that if people are aware of the possibility, even remote, of some great calamity befalling them, they’re on guard…they’re prepared…their defenses are up, and those who would commit evil, will back down fearing a confrontation they can’t win.
    The more we talk about the potential for a staged, bogus presidential assassination that would trigger massive civil unrest and possible martial law, the stronger is our defense against it actually occurring. The nation will be watching. Patriots everywhere will be on alert. The Obama administration will be under scrutiny more intense than ever before. It doesn’t have the guts to take on millions of Americans when we’re ready for anything.

  50. I don’t know about others here but I think Condi Rice would be a disaster of a pick for VP as the rumors are suggesting as a possible Romney choice. She is far tooooo dependent upon the elitist status quo for what she has thus far gained in her life. She sits on the fence on too many important/moral issues….like being pro abortion while whining about it being a “serious” question. And she’s too moderate, too busy with crossing all the ts and dotting all the is, staying clean. She’s rather a bit of a female Colin Powell. And she’s been an Obama apologizer to keep herself secure with her own race. And Palin’s excuse for backing Condi was really demoralizing. It was terrible.

  51. Oldsalt79
    Based upon what I have seen over the past few years, and first hand knowledge of the military, I have a hard time seeing America’s finest, being employed for anything other than the status quo. Like everyone else here, I would love to see a military coup d’etat and see the whole mess just ended.
    I believe that the Lakin incident was, at minimum, a shot fired across the bow of the military by the administration, and an example of how much power can be brought against an individual who would dare to challenge them. Considering the military upper eschelon is even more political than the three branches of our government combined, it would take a monumental act of soul searching and courage on the part of any of our military to even consider such a thing. Consider the fact that, apart from anything else, they are still on the government payroll and most who would even be capable of such an act have, again as Lakin did, a substantial investment toward their own retirement (which is now gone). Hell, he can’t even get licensed to practice medicine. I hear what you are saying but personally, I wouldn’t hold out any false hope for this situation…

  52. CabbyAZ ………..
    Soon we will no longer have the luxury of waiting for our elected CLOWNS to do anything. We have already WAITED FAR TOO LONG for somebody to act. It is NOT GOING to happen UNLESS WE THE PEOPLE MAKE IT HAPPEN. We have only about 125 days left to decide which it is going to be. November is coming FAST. GET OUT CIRCULATE. GO to laundramats,and leave printed messages for the occupants, as well as of ALL other public gathering places. When you go to the doctor take along a half a dozen printed sheets and quickly lay them down on a table with the magazines . Or another ploy is to insert one in every magazine you can. That is what I have been doing. I even take some of them to the store with me and pretend to be looking at a magazine during which I insert an extra page. Then put the magazine back on the rack, right on top. There are a growing number of churches who would not stop you from distributing certain literature to the people attending. Motels are another great spot to disemminate printed material. Some have magazine racks at the end of the various corridors. Even just stapling a half dozen to wood power poles in ares having a high pedestrian count. Another ploy is to BUY a newspaper,then while holding the door open insert a page or two in as many of the newspapers as you can. There is literally NO END to the places that others frequent where literature could be left.

  53. Oldsalt,
    I’m hoping that Romney is waiting until after the Dem National Convention in Charlotte where BHO will officially become the Dem candidate before he unleashes what he knows about obama’s crimes. If he plays his cards too early, and BHO gets dumped by the Dem party, we could end up with Hillary on the ballot as presidential candidate instead of VP candidate. Hillary running in the top spot without all the BHO baggage, will be more difficult to beat. There are lots of people that adore her.
    After the Dem Convention the flood gates will be opened and all of Obama’s disturbing history will flood the electorate. I’m hoping that so much evil is revealed that even Moochelle won’t vote for him. I can dream, can’t I?

    Your year long search for Barry’s name change documents is to be commended. I know the huge amount of time and toil that are involved in that kind of effort.

  54. Happening in Russia too…..

    What the Papers Say, July 13, 2012
    13 July 2012
    The Moscow Times

    Read more:

  55. Coldwarvet…………….
    As you must know … any skirmish,battle or war there are casualites to BOTH SIDES. War is just that. But as I have said you only need to look at the tiny little Republic of Honduras who saw clearly EARLY ON what was happening and their military took control removed the so called PRESIDENT,and it was over in a very short period of time. While I recognise that the US is not Honduras, I know that our Declaration of Independence tells us how to deal with such TYRANNY. As you might already know I have been actively contacting our many veterans organizations. Most, as you would think are NOT RECEPTIVE of any sort of beliefs that the CINC is a PHONEY. Yet all who were commissioned officers do recognise that their oath to support the Constitution still rules. A few but growing number have communicated with the VFW organisation who ARE receptive of the notion regarding an ILLEGAL CINC. One or two have some communication with JAG. I recently heard that a JAG officer has agreed to hear what needs to be said. Of course he does not promise that anything will come out of the discussion.I will say no more.While this is by no means a win it is a START, which signifies that there may be others in that organisation who are also sympathetic to Lakin. Yes he did indeed invite his own DEMISE as an Army Officer. Yet he did in fact carry out the very requirement that any commissioned officer is expected to execute, when he perceives that an order is ILLEGALLY founded, and/ or issued. He is EXPECTED to question the LEGALITY of the order. Since the SO CALLED CINC has NOT PROVEN HIS RIGHT TO HOLD THE OFFICE OF POTUS then neither does he have the right to take command of our military services, as CINC.

  56. coldwarvet2

    I wouldn’t be too sure that Billary doesn’t have at least as much expository baggage as bo. It just never became an issue. I doubt if the dems could even find someone without a ton of baggage.
    Good job on the name change investigation. Hope it is of use to the Arpaio team.

  57. Hopefully everyone is reminding all friends and foes about the Arpaio press conference on Tues. It might be good to also remind local news affiliates that we expect such vitally important matters to be covered more than they have been in the past!!.

  58. Observer…

    I agree with you. Condi Rice should be his LAST pick for VP. I f she didn’t know the terrorist would, coul, and did fly planes into the World Trade center buildings on 911, she was one ignorant Doo- Doo bird.

    If Romney picks Rice for VP, then he knows in advance he will lose the election. She did nothing as SoS for Bush, she would do less as VP for Romney.

    If Romney was smart, he would pick Paul Ryan from Wis. This young man is smart, well versed, and not afraid to voice his position, and he is ultra conservative, which we need at this time in America.

    But then agin, maybe Romney doesn’t want anyone smarter than him as VP. Look at the current VP, Joe Biden. He can’t walk and chew gum at the same time.

  59. Jonah | July 13, 2012 at 12:56 pm |
    …….After the Dem Convention the flood gates will be opened and all of Obama’s disturbing history will flood the electorate. I’m hoping that so much evil is revealed that even Moochelle won’t vote for him. I can dream, can’t I?
    Jonah, I agree about not jumping to conclusions re. Romney’s “soft touch” and failure to take off the gloves. However, if by September he does not rally and begin to attack O and play hard ball, then I will be frightened that he cannot win over the Chicago machine.

    Like as in a horse race, sometimes the ultimate winner trails behind for a great portion of the distance and then puts forth a big burst of energy to surge him forth to be first over the finish line. Maybe Romney’s tactics are similar. If he brings the fight to a climax too soon, then O has longer to rebut and attack on the big issues. Let’s see what happens after August.

  60. coldwarvet2

    First of all, Romney is a moderate. He really would like to avoid someone as VP who he would be at odds with politically. Secondly, I believe he desperately wants a minority on the ticket, which would definitely broaden the voter base and dispel the racist argument. She also is a woman, which, despite her political viewpoint, could make a difference come November. If Romney were to win, he would still be president and still be in control of the overall agenda. Keep in mind also that, sadly, the majority of voters out there are still no better informed than last time around and do not see (or want to see) all the issues we do here on a daily basis.

  61. Observer,
    Also I agree about Condi Rice for a number of reasons, one of which she was too connected with the Bush administration (for eight years).

    Romney will have to spend a great deal of time defending Bush and that will give untold fodder to the usurper’s team and draw attention away from the real issues, like the usurper’s ineligibility, false promises, horrible decisions, power grabs, rotten foreign policy, etc., etc.

  62. I agree Cabby…

    Everyone knows you can’t win a horse race after the other horse crosses the finish line…

    Someone better start building a fire under Romney’s butt….the republican’s have more and better dirt that Obama’s people, yet the mud fight has been all Obama so far.

    I would hope someone tells Romney nothing is ever won by being on the DEFENSE all the time. You win by playing on the OFFENSE all the time.

    “Damn the torpedos, full steam ahead”…make this a real election for once.

  63. Coldwarvet……………
    Have you ever heard the name of a Navy officer by the name of Captain Charles B. McVay? If you havn’t then let me enlighten you about him. He was the C.O. of the USS Indianapolis CA 35, which was torpedoed by a Jap sub, resulting ti the loss of the Indianapolis and a sizeable portion of her crew.
    After the rescue of the remainder of her crew, which included Captain McVay, the navy brass went bonkers trying to place blame for the loss. Captain McVay was finally selected as the fall guy. He like Lakin was prosecuted by a Kangaroo court who received orders to convict him irregardless of substantial doubt as to the loss being a result of his alleged incompetence which he was accused of. He was courts martialed, and stripped of all rights he was entitled to from his career of something in the neighborhood of 21 years as a naval officer. He was convicted immediately and subsequently was drummed out of the Navy. In reality after a lot of years the Japanese CO of the sub which fired the torpedo was found and an inquiry into McVay’s conviction was undertaken. The Japanese officer testified that it was PURE CHANCE that the Indianapolis was within torpedo range. He done what was expected of him and sunk the Indianapolis. McVay’s conviction was set aside by the TOP navy brass in the early 1970s. This also mandated that the entire courts martial be expunged from the record to a point that it never happened. Unfortunately McVay had already committed SUICIDE because he could no longer bear the stress that the loss of the Indianapolis as well as several hundred of the crewmen. While such a posthumus clearing of his name might make the upper echelon brass happy it does NOTHING to resurrect the life of Captain Charles B.McVay. In reality the bastards at the top are the officers of questionable stock. And now you know why a few of us are not losing faith,and will continue to pursue Lakins day of resurrection no matter how long it takes. I only pray that he too does not commit suicide.He was unjustly prosecuted,by an illegal CINC. That is MORE than enough reason to pursue it……..forever.

  64. observer | July 13, 2012 at 11:36 am |
    One possible scenario yet to come….also suggested allegedly by WHI:

    HonorFirst | July 13, 2012 at 12:34 pm |
    Observer: this ties in with your post above.

    Observer , HonorFirst and all,

    Information about Obama’s probable staged assassination and attempts to incite violence and riots needs to be POSTED EVERYWHERE on the blogosphere and EMAILED TO EVERYONE you know, in hopes that exposure will deter the slimy fraud from initiating the plans…………….

  65. If Romney needs a minority on the ticket he would be much better off to my mind to have a conservative hispanic (possibly a woman too). The blacks are already in the bag for Obama….so he wouldn’t peel off much by having someone like Condi….and I also agree about the Bush baggage as an immediate talking point for the opposition and all of the distraction the media will be ordered to create with that.

  66. …………and GOD willing the REAL perpetrator of Lakins illegally administered General Courts martial will himself will be forced to inhale the odor of his own BULLSHI#………forever.

  67. observer and cabby,

    I like Condi Rice but not as a VP candidate. My choice is Allen West.

    I imagine the Dems will attack West relentlessly because he’ll likely take a portion of the black vote away from BHO. Bob Beckel hates him with a passion so that’s a good indication that the left is scared silly that Romney might choose him. And when the left barrage West with criticisms we can accuse THEM of racism. 🙂

  68. If Romney was to select a female for the VP spot he probably would be remiss if he didn’t select Palin. I believe that she alone could bring in enough votes to overide any level of voter fraud that Soetoro could perpetrate. She would become the target of sacrifice,and Romney could move on literally unmolested wqhile the LOONEY LEFT AND THE MEDIA go bonkers trying to sink Palin. You really don’t need much talent to be VP,after all we have a classic example of this point already holding the office. He seems to always get his tongue wrapped around his eye tooth and is unable to see what he is saying.

  69. Sadly Bob Beckel is another MORON like Mr Hardballs. I would further suspect that he gets tingles up his leg as well. He puts me in mind of a UAW organiser I once knew of…….decades ago. The organiser even needed suspenders to keep his britches up also. I believe that all UNION organisers LOOK LIKE BECKEL….IN THE FACE. He always has the vague, and otherwise vacant look on his face. KNOCK,KNOCK anybody home. Light on but nodody home!

  70. Philo-Publius

    Americans Will Work More than 6 Months to Pay Cost of Gov’t in 2012

  71. Philo-Publius | July 13, 2012 at 4:27 pm |
    Americans Will Work More than 6 Months to Pay Cost of Gov’t in 2012


    Federal Income Tax
    Social Security Tax
    Medicare Tax
    Inheritance Tax
    Capital gains tax

    State Income Tax
    Real Estate Tax
    Personal Property Tax
    Utility Taxes
    Up to 6 different telephone taxes
    Gasoline Tax (Federal and State)
    Cigarette Tax (Federal and State)
    Liquor Tax (Federal and state)
    Highway tolls
    Service Charge Tax (air fare, hotels, taxi cabs, etc)

    (fees paid to the government)
    Business license
    Building Permit
    Vehicle License Registration
    Driver’s license
    Marriage License
    Electrical license
    Occupancy permit
    Food License
    Fishing License
    Hunting License

    Social Security (7 ½ %)
    Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA)
    State Unemployment Tax (SUTA)
    Workers Compensation
    (Many employers also provide Medical insurance)


    The government already gets more of our money than we do!!!
    And now with Obamatax, Obama and the Democrats want to tax us even more???

  72. Not one of these taxes existed 100 years ago, and our nation was the
    most prosperous in the world. We had absolutely no national debt, had
    the largest middle class in the world, and Mom stayed home to raise the
    kids. What happened? Our politicians have recklessly spent our money
    like there’s no tomorrow. It’s time to vote the culprits out of office and
    elect legislators with integrity.

  73. Philo-Publius

    Obama needs the tax money for his lazy welfare base that wants to feed off the rest of us.

    It’s Not Just Free Cell Phones… The Government Is Handing Out Free Air Conditioners Too

    Obama administration guts work requirements for Clinton-era welfare reform

  74. It is unfortunate that there are not more patriots, such as Joe Arpaio. It is a shame that we will not, or cannot, elect more such men who stand in the shadow of the forefathers to the public servant position of sheriff.

    The disgusting treasonous criminal obama is a painful boil on the arse of humanity, this human swine needs exiled to an island …

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